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For Those Who Own a Car or Hope to Own One
A Department of Valuable Information
Practical Paragraphs
Of Interest to Owners of Automobiles
Muffler Paint.
It ! difficult to find a satisfactory
paint for the exhaust pipe and muf
fler, because of the heat of those
parts. Here li a highly recommended
muffler paint: Boiled linseed oil 1-6
pound. Japan varnish 1-5 pound, tur
pentine 2-5 pound, lamp black ltt
ounces, powdered graphite 1H ounces,
powdered oxide of manganese i H
ounce. Mix the linseed oil and Japan
Tarnish well torether. then t add In
order, stirring; all the time, the lamp
black, the graphite, and the powdered
maVanese? As the mixture thickens
thin It down with turpentine, until
the quantity mentioned ha been used.
This mixture should be used as soon
aa It Is mixed, as It dries aulckly
Every time the brush fs dipped In It
should be stirred. It is well to paint
"the muffler- while It Is hot, after bav
in cleaned it thoroughly.
zexkp Pireantleo.
. Motorists who use one of the hand
pumps, will do well to give the pump
few strokes before attaching It to
the valve. This blows out any grit
or other foreign matter that may
be clinging to the pump valve, pre
venting their finding their way into
the inner tuba.
Ctetek Lubrication
One of the most commonly neglect
d parts of the. car, so far as lubrica-
uon goes, is ine cjuicn operauns
mechanism. In the case of diso
clutches running In oil, the lubrlca-1
-tlon of the thrust collar and the lever
operating It. is automatic But with
clutchea that do not operate In a bath
of oil, the thrust collar and lever re- '
Sulre oiling by hand. The service of ,
lese parts la exacting and frequent i
lubrication of the ball -thrust bearing
and of the end of the lever which
actuates it, is necessary. Further
more the bearing of the clutch pedal
and the pins which secure the clutch
operating1 linkage should be frequent
ly lubricated.
Ckuce OIL
This is the season when the owner
of a car should replenish oil in all
compartments, engine, clutch, gear
set and rear axle. The compartments
should be flushed out with kerosene
before the new oil is installed.
10 AID
"A motor car la an Important in
vestment," says H. II. Mundy. local
Chevrolet manager. "And it la only
fair," be continue, "that the pros
pective purchaser be taught the es
sentials cf motor car knowledge be
fore Investing Tils money.
"Before selecting a motor car the
buyer should carefullj- consider each
of these ten points: (1) economy; (2)
power and flexibility, (3) durability;
(4) comfort, (5) safety, (6) conveni
ence, (7) ease and care, (8) easy rid
ing. (9) beauty. (10) style.
it is not necessary to consider
these points in order as stated, al
though It would be a safe plan to
"Economy has been given prefer
ence, for it is the important point of
the hour. Buy a car having an eco
nomical record, one that will give you
a maximum amount of mileage for
each gallon of gasolene. This Is gov
erned by type of motor, bearings,
lubrication, and weight.
"The next important essential to
watch for is power. Ton want power
In an automobile. Tou want to be
able to go anywhere. Tou do not
want to feel any limitations in this
"Durability Is something we all
Liberty and Autocracy,
Like Water and Oil
Never Mix.
Buy, Buy a Bond or Bye,
Bye Liberty.
Pay as three
dollars more than
regular price of a
tingle tire and get
two popular make tires,
than regular price of a
popular make tubes.
$1 Tube Sale
IJst Onr
price price
for for
30x3 S3.0S $4-03
SOxSVi 3.73 4.7S
32x34 SJiS J
21x4 -O0 tVOO
SSx 0.O3 6.03
33x4 &23 C-3
34x4 B-SS 6JJ5
38x4 ........ JX T.OO
3Sx4H .75 7-"5
3l4H -9 7-80
37x5 &40 9AO
The cleiit auortment of Ltjcbest
Krnde tires In tbe city of ml! popular
XTuiXes. We Invite Invrtlxntlon. Corv
ttnuooa repeat orders demon trate onr
high standard of merchandise at lowest
prices with honest business methods.
