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& Rare and Unusual Opportunity
Id Purchase Corsets of the Most
Superb Quality at $4.39
AXemarkable Collection of Models, Which Includes the Very Best Corsets That Sell Regularly at
7 $6.50, $10, $15 and to $18 Each
The reason for this low sale price is that the manufacturers cannot duplicate the materials and therefore
eflscontinue these numbers. The lot includes:
. Regaliste, La Yida, Redfern and Frolaset Corsets, in Front and Back Lace Styles N
P Made with Jow and medium bust, with Ions skirts, some he elastic sections In eklrt. and front lace
dafcdela have, broad band of elastic across back Made of Imported fancy silk brocades, suedes, fine quality coutll
ud-fanc) batiste Pome hae silk hose supporters, all beautltiill trlmmel with laces and ribbons Models to
Strevery type of figure. All boned throughout with walohn. Slies IV to SO. White and pink. Special at J4.SII.
rajis-a m.-
$2.50 and $3.00 R. & G. Front Lace Corsets
and Elastic Hip Connners, at $1.98
""Wonderful Values in La Vida, W. B., Reduso,
?:Bon Ton and Other Good Makes, $2.35
AH up-to-date models. lth low and medium bust
and long: hip; made of fine quality coutll and batiste
a&d fancy brocades; front lace models have elastic
across back.
'VZBc and 50c Bust
Third Fleer.
Third I'Uor.
fiOc Blue Silk
Krunt Lace Corsets are long hips with elastic top.
made of One quality coutll: hip conflner" are long:
from the waistline down; all excellent values; white
and pink; a few baclv lace corsets In lot.
Street Fleer.
Corset Laces;
29c Sanitary Belts;
white and pink
Third Kloer.
Third Fleer.
fe Are Selling More Women's Under
.: wear Now Than Ever Before
j: Our sales increase in this department alone has been really phenomenal over previous jears
' nd the season is only just commencing for
"" Fine .Quality Ribbed Underclothes
We attribute the remark ble success of this department to the tremendous assortments we carry assort
fiJVnts of every recognized standard make and particularly the celebrated form-fitting Athena Underwear,
lor which we are sole Washington Agents.
Women' Athena Union
T Suits, $2
-'Hade of silk mixture in high
HtsX, low neck and Dutch neck
Styles in ankle lengths.
Women's Athena Union
Suits, $1.50
Fleece-lined in high and low
neck styles and ankle lengths.
Women's Athena Union
Suits at $1.25
Excellent quality garments in
ankle and knee lengths, Dutch, high
or low necks.
Wonderful Assortmenof Children's Underwear
tUdyldren's Union Suits, 69c fleeced
JCBSon Suits for boys or girls, with
button attachment; long sleeve,
ankle length; 3 to 13 years. All
Children's heavy Fleeced Suits,
85c white and gray fleeced; long
sleeve, ankle length. Ages ? to 16
years. All one-piece.
Palais Reyal Street Fleer.
Children's Merino Suits, X1.25
and $1.50 white or gray suits, in
Merode, Carter and Athena. Ages
2 to 16 years. High and Dutch
necks; full ankle length, for boys
and girls.
"How's the time to lay in a good supply of
Blankets and
,Ko telling where prices may soar to in the
Jflgj future and there's no gainsaying the fact
tt they have risen considerably within the
past few months. Take advantage of tbese
atf&ctfvcJs"pTaal'prices"f or Tuesday.
rZllU Double-Bed Plaid
Wool Blankets; very soft
and r warm, in tan, blue.
pink, and gray. $7.00
Celebrated Silverware
At Prices Less Than Standard.
Community Par Plate
Guaranteed for 10 Years
The Famous Vernon Pattern
H- Donble-Bed Plaid
eolnap Blankets, excel
lest colorings, $3.50 pair.
11-4 Fine White Wool
Btakets, mohair bind
ing; blue borders; un
bsbbI value. Special,
$7.50 pair.
"l&4 Extra Fine and
Bury Wool Blankets,
lmatifal quality; pink
carbine borders: mohair
blading, 910.00 pair.
Lamb's-W o o 1 Com
forts, light weight, but
warm, covered with
French cambric floral
designs, finished with
satine borders, $6.00
Lamb's-W o o 1 Com
forts, covered with fine
silkoline, in light colors,
finished with satine bor
ders, $iJ0 each.
