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(Continued from First race.)
nd In Macedonia, General Serrail
Began a diversion In Powerful force.
Germany was busy defending; her lines
on every front except Russia. And
because she waged a clever campaign
of fraternization and of separate
peace on the Russian front. Germany
waa able to weather the offensives.
If Russia had done her part then.
Germany might have been comi-ellei
to relinquish great tracts for she-r
lack of men and of munitions to tlht
simultaneously all her attackers.
From now on, military experts point
ed out, Germany cannot weaken her
Russian lines to stiffen up yielding
sections on other fronts as she hai
Russia's great army of democracy
haa enough ammunition for the pres
ent offensive," members of the Rus
sian war mission declared today.
They pointed out that communica
tion lines have been cleared of all ob
structions and that big atores of fight
ing material are at last reaching the
"Now our armies have something to
fight for and something to fight with,"
the commissioners said.
They would not Indicate the objec
tive of the drive.
-This Is the beginning of the end
of the Inaction following the revolu
tion," said Ambassador Bahkmetleff.
PETROGRAD. July 1. A slender,
delicate-looking man racked with Ill
ness was the greatest of all heroes In
Russia today. He was A. F. Keren
aky, minister of war. It was he nlio
personally led free Russia's troops in
the start of the first offensive which
the new democracy haa hurled
against Germany's autocratic hosts.
It was he who planned the offen
sive and who. when the supreme
test came, went to the front trenches
himself that he might inspire the
With such an example as this. .Rus
sia's soldiers are performing prodi
gies "of valor today. Semi-official
front dispatches detailed gains all
along tha twenty-flve-mlle front. In
which? General Brusiloft Is pressing
onward toward Lemberg. Not only
that, but the war office reports show
ed resumption of activity on every
Russian front.
PETROGRAD. July 3. Six
thousand three hundred prisoners,
two guns, and six machine guns,
with more ground gained, -was
the result of the continued Rus
sian offensive announced today by
the war office.
"In the direction of Zolochev,
there was a successful continu
ance of our offensive," the state
ment said
The 6,300 prisoners were all
taken yesterday, and in addition
to the 10.000 captured In the first
twenty-four hours of General
Bruslloff-s drive. In addition, to
day'a statement reported 3.200
Teutons taken southeast of Brze
xany on Sunday. Mine throwers
were in the booty captured around
PARIS, July 3 -Germany cen
tered a tremendous blow t the
French lines today, centering two
thrusts on the Chemln Des Dames
south of lon, and around Ver
dun. In both Instances the enemy
failed to gain ground, according
to the war office today.
"At fl j. m. Monday along the
line from Allies to Palssy the
enemy resumed his bombardment
and violently and forcefully at
tacked the trenches which French
forces retook yesterdsy." the
statement said. "A heavy desper
ate struggle throughout the night
ensued, but all positions were
maintained. On the left bank of
the Meuse there was Intense
artillery firing In the sector em
braced by hill 30t and Aocourt
"Wood. At 2 JO a. m. on a front
of 500 yards In the southeast cor
ner of the wood, enemy waves
started out of the trenches, but
In our artillery fire did not reach
our lines.
"In the Champagne the French
blew up an enemy .Mock house."
The Allles-Passy sector Is one
In which the Germans have twice
before attacked In fierce drives
during the past ten days.
PARIS. July J The German
counter offensive against the
French continues In full suing,
two violent assaults being made
during the night.
Despite the vigor with which
the attacks were driven home, the
war office announced today that
the Germans were unable to gain
any ground.
One attack was made along th
Chemln des Dames heights, north
of the Alsne river; the other was
made at Verdun.
Tha -Germans suffered set ere
IOifDO.V. July a-Flghtlng
activity on the British front
NEW YORK, July 3. There were numerous indications today
that the new Russian offensive in Galicia, east and southeast of Lem
bcrj: would spread to the Volhynlan front, cast of Kovel, to the north
ward, and to the southern Galician front, along the river Dneistcr, to
the southward. The latest official reports from Berlin and Vienna, in
deed, intimated that this had already occurred.
Should War Minister Kereiuky and the commanders on the south
western and western fronts be able to maintain the continuance of
the Russian forward drive, the strategic plan set in motion so success
fully last fall by General Brusiloff the present military commander
in the southwestern front would still prove valid.
At that time, BrusilotT was engaged in driving a flying flanking
column around the Austrian right, north and east of the Carpathians,
up the valley of the Bistritsa river to the southwestern rear of the
Austrian forces defending Halizsh, at the Junction of the Zlota Lipa
and the Dneister. Simultaneously, BrusilotT was driving tiirough the
Carpathian passes and menacing Hungary. Success for his strategy
was almost within his grasp, when Brusiloff was compelled to re
linquish the Hungarian campaign and then to halt the Bistritsa drive
to send troops to the rescue of the outmaneuvered Roumanians.
