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- .
'AUSTERDAM. Dec. 31. Comments
ot the Austro-Hunrarlan press ,pn
America's declaration of war reeerrea
today attempt to belittle the power
or the United Stales. 'jfmerica,'a rT
fara acaltut Austria la Important only
In proportion to the number of troops
ahe can send." said the Budapest
Paster ZJoyd.
"We do not fear after the war com
mercial retaliation," geld the Vienna
JTaw Free Press, ".ince Prealdebt 1VI1.
isffa baa denounced any economic Tear
following; the present alrrtrrle."
' 'It to Impossible for a million
Americana to appear on the European
battlefield," declared the North Qer
xaap; Oaaetta.
Wrte ar eoll for ear nets
era frrrtf Xoefctti,
Tottr Byn."
No, 11 of a-Series f
Eye Talks
Oeorcxt IWk West Tasardx?
T teen strange
thet defect in
any organ of the
body should in
dicate Its exist
ence in a pleas
ant Banner.,
Heaviness of the eyelids
and a tendency to' fall
asleep that- ajrreeeble
sense of drerwelneea that
overcomea us after a
time apant In pernslar
tba paper, or a favorite
book are eometlmee
symptoms that are pleas
ant enoush In their no
ticeable effects.
It's the real trouble
ther often Indicate that
makes them worthy of
serious consideration.
If 7011 experience these
symptoms don't wait un
til serious tronblea de
mand action ro at once
to aa oculist for an ex
amination. Then. If classes are
necessary, take his pre
scription to an optician
thoronfhly capable of fll
lnr it properly.
1429 H Street N. W.
smtkesm BMjr.
GIEEXWICH, ConnDec. 11. Kal
ser IVIlhelm tried to Invade "The
Castle" on the beautiful estate of
Uenry I. Brlttaln In Kock Ridge, but
was defeated by a lone woman. Al
though he attempted to show his
friendliness by entering- arm In arm
with aomebody who was called "Am
.basaador Gerard" and who looked
like that .Individual, the ruse dldn t
o Hith the lady, and they were
forced to retreat.
The Kalasr and "Mr. Gerard" ar
rived with Clifford B. Satlm. the aj-
Matant director of a New lork mov-
Ing-plcture. company. Mr. Saum found
cniy Jlra. TJrlttatn at home and re
quested her to allow him to use the
grounds for the outdoor scenes of a
moving picture that la to be based
on former Ambassador James W.
Oerard's book, "My Four: Years in
Mra, Brlttaln waa at first inclined
to look favorably on the request until
she learned that one of the actors
present waa to Impersonate the Kai
ser. This made Sirs. Brlttaln verv aus
picious, and she telephoned to the
Greenwich police. Meanwhile Saum
had telephoned his predicament to
the real Mr. Gerard, who talked over
the wire to Mrs. Brlttaln and assured
her. that the "Kaiser" and hie com
panion actor, "Mr. Gerard," were
O. X.
After carefully considering the sit
uation from all angles, Mrs. Brlttaln
decided to hold off the visit of the
Enemy Aliens Who May Be Banished From
The District
No proclamation has been Issued by
the President declaring women of
German birth alien enemies to the
extent of barring them from the DIs-
trict of Columbia and prohibiting sub
jects' of the Emperor of Austria from
residing here.
Those German women and Austro
Hungarlans whose names appear In
the following list are, therefore, not
affected by the President's alien en
emy proclamation and may be permit
ted to continue to realde In the Dis
trict until proper disposition la made
of them by the Department of Justice.
The following lief contains the
names of those Germane and JLustro-
Hungarlans living In this city who
Jsceb Enxle, 3, laborer, 242 lltb St. 8. B.
Bars 11 yean
Valentine Ehrhardt. S3, clerk. HIT K St.
N. W. Hers I years.
Peter Frits, 4. machinist, 1IH 3d at.
X W. Here I year.
Ma FItadt, IS. aeslstant steward, 24 2d
at. X. E. Iter as yean.
mta K, Feusahnna. St, bartender, 311 tth
st. X. W Kara 4 years.
