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President Wilson Sets Forth United States' War. Aims Before Congress in , Joint Session
(Continued from Flrt Page.
ets of autocracy, but the true repre
sentatives of the people.
Perhaps the most Important, If not
the most acceptable article In Mr.
Wilson's speech. Is his outspoken ad
vocacy of a. removal of "all economic
barriers" and the "establishment of
n equality of trade conditions among
all the nations consenting to the peace
and associating- themselves far its
-malntensnce." By this language, he
does not recede from his previous po
sition nor does he repudiate the allied
threat of trade discrimination, but he
Insists that a real peace n which all
the nations guarantee hereafter to
become partners In a league of na
tions shall mean the removal of every
trade barrier that can possibly lead to
ws. between nations.
The President includes what Lloyd
Geo.e omits. Mr. Wilson Is explicit
In his argument for a reduction flf
armaments and goes the whole dis
tance by saying that armies and nav-
Iss should be diminished to "the point
consistent with domestic 6afety."
This contrdlcts Mr. Roosevelt's plea
for permanent conscription, but at
the same time it would relieve the
peoples of the whole world from the
terrific burdens of taxation which the
maintenance of big ramies and navies
In peace time must comprehend
Mr. Wilson .outdoes even the radi
cals of Russia by his denunciation
of secret treaties, because he puts It
flrst In his statement of peace terms,
and insists that It shall be a viola
tion or International law to make a
secret treaty. This Is the most pro
nounced sep in the direction of
world democracy ever put forth by
the head of an important nation. It
will make it possible for the people
to be acquainted always with the de
tails of foreign relations, ro-that. they
may never'again bo Jed Into war by
the schemes of autocracy's few men.
Throughout Congress there was a
wave of approval of the "main princi
ples enunciated by President Wilson.
The speech will go down In history
as his greatest utterance. It is a gen
erous offer of peace to Germany, a
reasoned statement "of America's lofty
and unselfish position In thlsvwar.
It mut heaUen'.Ruasla, stimulate
the peoples of TGreat 3rltalh and
siBsr,p.,ra "A&ttjsssh-i&tmmptitt
hastening the day when thsiOerman
. ...... , .-- -.. .
people shaltgaln possession of their
government, ana tnereoy Dring peace
and ad end of suffering- to the civil
ized world.
After full Investigation of the case
of Mrs. Zebble Robblns, sixty-one
jears old. who died last night at
'aaualty Hospital, Coroner Nevltt to
day Issued a certificate of accidental
death, giving aa the cause carbon
1 monoxide.
lira. Bobbins was taken to the hos
pital Saturday from 1338 North Caro
lina avenue northeast, after being
found unconscious In her room, a gas
stove having eaten up all the oxygen
n the apartment. She lived with Mr.
and Mrs. William J. Brower. whose
two children almost were burned to
death by an electric beater tLe same
Soros wit defined op
timism as "not caring what
happens just so it doesn't
happen to me."
That kind of optimism
Is not possible in the world
any more. Nor is the op
timism which says "peace,
peace when there is no
The ends of the world
are too close to each other,
the universal problem Is
too complex, all men are
too interdependent.
These very conditions
have made necessary a
great world newspaper
such as The Christian
Science Monitor.
From its own news
bureaus all over the world
to its subscribers in every
corner of the globe it tells
the news of the great con
flict, exposes the causes
and presents the remedy.
It has no doubt about
the result.
Have you ever seen a
copy of this remarkable
The Christian Science
Monitor, published in
Boston, arrives in Wash
ington each morning and
is distributed by mall or
through newsdealers.
Sample copies will bo
gladly sent upon request.
TV Osiabaa Sdsaes Mssr
Cshrsfc BtjMiac WssUajtsey. C
Gentlemen of the Congress:
Orce more, as repeatedly be
fore, the spokesmen of the cen
tral powers have indicated their
desire to discuss the objects of
the war and the possible bases of
a general peace.