As has been said, BrusiloETs strategy still holds good, if all the
Russian armies could be set in motion. The situation in the south
east is such that the reorganized ' Roumanian army who should
shortly manifest some activity could become an effective factor,
and BrusilotT would not now be called upon to halt his plans for the
dispatch of aid to the southeast.
The first phase of the expected general offensive is the attack on
the German, Austrian, and Turkish positions along the Zlota Lipa river
from southeast of Brzezany to east of Zlozshor. Here the lines of the
central powers were broken through, the town of Koniuchy, six miles
north by east of Brzezany, captured, and upward of 10,000 prisoners
taken. At latest accounts, the engagement still continued.
North of this sector, in Volhynia, east of Kovel, in the Stokhod
river area, the Russians thus far report only scouting attacks. The
official German report records spirited artillery bombardment by the
Russians, which probably presages Infantry attacks in force. The
Austrian official report states that these attacks have actually been
begun, but adds that they .were repulsed by artillery fire. Then the
significant statement is made that a "continuance of the battle may be
The military gains of the Brzezany-Zlozshor assault are now
beginning to be made apparent. They included the dominating heights
held by the Germans and Austrian since last fall, situated east of
Koniuchy; the wooded slopes west of the town as far as the village of
Kolf ; also the German trenches south of Koniuchy and wooded slopes
west of the village of Shibalirm. as well as three lines of trenches
near this place.
The Russian offensive was timely. Dispatches from Rome today
speak of the massing of Austrian artillery on the Trentino front, and
the Italian fear of a gigantic offensive. But should the Russian
offensive be maintained, Austria would be kept sufficiently busy in
Galicia. Moreover, German troops obviously could no longer be moved
to France in the face of a determined Russian movement on a large
In France the activity has been limited chiefly to the continuance
of the fighting around Lens, to attacks by the German crown prince's,
forces on the Verdun front, and to French counter attacks on the Aisne
and Champagne fronts.
The British, in the face of heavy German assaults, moved back
ward slightly from their advanced positions west of Lens. The Ger
mans are apparently bent upon defending the coal center to the last
gasp, and have brought forward fresh storming troops to stem the
British encircling movement.
The Germans are heavily shelling the French positions on the
Aisne front near Cerny, at the eastern end of the Chemin des Dames,
following the recapture of lost positions by the French. On the Verdun
front, the Germans have lost practically all the French positions they
recently captured west of the Meuse.
Unless an executive order Issued by
President Roosevelt In 1D05, prohibit
ing the government from contracting
for or buying prison-made goods. Is
rescinded, efforts of the conference of
the American Prison Association to
aid the Government through the more
than 100.000 Inmates of penal and re
form Institutions in the United States
seem doomed.
The conference, which haa been
holding Its sessions at the Raleigh,
adjourned early this afternoon, after
drafting a letter to be sent to Presi
dent Wilson, suggesting that the pro
hlblttve executive order be rescinded.
and appointing a special committee
to carry out the program mapped out
by the conference.
A resolution wa adopted this
morning tendering the services of the
prison officials throughout the United
States to the Government In whatever
way they may oe useful in the estab
lishment and supervision of intern
ment and prison camps in this coun
try. If the executive order prohibiting
the use by the Government of prison
made goods Is not rescinded, the as
sociation proposes to render such as
sistance to the country as may be
possible by increasing the production
of ogrlcultural products and Indus-
1 trial products being produce- by the
Where Slav Drive Is On
during the night was confined to
The war office announced today
that the British troops made two
successful raids at Havrlncourt,
on the Arras front and near Nleu
port. in Belgium. German trenches
were entered and damage In
flicted to the dugouts of the gar
rison. The Germans tried to raid
British trenches In the sector of
the Cojeul river, but were dis
persed. (The Cojeul rises south of Ar
ras and loins the Sensee south
of Greenland Hill.)
BERLIN' (via London), July 3.
"Strong Russian attacks broke
down with heavy losses." declared
today's official statement. "Front
ing new positions to the south, the
enemy did not find strength to re
peat Its attacks on the height po
sitions around Brzezany.
"Breaking forward across the
heights west of the Stops, the
Russian mass attacka extended
north of the gap In our lines made
on the previous day." the state
ment continued. "With the assist
ance of reserves we made the en.
emy halt"
Of the western front fighting,
the statement said:
"A French attempt to recapture
lost trenches around La Bovelle
and on the left bank of the Meuse
broke down."
Benefit to Begin Tomorrow and
Continue Three Days.
