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JUNE 29, 1917
IheHMitjjton Ume
EDGAR D. SHAW. Publisher.
Entered aa second clan matter at the Poatofflea at Washington. D. a
Published Every Evening (Including 8undays) Br the
Washington Times Company, Munsey Building, Pennsylvania Ave.
One Tear (Including Sundaya). tl 50. Six Months, ll.tl. Three Months, Ht
Lady Suffragettes We Admire,
Respect and Fear You
Thus We Live Up to the Suffragette Program and Desire.
But Just for the Present, PLEASE Let the President At
tend to the War.
"Thou art beautiful, 0 my love, as Tirzah, comely
as Jerusalem (but just at this particular moment),
terrible as an army with banners." Solomon, 6,4.
Don't be terrible, suffragette sisters. We don't know
just what yon did to wise Solomon so long ago. But
don't do it now to anybody. This is n otime for suffragette
terribleness. Prussian Schrecklichkeit is enough to deal
with at one time.
Each lady suffragette has been, might be or will be a
Lady suffragettes, if you WERE a mother, and were
busy with a sick baby, would you like a man to come and
play the trombone under the baby's window?
Woodrow Wilson is sitting up at night and working in
the day with sick triplets named War Problem, Food Prob
lem, and Prohibition Foolishness.
Ladies, why do you insist on playing your suffragette
trombone under HIS window?"
You could make that noise somewhere else just as well,
and impress the public, satisfactorily.
Come over and demonstrate in front of The Times Build
ing. Hare, you will be welcome, here you will be seen and
admired by a crowd greater than that which sees you at the
White House gates.
We shall entertain you with editorial conversation, and
on hot days we'll send out free ice cream, vanilla and straw
'berry mixed, to match your complexions.
You may issue here on our doorstep, proclamations, just
as though you were all Presidents of Honduras. And we
shall gladly print them, if they contain nothing to annoy
the man who is the most important worker in the country.
The man who writes .this has written in favor of woman
suffrage, and all of its manifestations for years twenty
years before any woman was voting in the United States.
We sympathize sincerely with the women, who are com
pelled to send their sons to war, and have no voice in any
making of laws. We despise the man who cannot see the
justice of their cause.
But we ask the woman suffrage party to remember that
no principle or its advocacy is as important now as immediate,
uninterrupted WAB ACTION.
Would you disturb a surgeon working at the operating
table? Don't disturb Dr. Wilson, who is cutting the war
germ out of Germany.
Let Germany win whichshe won't and yon suffragett"
would have for steady diet the famous imperial statement
that women should mind their own business and attend to
"Kinder, Kirche, Euche" (children, church, and kitchen).
We are convinced that the President is today the firm
advocate of woman suffrage, that he will do everything that
he can to bring it about, in every State of the Union, and also
in this District of Columbia where men as well as women are
treated like idiots, children, Indians not allowed to vote.
Dear lady suffragettes, if you had on hand the task
that rests on the weary shoulders of the President of the
United States at this moment, you would expect every human
being to consider you first, and the country's needs first.
Set the good example. Do not let people say that suf
fragettes, the THINKING WOMEN of this nation, set their
immediate success, ahead of the nation's needs.
Do not allow yourselves to be classed with those fanat
ics and bigots in the corridor of the Senate, who in the name
of Prohibition, and reckless of the national emergency, are
trying to force THEIB will upon the country.
If you will only wait until peace comes, demonstrating
meanwhile over here by The Times Office, we can almost
guarantee that the President will welcome you back to the
White House gates, better still, INSIDE those gates, and
talk over with you the quickest way of making every wife
in America the voting partner of her husband, every daugh
ter the voting and mental equal of her brother.
BE PATIENT. Others in the United States are com
pelled to be patient, just now.
The news reporters say you'suffragette ladies "decided
at breakfast this morning" to be terrible- and use violence.
Please think it over again at supper. Look at Prussia. She
decided on horribleness at breakfast one morning and
breakfast has been scarce ever since
How Do They Do It?