Frauds C. .Fischer. 4T, artist, ISO Colum
bia rd. Hera S3 year.
Frttn Flesenhelmer. 3, chef. 707 Mb at.
X. W. Hera T years
Marx FBrchhalmer. 41, actor. H4 lltb St.
X. W. Hen 24 yaars.
Erich. O. Oebhardt, II. florist. Good .Hope
t. C Hen t yeara.
Wttbelm Olacow. 19. waiter, 13 20th sL
K. W. Here 4 rears.
Katharine TJens. 41. maid. 1120 llth St. X.
W. Here SI year.
Marie Oemner. 2T. none. The Partner.
Here 14 rears. .
Slsnrund Oeltroar. U, waiter. T3 1Mb at
X. W. lUre S3 yisrr.
scarfs K. oerxes. nurse, mn ana t sis.
wlttil.. .h 1... wn vmar h,M A, w Here tz TeArs.
.,.... ... .b v jw., .. . , , .--;---- . :,;.., .
dared their Intentions
American, citizens.
Altliouglr the prlcea fixed by Presi
dent Wilson for steel products were
made aubjeet to poasfbla revision be
fore January 1, ateei men, after con
ferences with Government officials
here today, left Washington without
much assurance that the quotations
would be changed before that time.
The question of revision Is now in
abeyance, pending the conclusion of
an Investigation by the Federal Trade
Commission into current costs of pro-duclI6n.
SronafM Bytt. 1 1
LTMs Xatk' from a aanilaiu . 1 1
rue: en ttebte reeei lad?' """- II
An Increase of 10 cents per hundred
pounds on beet sugar -was authorised by
uie loouaomnusirauon today, effective
Tt should not, however, cause any ad
vance.ln the present retail price," said
1aa a ar vAn ne s dfl a jl- ai
m.- wwuiKneni, ana joooers anare-1 t,re S3 VMrm.
v i7 Tequrred to aeU their atock rnu Zaaera, a, butebtr,. isa Eramrr pL
on, hand on the old basis." jj. e. Bare Syeare. 4
With the exception of the women
and the Austrian, the applleanta.are
considered as alien enemies and are
required to leave the district by Da
cember 15.
Gem as
Pauline- Acbterklrcb, 1 charwoman, S8X
Ga. ave. Jt. W. Here a years.
Elizabeth Althetmer. !. seamstress, tWt
Hth st N. TV. Hire a yers -
Jacob 'A. Albreebt. . manafar, MKiC
N. W. Hera T years.
Anton Aarikola. St, butcher, (II tth st.
Carl Blllta, 35, clerk, IttS Wb at. N. TVJ
Bere rears.
lluto Baser. S, maehmUt,-lO0 It. I. are.
N. W. Here 4 years.
Katharine Baumann, 73, housekeeper. Ml!
X. Cap. at. Here O ysan.
Henry Brenbard, U, butcher, S Tth at.
S. W. Here 4 yean.
Pad" Bnrwlg, S3, nurse, 1101 I St. Jf. W.
Here X yeers.
' Georae BUclnrellr H. Jewtlar, Tot tth St.
N. W. Here S years. '
Gnstav Becker, S3, waiter, SI Ltnwerth
PL S. W. Hare t yeasa.
jUbert S. Behrmann, tt. aalessua. Tit
Sth at. N. w. Hen 3 Tears.
Karl BeUmann, 33. rarrcer. Holy Croaa
AeaSemy. 'Here I years.
Sophie Braun. 27. no occupation, ssn Oesr
gia ave. K. W. Her It ran.
Emma Binder, II. bookkeeper, 1471 Chaptn
at. N, W. Here 11 reare.
Xax Becker, 43, chef, K lUi St. N. W.
Bere S rears.
Max Bohme. SI, waiter, 1B1 X St. it. IT.
Here IT years.
Enrere W. Brann, 41. barkeeper', T57 lath
St. N. W. Hera U years.
Arra Bleleber, S3, maid, 1(01 N. H. ave,
nere It years.
Dorothea C. E. BraaleS. O. heosetteeper,
1114 KUbotfne pi. K. TT. Bare a yean.
Roea P. Binder. U. atenocrapber. Hit B
st. N. r. Here U Tars.
