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"W'JWiy.JueglfJjjJI '"'
deliver the bond when purchased
When the campaign was announced
there were only 500 000 bond bujers
In the countr. and It was necesarjr
to eduiate the people to understand
the meaning of a bond
"Thousands of people hare refued
to buy until they could get their
bonds preferring to wait until the
next Issue.
WooIIey announced today that the
rmall bujer will be Riven preference
In allotlne the bonds when It comes
to conflnlnc the subscription to the
$2,000,000 000 total
The ofHclal telegrams Indicated
that with the possible exception of
the lo smallest districts each bank
will oversubscribe Its allotment. The
loan closed at noon today.
San rrnnrUeo rinsy.
Messages from San Francisco re
ported esterday as the lowest pro
portionate district showed a flood of
money poured in during the last
hours and that the district allotment
will be oversubscribed
Books ill not be closed until noon
standard time In each district This
means full returns from the Pacific
coast will not reach Washington un
til late this afternoon or tonight.
Widow of Three Men Held
Without Bail
CHICAGO. June IB The ChlcaRO
federal reserve district has sub
scribed approximately $300 000.000 to
the Liberty loan, according to a
statement made by W A. Death,
chairman of the reserve bank The
districts assessment i t26O.O0O.OOO.
Of this amount It Is estimated that
Michigan subscribed t6G.000.O00.
BOSTON", June 15 New England's
part of the Liberty loan reached $247.
600 000 at 10 o'clock today. $7,500,000
over the minimum apportionment for
this district.
ATLANTA, Gs, June 13 Chairman
'Wardlaw, of the Atlanta Federal Re
serve Bank, stated at noon today that
he believed the bond sales would total
TRENTON. N J, June 15 Trenton
has done her bit, and more. In sub
scriptions for United States Liberty
bonds. Best figures available at noon
today show that the total amount of
these bonds taken by residents of
Trenton Is at least t"i.875.000. Tren
ton s allotment for the Liberty bond
Issue was $3,000,000, based upon bank
committee In charge of subscriptions
to the Libertj loan estimated at the
close of subscription time today that
Philadelphia district had contributed
at least J200.000.000 The district al
lotment, as a minimum, was 1140.-000,000
"WILMINGTOV. Del . June 15 Com
plete returns at noon show Delaware's
portion of the Liberty loan, J15.O0O.OOO,
has been subscribed
BALTIMORE, June 15 Two million
five hundred and sixty thousand of
Baltimore's $33.000 000 Liberty loan
allotment remained to be raised in the
last hours of the campaign today
Bond salesmen given the names of 300
of the city's wealthiest cltlxens made
a concerted attack and at noon the
city hall bell rang thlrto five times,
signifying the amount had been rals
J It Is understood the oversubscrip
tion will amount to nearly Jl.000,000.
CLEVELAND, June 15-LIberty
Joan subscriptions from the Cleveland
district will exceed J6.000 000, It was
announced at 1 o'clock toda). The al
lotment was 1180.000,000
Sister; of St. Dominic Send Out
Imitations were rent out today by the
xnent exercises of the Aradem of the I
Sacred Heart hlrh will be held at
Rausrher a on Tuesday afternoon at I
4 .30 o clock. !
Other activities Incidental to the com- I
xnencement of the pupils of the Acaden j
of the Sarred Heart are a dramatic art '
recital which will be held at Rauchera ,
this afternoon at 4-30 p. m. . a musrlal
recital which ttl be held at the same
place on Monda afternoon and the class
night exercises which will be held Mon
da evening at 8 p. m.
Relatives of Last Husband Say
Tney're "Neutral."
NEW HAVEN. Conn., June 15.-Three
husbands and a niece of Mrs. Annie 11
Monahan hae died under mysterious
circumstances. The authorities of New
Hacn county are again Inestlgating
From a cell In the county jail the
s!(xkj. middle aged prisoner, bespectac ed
and gray of hair, who la a widow for
the third time, glared defiance at detec
tives who questioned her abou,t Insur
ance policies she Is said to hae tried
to obtain on her last husband, John T.
Monahan, a foctory worker.
'I'm Innocent1" she shouted at her
Inquirers. "Tou'e tried to get me each
time, and I'e been Innocent all the
time. Go as 'far as j ou like."