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THV .vJy J -r4i Ri: rv rJoW rSrlD MOVE
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SWEIXCST rJoTtl. AND 0"N HrWf ft "TOT.Erl ftUTOS-
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niii Tnty ,ftRt some.
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How to I
Americanize the Capital as a Wise
Measure of War Preparedness
By THEODORE" W. NOYES, Editor of the Evening Star
Washlnrtonlaos hae been urging a
constitutional amendment which ahrll
give them the atatua of eltUena of a
State, for the purpose only of repre
sentation in Congresa and the Elee
toral College. Thejr now urge only an
amendment which, aa an Irreducible
minimum of Justice, shall empower
Congress In its discretion to give
them thia status.
War is upon us. World Issues anil
vital national questions absorb alten
la this a time to redress the Cap
ital's political grievances?
Tes. says Waahtngton. To Amerl
canlze the political aliens of the Dis
trict of Columbia Is to do Justice and
to relieve the nation of reproach nnl
shame achievements which, like the
motion to adjourn, are always In or
der. And not only in a general hut
In a special sense Is this American.
Uing process peculiarly opportune, in
that it reflecta the ery thought and
spirit of the times and Is an intt;rral
part of the legislation which springs
naturally from the patriotic 'mpulaj
toward true preparedness
I do not emphaalze the unique pa
trlotic service which Washingtonlanj
have rendered, far surpassing In this
respect all other Americans, in the
creation, maintenance and upbuilding
of the National Capital I compare
them with other Americans solely on
the basis of the degree In which they
and others have respectively met the
general patriotic obligation that la
common to all.
Washlngtoniana have paid their
proportion of every national tax, dl
rect or Indirect, from the birth of the
nation. The only national taxes that
fall directly and In ascertainable
amounta upon Americana are the in
ternal revenue taxea. Including the
excise and Income taxes. In total con
tribution In 1014 to these taxea Wash
ington exceeda tWenty-two of the
States, though It exceeds In popula
tion only alx of them. Its contribu
tion Is greater than those of nine of
the States combined. The Washlng
toniana' per capita contrlbutlona to
these national taxea are greater than
that of the clttzena of thtrty-slx of
the States.
Washington's Dlood Sacrifice,
Washlngtoniana have risked life
and shed their blood In every national
war. To preserve the Union the first
volunteers came from the Capital, and
Waahlngtonlana aupplied a greater
percentage of troops in exceaa of their
quota than nearly every State In the
I Union. In the war with Spain they
sent to Cuba a One regiment exceed
ing their quota In numbers. The aam
response was made when the sum
mons to the Mexican border came. At
that time the percentage of men of
military age enrolled In the organized
mllltla. was greater In the District
than in any State of the Union.
Washington aent more sdldlera to the
border than twenty-two of the Statea.
I To every demand of Qevotlon and
self-sacrifice made upon Americana
Waahtngton has rendered. Is render
ing, and will always render full,
hearty, and unatlnted response.
Tfatlonal Bordeae Impoeeo'i nights
In genuine representative govern
ment rights and privileges are Insep
arably wedded to obllgationa and re-
sponslbllltlea. How do the Washing
I tonlana, thus burdened with national
1 obligations, fare In respect to Amerl
can rlghta and privileges?
nefore the Judicial branch of the
' National Government they are. the
I United States Supreme Court saya,
I lesa than aliens In the right to aue
and be sued.
in relation to representation In
the legislative branch and by the ex
ecutive branch of the National Gov
ernment they are on tha same foot
ing as aliens.
They are good enough Americans
to pay taxes and go to war, but not
good enough Americana to be rep
resented In the Congress which taxes
them and sends them to war.
In relation to national taxea their
sole function Is to pay. They have
nothlifg to say. like other national
taxpayers, concerning the amount
and kind of taxes they shall pay and
how the tax money shall be spent.
'n relation to national war their
aole function is to fight In obedience
to command. They nave no voice,
like other Americans, In tha councils
which determine war or peace. They
have no representation In the Gov
ernment which requires them to fight,
to bleed and perhaps to die.
