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Here Is How Yos Qiaiittt Aat Hour Of Daylight Beginning Tomorrow Morning
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"Continued from. PaBe'Ont)
.mounted and: dismounted, and has repulsed the -enemy-with
iiertvy losses" in inumerous.engagemenls. ' .'.'. .-,
"At Demuin the enemy's.attempts to-capture, th-yillage
ibrqkc down.'after sharp fightingtiirDUghbut'the afternoon;'?
.LONDON, March 20. The tenth 'day of;theVorld:im
portant battle of Picardy found the .allied .armies linked
eolialy -under one supreme conunttoer-in-cMefreneral
jFoch, one of the master strategists "of Europe.
General Foch took over the high commanclat an hour when
the mighty battle "was looking extremely favorable .for the
Allies. The Germans had beenbeaterLat.AiTas,here;they
tried to smash the British front 'and win back-the' famous
yimy ridge.
South of that sector the British, by means of swift, and
powerful counter-attacks, had driven the Germaas back
Recapturing important ground and prisoners.
South of the Somme' river fighting of tremendous .pro
portions has continued to rage, but the Germans were held
in check, sustaining staggering losses.
v Oh the narrow front between Boiry and Serre the Ger
tnans' massebV'at least 132,000 picked 'troops, according to
JErjday night's official statement-of "the British war office.
Savage' assaults, were directed against the British front, but
jail the attacks -were beaten off and the German ranks flowed
fcack across a field that was literally carpeted with dead and
So severe had been the German losses alone: the French
front, in, the Oise sector, that the German attacks were
notably weakened and the French war- office in its' report
"last night spoke of. the fighting on Friday afternoon aslocaL
" The. French thrusts against the. lower .flank of the.Ger-
nan salient continue to grow in strength, and ltwas reported
jfrom Paris that -French troops had -fought their wayiback
No Advances Claimed.
No claims of farther advances were 'made, by, the 'Germans in the
Jrjiday night report of the Berlin war office. .AJ1" that the-offidal state
ment said was that there' had been successful' engagements between the
'fiomme and Avre rivers.
I ' r The .allied line south of the Somme river was reformed and strength
ened, .and now runs west of HameK Marcelcave,ahd-Demuin. Thia'has-ln-itrreased
the: difficulties' besetting the: Germans. , .
, 1 The Hamel-Marcelcave sector of the German battle line, which'is the
lex.of theArras-Albert-Moijtdidier-Ndyoh aalienVnow.liea about twelve
exiles irom the British base of 'Amiens. This has. placed "Amiens within
ysmge of the long-distance German guns,-and it is .possible ;the city, is now
being bombarded. ' ..-..,. ,
' " German Losses OTer 500,000:' -
The -fighting of the past twenty-four hours,-it. was estimated, today,
s'oncreased the German losses to upwards of 600,000 men. .
-'There ib talk of
'qh estern front. A
s "-jrYesn- attacks may be eSpected at other pofata-on the frontsnd the-l
.luwii ucimuicu iuaj uc ivu&cu iw ut reruun or .near teat ecH)r. une
German plan, evidently, is to drive a-spearhead, through the French lines.
"Apparently the -general plan of-the -Germancampaign isr directed
against 'Paris and Calais. ' . ' . '
"Dutch military critics believe that the present offensive cannot die
fflpwn fnto the former trench warfare, but that it must' lead to conditions
that will decide the war. In this belief aU-HollaBd'Kwaiching1with' deep
fBiartet the course of eventa."
The action of General Pershing in placing the American army, and
the military resources of the United States at the disposition of the
Jrench government caused much elation in London and Paris today. Now
that .General Foch is in supreme command, the Americans, as well as the
British, French, Belgians, and Portuguese, will be directed by him.
The'Germ'ans claim the e3pture-of'70,000.prjsonert.nrid ,l,I00.guns in
,he first nine days of the battle, but those figures are regarded as 'exag
jgerations. i j
. ' r-1 i
a new uerman euort on some other oar, of th crlsoners in German, obtaining riuch
Botterdam dispatch to the Dailv-ChrmiW. Mr! Ualuibl. ' Information, although the
FIIANCE, -March 29 (fl'p. ra.) The
Oermana. trled'tb "" -a certain vll-
latr ebebind'tha-Ame'tlcan ,f ront 'today,
and -also to destroy It wtyh, Incendiary
sheila, but a-hlh wind iprantj up and
blew away the .polaonoua t rnau arid a
ralhttorm pufout. the few flies that
had bean .started. '
The Germans opened fire ag-alnat
the vlllase at 10 o'clock last nlcht and
kept It up until 3 o'clock thia roornlnr,
Uirowlnr about 1.000 ahelle. These in
cluded hla-h. explosives, cas shrapnel,
and tndendlary shells The-last,. In
bursting-, save, off fumes which Irri
tated the. eyes and caused sneezing.
Baaaaafes Castnm Four.
, The five intrepid Americans who
penetrated the German" trenches this
morning; canturtntr four Bavarian.
killing- one and wounding" Oh other.