Bail Is -Withdrawn.
Coroner Mix has withdrawn the for
mal ball of J5.00 and detained her with
out ball pending his Inquiry. Medical
Examiner Scarborough performed an
autops, and the ltal organs have been
turned over to rrof. E. r. Underhlll of
the Tale Modlcal bchool for chemical
anal sis.
Although It will be several days be
fore the result of this analysis is an
nounced, physicians who attended John
T. Monahan hae given the coroner In
formation that led him to declare em
phatically there was evidence that the
man had not died a natural death
Five phvsicians are to be ques
tloned toda) by Coroner Mix All
were In attendance on Monahan In
the last several months, and all have
presented evidence to the coroner
Prof Underhlll and Medical Exam
Iner Scarborough figured as wit
nesses against Mrs Monahan In 1013,
when she was in Jail nine months
penning Investigation Into the death
of her niece. Miss Jennie McNamee.
Dr Scarborough a testimony was that
sufficient arsenic had been admlnls
tered to Miss McNamee to kill three
persons A nephew of the accused
woman testified he had bought an
arsenical rat poison at his aunt's re
quest two weeks before Miss Mo
.Namee's death The case was not
brought to trial.
John E. Monahan. the husband,
who died on Wednesdav In the New
Haven Hospital, after being ill since
last October, was Insured for J-50
His wife paid 15 cents a week on the
polio Insurance agents Informed
the coroner lliat she recently tried
to obtain further Insurance on her
husband's life. Her request was re
Previous Accusations.
The woman s first matrimonial ven
ture was more than fifteen vears ago.
her husband being Joseph Tallman,
a factory emploje Tallman died on
November 20, ipi6 Death was then
said to have been due to pneumonia.
The widow obtained Insurance, the
authorities sav She married Joseph
Monahan on June 3. 1908. He died
on November 14. 19011
The bodies of both her husbands
having been embalmed with a fluid
arsenic, the authorities were unable
a few ears later to determine
whether arsenic had caused their
When Miss McNamee. a niece, died
on March 7, 1B13. It was ascertained
the girl was Insured for more than
12 400, and that most of the motif)
was to go to her aunt Her death
recalled to the authorities the cir
cumstances of the deaths of her two
husbands. Miss McXamee's bod) was
exhumed June J7, 1913. Coroner Mix
committing Mrs Monahan to the
county Jail Eventuall) she was re
Morles were gossiped around dur
Ing Monahan's Illness His brother.
John T, Just discharged from the
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Wmjig&r.r -
1PJX Vf vf 4?
r' ,lx
arm) came to New Han Within
a month John T Monahan and his
sister In law appeared before a New
IIa en priest to be married The
priest Is said to hae exclaimed In
astonishment "It s cnl a month
since otir husband died this man
bears the same name as he a rela
tle of jour husband The police
were told , that Mrs Monahan replied
in the nepatite
"Were eutrnl, Say Itclntlrcs.
John T. Monahan lived with his
wife and former sister In law at 237
James street, a two-famllj cottage
that had seen better das With
them 11 ed Monahan s nephew , John
William and t.eurge Hipgins, and his
niece, Anne IUggfns "We re neutral,'
said the nephews and niece "Let th
law take its course Hut we don't
think she did anjthlnfr"
Monahan, huband No 3, became III
last October, supposedlj of paralysis,
anu kidney trouble heeral phs
lefans lslted him, one or two of
whom had attended Mrs. Monahan3
former husband. They betook them
selies to Coroner Mix. and Monahan
as removed to New llaten Hospital,
where Yale medical men made keen
examination Ilecentl Insurance men
began to wh!per to the coroner.
As It became apparent that Mona
han's chances for life were waning.
Coroner Mix sent policemen to search
the Monahan home A medicine bot
tie was found which, the authorities
aer, will play a part In future pro
ceedings oman Warn Defiant.
As her husband lay djlng, detec
tives questioned Mrs. Monahan She
was defiant. For hours in the county
Jail thej stormed to no effect. Iast
night the woman said to the matron.
"I wish thej d let me alone 1 haven t
done an) thing Thej seem bent on
getting me mixed up In It every time
somebodj dies But I'm Innocent."
Lawyer for Citizens Says
Strike Made Change.