In all the expense of the ronti
netal and contiguous United States
from ocean to ocean, from Canada to
Mexico, every Territory has been ex
alted into Statehood, and the Dis
trict of Columbia Is tha only remain
ing American community whoso
people are still compulsory occu
pants of the (National Hospital for
Politically Defective and Delinquent
?T. Excuse af National Necessity.
These gross discriminations against
tha Americans of the District of Co
lumbia find no excuse In national
lmpotency or national necessity.
These discrimination are not necea
sary to the constitutional control by
Congress of the ten miles square.
Correction of them, Americanizing
tha District, of Columbia, doea not de
stroy or diminish that control. Rep
resentation by one out of 436 In the
House and by one out of nlnety.aeven
or two out of ninety-eight In the
Senate would obviously fall short
of giving the District control of Con
gress. So small a tall could never
wag so large a dog.
To give this national representa
tlon to the Waahlngtonlana worka no
change In the local government or
In the financial relation of nation to
capital. Exclusive power Is still In
tha handa of Congress representing
the nation, and the change merely
makes the District politically a part
of the nation and gives the 3G0.0OO
Americana In the District represen
tatlon In that Congress.
The present condition convicts the
nation of paradoxical Inconsistency,
Inequity, un-Amerlcanlsm, unpatriotic
It Involves injustice to the Capital
and shame to the nation.
saviors Abroadl Cmelflero nt Ilome.
In the Impressive and Inspiring
words of President Wilson: "We are
glad to fight tbua
for the ultimate peace or the world
and for the liberation of Its peoples,
the German people Included.
The right Is more precious than peace
and we shall light for the things
which we have alwaya carried near
est our hearts for democracy, for
the right of those who submit to au
thority to have a voles la their own
Washlngtonlans art among "those
who submit to authority." Are not
all Americans then fighting; tn this
war for, the Washlngtonlans right
"to have a voice In their own gov.
ernmentr Or la thsre an Implied pro
viso tn our proclamation which causes
us to fight In this war to establish
representative government every
where In the world except In the csp
Hal of tha great representative re
public? Surely the Washlngtonlans who go
to war In response to their country's
call do not shed their blood or lay
down their lives to secure represen
tative government for everybody else
In all the world except themselves.
Amendment Timely nad Vital.
Consistency and Justice: national
pride and aelf-respect; the will to ef
face a shameful blot from the na
tional eacutcheon: tha aplrlt of true
Americanism and righteous hatred of
autocracy In any guise; the patriotic
Impulse toward full preparedness of
the nation as the champion of democ
racy and repreacntatlve government
everywhere In the world all combine
to make Irresistible at this very mo
ment our appeal for the adoption of
a constitutional amendment giving
suffrage to the eltlzena of the Dis
trict. Should not the nation. Irrespective
of the lust pleas of the Washlng
tonlans and purely as a national con
cern, abolish the evil and Injury
working paradox of non-representative
un-American government of
the National Capital territory und'er
exclusive national control? At a
time when all Americans are thrilling
In response to the appeal for a purer,
higher, stronger Americanism and
for a more devoted and aelf-saerl-'
ficlng spirit of American nationality
will not the nation Insist. In ac
cordance with the spirit of tha times
and In Its own vital interest, that
there shall no longer exist at the
very heart of tha body politic this
foul abscess of non-Americanism?
Surgical relief to the nation from
this threat of blood poisoning Is an
essential war measure, an urgent pa
triotic task Cut It out unflinchingly!
Cut It out at once.
The Conscience of a City
This la a day for searching of hearts, a day of saerifict
and self denial. The nation is embarked in 'an enterprise
involving the, future of our civilization whether the -world
shall be rnled by the philosophy of brutishness or humane
ness. The people of the city of "WASHINGTON have becom
so accustomed to think of the United States in terms of cities
and towns outside of the District of Columbia, that perhaps,
pardonably, they have forgotten that after all, here at the
seat of Government is a most important unit of the nation's
The response thus far by the city of "WASHINGTON
to the campaigns for the Liberty loan and the Bed Cross lias
been spontaneously generous. But while the giving of moiey
is not to be invidiously dismissed the actual test of patriotism
is really whether or not you will offer your life if necessary to
the cause of the United States of America. The beckoning
finger is pointed direotly to the man of military age. Many
will be conscripted, but, as the lottery goes, many will not.