A big summer festival for the bene
fit of the Red Cross will be given
by the people of Alexandria county,
Va beginning tomorrow and con
tinuing through Thursday and Fri
day. The program tomorrow will begin
at 2 o'clock, and will continue both
afternoon and evening, the features
Including a field meet by athletes
from Cherrydale. & drill by troops
from Fort Myer, and a. concert by
the Fort Myer Band. Tomorrow
evening the Clarendon Band will give
a concert, and a special musical pro
gram la being arranged for Thurs
day evening.
Booths from which refreshments
will be served will be In charge of
the following ladles: American booth,
Mrs. Mayer and Mrs. Walsh; French
booth, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. N'evln:
English booth, Mrs. Relnburg; Red
Cross booth. Miss Whalen: Italian
booth. Mrs. Whalen; Belgian booth,
Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Odlln.
The festival will be open tomorrow
afternoon and evening and Thursday
ana riaay evenings.
LONDON', July 3 In the House of
Commons yesterday the government
leader, Andrew Bonar Law, gave the
assurance that, pending the discussion
of the -Mesopotamia report, no per
son censured by the commission
would be promoted to any higher
position than he now holds.
He added that there waa not at the
present time, and never had been,
any Intention of transferring Lord
Hardlnge, the former viceroy of In
dia, to the Paris embassy or to any
other diplomatic post.
Careless Use of Soap
Spoils the Hair
Room for Garden of Vegetables, Tree, Flowers and Garage.
Sample Houses Open Tonight.
1139 to 1165 MORSE ST. N. E.
First Street North of 12th St. and Florida Ave. N. E.
Soap should be used very carefully.
If you want to keep your hair looking t
Its best. Most soaps and prepared i
shampoos contain too much alkali
This dries the scalp, makes the hair
brittle, and ruins it.
The best thing for steady use is Just
ordinary mulslfled cocoanut oil which '
Is pure and greaseless). and is better
than the most expensive soap or any
thing else you can use.
One or two teaepoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly Simply I
moisten the hair with water and rub i
It In. It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out easily. I
removing every particle of dust, dirt, I
dandruff and excessive oil. The hair I
dries quickly and evemy. and It leaves
the scalp soft, and the hair fine and
stlk. bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
to manage
You can get mulslfled cocoanut oil
st any pharmacy. It's very cheap, and
a few ounces will supply every mem- ,
ter of the family for months Advt. '
(From Star of Feb. 24, 1917)
Such Is the Advice Given by
the Department of '
7f5EC3 "B 2 m2'3j
Call and see successful gsrdens tin
der actual cultivation, with fruit,
egetables, and flowers growing and
planted by purchasers of our adjoin
ing bouses. Come out today.
SI, 000 Leas Than Other'.
Builders Are Asking
For Similar Houses
Small Caah Payment
Balance Monthly
HirHMtiMtmhiM IS
lOfhond Grant Ploxe.ftW.
v idii r ji. 11.11. or to isa n Old. n.t,
firVTTCELINE jM? T&'Murs v"
-1 w fx,l s2. " "-:
The heaviest and post extensive attack on the Germans by the
Russians since the revolution has occurred on the Strips, front. In
the region of the Narayuvlca river (1) the infantry extended for over
eighteen miles. A eight attack occurred at Brzezany (2), while the artil
lery battle extended from the middle Stokhod (3) to Stanislau (4).
ROME, July 3. Austria-Hungary's
plana for another drive against the
Italians on the Trentino front may
be frustrated.' by the new and power
ful Prussian offensive.
For some time the Austro-Hungar-lans
hava been massing big caliber
guns, huge supplies of ammunition,
and a reserves of Infantry behind
their lines In Trentino, Indicating
that an offensive waa In contemplation.
PETROGRAD, July 1 Six weeks
ago the Teutons knew and made
ready for Russia's great offensive
starting July 1, and yet today the
army of free Russia was forging
ahead through literal breaks In the
Austrian line.
Some of the 10,000 prisoners already
taken In thla offensive were author
ity that It waa common knowledge
among the Teutons that Russia would
Mrs, ?arah Knees, or 1346 W street
northwest, was awakened last night
by a negro ransacking her bureau.
The woman screamed and the negro
ran from the joom. and jumped out
a rear window on'tb'e first floor. Sirs.
Kneaa awoke oefore thV colored man
had time to secure anything uTvaIaer
Mrs. Kneaa told ItetecUve Cole of
the Eighth precinct, the- negro had
light skirt, waa about S feet S inches
tall, weighed about 143 pounds, and
wore a checkered cap.
Shortly after midnight negro- an
swering the same-description enter
ed the home of Quastor JU Jackson.