Parleys have been In progress
at Brest Llfjvsk between Russian
representatives and representa
tives of the central powers
to which the attention of all the
blllegerents have been invited
for the purpose of ascertaining
whether it may be possible to ex
tend the parleys Into a general
conference with regard to terms
of peace and settlement.
liaaslaa Program. Detnlte,
The Russian representatives
presented not only a perfectly
definite statement of the princi
ples upon which they would be
willing to conclude ' peace but
also an equally definite, program
of the concrete' application of
those principles. ,
The representatives of 'the cen
tral powers on their .part, pre
sented an outline of settlement,
which, if much less definite,
seemed susceptible, of Jiberal In
terpretation until th.elr specific
program of practical-terms was
That ni-npram nrahmi1 Tin rein.
cessions at all -either to the sov
ereignty of Russia" or tirlne ref-
tamMo .
l-hn fnrtnKa' .It- rfU Kt.t
meant,- th a word. that fhj cen
tral empires were to keep 'every
fopt of territory- .their armed
forces had occupied every-prov-
Ince, every city, every point of
vantage as a permanent addi
tion to their territories and their
Snrgeetlon Was Teuton's.
It is a reasonable conjecture
that the general principles of
settlement which they at flrst
suggested originated with the
more liberal statesmen of Ger
many and Austria, the men who
have begun to feel the force of
their own peoples thought and
purpose, while the concrete terms
of actual settlement came from
the military leaders who have
no thought but to keep what
they have got.
The negotiations have been
broken off. The Russian repre
sentatives were sincere and In
earnest. They cannot entertain
such proposals of conquest and
Incident Significant.
The whole Incident U full of
significance. It Is also full of
perplexity. With whom are the
Russian representatives dealing?
for whom are the representatives
of the central empires speaking?
Are they speaking for the ma
jorities of their respective parlia
ments or for the minority parties,
that military and imperialistic
minority party which has so far
dominated their whole olcy and
controlled the affairs of Turkey
and of the Balkan stales which
have felt obliged to become their
associates In this war?
Demanded Open Doors.
The Russian representatives
have insisted, very justly, very
wisely, and In the true spirit of
modern democracy, that the con
ferences they have been holding
with the Teutonic and Turkish
statesmen should be held with
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open, not closed dor, and. with the
whole world as an audience was
To whom have we bean, listen
ing, those who speak trie spirit
and intention of the resolutions of
the German Reichstag of the Oth
of July last, the spirit and Inten
tion of the liberal leaders and
parties of Germany, or to those
who resist and defy that -spirit
and Intention and Jnsist upon con
quest and -subjugation?
Or are we listening. In fact, to
both, unreconciled and Jn open
and hopeless contradiction? These
are very serious and pregnant
questions. . Upon the answer o
them depends the .peace of 'the
Challenge t Make Statement ."
But, whatever the results of the"
parleys at Rrest Lltoyslc, what
ever the confusions of counsel and
of purpose in the .utterances of
the spokesmen of the central em
pires, they have again attempted
to acquaint the world with their
objects iq the war .and have again
challenged their adversaries to
say what .Jhelr objects are and
.what sort of settlement they
would deem Just and satisfactory.
There Is no good reason why
that challenge should not be re
sponded to, and responded to with
the utmost candor. We did not
wait for It. Not once, but again
and again, we have laid our whole
thought and purpose before the
' world, not In general-terms only,
but each time with sufficient de
finition to make M, dear what
sort of definitive terms of settle
ment must necessarily spring out
of them.
Within the last week Mr. I.loyd
George has spoken with admir
able candor and In admirable
spirit for the people and govern
ment of Great Britain- There is
no confusion of counsel among
the adversaries of the central
powers, no jmcertalnty of prln
- clple, no vagueness of detail.
Foe Are Secretive.
The only secrecy of counsel, the
only lack of fearless frankness,
the only failure to make definite
statement of the, object of the
war, s with Germany and. her
allies. The Issues of life' and
death hang upon these definitions.
Ko statesman who has the least'
conception of his responsibility
ought for a moment' to permit
himself to continue this tragical
and appalling outpourlng'of blood
and treasure unless he is sure be--yond
a peradventure that the
objects of the vital sacrifice are
part and parcel of the very life
of society and that the people
for whom he speaks think them
right and imperative as he does.
Russians Ask Light.
