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111 iij i imu 9 jmf9n
I J p-sl 'I
.' -- p p ft js: PRESENT OFFICES
LJrrrTEssr .!ca irr fcay wiay be retained
i 1E55 $cMl A)a . Wk- FOR DANIELS'USE
1 i -s r ..r 'v, - Lis. 3dai- ss vijcA&rtfr m u Kwy i
Major Pullman. Superintendent cf
VoUce, tddav gave orders to members!
of the force to begin on .vionaav
round-up or slackers all men. be
tween the aces 01 tf.ii-. . - .i
thirty-one years who have failed to
conform to the requirements of the ,
elective service draft
The police will comb all places.
where idle ounr men congregate On
the streets the police will approach
all men acnearing to be within the
draft age, who will be asked to show
ineir ciassiiicauoii i icsioiiuuwti
status cards or other satisfactory I
Kvery m&n questioned must show
either one of three card. One being i
the original bluish-green registration
'certificate, another being a cream-
white cart -with the United States
Seat In-upper left hand corner, or. If ,
Ihe man should have neither of these
cards, he should ha e a postal card I
Riving his classification and Mgned
in lower right hand corner by mem
ber of local board. '
French official dispatches received
here state that losses by mines and
submarines during the month of
April were approximately only one
half as great as during April of
1917. 'With each orTenflve of the
Germans on land here has been In- .
creasing activit on sea.
( sjwt?a3fsa cot KS-.sssopSJara.-' ivyi s: fTi-. iu (--.-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nr- ... -r v i Kzsf&TXff; rw "m kahiv m.i... '
1 r Em&agL -- CvV . JmBS-A wBBS JILT': s-
nnnTl - inrvta&sts. rvz " i o s v YAM 11 'H'anTnTnTnTnTnTnTnTnK"aTnTrar'''B"anTninyf' fz"4 I Xv&f&&!&&&Ezr' .j.V - 1 " "nnTay
m ' . .,vnSn r-isiw, 'j (m8mxM&jNmMr ss$& vsss &&z m
szs . ,r i ,. ,. ,..Avv 'jwy v mnrj&mrrwmgmsw j-50 y zw?,i lh
w"; ? hi ixw . u?- KahxRgw yLm f rs n
e w vm$wmMA l l
H 'iii'Mnwv - i - - vmsm J'M y.
I- (ftmlttl. Hit, Clil" TtWhm.1
- i
Today and Yesterday
Clear Away
The Soap tt Qearue ud Purify
Tbe Ointment U Soothe and Heal
These fragrant, super-creamy emol
lients stop itching, clear the skin of
pimpie. blotches, redness and rough
ness, the scalp of itching and dan
druff, and the hands of chaps and
sores. In punty, delicate medica
tion, refreshirg fragrance, cong
ruence and economy. Guticura Soap
jnAOintment meet with the approval
ot he most discriminating, ideal lor
cvery-day toilet uses.
Tor bip1 ac br mfl iddrvM pestarC
Erap. iteacke per h. T lSVc
ne4 kidney beanx. per can. .ISc
Aary beans, per lb. 15e
Wander mixed ten. per lb. . .50e
Perfect blend tea, per lb 9c
S rant 9Ioneacy Valley
unrar corn 2Sc
15 lb, white potatoen Zc
Kara iiynip. per can, 13e, 29c. 4. 73e
11 7th St N. E. and AU the
J. T. D. Pyles Store.
Tlteae portraits are a part of a series appearing in The Times
showing xcell-knoicn Washingtonians as they are pow and as they
appeared in younger days. Today's portraits are of
PMnrL "" iSnnHPS'fijMll' I
f ts jannCilHr n Ulri " tSfS'P' v
rtBia. JniaWnBB8Hn!BngBBfiBBLlBHBilWB
Photo by Cllnedlnst.
Jlr. llagicE Shotls jesSlent of the DjytncL.N'ational Bank, wliOj-
nas neen twice presment 01 ine cnamocr oi commerce, ana who was
chairman of the committee on arrangements for the last Presidential
Inauguration, is fifty-sevra yeara old. He has been a resident of
Washington for thirty-two years. When asked for these portraits,
Mr. Harper said:
"The picture at twenty-three was taken in Philadelphia at the
time of my graduation from the Philadelphia College f Pharmacy. I
had on a Prince Albert coat which I had bought specially for the
Continued from I'lrst Page)
mere were standing wherever per
mitted Those in charge were forced
to close and lock the doors of the
hut to prevent dangerous overcrowd
ing And still the crowds continued
to crnie. until outside there was a
gathering many time as large as
that Inside the auditorium All
Washington, it tippcsre'ci; was anxious
to greet Pershing's heroes.
And when the bo appeared'
The noise, the enthusiasm, the up
roar was indescribable, tt lasted for
minutes, this reception by 'Washing
tonians to the men who are fighting
for America "oer there" Ilahdtter-
chlefs waved Hats were thrown high
In the air. Staid, dignified, elderli
person forgot their dignitv and
climbed up on their chairs to welcqine
Pershing' boys The cheering and
applause was tumultuous Washing
ton amazed itself.
Make Double !acrince.