Lamb's-Wool Com
forts, covered with silk
oline, in floral designs
and finished with plain
silk borders, $4.75 each.
Satine Comforts,
floral designs; white
laminated cotton filling,
SjAJU each.
Set of Six
Soup Spoons $1.50
Bouillon Spoons.... $1.75
Oyster Forks $1.69
Dinner Knives $2.25
Set of Six
Coffee Spoons 79c
Tea Spoons 79c
Dessert Spoons.... $1.50
Table Spoons :jL59
Dinner Forks $1.59
Per piece
Meat Forks 59c
Gravy Ladles 79c
Cream Ladles 59c
Sugar Spoons 39c
Butter Knives 39c
Celebrated Rogers' Silverware
i&77 iUL
Two Splendid Collections of the
Smartest New Suits
At Important Special Sale Prices Tomorrow
tr ask ".. .".
IL sflsV V . . .' V ...- .
BBSS. . . "" -fc. dVJ "
HS ftMsW sAsssK
A Wsk . t astsssB7 : Htn LL "
fflse V sssslsssV SsHsL -ataSe' asssssssV '
v-SP J CrTsTav 1 1. V f asssf" '
iJ ' r " ivi Tec 1 '
.SssstsKl 5f 3B " JA 4l esB itWlV: '."! w. x
MBA y ) JBI JBbJiIt . j
JssssHsssssssssssssssssssH J If A sssssssV SssssssssssssssHsss sSsssssssssTsssssssssssssssll .VI m fk IK i
Wsssssssssr al K It Ar sssssH AsssssssH ml 1 n !
BsssssssBm ' MB65gSltc5dJffesaissBsss3sfc v f
wYwv JP llf vl
Palais Iloyal Second Floer.
Rogers' Dinner Forks,
6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Soup Spoons,
6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Oyster Forks,
6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Table Spoons,
6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Dessert Forks,
6 for J1.19.
Rogers' Bouillon
Spoons, 6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Butter Spread
ers, 6 for $1.19.
Rogers' Pie Knives,
each, 50c
Rogers' Sugar Spoons,
each, 15c
Rogers' Butter Knives,
each, 15c
Rogers' Cream Ladles,
each, a oc.
Included Are the Most Desirable and Attracti
Suits That Have Been
Selling at $29.50 to
$35.00; Reduced to. .
Also included are quite a 'number of Misses'
Sample Suits, marked to sell at $29.50 and
up to $40.
Nearly all are tailored and demi-tailored,
plaited and belted models, developed of fine
men's wear serge, poplin, gabardine, broad
cloth and wool velour. There are models with
plain notch collars, convertible collars of self
or velvet trimmed. A number of styles are
handsomely braided all finely silk or satin
lined. At this price nost unusual, qualities of
splendid tailored suits"that w"ill be in demand all
the season. Blue, black, brown, green and
ve New Styles Right From Our Regular Stock.
Suits That Have Bcen m Cfi
j ,jj
Selling at $40.00
$50.00, Reduced to..
Included are many of our finest models of the
season. Plain tailored styles, designed with the long
straight lines; semi-fitting, notch collars. All are
strictly hand-tailored, single and double breasted
models, with such little details as hand-worked but
tonholes, hand-tailored arrow points, military braid
binding. Of fine oxfords, meltons, men's wear cloth
and broadcloth. Plain and fancy silk lining.
More Dressy Suits in novelty cut styles, with
large fur collars, either deep cape or shawl stvJe;
distinctive beltel styles, new pleated and odd length
cut suits." Materials are wool velour, silvertone,
broadcloth and gabardine.
All colors in either of these two groups.
Charming Assortment of New Coats
At $19.50, $25, $29.50, $35, $45 and Up to $110
All the wanted models of the season are included in this extraordinary exposition of styles.
Every new material and every desirable shade of color.
At $19.50 Coats for
Palais rtoral Strett Flor.
In sizes 13 to 19 years; Chic
Girls' Coats, with fancy pockets;
in high waist line styles with col
lars of self material or plush. But
tons are of pearls or plush covered.
Materials include wool velours and
zibelines. Plenty of navy blues.
COK J30 t0 M values cle
9U brated "Salt's" Seal Plush
warmlr Interlined and full-lined;
made with deep cuffs and wide col
lars of self material. In beautiful
full flaring- belted styles. Iteg-ular
and extra sizes.
