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DjMBte Ii CtircL
"My Farter," Says liber.
He Really Believes It.
Often enough the Kaiser hs
said, "God is fighting on my side,
at my side." Tht latest evidence
' this partnership appears tinder
the newspaper heading, "Seventy
Jve Killed and Ninety Wounded
In Paris Church by a Shell Fired.
Tnm German JUrag-range'Gun."
The Kaiser's boast of Divine
partnership and that dynamite
hell traveling seventy-five miles
to' explode in a church on Good
Friday constitute .-a -valuable' ad
dition to religious history.
The church was filled with a
crowd, chiefly of women and chil
dren, praying for their fathers,
husbands, and brothers on the
fighting line, and .all uniting in a
jrayer for permanent peace.
Permanent peace came to many
'when the dynamite shell, directed,,
.according to the Kaiser,' by the
Divine will, exploded in he
church, killing seventy-five and
wounding ninety.
The. Kaiser would have felt
prouder than ever of his dynsJity
and of his Divine partnership; if
' he could have seen the inside of
that church after the shell ex
ploded.. Old wonien that had come to
pray for their sons lay bleeding.
Children- that had. listened to the
tory of Christ's sacrifice for peace
and. good will were transported
suddenly Into the Presence that
they had come to worship.
It says to thetenth verse of the
eighteenth' chapter of St Mat
thew: "Taie heed that ye despise not
one of these, little ones, for I say
tinto you, that in heaven their
angels do always behold the face
of jay father which is iri heaven."
What would be the Kaisers an
swer to this question:
Is, that Father whose face the
children always behold, the same
partner that -.helps joa in your
war, and directs so', well the aim
your long-range gun?
There' Is now one head' to the
.forces fighting' Prussia at least
as concerns- the" United States and
Fxtmee. 'Whether, or not' England
hStls .'given foil' authority to
iVeaea Geaeral Foch Is sot cer
tain. Thqr lack of one head has been
the great difficulty of the. allies
Tnxn .the .beginning. Aa army
JbouH-Srer-Xkee -cdy&Bar-osis
body1 .can wortxialy under control
ofie mlad.
Of the two lobe's to your brain.
the -left controls the right side of
the feddy. The right lobe controls
the left side. Paralysis of the left
leg means trouble with the right
Tour body works as a unit be
cause your will, Intelligence, co
ordination -or whatever you choose
to call It rules the whole thing.
If your left lobe made your right
leg walk In one direction. md
your right lobe made your left leg ,
walk In another direction, your
body would give a good imitation
of an army without a controlling
General Foch represents France
well. The American soldier will
be glad to fight under his leadership.-
For every American has the
intelligence to know that some one
man must lead, and that individual
er national vanity must be laid
aside when you hunt a mad -dog.
It would not be reasonable, for
the United States, new to Euro
pean fighting, to insist on leader
ship for one of its own, and a
French leader is the right kind for
American fighters.
A first-class French fighter is a
dynamo, full of energy, speed,
nervous force.
General Foch will lead the
Americans as they like to be led.
and he will find that this country
has sent the right kind of men for
i quick fighting. Would that he had
'five millions of them now, armed
and ready to throw into .this fight.
The city of Baltimore is now
"Greater Baltimore." Fifty miles
of territory added, and the popula
tion Increased to three-quarters of
a million. Congratulations to -the
city of Baltimore and 'her fighting
But .. what about this? "All
revenues from the race track at
Pimlico will hereafter go to the
county, and not to the city, of
which it now becomes a part."
Is it a trood thing for Baltimore
or the county to carry on a profit
able partnership with a race track
gambling institution that manu
factures criminals?
And, Mr. Hoover, how long are
yon going to allow the best oats
and hay to be wasted in race track
Can you keep your face
straight, telling -mothers of chil
dren to save food and permitting
"gamblers at each race track to
waste twenty thousand or more
quarts of oats dally, and the laboi
of a thousand men or more?
