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fiasco gets fresh
N An abundance of Ash Is now being
transported from Santa Cruz to San
Francisco by motor tracks, and the
.. ,-. a mini tf . B.t ...-
3sstul one that a fourth machine la
roon to be put Into senrice to carry
Jish from .Monterey north.
Heretofore fish were sent from
those places to San Francisco by ex
press, and a few weeks ago a firm of
Santa Cms put two large power
at;ona Into service. Another has
since been added.
The three machines now carry be
tween twenty-Ave and thirty-five
boxea of Ash each. They leave Santa
Crus al 5 'or 6 p. m. dally, Immediate
ly aier me aays ckicji. aho umwi
arrive at Santa Clara about 10:30 p.
ol, where they stop for supper, and
they- arrive In San Tranclsco about 1
a. m where the fish is delivered to
the wholesale bouses.
t. i
Saxon War-Time Economy
Saxon "Six'1 has trie Stromberg carburetor. Its
worth is shown in the fact that nine other cars
ranging in price from Si 135 to 3800 also have it.
Stromberg carburetor assures easy starting in win
ter as well as in summer. Its economy is shown by
the fact that Saxon "Sixes" average from 18 to 23
miles to the gallon.
Saxon "Six" is $935 f,
to come in and see it
o. b. Detroit We-urge you
May we give you a demon-
Henderson Motor
Car Company
93214th Street
Fraaklta 5611
, a- '
Open and Closed'Car.
.svRfsKsB t Mm 'Mm mm s
Jwmm W'mTmf MM Mm MmmmWMMmW'mV
t Connecticut Ave. at L St Phone M. 5296
1119 Uth St. N W.
Frank Harter, Bffgr.
L 1 X JL.1
HHii iftttJiri
mMmmmf' tlJ' -SsiSaH
NOW is your opportunity to select that car which yon
Have been planning to bay. Enjoy RELIABLE' SERVICE by
purchasing- your car from us.
UU BTXDEBAKEB Roadster, iqul
to new; mtcnxnlcallr jxrtt; a
bariia- '
1I1S CHALXEBS Towrfnr: mchml-
cally perfect: ma ! mllti; will
Wetinchoow ShoclT Absorber.
Urea equal to new.
ItlT SAXOX SIX Too rice; apleodW
hp; fallr waipped . HTS
ltl7 DODGE Tovriflr: VCd 3
taoBthaf A-l condition.
1)17 COAXDLXK Cbmmmr 2Ud-
ttr. 4-paas.: anowa no wear, IIS.
1917 KAXWZU. RoacUUr: Ilk new.
1917 COLT 1-cyL Tourinr; tip-top
UX7 OLD8MOBXUS t-cyU Tovrtss;
xcellentahape; lots of extra.
JI17 .BTCXZ 4-paaa.; wlra w&eala;
excellent condition.
XJH GKAKT SIX Toarlnc alao
Boftdaur; botJi can Uko r;
ywr choleo . fiU
X917 OTKBXAXD C-fc 4-cyL 1-r-v
lav A Ztoadattra: Xarg- TarUtr.
tfresp .
sv w vvvsffeffvve
11X7 HATJfXS H-ctL Tourinr; wire
whxli: extra vbnl A tlru; bit;
barsfcln. t
Illl J U I LUX Tourinr. -cjU mt
cbanlcallr Al: lou et. extras;
t I7(.
1117 BCICK -crl. Tourinr. also
Tloadster equal to niv. lov
ltl7 PAIGR Tourinr. Ilsht Six: run
ISIS mllcc: excellent condition.
1117 ClfevBOLET Tourinr cars
Roadsters, mecbanlcalljr perfect,
at ties to till.
11C CADHXAO l-CTl- Tourinr; ex
cellent rsnalnr condiuoa; will
Itll KINO I-crt Tourinr: Up-top
condition ..... .list.
Itlf HCPMOBIUS Tourinr: tuel
very little JIT..