SOi3H noa-.kM tires with a
3,500 mile factory guarantee.
Diamond 13.73
rnllman 13.73
DeelntcUnx srt Corner.
While it is a wise precaution to
throw out. the clutch when rounding a
sharp corner. It also has a beneficial
effect upon the tires. Whenever the
car tends to skid, due to its deflec
tion from a straight course, a cross
strain Is brought to bear on the tire
treads, which is directly proportional
to the weight of the Vehicle and the
radius of the curve and proportional
to the square of Its velocity. If the
power Is applied In rounding a curve
the tendency to rip off the tires Is
further aggravated by the backward
drag due to traction. If the clutch Is
released, however, that factor Is elim
inated and the strain Is thereby re
duced. Carlos; tev Bob Cap.
When putting the car In commission
for the year and every month during
the running season, the hub caps
should be thoroughly cleaned out, all
the grease and verdigris removed, after
which the caps should be repacked
with fresh frreaa. It Is also well to
clean out the hubs and bearings, wash
ing them thoroughly with gasolene so
mat airt ana grit win oe aisioagea.
When this has been done the moving
parts should be again lubricated, the
hub caps put back In place and the
car can be driven without fear of im
properly lubricated axles.
Oil for Small Parts.
The brake mechanism seldom gets
the lubrication it deserves. OH is re
quired on the pins supporting the
brake shoes and upon the bearing
points of the cams or toggle mechan
ism, which actuates the brakes. These
parts usually depend for lubrication
on the hand oil can. Beginning at the
operating lever, every joint Jn the
brake rod needs occasional oiling, as
do the bearings of the compensating
Wiring Chart,
It may not be out of order to sug
gest to the new car owner that one
of the "tools" that should always be
carried In the car, is the chart of the
wiring system. Without this he may
find himself in difficulties with the
electrical system, that will be almost
Impossible to locate.
seek in making a purchase. It is es
pecially important when one consid
ers the amount involved. This item
depends on the integrity of the
maker, his honesty, his Ideals, his
standards. A good way to Judge this
is to notice the number of cars of
any particular make in use. This Is,
as a rule, a good guide to follow.
"Conveniences and comforts are Im
portant, too. Buy a car that gives
you the little things that make mo
toring enjoyable and free from care.
Select your motor car with this
knowledge and without mistakes."
TTse of freight cars almost exclu
sively for shipment, of food, coal, mu
nitions, etc. has made It necessary
for automobile dealers to adopt a
system of driving a great many ears
from the various factories to their
home cities. This, in turn, has neces
sitated the finding of drivers, some
times In large numbers.
A dealer in Savannah, Ga., recently
had occasion to drive a considerable
number of cars from the Dodge Bros.'
factory In Detroit to Savannah. He
let it be known to a friend or two
that he would pay a man 175 to go to
Detroit and drive an automobile to
Savannah, the driver to bear what
ever expense he contracted over and
above J75. The dealer was over
whelmed with acceptances.
The men who finally were selected
to make up the driving party includ
ed a college student, whose father
took him out of school to make the
trip, several grocers, the city court
sheriff, a wholesale grain dealer, a
commission merchant, an Insurance
man. a lumber dealer, a physician,
and several mechanics.
Pay us one dollar more
single tube and get two
$3 Tire Sale
30x3 SI 1.33
30x3H JX.23
32x3tt 21.33
31x4 2.-l5
32x4 20.03
.13x4 30,43
34x4 31.20
36x4 33.10
33x4H 4.T30
3Sx4H 43.95
37x3 tZJBO
SI 7.13
14th St N
Fr. 3684
iTlX&kx i
f ss)MBBSsKr9 X i
mmf W .seHsBlC" v'iammmmmmm
kf ill
BcSemE TIREbocIv
. w.
The Spirit of Conservation Speaks.
That quart of gasoline you did not waste,
Transshipped, past dangers run.
I Today has yanked a plane that raced
With naming death and won.
With It today a Tank effaced
A Taube with Its Hun.
For U lent the carload that "eomeboiv"
That are quelling the UunnUh lust.
