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WasMngtonians May
Soon See British
Tanks on Streets
CAilP MEADE. Md, Jan. 21. Of
ficers were all compelled to stand
rerellle this mornlx. It meant lln
Inr up full strength at 6:30 a. m., a
frIrM boor even on the day that are
lei arctic than the wont the winter
has produced. The showing: of hun
dred! of officers In every regiment
was an Impressive one.
From now on there Is to be no ex
ception to this rule, no matter how
cold or how late the work of the
night before mar continue. Night
drills were held by several organiza
tions last night, but this morning all
were out in answer to the call of the
bugle. The generals, colonels, and
others of high degree were there, too.
The officers, those who have been
here from the first, and those Who
arrived Jn December, are now having
a full course In riding. Oood horse
manship Is being Insisted upon, even
fkfinrh It la rftallsftil that th.r mav
be less chance for mounted service)
than In any previous war. The finest
horsemanship Is shown by officers
who had their early training In the
cavalry, such aa the City Troop men.
If you see a huge British tank
playfully cavorting about the
streets of Washington, don't be
And If you see a sweet young
thing driving it, don't tv to flirt
with her.
These sights soon mav be com
mon, according to Miss Florence
King. Chicago's woman lawyer.
"Women soon wll. be driving
tractors In war work, but they
must learn to do what they can
not do now" said Miss King.
Miss King Is president of the
Woman's Association f Com
merce of the United S ites. and
Is starting a campaign to In
crease the production of the
country's gardens and conserve
the food supply. In tNs cam
paign huge tractors, ditven by
girls, will be sent though the
streets of every city In the
United States.
of Philadelphia, now officers of the
313th, the Baltimore regiment.
To a great extent In the national
army the Idea haa been to give a
man the thing to do that he already
knows how to do. but It has been nec
essary to put on horses many men
who never rode before. The top
sergeants, the orderlies, and others
are showing quickness in learning
under the expert Instruction provided.
719 11TH STREET N. W.
3 Doors Above ratal Royal.
Smart Spring Hats
Handsomely Trimmed.
Many attractive styles, colors and '
new poke shapes, side roll effects,
sailors, mushrooms, etc.
beorgette Crepe, Milan, Liserie anc
.Hand-made isatra Straws.
nHr..!!..? $5and$7.5t
We have added to our regular stock a com
plete line of Mourning Hats.
J f
Upon further Investigation of the
case of Claus J. Hoffmann, the Ger
man who came to Washington, Janu
ary 11, from North Dakota, to offer
to the Government free of charge his
Invention consisting of a new motive
power, making coal, oil, gas, and
electricity superfluous. Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Arth decided to hold
the foreigner until certain points have
been cleared up. It is possible that
Hoffmann will be. sent to the deten
tion camp at Fort Oglethorpe.
Hoffmann said at the time of his ar
rest that Senator Gronna of North
Dakota would vouch for him and
testify as to the truthfulness of his
statements. The North Dakota Sena
tor was communicated with. He said
the knew Hoffmann to be one of his
I constituents, but did not care to be
t Involved in the matter. Letters were
' found among Hoffmann's effects
j showing that he had corresponded
i with prominent Government officials,
j Senators, Congressmen, and other
'prominent persons concerning his in
vention. It Is understood that copies
of letters to Count von Bernstorff
were discovered, and that upon this
point his detention was decided.
Hoffmann Is a native of Germany.
and a watchmaker. He came to this
country In 1E01 and obtained his first
citizenship papers. He came here
with Theodore Everson, who is his
financial partner, from Mlnot. N. D.
Hoffmann said he was here in con
sultation with the Navy Department
last November. He has a wife and
five children In Mlnot, N. D.
TJTICA. N. T , Jan. 21. Missing five
days, Christopher Magra, seventy
two years old, has been found frozen
to death on his wife's grave In a
small hamlet near here.
Since the death of his wife a few
weeks ago, Magra had grieved
greatly, and spent much time at her
grave Last week he was missing
from his home and the search finally
led to the grave.
Aubrey L. Thomas, former newspa
per man, who has been a resident of
Washington for the last tnree years
while not with the French forces as
an .ambulance driver, was gassed
shortly after Joining 'the American
expeditionary forces. Word that he
had completely recovered has been
received by his mother, Mrs. Henry E.
Jackson, at her home In Chatham
Courts, Columbia road.