Ausust Beuehert, 34. butcher, SO UK at.
N. E. Here IS years.
Charles U Beamnet. SS, dark, 1111 17th st.
2f. W. Here IS ycare.
alaarice Conradl, U. watekmakar, tt4 Fa.
are. 0. E. Here st years.
unnixm r. Oocdee, a, waiter IS Utb St.
N.'W. Rare 4 yean.
Hnte W. Ott, 41, baker, 3QI It at. N. W.
Bere 3 Teen,
John Peter J. Pnrm. K, clerk. W 1st St.
N. W. Here S yean.
Bliss I Corner. Is, teacher, 1E Uth St.
N. W. Hera a years.
jean o. uoerr, a, naaer, s iou st. o. c
fAntu t bmlAmlmr 47. TTld. 11 Ulll.
of becoming aTa j,-. vvl Here II yeere.
'. Henry Soberer, T4, retired, 133 CSth sU N.
w. Bere S3 years.
Oeem' P. fleeter. I), butler. 1U 14lh St.
N. W. Here 14 years.
Onrtav A. Splndjer. 44. baker, m II it
N. W. Bere XO yean.
TVnilam Selfert. II. butcher, 413 Tth st. 8.
VT. Hen ft yean.
- Bernard R. Soutawaky. tailor, 1CJ Po
tomaa are. 8. E. Hen I yean.
Paul 8telnhueller. SI. Ironworker, 331 Park
pi. 8. E. Uw 11 yean.
Ernest Gerstenberr. a, bookkeeper, 1S7S
Newton at. N. W. Here ll yean.
Leonhard Oarer. IS, taller, 117 1st st. B. TV".
Ben M yean.
Mareveth Hermann, a, dressmaker, 433
Randolph St. .
CbrtstODh Holsbererleta. 4. pbototrSDher.
1UT K at, N. W. Here S yean.
Soretiiea Hampel, S3, nana. Ml f st. N. B.
Bere yean.
Osear Helneman. tl. salesman. 11 N. J,
ere. K. TV. Here a Tear.
waiter o. e. Hopr. zi. cnauueur, iae tr-
conn st. N. TV. Hen I yean.
Karollna Hormano. . oresemaiur, 43
Bendalnh at. Jlera 11 reare.
rreda Uoee. 44, cook. "8lntle Oak," Wood-
ley lane Hen 23 yean.
Frits Hate!. 34. baker, 1MS.& are. 8, E.
Ban U yean
JOSepn U. noil, n. Itacner, junn nmw
ary. lien s yean.
iUX V. Bartton. 27. Utbotrapher, la II
st. N. TV. Hen T Teen.
Roman llornlx. S3, sorcner. imi lueeaaie
-rt. N. E. Hen 44 yean.
IJtetrlcn Hormann, u. nnr, ie un. A,
E. Here a yean.
Frederick K. Hormann. S3, clerk, 213 Ind.
are. N. W. Hen yean.
rj2tarlee C Ilernerr. M. waicnmaa, ew uia
St. N. E. H're 46 yean.
Elisabeth M. Henabke, TL ITU K st. N. W.
Here 11 yean.
Emu Hooeonna, z. waiier, uio ex.
Bere 4 yean.
Adalbert Hasolmann. 14. electrician, 1144
lHh at. H.W. Hen T yean.
Pant llarl. n. reeiaannc znaaaavr, uu as
St. N. VT. Here 13 yean.
Emu v, jnuna, it. caipenier, k irrrara
at. N. T. Hen 11 yean.
llax Tkl50. 30. butler, ins) B. I. are. K. W.
Ben I yean.
Albert O. Jacobean. M. correspondent. B13
Tt pi. N. w. Hen 44 yean.
Emll y. janona, m, mnier, u sioso'oiaii
Cenrt. Hen years. .
Hans A. joras, st, ciera. uu uu at. x. w.
Ben 13- yean.
Walter C ions. a. clerk. Ut Harvard st.
R2bertHcTfcelu72rwa!ter. 14M Q A K. W.
Ue s yean.
