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''"no famous battlers on one plat
form in ono night, a famous srrmcn
Jn Ihe afternoon said to have cost dis
tillers more than $10,000,000. and talks
by two well known men, one a Con
gressman and the other a master of
business, were features on the pro
gram at the Billy Sunday tabernacle
Battllnpr Nelson, the Durable Dane,
ne-tlme lightweight champion of the
world, and Battling- Blllv Sunday,
welter welpht champion of the pulpit,
each handed the deil a few sturdy
clips on the chin.
"He's no crafter" was Bat's simple
eulogy of his evangelist friend.
"Bat" Is ag-ainst the booze from the
tips of his Cnscrs to the bottom of his
"I'm for anything that will help to
put the demon rum out of business.
It's a curse, and e en body ought to
know It. Billy Is right, nd I'm for
Mm. I beard Billy out In Columbus,
Ohio, and I have never forgotten what
he said In the course of the sermon. j
It helped me it ought to help eery-!
I...... T. ---. I..l.k1. '
uuuj .113 iieriecLi uiiucieutuunuic
-plain, clear, and simply put: cinch
to 'get.'
30.000 Still deeded.
""ongressman Matthew Mansfield
Xeely of West Virginia, followed.
While his remarks were of a eulo
gistic character, he directed them
rrore at the campaign In general than
at the general of the campaign.
Thirty thousand dollars still Is need
d to pay all expenses, according to
the Congressman. About'S2i.000 has
ben collected to date, $12 000 through
contributions at the Tabernacle and
tlie remainder by subscription from
private Individuals.
Eugene E. Thompson made an ap
peal from the platform along the same
line at the afternoon sermon for men
oujy. He suggested several new
Ideas for collections, one of them
being a subscription by groups of
100 or CO.
Billy announced that he would "get
behind" Senators and Congressmen
who oted for the dry amendment to
the Constitution, no matter whether
or not they were Republicans, Demo
crats, or Socialists. Hilly seemed to
be downright sore at the saloon. He
swung his arms menacingly and said:
"I am the sworn, eternal, uncompro
mising enemy of the saloon."
11a Drawn the Sword,
"I ask no quarter and I giie none
I have drawn the sword in defense of
God. home, wife, cbildr. and native
Modern Church An Ice Box,
Declares Biliy
I consider the billiard room or the pool room a second cousin to
a saloon.
0 God! Knock a little louder on some of the obtuse hearts of these
old sinners.
1 don't gie a picayune who you arc, whether you are a hobo
cotmting4he tics over a division or a millionaire hitting town in your
limousine, you are headed for the bottomless pit.
Some folks have let Ilim in, but they have shut Him up in a spans
I'd as soon crawl between two cakes of ice as between the sheets
in a spare bedroom.
Open the door; say "Jesus, come on, have the parlor."
You people run to the divorce courts and make all hell laugh
and all heaven weep all night.
The rebel against God is a traitor.
Look ye and keep on looking; look hard. Can't jou see your
I wish I could paint a picture of purgatory as it really is- I'd
show you something.
The modern, church is an ice box.
There are thousands of you who seem to think a preacher's sole
duty is to provide you with prcdigested religious food.
That's the reason so many of you who take that attitude toward
the ministry die of fatty degeneration of the soul.
land, and I will never sheathe it until '
the undertaker pumps ine full of em-.
balmlng fluid; and if my wife is alive.
1 think I shall call her to my bedside
and aj, "Nell, when I am dead, send
for the butcher and skin me and have
my hide tanned and made Into drum
heads and hire men to go up and
down the land and beat the drums
and say, "My husband. Bill Sunday
still lives and gives the whiskey gang
a run for It's money."
