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A Pet Hotkey in tie Besen.
"Forward With GeTr-Yety
Bring German Priseaers Here.
3 1
BUKWHIKS, 3e, ' "
NUMBER 10,332.
Jury, in Ten Minutes, Gives Salesgirl $30,000 for Breach of Promise
H H m B m .r tB sH iB ssH BH B H sH H 'iH H ! I H JJjS
It takes a. long: time for an itlea
to sink through the human skuIL
Dr. Woodward, Health Officer,
announces today that dogs and
cats are spreaders of disease, un
necessary -wasters of food.
Wise men hare been talking; In
the same war for a Ions time. For
Instance, when Abraham Lincoln
read Plutarch's Lives and came
to the life of Pericles, here Is what
be found at the beginning ot that
"Caesar once, ' seeing; soma
V wealthy strangers at Rome, carry
ing up end down with them in
their arms and bosoms young
puppy .dogs and monkeys,, em
bracing and making much of them,
took occasion not 'unnaturally to
ksk whether the women In their
country were "not used to bear
children; by that prlnce-llke reprl-
xnand gravely reflecting upon per
sons who spend and lavish upon
brute beasts that affection and
kindness which nature has im
planted in us to be bestowed on
those of our own kind."
Dr. Woodward's idea that the
wner of a cat or dog; should prove
that the animal is worth its keep
cr pet rid of it would soon letllo
the cat and dog question. A cat,
as the- learned doctor observes,
kills an occasional rat
The "occasional rat" is a bearer
..disease. And that cat, having
killed -the rat, and got the disease
rerms on its whiskers, carries
those disease germs to the human
baby that, is "so cunning playing
it iHth the cat,"'
As for the dog, he is man's best
friend in a savage state, and
Stan's first-class nuisance in a civ
ilized state.
In our opinion; he will soon be as
rare as the' pet monkey that the
rich carried around "in their bos
fV ems" in the days of, Caesar.
This -discussion is made particu
larly interesting in -view" of the
fact that man's best friend is just
at present worrying Hyattsville
-with an epidemic of hydrophobia.
Those that think more of "man's
best friend" than they do of their
r wn children, will now write' and
,- .Hterms'Sf. wBat .may; jrow to. W ,tfce
-little EnunetauiHlthreJort-8Ba5j9rtant ijscV trt "nation
-thousand dollars in three rolls of thai has "been befit Since the war
t bills. To a centleman'-sittin? in
ace pane .ne som two r&us, contain
ing one thousand each for cents
a roll.
The stranger ran away.
y. So not smile at little Emmet
For the bargain tha he made with
the stranger'is much like the, bar
gain that the United State? made
Kith the" Union Pacific railway,
and it was just 4 cents better than
the bargain that Washington made'
With Hs Street Car Trust when it
gave away its streets for NOTH-
?JNG. , v
Little Emmet Green-jit least got
V'TPUR CENTS, and tfcatfs 4 cents
., more than the people usually get
-when they deal with public corpo--rations.
Did you perhaps get on board a
street car this morning, while the
gentle rain was falling, and the
y wind was roaring or did you
.stand and give three cheers as
the car went by?
Don't blame the owners 'ot your
street cars, they are doing just
about what you would do if you
could making all they can.
Blame the folly of the people full
grown, and considerably more
stupid than little Emmet Green.
. The young American gentlemen
on' the other side of the water
iave- started the right way.
American soldiers have taken Ger
man prisoners. The Germans
haven't yet taken any American
Bring the first German prisoner
here', give him plenty to eat, and
a warm bath, put him on a fast
;, train, send him to San FTan
' cisco, and back, then across the
ocean, and turn him loose in Ger
many, preferably in his own front
trenches. He will say of his own
knowledge, "Dearly beloved Kam
raden, it will be some time before
Prussia conquers the United
States, BEUEVE ME!