If the wee bit hart, and the ma' sit
Back of ut, aTt of tu, everywhere,
It'M everyone helping and doing hi saare
That moan we can idn; and to mutt.
That tire you did not speed away.
The time the speedways lured.
Is sloves on surseon's hands today.
And tightly ligatured.
In No Man's Land, In dawn llrUt trey.
A lad for life secured.
.Vo; It Un't the tone that "somebody
For there' no one that wattee by the
If dUvcMng that damnable "I don't
If union in tabor, ) in prayer;
United the pauper and millionaire.
That U ttaling the late of the Hun.
Illnatba's Ride.
In the springtime Hiawatha
Struck with madness o'er a maiden.
Hiked into the paleface wigwams,
Boug-ht himself an auto Jitney,
Grunted: "Ugh! Now Injun seel"
Took her out torlde one Sunday,
Laughed aloud at grumpy rirals.
Fed It gas, and yanked at throttle.
Had It doing fire and fifty.
Pleased to hear his maiden's squawks.
Heard suspicious sounds from engine.
Heard it slow Its chanting speed
Tanked and kicked at every lerer.
Heard It coughing, weakly dying.
Tried six hours to fix It. Failed.
Then Hiawatha's redskin maiden.
Told him things abrupt, unpleasant
Things she "long had thought about
As she started to the Tillage;
Lett him whetting tomahawk.
Now is beating of the tom-toms.
Now is walling of the women.
In a certain paleface wigwam
Now Is mourning for a salesman.
For the one that sold that car.
A Plea.
TTe stands, open mouthed, on the
Awe-struck by Washington.
And you can tell he's new to the
At a glance, though he wears
A uniform.
And perhaps yon smile.
Three weeks from now that uniform
May be soaking with warm blood
that Is shielding
Tou and your nearest ones from Bel
gium's fate.
Three short weeks and the limbs
that ache from tramping
Upon your streets, may not be ach
ing then.
If you've an empty seat today as
you are passing.
Press down both pedals: hard.
Lean over. Twist the handle on the
And beckon to him. "HET1 SOL
"Come on and ride with me."
Tbe Evolution of the lUde.
When the paleolithic caveman. In his
paleolithic pride.
Got bored with home surroundings.
and Judged that he needed a
He mounted his number elevens, and
blithely away he strode.
To club a new wife on the cranium.
If she happened to chance on
his road.
When the neollthto caveman got the
wnnderlustlng craze.
HE didn't go to walking for those
were modern days.
But he whistled him up a Gorumpus.
and slid off a tree to his back
Then whirled him round through a
nose spin, to keep from forget
ting the knack.
They adopted another fashion when
the age of bronze arrived.
Discarding; the poor Gorumpus as
"Old-fashlonedl" "111 con
trived'" But the Gorumpl didn't dIMIke It:
they kidded the Mastodons,
A-hlklng about the country and the
spurs were swords of bronze.
Then they mounted a bumpety char
iot In the days of rheraoh.
And scooted about the country, at a
hundred an hour, or so
But they had to control their charg
ers, 'ware'the speea that mount
ed higher.
Lest the friction of speeding breeze
set their flowing beards on Arc
They wasted no time in riding, in
the days of Rome and Greece.
They spent their time In scrapping,
or In chasing golden fleece
But now and then they traveled, and
Lord! one bunch was sore!
The crew that hoofed with Xenophon
a million miles or more.
The horse became a pessimist In the
days when knlrhts were bold
When they needed him they stole
him. "What's the use of wastln'
All the critters then grew sway
backed, from a-tottng militants.
The knights that weighed 200 and
they rode In cast Iron pants 1
We've motorcycles swift, today the
auto aeroplane.
More modern still, the ambulance,
the tank for our war campaign.
Tet I wonder if we're securing. In
this hurried modern life.
Half the Joy of that paleolithic, as be
clubbed a brand-new wife.
WMt lenda Itself te the habits ef
eua and convenience ef the people.
and because It lends Itself te the con
venience ef tbe people, we want It
sent te Careee and net kept here
Your Speedometer and
How to Care for It.
