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Cambrai in Flames As Gen, Byng's Guns Boom Less Than Three jroes -Am0
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amy m
(Continued from First Pa-e.)
rtver, itrtmg- BrltiiVpressure axalnat
the German front "continue. r '1
"In this ctloa -la the so-ea"Je4
D'r9Coart:Quent switch, on of th
chief snportlo-.llnes of. defease to
th .northern end of the "Hlodtnburr
BotukiMt IXrtare. ,
X remarkable fatr was th
rmtllne-s of the British casual- Hat.
It, Is reported that the number of
British killed and vot-aded vraa only
aboat 8JWL Ko jwlscraer vrer lyStl
BriUth, wounded and German, ptl1
oners who are itOl Trickllnc J
the" rear '.todays told Intcrastla
stories of Ue. fljrMJax.
It was Jnst au'. dawn on Tnesday
thai the" JJrltHh- soldiers albn the
flrat I!;te rbt-u to' let -ui, .bnrtta of
amoVe from """eer looklnc machine,
that, had been iOTe4 ip to' the- front
durlnr the- Mlgh This, .pall- spread
oat Into No Man's LJu.il;- tnjasllor
-with tha. earlr xnoralBsr mlat. As- It
settled down into a foe-like vapor .
uib 4a.ui lanrni Ktan iu ruumia
forward, the h-Jte, creaklnc taobsters
mbvUur orer thejrotmd like rlm,
steel iItti1 , ","..
, w. Hlrt t-f Attack.
'The "rani had rubbled at InterrsJjs
Inrlnc the night, but there was noth
Inr to th artillery Jlre to Indicate an
lsipendlnp attack. The German look
outs were terrified to see a treat
tatss of etranje-lookinr monaters
creeping-vpoa their tinea. "
They Xlzti their rifles In alarm, but
before .the eGrmxn alldlera could be
srathered for oar effective resistance,
the tanks had cut .their war through
the German barbed wire, and the ma
chine' runs "l-ftcem were, sweeping the
Oerman. trenches. Once past the first
line of trehchei. the tahks kept on,
tearing the work Of killing- or captur'
Inc the Germans in their .dugouts tq
the' Ptaoppers up."
German prlsopers'sa'd the surprise
at aeeln,--cvilrr-' Jh'aetlohi was only'
slightly lets than that occasioned by
the sudden" and furious attacka of the
tasks. It- was- the first cavalry action
some of. "them had seen in orer a
yiax. '
JJOmXm. Nor. Ii Field Marthal
Bale switched, his battering ram -to
th Tprea sector last night. Today
bs reported his troope bad advanced
tha Una slighUr lut night southeast
cf Tprea. s
Bouthwest of Cambrai. he Bald, the
ltnailon Is without 'change.
.Th Tprea blow-was apparently' not
.general oSanslro hut a highly con"
eectrated local attack. ,
Hair did not 'mention tha exact lo
cation of- tha adrance southeast of
Tprea, There has been Terr little
major fighting activity in this gent
ral southeast .sector In aeveral
weeks. The ""-British efforts have
mainly centered, on' the Pattehendaele
ridge, allrhtly to the north. Due to
the aouthweit of Tpras would mean
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I T-.tartf-il-fcr-. JiM"
' aegeewpeegierMeww ! -
. efeaHBeTieMofvw""wr-
L b H
, qwMVMww
I . ' .- -. Mt,Hk: : - --A- .SSSfeJ 2v V WHM V"' v."JM5g: ' 'ferr-M I
i . -.iaMt . -- ;. . - ---i-rfsr - iAs -jBiki k. m&r - . r,m. . . .a
v r-vj ivj -- .J', rara . "" r."""3. Afamk. cw70s. UkSs.isva-. . . .-: -s t -yr v . .
eH- --t 'S t - ' ! t , v . ' - I' - V1il' a i aleH
the Tpres-Hentn roai
"VfJaeheas1 AenMteja Ah" aaeaenaal
tit er-vuaie eaasjas vsa, a
. TherolJ aco'pa, of tha Brttlah vic
tory and minute eare. and Deinstall
ing. aUentid-atoetan.-nirhTrhl-ai &
llrllUh staff .worked out tha, problem
the attack, were made Increasingly
apparent tooay. aenu-oniciat uie
patches. for 'tnstsn&tV tohjl of sew
records made- In highway and railway
budding by enElneerr iti keeping up
tje- constant How of . .raunjtiqns and
aupptleaf to vth'. rapWry advancing
troops, allies, 'upon,' "miles of broad
a4d,-narro.w muga. tracks .were laid.
