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MO.NDAY. API11L I'i), 11)18.
FRANCE. April 29. Posing u French
soldiers, many Germans, Hearing
uniforms stripped frotadead French)
soldiers, entered the American setttirj
in the recent raid on the American I
sector near St. MlhleU according; to
revelations today giving" "additional
details of the action. . .
The masaueraders were to a. decree
successful in causing confusion dur
ing the engagement. They claimed to
be friends of the Americans, 'and at
one time shouted alleged warnings of
a u attack. When the Americans
obeyed the warnings, they were at
tacked by the Germans, who used
hand grenades.
Discovering the deception, the
Americans slew the pseudo French
men in short order and routed the
TTOI punishment, even of 2tnH most
drastic nature, be sufficient, tafaurb tie
cctrcttles o the Jove pirates telio prey
upon wives c soldiers while their hus
bands are fighting over thcret
Can any law be rained severe enough
do atcan with infractions of the moral
law of chastity, and will punishment of
guilty parties prevent repetitions 0 the
offense by otherst
These Questions- are .Brought -up by
Washington ptrrgymen in discussing the
Chicago case 0 Prof. W. X. Thomas,
the flfty-flve-yearold educator, whose
affair with Mrs. R. M. Granger, twenty-Jour-year-old
wife of an army lieutenant
now with Pershing, has aroused nation
vide interest.
Fears Effect Ok Amy.
Fear that-news of the case and oth
ers of Its nAHirwwlll 'yiiWUf tu 111:
effect among our boys In France was
expressed by Bishop William F. Mc
Dowell. The Methodist leader express
ed his opinions as follows:
"It Is decidedly unfortunate that a
nation-wide agitation comes at this
time. When the American men in the
trenches realize the significance of
such action. It will have a serious ef
fect on the morale of the armies.
"The Chicago case Is anvJsated.pne
and entirely unworthy. aertBiarf quad &
tlon of a serious aiflUlffinTi hire
been Informed recently that news of
disturbances in the home has created
a serious feeling among the English
soldiers. We should be very careful
about such movement and the effect
on the fighting men."
Monslgnor C F. Thomas, of St.
Tatriek's Cathollo Church, is certain
that all the punishment In the world
will -not prevent repetitions of the sin
committed by Prof. Thomas and Mrs.
Granger. He says:
Beth Parties art rautt.
"I am somewhat loath to express
aa opinion en the Chicago case of
the professor who tampered with the
wife of an absent soldier because I
do not think that atirh o. will ..
frequent, because the wordan la jUgtiCon8ret,m- Ohev. Solem. Fifth and
much In fault as the man. and
because I have long been convinced
that no good comes from directing
public attention to those unfortunate
"All the punishment in the -world
will not prevent some men and. women
from committing the crime of sin.
and the evil complained of In this
instance Is repeated In other walks of
life constantly.
"I do not wish to condone the
offense on the part of the professor.
Hut the wives that soldiers leave be
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The Methodist Church leader is of
the opinion that cases like the Chi
cago affair will seriously affect the
morale of onr troops abroad.
hind them are well able to take care
of themselves. If they want.
Wo Lnr Will Cure,
"No law can be framed drastic
enough to do away with Infractions
of thft'lttoral law of chastity, and no
punishment of a civil character will 1
prevent a repetition of the same. themselves for the divine principle
"I would that religious motives and liberty, against the onslaught of
reasons founded on divine revelation Immodest, vagrant, beastlal. llcen
be drummed Into the public con- tlous, and unprincipled men. with the
science. Then there would be hope Intention of polluting the chastity ot
of a. betterment In the direction sug-
"Wrrf-fnni ,. .-.. h.
obUIpea, and the condemnation which
the press has passed on the professor
(not much on the other party). Is suf- I
ficlent punishment. Perhaps the re- I
morse of his own conscience worries j
mm some.
Jf the clnl law
Is to take upon
Itself the punishment of all Infrac
tions of the Sixth or Ninth Command
ments it will ce overwhelmed with
I think that the press should Join
with theuIpU in teaching the people
tne neinousneis or tampering wun
another man's wife, whether the man
be a soldier or In any other capacity
and occupation."
A Great Problem.
