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What HasHappened, What Is
Going On, and Where.
incidents Noted In Daily Round of
National Capital.
Food prices hae assisted to per
fect shopkeeper In various was.
One of these Is the extreme accuracy
with which they can slice meat. Some
of It is een thinner than the pro
verbial picnic sandwich filling.
A begrimed workingman entered a
store in the upton district to
buy some lunch. After getting a box
of crackers, he asked for a nickel's
worth of cheese.
"We don't sell a nickel's worth of
cheese." disdainfully replied the
clerl "It can't be cut small enough
to permit us making a profit from a
nickel's worth."
Resignedly the hard-working man
raised the ante, and asked for 10
cents' worth of cheese. Wltu infinite
care and Dreclsion. the clerk slowly
sliced from the face of a large cheese being placed on an equal footing with
one layer. men in regard to salary. However,
Hon he ever eld it Is jet a mys- an nexpertenCed woman will not be
tc.v. but, as was stated, food prices , pald the tAmt rate ag an experienced
hae developed latent abilities. , man but a, her ability Increases her
The prospective ouyer gaira . . me
of educational co-operation of the
Lnlted States Forest Fervlce
Sir Ellis said that ithln the next
few sears, the forests will becom
self supporting and explained the
value of the labor and money being
expended In conserving and develop
ing the forest resources.
No Motive of Robbery Is Indicated,
According to Police.
For the first time in several years
authorities of Washington have a
"Jack the Peeper with which to con-
tend Report, haie been received at
No DUcrimination Is to Be Made nh0eMhTe,eA0,oneofPrr'-npeeeV
Between the Sexes. 1 pwmg at the window, of ,ome of
the most exclusive apartment houses.
It Is not uncommon for the police
to receive reports of men attempting
this "peeping game once In a while,
and then to have the Inquisitive one
anlar- for weeks, but in this case
the offender has repeated his visits
on consecutive nights. His favorite,
time Is when most people are retir
ing for the night.
He is reported as having been seen
at the windows of the Astoria apart
ments. Third and G streets northwest.
A number have reported the visits as
an attempt at robbery, but the police
are convinced that the "robber" and
Jack the Peejer are the same per
son, and that robbery Is not the motive.
Of $330,565,628 Total, Corpora
tions Pay More Than Half.
An Income tax yield exceeding the.
estimates of Treasu-y Department of.
Pclals was revealed last night in a
statement Issued setting th net lax
during the fiscal ear now closing at
1330,3 ns.lUf)
Of this total SlTO.037.04'1 am paid
by corporations and fiaO.KS.SivS by
The exact yield of the District of
Columbia Is not stated, as the Dis
trict, Delaware, and two counties of
Virginia are Included In the yield
credited to Maryland, which Is 111,
39,303. while Virginia's returns are
Changing of the date of payment
of the taxes from July 1 to June 13
caused the returns to be available
much sooner this year.
Flowera That Always Please
Gude's home grown, fresh cut flowers
are best for all occasions. 1214 F.
Exemption Provided In Amendmtnt
to War Tax Bill.
Senator Holds of New Hampshire,
In an amendment to the war tax bill,
introduced In the Senate yesterday.
wants contributions of charitable or
ganisations exempt from taxation In
the proposed new taxes on Incomes.
He wants the Senate committee
framing the war tax bill to refrali
from Imposing a tax on contribution
or gifts to corporations or associa
tions organised and operated exclu
sively for religious, charitable, scien
tific, or educational purposes.
Telegrams from Jacob H. Schlff and
Felix M. Warbur. both heads of many,
prominent Jewish charities, Indori.
the Senator in his proposed amend
ment. Mr. Warburg teJerTaphed tbt
many charitable Institution would
have to close their doors If the tax
was Imposed.
The Senate Finance Committee ex
pects to resume Its meetings tomorrow.
CHICAGO, June 17. IJberty loan
tabulators last night discovered the
man with the longest name In V
city waa the owner of a Liberty bond.
He Is Gust J. Papatheodorokou-moundurglstomlchalaltopuloa.
The Erie Railroad Company. In re
ply to Inquiry from the National
American Woman Suffrage Assocla
tlon. goes on record as putting Its
women employes on an equal footing
with men in regard to salary. A. J.
thane, vice president of inr company,
writes as foilow a to Mrs. Carrie Chap
man Catt, pienldent of t'li National
American Woman Suffrage Assocla
tlon. which Is conducting a country
w.Ide campaign for equal pay for the
women who take men's plsces In in
"It has been the practice to employ
women In certain clerical capacities,
but during the present crises ft has
been extended not only to clerical
positions, but employment In shops,
freight houses, and In any other
places where their ability will suit
the requirements and where their .em
ployment will not conflict with labor
"In their employment women are
4Ii.ii. thirkns of the cheese and re
(narked: "By golly, you almost missed
It altogether."
wages win increase correepondlngiy
until they have reached the wages of
her predecessor.