Th cpnstrnctlon corps', tn many In
stances "worked 'armpat .directly behind-
the "raDppe.rs-ilp" an,d .Oerman
'piisoocrs, -with their arms still up?
raited whrle ther echoed -Kamerad."
saw he-JSrUsh trscic- layers raetnoa-
icauy ana rapia issnoving -ute- unee
along;. -Thslr achlevementa enabled
the JJrltlali -guns to keep up almost
wjth' he-Jnfantry'-In'the. TOOve1 for
Northwest-of Pbntrna't,. oorthwest
of st, Quectin, ana tourn or neuve
Chapptjle. Jinstlle attempts: at raids
were repulsed, with'prlsoners taken
Hiig's' report' concluded-
PARIS. Nor, 23. German counter
attacks against, positions newly -won
by the French' attack on the eastern
end of the Cbemln X"e Dames 'were
all repolsed.. 'today's official state
ment, asserted -
ArtlllOTytngoe'ss reported very, ac
tive around Cerny and Juvlncourt. On
the right, bankOf the' MeJoe-another
artillecy duel -was' In progress." 'Ger
man ralda failed around Ithelras and
In the Chitripsgne- ' t
ROME. Nov, -23, The most optim
istic view of the Italian situation
sl&e 'General Dlaxa forces took their
stand along the Plate was expressed
in the .Rome press today. They held
the firm holding of the line during
the last few days had been more than
a- defensive victory, and' had com
pletely restored confidence.
Allied troops, it was said, will be
in 'action shortly:. British' artillery
.has: been aiding far more than .a
f '
AMSTERDAM. -Nov. 2X Germany
Is .beginrifne'to worry over English
victories in Turkey. Dispatches re
ceived today fror) Berlin .told of the
hurried summoning to" Berlin of Field
Marshal Hlndenbu-g, Quartermaster
General Ludendjrf. and General Von
Mackensen for a' conference with the
Emperor p'n possible aid to tha Turks,
particularly In Palestine.
The German pr Is not allowed to
mention the Turkish- defeats In this
war zone.
LONDON, Nor. 23. Gen. Maurice
has announced that the operations tn
Palestine, near Jerusalem, are con
tlnulng with complete' tuceest.
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r i x v l vfj? ysa fert wwiwe lyAyMmm .oik-sip 27 ?Ju9iVVM ' -- ''w,--- -"- - vr?? j .
NEW TORK. JTor. 23. The chanre
of tactck. which .TAnVd - poolhle; ie.
great tnrnst. of toe ..urmsn- troops tn
France, the most eueeessful DuahM
(.since the war'bigan.'ij "understood to
have Teen along linjs" 'outlined by
General' Perahlng, -commander of the
American' forcea In Trance1, aaya the
New ToVk Son.
This waa stated here today by array
officers who are familiar with (he
ideas General "Pershing-' expressed be
fore leaving the United States. They
even ventured the 'statement that tha
change. In tactics, was. due. to. the
counsel of the Amerlcanjcommaner.
He' was' on the' scene when the attack
was 'made. -
General Pershing before leaving
the United States, la known to have
suggested the efficacy of powerful
thrusts, without tipping off the Ger
man commanaera mat an attentive
was about to be launched by attempt
ing 'to reduce their trenches through
concentrated artillery fire.
TERS. FRANCE, Nov. . American
artillery-repaid in five-fold measure
the. single German abell which struck
an .American regimental headquarters
e&riy ima csm-
Ae a reprisal tor tnis aneiung 01. me
village In which the American regi
mental commander waa located, the
Americans .on the day follbwlpg and
at exactly the same hour sent five
shells hurtling into a village witnin
tfce Herman llnea.
-'Both the American commanders' vil
lage and the town back of the German.
lines have thitherto enjoyed Immunity
from shelling, both sides apparently
Joining In an unwritten agreement to
this end. The Germans broke this un
derstanding when ther dropped th'er
ehell over the American regimental
Along the sector where American
troops are In front line trenches the
Germans - don't want to run anr
chances of patrol encounters. The
American recocnolssan'ce parties have
complete control of No Man's Land.
A constant combing during the latt
few nlghte baa failed to locate a sin
gle solitary Boche.