1412 Florida avenue northwest. In tha
same neighborhood, and escaped, with
a watch and chain and a diamond
horseshoe pin, of a total 'value' -of
I28T. He alarf took 110 in cash.
Awakened by a noise occupants of
the. house, saw the intrud- running
from the house through a iront door
which waa left open. He entered the
Jackson house br removing a screen.
HARRISON. N. X, July 3-Carl
Droeder, who until Saturday waa em
ployed in the munitions plant of tha
Crucible Steel Company here, will be
arraigned before United States Com
missioner Matthews in Newark thla
afternoon to answer a charge of in
citing to riot and attempting to
foment a strike.
Droeder. who Is an enemy alien, haa
been in this country ten years.
For seven years prior to that, he ad.
mlts, he waa a lieutenant in the Ger
man army.
begin to fight July 1. Tha perfection
of the German espionage system is
thus strikingly Illustrated.
The offensive waa a carefully pre
pared climax to War Minister Ker
enskya long campaign of Iron-handed
discipline and control of tha troops.
LONDON. July X The Brjtlsh; post,
office has parted with 10,000 men for
the array and navy and haa replaced
these men. who were accepted
meeting Its standard of honesty, wit
almost an equal number of tempor
workers, who are unable to med
either the age or physical stands
demanded by the army and navy, :
cording to the London correspondaa
of tha New York Sun.
Tha postofflce servant who ha
donned khaki waa careful not to bl
suspected of dishonesty: but hla 1
ceasor haa succeeded in making thJ
mans suspected.
These temporary hands, who
paid a small ware, have been maVlnd
hay while the sun shines and to such
an extent that tha postofflce anthorVI
ties have found it necessary t war
the public that treasury notes shouM
not oe posted in ordinary envelopes
out in one or the special linen
velopea on sale at the offices."
envelopes bear a register
and are signed for at all '
twetn their collection and d
One firm In London reoatea
they are losing at least 1,000 letter J
5 ear containing money.
The authorities are InveV
nn aiieiiit fat- b.wa1'
s-unskcak tunh mv vs m
thieves have taken adrantagfCexJI
uunasc ot isogr 10 ooiain mm
ment In the postofflce with tha I
(ion or stealing letters. '.
Apart from the dishonesty tha 1
nave oeen sunering from a .
which stole letters from the
boxes in some of the city office a.
uicccucu in aitennx anu casa
checks running into four figures.
couce nave caught part of the:
and nine members will be tried t
next sessions of the Central crli
court. 1 "-,,
For failure to register under the con
scription law on June S. Herbert
Shuler, of Capers Valley. Frederick
county, was found guilty by a special
Jury in the United States district.
court yestsrday and sentenced to
ninety days in Frederick county Jail.
Who is going
to Pay for
this War?
y -t'
US: -
YOU? Is it coming out of your pocket, in stamp taxes, tele
phone taxes and other special taxes that strangle business?
Or is it coming out of the $4,000,000,000 which the war
has added to the profits of certain industries? See the July Review
of Reviews: "War Profits to pay for the War."
When will the war end?
Read Frank Simonds' answer in the July Review of Reviews
Out of the confused talk about finan- In the July number Mr. Simonds dis
cing the war, the Review of Reviews cusses the end of the war. His is the
has picked out the one big, real, sim- best thoughtand the best writingon the
plifying thing.
So out of the whole
world muddle today,
the Review of Reviews
picks out for you what
counts. For instance:
One American writer
on the Great War is
read in England and
France and Germany
as well as at home:
Frank H. Simonds
A brilliant article on
the month of war ap
pears in each issue of
the Reviewof Reviews.
In the July issue:
Why America is Fighting
The Grandmother of the Russian Revolution
What Germany Combats
Russia's Change of Heart
Can Russia Fight Again?
v Whst Can America Do?
Our New Aero Program
Latin America Friendly
The Future of British Free Trade
Labor Hours and Output 1c War Time
Are We Really Building those Ships?
Political Turmoil in Many Lands
The War Waits on America, by Frank Simonds
General Pershing
Preparing the Csmpa
Lord Northcllffe ss British Agent, by Allen Dawson
Food and Embargo
The Root Commission in Russia
Will Germany Revolt ?
An Italian's Advlre to Italian Immigrants
world cataclysm.
You need the Re
view of Reviews for
its authoritative special
article, for the time
saved in its picking out
from the other periodi
cals of the world what is
really worth while.
You need it for Dr.
Albert Shaw's editorials
and for the cartoons and
pictures that make it a
bright and fascinating as
well as a necessary
great monthly news
paper. Itistheclearinghouse
of the world's news.
Review Reviews

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