A letter written early In December
by Thomas tells of his convalescence
and complains of not receiving money
and a trunkful of clothing and wool
ens sent by his mother lait fall.
Vivid Word Pleture.
In a vivid word picture of condi
tions under which the ambulance
driver must work, Thomas tells how
he was under Are. With a load of
wounded in his ambulance, his gaso
line feed line hit by a bit of shell
and cut oft "clean as a. whistle," the
American youth found hlmseir thrown
to the ground with his gas mask
leaking. After unloading his woun
cd and making a brave effort to re
pair the break in his car. he suc
ceeded in driving his charges t
safety and then succumbed to the
deadly effects of the tear gas." His
letter, written while In the hospital
recovering .from the attack. In part
"Dear Folks:
"Don't have heart failure when you
receive this letter written In such, a
fashion and on a. typewriter once
more. Owing to the strict censor
ship regualttons 1 cannot tell you
where I aj at present. But I am
pretty well now, although I have only
been out of the hospital ten days. I
w rote' to you while there that I would
probably be given a month's conva
lescence, which expires tomorrow, but
as I am working ta the postofflce It Is
very probable that I will be kept
here for some time.
They won't make me mad If they
keep me her- all winter. Their work
Is pretty hard, but Interesting, and I
avoid the terrible cold at the front.
It is frightful there now.
We work here from 8:30 to 6:80.
but have our nights free. So, after I
get some money, I will be able to
take In a movie once In a while.
"I have never received the trunk
that you sent, although I got the key
you sent In a letter. They have abso
lutely no Usee of It here. If the New
York office sent It, the fellow has
probably mislaid It. I am writing
them to Jn. out the particulars.
, "It makes me boiling mad. Tour
package has not come yet, but that
has not had time. The other thing
Just makes me sick. I received a
package of cigarettes from the Dally
Press, and one also from a girl In
Atlantic City. That was nice of them,
wasn't It? Tou have no Idea how
good it makes one feel to get some
thing from home. I have made so
good here Jn the postofflce that they
want me to continue here, and I
think that I will.
"It Is nearly time for the supper
bell, and I must close. Will writ
a decent letter soon. Love to all.
Cited by French Government.
Thomas was acting city editor or
a newspaper In Atlantic City before
the war. He Is a Princeton man and
was among the first of the Prince
ton men to go to France with the
American Field Service Ambulance
Corps. Last spring -he returned to
his home In Washington with many
mementos of his hazardous work. Jn
cludlng a citation from the French
government for meritorious service
while under fire near Verdun. The
former newspaper man suffered a
complete collapse while. on his way
home to Washington and for several
weeks" was forced to renln.ln his
room here at his mother's residence,
Chatham Court:
Lieut. Victor 'White, of the camou
flage corps In Washington, will be
married on February 9 to Miss Mar
garet wood at the home of the latter.
In Baltimore, an announcement today
Miss Wood is a portrait painter of
note, with a studio In New Tork.
Lieutenant White Is the son of Mrs.
E. V. Douglass, of New Tork, and Be
fore the entry of the United States
Into the war, was driving- an ambu
lance In France. Ha was twice deco
rated for bravery.
Realizing that many children
throughout the country are suffering
from undernourishment- because of
war diets, the Department of Agri
culture Is today sending a circular
broadcast to the -mothers of America,
telling them to prevent Improper
nourishment during the war for the
Here are. some of the suggestions
sent out by the department:
"Give your child clean, wholesome,
simply cooked food, plenty of milk,
cereals, vegetables, fruit, an egg, or
some meat occasionally. Wrpng food,
too little, too much, or wrong kind
hurts the child's chance of being the
strong, .healthy boy or girl you want.
Right food 'may mean strong bodies,
good brains, rosy cheeks, and bright
eyes. .
"Here's good food for a real
youngster's day:
"A good breakfast to start him off
milk, cornmeal mush, apple sauce. It
makes him fit for school and fit for
play. Milk and plenty of It makes
him grow a quart each day if you
can. Put It on his cereal and In his
cup. Make It into soups, puddings,
and custards for him. Whole milk Is
best, of course: but skim milk Is good
If there Is a little butter In his meals.
Cottage cheese Js good, too.
"No coffee or tea not even a taste,"
Is another suggestion.
"Milk cocoa, with plenty of milk
and fruit Juices, are drinks for chil
dren, and plenty of wate'r always.
"Whole wheat bread Is also or
dered for the child.