Schedules Not Kept Up to Public
Need, Says Gayton.
Inc the stock holdings of all the high
officials of the company "whether
the are on the books or not."
Big Delegation Takes first Boat to
River Resort.
With the band phnlns;. banners fly
Ins;, whistles blowing, and with scores
of pretty girls on board to add fun and
Jollity to the occasion, the first dele
(ration of Washington bank clerks
who are to participate In the annual
excursion toda). left the Seventh
street wharf at 10 o'clock this morn
ing for Marshall Hall, where they are
Fire Deaprtment Tops List of Pur
chasers of Bonds.
Employes of the District building
"did their bit" to the tune of more
than 130.0(H) toda). when Louis Wil
son, disbursing officer, turned over
that sum to the Treasury -Department
for Liberty loan bonds Practically
eery man and woman In the building
bought at least one bond
The Fire Department carried off
top honors, subscribing more than
JS.00O through Chief Clerk C! S Wat I
son It also bought the largest In l
dlildual bond one for $1,000 i
While all the clerical employes of '
the Fire Department bought bonds, !
the major portion of the 000 was!
subscribed by uniformed firemen I
(Continued from First rage )
than they did before the men were
organized. He said he had observed to make merry with dancing, athletic
no friction or Inharmony among the contests, and a general outand-out
union and nonunion employs of the eooi time for everybody.
Under cross-examination Attorney
Clayton said he got George A. Wll
burt, president of the local union, to
Washington's Junior bankers, who, be
cause of the Immense amount of extra
work Incident to closing the Liberty
bond subscriptions, were unable to
agree to meet President King and j catch the morning boat, arrangements
iaiK oter an me points at issue i" j have been made for anotner Doai to
the controersy. but Mr. King declln j leave the wharf at I.JO and a final
ed to meet Wllburt. President Kine,),oat at o'clock this eenlng.
on one occasion told Attorney Clay I uoy. t Neuhuser. president of the
ton, he said, that he was willing to -Washington Chapter of the American
discuss hours, wages and conditions institute of Banking, said this morn
but recognition of the Amalgamated nR tnat although bank clerks are
Association was out or ine quesnuu ; busier today than ever before, tne out'
and not an arbitrable matter
Attorney Hoover Introduced Into
the Record a table of figures showing
that In ninety five cities throughout
tlu United States motormen and con
ductors receive considerably less
money than the Washington Hallway
and Klectrlc Company paa Its train
men under the IndUldual contract.
The difference ranged from $32 to
$3,000 In faor of the local company s
emplo)es In a period of eleen jears.
Daniel Frazler, a shop foreman, con
tradlcted the ststement of an earlier
witness that the company compelled
men to take days off so a tt ellmi
nate the necessity for pa) Ing them
Kobert Brockman, a member of the
union who went on strike In March
but went back to work, said that he
attended the meeting in President
Kings office on March 8, but was not
paid for attending, and was nut or
tiered to attend He said he had been
forced Into Joining the union and pay
Ing would be largely attended and
successful In every respect.
The committee In charge of the out
ing follows:
Itoss E. Pollock, chairman: Frank
B. Devereaux. Richard W Hynson,
Krnest Love, W W Spald. W. McK.
Stowell. Harry White. Francis O Ad
dlson. William R. Baum. John Sabot-
ka. Dangerfleld Addison. Percy
Haynes. Mierman S. Slick. John L. Fu
gltt. Fernand Petit. John M Rlordan.
Charles E. Carter, jr . Edward J Mc
Quade, Charles II. Grant, William R.
Nagle. Charles L. Gable. Herbert V
Hunt. Charles D. Ratcllffe. Charles C.
Eckloff, John Delamater Charles Mer
chant. George L. Thomas Thomas J
Dal), J Edgar Troth. R. W Wlnfree,
H L. Selby, T J. Moore. W E. Free
man. It, L. Neuhauser. J B. Evans.
John Cook. A. Fant, James Duvall
Albert M. RIvero, W T. Robey. F R.
Steffens. Charles Bojer. Alex Varela.
Parke A. Galleher, Burden B. Kell)
Ing his back dues. Including a fine ...... .,,, .' h . n.nV Earl
for deferment, F Barber Car, H Ehnlnger. R. L.