But can the city of "WASHINGTON afford not to do its share
not to furnish its quota for the regular army! Can the
individual who is fully able to enlist justify in the future bis
failure to have served, the nation in some way in this w&r,
merely because service was distasteful or incommodious?
No war is inviting to the individual, but no war is a pluk
tea; no war gives anyone assurance'tof immunity. There lire
two things in the world which have .stimulated the human
race from time immemorial one is to live usefully, and the ;
other is to die worthily. These lessons did Christ teach.
The supreme achievement of individualism is onas
voluntary dedication to a cause that may mean individual
.mortality. The fathers of our country were ready to; lay
down their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to
give us a free nation. Nearly a century later, hundreds of
thousands gave their lives to preserve the Bepnblio that;
had been bnilded. The call-is equally compelling today. The
cry in '61 was: Shall this nation be free within its shores T
The cry today is: Shall the freedom obtained after those
great sacrifices be destroyed from without or perpetuated?
The volunteer has been a great soldier in history because
his heart was in the cause in which he was enlisted. If there
are not many volunteers this week it is because the true
meaning of this war has not been driven home to the people
of the United States. Here in "Washington it ought to be
thoroughly understood. Here at the seat of Government,
where knowledge of the covert plots to undermine our Gov
ernment and coerce it even in time of peace was perhaps,
better known than elsewhere, the issues of the war ought
not to be incomprehensible. This war has begun as a battle
against autocracy" in Germany. It must inevitablyproduce
an intolerance of autocracy in- this country, for the massea
will come in closer contact with the affairs of their Govern
ment than they were before. "We will be a world power in
fact as well as theory. "We will want our diplomacy alert
and effective. "We will want to see thnt brutal system of
militarism which has brought on this war absolutely crushed,
otherwise we will unconsciously become militaristic our
selves, piling up for generations more armaments and more
taxation. The fundamentals of this war directly concern the
welfare and comfort of the common man, his family, and
The city of "WASHINGTON must not lag behind other
in enlistments. It CAN lead the country and should. The
right to vote, unfortunately, is denied to the people here,
but the obligations of citizenship are nevertheless inescap-,
DUTY. No less earnestly must the answer come from the
conscience of this city.
Thanks to Theodore Noyes
Among; the many letters and messages of congratula
tion which The Vasbinjrton Times has received for direct
ing attention anew to the question of suffrage for the citi
zens of WASHINGTON, none gives us more pleasure than
an autographed copy of the address delivered recently by
Theodore W. Noyes, of the Washington Star,, before tht
Washington Board of Trade. We take this opportunity
not only to reprint in another column the splendid argu
ment which Mr. Noyes has m.-Je for suffrage in the District,
but we are glad publicly to congratulate the pioneer in the
movement, who has worked many years that the people
of his home city shall share fully the rights of citizenship
of their fellow-countrymen.
Once Overs
Dont Be Deadwood
Or Drifticood
Ceerrtrtt. HIT. lateraanoael r Serrtre.
Etlr up enthusiasm In jour own soul about something.
Don't be, deadwood.
Don't be driftwood.
No treat work wai ever accomplished without enthusiasm to ct ft
started and enthusiasm to keep It going.
You may accomplish a lot by jnit "keeping on keeping on." but It
will be all on a dead level.
What makes the French people inch wonderful fighters and such
heroes and heroines tn the present wart
Enthusiasm to carry out the purpose which actuates thera In lis
Enthusiasm makes a very ordinary person a superman or a super
woman. Enthusiasm makes heavy hearti lighter, hard work easier.
Never was there greater need of enthuslam than daring the present
strain and stress to the nation. Carry jocr enthuslssm into some pUfttn
ot the work before us, see how many vill -srt tc Join in helping tha
cause of liberty EnlhuMasri will sell l'hrty bonds, get money for Red
Cross work and. If carried in the right direction, swaept the coantir
and help win the war.

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