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the grand Jury
It appears probable today he would
try to get the case before a local Jury
and that the prosecution would ask.
In case of an indictment by the Brand
Jury, a charge of venue to another
Further arrests In connection with
the murder charge against Means are
expected here within a few days. Fol
lowing the prosecution's conferences
at Salisbury early today. Assistant
District Attorney Doollng, of New
York, said further arrests probably
will be made.
Detective Cunlff told Concord rest
dents he would return in a few
days" to arrest probably two persons,
one a man whose name has been men
tioned frequently in connection with
the Means case.
Feeling Is Iatense.
Feeling Is Intense following the
holding without ball of Gaston B.
Means in the mysterious death of
Mrs. Maude A. King, rich widow,
whose business adviser he was.
Trouble, which might easily have
resulted In a battle, developed
through attempts to disarm New York
officers and to seize certain of Means
papers that it was believed were
held by Assistant "District Attorney
John T. Doollng. of New York city,
and his associates. It came with a
raid upon the St. Cloud Hotel, the
New Yorkers headquarters, led by
Afton and Brandon Means, brothers
of the alleged murderer.
That shooting- did not develop may
he attributed to the coolness ot Mr.
Doollng, the flrmness of Attorney
General Manning 'of North Carolina
and Solicitor Hayden Clement, and the
determined action of Capt. William
Jones, of the New York police de
partment DooIIar Served WltsTWHt.
The trouble developed with the ad
journment for recess of the prelimi
nary hearing-. As soon as Justics
Pitts announced recess at 11:30 Gas
ton Means, with a cigar stuck in a
corner ot his mouth, strode over to
the table at which Mr. Doollng was
fathering up his papers. Sheriff
Caldwell, approaching the New York
er on the other side, shoved a writ
Into his hand.
Means edged nearer to Mr. Dool
lng, who had already been told what
was coming. Mr. Doollng looked up
and saw the big; man leering- down
at him.
"I refuse to talk to that man."
said Mr. Doollng-, Indicating Means.
lou make him stand aside."
The paper served on Doollng-, copies
of which were later served upon Cap
tain Jones. Detective Sergeant WI1
11am H Jones. Detective John Cun-
nlff, and Dr. Otto M. Schultze was an
5.50 day .
For 10 Hours Work. 50c
per hour. Time and a half
after 8 hours. Double time
for Sundays.
Camp Stuart Camp Hill
and Warehouses
Job just starting lodging
free first-class meals at
$5.25 per week
KERR & CO., Inc.
Real Estate
No Commissions Charged
Vou can take 12 years
to pay off your loan with
out the expense of renew
ing. $1,000 for $10 per
month, including interest
and principal, half of which
is applied to reduction of
debt. Larger or smaller
loans at proportional rates.
Largest in Washington
Assets Over $4,500,000
Cbr. 11th and E N. W.
JAMBS DcrtrtT. President.
JOSHUA W. CARR. Secretary.
Canadians to Hear Singing
Of President's Daughter
t X , ff NLv?fti'W5jP85l " ' f YsssssssssssssssssssssssssssH. sssssassssssssssssssssssEjjsssTssssskssfl I
b Bssssssssssflsssssv ym ,r v r "- ., mi), Jv3 h yC bHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIB i
.rawwt,-j.iv-w---'Srt..iL7----''Ww w'mtitrw ri -j -wy vJ?rysfT'K "Kb24Sm2
injff1ssyiisTi1iisiTiiiiiifiiirr"-?irr r j1 mmkwv ni-ai,
OTTAWA, Ontario, Sept. 26. A party from Ottawa expects to go
to Montreal especially to iear Miss Margaret Woodrow Wilson, daugh
ter of President Wilson, sing on October 11 next. Half of the pro
ceeds will go to the American Red Cross fund, and as the Presi
dent's daughter is singing in only one Canadian .city there will be a
large attendance and the gathering is being looked forward to by
people t the capital and at Montreal 'as an interesting social event.
order for the delivery forthwith to
the sheriff of Cabarrus county cer
tain DaDers. SDecifled and unsDeelfled.