"Sweet are" good for them the
rignt ones at the right time, con
tinues the suggestions.
"Dates, raisins, stewed fruits, sim
ple puddings, sugar cookies are bet
ter than candy Give them at meal
nntTIOIT PnUUaimnil between IBIS and 191ft.- and whh
UIVlllull vUnrflAIUUl later found by a committee to &
nnimn Turin ni iflwnHi,,pm,y ponsiM. for u renu jot
fUUflU ULU) iH LUmrUu.the Mesopotamian campaign, tawblcit
Kut-el-Amara and General Tov(a
shend's fore were lost to the Turks,
has been found dead In bed in a West
LONDON. Jan. 21. Gen. Sir Beau
champ Duff, who was commander-in-chief
of the British forces In India
End club.
SPECIAL NOTICE To comply with fee FUEL
be CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY, Jwwary 21st.
AUBURN. N. T Jan. 2L The con
gregation of the Church cf St Peter
and St Paul here la not going to
worry about the fuel shortage this
winter. Open air service are being
held here to prove that fuel is not
essential to religious worship. An
altar of ice waa used yesterday and
at the close of usual services bap
tismal rites were observed.
Love of Music
There are so many people "born" to music, with
all the soul and temperament of great artists, but who
have not had the time or opportunity necessary to study
and perfect themselves by practice. To those In par
ticular The Angelus
Appeals Directly
It is the highest type of self-playing instrument
made. Half an hour's attention to the simple devices
for time and expression, placed conveniently in front of
the keyboard, Imparts the skill of the greatest of artists
to the veriest novice.
You are welcome to try the Angelus here any time
Price, $675
Your old piano has a liberal exchange value.
E. F. Droop & Sons Co.
1300 G St. StetmeoyPhno.
Fancy Figured Colored Voile
This new line must be seen to be appreciated. None like them elaewbere
In town. 38 and 39 inches wide. 35c yard.
Zephyre Cloth at 39c Yard
A fine woven plain colored cloth unmatchable for children's wear and
shut waists. 36 inchei.
Six Syiariali in Bedspreads. Hemmed Marseilles Pattern Crochet Spreads.
SIses 72x84, 73x86, 76x89, 77x87, 76x90, 80x90 inches. Special. $2 35, $245, 33,
$3.75, $4, 450 each.
W. 13&. 5tt05C5 3? SOIUI
7 ait6 n&eveittb Six,
Satin Beds Bread. Heavr wronriit deslra JTxtr varnea. Sic- Trm
80x90 and 82x90 Inches. Special, 34, SeZ5 sal $7.25 each.
ScaBeed Edge Satin Spread. Sire 72x90 inches, cut corner, 3 feet 6 Inches, ft
M $ each. Size 80x90 inches, cut comer, 4 feet 6 Inches. S&59 and 37 each.
Bhse aad White sad Pink and White Spreads, with Bolster Sham to match.
Spread 80x90 inches. Scalloped cut-out corner. 4 feet 6 Inches. For S8.0S set
tmm White Blanket Strictly pure wooL Size 60x84 inches. Special, $1&SS, !
flMt aaa 320.00 pair.
Piakar Bhse Border White Bkakets-7Qx8 inches t spedaL Sl&M each, 60x80
acnes, tywui, aiiwa each.
Fancy Colored Border Bath Towels
A iMfiaMut 4oe aa in November is just in, and gives yon the best towel In town.
me aaak,
Hemstitched Pure Linen Tea Cloths'
j6V 4 and 45 inches square. Fine pure lineq, Very special, S2JS each.
Hemstitched Pure Linen Pillowcases
Kernel thread linen. 225x36 inches. Snerial. 25B. 33.50. S3 7B xaa .A u?
fr. r ' " (
Hemstitched and Hemmed Wamsntta Sheets j
Haad torn. Size 54x99 inches. Extra special, $1.25 each.
Hsjnatftehed and ScaBoped-edge Scarfs, Centerpieces, round and square, and
Tray Cloth, Values up to 75c. For 29c each.
Japanese Boxed Nainsook 1
A Beatrtffo! Soft Nainsook, in 10-yard pieces. Special, per piece, 33 J3, $3.75,
Plain White English Voiles 1
ynte tape edge, wire and soft finish. Special, 25c, 35c, 50c, 60c and 80c yard
f Iain Yarn-Mercerized Batiste
Special 30c, 43c asd 50c yard.