Ills BEO C-ctL Tourinr: eual to
new. .
1M7 OAXHaXD urbt Six Tourinr:
canal to aew; splendid equip
ment. -
iti7 scmxrrs-nooTH t-eri. chum-
rar Roadster; wire wneels; new
Ures ...,,, ............... ,eSSV. i
AxasU WanUi SenJ for Free Bslktia. Open Sunday.
'George Swesaon?
I vras a taxicab dnver In Detroit. -
In the seven veara T Hmra them
I aerer missed a train when the price was right
No theater party inissed -the first act w
if there tvas a gentleman' along. ; s i
I used to Wt fifty-five on the boulevard ''
And never was plnched'except for'too mnchxilt
No accidents, no damage. ?
But somebody tipped me oft
That Washington was the placef or m gam.
I packed my grip and my roll and embarked.,
The first week on the job I cleaned tip.
One guy, driving for the same crowd,
. Warned me that I couldn't get away.wlth it.
"They'll hang yon if they get yefa
This ain't Detroit or New York." I
I laughed but I cut my speed to eighteen 7
One day I was doing fifteen by the clock
A Jaybird walked'off the sidewalk,
Headed for my Tight front fender. ' "
I braked her and tried to climb a front stoop.
But I went through the windshield when she struck.
I'm glad "they buried me -at Mount Olivet
And kept it out of the newspapers.''
Fifteen miles an hour!
My family in Mount Clemens '
Would never get over the disgrace. . , " .
"The bane of the American automobile dealer is the trading-ln
problem. What to do with swaps is something that keeps manya
successful dealer awake at night. Imagine, then, how .he feels .
when he see? in the Paris newspapers second-hand "bargains"
Tike a four-year-old Rolls-Royce at $17,000, A Pannard at only
$18,000 and- an extra-equipped Renault merely $27,0001. Coming
down to earth any twedty to thirty horsepower French car of good
make brings from $7,600 to $10,000 without any trouble at alL
Having bought one of these cheap second-hands because one
really must economize i war time, dont Ton know you get fairly
good tires for it at $90 each, and. gasolene that is almost as good
as kerosene for $1-25 per" gallon. Of course, these prices seem a
rather steep to us, but that is because we compare them with pur
own. To the Frenchman they seem only fair when he thinks 'of
the man in Sweden who, before he can get any tire at all, has to
apply for and be given a permit to buy it by the Royal Automobile
Club. Equipped with the permit and a man's sized bankf balance .
he goes to the nearest dealer, puts down his permit along with
$550 and is handed in return one tire! And yet even In Norway
there are four tires needed by every- carl Having got his $24200
set of tires the Norwegian invests in gasolene at $1.75 per gallon
and goes merrily on his way maybe. Now quit your klcking-.ac
SO-cent gasolene. See how lucky yon are to be over here in God's
country and not elsewhere, no matter where it may be." Ameri
can Motorist.
Seesaw s Margery JDatv, ?
Lizzie shall have a new master, 1
She shall have but a gallon a-day
Because she can't run any faster.
George Sutton, brilliant young editor of Motor Life, wasin,-Y
Washington this week. "What," we asked during the course f
- the conversation, "is the right time?" Our qwn watch is busted,
and we had an appointment. .
He pulled out his watch, a handsome biscuit-thin Hamilton, '
and glanced at it sd.did we. Its hands distinctly said 7:50.
"Twenty minutes past one," he announced gravely.
Was he joking?
Ho waa not. f .
"African time," he replied to the unasked question. "Several
years in Zanzibar did that for me. Time doesn't change much
there," he said. "Every morning at 6 o'clock the sun rises. Our
watches are set by it, and I've never gotten out of the habit"
Which was all very clear. But this is Washington.
A child could grasp such a system of mathematics as-
trology-and-mental legerdemain with forty years of study.
Even the wise old West has been hypnotized by the press
agents of gasolene producers hypnotized into fear of a bugaboo
yclept Gas Shortage.