Among the subsidiary mechanical units of the modern motor car,
which only gives trouble on occasions, must be included the speedometer.
In spite of the delicate nature of this instrument, it is not often that
the motorist has occasion to attempt repairs of it. However, when
such an occasion, does arise, some knowledge of the device is essential.
At the present time there are in servic four definite types of
speedometers, magnetic, centrifugal, hydraulic, and that driven by air
current. The magnetic type of speedometer is probably the most pop
ular type, as far as the number of makes of cars on which it finds a
place. A typical construction in this class employs but one moving part,
a circular magnet Over this magnet, but not touching it, is an inverted
metallic cup, on the rim of which are a. row of figures, indicating the
miles per hour. The magnet is revolved by means of a flexible shaft,
its field acting on the dial cup. As the speed of the magnet increases,
so does the magnetic pull and the dial cup is drawn aorund to indi
cate the increasing speed. The dial is mounted on a steel shaft with a
jeweled bearing at the top. A hairspring is fitted to resist the pull of
the magnet, and this also serves to return the cup to zero when the
car stops. In general a temperature compensator is fitted in this type,
to prevent the hairspring being affected by climatic changes.
Within the past year or so the air current type of speedometer has
been achieving a considerable popularity. This type of instrument em
ploys a stream of air to turn the dial which indicates the mileage. A
typical construction in this class has a flexible shaft driving an air cir
culator, consisting of two elongated aluminum gears, placed in the
head of the instrument and opening into an air chamber. This latter
has two openings, one an entrance for the air, the other an exit. A
dial fitted with a vane is pivoted in the chamber. A current of air is
forced into the chamber by the revolutions of the gears and this stream
striking the vane, revolves the dial to show appropriate) figures. A hair
spring is used to return the dial to zero when the car stops.
The centrifugally operated speedometer, is actuated on the same
principle four,d in the ffyball governor. Weights are mounted on the
moving shaft by means of levers or cranks, so that the movement of
the weights by centrifugal force Is communicated through the shaft to
the dial. When the car speed Increases these- weights tend to fly out
and being connected with the dial through the shaft, pull the former
around to the right and display the correct figures lor the miles per
The hydraulic type of speedometer has not gained any considerable
following as yet, though its many excellent qualities may eventually win
it recognition.
All speedometers have certain characteristics in common; the
variations in type generally refer to the m?ans employed by actuating
the mileage dial. All those instruments have a connection in the shape
of n rotating shaft that is flexible and is housed in a flexible housing,
running to some running part of the mechanism, usually a front wheel.
On the end of this shaft is a gear, which meshes with a gear on the
moving part employed. This shaft is driven from the car's mechanisn
and in turn drives the mechanism of the speedometer through sonio
sort of a joint. It has in the past been the practically universal custom
to connect the speedometer with a front wheel, but recently the idea of
utilizing the propeller shaft has come into marked favor. Now some
makers are beginning to connect the speedometer with the transmission
unit and claims of maximum quiet, perfect lubrication, and protection
are made for this location.
When something goes wrong with the internal economy of the
speedometer itself, the car owner can do nothing but take it to the
service station. He would stand just as much chance of repairing his
watch as this instrument. However, there are other derangements
that he can repair. For instance, the coupling at the bottom of the
speedometer head sometimes shakes loose so that while the shaft still
revolves the dial does not register anything. To fix this the end of the
shaft should be loosened from the head, pushed firmly in place, and
tightened again. Again the flexible shaft may bind in the housingjdue
to abrupt bends, and then the speedometer will fail to register. When
trouble occurs look first at the shaft and see that it has as few
bends in it as possible, and those long and sweeping.
Another thing to watch is in making a change from one sized tire
to another, on the wheel that drives the speedometer, this will make
the readings inaccurate. Even a change to oversize tires will cause
inaccuracy. For instance, in one make of instrument, the makers
announce that if a. change is made from 34 x 4 inch tires to 35 x 4, the
sixty-eight toothed gear used in the former will have to be changed
to a seventy-tooth gear. .... - -.