Plain Colored Dress Voiles
Tba new shades. 38 inches wide. 35c yard.
Turkish Bath Towels
Perfect Towels at less than others ask for seconds,
21x42 TVhite Four-ply Yarn Turkish Towels ....Jtc each
23x47 Colored Border Heavy Turkish Towels E9c each
23x52 Imported Extra Quality Turkish Towels $1.00 each
Bleached Pure Linen Table Damask
70 and 72 Inch Double and Single Damask, with beautiful designs. Specially
priced at $2X0,1250, 33.00 and 33.25 yard. J
70-fach Imported Union Bleached Table Damask. Specially priced at $125,
tL35 aad $L50 yard.
72-ihch Imported All-cotton Table Damask, $1.00 yard.
Bleached Pure Linen Napkins
aoxao Inches. Special at $3.75 dozen arxax inches. Soeelal at S4J5 dn
22x22 inches. Special at $8.73 dozen
Imported Tablecloths and Napkins
Half linen anf cotton hard to tell from all linen, and bears our usual imnf.
Cloths -2X3 yards. Special. . . .$400 each Nankins 24x24 inches. Snrfal.S7 j;n AJ
Cloths 2x2 yards. Special. .$5.00 each Napkins aoxao Inches. SpeciaL$4.75 dor.
Hemstitched Pure Linen Huck Towels, 50c
Plain huck or damask border effects.
Our past two weeks' selling has left us with several odd lots I merchandise in
limited quantities that we will close out at these prices. No phone .' - coeBted."
All sales final. S
Hemstitched and Hemmeff Wamsntta and Pcrrslc Otttnn Ptl1nti.-,..-.a1:.fjt..
36 and 54x384 Inches, 39c each.
Pure Linen Huckaback Toweling:, 14 and 15 Inches wldt, beautiful figures for
guest towels or scarfs, 75c yard.
Hemmed Twilled Glass and Kitchen Towels, 45c each.
Art Needlework Salon
JffStlr!70ar.Spr,na: Sweater wW, you can secure the new shades. Miss Warner
urfU teach you how by her individual Instructions. Daily Free classes, 9 to 5 :45 p m
Can von knit thor nck. hornet or sweaters? If not, let her teach you how!
Headquarters for Khaki Yarns made by The Good Shepherd Mills. Bucilla,
Corticelli and our own specially made Knitting Yarn now in stock. It will be scarce
later. Don t be disappointed. Buy now.
, ...39c each
.m..45c each
MM..43c each
50c each
,...41.10 each
..20c and 22c
The Linen Shop
All records have been broken by this January linen and White Sale, an8 the re
sult is due to actual values given In High-class Merchsadbe at Special Prices,
John S. Brown & Sons' Shamrock Linens
Bordered-pattern Tablecloths and Napkins French Chintz, Daisy and Poppy,
Spot and Scroll, Carnation, Rose, Poppy and Plain Safin Damask.
Cloths 2x2 yards, specially priced at.. . ,..$1135 each
Goths 2x2j4 yards, specially priced at.. w. .,.. .$1425 each
Napkins 27x27 inches, specially priced at.. . .....317.58 dez.
Napkins 22x22 inches, specially priced at. .............. .$11.00 doz.
John S. Brown & Sons' Fine Huck Towels
Hemstitched, tize 18x36 inches, special at.. ...........j-.. .....
Hemmed, size 22x36 inches, special at ......
Hemmed Extra Heavy Absorbent Huck Towels, 22x36 inches..
Hemstitched Union Huck Towels, 23x40 inches ................
Hemstitched Union Huck Towels, 25x42 inches ....,
Hemstitched Pure Linen Huck Towels, 22x40 inches ....,..
Hemmed Cotton Huck Towels, 18x34 inches ..,
Pure Linen Crash Toweling
Special M 25c, 27c, 23c, 30c, 33c, 35c aad 98c yard
Hemmed Glass Towels, typed red border, 19x28 Inches, soft and absorbent, with
hanger, special M ..,.....,.. ..30c each
Bed Comforts at Special Prices
We have arranged our line of Fine Lamb's Wool Lined Comforts on our Main
Floor front, where you can select from the largest assortment of Fine Perfect-made
Comforts in town at a special reduction of lS off on any Comfort up to $17.50
each, and 20 off on any Comfort over $17.50 each.