Trrederleka Xlelnksecbt, a, com. ztcs I
St. 14. 'TV. Hen 1 yean.
vitTsens Keuer- suvr, . inn. exe.
N. E. Han 10 yeen.
Klcbalaa Klein, II. baker, ail Northhamp
ton at. N. TV. Hen M yaara.
Frans KUCO, ZT, oiacassuui, iw . j. are.
R. w. Hen 3 yean.
Hectl Kruae, a, rmuer, 4i- a. rn. n. tt.
Ben S yean.
JUbert w. Krana, e, rnaoiemao, iw? v ST.
8. B. -Hen a years.
The Safest Place
For Your Money
TtT.. - r at IL', T IS. . e . t.
-c peipcr money or uie uracea otar.es is a promise to pay. it is
the agreement of the United States to "pay to bearer" a certain sum. W.
S. S. are also a promise to pay.
' - e "
War Savings Stamps are as
Good as Money and pay you
4 compounded quarterly.
Both the money and the stamps are guaranteed by the richest nation
in the world.
Suppose we were to lose the war? What good would money be?
None at all. It would be a mere memento of the past. And if we
bought our freedom back, by indemnity, it would be at a price so colossal
as to wipe out our savings and mortgage our earnings for generations. .
The safest place for all your money is in War Savings Stamps, be
cause the money saved and raised by War Savings Stamps will win the
war, and thus insure the preservation and solvency of our Government
and the safety of our homes and families forever. -
Albert E. Knuppel. 44, manaier, 1TX1.2. J.
are. Jf TV. Hen St yean. .,
Albert Knabe, (3, Jeweler, 33 A st, ?.. 1
Hen S3 yean.
Carrie R. Klumpp. S3, domestic, 15W Uth
st. N. W. Hen : yean
Adolf K, Knhn, 40, Oreman. 1MI Pa. ave.
8. E. Hen a Teen
Georae r. Krauee. 4, carpenter, 1430 Moa
tello N. E. Hen a yean. ,,
Frederick Knopf. 64, baker, 13 Florida
are. N". TV. Hen 31 yean.
Max P. Kacbel, 3, baker, 413 G st, S Tt
Hen 8 yean.
Reno l. Kranx, 4. teacher, 1003 R. I. ave.
14 TV. Hen 20 yean.
Will Konnocke. a, blacksmith. Bladens
btrrg rd. Hen 4 yean.
Joha Klsune!, a, musician. 2xS iah st,
N. E. Hen S rnn.
John Kemp, a, bartender, 13S TTls. are.
nan 3 rears.
lellr Kohn Al knv 122 ICenTon st.
N. TV Hen 24 Mara -
Oieald Ihm.nn ! rl.rk. 3013 llth ft.
N. E. Born at German embassy. WasMnx-
ton. p. C.
iVIlllam iMffler. 31. ataoecalter. Kl llth
at, X. E. Hen I years.
Elsie Landler. 31. (orernesi. IMS HUlyer
pi. Uw 12 reare. A
Frederick A. Lorens 40, baker. 411 Q st,
X. TV. Hen II jeare.
Ernst Lenxner. Si. sculptor, 34J New Tork
ae N. W Here 10 yean ..
rTaas F. H. Uadner. S3, woodcanrer. 1013
lth st, N. TV. Here 11 years.
Ferdlnsnd Lercbe. 3? clerk. S3 Ioulalsna
see. X. TV. Hen 3 yaara.
Frederick W. Tvuckat. a. butcher, 20T7
Railroad are. Hen II yean.
Vite Leptwld. 71, retired. 433 Park rd. .
TV. Hen U years. .
Karl Uanaxcsyk, 22. carpenter. 1241 Haw
Jersey are. N. TV. Here t jtn.
Leo A. Maaaaen. M, batter, 1730 Uth at, K.
TV. Hen S years.
Erlck F. Mains, r. tanner. 2T1I Wisconsin
are. , Mere e nn e
Caroline J. ilail. 42, maid. 1313 B st. X. E.
lltn 34 yean.
Fene C Beyer, 24. housekeeper, 14 Kll
bourne pj, X. W. Here yeara.
