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Maryland Officers Praise
Tunes' Publicity.
Company K Holds Record for Na
tional Guard in This Vicinity.
Farther results from assistance ren
dered by The Washington Times to
the enlistment campaign being- con
ducted by the officers of Company K,
First Maryland Infantry, Is shown
by the announcement today that
seventeen men have enlisted In the
company since the meeting at Silver
Eprlngr on June 1.
Capt. Brooke Lee, First Urat. E.
Carroll ClsseU. and Second I lent.
Frank L. Hewitt, who are In chars
of the camealrn. were enthusiastic In
their praises of The Times today for
the publicity given at dlff erent stages
of the campaign.
Liberal quotations from sereral
Times' news stories have been made
In posters displayed throughout Mont
gomery county.
Capt. Samuel Rlggs, of Rockrllle,
who commanded the machine gun
company of the First Maryland Infan
try at Eagle Pass, and la at present
without an assignment, has co-opera
ted In the campaign.
Xeeds TwentT-elsjht More Men.
To date aeventy-nlne recruits have
been secured, bringing the company's
roll to 125 men. and making it the
largest national guard company In
or around Washington. Twenty-eight
more men are needed ,to recruit the
company up to full war strength.
The men In the company are repre
sentative of Montgomery county, the
towns being represented as follows:
Sliver Spring. 37: Germantown. 19;
Chevy Chase, 18: Kensington, 9: Da
mascus, 6: Clarksburg, 6; Lay Hill. 8;
Laytonsvllle, 5: Boyds. S: Burnt Mills.
4; Betheada, 3: Galthersbufg. 2; Ce
dar Grove. 2; White Oak, 1; Brooke
Vllle, 1, and Brlghtwood, 1.
The advantages of serving with of
ficers from their home county rather
than waiting to be conscripted and
serve under officers chosen from sev
eral States Is being pointed out to
Every officer of the company has
had three years' or more training In
addition to rscent border service at
Eagle Pass.
To Train In Sonth Carolina.
The company has been ordered into
active service on or before July 25,
and will remain In Maryland foe two
weeks, after which It will go inXo a
training camp at a point somewhVe
tn South Carolina. ,
Those who enlltted since the Silver
Spring meeting are: Ellis R. Barber.
Townsend Page, Raymond S. Hall,
Paul Watkins, George Plummer, Ray
mond Bergdorf, xvoby Beall, Ernest
T. Parsley, Hlllery Rose, Lawrence
Smoot, William T. Poole, William C.
Larman, Bush Alnsmlth, Charles L.
Toung, Raymond Decraft, William.
llayne. and Elmer Que.
view of the Intimate financial rela
tions between the two countries Mr.
Wilson's endeavors would He In the
direction of bringing abo': a p. ace
favorable to England. Nothing was
emphasized more plainly than Ameri
can consent to German territorial an
nexation In the East in order to per
suade Germany to renounce all claims
for Indemnity In the shape of money
or territory In the west. This Idea
was invariably the kernel of Mr. Ger
ard's expositions, which betrayed ut
ter Indifference to the fata of Eng
land's Russian ally.
"Russia was to be sacrificed by
England If only for the purpose of
keeping alive the animosity between
Germsny and Russia, the benefits of
which were bound to prove a valuable
political legacy In the future."
NEW YORK. June 7. With respect
to Georg Bernhardt previous utter
ances In the Vosslsche Zeltung. al
leging a similar attitude on the part
of the former American ambassador.
who was quoted as saying that the
United States would raise no objec
tion to Germsn annexation In the
East, Mr. Gerard denied categorically
that he had made any such state
ments. The allegations of Bernhard
were characterized by Mr. Gerard as
absolutely false.
Mr. Gerard denied over the tele
phone last night there was any truth
In the Bernhard statement. Ha said
he did not know Bernhard, and that
the editor must have been suffering
from delusions or else trying to
"cook up" something.
Other Allies Planned to Drop Rus
sia, Editor Says.
BERLIN, via London, June 7.