There Is, moreover, a voice call
ing for these definitions of prln-'
ciple and of purposes which is,
it seems to mc. more thrilling and
more compelling than any of the
many moving voices with which
the troubled air of the world is
It Is the voice of the Russian
people. They are prostrate and
all but helpless. It would seem, be
fore the grim power of Germany,
I HKLDorilNi:. Jan. S. The entire
j cabinet resigned today, the result of
1 the recent vote against conscription
Hon. !'. G. Tudor, formerly minister
of trade, was asked to form a new
. Appreciating;, the Influencn of Amer
ican newspapers for good citizenship
and the inculcation o' American
thought. Justice .Siddons today urged
upon those candidates .for citizenship
whote native tongue In not English
to read dally American ne-vspape'ra In were postponed to give them an op
natlvc language and to cutttvat fportunlty to study up on American in
preference to papers printed in theli stltuMons
' ' ' " ' MCsnrrtsM. sW.tt.sV'-rstbnaa.l
I .. ' .--
whlch"1ia'hftrrerto known no e
lentlng and no- pity. Their power,,;.
-apparenur,. is .snauereo. -
And yet their soul la not-sub
servient. cey will not yield
cither In principle or In action.
-Their conception of what Is right,
of what It Is humane and. honor
- able for them to accept, had
-been stated with a frankness, a
largeness of view, a generosity of
spirit, and a universal human
sympathy which must challenge
..the admiration of every friend of
mankind: and they have refused
to compound their Ideals or de
sert others that they themselves
may be safe..
Ask -far Statesaeat.
They call to us to say what it
'Is that we desire. In- what, -if
In anything, -our purpose and our
spirit differ; from theirs; and I be-'
lieve that the people of the United
States would wish me to respond,
with utter simplicity and frank
ness. Whether their present lead
ers believe It or not, it is our
heartfelt desire and hope that
some way may be opened whereby
we may be privileged to assist
the people of Russia to attain
their utmost hope of liberty and
ordered peace.
It will be our-wlsh and purpose
that the processes of peace, when
they are begun, shall be abso
lutely open and that they shall
Involve and permit henceforth no
secret understanding of any kind.
The day of -conquest, and aggran
dizement is gone by; so is also
the day of secret covenants en
- tered Info In the Interest of par
ticular governments and likely to
some unlooked for moment to up
set the peace of the world.
It Is this happy fact, now clear
to the view of every public man
whose thoughts do not still linger
. In an age -that Is dead and gone,
which makes It possible for every
. nation whose purposes are con
sistent with justice and the peace
k of the 'world to avow now or at
any, other time he objects It has
in -view.
nights Violated.
We entered this war because
violations of right hsd occurred
which touched us to the quick
and made the life of our own
people,. Impossible unless -they
were corrected and the world se
cured once for all against their
Whs.t we demand In this war,
therefore, Is nothing peculiar to
ourselves. It Is that the world
. be made fit and safo to live In:
' and particularly that it be made
safe for every peace loving na
tion which, like our own, wishes,
to live Its own life, determine its
. own Institutions, be assured of
Justice and fair dealing by the
other peoplea of the world as
against force and Hflju aggres
sion. All the peoplea ef Ike world
are In effect partners la this In
terest nnd far eur nwn part we
see very rlearly that nnlesa Jus
tlcr be dene te other It will net
be done ta us. The program of
the world's peaee, therefore, la
eur Drearami and that rag ran.
he only possible pragram, aa we
see It, Ui
I. Open revenanta f
Germans Set Death
Traps in Paths of
American Soldiers
l'A HIS, Jan. 8. Pevllish devices
to trap American soldiers
near tho front sre being discov
ered, but to date the Americans
have suffered no casualties there
from because of being forewarn
ed, saya a dispatch from American
headquarters In Trance.
Pits In which are planted bombs:
see-aaw boards which when step
ped on explode a mine; bombs
camouflaged by rorfina: and var
lotia other devices have been
found. Imitation dugouts In
which were hidden explolves have
which were hidden explosives have
as bne form of trap falls of Its
purpose, the Germane attempt
new ones.
closer contact with Amer.can speak
ing people.