1 Lieut. Georce Redwood.- of -Haiti
more; Corp. Henry Jlorgeku. of. Cherry
vaney, lias.; private Edieard Armstrong-,
of Marianna,' Pa.; -Private 'Car
son Shumate,-' of Ada, W. Va-. and
Private Bernard Bolt, of- South Beth
lehem, Pa.
The operation was carried out at
8 o'clockand the Germans were takes
wholly by surprise. The. Americans
returned safely to their own lines
with their prisoners.
X-tka Bornt Carle Artists.
The Americans had blackened their
faces with burnt cork. so that they
could, not be distinguished easily and
carried only band grenades, auto
matic pistols, and clubs. The men
set oat silently and the operation was
comDleted with the utmost caution.
As the Americans' left, German re
enforcements cants up, Bring- wildly
into "No Mans Land4
"It's lucky I speak German, or one
of these prisoners would have been
killed," said BolC "One German ran
away and another started to follow
him. but levelled after him: -Dutch. If
you dont stop I' will shoot.' He stop
ped: otherwise I 'aura" would have
winged' him." ,
Balded Saaaadea Ist Week.
' The prlsonera-.are from the same dl?
vision as those' that raided American
positions -last -week, leaving a score-
of dead In our trenches and in the-
barbed wire. This proves that the
enemy has not drawn on this sector
for reserves" for hli offensive.
Before the raiders started out they
cut oS their shoulder straps and
other Insignia, and left behind their
papers and identity discs, so that the
Units to which they belonged would
sot be revealed in case they wero
killed or captured.
' Redwood ba'd such a bad cold he
was barely able to whisper, and was
e'ated-at'tne conduct of his men.
The Americans questioned their
I DilNgk-
JTe, Artillery Preparation.
There was no artillery preparation
for "the raid, as it was intended as a
silent surprise operation.
wnen Jie got dick, Armstrong- cut
two. notches on the handle of his
automatic, indicating two victims.
Scburaate, who is a sniper, has two
notches on the butt of his rifle, mean-
ms two. more German victims.
The. prisoners were young and seem
ed wH t&- Outwardly they were
wall .clad, -but underneath Xhey wore
the'-1 thinnest and dirtiest underwear
their -captors had ever seen. They
wore strong- leather boots.
The Ore Americans have already
been cjted for the French war cross,
ind probably will get the distinguish
ed. service cross ss well.
ops Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Heartburn,
Gases, Sourness and Stomach -Distress .
Eat "PapeVDiapepsfri" like Candy
. Makes Upset Stomachs .feel; 'fine
Lerz .50 unt cm.. Jyjrugtl-$ij&3!!!tol
The Internal Revenue office in the
Legal BuIldlnr, eighth and G streets
northwest. Is to be open until midnight
tonight, end until midnight Monday
night to take care of the -late comers
Tho bav delayed in filing their Income
and.excass profits tax returns.
'Telegraphic orders wera sent out by
Comlsiloner of Internal Revenue Ropei
today1 to'.all Internal revenue collectori
to ksep-all pffices open for the reception
of tax-returns until midnight on both
night- ri t
Returns filedVra Monday. April 1, wll
not' be "subject to penalty, but in al
cases .where returns are not in the hand
of collectors, or mailed before the ex
plrauon or, the time limit the person r
sponsible will .be liable to a fine of no
lass than rjo.r more than um. as pr :
penalty -of M per 'cent, additional on al)
tx due. - - ,
THE . FIELD.- March SO. Captured
Germans declare they were'drlven to
repeated attacks by officers wielding
whips. '
Since General Foch, at Tpres,. pre
vented the IGermahs'.from turning, the
British .flank -by stretching- out his
little army until lt.-reached. the North
sea, no more brilliant' movement has
been executed on the west, front than
the manner In.wtjlch the French gen
eral staff, -night and day; kept up con
tact with the British armies doggedly
retreating to the nortttwest.
The. French steadily extended their
lines from the region of La. Fere to
beyond Montdldler. This' successful
operation has 'definitely broken up
what-la now known to. have been the
original German plan, namely, follow.
lntr the Bavarian crown prince's ex
pected rupture of the British front.
for the German crown prince's army
to pass through the breach and march
on Paris by way of the Oise valley;
"While barring- this latter movement
by holding the Oise line 'solldly, the
French" kept up contact with the
British. This was accomplished only
by masterful, handling- of-the French
reserves throwing in infantry .di
visions ..when they arrived in time,
otherwise -using cavalry divisions
when 'quick action -was necessary,
while artillery was rushed rapidly
along the entire front.
The. Potomao and Chesapeake
Steamboat Company today announced
that the steamboat Wakefield has
been released from Government serv
ice by the quartermaster- corps, and
will resume her river schedule Mon
day at 4 o'clock.
604-606-608 9th Street
Take Elevator
Bert ROOMS to dtr. Prout
fioor; stel ceUlnsv; shower bath.
toUer and laratory: telrpaonea:
French windows; writtn tsMe:
metal lockers: shoes ahlntd wmJ
you-sleep. etc EYfrythlsg sani
tary. SpecUt wseUy.raUs. Look
em orar.