John J. Marsraf. 3. atodeat. Holy Cross
Collece. Here 10 yeara.
Minnie 11. Slyer. 2S. housekeeper. T0S tth
st 8. E. Hen 10 years.
Maria E. Uroaa. 41. art needlework. 1214
13th at. X. W. Hen 2T rears.
Frederick W. Merkle, to. waller. 1111 Penn
eytranla are. X. W. Hen I yean.
Otto P. Mohler. S3, baker and carpenttr.
too East Capitol it. Hen T yean.
William II. Mahr. S3, no occupation. ST1S
Woodley rd. Here 47 years.
Guitar F. Marx, a. boiler. M3 Uth at. X.
w. Hen a years.
' Charles It. Miller. 17. aalesman, lit Ward
dub CAartm litre 77 veera.
Louls Mont, 41. florut. National Training
scnool ror soya. Hen se years
Euseae B. O. Nlcolalt a. baker. Conti
nental Hotel. Hen 10 yean.
Paul W. Xeubert. 34. waiter. 2120 H st, X.
W. Hen S years. te
Ellxabeth E. Oeser, 3. nurse, 1711 R st. X.
W. Hen 4 reara
Frederick OppenBelmer. a, bookkeeper, UK
iitn st. -v. TV. Htn u reara.
Henry C. Prirre, 30, fireman, 103 20th St.
X. W. Ben 3 yeara.
Frederick W. Pott. r). butler, 1107 X. B.
are. X. W. Htrm S yean.
Mary O. Id. Pelu, S3, cashier, 1320 X. Cap.
at. Hen IS yean.
Janets Pslllm, n, butler, 1411 20th st, X. TT.
lien 3 yean.
Julius Rosesfeld. 24, cook. T30 Tth st. X. E.
Here I yeara.
Robert W. Roeake. 37, mechanic, til X. St.
X. W. Hen II yean.
Henry a. Rodde. a, butler, 1 1Mb st.
X. W. Hen 4 yean.
Antoinette Relchsrt, a, nana. S3 B. T,
are, N. W. Bere a yeara.
Aiurost Raunn. jr., M. baker, 1113 Montello
an. X. E. Here 31 yean.
Johanna U. Raacher, 37, masseur, 2111 X
It. X. W. Hm 7 yean.
Sebastian Relehert. 31, butcher. 1211 D at.
S. E. Htn I yean.
Richard p. Rothlg, a, butcher. 1340 D st.
8. E. Hen 3 yean.
Adolf Stem. 33, batcUr. Ill llth st. X. E.
Bere I years.
Bophle M. Schnets, S3, maid, Itn B it,
X. W. Hen 31 yean.
Helena 11. L. Btaelrer, SI, gOTerneas, 1M1
ai- ... v. xiere . jeeje.
IJdwla.BEclrrmantkV 44. Iremrorkar, 117
Chepberd pi. X. W Hen 4 yean.
, - . ". wm,.... w. Hi..,., Illllgl,!,
V jimrw m years.
EnustiJC. gahlmarm, a, claim stent. 3d
L st and-paTats. X. W Hen S yean.
Matilda A. Kill. 31. hairdresser, 13 2d st,
, XXWHa.t yeara.
Tl Aana'SC Sarartr. 34. gersmess, C04 Chducy
St. X. W. Hen 10 yeara.
John J. BtahlJ 3. waiter. 1314 H at, it. TT.
Minr-rnrit 2
''"John SchTtarzzcann. (I. blacksmith, 401
Adams st, X. E. Hen 43 Years.
Kort O. Scbellack, 34, anxlneer. ill
Bobert pL Hen 3 yean.
Jacob Schllllns. N, electrlcUn. 337 Xew
Tork are. X. W. Here I yean.
Frederick Rterult. U. baker. 2201 Xlcbols
are. Hen a yean.
Alvts BaUscb, SI, baker, SHU Sth st, B. E.
Ben i yean.
I WUbelm Straaser, 41, baker, 1130 X. Can.