AT tfOK Remarkable croup of
V&O garments specially priced
Included are special purchases and
many new g-armenta from our regu
lar stock a splendid assortment of
new models, fabrics and colors.
Palais rural Tklrd FL.r.
AT OQQ CTA Garments of un
jt,t)U usual quality end
style beautiful materials well
made showing very clever work
manship. Many fur and fur-fabric
trimmed, with larsa collar, pockets
and belts.
At $35, $45, $50 and to $110
Garment of an exclusive charac
ter with gorgeous trimmings, bands
and collars of real furs. Coata of
Incomparable beauty. Impossible to
adequately describe here.
iraordinarily Good Values at 29c, 39c & 49
SavisS tomorrows visitors the difference be-
fn-ecn 29c and 45c.
500 Yards Tea Toweling
xji ' Quality regular at 9c yard
Five Yards for 29c
Fine quality red border Twilled Toweling, 15
I inches wide, very absorbent and durable. Regular
at Scyard 5 yards are worth 45c Tomorrow at
Distribution limited to 360 of these Waists.
White Silk Waists
, Also White Voile Waists.
Choice for 49c
Jfeat tailored effects, no pretense at elabora
tion and no appearance of cheapness. Same
-foality of China Silk as used in waists consid-ere-tja,
bargain at 1.00. And all sizes up to 50.
AijfSe tomorrow but not more than two to each
iSelecT these tomorrow and save the difference
7-j between 39c and 60c.
""" Huck Guest Towels
Four for 39c
-The regular price of these extra fine mercer-
izedTowels is 15c each. Note the 3-inch satin
daJtlUft border, with space allowed for initial.
Powof such towels are worth fully 60c Tues
ilayjronly 39c
? a-as Iswa I ttaasisnasis AakA
1,200 Pairs Silk
The best wearing of all Silk Hose
with 14-inch boots of a mixture of pure
thread silk and fibre silk; uppers of lisle
thread, with 3-inch double garter top.
Double Soles.
High Spliced Heels.
All sizes in white, black and a good
range of best colors, at 39c pair.
50c Value Hose,
Special at
Villi fnchinnasf Plol- T fs1A T1-n.l
Hose, with double soles, high spliced heels
and 4-inch garter tops.
(Tnmdar's Sale Baarmrnt Sl.rc.l
2,000 Women's
Union Suits
Swiss Ribbed Union Suits, regular
sizes, usually 60c, and extra sizes, usually
59c, at 39c for choice.
Superior finish garments, some lace
trimmed, some with ribbon at neck, pants
umbrella and tight knee styles. 39c per
Women's Vests,
Three for only . . .
Swiss Ribbed Vests In regular and
extra sizes, some lace trimmed; irregular
weave resrular at 19e each.
(Tar.dar's Sals Basel
rat llin.l
Silk-like Mercerized Petticoats
These heavily mercerized Cotton Taffeta Petticoats have much the
appearance of silk while wearing better. These, with 14-inch figured
flounce, are very special at 49c. Not more than two to each purchaser.
Outing Flannel 7 T New Gingham
Petticoats laMHsW - L v Petticoats
of pretty blue and pink and
white s'.npes, made with
full 12-inch flounce. Very
special at
Bsuemcat 9tre.
of absolutely fast colors, in
blue and white stripes.
Made extra full and well
sewed, with 14-inch tailored
Ba.easent Stsre.
Mothers with Small Children will be Inter
ested in this offering.
GhUd's Sweater Coats
In sizes known as 22, 24, 26.
Wool Finish, Only 49c
Warm as toast, comforting, and a rarely good
bargain at 49c Children of normal size from 2 to 6.
Yours may be fitted in these stylish coat effect
Sweaters. Choice of oxford, gray and white.
Of v
Basement Millinery Dept.
Just Received, 200
Trimmed Hats
A fortunate purchase
enables the offering of
superior hats at unusu
ally low prices, begin
ning tomorrow morninc
$2.98 and $3.98
Choice of Gold and Silver Lace Hats, Lyons
and Silk Velvet Hats, trimmed with fur, metal
laces, flowers, ornaments and fancies. AH
the best colors and black.
ChHdWs Hats, $1,98
Just 68 of these one-of-a-kind sample hats,
representative of all the bes styles and colors,
variously trimmed. Including values 13 SO to
15.00, at only $1.98,
Hats 98c
Regular at J1.75 to
$2.98. These silk, velvet,
and other hats for every
member of the family. All
shapes, best colors and
black to select from.