Georg Bernhard makes the follow
ing assertions tn the Vosslsche Zel
tung In reply to the denial of James
W Gerard, former American ambas
sador to Germany, forwarded to the
legation at The Hague, of a statement
he la alleged to have made to the
Berlin editor with respect to Presi
dent Wilson's attitude on the restora
tion of Belgium and probable German
annexations in the east:
"I can very well conceive that my
statement Is embarrassing to Mr. Ger
ard, but he cannot dispose of It with
a mere denial. He not only once, but
repeatedly, delivered himself of ex
pressions which absolutely tally with
lh statements contained in my edi
torial of May 21 under the caption
"My conversations with Mr. Gerard
were Invariably very comprehensive
and frequently extended over several
hours. I discussed In detail with him,
aa well as with Mr. Penfleld, the
American ambassador at Vienna, dur
ing my visit to that city, the possi
bilities, of a Wilson pesce mediation
Both gentlemen were aware that I
was averse to such mediation, and
Mr Gerard naturally endeavored to
convince me that Intervention on the
part of President Wilson was bound
to be favorable to us
"In the course of the conversations
I became more and more convln ol
that AmerlcVn and English interesta
ere closely interlocked, and that In
New Music Stirs Hearers as Ma
rine Band Plays.
When the thinning gray line swept
by President Wilson's reviewing stand
today the feet of the gray-clad war
riors of a departed age beat rythmettc
time to a march written by one of
their number for this special occasion.
"The Dixie Hymn," the words and
music by J. Allelne Brown, thus
mad Its debut In the National Capi
tal. A salvo of cheers went up from
the spectators who watched the line
sweep past the reviewing stand, and
President Wilson removed his nat In
tribute to the veterans as tbey march
ed by to the strains of the new Dixie
Mr. Brown Is a Confederate
veteran. Before setlng the words
of his new song to music he
recited the lyric to members of Camp
171. the local branch of Confederate
Veterans. The members Insisted on
the words being set to music "The
Dixie Hymn" Is dedicated to the
United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Any proceeds from the sale of the
hymn will be devoted to the Red Cross
war service fund. Mr. Brown said to
The Marine Band played the sprlght
It Jtjr ii th v.t.r.na mm. In alsrht
rot the court of honor, and the strains
at once martial and reminiscent, con
tinued until the band had Dassed the
President's stand. Mr Brown will ar-
ranre to have the sons Disced on sale
si local music shops, where It will be
a treasured addition to the list of
military marches that have sorune
into existence since the war.
Would Admit Subscribers
Only to Tabernacle.
tossed on the scrap heap the plan of
the atonement by blood, I say: What
have you to offer that is betterr And
until you can show me anmethlns: that
Is better I'll nail my hopes to the
Expenditure of $1,805,200 In
volved in May Operations.
Four hundred and forty-three build
tng permits. Involving an expenditure
of Jl, 05,200, were Issued In May, ac
cording to the monthly report of
Building Inspector Morris Hacker.
The permits Include 28 brick dwell
ings, 2.7O0; 90 brick repairs. IS3.
644; 3 apartments, I2IS.00O; 4 stores,
SS6.233: 1 hotel, 1750,000; 3 ware
houses. 1265,000; SO garages, 125,215,
and 33 frame dwellings, J101.K00.
The following summary show the
distribution of Improvements In the
respective sections of the District
and their voat:
Northeast $275 000
Southeast 4.545
Northwest 1,153,310
County 270.655
Total 1,703.510
Northeast S3.112
Southeast 4 344
Northwest 43,821
Southwest 1.776
County 44.635
Total 101,630
Plans to Have T. R. Present to Help
Boost Liberty Bonds.
NEW YORK, June 7. Special passes
and signed cards of admission of all
colors and shapes will go completely
out of style at the Tabernacle If Billy
Sunday has his way. The one real
entree will be a Liberty loan button,
and without this little' prize insignia
pinned on your breast even standing
room will be denied.
"If you haven't taken a Liberty
loan bond you don't need-to come
back here." Billy shouted to his big
audience last night. And while the
crowd cheered and a few hundreds be
gan to laugh, Billy scowled and
glared to prove he meant exactly
what he said.
