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German Squadron Flees Out to
Sea Immediately After At
tack, Without Doing Much
Material Damage.
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fraternization which has long been in
rogue on this front. In this frame
of mind, to be called on to face a foe
relnvlgorated by the knowledge that
Russia's new found freedom must be
fought for, may have been too much
for the Austrian morale
EGYPT. July 4. Gen. Sir E. H H.
Allenby. who has Just assumed com
mand of the Egyptian expeditionary
force, finds the operations In Pales
tine conducted by forces deeply in
trenched and within a short distance
01 each other
A British air squadron attacked
the headquarters of the fourth Turk
lsh army at the Augusta Victoria
hospice, a mile from the walls of
Jerusalem. The British dropped
bombs on the buildings The Turks
say that the British bombed the Holy
City of Jerusalem, sacred alike to
Ixohammedans and Christians, but
that, thanks to Allah, no damage was
done. The city was not bombed, but
four British bombs hit the Turkish
IDNDON. July 4 "Good results
were achieved In British bombing
raids carried on over the Bruges docks
and the Xjichtervelde ammunition
docks around the German lines Mon
day night and yesterday morning, an
admiralty statement said today
Several tons of bombs were dropped.
All British aeroplanes returned
PETROGRAD. July C-Dr. Karl
IJebknecht, the imprisoned German
Socialist leader, and Dr Friedrlch
Adler, the Austrian Socialist who as
sasslnated Premier Stuergkh, have
ben elected honorary members of
the Congress of Workmen's and Sol
dlers' Delegates of all Russia.
LONDON. July 4. AH Field Mar
shal Haig had to report today from
the British front was artillery en
gagements at numerous points.
PARIS, July 4. Undlsmajed by
their terrific losses, the Germsn
army commanders throughout
last night hurled great forces
Into battle In another titanic ef
fort to break the French grip on
the Californle plateau. The
French official statement today
detailed the heaviest sort of
fighting, but repulse of the Ger
man offensive at all points.
"The Germans attacked all
sight north of Jouy to California
plateau engaging with big and
effective forces and special at
tacking parties." the statement
aald. "They failed completely,
losing very heavily At a cer
tain point in the attack their as
saulting ware gained several
points, but in counter attacks
they were repulsed They did
cot keep a single jsrd of our
positions "
Last night's was the fifth tre
mendous offensive blow the Ger
mans have unsuccessfully launch
ed at the French hold on the
Chemln Des Dames front.
MT CAMMEL, Pa., July 4 To de
termine whether the body of Michael
Powers was at the bottom of a mine
hole, Domlnlck Fiamoncine risked his
life when he was lowered to the bot .
torn of the cavern by a rope He did
not find the body and the mstery of I
rowers' disappearance several months
ago is still unsolved
Fiamoncine was lowered by 250 feet
of rope It was not long enough, so
he was hoisted to the surface and
another supply was obtained. When
650 feet had been let out he touched
the bottom.
Gabriel Edmondson, of the Govern
ment Printing Office, was elected
treasurer of Camp 171 United Con
federate Veterans, at the last meet
lng of the season in Confederate
Memorial Hall last night,
A memorial service for nobert M
narrower, former treasurer, who died
recently, was held
The Georgia Society of Washing
ton, at its meeting last night, in
dorsed Judge Edgar Watklns, attor-j
ney examiner of the Interstate Com-.
merce Commission, for a place on the,
ftn.r4 e PhiiiiiiI,,!,.,.. ... ffl !.'
vacancy caused by th death of for
mer Commissioner Clements.
Map of Russian Progress
c Tuts sCiJLi J
S. W .ac. yWaa S kuw
R yTrvSocuiTCMt V (
v- j I V" j K i" TUSlN
VtDIMIR urrsK y S V
tostckinV JSMoviCk v
.- - i . r-wL- osw w. J I
I veu.o m .- v -"" I
MLC" '" "" I 11 ; KMN
GNOl IfClA Kw& f
, V vSzlochow .Vs. 1""
UEMBERGVt ?' a X jj '"'""V'
aHMCasaBiBBSBKi . scm( of mix
jaaaaaa-ikTTLt uhc i
Continuing with unabated vigor their attacks the Russians have captured
the strongly fortified village of Koniuchy (2). Southwest of Brze
zany (3) successful attacks were carried out against several forti
fied positions. The Germans reported the repulse of an attack north
of the Kovel-Lutsk railroad (1).