It sometimes happens that where the driving gears are of fiber,
that a noise is caused by loosening of the parts. By using a little strong
laundry soap, the gears may be swollen again, so that they mesh bet
ter. It is a good thing to give the moving parts a little oil from time
to time, but where the gears run exposed, this will not be very effective.
In some cases after the speedometer has been in service for some
time the dial begins to fluctuate, a condition induced by vibration.
In some instances this becomes a chronic condition, but again it may
simply be due to looseness in the fastenings and connections, which,
the service station will fix in a jiffy. If the speedometer suddenly
fails to register mileage and speed, the first place to examine is the
driving shaft Disconnect the flexible shaft at the head and with the
front wheel being revolved, see if the shaft revolves without jerk
ins If the shaft runs smoothly the trouble lies in the instrument
itself It happens sometimes that a link in the shaft Is broken, so that
when' the part is disconnected in this way, the broken ends will catch
at intervals. While the shaft is disconnected, turn it In the head and
see if it makes the dial Indicate
Each Individual la a military unit
In an unbroken chain, and a single
weak link may ennse disasters D. C
Food Administrator.
"Buy a Bicycle"
Spring and Summer
weather is no time to ride
to and from work in a stuffy
street car. Buv a "Black
Beauty" and be a regular
out-of-doors man.
Terms as Low as $1.25
Per Week
Haverford Cycle Co
522 10th St N. W.
Near V St.
"Service Above All"
Webster's Definition of the word "Giant"
"l. of more than mortal, but less than God-like power and endurance.
2. A thing of extraordinary size or power."
Phone Franklin 6231
I had some trouble on tbe road not
long ago. It was like this: The motor
wouldn't run only slowly and then It
wouldn't pull at all. I had It towed
Into the garage and there I tested it
for everything and concluded that the
spark was at fault. I had a repairman
come in from the service station and
he worked around it for a number of
hours and I found out that the gen
erator chain was broken. Now how
could this stop the motor from run
ning? D. J. HAWKINS.
It Is easy to see that If the generat
or feeds the load-after a certain speed
Is reached, the engine would not run
at or above that speed If tbe generat
or driving chain were broken. The
battery feeding at low speeds ac
counts for the fact that the engine
would idle all right.
Can old oil taken from the. crank-
case and other places be used over
again after filtering off the solid mat
ter. Where is the Stanley steamer
factoryl What other steamers are
made? J. A. L. -
1. UB it over again, but not for en
gine lubrication. After removing the
sediment use the oil for spring leaf
lubrication and for brake connec
tions and similar places.
2. The Stanley Is made in Newton,
Mass. The Doble is another steam car
made by the General Engineering Co.,
Detroit, Mich.
What is the meaning of a truok
tractor; also what is an Industrial
truck? When a car is converted Into
a truck and the load Is given as 3.000
pounds is that the maximum load or
the safe load? MASTERS.
A truck tractor is a vehicle which
carries a load and also pulls one. An
Industrial truck Is a small vehicle
used for carrying goods Indoors or
for short distances outdoors a for
example trunk and baggage carriers
as used at railroad stations. Indus
trials are usually operated by stor
age batteries.
That depends on the maker. Often
the maximum load Is given and again
the safe load. Better ask.
Whr hasn't the eleetrla car made
any headway? There are so many ad
vantages of It that all I can see
against It is the speed. CURIOUS.
Aside from Its cerformanee being
much below that of a gasolene car,
the electric has a limited range of
operation, since a battery change
gives only a definite amount of mile
age. As one engineer said, the driver
of an electric Is obvious that every
minute he has less current than the
minute before. Tbe electric is a hlgh
lv efficient vehicle and well suited to
certain work In cities. It fills a defin
ite neea in me commercial ueju ,au
Is coming In In greater number there.
I am charging seventy-five cents an
hour for work and frankly I don't
know whether I am making money on
the shop. My men -are getting more
and I think I would be Justified In
raising to ninety cents If the custom
aim would stand for It. How about
rates in other ettlea, have they gone
up at all? REPAIRMAN.