During the evening sermon Billy
hit sinners of all kinds. Said he:
"A sinner is an alien. He lias no j
standing with dod. An alien can j
claim none of the protection of his Satan's ears are burning today from
government: he is not a citizen. A tne mauIIn he received yesterday
ainr)ti Tinf a rfr9sn eT HAai'an nnA . "
he cannot claim divine protection. Sola- the various Washington churches. church-
a sinner is an alien and he must
As an answer to n !i pvtlietlcal
I mioatt.iri iimlu n nnrnnnll til tllG OC-
s ' tn,' n'-'a V" it- --
caslon, "ilirn lard do hard workcrf
work?" a KcliiHlulc of the hard-work
Ing Sunday compalgn personal work
era Is given below. Al Ithc members
of the Sunday start have their work
cut nut for them in Washington,
largely because there are so many
Government -inp!ies who are hard
lo reach through the difficulty of ob
taining admittance to the departments-
during working hours.
?The list printed includes oil the
special meetings to be held by the
.Sunday workers. But remember,
thW fin n. lot nf nutstriA w Orle that
I cannot be tabulated beforehand Into
schedules of meetings. Beside that.
ou'll alna find some of them help
ing along with things at tho taber
nacle meetings.
Schedule of Meeting. ,
Boys' and Girls' Meetings Hiss
Alico Miriam C.'amlln, director:
Tuesday 3:13 p. m., Church of the
Advent; S p. in., Cago School.
Wednesday Immanucl Baptist
Church. Cook School, Deaconess
' Home.
1 Thursda Columbia Heights Chris
tian Church, Ml Vernon Place M. V.
Church, parents' meeting.
1'riday AnacostU Methodist
Church, Kitchln and Cook schools.
Meeting! For High School Girls.
Miss- Florence Kinney, director.
Tuesday, a p. m. For Western High
School. In resldenco of Mrs. William
B. Ormc. 1023 Twenty-eighth street
Wednesday, S p. in. For Technical
High School, Business High School,
Business Annex, In Hamllno 11. K.
Thursday, 3 p. m. For Central
High School, Fourth Presbyterian
Kill Dandruff
and Itching
Scap 2Sc Ohferert 25c & 50c
to the Bible, men are
saved because they accept Jesus
Christ, and men are lost, not because
they are worse than others, but be
cause they refuse Christ. And our
sins to be forgiven must be conveyed
somewhere, and God laid on Jesus
Christ our iniquity; so I accept the
one who bears my guilt and that lets
me out."
Sin "Would Beat It.
"And If the world would be con
Inced that Jesus is the son of God
and accept Him, sin would lnstantl
cease. No man would stagger home
drunk: nobody would He and defame
another man's character: and I come
tonljcht to present to you the only
power that can set you free from tho
sins which hold you an unwilling pris
oner, chained to your evil habits; and
I can't Imagine the possibility of any
body of ordinary Intelligence enter
taining the least doubt about Jesus
Christ being the son of God."
Give Your Teeth Attention
"For want of a nail a shoe was lost; for
want of a shoe a'horse was lost; for want of
a horse a kingdom was lost, and for want of
ATTENTION a TOOTH was lost!"
You don't realize how easy and necessary
it is to save a tooth until you have visited
me. My work is guaranteed.
Gold Crwit and Drlilg-errork Fillings That Stay In.
M""e7y -''"V"'"" GM. Alloy, Enamel, $1.
cold. 22-karat. Our price Or .. ! 1 - . m
per toot Co , Silver, Amalgam, Cement, 50c
A very good
set for only ...
- I A better set. I Tfce
$5 made of best (IA to be
w I materials . . . Ull I srh
beat art
Bad any.
ere at ...
DR. WHITE, 407 7th ST.
The Moat Sanitary Dental Office In Town
Opposite WoolvTorta's 5 and 10c More, lloarm Dally, 8i30 a. m.
Sundnya 10 (o t. Phone Main IS.
Dr. J. K. Freiot, Prop.
t 8 p. .
That the devil cares as much as
God which way a man's soul goes
was the gist of the Itev. John Comp
ton Ball's sermon at the Metropolitan
Baptist Church, Sixth and A streets
northeast. He tool; for his text
Psalm 142:4, -"So man cared for my
I soul."
"Every crusade against autocracy
and powers of evil, from the days of
Richard the Lion Hearted and Charles
Martel down to the present conlllct.
has been led by the Anglo-Saxon race
and Oi forces of Christianity." was
the statement made by Congressman
Clarence B. Miller of Minnesota at a
meeting of the Epworth LeagiK- of
Foundry Methodist Episcopal Church.
jMr. Miller was one of the Congres
sioncu party nicn visitco ma Daxue
flelda of Europe last summer.