Should a German shell demolish the
motor ambulance presented to the
Washington Red Cross unit by the
Piney Branch Citizens Asso-'ario.i,
funds for the Immediate purchase of
another ambulance will be In the
treasury of the association.
Members of the association today
begar he preparation of a twelve
acre field at Eighteenth and Taylor
streets for the planting of potatoes.
to be sold when the crop Is harvested I
and the money used to maintain or
replace the motor ambulance donated
to Red Cross Unit, No 5, which is
under direction of Dr Ryon Deveraux.
of Washington, now at Allentown, Pa.,
preparing to leate for service In
Independence Day celebration was
begun this morning by the Plney
Branch citizens at 9 o'clock by cut
ting potatoes to be planted In the
community potato field loaned to the
association by William M. Mathewson.
A picnic lunch was served at noon.
A patriotic parade by children will
be held this afternoon at 5 45 o'clock.
A patriotic community meeting will
be held at 8 13 this evening at John
Dickson Home, Fourteenth and Emer
son streets, when Representative A.
J Montague of Virginia will speak.
Letter Reveals Hate of Troops for
Capitalist Gass.
LONDON". July 4 Reports from
the British front contain extracts
from the letter of a German soldier
found In a captured dugout It say:
'My dear bo, I can't tell you how
sorry I am that ou are being led to
the slaughter bench, but I have sworn
that if any misfortune overtakes you
I will hate reenge on the dogs who
let you In for thin The cowardly cap-
ltallst party Is terriblj afraid of the
revolution whlrh is coming as soon as
the war Is ended or before"
The captured diary of a German
stretcher bearer, beginning May 27 al
ludes continually to the fact that th
Ttrttlah hII rlpnrito th n.rmnn. tf
shelter wine out their dugouts and
force them Into the open There are!
many references In captured letters toj
British air supremacy In which there I
are many sneers at the poor fight put I
up b the German airmen Some men I
tlon the fact that It Is much safer :o I
bombard open towns than to fly over!
the British lines
1 1 1 1 m m 1 1 m i m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Homes With Big Yards
1139 to 1165 Morse St. N. E.
Price, $3,500 $200
iiiiim-Miimiiu mmm 11111 11 imi m 1 umi
PETROGRAD, July 4 Austrian
troops have been utterly demoralized
by the ferocity of the Russian offen
sive. The free nation's fighting men
seem to have been suddenly endowed
with super fighting qualities that
lead them to Incredible strength in
pressing the enemy steadily back
ward And here In Petrograd th
success of the first offensive seems
auddenly to have welded together
many diverse elements.
The workmen's and soldiers' con
gress today expressed slatlon at sue
cess of the fighting and appealed to
the people for complete support.
"The soldiers and officers," the reso
lution recited, "have been tempered
In the fires of the revolution. They
will throw themselves bodily Into the
fight. The Workmen's and Soldiers'
Congress and the Peasants' Union
fraternally greet the defenders of th
revolution, who are giving their
blood for liberty and for universal
peace The offensive will add weight
to the revolutionary voice, which Is
appealing to our enemies, to neutrals
and to our allies and thus hasten the
end of the war.
Summons Country's Labor.
"We summon the country to concen
trate in the efforts to help the army.
Let the peasants give the army bread
Workmen, let the army never fall for
lack of munitions. Citizens, do not
evade your dut ! Soldiers and of
fleers at the rear, you are the re en
forcements of the nation, prepare to
go to the front
"Long live the revolution, and long
live the army'"
War department officials asserted
today that their reports showed the
fighting was severe, but that the Rus
slan armlea were battling enthuslas
A picturesque Incident occurred at
the Cossacks Congress, which had as
m!j,,a to hear apcn from
Charles Edward Russell and James
Duncan, members of the American
mission In the midst of the meeting
word was received and read from the
platform of the latest successes
achieved by the fighters A score or
more v-ossscks ooiieo irom me nan.
''aped on th'r ""ta. and. wildly
cheering, spread the news as they gal
loped through the city Later the
chief of the Cossacks Invited Russell
and Duncan to repeat some of the,r
remarks to great crowds who cheered
Jne new"
Scott Sees Klghtlna;.
Minister of War Kerensky Is re
ported today to hae been In the very
center of the fighting MaJ Gen
Hugh L. Scott, chief of staff, and a
member of the mission, with some "f
his staff also witnessed some of the
gains achieved In the offenslxe
1 1 1 1 m i m m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i-i.
9 P. M.
Cash, Balance Monthly J
We are selling these homes
faster than we can complete them.