Including the original of the "second
will" of James C. King-. This -will has
been pronounced a forgery. Means
was to get $1,000,000 if he succeeded
in having it probated.
The New Yorkers left the court
room and, with the North Carolina
prosecutors, walked to the S:. Cloud
Hotel. Meantime Afton and Brandon
Means had hurried up the street.
Soon the hotel lobby was filled with
men, to whom the Means brothers
gave instructions.
Sheriff Caldwell walked to Mr.
Doollng and asked that he obey the
writ and deliver the paPTj In his
possession. At the request of Mr.
Doollng, correspondent took the writ
to copy It for him. The reporter
returned just In time to follow Afton
Means and his friends to th- recoid
floor of the hotel, where Mr. Doollns
had retired to room No. 54.
At the head of the stairs Afton
Means stopped.
"Now. sheriff, get those papers." ne
shouted to Caldwell. "You can't quit
on this. You can't back out. Go In
there and take them."
The reporter went into No. 84, and
saw Mr. Doollng sitting on the bed
near Mr. Manning and Mr. Clement.
P. C McDuff le, counsel for Mrs. King's
mother, waa present, as were Captain
Jones and Detectives Jones and Cun
nlff. The door was closed and then opened
by Sheriff Caldwell, who entered
with Mr. Williams, of counsel for the
defense. The latter man demanded
the "documents." The attorney gen
eral continued writing. Mr. Williams
asked Mr. Doollng what he was going
to do.
Iulate Selsare.
"On the advice of the attorney gen
eral of this State and of Solicitor
Clement. I shall refuse to turn over
any papers, said Mr. Doollng.
"Get those papers! Selie them:
shouted 'Mr. Williams.
"Gentlemen, are you going to try to
take papers from u by force?" asked
Mr. Doollng from his seat on the bed.
The door opened again and Afton
Means entered. Behind him came
several deputy sheriffs. In the hall.
Girls! Women!
Take Cascarets
If Constipated
They liven your liver and
bowels and clear your
Don't stay headachy, bilious,
with breath bad and
stomach sour.
Tonight sure! Take Cascarets and
enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and
bowel cleansing you ever experienced.
Cascarets will liven your liver and
clean your thirty feet of bowels with
out griping. You will wake up feel
ing grand. Your head will be clear,
breath right, tongue clean, stomach
sweet, eyes bright, step elastic and
complexion rosy they're wonderful
Get a 10-cent box now at any drug
store. Mothers can safely srlve a
wMoie Cascaret to children any time,
coated or constipated they are hum
letfe Adrt.
pushing their way forward, were sev
eral Concord "huskies."
"You're not going to have any
papers," said Mr. Doollng, firmly.
Captain Jones got up and stood be
side the assistant district attorney.
"I want to warn you," the pistol ex
pert quietly said, to nobody In par
ticular, "that I am armed. We are
all armed."
"I want to warn you I am armed,"
chimed In Detective Jones, and step
ped beside Doollng.
"I'm armed," said Cunnlff, moving
Every Iwtruder realized that these
utterances meant that If anybody at
tempted a seizure the New Yorkers
would use their revolvers.
Caldwell hesitated, though there is
nothing of the coward about him.
Then swift action by Captain Jones
turned the tide.
Climax t Near Tradgey.
Springing toward Afton Means, he
"This is my room. tyW you get
out before I throw you out!"
Means went away from there and
his friends went with him.
Then Attorney General Manning
handed to Mr. Williams several pages
which he had written.
"Here Is your answer." said Mr.
Manning. "Mr. Doollng will not sur
render any papers to the sheriff. I
have advised him not to. Any papers
he has and we don't know what he
has except he hasn't got what you
think he has are under my control
or In my possession or the posses
sion of Solicitor Clement. Your
remedy lies In a contempt proceed
ing, not in a resort to force."