Baacaaent M.r.
'Ware tk Mai
Tkat Last $5 62,
Kasp a closa watch on J5 bills,
Washlng-tonlans. There la a new
counterfeit floating-around.
W. IK Moran, acting- chief of
the Secret service, which branch
discovered the circulation of the
bojua notes, describes the bill as
belna- the 13 Indian head silver
certificate, on which the signa
tures of John Burke, Treasurer
of the United States, and Houston
B. Teebee, Register, are forced.
When you scent something- sus
picious In deallnr. In 5 notes,
don't forget to aee If the bill con
tains a few printed green lines In
Imitation of the fiber of the genu
ine notes, if the lathework Is dis
connected, and whether the por
trait of the Indian glowers" up at
you too darkly.
Confident that the negro b at
tempted an assault on a young wom
an In crowded IP street northeast. Is
Insane, the police will transfer him
today from the Casualty Hospital to
the Washington Asylum Hospital for
He is "Homer Horn, thirty-five
years old. The attack was made on
Miss llyrtle C Long, twenty-two
years old, of 1833 California street
northwest, while with ier mother;
Mrs. Thomas Long, at Thirteenth and
H streets northeast, at 7 o'clock last
Two privates of the First Separate
Battalion. Osmond Sprlggs and
George'Budd, and Cergt. George Hack
ney, of the marine corps, beat Horn
into submission and held him -until
Policeman Furltt. Ninth nreelnct. ar.
rived and spirited Horn off before the
angry and muttering crowd could do
him barm.
(Cemareadtat latmatUmal Rewf
FRANCE, Oct. 29. The Americans en
tered the first line trenches just lfi
time to run Into a snow storm. Taj
first snow fall or the season In the
sector where the Americana are !e
cated fell Saturday night. It sood
changed to rain, however.
To date It has rained every day
since the Americans took up thelr
posltions on the first' line. The
trenches, however, have already been
prepared for the winter campaign and
the men art not suffering much frost
the weather.
No communique has been Issued
from the American headquarters tine
Saturday noon. No report baa been
made to headquarters .and this t
taken to Indicate the quiet reigning
along that sector.
As an Indication of the quietude it
may be stated that the portions of
"No Man's Land1 lying in front of
the American trenches were once
swept with shell fir until mr ves
tige of foliage was destroyed. Tha
summer campaign was eo light la thTs
sector that a great deal of tha trees
grew green again. They are now cov
ered with autumn foliage. i
In another portion a pond lies be
yond the German lines where Feraat
tag's men are receiving their baptism
of fire. .
KINGSLET. Kan, Oct. 29. Kansas
women can till the soil the same as
those of France, if necessity requires.
This is proved In the ease of Hiss
Lucy McGlnty. of Belpre. who b.as
raised fifty acres of corn that will
make thirty bushels to the acre, and
has sown 120 acres of wheat for 1918.
To raise the 'blr corn crOD Hiss
McGlnty had to work night and day.
uurrag tne summer months files were
so bad ahe could not work during the
daytime, so she worked nights, had
her sisters bring her midnight lunches
and got her crops cultivated. She
plowed her corn patch four times.
Ala., Oct. 29. Six officers of the
Maryland troops are facing court
martial and twenty-three other of
ficer of the 115th Infantry, formerly
the First. Fourth, and Fifth Mary
land Regiments, are confined to camp
tor Infractions of the stringent mili
tary regulations governing the ramp.
The officers under arrest, all of
them veterans of the Maryland na
tional guard, are:
CapL J. R. Brohawn. Baltimore:
Capt. John N. Welgle.- Westminster;
Capt. J. Harry Wagner, Deut. T. B.
Burgess, Lieut. N. C Parsons, all of
The charge against tha men Is
overstaying their leave from camp.
$1,000,000 WAR FUND
A campaign to raise 11.000.000 for
welfare work among the soldiers Is
under way today "jy the Jewj of
America. The plan Is to provide the
ame facilities for recreation and re
llglous actlvltlee for the Jewe In. the
nation's service as are extended .o
the men of other creeds, according to
Col. Harry Cutler, chairman of the
Jewish board of welfare work in the
army. '
There are more than 60,000 Jews
wearing the United States uniform.