They are genuine bargains, because
ve (jive you a lot that you cannot
luphcate in the city and a house
hat is the equal of houses that are
held at 1,000 more than we ask.
Six larRe rooms, tile bath, fine
ellar, hot-water heat, electric
iRhts, large porches front and rear,
netal columns, 20-ft. public alley
Inspect Tonight i
PARIS, July 4. Paris went wild
with enthusiasm today in acclaiming
its gratitude to America.
Its millions cheered themselves
hoarse as a battalion of Pershing's
bronzed veterans swung along in pa
rade, eagerness to get at the foe ap
pearing in every snappy step.
They cheered again so thunder
ously that the whole city seemed
a-roar as they espied General Persh
ing himself and their own idol
"Papa" Joffre hurrying in automo-
J biles.
I The first program of France's old-
time celebration of the glorious
Fourth was the presentation of
flags to the American commander,
Pershing, at the Invalides. There
the great crowd was surrounded by
troops massed four deep.
Nobles Cheer.
The greatest nobles of France were
assembled In the center and they, like
the populace and the troops them
selves, cheered as the Stars and
Stripes were presented.
Pershing and his staff then motored
across the city to the cemetery.
The military review came later
through streets that blazed with
American colors and the tricolor of
France, and were lined with cheer
ing throngs Never has Paris seen
such a display of enthusiasm.
The same battalion of American
troops that were the heroes of this
occasion will leave tomorrow for the
permanent camp of the American ex
peditionary army "somewhere in
France" and somewhere near the bat
tle line There they will start train
ing for the trenches.
Their comrades, now at "A French
Port," will arrive later.
Then the American force will move
still nearer the fighting front and get
Into action
Washington Boy Scouts to the num
ber of 1,808 will receive certificates'
tomorrow, signed by Major Raymond '
Pullman, attesting that they "did J
work with the police and render ser-j
vice in the public Interest on the sev
enth day of June, 1017.'
The certificates, which are being
mailed from the office of Major Pull-!
man today, are given to thevboys who!
aided In keeping order during the re-!
cent reunion of the United Confeder-j
ate Veterans here. They are printed
p three colors, with the Union and
Confederate flags at the top, and a
picture of Gen. Robert E Lee backed
by the dome of the Capitol.
EL PASO. Texas. July 4 After ac
quiring a fortune from looting small
towns In the State of Chihuahua, Joso
Tnez Salaxar, Mlli'i second In com
mand, has surrendered to the Car
ranza government for a consideration
of 75.000 pesos Rodriguez Quevado
and Manuel Gulterre. also bandits,
hate surrendered, together with their'
commands of something like seven:
hundred men.
This was announced by Rodalfo A.
Ugalde. representing the Carranga
government, who arriving In El Paso,
said the men were granted amnesty
and will be allowed to reside in the
Colonla Juar district.
HOBOKEN. N J, July 4 The
major of this city was asked by the
Department of the East of the United
States Army today to notify the sa
loon men within the section of the
city controlled by the Government J
that they must close their places at
10 o'clock each night. The affected,
zone contains about 100 of the city's
3:6 saloons. I
It is full of desirable Houses, Apartments,
and Business Property for rent.
828 20th St. N.W. near 20th
and Pa. Ave. 8 rooms and
bath, all conveniences
913 L St. N. W., 10 rooms
and bath, a. m. L, $55 mo.;
with garage, $60.
1856 Ingletide Terrace, 8
rooms and bath, large lawn,
near Zoo Park, $27.50.
In Georgetown, nleely furnUbed
houae, SI OO. Beautiful linn.
923 New York Ave. N. W.
1237 Wisconsin Ave. N. W.
Closed All
Writing In the Suddeutsche Monat
shefte. Dr. Josef Wels, keeper of the
archives In Munich, points out with
considerable satisfaction that, accord
ing to records discovered and Identi
fied by himself, two German Inventors,
named Josef Bader and Georg Relch
enmach, worked out a model of a sub
marine in 1799. and tried to sell their
Invention to the French republic for
the purpose of enabling France to
break the blockade, says the London
They laid their Idea before M.
Alquler, the French consul In Munich,
but there Is nothing to Indicate that
It ever received serious consideration
by the officials of the republic From
the description of the proposed under
water craft It was planned largely
along the lines of the primitive sub
marine invented by the American,
Dai Id Bushnell, in the revolutionary
Move off the reservation If you are
not satisfied to have no voice In the
government of Washington," Is what
Congress says to citizens of the Dls
trlct. District Attorney John E. Lask
ey told members of the Association of
Oldest Inhabitants at a meeting to
day at Old Engine House, Nineteenth
and H streets northwest.