Characterizing Billy Sunday as the
greatest lntrnment In God's hand to
day for the righteousness of Ameri
cans, the B.ev. Gove Crlfflth Johnson
at the Immanuel Baptist Church,
said that the people should flock to
Hie tabernacle regardless of weather
and do nil they can to aid Billy In his
fight against the devil.
At the First Congregational rhurch.
Tenth and O streets northwest, the Tin
Dr. James L. Gordon took for his text.
"The Kaiser's New Book on the War."
He speculated on what this book con
tained and predicted that It w to b !
seven volumes all self prais. and that
Thursday. 4 p. m. For students,
Wilson Normal, in Fourth Presbyter
Ian Church.
Friday, 3 p. m. For Eastern High
School. North Carolina Avenue M. E.
Wu ililler'a Schedule.
Tuesday, 2.00 p. m. Business Wom
en's imitation committee meeting.
V. W. C. A. Central Business women,
third floor: extension business wom
en sixth floor.
Wednesday 8:23 a. m.,Palais Royal,
Miss Miller and Mr. Itodehcatcr:
11:00 a. m. to 2:00 p m. lunrhon
meeting. First Congregational
Church: 4.43 p. m. to G.r.0 p. in., Cen
tial government girls' meeting. First
Congregational Church.
Thursday S:13 a. m , T.ansburgh's
store. Miss Miller and Mr. Rodehcaver:
J1:00 a. m. to 2:00 p. m.. luncheon
meetings. First Congregational
church: C-"0 p m., council meeting
open to all business uomen, First
Congregational Church; supper, G:S0
to C.SU n. m : conference, U:3 tu b:00
p in.
I'rltla) S 2.1 a. m., Goldcnberg's
store. Miss Miller and Mr. Rodehcpv
er; 11:00 a. in. to 2.00 p. m , luncheon
meeting?, First Consregational
Mlu Sax'a Meetings.
Tuesday 3 p. m Bible class on
platform at tabernacle, new course on
about the time he got the fourth lolunvsj method of Bible study.
completed there would be a ruii
awakening nith revolt In Germany and
the rising of the nations of Armageddon
The Lutheran churches arc urging
their members to contribute to the $TD0.
000 war emergency fund, which it Is pro
posed to be raised b them during th
eek beginning February 18. Thee or-
j ganlzatlons. also hope to establish a
(general three J ear fund of J2JW,000 for
equipment of buildings at army canton
merits, establishment of a lecture bureau
and for assisting chaplains and .amp
"Father and ton week" !s planned hj
churches for the seen dajs Included
from February 11 to 17. This Is to com
memorate the filing of their sops to
their country by many fathers. Some
churches are planning bsn",uts on Feb
ruary 14 to brln;r together futnrs and
sons, fatherless funs and sonlcss fathers.
colonial congress In
furore here todav following
port that followers of A F Kercnsky,
deposed Itii'slan premier, were plan
ning to hold on February 0. In this
city, a counter convention of Russians
that will be national In scope. Dele
gations from the principal Vwerlran !
cities will be present. It is reported. I
Just who is at thu bead of tho pro
posed new Kerensky congress has not
been learned. Alexander b'tnkHtzkv.
chairman of the colonial congress. h
stated that aln effort have been !
made to "get thin wing of the RuHslau
colony In line with the conference"
I While the Bolshevik! are In virtual j
control of the colonial congrei-s. there ,
4. The Russian I Is a rerltent minority that Is giving .
session Is In a I the leaders much concrn. It is Inli-'
re mated that this troublesome mlnoilt
may be self-appointed representors
of Kercnsky They have been openly
charged w Ith representing the "capi
talistic class."
TOLEDO, Ohio, Feb. 4. One man
was killed and six others Injured
when a Pennsylvania freight train
rolled down a twenty-five-foot em
bankment after collfdlng with a Per
Marquette freight on tho Pennsyl
vanla bridge near here today.
"Will you wear. a. national areas V 0
French gornratht!aiXed' tlw Waco .