"How do you know that the pacers
you ask for are not Important evi
dence to the State of New York?"
put In Mr. Doollng. "Do you want to
prevent criminal proceedings against
Gaston Means in New York? The trend
jury ior .-vew lorK county Is In ses
sion. You don't know what Indict
ments it may have found against
"When we demanded certain evl
dence from your client he refused to
turn It over," said Mr. Clement. "We
resorted to contempt proceedings, not
Mr. Williams again told the per
plexed sheriff to seize the documents.
'"Are you the sheriffs adviser?"
asked Mr. Doollng.
"I am, and I resent your question,
the tone of your voice, the way you
asked It, was the retort.
"I meant no discourtesy." said Mr.
Doollng. "As for my voice. It's the'R. I.. Paxton. Wash. Bar..
only one I nave. I'm sorry If you
don't like It."
The sheriff did not take the papers,
After Afton Means left the room onj. j. Woodburn, Wash. Bar..
Captain Jones' threat to throw him
out he stirred up trouble over the
carrying of revolvers by the New
Yorkers. With his brother Brandon
he worked the hotel crowd up to a
determination to disarm the New
Yorkers. The chief of police was
called In. Captain Jones and Detec
tive Jones and Cunnlff came down
the stairs to enter the dining room.
The chief of police asked If they
were armed. They showed their po
lice shields, and Captain Jones asked
that the customary police courtesy
be extended of permitting them to
carry their weapons. But the chief
demanded the pistols.
Then came a curt refusal The New
Yorkers said that If they had weapons
they Intended to keep them and any
one trying to take them away would
meet opposition.
"Yes, I'm heeled." snapped Cunnlff
Anally, "and no man born of a wom
an can take my gun away."
The chief of police evidently had
no heart In any business of disarm
ing and as he and the crowd stood
undecided the little group of New
Yorkers walked Into the dining room
and took a table In a corner. There
was much talk and excitement after
this, but no action.
SACRAMENTO. Cal- Sent. 28 Dr.
Charles Keane. State veterinarian, de
clared today that an epidemic of an
thrax which Is affecting cattle In Yolo
county has reached an alarming stage,
and he feds confident the germs are
being spread by agents of enemies of
the United States.
The anthrax outbreak Is character
zed by Dr. Keane as the worst In the
history of the country. Reports toda
Indicate the 'spread of the disease also
to -poluxx county, adjolnlnr.
One of the most generous examples
of patriotism brought to light by The
Washington Times Tobacco Fund was
developed today when Major Orson
Kllborn, of the statistical division of
the adjutant general's office In the
War Department, sent a check for,
S per cent of his first month's salary
from the Government to hr.lp ouy
smokes for the soldiers in France.
Major Kllborn thus sets an examplo
that other newly commissioned offi
cers In Uncle Sam's big armies might
well follow. Not a tobacco user him
self. Major Kllborn has divined the
longing of the American fighting man
for American smokes, and his patrl
otic generosity prompted him to take
steps accordingly.
Urges Officers to Do Same.
"Every month. wrote"MaJor Kll
born to.Tre Times today, "there are
hundreds of new appointments made,
and I think the very least the new
appontee can do' is to give S per
cent of his first month's salary to the
smokes fund."
"A distinguished retired army phy
sician said to me the other day that
In civil war a pipe of tobacco to the
fighting man was like bread and
water to the famished. What a bless
ing a good smoke must be to the boys
soon to be In the trenches 'over
Engineers Chip la.
Members of the engineers' depot.
No. I, at Washington Darracks, were
contributors to the. fund today for
the enjoyment of their comrades in
arms who are nowhere near sources
where American tobacco can be ob
tained. Contributions thus far received to
the Washington Times Tobacco fund
Previously acknowledged. ...J2.712.37
F. N. Forrester, Washington
Barracks .BO
William Schwerdtfcger, Wash
ington Barracks .23
W. T. Ponton, Wash. Bar.... .S5
C. Frederich, Wash. Bar.... .50
E. W. Schaefer, Wash. Bar.. .25
C. E. Cramer, Wash. Bar.... .55
H Melster, Wash. Bar .25
G. W. Poling, Wash. Bar
J. E. Fentress, Wash. Bar..
E. A.Whltehead, Wash. Bar.
W. O. Swan, Wash. Bar
J. W. Colvln. Wash Bar.....
C Alger, Wash. Bar.........