No good reason can be advanced
for depriving the people of Washing
ton from the-vote, Mr Laskey said, in
a stirring appeal for suffrage brlst
ling with facts and reasons why Wash
Ingtod should have the runt to gov
era Itself.
Deplores Condition.
"Rejoice as we may at the growth
and beauty and Importance of our
city," said Mr. Laskey, "we cannot
fall to deplore the growing dlssosl
tlon on the part of those who are
sent here to govern the affairs of
the nation to treat us who are na
tlve here and us who have grown
up as trespassers upon a Government
"oN good reason can be advanced
for placing such onerous conditions
upon a Just and deserving people. It
may be that the Interest of the nation
In its Capital is such that It has a
right to reserve for Itself e govern
ment of the city But even if yon
grant that, you cannot upon v any
theory of government Justify or ex
cuse our expatriation, and we ar ex
patriated when we are denied, as we
are, the right to vote for our'Presl
dent and the right to representation
In th Senate am. In the House of
Six Smaller States.
There are at least six, and I think
eight. States In this Union that are
less In resources and In population
than the District of Columbia. Yet
each has a voice In the selection of
the President and each has reprcsen
tatlves in Congress.
"I )Ield In patriotism and In love
of country to no man, yet I am forty
eight years of age and have never had
the right to cast a vote for any one
who was to exercise over me govern
mental authority, either national or
municipal, because I have always been
a resident of the District. And there
are thousands of men In this city of
whom the same is true It Is appar
ent the suffragettes have no monopoly
on the right to carry banners '
LONDON. July 4 A ludicrous situs
tlon arose In the Croyden military trl
bunal, when a manufacturer, plead
lng for exemption for his onl male
employe, said: "This man Is the only
one I have left. He Is carrying on
with eight women." The employer used
the typical British term, "carrying
on," In Its proper sense of keeping
the work solng, but the court mistook
his meaning, and expressed Indlgna
tlon at the man's behavior
Day July 4th
ssisisisisisisH Tlzliisisisisisisisisisiv f
kzlslsIM "3 --4VBxliiiW
zlslsH afnPJ "
bxIikIbxK smlaislsK I
a" vnlBllllr sW
sHHHHm "TisiiVC .m,. 4r
sialllllllllli HF .SssssiiiiiiHftW 4
.xlsiV-Kaff' 9 J VjiaiHslH
lt -S-sHHd 1
2B mi' LalVBzi i
I -CKl Lbz. tsiiiiiiiiiiiiH :
The brilliant Russian drive in Ga
lieia, the news of which sent a wave
of patriotic rejoicing throughout
revolutionary Russia, was led by
Kerensky in person, according to dis
patches from Petrograd. For sev
eral days before the beginning of the
offensive Kerensky had been at the
front, personally urging the troops
to fight for their new-found free
dom. Kerensky's appeals had their
effect. The soldiers, who nave, most
explicit confidence in him, voted to
resume the offensive and the new
Galician drive with the capture of
more tnan lo,uw 'leu tons, was the
"Major's" Drirer Arrests Murray
and Appears in Court.
Albert Herfurth, Major Raymond
Pullman's chauffeur, celebrated th
Fourth of July by getting down to
police court at 7 o'clock this loom
ing to appear against James Murray,
whom he arrested late yesterday.
Murray was charged with operat
ing an automobile while jnder th
influence of llauor, operating also
without a permit and with, driving
on the wrong side of the street. An
additional charge of Joy riding has
been placed against him, and the first
three cases were today continued till
Friday, when all four will be heard.
Judge Push convened the district
branch at ? o'clock and concluded
before 0 o'clock.
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can get credit, of course, in scores of places. But not alwajs, we remind you, will
your credit command greater value in household furniture than would your ready cash
elseu here. In offering credit just as in making our stock always representative of
the very highest grades of merchandise we aim to be of real, downright, money
saving service to our patrons.
Small Weekly or Monthly
Peter Grogan & Sons Co.
817-819-821-823 Seventh Street N. W.
1 IN
Some men drawn for army exemp
tion boards are quitting their posts.
Various reasons are assigned, but of
ficials her to Inclined to think, that
"political risk" la responsible for
maay, of the resignations.