Rabbi J. Glushak. of the Jewish
I streets northwest, suggests as pun
ishment for Prof. Thomas, and othrs
of his type, that he be separated from
relatives and friends and Interned un
til the end of the war.
Rabbi Glushak says:
"A great problem, caused by the
war. Is open for discussion and stands
now before the public to snTe. A
problem how to protect the wives "f .
those who are sacrificing their lUesl
for their country, shedding their
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Of Jewish Congregation Ohev
Babfai Glashak suggests as pun
ishment for wife stealers that they
be separated from relatives and
friends and interned until the war
is over.
womannooa ana violating wo sacreo-
a"8 ol uomesuciiy.
"The offense by itself Is too grave
to thl"k of- Je,.wlth a1' lu erlou-
"'"; CJ"' "' " j -"-
"" la ln pumsnmeni bocioijt
may or snail meie out against sucn
Mast Guard Selves.
"The Psalmist said: 'Unless the
Lord guard the city, In vain Is the
watchman wakeful." Unless the
woman herself is conscious of her
moral responsibility. In vain is all the
precaution taken by society. A wom
an that has been married for some
time and Is loyal to the husband of
her choice needs no protection; she is
fully aware of her oath she took
when stantifnip with her lnrr fcjifnr
I the altar to be true and faithful on
all occasions, to cleave to each other
In woe and weal; such a woman will
avoid any intercourse that may In the
least interfere with or Jeopardize her
1 moral character.
It 1S qultr evident that It I. more
the fault of the woman If ahe Is de
graded than that of the man
"Aa for the man that was appre
hended and found guilty of that ven
omous crime. I would sujrcest. from
moral, spiritual, and common sense
Jtandpolnt, to deal with him measure
for, measure, and that is. even as he
endeaiored to separate wife
IlOIIt '
liujtia.' J. so shall he be sepa-ated
from his relatives and friends and be
I fnierned till after the war Is oxer."
NEW ORMIAV.. April 29. William
Ed"nb'rn. pres-dent of the Louisiana
Hallv. av and Navigation Company and
a naturalised citiaen of German birth.
is under arrest at Shrewsbury. I.a.. on j
an affidavit charging violation of the
espionage act. !
The arrest by Department of Jus- I
tice agents followed a meting here of
th executive committee of the Ja- j
tlonal Security league, Louisiana
Seetlnn. at which resolutions were I
adi'pte'l ' haractcnzinir alleged utter-!
an'- bv l.denbnrn at an Americani
zation mriing of citizens of German
descen: lat Friday night an "seditious
treason against the United States and
Its allies"
Ildenborn. who Is seventy years old
and reputed to be many times a mil-1
l'onalre, was taken Into custody as he
stepped from a train of the road of
which he la president. He was re
moved to a place, the location of
uhlcli the 1'edeial agents refuse to
Kdenborn. founder of the American
Steel and Wire Company, now a part
of the I'nlted States Steel Corpora
Hon. lias been referred to as "father
if the wire Industry In America,'
lia mg erected mills and produced
'. in 170 thre vears aftei he
Hen iBHR'
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mmift! v v 1Jt,i.s"BBssj
Of St Patrick's Catholic Church.
He believes that no cunishment.
however strong, will be sufficient to
prevent repetitions of the offense
against the moral code.
A warning was sounded by Senator
Harding of Ohio at the G. A. R. ex
erclses commemorating the birthday
of Gen. U. S. Grant at the Metropoli
tan M. E. Church, last night that the
United States had better prepare for
the defense of Its Southern border
against Mexico.
We are committed to this war for
the safety of international rights, so
any American can go to any place
on land or seas. We are going to
battle for peace with victory and
nothing else," he said.
Russia will take her Discs with
the great democracies of th worjd
and some great happening on the
battlefields of Europe will arouse
America so that she will strike a
tnlhlv htnw U lit .-L ....
u"'"' 71 "..?" .''"p." '"
U. Gordon In his rermon at the Flrt
CongrfBatlonal Thurch. 'Thr power
that drove the Czar from hla palace
will alo d'lve the Germans from
The Itev .1. Harvy Dunham, at the
Western Trejbjterian rhurrh. In hM
AltAtfirK who wmiM ,mU ....H..
of the Industrial situation to cause
strikes and unre.su The pastor also
emphasized the neremlty of prac-t'clna-
economy and sacrifice. "The
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very hatred of Americans for war will
spur America, on until the war la
ended and Prusslanlsm crushed."