After closely questioning the candi
dates on matters pertaining to the
Constitution and the American Gov
ernment and satisfying himself or
their fitness to become citizens. Jus
tice Siddons admitted tii- follpwlnir
to citizenship: Meyer Brown, Paul
Zsphyrus. Nathan Norman Smller, Jo
seph Lord, Louis Margplls Ole Chrls
tensen, Isaac Mendelson. Myer Harris.
James Orlssam Turner, Isaac Said
man, Marie Cannlzzo. John Sullivan
Ilanlon, Antonio Barons, ad Michael
The rases or some or tin applicants
..a. -
m . ST. A
penly arrived at.. -afterwalek ,
tftT.zl. Jberea ain bno BrtTateJiiteriia-
".ft1oJiaJ-inderstandliiTn at any sOneV-
Dai -aipiemaey anni prseera. -waya
frankly and ta tho, public
S. Absolute freedom of naviga
tion upon the aeaa. outside terri
torial water, alike In peace and
In war, except aa the aeaa may be
Vloied' In whole er In part by In
ternational aetlon far the enforce
ment of Internntional eotenanta.
3. The removal, ao far aa pos
sible, of all economic barrier nnd
the establishment' of an equality
f trade condition among all the
nntlana consenting te the pence
and assoelatlng themselves for
Its maintenance.
4. Adequate- guarantee given
and taken that national arma
ment will be reduced to the low
eat points consistent with domes
tic aaf ety.
5 A free, open-minded, and ab
solutely Impartial adjustment of
all colonial claim, baaed upon
a strict observance ef the princi
ple that In determining all auea
question ef evrrebxnty the In
terest of the papulation concern
ed must have equal weight with
the equitable claim of the gov
ernment whoee title Is te be deter
mined. Rnsa Territory Free.
6 Tbe evacuation of all Rus
sian territory and such a settle
ment ef all, question affecting;
Russia a will secure the beat
anil xreeat ca operation of the
other natlena ef the warld In ob
taining for her an nnbamperc-d
nnd unembarrassed opportunity
for the Independent djetermlna
tlan of her ewu political develop
ment and national policy and aa.
anre her ef a alncere welcome
Into the society ef free nation
tinder Institution of her own
choosing! nnd more than a wet
eome assistance alo of every
kind that she may need and may
herself dealre.
Tbe treatment accorded Rnssla
by ber sister nation In the
months to come will he tbe arid
test ef their good will.' of their
comprehension of ber need a
distinguished from their own In
terests nnd of their Intelligent and
uiiseluah ajntpathy.
7 Ilelglum. the whole world
will agree, mail be rvneunted and
restored, without nny attempt to
limit the aovrrrlgnty which she
enjoy In common with all other
free natlena. o other elude set
will serve a thl will serve to
restore roufldenee among the na
tion In the law which they have
themaelte set nnd determined for
the government of their relation
with one another. Without thla
healing art the whole structure
nnd validity ef International law
la foreierrlo.palred.
X. All French territory ahenld
he freed nnd tbe Intaded porllona
reatored, nnd the vtrornr done to
Kroirre by I'riiKaln In 1S7I In the
matteryaf Alaare-Lerralne, which
ha unsettled the .peace of the
l-'armeres throughout tho country
will be assured top-notch prices for
their products next season, and thus
a bumper crop seem to be assured.
This was the declaration today of Sec
retary of Agriculture Houston, ad
dressing state food adnilnli-trators
here for a two-day conference with
Federal Administrator Hoover.
Secretary Houston said that his de
partment was co-operating with the
food administration in the whole mat
ter f stimulating production and
conservation, and outlined his pro
gram aimed to bring about the pro
duction of the heaviest crops in the
history of the country. He believes j
that the assurance of high prices to
the farmers will result-In the plant
ing" of thousands of additional acres.
The administrators will thresh out ,
several important matters during
their conference, one of which will
ii iim patahllHliment of county ad
ministrators In every state. Tills !
plan hss been adopted In many states '
and ha smet with good results In j
bringing about a rloser Inter- hange '
with the state administrators.
T-jtorid, for 'nearly fty 7eers..
ahouloV be arlgbted la order that'
-. peace.may "once nfpre.be snade ae
enre'tn 'the- Interest ef 'all.