. at. Hen 3 years,
I Charles U gtlefel. C2. tailor, 2CT Flaalsr
'pi. X. W. Here C3 yean. er
I Marxaret fitelnle. 41, domestic, SOS Pa.
are. X. W. Hen a yean.
William Teufel. 3. welter. 1420 Q st, X. W.
1 Here 4 yean.
Theophlle H Triebler. S3, chef. 33 20th at,
X. W. Hen 3 yeara.
Fndrrtck P. Thierbarh. 43, engineer, 4411
Wisconsin ave. Hen 30 yean.
Herman p. Vollmer. 40, piano manufacturer
S3 R SIX. W. Hen a years. """r
, John II. Vebueb. 47, labonr, 1124 4U
X. W. Here 47 yean.
' Appollonla Wettintel. 24. nune,
I Hcecltal. Hen rean
taienune neoer, M, Paker, 13 B st. X. W.
, Prortdence
This Space Contributed by
War Savings Committee
of the District of Columbia
Her 2t year,
0orf Wclsaraller. M. fcrakemin. mo b ,t.
8. E. Hire Sa ytmrt.
Moci Wurttbuner, U, tileirnan. SU M tU
S. U. Her It years.
Crl TT. WBer, .t. plnmfctr. Uth and
ErirtJ U N 11 Hera 71 yer
Albert I. Wolff, ti, micblnUt. 70S A at.
a K Here 8 ye.ra.
pi ... m. i,w, , jrcKre
llarij E. Zlenaa. 47. none. 141 4th st. X.
Subjects of the Auatro-Hunz-arlan
John O. Asruftins. 31. barber, U Seatea
pi X. W. Here 13 years.
Catherine Berfcer. 23. domeitlc, J710 On,
tarlo rd Here 10 years.
Nicholas Brlckner, a. uphelllerer, 219 Jeha
aiarenau pi. iiere s yean.
EUtU Brleeo, z fruit dealer, t&4 llth L
X W Hen & years.
Andrew Bmkanden. 4, rardener, Urlnx-
Paul r. Banuck so. rr-rhneT. a H
It. X. W Heie 21 years ,
j"rd Bnuhardl. 24. tlnnrr, ajj ;th .t x.
W Here 3 yeara
Philip niual. 73 ehremaker, 311 4U ,t.
3 W. Here 33 yeere.
Jrthn Cpei-lo. zt, ealtrr, s10 t .t X. W
Herr 3 years
Philip Plsll. 2. npho'eterer. SIT 7r eL S
E. Ilre 4 yeere
htephen Dnieha.kl, il, Mker. si; II st. X
XV Here 4 yer
Barnard Rckr, 44. mhln.tmaker, 1160 Xeer
j.ney are H. C. Here 13 yeerv
niee Helen Elexl.r. 33. aeeletiu .. -flan,
l;43 Vewton eL X IV Hr 10 e.-ir
John A. del-. A tailor, 707 Hiirvnrd at,
V W Here 11 years
Joepli C Filler, 27, tailor, !! rti et, X.
n Mere 12 eers.
nenutt rrledmen. 40, Intlor. CCI II if X.
H. Here 12 eaie
Soptile Feleen. M. corneu, J.13 X t X
W II re II yean
lUnroy rirn.hl. 3, aovein.se, TA'yoinlnr
apart. Here 4 yean.
Samu.l Gall. 3.1, letter. 2CI3 Cenlrr tt X.
W Here li jeirs.
Inieph no,linn, 41. lallor, 1117 lilt. t, x
W. Hre It ymn
John I. Jhork. 51 Ml.nnun MS Uth st.
V w Here ears.
John J Kaexcauk. a, eleeti Irian, 704 Xew
Jerery eve X W Here II jeers
Stephen Kr-lofpr, 34, rrtatirreur, 7.12 Q gt.
; v Here 4 years
Jnhenn I. Krl. X trellrr. 1:4 o ut
. Here I rears
pnul Ketrlnv 35, tellor. U K et V V
llrre l reels
Jerrh ICAhnheneeT. ri stnrrr. fs V st
X W Ifere 4 years
John Knrra, 33. loiter, TU I. , a E
Here II yen
i.r.h fCrallrek. SI ronrerttonrr te 1,11.
m N W Here yrars
se Uehnian. S3 Itorlel 1401 K.ti, .t
N W Here II yeere
j,roli l.nn ?, rleik, -is nt., 1(1
Here yean
Arllmr Mlnek, -t flier UU fll, () -j w
Here 1" jren
Paul Merlclt. t wire worker ; j,.t
n t Hen IT Jtsa.