"If we conquered all the East
from Maine down to Florida, there
would still be many nations in the
1 West for us to conquer."
"Forward with God," says the
Kaiser. He has been saying it for
three years, his people must be
getting a little tired.
Reading the Bible the Kaiser
will learn that when the Lord
conducts battles, and goes "for
ward" He "keeps on going. It
a doesn't take Him three years to
v4n on flff-ht
A fire goeth before Him, and
burneth up His enemies round
' About.
j His lightnings enlightened
I the world; the earth saw, and
I trembled.
The hills melted Ilk wax
at the presence of the Lord, at
the presence of the Lord .of
the whole earth.
If the Kaiser really were
ingoing forward with the Lord"
things would be happening as
above; but thy. are not hannaalu
IPJA i i i
State Department Is Silent on
Coming Conference Will
Give Britain and.France Free
(Copjrlxht, mr, by Kew Torlc Evening Post
Announcement by Andrew Bonar
Law chancellor of the exchequer, in
the House of Commons that the
approaching inter-allled conference
had been summoned, not to consider
war aims, ut,the conduct of the' war.
permits- pfan analysis in general
. .The understaidifig here is that the
conference 'wlUeal with a -vigorous1
prosecution of the war and by that
pnrass u ucun n settlement oi lie
whole problem of transportation of
supplies, rationing neutrals, enforce
ment of the embargo and blockade,
and the co-ordination ot military ef
fort by the United States and en
tente allies.
Lansing Is Silent.
The Department of State has been
consistently silent on the objects or pur
poses of the coming conference, ar.I
notwithstanding the announcement In
London no official comment was forth
coming. Apparently the Government here feels
that the conference Is being managed
by Great Britain and France, and that
the United States as a guest and new
(Contlnued on Page 2, Column 3.)
Miss Sadie McClellan. twenty-five
years old, a saleswoman, was awarded
Z30.000 damages for breach of promise to
marry her. the full amount she asked
from Francis J, Raffterry, manager of a
Washington shoe store, by a Jury In the
District Supreme Court today. Tho Jury
was out only ten minutes after tne
charge ot Chief Justice Co vine ton.
So highly strung were Miss McClel
lan's nerves over the trial ordeal that
she fainted when the Jury retired to
CDmwer me case.
Met Under Umbrella.
The suit was begun yesterda
morning. Miss McClellan testified
that she met the defendant on a
rainy night in May, 1012. that tney
became acquainted through Raftcny
proffering his umbrella, and that the
defendant on his sixth visit to her
home la Northwest Washington prom
ised to marry her.
Miss McClellan alleged that she
was ready to marry the defendant at
any time after June S. 101S. when, she
charges, he asked her to be his wife,
and that she was hopeful he would
marry her up to the time he married
anoter woman on August 26, 1014.
Sea la Cenrt.
When the opposing attorneys Began
their arguments in court this morn
ing, Miss MoClellan sat, watching the
proceeding nervously, She held the
hand of her little four-year old son
and sobbed throughout most of her
attorney's address to the Jury. The
young woman sat so olose to nafterry
that they almost touched elbows.
A. Leftwlch Sinclair and Charles W.
CUggett, attorneys for Miss McClel
lan, asked the Jury to assess the max
imum damages. Joseph C. Sheehy,
counssl Jot Raf terry, urged the Jury
that the amount, of damages asked
was "preposterous for a man earning
2S a week." He contended there was
no evidence to prove that, his dint
Lfrsaalssdio asxrc-tht oompiatnant.
Gale Leaves Wake of
Death and Devastation
In Small VirgaiaTowi
DANVILLE, Va, Oct 30,
Gretna, Va, emerged today bat
tered, after weathering a cyclone
which descended on the small
town shortly before last mid
night, leaving death, injury and
property loss estimated at sixty
thousand dollars in its wake.