A nla-ht-stalklng game Is one In
which the American soldiers excel, ac
cording to their Frencn comrades.
Sammr regards It ae a good game.
with plenty ot nunung zesu nssiaes,
it gives one a chance to stretch legs
more or less cramped from trench
Becretarr of War Baker has author
ised the following statement on the
British drive' against Cambrai:
"The War Department and the en.
tire American. armr Is delighted with,
General Byng's sdvenee.
"It la a brilliant ana speciecuiar
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' ATREIfCHTRT.Noy.- An of
ficial announcement waa made today
JMJthe effect that there w'ere'no' cas-
-uaies resujtmg irom ui recent, ex
citing experiences of eeveral Ameri
can transports in the submarine tone.
Tbe'transports have reached port hers
end .notr are being unloaded.
As the transports entered the hos-
ly damaging "one' and tearing a email
' The apparently Inevitable period of pause has now developed In
the battle for Cambrai, the great German base on the Somme front,
and bulwark of the whole Hinder-burg defense position. German
counter attacks and British, consolidation of ground won has suc
ceeded the first" st dee of the great thrusting operation
The British, taking stock of their Indubitably great victory,, have
to their account the breaching of the Hindenburg three-ply defense
lines; the capture of ' approximately seventy-five square miles, of ter
ritory, concentrated on the ten-mile front immediately southwest of
Cambrai, where their advanced positions are now within three miles
of the town; .the further demoralization of the German defense on a
new front, .and. the capture of upward of 9,060 mn, numerous heavy
and light guns, and great quantities bf other, war. material.
Seemingly the British commander. Gen, Sir Julian Byng, just fell
short of achieving a victory that might bare had immediately decisive
result end there Is nothing even yet to indicate that these results
may not be still attained. Decislvness would have been stamped, upon,
the brilliant British achievement had Cambrai itself been taken '-in
the first forty-eight hours' assault But 'very likely "the British did
not have the very great concentration 'of reserve forces at hand with
which to pour through the breached German lines in such fashion as
completely to overwhelm the German defense. . ...
Nevertheless the British success has had, and win continue to
have effects of the utmost importance. It necessitates the Germans
pushing great forces to the Arras and Somme fronts; which had been
t largely stripped to supply the defense in Flandrs along the Passchen
daele Ridge. The campaign in Italy cannot .therefore be so freely
prosecuted, for no troops can, safely be moved from any of the other
fronts In France and Flanders . . . .
Further offensive operations by the British before Cambrai may
be; expected so soon as the existing advanced positions have been fully
safeguarded and artillery Has been brought forward. The Cambrai
campaign cannot henceforth depend again on the element of surprise
and therefore the older tactics will need to be resorted to artillery
bombardment of Cambrai, whose outer defenses have practically all
fallen to the British, until the German holding of the town becomes
no longer possible. .,...!. . . -
Today, the British line before .Cambrel'stretches somewhat un-:
-evenly from Masnieres, on the. Scheldt canal, about four miles due
south of the town, northwestward through Cantainr, three miles west,
by south, to Bourlon, still In German possession. Immediately south
east of Bourlon, In the vicinity or the Bourlon wood, heavy fighting
On'the'ualian front the chief activity still continues fa the moun
tainous sector between the Piave and the Brenta rivers, on the upper,
rightangled portion of the defensive line.
The Istett official statement from Berlin asserts Uiat the crests
of two important heights Ionte Fontana and Monte Spinoncia have
been captured. The Italian official report admits merely that the
advanced positions on these heights have been lost and adds that on
the chief positions at Monte Monfenera and Monte Tomba. as well as
on Monto Pertica, Austro-Germsn assaults were sanguinarily repulsed.
No action has been reported along the Plave river.
The first official admission that the
draft law Is to be amended and that!
a plan la being considered for calling
upon youths down to eighteen years
of age waa made today by Provost
Marshal General Crowder.
In a circular letter addressed to
the local and district boards, Oenersl
Crowder aald:
"In Class IV w find the men wo
hall take as a latt resort. Hefore
that elaas la reached It Is perfectly
fate to cay 'hat by the addition of
other elasses as to age, tay those
who ,hav attained twenty-one alnce
registration day, and perhaps adding
the elapses of eighteen and nineteen
and twenty years old. we shell have
Included two or three million men In
our available list, and thus have
saved Clata IV."
General Crawder's letter foreshed
owe compulsory military training
after the war.