"I'm going to turn this old tabsr
nacle Into the greatest Liberty loan
center In America," he went on. "I
think I'll have a subscription 1 booth
set up right here on the platform, and
then If you don't do your Py JH
ask for a squad of soldiers, and we 11
close the doors, and then you cu
either buy or spend the night here.
It's distressing beyond words to think
American people hae to bgged
to feed and clothe the boys who are
willing to die for our liberty.
Sends Compliments To Kaiser.
And while Billy was at It he stop
ped long enough to send his compli
ments to the Emperor of Germany,
who Is fast usurping the place of tha
saloon keeper as Billy's most hated
enemy. "Say. I wouldn't do anything
In the world that would possibly let
old Kaiser BUI get one good night's
sleep." he asserted "And It hurts me
like the dickens to see him Kt ven
the I'"t little chance to laugh and
m"Russla's uncertain position la tha
only thing that's worrying me. and
rm tickled to death that ', .t
Ellhu Root heading our commission
over there. He'll Up- 'm up. Bat
I'm not worrying yway. a
dragged us into this war. and I guess
we'll have to lick 'em "V"'-.A.nd
don't you forget we can do It, Bud.
Despite the applause that broke Into
hi. remark. v "n""" are wo
Billy Insisted that be dldn t care two
."" .....v.-, HRud" or any on
you don't liKe my ii-. ---
you can beat lt-there're twenty-five
exits on each side. We're going to
have Liberty loan talks here every
r... r...... vii invite Judge Gary
and George F Baker and George Per
kins and Frank VanderllP "14
A dozen voices in the audience shout
ed -Teddy! Teddy'" Billy smiled and
went on: "Sure, we'll have Teddy, too
Gosh, I was sorry when they dldn t
let him go to France. I think that a
the only mistake the Administration
has made; I'll back them In every
thing else, but oh, guess Id better
quit talking politic."
C. E. Mitchell, president of the ra
tional City Company, gave the second
of the series of Liberty loan boosting
talks last night. Impressing upon his
hearers the extreme seriousness or tne
situation "The very life of America
Is at stake." he declared. "Americas
work is cut out for her and every
man and woman roust do his bit If we
would save civilization and our coun
try Itself."
Trail nitters Total 1.363.
In the afternoon Billy preached to
some 4,000 people on "The Potter and
the Clay." His call for trail nmsrs
brought 26S forward. At night an au
dience that comfortably filled the
great pine building heard his sermon
on "The Atonement" His Invitation
for converts was answered by 1,093,
making a total for the aay or l.aos.
"The doctrine of universal salva
tion is a damnable lie that crawled
out of the pit of hell," Billy asserted
in his night sermon. "Christ died for
all, but you must come to Him to be
saved. If It wasn't for His atoning
blood you might as well rip the roofs
off the churches and burn them down.
They wouldn't be worth the lumber
It took to build them.
"A fellow once said to me, "Say,
Bill, I don't like your slaughter house
religion ' I told htm, 'You can call
It that If you want to, but If you
want to keep out of hell the only nay
you can do It Is by faith In the blood
of Jesus Christ' But let me tell you
folks that I don't blame people half
as much for belletlng In all these
fake Isms as I do the muts who are
preaching them.
"And If any one tells me he has
Stomach Troubles Are
Due To Acidity
Telia Safe, Certain, Speedy, Relief For
Acid Indigestion.
7fh and F Sts. N. W.
So-c&UotS temacb trouble! rmcb aa tnfil.
tion. ru, tourne, tomach-acb and In
ability to rtuln food, are In probably nln
caa out of tea t imply v-.denc that f-mo-tatlon
la taking plac In tba food ccntanta f
tha srtoixacfa, caualnr tha formation of g
and adds
Gaa dlatenda the atoxnacn and canaea that
full oprrefflve burnlnsT feeljnr aometlmea
known a bean-burn wfciie the add Irritates
and Inflames the delicate llnlnc of tha atom
ach. The trouble Ilea entirely In the excea
clve development or aecretloo of Acid and the
ft mentation of food
TO tot or prevent the frmenttlrtn
ourlnc o the food content of .the atomacb
and to neutralize the add and male It bland
and harmlera. a tea spoonful of blaurated
jcatneeia. perhaps tha ben and moat efTec
tire corrector of add itomach known, should
be taken In a Quarter of a tfaea of hot or
cold water Immediately after eatlnc, or
wheneTer aa. mureiu or acidity la felt.