This question will be repeated
at intervals. You know that the
race, track is nothing but a gam
bling machine; that the men that
care for race horses and the
horses' feed are wasted.
Is there something sacred and
beyond your reach in a "respec
table gambling" organization, that
you .are' afraid to interfere with
a nest of thieves and do not hesi
tate to interfere with a woman's
management of her houMheld?
Fair toalgkt aad temer
rowi continued warm
derate Mvtawest vrtaaa.
NUMBER 10,484.
This Is Claim of Mrs.. I. B. D.
. H. Ogilvie, Who Is At Logger
heads With Health Depart
ment Over Birth Certificates.
A German bullet, speeding "some
where ,ia Frasee," has severed the
royal cord that held an estate .claim
ed to be worth mere" that $100,000,-
$ . .
. - : - ;: f .' t
- t ' v V i m B'a V '! sr
$100,000,000 INQUIRY JS ON
000 suspended beyofid thaTeacK"f ilShte&uty, Inher TU2lil-WaBd,
Washiagtea. woman
.Ancient castles sad broad estates
In Scotland and England d an the
traditions that hare been handed
down in a family line unbroken since
the tenth century await Lady Banff,
or Mrs. Irmusale B. D. H. Ogilvie,
the beneficiary.
HHsbttd Died Here.
Lady Banff ii thwldoir of Robert
W. F. Ogilvie, whose death occurred
In Wathincton in April of last year.
Only three days before hl death.
Lady Banff says,, Ogllrie had virtu
ally perfected plans for returning- to
Scotland and claiming his title of
Lord Banff and the vast estate that
she says was rlrhtfully his. He died
suddenly of apoplexy.
For years Lord Banff had been pre
vented from taking- possession, since
another member of the family had a
prior claim. That member. Lady
Banff says. Is dead at the front, a
victim of German bullet.
Following the death of her hat
band. Lady Banff said. In a Interview
with a Times' representative, plans
were made for her to carry out her
husband's desires by returning to
Scotland and becoming the mistress
of Banff castle, np on the North Sea
coast, overlooking many of the now
Important operations of the' allied
But .rltht on the threshold of this
famous castle and estate, which Is so
vast that the front gate Is seven miles
from the front door. Lady Banff has
been detained by the officials of the Dis
trict of Columbia. She has failed U
comply with the laws of the District as
regards the registration of two birth
certificate!, they claim. '
In January last Lady Banff flltd with
the Health office of the District gov
eminent certificates of birth of twin
boys, born on November 14 last. They
were submitted on the standard forms
used by the District government, but
neither bore the name of a registered
midwife or physician, as required by
Shortly afterward the matter was
called to the attention of Dr. W. C.
Woodward, District, health officer,
who communicated with Lady Banff,
telling her that "they were erroneous
ly confused with certificates made
In the manner prescribed by law."
Threatened Caneelatlea.
'When sh'e failed to furnish the In
formation required by the District
government. Commissioner Gardiner
sent Lady Banff a letter saying that
unless she complied with the law
without further delay the records of
the birth of her two sons would be
It has been the Impression of the
District officials that Lady Banff la
a foreigner and not cognizant of the
Importance of placing the births of
the twins upon the city's birth records
In regular legal form.
Lady Banff, however, is an Amer
ican woman. She was born and rear
ed In Georgetown. Kr.. and before her
marriage to Lord Banff In Washing
ton, fifteen, years ago, was Vlss Irmu
sale Harmon. ,
"I do not have -to be dictated to
by any health officer nor other of
ficial of this city." Lady Banff told
The Times representative. My an
cestry dates beck to the best families
of this country, including four Presi
dents and nearly a dozen members
of Congress. I have relatives In
(Continued on Page J, Column 7.)
gm mmmm mm: wvsm
Peculiar Cases of Deaths of
Other Persons. About to Con
fess Activities as Spies Deep
en Mystery of Death.
