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FIRST IS SI I PI Turning Out Freshly Baked Bread For Men in Khaki
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dj- bili. rnicE.
Washington owners of the first
Liberty bond Issue. SftOOO In number,
must present their bonds or Interim
certificates for conversion into 4 per
cent bonds not later than tomorrow
If they wish to obtain the Increased
Interest rate.
The books of the Treasury Depart
ment close against transfer of the
Liberty loan ZVi'4 November 15. and
between that time and December 15.
when the privilege Is again extended
for conversion, the clerks of the de
partment will be working upon In
terest checks and other matters con
aected with the bonds.
Holders of actual bonds obtained
through their banks or otherwise
may go direct to the loans and cur
rency division of the Treasury and
make the necessary application for
conversion Into coupon or registered ti&ft
4'V If purchasers of Interim cer- j1; jj
uncaies, wmcn were n cr ex
changed for bonds the applications
for conversion must be made to
banks not later than tomorrow so
that the Interim certificates may be
sent direct to the Illchmond Federal
Reserve Bank for conversion.
Hanks 1V1I1 Aid nrnra-
The large majority of Washington
purchasers of the 3Vj per cent loan
till retain the interim certificates,
preferring not to press the Treasury
Two cases of alleged violation of
the Sheppard law were called In Po
llce Courtltoday and continuances,
asked until tomorrow. It was stated
both defendants would plead not
guilty and demand Jury trials. The
Government has announced that a
determined effort will be made to
stamp out Illicit liquor selling In the
District and the present cases may
be used as an example.
The arrests were made yesterday,
the prisoners being Mrs. Jane Ross,
seventy years old, of 1123 Fifth
street northwest, and Thomas Baf
tery, -forty-two, of-406 H street north
west. Mrs. Ross was released to
day on 12.000 bond and Raftery fur
nished surety of 11,000.
In the case of Mrs. Ross, marked
money and a. "stool pigeon" were
successfully employed, the police
say. According to their account, a
man was sent Into the establishment
who found beer selling at SO cents a
bottle, and whiskey at 14 a quart.
Liquor to the amount of seventy
four quarts of whiskey and eight
cases of beer were taken.
On September 30, records show,
Mrs. Ross fas arrested for selling
t liquor without a license and forfeited
j 300 collateral.
I On Rafterya premises, the police
! declare, they discovered the bulk of
II BO worth of whiskeys, beers, bran
dies, and gins In his private apartment
on the second floor, while two cases
of beer were discovered tinder the
Passed by Committee on Public Information.
If Napoleon's theory that "an army travels on its belly" is
right, then the forces of your Uncle Samuel ought to be doing a
regular Maud S. for Berlin before very many more moons have
waxed and waned. Certainly the "inner man" of the man in United
States uniform is going to be well taken care of. Witness this
scene in the bakery at Camp Upton, Yaphank, Long Island. "Bread
like mother used to bake."
iur conversion aL a. umc wnen me . ... .. . , t wiii
. . . .. I next year. After that date It will
be Impossible to makexonverslons un-
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
was so hard pressed in getting out
bonds it was unable to supply the
securities for the department. In
many cases the banks did not deliver
the Interim certificates to purchasers.
holding them for
period now .at hand.
sions must be made before May 15 of1 paying the graduated Income tax im
posed by the Government, tnere wouia
still be a net return of 3JI3. If the
ever, will not convert the certificates
Into 4 per cent bonds unless directed
to do so, and will deliver to the pur
chasers 3U per cent bonds as origi
nally subscribed for.
Vhere the subscribers hold the cer
Tlflcates themselves It Is only neces
sary to go to the bank with which you
deal, turn In the certificates and make,
application for conversion.
Time Payments Included.
Those who subscribed for the first
Liberty loan issue on the Installment
plan must notify the bank to convert
Into 4'a the same as those who pafd
cash. '
The .advantage of application for
convention not later, than tom'CTTdv,
so that the notices may be In Rich
mond Thursday morning, are that you
will draw one month's Interest, from
November 15 to December 15, at 4 per
cent interest Instead of 3H- Without
notice of your desire to convert you
will lose the additional H per cent
banks today reported that the ma
jority of those who purchased through
them have given notification, but
thousands have neglected to do so or
are unconcerned.
After December 15, unless notice is
less the United States ultimately is
?ues a bond bearing a higher rate
than 4 per cent..,
. Coupon bonds obtained from im
mediate conversion will have interest
couDons combining the adjusted rates.
the conversion i while conversion after December will
The banks, how- j bring just one coupon. Those deslr-
lnc- registered 4's will receive Uncle
Sam's checks, with the Interest ad
justed. All conversions after Decem
ber 15 will require payments to the
United States to adjust Interest.
Do -Not Want Higher Rate.
Two classes of people are not in
terested in the higher Interest rate.
One Is made up of Intensely patriotic
people who do not want to ask Uncle
Sam for more than 34 per cent Inter
est. The banks report today that
there are a good many people In
Washington of this type. The other
class are the Immensely wealthy who
prefer the 3U per cent bonds because
tie Income from them Is not subject
to Income sur taxes. The 4 per cent
bond Issued recently is subject to In
come taxes for all amounts above
J5.000. The great bulk of the sub
scribers to both Liberty loan issues
will not hav- to pay the Income tax.
as their subscriptions were below
Investment houses throughout the
country report that In the last few
months many people of great wealth
have persistently and steadily sought
the first Liberty Issue and will not
convert them inti 4 per cent bonOs
at alL In this way they escape all
sjraln g ven of desire to convert the , taxation bJr u,,. Unted states upon
SH'a will continue to draw that in-1 the lnco.n(of thee bonds.
terest and no more and final conver-j Many bankfI ln Washington and
' elsewhere which subscribed to large
I amounts of both issue of bonds have
been trying to .K 'ermine whether It
will be best for them to retain their
3Vs and not make conversion. Ac
j cording to exper authorities today.
however, no Washington bank holds
holdings are above S2.500.000 the
taxes commensurately increase, and
the net return on the Investment
would be decreased. On an Income
of $110,000 a year from the 4's the
net Income would be 3.49, ieaa than
the net Income received from 354
per cent bonds.