William Borden, Wash. Bar..
M. J. Clarke, Wash. Bar
R. B. Meyers. Wash. Bar....
Ed. Monser, Wash. Bar
G. E. Taylor, Wash. Bar
A. E. Starke. Wash. Bar.. .
J. P. Carmody, Wash. Bar...
Dennis Kennedy, Wash. Bar.
G. F. Dube, Wash. Bar......
C. J. Thomas, Wash. Bar.:..
W. A. Taylor. Wash. Bar
Charles E. Reed, Wash. Bar..
F. G. Motz. Wash. Barracks.
J. D. Barry, Wash. Barracks.
Ed Richard, Wash. Barracks.
J. O. Dennlson, W. Barracks.
It. W. Beckert. W. Barracks.
Ed M. McCormlck, W. Bar. . .
B. F. Smalldom, W. Barracks.
G. Keese, Wash. Barracks....
U McGrath, Wash. Barracks.
E. Drake. Wash. Barracks...
Ed Sullivan, Wash. Barracks.
J. Grlmsley, W. Barracks....
Bart Ready. Wash Barracks.
J. H. Devaughan, W. Bar....
B. Lyons. Wash. Barracks...
William G. Slmms, W. Bar..
Walter Slmms, W Barracks. .
I. Dugan, Wash Barracks. .
W. M. Shomo, Wash. Barracks
E. Wythe, Wash. Barracks...
William C Hickman. W. Bar.
H. S. Cranford. W Barracks.
F. E. ritzpatrlck. W. Bar.
C R. Passevant. W Bar...
C. A. Bonbrest, W Barracks.
J. J. Hall, Wash Barracks.
O. H. Morgan, W. Barracks..
F. H. Darnall, W Barracks..
J. E GUI. Wash. Barracks...
J. C. L ons, Wash. Bar
C. OVonnell. Wash. Bar. . .
A. Llpphard. Wash. Bar
J. Adllng. Wash. Bar
J. Horstman, Wash. Bar.....
E. Rees, Wash. Bar
H. Werner, Wash. Bar
F. McNamara, Wash. Bar. . . .
R. F. Sangston, Wash. Bar.
B. Devaughan, Wash. Bar. .
G. V. Stevens. Wash. Bar....
J. Blackford. Wash Bar.
j. Richard. Wash Bar. .
u Colvln. Wash Bar
Ia B. Jorgensen. Wash. Bar. .
U I.. Roberts, Wash. Bar
William Garnett, Wash. Bar.
Wm. V. McCray, Wash. Bar..
Hyman & Levy, 423 Southern
Major Orson Kllborn, adjutant
general's office
James W. Berry, Century
Miss Annie II. McDonald, Rip
ley, Md
The body of Mrs Jeanette Eddins,
wife of Hunter Eddlns. of 2078 Flag
ler place northwest, was today ex
humed from Glenwood Cemetery for
an autopsy tomorrow morning fol
lowing her sudden death on Monday
and the arrest last night of Mrs.
Katie Louise Gross, fifty three, at 3207
Prospect avenue northwest, on a
charge or performing an Illegal op
eration Mrs. Gross, who was arrested by
Policewoman Sarah V Karllng and
Central Office Detectives Warren and
Embrey. has been released on bond
of 13.000 pending the holding of the
post mortem examination.
The Washington Shoe Retailers' As.
sedation will hold Its first fall meet
Ing tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the
New Cochran Hotel, Fourteenth and
K streets northwest Methods that
may be Instrumental In lowering the
price of shoes will be discussed. A
dinner will precede the,meetlng The
following will speak: U. C. McGowln,
A. H. Gentlng, J. J. Orr, and Dr. A.
Army Camp Cow Is
Given Legal Place
By Judge Advocate
Judge Advocate General Crow
der has set the seal ot approval
on the army camp cow.