NEWTORlCMarch 8L Investiga
tion Is being made today to determine
the cause of death ,OfMme. pespins
Davidovitch Starch,' tho ybuilg Turk-
whjrasheTWiLS held changed, xjta be
lag the Reader of .a gang" of German
spies, j
. Secrecy enshrouds the death of the
famous Oriental .beauty, 'although
authorities say that it was probably
due to pneumonia.
The Count Robert d Clalrmont,
implicated with lime. Storch, Is also
seriously III.
Mystery in Deaths.
Officials here refuse to discuss the
mystery that seems to surround
deaths of seversl persons who have
been afflicted with serious maladies
on the eve of their confessions as to
spy activities for the German govern
ment. In France and England several cases
of this kind are cited.
Jlrae. Storch. It is believed, was
about to make a clean breast of her
activities here when r be was taken in.
Count Clalrmont is said to be. af
flicted with cancer of the stomach at
his home at West Fifty-eighth
street, and .to be at the point of
lime. Storch, who was but twenty
three years old, was of Turkish birth.
She becstme Interested In politics and.
It was alleged, in International In
trigue, at an astonishingly early age.
Her unusual beauty aided her mate
rially in her work, which Included, ac
cording to Federal agents, gathering
Information from various countries
for Germany. Her arrest recently, to
gether with that of Mine. Elizabeth
Nix. the younger Baron de Bevllle,
and "Count" Robert De Clalrmont,
produced a sensation.
At the time of her arrest Mm.
Storch was living In the lap of
luxury upon money alleged to have
been lavishly supplied through Ger
man sources. She dwelt in the best
and most expensive hotels, and her
wardrobe was both exquisite and va
ried. She had hundreds of gowns, ail
expensive and modish, and each was
said to have as a complement a com
plete outfit of lingerie. The beauti
ful alleged woman spy was herself In-terestlnc-.
and apparently the money
forthcoming was almost without limit.
Mine. Storch married jaraes nes
klth. an English army officer, when
she was seventeen. They separated
shortly afterward. She was in Paris
at the outbreak of the war, where
she became acquainted with the young
Baron de Bevllle. They went to
Spain In ISIS and were arrested upon
suspicion of implication in uerman
espionage, but were released. In
April. 1816. they came to America,
where Mme. Storch posed part of the
time as Baroness de Bevllle, and at
otBers as Mme. Nozle or Mme. David
ovitch. lloute f Communication.
Whether the alleged relations be
tween De Bevllle and Mme. Storch on
the one hand and Madame Nix and
"Count" De Clalrmont on the other
begart In this country or abroad, the
Federal authorities have not divulged.
But It was through the alleged asso
ciations of the quartet that informa
tion first Altered through mat count
von Bernstorff, former German am
haasador to the United States, was
very friendly toward Mme. Nix. The
latter woman was suspeciea. or oe
Inr the intermediary through whom
Mme. Storch was paid for her alleged
espionage work. If. Indeeed, she was
not In the direct pay of German of
ficials. She proved extremely reti
cent regarding the source of her in
come, but Mme. Nix admitted the re
ceipt eX saasay irate, van Bernstorff.
. r r.
;' AMSTERDAM, March 3f. Holknd does, not beHeve. seizure
oi; Dutch shipping in American: port-is justified' by 'international
. That was Holiandtsreply to President Wilsons proclamation
authorizing such reqiaisitioning.'". '..''"'
The Dutch reply insists that, the seized snips must not be
armed and used as transports.
rre-irr tk CiA'tVSrfM SMfSIMHt ik.isMlt . lllltiisWr WaTApMlk t W
' " - - - J , v." .
condition of lne woudoLm
men that froght cats Me beItibtitutedfDr hospital can in.- .tTUMporting them, the
wounded men in. these cars lyxngon bedsof straw aosl shavings.