Down-Filled Comforts
Covers of Silk, Satin and Sateen; 6x6 feet. Same reduction as applied to the
Fine White Cotton Lined Comforts
2,500 to select from. Sanitary cotton lined, neatly tufted or stitched. All at a
reduction of 15 off the regular price.
An Extra Large Lamb's Wool Comfort for the soldiers Plain Khaki or Green
Sateen. Size 72x90 inches. 6 pounds in weight Special, $1.00 each.
Blue and Gray Army Blankets Heavy weatherproof. Special weave, $11.00.
$12.00 and $12.75 each.
All-wool Steamer Rugs, less 10,
Linfeel Cotton Hemmed Napkins
I5i5mches. Special $1.00 dozen 18x18 inches. Special.,.,,.. $1 JO dozen
20x20 inches. Special $1.73 dozen
Rug Reductions That Mean Big Savings
High-Grade Wiltons
All in neat designs and colorings,
Bxl2 $65.00 8.3x10.6 $58.50
6x9 $42.50
A saving of over 25,
9x12 $32.50 8.3x10.8 $28.50
6x9 $16.75
All-over and medallion designs in attractive new colorings,
9x12 $19.73 8.3x10.6 $17.50
You can judge these values by the fact that the past season's prices
were $29.50 and $27.50.
Special Jmnmmry
AH of oar splendid stock-of
Floor and Table Lamps specially
priced, for this sale.
Cream or Black Eaamt&d Boe
doir Lamps, pretty decorations, with
silk-lined shades, in rose, bine and
gold; trimmed with gold set, galloon
and rosebud trimming. Regularly
Special, $.78
Antloue Gold Table Lamp, two
Bght style, hand carved; empire de
sign. Regularly $10.50.
Special, $7.00 '
Solid Mahogany Table Lamp, two
lights, um design, hand carved. Rea
Special, $S.7S
Antihue Gold Floor Lamp, two Uehts. fluted standard, cir
cular base. Regularly $15.50.
Special, $10.75
Antloue Gold Floor Lamp: reading lamp hehrht: two
lights. Regularly $12.50.
Special $8.78
24-Inch Silk Shades, blue and rose; lined with figured cre
tonne, umbrella design, trimmed with silk frinare. Retrularlv
$10. 6 8
Special, $6.75 -
20-Inch Silk-Hned Shade, rose and gold ; trimmed! with silk
braid, gold galloon and deep silk fringe; silk ruchinr at too.
Regularly $1650. H
Special, $1L75
January Sale of
Lace Curtains and Drapery Fabrics
Voile Curtains
Voile CurtaJna. 3'. 4 yards lc
eraam and aoru; double hem trimmed with
lace edge. Regularly 1 and M5.
Special, $1.50 Pair.
Marquisette Curtains, m yard el denble
hem and Insertion of laoe. Regularly (3.71.
Special, $1.95 Pair
Sale of Lace Panels
and Paneling
Door Panels as low as $1.00 each.
Window Panels that sold as high
as $20.00 each, now $335 each.
These are Handmade Arabian and
Cluny Laces, and are suitable for odd
windows or could be cut up for fancy
Odd Pairs of Lace Cur
tains, one, two and
three pair lots, at
greatly reduced
Ten Curtain. SH yarde long: eera color
nlyi hemstitched border. Retrularly $1.71.
Special, $1.25 Pair
Tatla and MxrquUette Curtain. SH
Tx6 lonri white, cream aad ecru. Dainty
ffeU in lac edge and lace InaerUontv
BeguUrly IJ.50 and $3.7S.
Special, $2.95 Pair
Irish Point Curtains
White and Cream Curtains. 2V4 yards
lrag-f neat edge designs. Regularly IS.0S
and 11.60.
Special, $3.95 Pair
Whits Irish Point Curtatns. Itt yard
lonr. Regularly 15.00 and IS.S0.
Special, $4.95
Whit Irish Point Curtains. Itt yards
aad S yards lonr. Regularly I7.J0 and JI.OO.
Special, $5.95 Pair
Whit Irish Point Curtains. SH yards
and S yards long. Regularly 19.00 and 13.(0.
Special, $7.95 Pair
Whit Irish Point Curtains. S and SH
yards long. Regularly U1.50 and J1J.S0 pair.
Special, $9.95 Pair
Renaissance Curtains
'French-mad. Renaissance Curtains. SH
yards lonjr; Batttnbergr edge and Insertion;
heavy n Regularly SS.S0.
Special, $4.75 Pair

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