The cyclone was preceded by a
heavy storm. Dr. Powell's house
was blown away and his sleep
ing infant killed. Adams' livery
stable was .demolished. A to
bacco warehouse, ready for a
large sale today, collapsed. B.
R. Powell's store was wrecked
and the home of E. Bennett
blown down.
Four persons were injured.
All wires, are down, but a man
who" reached Chatham today says
the-sight in Gretna beggars de
scription. He says two-thirds of
the buildings of the town have
been either unroofed or damaged.
Washington's last vestige of Indian
summer vanished this morning in a
whirling wind, rain, and hall storm,
coming from the northwest, which
struck the city with full force at 7:10
o'clock, precipitated halt an' Inch of
rain and hall, tore boats adrift all
over Washington harbor, and in one
hour and a half drove down the ther
mometer from Palm Beach to Bos
ton level.
Snow fell for a few minutes shortly
before noon, but the Hurry was a
light one.
It was the second appearance of
white flakes In the air this season.
Though full reports have not yet
come In to the police. It in thought
that damage was comparatively light.
In the outlying districts, however,
trees suffered heavily. Along the
river the wind seemed to attain a
maximum veolclty, sometimes almost
fifty miles an hour, and boats dragged
their way dangerously past the
steamboat wharves.
It was hours before the harbor police
could tow them back to their moorings.
Meanwhile anxious owners scurried
across the Washington channel In any
thing they could lay their hands on, in
tent on salvaging.
Mereory lis Big Tumble.
Intermittent rains during the night
deposited a total of nine-tenths Inches
rain and hall all over the city. There
as a heavy blow about t:lS o'clock
a. m. Shortly before this the mercury
was at the 65 degree point: by t o'clock,
official registration was C, a drop of
twenty-two degrees, and regarded as a
most exceptional one .
According to the Naval Observa
tory, the wind's maximum speed was
forty-seven miles an hour. Sudden
gusts threatened to carry away
tiles, break windows, and rip heavy
boughs from park trees. Owing to
the fact that most of the leaves al
ready were off, however, damage was
not extensive.
The rush of Government and other
employes was not In swing at the
time the storm was at Its heaviest.
Street cars proceeded cautiously,
their progress made dangerous by
(Continued on Page 14, Column 7.)
3,457 Lines of Advertising (12 cols.)
Over the Corresponding Day (Oct. 30) Last Year
Dr. A. W. .Chamberlain, Jailed
After Pieces of Body Are
Found on Farm, Mumbles of
"Childhood Days."
RICHMOND. Va, Oct 30. Jail
officials believe that Dr. A. W. Cham
berlain, the Goochland physician
held for the' death of his brother,
former' Judge A. P. Chamberlain, will
base his defense on Insanity, if ev
idence fastens the crime on him.
At the' Henrico county. Jail, where
he was taken to save him fromjlny
furlsted.selghbors afterr races oChis
brothifsbfltir had been foikd osMU
farm tirfTTrlibaey ; today; isiBable
days-'wh'tn questioned. "r Jf
t ' Tn YnniTM Aw
Dr. Chamberlain has .been, placed In
"murderers" row," a ttler "if ceils
plainly visible from Sheriff Sydnor's
office, where he. Is' under constant
surveillance. Officials said they
placed him there to prevent his doing
injury to himself.
It was In this same tier that Henry
Clay Seattle was confined before trial
for murder of his wife, six years ago.
The prisoner slept fairly well last
night, and ate heartily today. Jit
probably will be arraigned late this
afternoon or tomorrow.
Attorney Visits Doctor.
Murray M. McOulre. prominent at.
torney, and former star pitcher for
the University of Virginia, visited tils
prisoner today. -
The crime for which Dr. Chamber
lain Is held Is one of the moat shock
ing In the annals of the State.
Mlsstag Slnee Tuesday.
Judge Chamberlain was missing
last Tuesday. ' Neighbors, who In
quired, were told by the doctor that
his brother had gone to Wyor. .'ng.