,,. JO Fa. at. N. XT.
C Xttj OescMptiM-Jfoaereurrieai
- "" OunsL
au r st. st. w.
hole In the bow of the other. A- few
projecting guns axe-sald to have been
.damaged. . Afte .temporary repairs.
toe snips proceeded.
A submarine' attack It reported to
have taken place on thefollowing
nigct. no conning tower- or pen
scops was visible, say members of
the crew, although the wake of a
torpedo was seen' off the bow ofona
of the -vessels. k - " ' - - ;
Vital Records
The following blrthe have been re
ported to the Health Department In the
last ttrattr-fpur hours:
Alpheui asd I-oulae Winter, boy.
Louis and Kannle Saldman. alrl. '
Auputln U. asd Anne It. PrantlM. llrL
Bcmsrd C. asd Mary Cilery. b4y.
Edsar K. ana ElUatotn NolUn, bar.
Irwin B. end Mrrtle Mseloure, girl.
Herman W. ana Lillian Mstten, boy.
John A. snd Etta Klly. strl.
Helmer C. and Lillian Jehnson. bOT
Otorr H. ana Katie Hell. boy.
Thomas A. and Florence CIreen, airl.
EmMt C. snl Mart Drt. bor.
Charlrs and Annie Dtcarlo. bor
Clarence and Anna Cowllnt. nor.
Oeors sna Msmte Browp. tlrl.
Hsrola and Augvata Brovn. boy.
Lewis and Beatrice Wallace, tlrl.
Grde apd Bertha McComilck. bor.
Edward C. and Lula Listens, tlrl.
Charles L. and Beatrtce V. Marvtr. sin.
The follo'lnir ilwiths iwvo bi re
ported to the Health Department In the
last twenty-four hours:
Blanche V. Btewart. 41 yre., ici i it. nv,
John W. LM. W yre.. 1211 ICth it. u.
William . KMTimr, i jt.. w (, as.
Rlluhath It. Darldaon. tl Trs.. 1K4 O st. bv.
Ownf Kelly. Ti yrs.. Si. Kiliabeth's Hoe.
Luctlo Howard. 1 rra-. Chlldnn's Ifos.
John T. Meany. ti t.. ton II it m.
Chsrlee Precht. r.. J B st. no.
Clarence J. StrauiUtusb. :i yra.. Waller Red
Jacob Madert. It yrs., 1KI Knrmi at. nw.
Uary at. tmmm a its.. e rwaa Apts.
Infant ot Ode and SalUs Wade. 1 day, Co
lumbia Hoe.
Infant ot Bernard and. Mary MoCullln, 1 day,
liaortatown'tinlr- Hoa.
Mary alma. 1 yra.. TUnareuieals Hoa.
Kahtcea Brown. SO yra., WaalL Air. Hoe.
Jotrphlna K. DandrlJta, 11 yrs., iSi Wylle
Thomas" Roots. 47 yra., IKS ICth at. nw.
Neaa Boaa. W yra.. Waah. T. ilea.
Chapman Jackson, C7 yrs., BU Slt2a,beth'a
Robert O. Carro'l. at yrs.. 911 Westmlnitsr at.
Mary 1. Wat, it yta.. Sumnsr'rd. ae.
turtle Madlaon. M rra 1UI Klnsdon at. nw.
William R. Harris, M jrs., 1MJ Coraoran st.
Berates Jeffers, t mas., SU1 Sbarldaa read.
rraadt Qreen, Imos., tliM Xlth st. nw.
JCAJOV- HKADJ3..1fd' ifor. Si
Twenty. ; me mber? of the .Tw'eutrV
seventh Sarin ir' TteelraentL who
I have" been: busy for a?'vTal daysMIg-
blo ap-aerrnantrnchr w-Tt dowri
Kim a. miDo etura mm iriii Dy uiea la
into that rain tyfyad turned on
wa- -J '- t. '.' j
P." !:,?:JP ZSRj&i 2
thir lift b.a;d fh.rr.ht
the-unit to seal' oyer "tha entrance of
the cava 'or talne. 'In this' under
srronnd muin !!:. it, ,!,
picks and abovi!-for two hours, ex-
erting therotelvea vigorously to prove torraeny wiui ine navy. mu
that the machlnb was equal to the n hrver of aTgnal work to tho
extra- demanda m.d. nun-it h, ....war -tone,' and baa served also la
heavy breathing tha t'eeoneanlti
h'MYv'Mirii -1V-..1. f .i, .v.-.!