Some men frankly ded&ro that they
fear the difficult task and th Inv
liable criticism, though taken all In
all th resignations appear- to be fla
vored with a fear that their pasta will
Impair political chances later when th
voters have a chance to take a whack
at rhem for falling to exempt friends.
The provost marshal general's office
Intend to shield members of exemp
tion boards to th full extent of iu
power, but even this protection docs
not influence the fearful.
The vacancies on th exemption boards
will b filled as soon as possible, but
this wllT delay th draft a few day.
A second proclamation, snowing the
exact method of drawing men In the
army lottery, will be ready within
few days.
PARIS, July 4. Major Theodora
Roosevelt. Jr.. and his brother. Cape
Archibald Roosevelt, havo arrived In
France. They will Join the American
expeditionary force.
Major Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and
Capt, Archy Roosevelt were among
the first to volunteer for the training
course for officers at the Flittsburg
camp In 1913.
Just before the opening of th
Plattsburgr camp for reserve officers
this year Archy Roosevelt Joined the
naval militia. But when, he learned
Theodore, who was commissioned a
a. major of Infantry br President Wll-
Json last February, was returning to
I Tl ....- t. ...l.J .1.-
militia and Joined his brother at
Plattsburg. He received his commis
sion as a. captain shortly after enter
ing camp. That the two brothers
were on their way to France was not
known until their father. Colonel
Roosevelt, announced the fact In the
course of a speech.
On his way back home to Johnson
City, Tenn. today. Is N. J. Vine,
seventy years old, a veteran of th
civil war, an lnmats of the Soldiers
Home there, carrying with htm a
strange story.
Upon arriving at the Union Station
yesterday afternoon Vina said he was
met by three whit men who told
him he waa under arrest for assault
ing a person on the train.
They hustled him into an automo
bile and drove him all over the city.
At Third and C streets northwest, he
said, the "officers" demanded $8 for
the automobile ride and got it. They
then told him to get out.
Purchased singly, the prices
of these pieces would total
far more than the collective
price for the complete out
fit. For in purchasing this
suite, jou become a "large
quantity buyer" and you
get a price which is accord
ingly low. Besides,
No Notes to
United actlor and Veal co-opsratlon
by all of the people of th United
States are essential If this country la
to assist the allies materially Jn win
ning th war, according to statement
by four of the blr civilian figure
who ar operating- the American war
That no one thing will win th war.
but that the entire nation must pull
together to Insure victory I mad
plain In statements by Frank: A.
Scott, chairman of the general muni
tions board of the Ccuncir of National
Defense; Howard B. Ctfffln. chairman-
of the aircraft production board; Her-2
bsrt C. Hoover, food administrator,
and W. S. Glfford. director of th
national council.
Here are the view of these of.
flclals: it
W. S. GUfordi
Our nation possesses mor jt
producing resources than any 4
other two nations In th world.
Organized as a. producing ma 1
chine, we shall win the war. 'I
VVa do not wish to Pmsslanti
America, but each of us must a
voluntarily submit to th rule
and regulations of organization T
In order that we may build up
fighting Industries which with w
their voluntary discipline will T
stand side by side In efficiency
'with our fighting armies.
Herbert Heeveri 5
The weapons In this war w j
ar fighting are men, munitions,
food, ships and finance. If w -,
are to defend liberty In this year
1S1T, all these must be upon such
a seal as will demand th ener-
gles of our people. '
Howard E. Cofani
One hundred and fifty thou- '
sand officers and enlisted men,
an army of the air great as our a
standing army of only a. few
month ago, will be needed. Th
task before us Is a stupendous
one. It la a task which appeal,
to our American people. All t
problems to be solved are Indus- ,
trial ones. The resources to be
called Into play are not such as
will be used to any gnat extent
In other lines of work. Amer- 6
lean Industry can make no groat- 1,
er contribution to the cans than 6
through the establishment of the a
supremacy of the air. '
Frank A. Seettt ,
This Is a world war and th v
fighting unit are nations, not I
armies. The preservation of our
homes and our country now rest
on our ability to win this war.
The engineer, the chemist, the
electrician, the metallurgist, the '
photographer, the skilled work- 7
man, each must give the best -j
there is In him and In hi art If T
victory Is to be attained.
Arthur H. Pollen, English wrttart
and naval expert, la to begin a tourt
of the United States to arouse inter-'
est among the American people, un-i
der the direction of the Navy League. t
Mr. Pollen lectured before a large t
audience at the New Willard last'
For a small payment hard
ly more than that necessary
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