Emma Miller. 24, milliner, 30J K st, X. W
Ben 3 yean.
Prank A. Xovotny. 3. baker. 3 1th st.
a E. Hen 10 yean.
Frank Xorotny, 64. bat maker, SOS Mary
land ave X. E. Hen 4 yean.
DeTd Ortlan. 3, baker, 123 7th st. X. W.
aim rears.
Joeeph Oflenbacher, -a, taller, 141 Bates st.
X W. Hen S ran
John Preseler, XI. haberdasher, 11(7 Lament
";.N"i w- Ben 3 n.
Michael C Pressler. 43. resuunteur. 43
. tt. s E. Here 3 years
Joeef F. Rosner. 3. musician. TI4 tth st,
X. E. Hen I yran.
Xlko'a Rendullc. XI. Iron aorker, IC2 G st,
8. W. Hen II yean.
Anechel rtoeen. 24. waiter. TOT 3d st, X. W.
Hen mn.
Frank Reltn. 41. labonr, 34 IJnwcrth pi.
8. TV Hen 3 yean.
St. Plero Rodyuko. 3. lawyer. Xew Cor
eonn Hotel. Hen S montlis.
Morris Bote. S3, tailor. 1IIC Id St. X. W
Here, 15 yean.
Edward J. Samoyden, 22, telecraph opentor,
HM W et. 8. E. Hen 11 yean.
Philip Sraatner. 3. mechanic. 23H TJnwood
pi. X. W. Hen 4 years.
Era Schneider, 3, seamstress, a Itb st, X
E. Hen I yean.
Anton Schreth. 41. laborer. 132 Anaceetia
road. Herv 4 years.
Georxe Schweler. 41, butcher. Ill Batea st.
. t. tiers s yean.
Oeorxe Hilier. H. fireman. 313 B st. X. W
Hen I yean.
Valerian J Von Plencsykowskl, 3. farmer.
4114 Chesapeake at. Here 11 years.
Marie B Wakner. 23. milliner. S3 Sheppard
st- X. W Here 3 yean.
Erall Wolf. a. waiter. U1J llth at, X..TV.
Hen 11 years.
I Katie Wokateet. 3 student. KB K tt. X. W.
I Here 3 years.
J?.'."!!.0 .Vnar"n 3- enttner. 13 Aha
icoetla rd Here 4 yran
wr1""", Vr'l' 3- uU'r- Co00- re. X.
I v. Hen 14 yean
iJ?Jl'"m- ""or IK Kramer at. X.
1 Ceorre Woloesyn 3. wheelrrrizht. SIT 2d
st. X. W Here. 4 yean.
George Weaecbeldler. St. butler, ah st, and
Woodlev rd Her' T yean.
Joseph Wolf. 3X Iron worker. 231 park et.
8. E. Hen U yeara. "
Morris WltUln. St. meat dealer. 10 X. C
are Here II yean
Frank Zrrrtna. 21. oil refiner. 319 12Ui s
8. E. II n i Teem.
'trVT 0 .
Special Low Prices
Officers' Uniforms.
Madevto-measure regulation artnv rarmenli
about 20 per cent under the nsnal prices. Guar
Tinteed perfect as to fit and detail
We can make delivery in three days, if necessary
Guaranteed 30 or.
Olive Drab
IS?.-. U2M
N ewcorn & Green
TJnlferee Tnllere
AVsAfalnxtoa, D. C.
Open Saturday Rrenlnaa.
j e..v;
lOll to lenow
aljoiir Jiis new career
Sit! Hes a aeieciivel
Booili larkiiidioit
ieils' cJjoiii ii aix
Other great writers in this number: OWEN JOHNSON,
HERBERTKAUFMAN. Interestingly illustrated by

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