If any regiment wishes to keep
a cow to provide soldiers with
fresh mine and wishes to apply,
rations savings In exchange for
fodder It may do so without fun
ning contrary to army regula
tions, i
The question arose oven the'ac
tlon of officers and men of a regi
ment in one pt the camps In '
adopting a cow as a usefu. camp
mascot- Protests made by other
regimental organizations were
overruled by General Crowder.
Sept. SS. There will be no toller-
made uniforms for wealthy rookies at
Camp DIx. This announcement was
made following the call of a fashion
able Philadelphia tailor upon King-
don Could, millionaire recruit from
Lakewood, now a private In the 311th
Infantry. .
The tailor, with an assistant, loca
ted Gould at his barracks and an
nounced to that surprised young sol
dier that he had called to measure
him1 for. his uniform. It happened that
Uncle Sam, In the guise of a supply
sergeant, had issued a complete pri
vate's uniform to Gould a few min
utes earlier. Gould told the tailor
that one uniform was about all he
could wear, but the tailor Insisted
that he must measure the young mil
lionaire for two expensive suits, and
said that It relative of Gould's had
placed the order. Private Gould re
plied that the Government was look
ing out for all his needs. He fairly
had to shoo away the much-chagrined
tailor and his assistant-
There are reports again that Gould
Is to have a commission In an engin
eering regiment. At the headquarters
of the 311th Regiment It was declared
that the personnel board had not con
sidered Gould's qualifications for pro
motion. "Wealth or social position
cuts no ice with the modern army,"
said an officer, "uncle Sam gives
commissions only for services that
can be rendered."
The outlook for the success ot the
national drive for a library fund of
Jl.000,000 which was Instituted this
week by the Library War Council
looks bright, according to reports. It
was stated at the national head
quarters this morning, the Indica
tions are that the million dollar
mark will be oversubscribed by fifty
per cent
While the reports show contribu
tions totaling X2TS.000 for the first
day. it Is impossible yet to get an
estimate of the contributions for yes
terday, as a number of cities and
towns have not yet been heard from.
A great many smaller towns have al
ready oversubscribed their quotas.
The governors of about half of the
States have Issued proclamations In
support of the movement A tele
gram was received at national head
quarters this morning from Governor
Whitman, of New York, in which he
says that the enterprise Is a most
worthy one, essential to the welfare
and morals of our soldiers and sailors,
and assures the council that the
State of New York may be depended
upon to do Its share.
While those In charge have been
somewhat disappointed with the re
sults of the campaign here so far.
W. J. Hamilton said this morning that
the contributions yesterday doubled
the amount raised Monday, and It Is
hoped that Washington will come
forward with Its share by the end of
the week
Beautiful Hair,
From Dandruff
Draw a moist cloth through
hair and double its beauty
at once.
Save your hair ! Dandruff
disappears and hair stops
coming out.
Immediate? Yes I Certain' That's
the Joy of It. Your hair becomes light,
wavy, fluffy, abundant and appears as
soft, lustrous and beautiful as a young
girl's after an application of Dander
Ine. Also try this moisten a cloth
with a little Danderlne and carefully
draw It through your hair, taking one
small strand at a time. This will
cleanse the hair of dust, dirt or ex
cesslve oil, and In Just a few moments
you have doubled the beauty of your
hair. A delightful surprise awaits
those whose hair has been neglected
or Is scraggy, faded, dry, brittle or
thin T1..l,t. haaiiHfvftK. th. h.l.
Danderlne dissolves every particle of I
dandruff; cleanses, purines and In
vlgorates the scalp, forever stopping
Itching and falling hair; but w hat will i
please you most will be after a few 1
weeks' use. when you set new hair I
n- unu uuwny ai iirsi yes- out
really new hair growing all over the
Danderlne Is to the hair what fresh
showers of rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots.
Invigorates and strengthens them.