were completely nt. of f trora outside. Sf.Vf i?Jd ?Anl th,.-L'e
practldlr In'anolhir' world. TheV " rrtedrlch. and Is a very flnef ln
wer tmetrMr . -..flin. ev. ih ttrumeut. Itts one of the klnft said
aurroun thera in ,Jranea whlle in
K. w.M.t r' -v. t.i -aT. i..
offensive ' " """" -
The underground Work, at Meade
has crone forw.i -r.r uu-V.tiw an
the .time; -men have passed within
T. -- - " --------
ten feet of the p?ce wheretha big
experiments ar. MrriZr aRr. wlthmit
'the . least' suspicion .that-there was
I? ..vS- ,Qttn t ' i .. m
of eataouflage wa eBipIoye.W .fool,
any husybody. ho might be lurking
around. The dladly carbon monoxide,
smoke and other Rises were used, all
wiuiom any ericc? upon the men. Attn
who 'are golng'through thtt course
have now f aeed'fiimes far more barm-
rui man any the Kaiser's men could
possibly concen'rate at any one place.
K'eew. Fer Real Service.
They are keen for a chance to em
ploy in battle their ability aa miners.
A finer-bunch of men never came to
Meade or assembled anywhere else
under the' flag. They are big. healthy
fellows used' to th'e life bf "the "West
ern plains,' and moat of ,-them are
used to ail kinds of. ltikuHes In the
hours when they are not at work."
One la Dan HcCulah. whose' brother
was killed at Vlmy Ridge! E. B.
Bockhold. who waa for fouf years' a
deputy sheriff at Spokane, lefflm
portant Interests behind to serve In
this "unit. ' T. D. Pe'gan. of Cripple
Creek, gave up' gold mlnlnr to have
an Underground fllnir . at ' tha Ifnna.
Charlea S. C Murphy, was-' a foreman
in tunnel construction In Cleveland.
Ohio, but decided thtcr tunnels, are"
needed worse 'In No Man's rand, than
anywhere else.
David F. Alexander, who-has lust
oeen in the rescue work In Butte In
connection with a mining 'disaster.
saw ieo men who died In copper
mines and is eager to set' on the
other side for rescue work or for of
fensive If there la a good place for
hoisting the Kaiser's men. Wllljsm
P. Clrckel, one who Is taking the' gas
course, was with Pershing in Mexico
and hopea to be with him'agaln soon.
I. li. McCay left behind a gold mine
In Lorraine. CaL. with his father In
There Is one Johns Hopkins man In
thla group, James "Mnan.-'who took
the course in the engineering school.
W. C. Hauaer, 'a general contractor,
aold out his' business In Chicago to
take up what he regarded ae the big
gest bualn'ess of the day. H-'M- lie
Drlde and O. H. Llndbloom. ar min
ing engineers, graduates of the Uni
versity of California. I. W. Ferrand,
who gave up lis gold mine in Cali
fornia. Is a graduate of the Univer
sity ot Wlteonaln. -Butte
Beat Ktpireseated.-''
Butte has more men than any other
town, among them being 8. D. Cam
eron, a 8. Utter, T. D. Pagan. Jamea
E- Rogers, and Robert Sumpter, who
has figured in important rescues In
mining disasters. Robert McQuire is
from Alaska. Charles Heyne left be
hind Important Ipteresta In Ooldfleld
and elsewhere.-
Tie unit Includes many mining en
glneera,. electrical engineers, and ex
perta1 of other klndr
cold weather
fQQ&'-SMyr 6dq$Sy
An aU-Ytar.Food
S5 SL 'He I
Jiwiyyy -w-AtsalB
CJUiT- MEADE.5 Nov. 2-nA. wire
less' station set up' at Camp Meads' re-
C el red today direct from' ..the Navy
D'epar'tmedf the official war bulletins,
tttuia th "nrr upplle the men
aiwv wuns mvw .a es,.