Lieut. Harry Wilson, of the Cana
dian army, recently returned from the
battlefields In France, spoke at the
Church of the Covenant last night and
appeaJed for support to the limit for the
olT. f s In France.
Congressman J. Franklin Miller, at the
Entire Output of 011 Durham
Called to the Colors !
Waugh ILE. Church, recounted his ex
periences on the western front and urged
the people to provide the Government
with sufficient means to wage the war
to victory.
The following officers of the Secular
Lesgae were elected at Pythian Temple :
John D. Bradley, president ; A. B. Baden.
aecreUry, and U. B. Burwell, treasurer.
i,, f
THE Government has reguested the entire output of .the
' 'making! "BULL" DURHAM tobacco. Our fighting
men need it and we give it gladly.
Only absolute necessities men, money, munitions, wheat,
ships, and now the "makings, " have been called.
One million six hundred thousand men are ready;, and
millions more to come. Unlimited billions in coin, and billions
waiting. The entire output of all our munition factories, all
our wheat; every ship we can justly lay our hands on and,
now, tobacco the "makings" 36,000,000 sacks, 2,000:000
pounds, one hundred carloads every month the utmost night
and day production of all the "BULL" DURHAM factories.
NEvery "BULL" DURHAM smoker in the land must
appreciate this call. It will come especially hard to the millions
ot men who have "rolled their own" with "Bull" for years,
who have, indeed, known no other tobacco, and who look upon
the little muslin sack as a close and very personal possession.
But even these men, every one of them, I know, will be glad
to give fully and wholly his share of a product, those who
know say is needed by our boys over there is necessary to
their morale, their comfort, their will to win.
In turning over to the Government our entire output of
"BULL" DURHAM, the American Tobacco Company has
but one regret: That, large as they are, its factories cannot
satisfy both the demand at home and the call from the front.
Of course, there can be no choice with us or with you.
The war-needs of our Government are our war needs our
- Men and money, powder and bullets, wheat and ships, and
now tobacco the ' 'makings, " to carry to our fighters ammuni
tion for courage, determination and hope ammunition tied up
in a little muslin sack and marked with a round paper tag.
Is there a man in all this united land who will not say:
"Here's to you, good old 'Bull.' Take to the boys over there
all you have been to me and more."
I am sure there is not certainly not among the thousands
who help to make "Bull," nor the millions who must, for the
present, give it up. j
CCetX' Jri& 'President
tte"MaItfii&s'WwJfm of a Nation
keajsaai ppi a T"J
NEW YORK, April 29. Beginning
this afternoon, the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad will operate passenger
trains Into New York, using the
Pennsylvania station. This Is one of
the plans of Railroad Director Mc
Adoo to communlxa terminal facilities.
A. S. MclIUlen. writs your wit.
She Is heart-broken over your ab
sence. Mrs. MeMHlen made a cathetla ap
peal today- to Inspector ef Detective
Clifford Grant to locate Mr. accMUlen,
who la a justice ot the peace at
Brldgerille, Pa and who Is beilartd
to be In Washington.
McMllIen. who Is a high degree
Mason, left his home on April J, rfhd
neither his relatives nor cry
friends have heard a word from him.
Ha was last seen at Union Station,
Pittsburgh, at 11 o'clock on the night
of April 1. A train leave the Smoky
City for Washington at 11:20 p. m,
and Vtm. McMillan believes her hus
band caught it for this city.
For several months Justice Me
MHlen had been In poor health before
he disappeared from hla bom. It
waa thought he might have con to
a Pittsburgh hospital, bnt careful In
quiry at the Institutions there by the
police failed to locate him.
Not only la Mr. McMllIen a Mason,
but he Is a member iof the Odd Fel
lows and the Elks. Members of
these organizations have been asked
to help find the magistrate. When
he left his home. Justice McMllIen
wore a gray overcoat, gray salt, black
8tetson hat, black shoes, and had a
cold watch and chaln Hla mono
gram was on 'the back ef his watch.
He also carried his seal In hla pocket.
He is fifty-two yean old.
-in .
. a
XT ' -
:,4 ; ..
J It I Mb 4

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