."A 'ridJastnient""or the frosi-
tiers' of Italy should be effected
along clearly recognisable llaea ef
10. The peoplea ef Auatrla-Hua.
a-ary, whose place among- the nn
tlona we wish, ta aee safeguarded
and assured, should be accorded
the freest opportunity at autono-.
Bou develepmeat.
Restoration of Territory.
11. Roans anla. Serbia and Monte
negro ahaald be evacuated t occu
pied territories restored! Serbia
v accorded tree aad seca-re. access te
the seat and the relatione ef the
several Balkan atatea to one an
other determined by friendly conn
ael along hlaforieaTIy eatabllahed
lines of allegtaaee aad nationality!
and International guarantee of
the politlcnl nnd economic Inde
pendence nnd territorial Integrity
ef the aeveral Balkan atatea
ahould be entered Into.
13. The Turkish portions ef the
present Ottoman Empire ahould
be asaured a aecure aorerelgnty,
but the ether nationalities which
are now nnder Turkish rule
ahould be asaured aa undoubted
security of life and an absolute
ly unmolested opportunity ef au
tonomous development, aad the
Dardanelles ahould be permanent
ly opened aa a free passage to
-the aaipa and commerce of all na
tion ujider International guaran
tees, e
Independent Poland.
13. An Independent Polish atate
ahould be erected which ahould
Include the territories Inhabited
by Indisputably Polish popula
tions, which ahould be assured a
free nnd secure acees te the era
nnd whose political and economic
Independence and territorial In
tegrity hould be guaranteed by
nter'natlonal coventnt.
ft. A general association of na
tion must be formed under spec
ific caj-ennnl for the purpose ef
affording mutual guarantee ef
political Independence and terri
torial Integrity to great aad
mall states alike.
In regard to these essential
rectifications of wrong and asser
tions of right we feel ourselves
to be Intimate partners of all the.
governments and peoples asso
ciated together against the Im
perialists. We cannot be separat
ed In interest or divided In pur
pose. We stand together until
the end. "l
For such arrangements and cov
enants we are willing to fight and
Every Man, Woman and Child .
in the District of Columbia can server our beloved Countiy-.-'anoV
helfMo save the lives of "Our boys over there" and in addition
make a profitable investment, by purchasing ' -:
For Sale in Our Liberty Loan. Dept., 1505 Penna. Ave., adjobling the Bank
In the Month of December
up to January 1, 1918 the sales of War Savings Stamps -and
Thrift Stamps, through this bank, amounted to ; -- . ' " '
WAR SAVINGS STAMPS: 10,480 at $4.12
THRIFT STAMPS: B,654 at 25c
Total, $44,841.10
We take this opportunity to express to the patrons of the bank
our appreciation, alid congratulate them on this splendid response to
the call of our country at war. .
The RiggS National Bank
Capital and Surplus ....... $3,000,000
Resources over . . - $20,000,000
tp-continue to flghtruntnthey are
achieved; "but only because we
wish the right torpjevall and de
slrea Just and stable peace such
as can be secured only by remov
ing" the ehl,f provocations to
war, which Jhls program does re--move.
IVet Jealous ef Germany.
' We have no Jealousy of Ger
man greatness, and there Is noth
ing In this program that Impairs
it We grudge her no achieve
ment or distinction of learning or
of pacific enterprise such as have
'tnade' her record very bright and
very enviable.
We do not wish to Injure her
or to block In any .way her legiti
mate Influence or power.. We do
not wish to fight her either with
arms or with hostile arrangements
of trade if she Is willing to asso
ciate herself with us and the other
peace loving nations of the world
In covenants of Justice and law
and fair dealing.
We wfsh her only to accept a
place of equality among the peo
ples of the-world the new world
In which we now live Instead of
a place of mastery.
Neither do we presume to sug
gest to her any alteration or rnoai
flcatlon of her Institutions: Bat it
Is necessary, we must frankly say,
and necessary aa a preliminary to
any Intelligent dealings with her
on our part, that we should know
whom her stTokesmen speak for'
wherrthey speak to us, whether
Reichstag; majority-- or " for the
military party, and the men whose
creed Is Imperial' domination.