"Don'j aak us," they plld,
"Then." tr Government' j)rUtet
"win you wear a national fior
In reply the women of Pari idoptf
a national shoe, "economical, but ni
too ugly," but as to dresses, they salt
"To wear a national dreaa would I
the censor's shears clipping- the wlntj
of 'feminine taste,"
Why Trouble?
"Result Getter"
Billy Sunday said Saturday night that we all have trouble.
He tol.; us .1 lot about different people's troubles, but he didn't
say anything about the trouble to get help.
The fact is, it's no trouble at all when you ure :i "Times
.Result Getter."'
The below ad secured the right boy immediately and relieved
some one's trouble
j v. cunesaay ., p. m . umic cl-ni on i
1 platform at tabrrnaclo now course fii j
mcinous 01 i;idjc siiiu , s p. in.. i;inic
study class at the est Street Presby
terian Church.
Thursday 3 p m . l;ibl class on
the platform at tabernacle, new
course on methods of lllblc i-tud : -S
P m, Mt. Pleasant Congregational
Trlday 11 a m , ladies' 1'ridax
morning. Blbln class. Epijihan
Church; "O.GU p m . Bible rlas.x at V.
W. C. A , especially for business
Tuesday 2:30 y in , business worn
en'a Invitation committee meeting at
the V. W. C. A.: 4. IS. northeal Gov
ernmont girls' intlng. labernae'e; 7.
oiiiii,- Women's 1'lirii.tian Home. 311
It' lreet northwest
WedneMla IJ HI p in. Pullman
women's meeting. I:!3, wont Govern
ment girl". V. M i" A., Eighteenth
and Ci streets; T ;u, George Washing
I ton Hospital
i Thursday- 3 p ri .Washington Any
. Tuni. Nineteenth and ' street outh
irsst. r...!0 S. com il rirls meetin-r nt
1 lrt C'ongrcK-i' "iial Chun h I
I l'nda 3 in w u ttni!oedl
tn Ihe i I I.",, fiutliv. , -i
lo eminent ,-irl- V C '
The fame of Rllly Sunday has pene
trated the far East, even unto the
shores of Nippon. And the east that Kn-hard J luvis. of Boston, n
Is east and the west that is nest I Christian S-icnti--!. has Just 1 en np-
again confutes Kipling and holds
I pointed a chaplain
the navy bv
lie Is the flret
... ... ,. ,,, ini.n c,4tnn . ' L.nri&uuii - i Minn f-n;ipi.iin tu ne
tabernacle on the union btatlon plaza i ,,.,., ....
... -i. ..., . .. ,.' named in that liram h of the rnhc
There nro two m t'.c arm v. Mr. Ii.ivi
uas coiuniissliin
tenant ami tat
Nay arll
BIXVATOR UOV Colored, at once. THE
ROTto.v. : it tu x. vr. i-:o
Use a "Result Getter"
And Read the Want Ads to Learn What tlie
Oiher FellL,- IIj For Sal.-
" ,.., ,.,,.. . tiii.. t- i. ... I Secretaiy Iameli
.., t. AK ,t.A VThIah C.,1.... . ! '
UC1UBUIU Vll ma uillUll uidiiuil piilil
Although speaking not one word of
English, MaJ. Gen. X lllblkl. one of
the grirzled heroes of port A-thtir
and the personal reprcsentat'e ,, the
Emperor of Japan to the allied war
council In France, recently t... u hl I
seat at the tabernaclo and watched i
liilly preach. Th word of "watched"
Is used adlsedly. He couldn't under
stand nhat it was about, but the p.y
ehnlnirlcal Affect of the evanirellt'M
gestures and personality on hla audi-
ence interested the rrior from the
land of the sun. j
Wearing a sunburst of glittering
medals on hiK breat. the general was
introduced to tho audience from tn
platform by Rllly
I r, e ii 1 1 us a Hi ii- j
n d .,. the llostuii I
I Giris Do You Know Why
Your Hair is Ugly?i
went up for him as he took his stand
by the evangelist.
General lllblki spoke a few words
to the audience a ery fw uordx
These through an interpreter, whose
familiarity with Eatln grammar waa
somewhat questionable.