The Kansas City Star may not think so. but it implies some "
thoughts a sober newspaper should not have when it says:
"If gasolene should go to $4 a gallon there are people' in the
PhUlips county seat who would buy it by the pint that they might
joyride around the square. And by the way, there are farmers
I know, if they couldn't get gas, who would haul their cars up
the hill with a mule team in order to coast down. Greatest class
of people in the world out here in Kansas."
" Women As a Manufactured Product.
"The privacy of the closed car perhaps has a greater anneal
to women than any other type of body that has ever been t .
on the markef'-From a Mitchell publicity story. P
Judge is responsible for the week's best motor storv- "
What's the idea of the service flag, with two stars, on t
'Two of its cylinders are in service."
IKV J Cssawea. -.jm
Tire neglect In winter Is responsible
frequently for absolutely unnecessary
purcaases in me spring;, ana. inas
much as economy is now foremost In
the minds of all motorists, the mil
lionaire, as well as the flivver owner,
the B. P. Goodrich Rubber Company
gives he following suggestions for
tire care during the winter months:
1 Tires should be removed from
I wheels, and outstdes of the casings
washed with soap and water to re
move all traces of c!L Injuries
1 should be looked for. repalra made It
any are needed. The tires should be
laid flat In a cool, dark room after
being wrapped In clean cloths or pref
erably black paper. .
"Tubes should be -taken out of cas
ings, slightly Inflated, and also laid
flat In a cool, dark place, wlthyno
weight on them.
"If the tires are not removed from
the wheels, jack up the car, leaving
only enojgh air In the casings to
keep the tire tight and In shape. Cars
should not be left for any consider-
'shin nerlnrf nf lm wfthAnt tenklner
tin the wheels, ae the nrnlnne-fld strain I
.... .,. .t .. . . .-V .V. mttA
develop weak places In their strue-l
I ture.- , J
or oven. AIthntK ..
..,... v . nirmaa, con-
This stove uses the heat from the
exhaust manifold to make coff. a7hst
canned ramie .. i wu.
.. u, potatoes, and pre-
coIi,tAie'V?,C.0,U b0ut o- to
tin! aSd h .. Vn,a,I of hvy sheet
.UeUn'tVya'ri1. 11 ! .. box
aa t nern.it iT . M " " a snaps
nelentlv lai D7M?lnr pan, suf
th. stovf to.nt tlMly wl'hln
Wm. V. Hummer, father or Lester
W.. of Marlon' H. fame, visited his
son early this wfek. The dad In
question does not look old enough' to
have- a son of twenty-eight. Although
his beard rlrea ,hlm appearance of
greater dignity and more mature
years, If he ,Js more than fifty, we
miss him br not more than a year or
Ordnance Department, .before groins
Into action across the. water.
Jta Luke, of the Trow Motor Com
pany also- received his notification of
acceptance this. week. With rank of
first lieutenant. Luke has not yet re
ceived his commission, but will prob
ably have It In a few days, -following
which, like Leery, he will shortly
receive Instructions to report for
We haven't heard a full flavored
darky story for two months, which
reminds us of Sd Johanaen. Johansen
Is so busy with the Government these
days that he la very unapproachable.
Tou can't approach a man If you don't
know- where he Is.
The use of motorcycles equipped
with sldevans for light delhrery
work hsa been found very satisfac
tory In many cities and towns, and In
sections where the motorcycle deliv
ery has been started the result was
that many firms have adopted them.
In Galesburg. ill, one enterprising
dealer has planned si motorcycle de
livery service and has closed con
tracts with several merchants-to de
liver all jrooda within- a certain
radius. Experienced riders have teen
obtained and the patrons wW recsve
quick, efficient service. The stores
which have agreed to make use e
the motorcycle delivery iav used
practically every method of dlve7
from an errand boy to an electric
A motorcycle deliver? service has
also been established in- Tacoma.
Wash, by A. J. Strong, who-says thaj
the Harlay-Davldsons btlcg used are.
subjected to pretty Severe, treatment
but appear to be able to stand up
under any conditions.