Junior Helpers Jteetlng,
A special meeting of the Junior'
Helpers of the Hebrew Home for the I
Aged will be held this afternoon at 3
o'clock In their rooms, 415 M street
Orrhntra t'osjeert.
The Nordica Mandolin and Guitar
Orchestra and Banjo Club. Walter T.
Holt, director, will give their eight
eenth annual concert Friday evening
In the ballroom of the Italelgh.
Sermon to Red len.
A fraternal sermon w ill be pretched
before the members of the Loyal
Tribe, No. S, Improved Order of Red
Men.- at the Evangelical Lutheran
Church, this evening.
Dr. Yarem to Hate Hand In Fram
ing New Constitution.
A women. Dr. Schlschklna Tavein.
will sit In the council of sixty-one,
which Is now preparing Russia's na
tional constitution. Dr. Tavein is
the head of the Russian "defenders
of women's rights, which, with tho
National American Woman Suffrage
Association and the corresponding
organizations of other countries, is a
branch of the International Woman
Lsnrdon Grads To Gather. bunrage Alliance, or wnicn Mrs. i.ar-
A reunion of the graduates of the rle Chapman Catt Is president.
. . , -. .. .. .! The preparatory council of which
"""'Dr. Tavein is a member will deal with
Langdon School, Twentieth
Franklfn streets, northeast, and a
community celebration will be held
In that school Friday night. There
will be music and refreshments.
Exercises For Petworlh.
patriotic exercises under the au
spices of the Fetworth Citizens' As
sociation will be held Tuesday even
ing In the school building. Eighth
and Shepherd streets northwest.
Talks will be given by T. V. Powder'
ly and Charles B. Hartford.
j Immediate problems, such as ques
tions of nationalities and the condi
tions of the transfer of the lends of
the nobles to the peasantry- In the '
council are sitting constitutional spe
cialists, deputies from the army, from.,
the peasants, and from all political
pr. Yavein Is a physician. At the
beginning of the war a hospital unit.
supported entirely by Russion suffra- I
gists, was formed with Dr. Yavein at i
the head. '
Teeh Alnmnl to Elect.
Officers of the McKlnley Manual
Training School Alumni Association
for the next two years will be elected
at a meeting of the Association Tues
day night at S o'clock in the school.
After the business meeting there will
be dancing.
Off to Join Phthisis Fight.
Dr. Arthur E. Terry. Department of
Labor, will leave Washington im
mediately for Framingham, Mass,
where he will work In co-operation
with the National Anti-tubercular
Society for the cure and prevention
of tuberculosis.
To Sing "Brtkany."
"Bethany," a, sacred cantata, will
be presented by the combined choirs
of the Keller Memorial Church and
the Ninth Street Christian Church
Tuesday night, at the latter church.
There will be six soloists. The can
tata will be conducted by Joseph Harrison.
Work of Sixty Branches to Be Di
rected Here.
With the establishment of national
headquarters of the Drama League In
the Rlggs Building, the National np
Ital will be the center for Jlrectlns
the work of more than slxt local
organizations In cities throughout
the country, representing a'ou. i'O.
000 members. Plans for the work
of the league were dlseuid last
night at a meeting of the executive
officers at the home of Mrs. Thomas
W. Sldw-ell. president of tne Wash
ington center of the league, 3001
Wisconsin avenue.
Reception to Tearhera.
A reception for the teachers of I
the Johnson and Powell Schools
win oe given by the members of the
Parent-Teacher Association nf ihr.
schools In the newly dedicated assem-
Diy nan or me school on Tuesdsy.
Following the reception there will be
a card party and dance.
Director Baker During Tour to
Speak In Western States.
Ray Baker, director of the mint, '
left last night on a tour to Inspect the
mint throughout the United States
and lnreftlgate aereral matters riat
Injr to the Treaaurs.
The director's trip will take him to
the Tactfle coaet. and before he re
turns he expects to make a numbr of
speeches. Including on at Ren. .Vev
and another at Ixs Angeles He will
return to Washington In about three
Progress on National Preserves Pic
tured at University Club.