Its exhilarating, stimulating, and life
producing properties cause the hair
to grow long, strong and beautiful
You can surely have pretty, charm
Ins:, lustrous hair, and lots of It If
jou will Just get a 25-cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderlne from any drug
store or toilet counter and try It u
New York gunmen, at bay and facing
the electric chair, are- turning on
"the men higher ud" wBo hired them.
and charge them with (raving drugged
them to nerve them tSr 'their bloody
election work here. f
'Even Jacob Mascla. who actually
killed Detective George A. Eppley, Is
now talking: willingly.
He, like all the other gunmen, is
now deeply Incensed and embittered
against the men who hired them to
do murder and have abandoned them
In their troubles.
Their bitterness Is Increased great
ly through the fact that the gun
men have not yet been paid for their
crimes. In the excitement and hurry
to get them out of town after the
murder ot Detective Eppley. the mat
ter of payment was left unsettled.
The gunmen were given only enough
cash to see them back to New York.
Since then none of "the men higher
up," responsible to the gunmen for
their pay, have dared to go near
them for the purpose ot making a
cash settlement for the murder of
Eppley and the murderous assault on
James A. Carey and Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Maurer.
This hss inspired the gunmen with
much resentment against the men
who bargained with them for mur
der, and though he has not yet made,
loose from bis masters and denounced
them for drugging him Into murder.
Jj 5f' "2r:rS?v" 's3 J ll:ssKsTsr t'f MtLA-
". T sTartsf WHSiiftm n8s t"MtV V lsssK
m Riccardo Stracciari! vSl 3 i
Europe has placed Stracciari' s mag
nificent voice first among living
baritones. South America, unerring
in musical judgment, turned his last
year's tour into a veritable triumphal
This Fall finds him in the United States
where he begins a season with the Chicago
Opera Company. His first, and exclusive,
American records are! Columbia
His role for October is that of Figaro the gay
figure who struts through Rossini's immortal
"BarSiere di Srvigia." He sings the classic bari
tone aria "Largo al Factotum" (Make Way for
the Factotum).
And how Stracciari does sing it! His robust vigor
and amazing range are at their dramatic best. He
puts a lustre, a dashing gaiety, a glittering brilli
ance into this scintillating air that surely never
gleamed there before.
4918-1 (lJU'0''retotu,n (Make Way for the Factotum).
,,..) From Barburc'Ji Shvigtia. (Rossini.) Riccardo
SlJiO I Stracciari, baritone. Orchestra accompaniment
I myjjf jj,e direction of Giorgio Pohcco.
You will find the music from your favorite operas on Columbia
Records superbly rendered by famous artists. Hear them at
any Columbia Dealer's.
Ncu) Colombia Record on sal th 20th of every month
Christian Girl, president of the
Standard Parts Company,' Cleveland,
Ohio, Is the latest millionaire to be
drafted for a leading role In the war
drama. He will superintendent pro
duction of automotive army trans
ports. Including the new-standardized
"liberty trucks."
Girl has selected one of his Cleve
land associates, J. G. Utz. as his
chief assistant In the Government en
terprise. Electric Air
Miiri-'U3JL lit1 W?W
' Attache To Any .Socket. Weigh 5Va Lb.
The supply la United, therefore your early Inspection-Is Levi red. -
Electrical. Jfeckanleal aaa Ant
Daniel C, Rper. the newly.appolnt
ed commissioner of Internal, revenue,
will be sworn In tfiis afternoon' In the
office of Secretary McAdoo. The oath,
will be administered by R. W. Stntltr.
assistant chief ot the appointment
division of the Treasury. Mr. "09f,
friends will be on hand to extend con
gratulations to hlnv
For Infanta tad
In Us For Ovm-30 Yi
Always bean
, Simplex Electric Heaters
remove the chill and make
the rooms warm and cozy for
the whole family.
These heaters are not .a
toy or novelty, but a practi
cal heater built by one of
the largest manufacturers of
heating devices.
714 12th St.-N.YV.
Supplies Doraestle Appliances.
f 1
w CofcimUsi .if l'
pt Models S15 toJKO VJm
frices-mCaiuf-l aXVAsH
PlusDutr La
IvrWl j
- -

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