Tou would be lustlfled in raising
your rates with the men getting high
er wages ana everyining conneciea
with repairing costing more, but why
not find out how much you are mak
ing now? Get hold of a good cost
system or pay an accountant for a
few days work to go over your books
and tell you where you stand. Do not
work In the dark. Half the shops
In the country run along without
knowing how much they make, when
It Is a comparatively simple matter
to find out. Write to the editor of the
trade paper ynu use for a cost system
and If you cannot get It we will send
you one.
tVet lend IteeM the habits ef
ease and convenience of tbe people.
and because It lends Itself to tbe con
venience ef the people, we want It
sent te Europe and net kept here
D. C Food Administrator.
"Service Above All"
1315 New York Ave. N. W.
P jB
' -jHLaw "
itli u ' I, " ""
tr..-,i xr-... r- h
pert, Mr. Llewelyn Powers Jones, the Questions and-Answers
have been left In the capable hands of his secretary
"I -have a set of tires now cm
my machine whleh I have driven
18,000 miles without ever having
had a puncture or a blow out
They are naturally a bit worn and
I would like to know if it would
be advisable to reduce the air
pressure in them. What would
you advise me to do about them?
O. H. K. If I had a set of tlres
that had gone 16.000 miles without
a puncture I would put them In a
Send Flowers.
I have grown so disgusted with
road hogs that I have made up
ray mind that I shall sot turn out
for them In future. If all the
motorists reading your column
would make the same resolution
this would put an end to the
nuisance. DETERMINED."
This Is all right Determined. It
your wife Is a blonde. Only blonde
women look well in mourning, and It
Is not fair to a brunette wife to re
fuse to .turn out for a road hog.
Ministers Take Notice.
"The last two Sundays I have
parked my car back to the golf
club and on each occasion when X
returned some one had bent one
of my fenders In pulling out from
beside me. Wouldn't it Be com
mon courtesy to leave a card in a
machine you run into?
There Is only one way to avoid
this trouble. Park your car In front
of a church Sunday morning, and you
will rarely have reason to complain.
"I have a bad valve tap In num
ber two which I seem unable to
get rid of. Does this do any
harm of any sort? X T. T."
J. T. Y. There are a lot of peo
ple you would never Jmow were liv
Little in name only, but a real Giant
in action.
Construction Extraordinary.
Power Ditto.
Thousands working daily to prove it.
Compare specifications part for part
with that of any other truck. That
will prove our truck is rightly
And we live up to our motto.
Llewelyn Powers Jones
nhtenrn nf nnr mrrhnnlrnl ex-
ing If they dldnt cough now and
then Ynnr tan lets von know ronr
motor is working and does so harm.
Summer Stuff.
"I find my engine overheats
since the warmer weather has set
In. There seems no reason for
this as the fan Is working per
fectly and the engine in good
condition. What can you sug
gest to remedy the trouble?
We suggest a larger fan. Put on
one with very long blades and wide
sweep to catch all the wind. Paint
leaf Is the best
"Is a motorist liable to damage
for running over a dog?
Thst all depends on what you
mean. I saw one farmer bend a
perfectly good hoe handle over a
motorist who ran over his dog. If
you are inquiring about what is
1I,M. tn bannen in tha ear we wasr-
gest you keep off of dogs. Fat ones
make the car skid and skinny ones
are liable to give you a puncwrc
"What States require the li
cense tag on both ends of a carl
All we have ever been in.
"I find a harsh rasping noise
when I shift my gears. No
mechanic seems able to remedy
the trouble. What do you sug
r.,t. QEARS."
o.- .Lt4n hm Prom what
you say they give you no trouble)
l-i mttA tt-nit the rasnin2
noise is the gears' protest against
being siuitea.
High pressure Tires
and Tubes are as per
fect as human ingenue
ify can devise.
Phone Msln 44M niM
Onr Representative Will Call
and Tell Yen Abent
Herrralk Tires and Tabes
Becker's Leather Goods Co.
Distributors Cforwnlk" Ttren Tnkee
1324-1326 F Street N.W.
Washington, D. C
D. C. reed AantlaUtmteek

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