The salesrooms' of- the Senunes
Motor Company have a wonderful
Winter car exhibit, a veritable solon
of .closed autdmobllesv -
More than" $30,000 worth of sedans.
berllns, -limousines, limousine lan
daus, coupes and broughams are
shown. The general effect to the
visitor, is of an Astor private show
Several of the models. Hudson and
Dodge are specially built of body And
line, and there Is -choice for the most
fastidious of buyers on this floor.
The Times automobile editor hasn't
seen Arthur Collins for several weeks.
It is rumored that Collins s?ot a cap
Percy S. Foster, former head of the
big- piano firm which bears his name,
has been made general manager of
the Sterrett and Fleming organiza
tion. Foster is one of the best known
men in Washington. Bis business
Associations have thrown him in con
tact with big representatives of al
most every, line of endeavor and each
of them holds him in high regard.
I He la a rar type of man.. His work
J is characterized by hla brilliance, but
I aii-ays ne is level headed, rorcerui.
ana uorougn. hi win ao weiu
Whitney Leary is now Lieutenant
Leery, the' former Maxwell associate
of Burton Leary, jr. having gotten
hla commission on Tuesday and his
orders Thursday; Leary left last night
for Se'lfrldge Field, at Mount Clem
ens, Mich, .for his training in the
The prison visitor on his usual
rounds noticed that m. new. man occu
pied a cell that had been, empty for
some time- f
"My friend. he began, "may I ask
what brought you here?"
"The same thing that brought you.
ucict fcptitja ma convict ""
to poke my noe Into other peqp!e(s
buitnetf. only I rener&Ily nxeoT to so
I.. 1... .l.a k...n..t-Ml.X.wlLJ1lf,
and Comment, .
'. ' ' 'm SSS.SSS I'M
esSSsTaTsaw .-sbVJsVJsVJsVJsVJsV
-H B-W aa
I mmmW tmmm mmmW
i K dH t-
1620-1626 M Street Pfceae Ji.Jwb
District et Ceknbia DUtrftwters
w "ML 1 JV J I 7 f T ft J LW Vit .sfgsassitsi'lw'ssaesssssssssssssssssss
A"i "v i tr j ijrw wrissSnC'ITisiiliStL
ttfw'Bkw B Vfl J B ..iswSJHdsBCx. MmVr K gasiiH BsssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiV Qn3 asssH
S V tBHsf" . mmmr mm sssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiSiilsisisiissBisliisV
rv X J-
VjJ v
7 M
S Ss -
SmaM Sedan
... rates rax free
rice swfrect ( cJeo e
mUkout sMtfee
Spend Your Money Wisely
This Christmas
-QUIP yotrr family for effi-
Give than this all-weather
utility car ao that they can meas
ure up to the demands of the
The benefit of this car as a
Christmas gift is lasting.
That it is beautiful and fash
ionable is secondary to its value
as the means for better living.
There is spadous room for
five adult passengers.
The two doors are staggered.
There are two individual front
seats, with aisle-way between.
The top and the window pillars
remain up permanently.
The windows drop Into the
sides of the body and doors, and
can be quickly opened or dosed,
ea desired.
There is a dome fightin ce&'
ing, three silk roller raHaL
pared pockets at both aides d
rear seat, foot, rail,
wiper, and nickd bandks to
dose doors from the inside.
The entire top and sides are
decorated with gray and black
striped cloth. Every inch of the
floor is covered with thick car
pet to match the walls and
The body is Drcwstci Greem
with black' top.
It has 4-inch tires, non-skid
rear; 106-inch wheelbaee; Auto
lite dectric starting and light
ing, and vacuum fad system.
Make your Christmas money
live longer, do more good and
equip you for efficient tisbtf
during the bad weather ahead.
Order now!
Phone Franklin 4307 128-30 Connecticut Avenue"
Ai li-thsevahsasn --'

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