At least 120 workers are needed to
re-enforce the etaff now ministering
to their needs. The work has made
progress on this side. Overseas four
Jewish chaplains have already given
up their lives on the western front.
Coroner Nevltt will hold-' an Inquest
today over the body of William A.
Gorman, forty-two years old, of 124
B street northeast, who died yester
day In Catualty Hospital from in
juries received Saturday when the
automobile In which he and Leo
Walker, 1200 E street northwest,
were being driven back from Marl
boro, turned turtle at Twentieth
street and Pennsylvania avenue
Henry Hyde( twenty-one-year-old
chauffeur, of 210 A street northeast,
released from the Eleventh precinct
on 13,000 bonds, will be brought be
fore the Coroner's Jury.
waa discovered on the third floor of
the Elka home this morning. Two
alarms were sounded. The flames
had made considerable headway when
the flrmen arrived.
Fkbtogk Wmki Hariri far Br
PITTSBURGH. Oct. 29. How the
had kept up a frenzied search for
Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin for
eight hours Saturday, a particularly
murkey, muddy day, while Mils Kan
kin slept Ignorant of the eicrtmen.t,
has been revealed by Pittsburgh dob
Members' of the Council of Jewish
Women, bet hostesses, were to meet
her when the 10:30 train arrived from
Washington. They were there, bqt
Miss Rankin wasn't. In fact, it de
veloped that there wasn't any 10:3
train from anywhere.
Miss Rankin's appearance had been
heralded in placards as "the only
woman Congressman.'' So ahe must
be found. Every train from everywhere
at every station was met thereafter
by groups of worried women. At 0:30
Miss Rankin made Jier entrance into
Pittsburgh, from Canton, Ohio, nqt
from Washington.
Later she explained thlnga to taf
club women who entertained her. She
passed Friday night in Canton and
through inadvertence she overslept
until noon. She tried to get a tale
gram off to Pittsburgh, but there was
no telegraph office near. A train
would leave for Pittsburgh In a few
minutes. She caught that train. The 6
ahe couldn't telegraph.
-But I always get there," the C6&
greasworaan added with a smile.
BERLIN, via London. Oct. 29. la,
the opinion of "the VorwaerU, only"
France's determination to recover Alsace-Lorraine
holds up an immediate,
"There Is no Issue prevailing out
side of that of Alsace-Lorraine.- says
the publication, -regardlna- which
complete understanding la Impossible."
it goes on to state that Germany
under present circumstances cannot
surrender the provinces, and berates
France for wanting Alsace-Lorraine
as a "symbol of victory of conquest
Franee. it Is charged, is hurling all
civilisation Into war, merely for tha.
sake of regaining these province
-And we are sorry to say we cannot
prevent her. the article conclude.
ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland. Oct. 29.
Chains of lakee hitherto unmapped
and rivers equally unknown' were
traversed in the Interior of Labra
dor by explorers representing the X)i
tlonal Geographic Society and the
Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, wbe
have arrived here. The Journey eovr
ered about 750 miles over a route
never before traveled by white men
and was made more difficult by
the faot that the flv Indians who
were taken along as guides proved
to be unfamiliar 'y the country.
CHARLOTTE. Miclu Oct. 29, LI,
lng under the name of Teas Raymond,
Ethel Deal, the sixteen year-old Char
lotte girl who has been missing a
year, has been returned to this city.
She says that she went to Jacksoa
with a strange man. who took her to
Mrs. Raymond, who was dying. This
woman claimed Ethel as her own
daughter, she having made a substi
tution of her for Mr. anu Mrs. John
Deal's real daughter years ago. Of
ficers said the girl ran away to es
cape school.
YOKOHAMA. Oct. 29. The Japan
Advertiser, In a letter from Manila.
states that Filipinos are enlisting ror
service on United 8tatea submarines
and destroyers. Their enthusiasm to
serve the Government is said to be
high. They are training at the Cavlte
naval base. Many of the volunteers
are students at the College of En
gineering. University of the Philip
pines. Intensive training began at
Manila on July 1, and the plana for a
Philippine navy have already been
MONTREAL, Oct. 29. Full-bloeded
Indians who left Calgary in a local
battalion to fight side by side with
their white brothers have fallen in
the fight now raging en the western
front. Private Mike Mountain-Horse,
a brother of the late Lieut. Albert
Mountain Horse, of the Blood Reaerv
was tne isst to sutler wounds. r

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