The lips of the general moted.
The Interpreter bowed und turned to
the audience.
"I come from far Japan." he said
"I fear greatly honor lo b here at
"Oh! the war is not s0 great but
big namn like Rllly Sunday 13 not
Known in Japan."
I XGU'll IVKV. Conn. Feb. 4 -A Yale
,-lce rmtfr i!kus the pirt thit on
0 1 e uniwr:t iie taking in tlie gn u
siii 1' i"nbiae' ihe n nis of 3.Hm
I men. ith the hram-h of fer,-c to sliji li
llic Rie attache 1 and liicir pre-,ei t as
I Eisiuncnui either at home ur abroad.
It's amazing hw much pret:y haii
ili.es t,iu.-iiN ii..ilu-iiig tli. jpp i
.f t.iith an.l beaut' m inii.'h !
1 b tinii or all bm s It'- 11 1 1 s
.inple ir-Tlti-r fi.r an uiiitii i
Cheer after cheer 1 i. rll ilils irai.-e Mnce heniitiful Ini
is i.iilv a limit r if rare.
When Miur h ur becomes failil
rtr . streaked nnd r cragglv, hen 11
tolls out lindl nnd neii Iiair cann i
qri.w the ro'ts mtijit be ltnli7ed and
p operly nourlslud. To do this iiil k
l, fafely and at little expense. th ri
i nothing effci tire na Parisian
sage (liquid form) uhii-h ju nn get
at ny drug stoie or toilet cnttpt-i
It's giiHraiiteed i-. abolish dandruff.
H ip sealp itch an-l falling 'ia and
rromote a new pn.uth or in-.n. v !
ti ndeil. Its In cr.nt drmaml b d.
criinln-itliig w.inn tjeeause it inak
the hair soft, fluff,, lustrous, w'
to nrrnnc altrm-tiveiy and nppea
heailer than it really Is.
A massage with Parisian : 1"
real delight easy to use, not sti. fc
or rrensy, and daintily perfumed
an antiseptic liquid free from ! it'tt'
our ingredients, and ginraiitcp.l n !
t color the Imh r w-alp
Wlinl good lool. rg Iiair and 'i'm'
..f ! use pal 1-i.ie - , 1 1. ,1 I .1 1 1
ti'gln tonight 1 lnt' atliiii'.i
uiMir. s beuulilnl l,un I.., ,. n
' ccme
J O Lit 1111 II r u mi e u ni 1
I you.
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Stop Brushing Teeth
In Ways Which Cannot Save Them
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A m Pi . Ts5f
Tooth Tfotibles
Come From Film
Your Methods Do Not End It
Doubtless your teeth are brushed daily, and you
think them clean. But feel your teeth with your
tongue, and you find a slimy film. Your brushing
does not end that And that film is the cause of nearly
all tooth troubles.
Stop and consider. Do your teetrrnot discolor?
Does not tartar form? Must not your dentist; at cer
tain intervals, clean your teeth with pumice? And
does he not sometimes find embryo decay?
If so, it is evident that your present methods do
not keep teeth clean. No old-time method does.
Statistics show that decay and pyorrhea, despite all
brushing, are more prevalent than ever.
The whole trouble lies in that film. It is clinging
and albuminous. It resists the tooth brush. Any
Eoapy tooth paste simply helps to make it more
dense more resistant to the brush. It gets into
crevices and stays.
That film absorbs stains and discolors. It hardens
into 'tartar. It holds food particles which ferment and
form acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth
the cause of all decay.
That film is also a breeding place for germs. A
small particle of film contains millions of germs.
These germs, together with tartar, are the chief
cause of pyorrhea. They enter the veins through the
gums, and many serious diseases are traced to them.
So nearly all tooth troubles, and the troubles they
lead to, are directly due to thajt film.
Now ia-New Way
Ends The Film
A Dainty Film Digestant
Three-years ago a way was found to keep teetH
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Pepsin long seemed forbidden. It remains inert
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acid is harmful to the teeth.
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tain that Pepsodent solves all the teeth-cleaning prob
lems. And we take this method to quickly let every
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