Leave X Deuhf.
We have spoken now, surejjr,
in terms too concrete to admit of
any further doubt or question.
An evident' principle through the
whola-pfogTMnr.X have outlined.
It la; jhrprncijl of Justice to all
peop.es. .aid.'- nationalities and
their right to live on equal terms
of llbetiy ahd- safety with one
another whether he be strong or
Unless this- principle be made
' Its foundation, no, .part of the
structure of international Justice
can stand.- The people of the
United States could act upon no
rther principle and to the vindi
cation of this principle they are
ready to devote their lives, their
honor, and everything that they
possess. The moral climax of
thjs "the culminating and final
war for human liberty has come,
and they are ready to put their
own strength, their own highest
purpose, their own Integrity and
devotion to the test.
Announcement that President "WJI
on had decided to take Congress
Into his confidence on the interna
tional sltu-atioq cameaa; a -complete
surprise .today. No such action. fiad
been exucjed; 3Vj!en"tW tvfifte
House let If be known -at lf:30 inat
the Chief Executive had asked for
a Joint aesalon to "discuss the Inter
national situation there was hardly
a corporal's guard of members pt
either the Senate or the House at the
CapltoL Hurry- calls, were Immedi
ately sent broadcast for the meta
bers to hurry to. the building... The
result was that practically every taxi
cab In town was commandeered- by
members who .wanted to, know jvhat
It alL waa about
The White House' had .no Informa
tion on the subject. All members
who called up Secretary Tumulty and
his assistants were Informed that the
President had simply let It be known
that he "decided to discuss the later
national situation. -There- waa- no
Information, -aa -to why the President
had acted In such a. precipitate man
ner. ' -
'Meat in Ignorance..
It had been understood ever since
Lloyd George made his "peace.terms"
speech to the British laborites that
President' Wilson would discuss the.
war outlook, and especially the Rus
sian situation. But as late as 11
o'clock this morning nine-tenths of
tbe Senate and House"" membership
waa In ignorance of the fact that the"
President waa to talk - -
The President .and. Mrs. Wilson
spent tbe .early morning on fha
muddy golf T links? ' Within five min
utes after he returned to the White
House the- President hsd the Senate,
and House leaders, notified, that con
ditions had. arisen which made it
necessary that a. special joint" "session
be arranged as sdott as possible; He
was told that 12:30 would satisfy the
members and the, caU for. -a. Joint
gathering- at that Jiour was immedi
ately sent out ' s
There was the usual 'wild 'specula
tion. Every sort of- a guess was on
tap as to what It all- meant .Staid.
Senators, who .usually are placid no
matter what develops, admitted that
they were puzzled over the precipi
tate action of .the Executive,
Just as an evidence of the surprise
which the. announcement that the
President WsJ "coming- to the-Capltol
created the Serbian mission was to
have .been received by the House at
the exact moment demanded by the
President "
Galleries Soon FI1L
Although, the "House galleries were
mntf when the 'lower bodv mat thav
soon began "to till up. -Th ward tha
uze rviasnt- wa caroms; .snn.ini nv
he would talk upon the international -situation
spread rapidly and- abon
members were being besieged for
tickets of admission. The usual strict
rules governing admission, .were en
forced. -
As soon as the President reached
the Capitol he went directly to-Speak- ,
er Clark's private qfCce to awilCth
assembling of the two houses; In i
addition to the majority leaders Of t
the Senile and'the House pttmbtti off
the Foreign Affairs Commlttees-were
namd to escort tile' Chief Executive: to
the platform.
Mrs. Wilson, with the members of
I the President's family and some
guests reacnea the Capitol nve mm- 3
utes after the President -arrived and -went
at once to the executive gal
lery. Five minutes before the Pres
ident was scheduled to. beglrr to talk
the diplomatic allrywas empty.
i '
Edith Dickydear. your office Is in.
State street. Isn't ItT " .
Dicky Tes. Why?
Edith That's what I told. papa. He
made such.a.funny mistake about you
yesterday; He said he's been look
ing you up in Bradstreet". Exchange.
IK '
KM '

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