This stops the fermen tatlon, eweetena tha
atomacb and neutralises the acidity tn a few
moments and Is a perfectly barmleaa and ln-
xpejuure rrjneay to uae
An a
which can
either powder or tablet form enablee the
stomach to do Jt work properly without lb
aid of daaxarous artificial dlfeetants. Max
nesia cornea tn several forma ao be certain to
ask for and take only Blaurated lUcnetla.
which Xa aaparlilly prepared Xar the abova
$ Week Beginning Sunday, June 10
iLobs Weber's
Great Dramatic Production
In Seven Massive Reels
One Freshman Only 17 Enlists In
Marine Service.
DURHAM. N. C.. June 7 A roll call
of the classes of Trinity College finds
among the absent students from com
mencement exercises Allison Page, a
seventeen-year-old nephew of Am
bassador Walter H. Page He left
college before the completion of his
freshman year, and has enlisted In
active service at Port Royal, S. C.
He entered th. marlaj service against
the advice of his college chums. He
waa thought to be too young.
John H. Small, Jr, son of Congress
man John H. Small of North Carolina,
was among the senior class of Trinity
College to enlist before receiving his
diploma. He Is In service at Fort
Myer. Thirty members of the senior
class of Trinity College have enlisted
for training at Fort. Oglethorpe.
Balfour's Successor Contem
plates Only Strict Business.
Will Make First Call at British
LONDON, June 7. Lord Northcllffe
Is going to the Unjted States for bus
iness. He Is not going for a speech
making or banqueting tour, but
means buslnsss, and will start his
work at once from an office In down
town New York.
This Is his own Idea of his post
as successor to Foreign Minister Bal
four at the head of the British war
mission. Ha explained his plans tn
an interview Just prior to his depar
ture, which la published today, now
that England's famous publicist and
publisher Is about to arrive In Amer
ica. "I am sot going on a speechmak
ing or banqueting tour." Lord. North
cllffe declared. "I propose trfklng of
fices down town In New York, where
I can confer on the many business
interests Involved In the British and
allied missions.
The high honor conferred on me
by the British government In' prob
ably due more to the fact that I am
very much at home in America, and
have countless friends there, than to
any particular merit of my own.
"1 am hopeful not only of Impart
ing any war lessons which I may
have learned from many visits to the
war to my Americans friends, but
alio to derive Ideas which are cer
tain to be evolved by American nat
ural genius for Invention.
"I feel much diffidence tn succeed
tng so Important and charming a per
sonality as Balfour, but I shall do
my but to hsrmonlje the work of
the allied mission And I may say to
facilitate the enlistment of as many
British subjects now In the United
States as possible.
"On my arrival I shall, of course.
first report at the British embassy I
la ''Washington."
Northcllffe's one expressed regret
waa that his post would prevent his
being In Europe at the time of the,
forthcoming Irish convention, in
which he has taken such a keen In
'Chevy Chase Citizen Take Up Sub
Ject at Final Meeting.
At Its final meeting of the season,
the Obevy Chase Cltlxens' Associa
tion last night named Dr: D. O.
Davis, chairman of the committee on
public schools, to confer with neigh
boring associations relative to the as
tablltbment of a high School north
and west of Rock Creek. At present
most of the high school student of
that section attend the Central High
A committee, headed by E. F. Col
laday, was named to find out what.
If any, building restrictions are In
force In subdivisions adjoining Chevy
Chase. The committee will report at
the next meeting of the association,
which will be the first Wednesday
tn October.
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1 1 ' t "Jj) - tf ' 'BasaBlaaaaaaallaeBlaaanBs
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