4 Per Cent Pond Favorite.
The situation may be entirely dis
regarded by the average Investor,
who will not be affected materially
one way or anotlitr. The 4 per cent
rate of Interest will long remain the
most attractive.
According to the latest Income tax
returns the supertax will apply to
only about 250,000 people In the
United States, and this tax Is upon in
comes derived from all Sorts of In
vestment. Upon Income from Govern
ment bonds alone the number would
be Immensely reduced. Only that
number are. reported as having In
comes above $5,000 a year, at which
point 'the supertax begins. Only
about 1(5,000 people are reported as
having Incomes above 550.000 and
3.K24 have Incomes above $100,000 a
Treasury officials do not believe the
next Issue of bonds, probably in Feb
ruary, will bear a higher rate of In
terest than 4 per cent. "The Secretarj
of the Treasury has authority to Issue
$14,000,000,000 of bonds ln this fiscal
year, lie sold $2,000,000,000 the first
time and will dispose of about $3,S00
000,000 to the country on the last
Issue, leaving more than $8,000,000,000
yet to be Issued before the close of
the fiscal year.
Capt. Thomas B. Cochran, Company
C, Alexandria Home Guards, likely
will be the choice of Governor Stuart
for organizer of the Alexandria com
pany In the reconstructed Third Reg-
Iment, Virginia Volunteers. .It was
learned today. Official announce
ment Is expected from Richmond
within the next few days. It Is said
that all the officers ln so far as pos
sible, will be ex-mllltlamen.
Captain Cochran could not be
reached today, but his frlendr de
clare he will not hesitate to under
take the task If asked by the governor.
W. $. Mtoses 3? Sons, j
7 anb Utb Sts.
The Om Gift for Your
Soldier Boy That Is Ideal
for Comfort and Service
Army and Navy Blue and Gray
Weatherproof and Durable
$12.00 and
$12.75 Each
OUT $10,000 POLICY
- Headed by General Pershing. Amer
ican soldiers with the expeditionary
forces in France have taken out 12,
200,000 In war Insurance.
General Pershing tock out a $10,000
policy, sending a message to Secre
tary MeAdoo accompanying his ap
plication ln which he expressed the
hope that "every man ln the army
who needs insurance for those de
pendent upon him will avail himself i
of this generous -irer."
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nJlT begin thui. At the outset or eren
whn thr bcom chronic try
This Calcium preparation combats In
fection and tonics tho lystem by aldlajr
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It affectlvr. Contains no Alcohol, Nar
cotics, or Hablt-Formlns; Drujc.
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Sold by all leading; drunrirt".
Eetanan Laboratory. Philadelphia.
sufficiently larpe amount "of the
first issue of Lloerty loan bonds to
make it deslraole to retain them,
conversion beln? to the advantage
of all. An Individual purchasing or
owning- after Curversion ?2,500,000
new 4s would obtain an annual In
come therefrom of $100,000. After
$815 Complete
a Year to Pay
WHEN a merchant can cut his delivery
expense from20 to 50 percent, the house
wife wants to know why he doesn't.
Women will not pay high prices especially
rhen they are caused by costly, careless busi
ness methods.
23,000 progressive American merchants are
saving money for themselves and their custom-.
ers with the VIM Delivery Car.
And they are paying for their Vims out of
their delivery savings.
Full Information about the VIM Deferred
Payment Plan on request.
Thoroughly equipped VIM Truck Sales and
Service Station in this city for the benefit of
VIM owners.
.The chassis sells for $765. Complete with
Open Express body, $815 ; with Closed Pcnel
body, $845. . Ten other standard types cf body.
AH prices F. O. B. Philadelphia.
II 613GStN. W. Phone Main 9791. If
One hundred volunteer workers for
the District government will becln
work tonight on cathering for the
Information of Congress and the War
Department statistics relative to the
draft ln the District.
From the registration cards will be
recorded the number of men register
ed but not called, the number called
and not accepted, and the number
called and accepted. Record will be
made also of the number of married
and single registrants, the number of
native citizens, naturalized citizens,
aliens, and declarant aliens and the
occupation of each. The work will
require from six to eight nights to
Volunteers were called for by
Commissioner Drownlow at a meeting
of heads of departments yesterday
afternoon. The Commissioner ex I
plained that there Is no appropria
tion for the work. Request for the
Information was made by Provost
Marshal General Crowder
ll, V .
- Welles.
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Where Is Mrs. Jean Due?
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000," said John J. Dwyer. a New York
attorney In a letter to The Tlmfs to
day. Mr. Dwyer said that Mrs. Due lived
In Washington ln 1007. Since thi-n
he has lost trace of her and Is hold
ing the $20,000 for her to claim.
"Vlctorlne Messager was born In
In Paris, February 7, 1870," said Mr,
Dwyer. "In 1&S3 she married Jean
Due ln Tarls and subsequently came
to this country. In 1008 she lived
ln Providence, It- I., and about a year
later went to Washington. Nothing
has been heard of or from hf r since."
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