When Attorne) "ooier P 1 Russell J. D Schneider. E P Wilson.
S beet,?fc PaP" , J '. 5 .i t Kobert S. Stunz. J C. Williams. W. C
SSJ.!."'. "12"'; V'C.r.l h ' Moore. Frank Isaac J B. Gilpin, and
stock: Senator Jones called aUentlon ;John D' "
BUENOS AIRES. June 15. Another
outbreak of the revolutionary movement
In Paraguay was reported rrom Asun
cion toda) Details were not received.
Tried to Protect Children
From Wild Auto.
to the fact that Mr Kin? had tetlnd
that be owned COO hare Attorney
Horn er said the books shon ed that
onl 100 shares uere held In King's
name Senator Jones then said he
wanted a complete statement regard-
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The Avenue at Ninth
Charges of Manslaughter and In
toxication Placed Against Schott.
TARRTTOWJf. Jf Y. June 13
Walter Johnson, owner of the Elms
ford Kennels, on Mrs. Flnley J. Shep
aril's estate, and one of the best
known fanciers In the country, was
killed yesterday afternoon when an
automobile, driven fay a man accused
of beiwr Intoxicated, ran Into crowl
of children celebrating; FU: Day In
the village squaro In Elmsforl
William Schott. driver of the auto
mobile, tried to escape after tumbling
over a score of children and knocking;
down Mr Johnson, who tried to stoi
him. Several men jumped Into auto
mobiles and pursued Schoot down the
Tarrytown road. Schott had a fast
car and distanced his pursuers.
However, he stopped at a roadbousa
In Glenvllle, and when the pursuers
came up they recoenlzed his automo
bile and entered the barroom and
seized him The posse returned blm
to Elmsford, where feeling; was run
ning; hitch against him, and armed
men had to guard blm. When taken
before Justice Sokoland that official
said Schott was In no condition to bn
arraigned, and In addition to placing
a charge of manslaughter against
him, accused him of operating an au
tomobile while Intoxicated.
Under a heavy guard Schott was
sent to the county Jail at Whlta
Plains. It being feared that It would
not be safe to keep him In the lock
up at Elmsford. As he was being
taken out of town for 'White
l'lalns. with armed men standing on
the running boards of the automobile
to protect him. many threats were
made against hlra
Mr Johnson, formerly a captain In
the British army, was assisting at th
Flag Day exercises Hundreds of
children and young folk were gather
ed about the flagstaff In the village'
square, the flag had Just been 'tin uu
and th.e assemblage was singing Th
Star-Spangled Banner, when Schott
automobile appeared
Apparently he was driving directly
toward the children, when Mr Jonn
son. waving his arms at Schott, leap
ed forward in an effort to check him.
Schott Is said to have driven on. hit
ting Mr Johnson and plowing a path
through the children. The rhlldret)
tumbled to one aide or the other and
few were hurt.
Mr. Johnson was Induced to come
to this country by Frank J. GduM t
care for his large kennel at Lynd
hurst. When Mr. Gould gave up his
kennel his sister, Mrs. Shepard. gate
Mr. Johnson a place on her estate, and
there he had conducted the Elmsford
Kennel for eleven yeara.
Local Real Estate Hen See No
Prospect of AdTance.
Assurances that there will be no
general Increase In apartment house
rents this fall were made today by
prominent real estate brokers and
apartment house managers. In denial
or current rumors that a 10 to IS per
cent Increase would be exact" from
Washington renters, beginning In
Morton J. I.uchs, of the res', estate
firm of Shannon & Luchs. said the ma
jority of owaers were not even
"thinking of raising their renta."
"Of course." Mr Luchs continued,
"there Is little dnubt that some apart
ment house vners whose expenses
have more than doublet ultimately
will have to apportion these extra
expenses among their tenants, but as
yet no such steps have been consid
ered." Charles P. Stone. presldnt of the
firm of Stone & Fairfax, wi emphatic
that there would be "no increases."
Randall II. Hagner. of the Arm of
Randall II. Hagner A Co, who has
forty-three buildings under his con
trol, said he bad not the slightest
Idea of advising his clients to raise
their rents.
Like statements were made at other
prominent real estate offices, includ
ing that of the Alonzo O. Bliss Prop
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largest apartment houses in the city.
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