However, there had been reports of
Intense Ill-feeling between the broth
ers as a result of litigation over soru
property, and they Instituted a search.
I The body of the Judge was found
burled behind a building on the doc
tor's farm. Other parts of thj body
had been burled under fenco posts.
Parts of the vitals are missing.
Called Te Collect Debts.
A coroner's Jury rendered a verdict
that Judge Chamberlain came to his
death at the hands or his brother, but
did not attempt to determine the man
ner of killing.
Dr. Chamberlain told neighbors that
Jhls brother had come to the doctor's
home one evening two weeks ng. to
collect a debt. He says he paij the
Judge a large aum of money. an.l be
lieves that prowlers about the house
aw the transaction and killed and rob
bed Judge Chamberlain on his way
home. Judge Chamberlain was a bachelor,
about sixty years old. He and his
brother came here from Iowa about
three years ago. They lived on a
farm together until last May when,
after a disagreement, they decided to
divide the I roperty. The Judge
moved to a house two miles away,
while the doctor occupied the origi
nal farmhouse.
Arbitrators were called in to settle
a difference over division of the prop
erty. It Is believed that the Judge
went to Dr. Chamberlain's house to
collect a J 1.2"0 Judgment on the night
when the murder Is said to have been
First American Wounded in Trenches
AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS. IN FRANCE, pet 30. An American lieuten
ant attached to the signal corps is the first American soldier fighting with the expe
ditionary force to be wounded in France.
He was sjtruck in the leg by a shell splinter while" working in a,c6mmunication
trench near the first line 'He was taken to the field hospital, where it was stated his
wound was not serious. . i '" v -" -
"- -i rwt IAEiKMW isssaw . -K C I
T ,c '-ySStssssssBsmW. r -sis' MffiflftrZ? '
fi . -. - V.. I I ! I - JWMXOaiKt '
"?",; . tT: XKssssssssBJsssssar , JJz-rxrifz i(mMMmwm. r
f-yy "yj'jnmMf'vsms . xymzzzmmiM;
SEs-,5sbbbbbMSMPI''v (mil it I pJiMllf.
Pl 's&s Os J fl hh7
IsbbbbHBbbbIU&tQbbeVV ((3mS$SI 111 I 13
Prosecutor Wins Change
Of Venue in Snowden Trial
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Oct. .10. The big sensation in the Snowden murder trial ha3
been sprung.
At 10:30 o'clock this morning, after the eleventh juror had been accepted, State's
Attorney N. H. Green filed a petition asking for a change of venue, and under the laws
of the State of Maryland Judge Robert Moss was forced to grant it.
Baltimore County Gets Trial.
CAMP 1IEADL-, Md.. Oct. ffl. Ten
Washlntton tnen were today rejected
here on account of physical unfitness.
They are Samuel D. lUssett, John Sul
livan. Dennis McLaughlin. Fred Dovell.
Leroy Bradley. Robert S. Bradley. Mur
ray L. Babbitt. Ralph J. Saffell Jo.hn
F. McDermott, and Tony PuglUi.
rurflsl Is disappointed. lie wanted tn
help average the depredations heaped
upon his native Italy by the German
.!?'t"; u , . j .... ,
"I had hoped to do my bit to redeem
Italy,' he said.
Oopnirtt: .1817: ByJohnT,MeCutcheoB.l
Soon Do We Declare War on Austria?
The court lias ordered the case to
be tried In Baltimore county. The
date (or the ' hearing is lndeflnlte.
The court sustained a plea of State's
Attorney Green that the prosecutor
of counsel for the defense to ask for
a chance of venue up to the very
minute that a full Jury bos Is about
to be sworn.
"We have scored a big; victory, so
far," declared A. T. Brady, counsel
for Snowden.
"The State's attorney has not cot
the evidence and he knows It. He Is
sparrintr for tlma. In which to work
up his case."