ajwlpifiUtin'wi. aad nowinquaeai
etlarn lisv' VsaiHl KT fcaiV Wlr-ssfa "
ughrr.i?menU from N.u.n, Oer
manri aJjd'froin many remote places,
If'Plelts up the naval news- easily
because LieuC C H. BIrkhsad, of
Corapew A. SMth- signal eorptv was
The ammeter In use here la one
to have been uted by German secret
agents In wireless work In this
- : country as .part of .their system, of
' ,uiyiBJf SSfS tS.'iLSiZS:
. General Kuhn takes the keenest to
!-. In-tha. flnltaaaa-i-s rarf-lvaf -rnn
Sit to him trltV th iSi nSriihi:
?' to hIm w-lth the. least possible
the front. Cpples of the. messages era
Sergt J. H. Eager, formerly of the
P'aPt engineering department of the
JSapeafc. and Potomac Telephone
Company, rigged up the wireless- sta.
lion, xt is oojy tor recviving, jvaena-
log station will be set up In a, few
Th naval messages are sent from
Arlington, and are very complete;
. 4 . ' :
X respite .of fifteen days, expiring
December IX. was granted today by
President- Wilson to ex-Pplice Chief
Samuel V. Perrbtt, ot Indianapolis,
convicted and sentenced for election
Klein's Guaranteed fibre Seles Are
Better Than Leather and Cheaper
They havt double the life of the best white oak leather
KleinS soles wear longer than leather, are waterproof,
slipproof, quiet, flexible, do not draw the feet, and will not
.scratch the floors or furniture.
You o not have to- break-in Klein's Fibre Soles. They are
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tough and wear-resisting to an araazinir aejrrce.
Klein's Fibre Soles do not cut, slip, crack, peel. Warp, de
teriorate'. ' They do not bom or draw the feet. They- possess all
the virtues' of the. best white-oak leather with none of its shortcomings.
Ktela'e Fibre Solea are ebselnlely smaraateeU to give per
fect satUfaetleau or tneaey refsjaded. This gsaitstee' la' backed
fey hla chain ef feur alert.
Xlein's Guaranteeti
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Men' aad Womea's Half
Sole,. Sewed,
Extra- QoaSty
Leather...... $1.25
We Abo fet oh Neola Whole, Solas (Sawed), $1.50
If I C I ll'C RAP,D SHO'
li I II. II Pfeom. Maa 8AA
Main Store, 736 14th ft. W.
BRANCH 1219 Pa. Ave. Phone Main 6834.
BRANCH 104 Sth St. X. W. Main 8305. Opposite StraatL
BRANCH 71 9th St. N. W. Main 7172.
(CoBtlnued from-Tim Yace.)
Tiduols could. oralt the naaies of rtata
menu or suabers of dlrieJons; '
whs ww a
But the Important solit U whethsr
tha War Department, which .has ore-i.
tvented thcorrespodentay-her and
!abrtd from .mentioning names or ttfe
IdenV'r'of'regi'nejiU. la .going to -al-llow
Interesting bits of "information.
j about- Ataerlcan forces la France to
be toH-bVv retumingraraey .offfcerrir
(mads the subject .or aftar-dlnsar
speeches, when much more advaatasje
caBj-be obtained pr a.'sotan4a)
flow of-news from the battle froeitai.
As-more- .Americas forces- reach
France, the desire -or" the people la
America for news of their- friends lav
the army wilt be latent; Under, th
present policy It 1s Intended to- sup
press names, permitting; only color
less accounts. ' Whea Congress- re
turns In December, the people w)U
have an opportunity through their
Senators and Congressmen to'affeet
a needed -change.
MEW TORKf Jtow SiDr. Davie?
'"o-. Kerenslry. cohfid.ntlaf sW-
"tary, outwitted the. BolahevlkL es-
caped from Petrograd, and has. sf
- - rived, here. aaya. a copyrighted die-
patch from" Stockholm to th Now
Tork World. He passed tha after
noon in conference- with Ira. tietsoav
Morris. United States .Minister her.
It la understood that hi brought a
confidential message front Kerensky
to .President Wilson.
Ot thla message. tbe bearer,, wejl
known In England . and, .America,
would only say: "Had It not been for
a small group of Bolshevik!, all Rus
sia wouhlioHr be with. America.
Soskice. with 'tears in his eyes, told
Minister Morris that Xereatkys
troops, loyal to' the last; had been de.
feated only by a trick" of fortune.
The" -leaders of the Railroad Men's
TTnlon'thonirh. fhbv-.irere 'dotnr th
proper thlnn to prevent civil war and
bloodshed, -to they held', up on th
tracks ail of Kerensky's ammunition
and supply trains -that put out or
Absqlutely Kempves
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money jf it fails. 2Sb
maYiaK ssssstst ..tkav

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