WITH THE FRENCH AWV1IES, March 31.Now tha. the dan er has passed, it
may be said that the German assault came very "near txttaionf through the allied fronf
in the region of Roye on the
at the point of junction, but,
St. Aurin on the Avre, and on the next to MontdkSer.
Other French troops had been brought up to strengthen the British right, and after
several hard combats, it seems that the offensive was definitely overcome.
LONDON, March 31. Premier Lloyd George last night wired Premier Clemen
ceau of France the. following:
'Thanks for your message of appreciation. Great Britain is calm but resolute,
relying on the justice of its cause and the valor of the men who defend it.
"Our confidence grows as we watch the steady march of the'gallant army of France
to repel the invader."
LONDON, March 31. German air raiders are now charged with, spreading disease
in the city but not by dropping germs, as has some times
The medical office of the London county council schools, .commenting on an increase
in certain infectious diseases, such as measlees and scarlet fever, concludes that they are
"caught" by persons crowding together in raid shelters.
LONDON, March 31. The Liverpool Post declares that there is only one docu
ment similar to the manifesto in which the Kaiser announced that he had taken com
mand of his armies in the west that issued by Napoleon, after his escape from Elba,
before Waterloo. The Post hopes the historical analogy may be completely carried out
LONDON. March 31. British forces in Palestine have advanced two miles in an
, .
attack on an eight-mile front west of the Jordan, according to a report from General
Allenby. The towns of Deir-Seiman, Khummel-Likba and Khummel-Bureid were occupied.
AMSTERDAM, March 31. Ten persons were killed
bombs dropped on Luxemburg by Allied airmen.
LONDON, March 31. Forty men were lost when a destroyer struck a mme and
sank the British admiralty announces.
3l.Tra ! of GrMi,waJed from the yrl fwnt
if w a- i. k - t,
eWeW fn t He extreme. So
25th. The 26th and 27th aw
while the front was pushed back on the first day to PEchetie-
-i - . . i
,i. s
numerous are tile wwtmW
an accentuation of pressure
been alleged.
and heavy, damage done by
i nm h-si-k a - ' . m i
PARIS, March 31. The French
officijJfUtenietit today sy$:wFrench
troop have stopped die latt Ger
man attack everywhere on the
whole of the iJiirty-eight imjejiiaeae-
- ".'a-v; ,xL.
French troweiiSwni
ter attacks.
"At certain points masses df en
emy f orces'were compelled to retreat
in disorder before the terrible fife of
pur artillery, leaving the ground coy- .
ered with wounded and dead."
LONDON, March 31. the latest
official report from Field Marshal
Haig tells of strong enemy attacks in
the neighborhood of Marceleive,
which is only eleven miles from
Amiens, the pivptal allied supply sta-
All these attacks were repulsed. t
LONDON, March 31. Easter Sunday was greeted
on the huge battle line, from Arras to Craonne, by a fresh
burst of violent onslaughts in the German drive against
Flushed with victory, the south wing of the German
army which yesterday captured six more villages from the
French? again attempted by sheer weight of numbers to
press on toward the strategic
The villages of Aubyulers, Grevesnes, Canhgny, Mes
nil, St Ghorges and Ayencourt have fallen before the Ger
man advance. These towns form an irregular line from a
point six miles northwest of Montdidier to a point one mile
south of it - . "
Over the rain-soaked fields east of Ayencourt, Ger
man shock troops are attempting to push back, the valiant
French armies. Despite terrific losses, the Kaiser's forces
have multiplied their assaults on the 38-mile battle front
from Moreuil to Lassigny.
Violent assaults and counter assaults are reported
from Plemont and Plessier de Roye "and Orvillers. Two
fresh German divisions which succeeded in getting a foot
hold in this section were driven back by a determined coun
ter attack of the French. '
American transport sections are now engaged in great
numbers in bringing up supplies for the French.
The enemy has succeeded in capturing a portion of
.. , &.j...ai .a . .j
railway center.

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