If you do so understand the daylight-saving-
law, and there are many
who are puzzled, do .not worry. Just
before going- to bed tonight advance
your clock one hour that Is. make
It an hour fast and then forget It
Go about 'your business as usual.
You will notice no difference or
change, except that, the sun will rise
later and will set later. The even
ings will be an hour longer.
Under the Jaw. all of the clocks of
the nation must be. advanced one 'hour
at ' 2 o'clock' tomorrow morning-.
There, is. no need' of staying, up until
2 o'clock, however: you can turn the
clock up Just aa well before, going to
Here's a lip.
If perchance you are prone to stay
out late Saturday night be sure and
tell wlfey the time' when you come
in. before the clocks are turned up,
otherwise you will be an hour worse
off. 'for official time will akip from
2 to 3 o'clock in an Instant tomorrow
, If -you fail- to advance jrour docks
and, watches on hour before, going to
bed tonight .you will be an hour be
hind .the country and everybody else
tomorrow. Tou will get to Sunday
school or church an hour late, and
your meals will be off schedule. If
you do not realise this Sunday, you
will be on hour late getting- to work
Monday morning.
Those who have to work on Satur-
Tbere is no occasion for the slightest confusion in
the matter of daylight saving, which begin tomorrow.
All you have to do is when you go to bed tonight, set
your clock oxK hour ahead. Get up at the regular time,
BY THE CLOCK, and proceed as usuaL The simplest
statement of the whole thing is set the clock arc hour
ahead and follow the clock. -
HaYe7f aDatefor
2:30 Ton new Mora?
Til meet you at 2:30 o'clock,
in the morning,' said one man
to another in front of Tho Tlmea
Tes No you won't either."
"Why, you -poor fish. You can
certainly be there at 2:S0.
"Wrong-. Archie. Follow to
closely. There will be no 2 JO in
the morning. When the daylight
savings law goes into effect at
2 o'clock the hands on the clock:
will "be moved around one hour to
3 o'clock. So there will be no
ha'.." past two." l
-Welt I'll be !
day nights will ,jct 'a short night, as
the' clock will Jnmp' from 2 to 3
Sleep Henr Less.
If you do not have to work to
night you will get an hour's less
sleep than usual, unless you go to
bed an hour earlier than usual to
make up for' the hour the clocks will
skip. If you turn up the clock an
hour before) g-otag- to bed and then go
to bed accordingly, you wlti get the
usual night's sleep. For instance. If
the usual bedtime is 11 o'clock, turn -the
clock up one hour at 10 from 10
to 11 and go. to bed. The only'
necessary change for you then under,
the daylight saving- law has been I
made, and you have BO'further wor-l
The. Sunday morning- newspapers
will- have to speed up tomorrow !
momlnsr. as will the milkman anA S
other early hour servitors, to make!
up for the hour that skips away at
2 o'clock. The newspapers will have!
to get an early start for press times
after 2. o'clock. '
It may be necessary to. suspeasl
the operation of the law for'the closing-
of the alley houses In 'Washing
ton, which goes into effect July 1.
In view of the great congestion ta
Washington and the cry for houses
suspension for a. time may have to be
resorted- to, according to Senator
Jones of Washington today.
Senator Jones has recently- intro
duced bills providing-. for building
sanitary houses for the p'opulatloa
that has to vacate the alley house.
He Is strongly in favor of the pro
posed legislation and also la favor
of clearing- out the alleys and: pre
venting their residence use.
'He has put-in a resolution asktng
the District Commissioners what has
been done toward putting- into effect
the alley closing- law.
' HicKl5Suttm 5m&
14,088 Lines of Advertising (50 Cols.)
Over the Corresponding- Day (March' 30) Last Year.
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Hr Makes everybody happier B
g because it's snappierj
UF Crammed full of mint flavor- n
H7 fresh from the true mint leal.
m No qrnthetie Bsvorint Mthios UiJ W
V pure uint sad pur susat- ffl
m .. . ... im
V It's the Peppy Mint
I r-the mint with the tang and H
Ll the tingle. Buy it.
7iMn(u.on( ount theml-r aB
I doublp strength tablets of re- JH
fined size, shspe and flavor H
in a package that does not jU
W bulge or spill In your H
H pocket. H
A gc Every whcTQM
L Wlnlofrtvt MB3JbB
Lssssssssi ""C-sssfssSssslssssssssI
Send for ,
Swift & Company s 1918 Year Book
It shows that Swift & Company sells the meat
from a steer for less money than the live steer cost !
Proceeds from the sale of the hide, fat, and other by
products covered all expense of dressing, refrigeration, freight,
selling expense and the profit of $1.29 per steer as shown
by Swift & Company's 1917 figures as follows :
Average price paid for live cattle ,?,. $84.45
Average price received Jbr meat . 68.97'
Average price received for by-products 24.09
Total received 93.06
Thia leave for expeiueavand profit 8,61
Of which the profit per steer was .1.29 I
There are many other interesting and instructive
facts and figures in the Year Book.
We want to send our 1918 Year Book, to anyone, anywhere free
for the asking. Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
-;jC,-0,-. ,
W lv
-'. . ?..,. .4
,-,. a- . .

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