State's Attorney Green lias not yet
made a statement but is expected to
' rt -Q ,,.- i. lh. A.y.
,t now. npPears that the question.
l"who killed LotUe May Brandonr'
I ......
1 (Continued on.PMs.14, Cplumn 3.)
! r
Drastic regulations under which
Americans will be licensed to use
patenta owned by enemy aliens or
ther allies were " announced by the
Federal Trade Commission today.
About 20.000 Inventions and proc
esses owned by Germans, Austrlans,
Bulgarians, and Turks on file in the
Patent Office are affected. Many of
these are of tremendous Industrial
and commercial Importance, such as
coal tar and dye secrets and Salvar-
One Million German .Ar I
ed Near Riga Jer Drive m
,. Petrof rad K '0pratrm In
South SucqtaL ,
Tie UaHc4 States aa gMe t,
tie as ef Italy i Uut
country V cs.lt eiuHy. Tie detail
of tWr.aisfttaae or tch tte
aatfre ot K woaM aot fce- meal
4kr the IteHaase!, .
ij tikf l4irrfas.iisssisisWsT
"""jtassltlsiA saaaksstsftsft WttJI M- BBsstssetsiBettek'
HL.UVWsv . 4a jJfMi PbsssT"
jk&Zil OUklB Htfee) --
bMtr 'ttet; tnU pC U wi
takes, "iaa, thlf wM Msresiec,
by tier sews mm Baaie ttkt a
dtfialfe meaaj of ekeekhc tte
Gerraaaj wis aboit to be fat teta .
opera ties.
Elimination of Italy, Sasaia aaat
her Balkan enemies is the objectirt
of Germany in the treat drrra
agaiast Italy, allied, diplomats here
believe today.
Separate paeeewith Eoumaniaand
Serbia, together with a tremeadoni
thrust at Russia would be the next
stroke attempted by the Teutons, it
is believed.
Petrozrad Expects Attack.
Russian officials here admitted ex
pectation ot a spectacular Austro
Gennan dash on Petrograd if the
present, drive on Italy Is successful.
Over a million Germans, are massed
in the Riga sector today, official act
vices to the embassy stated. t
At the same time the embassy, of
ficially announced that allied repre
sentatlves will confer in Condon this
week on plans for rehabilitating the
Roumanian army. Roumsnla la prac
tically bankrupt. It was officially adr
mltted, and has sent .a .minister; to
Washington to seek aid 'from this
The whale Balkan situation aaa.
caused Germany great uneasiness.
With the Greek army nearly ready
for action, an allied drive In Mace
donia pending and the' Berlin-Constantinople
line threatened, the Teu
tons first tried diplomacy to gala
aeparate peace with Roumanla. Bul
garia refused to join this play so the
great effort has been Jatmched to
eliminate Italy from the war theater..
With. Italy out. the entire eastern
menace would be relieved from the
With Italy's first lines stubbornly
resisting the onslaughts of the German-Austrian
military avalanche, the
third army of General Cadorna is
working desperately for consolida
tion on the Tagllam'ento river, offi
cial cables from Rome state today.
The retreat of, the Italians over
the plains of northern Italy is far
from being- a rout. Dispatches to the
Italian embassy declare that the ad
vance divisions have met the power
ful Teutonic thrusts with fierce coun
ter, attacks again and. again, soma
positions .changing- hands ten times
within a few hoars. '- Thousands ot
German prisoners have been taken. ,
It will take .Genera) Cadorna- six
or seven tlays to withdraw to the
Tagllamento. line .with, his advance
troops and to consolidate these, with
re-enforcements of." Italian, Brltlsa,
and French.
Maekeasea Drives Mea. ,
To prevent organised preparation
along the Tagllamento line. General
von Mackensen, commanding the Ans-tro-German
advance. Is- forcing his
troops day and night. The Kaiser is
expected to Join Emperor Carl at thai
1 '

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