Work of the Forest SerIce. Includ
ing lumbering, grazing, and the work
being done on the great national pre
serves' waterways was shown In mo
tion pictures from the Department of
Agriculture at the University Club
last night. Th nif... u ...
Plned by Don Carlo, Ell!.. In charge" j fig "'
Mr. Byron Son. of Son A Sons, Xeir
Orleans now chewing: at Hotel Powhatan,
rllk. linen atvl other tropica) rutting alto
thlrtlng for men's fin rarment- tailored to
measure. Inflection Invited
Today, Table? d'Hotr Dinner. 3 to S,
M 25. Music Harvey's Famous Res-
I taurant. 11th and l'a Ave Advt.
One of the city's beautr rots, on the balcony
I een there HU.
one Utit 1X0
i DentistryttiatLasts
That has been my record for the
S past 22 years.
j Everything that will aid to the
p. comfort of our patients is provided.
frRe,. cctrically cooled offices.
U Cleanliness is one of our many strik-
g inK features. Every instrument must
be thoroughly sterilized before usinc
P Examination Free
Terms of Payment To Suit
iia: a: - ,
1 vMaL.sssssT
My Perfect j Fillin-js, 50c
Suction Teeth' i .
Will .tat Slip . ,j .,
or Drop In gold, silver,
$5.00 I amalgam or
Other ets of I -nrrmlr.
Teeth. SU op.
Gold Crowns j
and Bridge L
Work, "
$3.00 $4.00"
fe INlMliwt ror the accommodation of vou who cannot ran.
veniently make an appointment with us durinc the day or any time
duriwr the week days, we announce that this office will remain
Open Every Evening Valil 8 o'clock and on Sundays 10 A. M. to 4
P. M. Maids in attendance.
Dr. Wyeth,
427-29 Seventh Street N. W."
upp.slte Laa.bnrzli dt Tiro, and overs
Craad L'nloa Tea Co. Largest and Horn
Tfcorcocklr Rqulpprd Parian la Ua.h.3
Sport Boots and
Made of the best white
duck, leather or rub
ber soles, patent, dull,
tan, and green leath
er trim.
This is your opportunity to reap the benefit of our fore
sight which prompted us to order our entire season's supply
or Footwear many months ago. As a result, we're enabled
to give you the benefit of prices which are in many in
stances LESS than the present WHOLESALE prices on the
same Shoes. We urge you to exercise the same foresight
by ordering YOUR supply for the season NOW the fol
lowing items point the way to big savings.
White Nubuck
Sport Oxfords
With white rubber,
sole and (wedge)
heel, an ideal tennis,
walking or sport ox-,
White Canvas Pumps
Hand turned soles, cov
ered Louis XV heel, an
exceptionally stylish shoe.
All sizes 2 to 8, A
to D. it you are
hard to please see
these shoes. They
will please you.
Pumps, Colonials,
and Oxfords
A (treat variety of low shoes in all
the popular leather, heels, and styles.
The Iicht weijrht turn sole pumps
with hicjh Louis XV heels, the Eng
lish pumps or oxfords with low flat
heels, the valkinc pumps or ox
fords with the Cuban or Military
Pumps and Colonials
500 pairs of Pumps and Colonials
in all tne latest styles and leathers
These are odds and ends of our
regular stock. The sizes
of the entire lot range
from 2yj to .widths
A and B, some few
C and D widths.
White Canvas
Sport Oxfords
White rubber sole and
heel, an exceptional value.
All sizes.
White Washable Kidskin Button Boots, made of
Blumenthal's white washable kidskin with white pearl but
tons, Louis XV covered heels, Goodyear welt sewed soles
with white ivory welt. Our regular 310.00 value.
Steadfast Oxfords
Tan, Black, and Cordo
van Colored Calfskin Ox
fords; very dressy English
lasts; six different styles.
Our own ?8.oo value.
White Reinskin "Cloth" Oxfords, better than canvas.
A high grade shoe, l4-inch military heel, white leather
sole, narrow recede toe.
Steadfast Genuine White Buckskin Oxfords
. The very best of material and
workmanship enter into
construction of these
Three different English
stjles. All sizes, in
widths from AA to D.
Our regular S9.00 values.
ft ,.aritaa9j2.v
shoes. &i&&t&3&&& l
White Canvas
last, white
f Ji2. Jy
Mean a Cash Saving of
37" on Every Purchase
1116-22 7thStN.W.
Washington's Largest and Most Progressive Shoe House Established 1868
813 Penna. Ave.
ww, . Mvnr ? -.an., u

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