Finally it ended, and Henry B F
Macfarland, head of the lied flron
half-mllllon-dcllar drive in Washing
ton, opened the meeting, saying-
"The Wahington lied Cross War
Fund of 1D18 committee Is
nate in having 'Pershing s men al
together for the flr?ttfme since ther'
left the trenches in Prance so gal
lantly held by our American troop.
It Is an honor to have them begin
their speaking for the Ked Cross,
which will take them as Individuals
to forty States, here in their Capital.
. "Our task of raising a minimum of
half a million dollars in the Capital
toward the minimum of one hundred
million dollars asked of the whole
country for the wonderful Ilcd
Cro servl e to our Holdiers.
tailor.' and marine' their dependents.
the allies and the helpless women
and children of the devastated dis
tricts is made easier by their pres
ence "They have seen the Red Cross not
only at home and on the -transports,
but In France. They know personally
part of the splendid story of Its serv
ice with the 1100,000,000 given last
ear. the mot remarkable storv of
its kind in all history. They add to
their other sacrifice, the sacrifice of
a vacation at home, in drder that they
may serve doubly by taking part In
the Red Cross campaign. This puts
us stay at-homes to the test of similar
service "
Days Tell Their Stories.
Then the soldiers' spoke, and it was
one continuous succession of cheers
for the unconquerable morale typified
by tbe patriotic remarks of tlio men
In khaki. Color Sergt. John J. Ileffer
nan, a Washington man. who Is in
charge of the fifty, was the first
speaker Laughter rolpgled with
cheers throughout his address, and a
great demonstration follotvtd when
lie concluded.
fie told what the boys over there
are thinking how they want to licit
the Germans what they want what
they ask those over hsre to do
"dend us airplanes. ef!t tho Boches
out of the trenches, and we'll lick
them in fort das." he shouted He
drew laughter when he said-
"We over there don't want talcum
powder! We don't' want cold crenm.
Now,.wliat In hell does a sojdier want
with those things" He also showed
the steel helmets and the gas ma-ks
our boys wear In the trenches
After him there came soldier after
soldier telling his own experiences
and the experiences of his comradles
They told of the wonderful work of
the Red Cros, and literally command
ed every American at home to sacri
fice to the utmost, 'give to the ut-
What Pershing's Fifty Think
Of Kaiser Bill
Here are some of the high lights of the speeches which Persh
ing's Fifty made before a tremendous audience at the Liberty Hut
last night:
"If you'll send over airplanes to get the Boches out of the
trenches, jour boys will do the rest. We'll lick them in 4Q dnj3."
Color Sergt. John J. HefTernan, Washington man.
"I'm. glad, I was in the gun crow that fired America's first shot
in this war. We're- fighting for the liberty of the whole human
race BUT we don't include the Boches in that category!" Corp.
O. D. Varilla.
"Our boys, with only six months' training, have stood toe to too
with the Kaiser's best the Uhlans, the Prussian Guards, the best
trained men in the German army and we gave them hell in a good,
old-fashiend Yankee manner." Sergt. E. B. Creed.
"Wakaup; America; realize that we're in-the-warto-the finish!"
Private Morrow.
"I'm certain that thirty-five Americans can lick any seventy-five
Bpches. The Germans are the yellowest dogs on earth." Corporal
i'hen the Jfavy Department raovet
Into the gigantic "temporary build-In-;
going up at Seventeenth and B
streets northwest, where the Potomac
Park tennis courts used to be. Sec-
I rtary Daniels will retain his offices
In the State. War and Navy build
I lug. according to present plans.
The entire department will be
housed, in the huge new building
which Is scheduled for completion In
September, but the desirability of
personally remaining In tils' present
1 quarters is being urged upon Secre
tary Daniels. .
It W pointed out that the relation
between the' Navy and 'State Depart
menu have been of a particularly in
timate nature, and much time and
correspondence has been saved by In
formal calls, during which jnatte-i
of Importance have been discussed is
thelr'Tprellmlnary stages.
The- obvious advantages of betng
near tile "White House and War De
partment where the meetings of (he
! National Council of Defense are he!'
I are also emphasized, together wlttj
I the necessity or havlnjr rooms Jarg
I enough to greet the delegations whklr
I are constantly calling upon the 3ec-
. retarr. . t. , .,
I In the vot of'MrnanlelB remain
I lng. a suite of five rooms wllj be "re
tained, which "will Inctap'e those now
' occupied by" Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt and Admiral Benson, cnlel
, of operations.
The nw- navy building win be
ready for -oceirpanejr or- or about tbe
first of SeptemSirl . '
MjISTERD.V3ti. ,3laiLi 2U. Berlin
"JiwSapers are now discussing tha
possibility of a government crisis as a
result' of the Catholic-Centrist. '
forts to split the Majority Bloc on the
'question of Chancellor von Hartling a
eastern -nnllr-- MsrMss TgnlMrger s
leading the new Centrist opposition.
I.ook oat of the wtndnw at tbe near
est flae. and "tben nk yourself why
yon delay In paying )tir fneerae tax.
'tmULJtamXl We. 'JJIQnnnnnF-nHKyj'v TJT 9 iTlnE XmWJT lrT JiCW.fcV Tf tt'T ' I
on-mm-'mt mmm' , . :i
v??;3-km 'NCP &&J'C'l&-if - - .Vv i Wsnlr
There l&'Xte S ; e .HHSwll -
Twwr -
r .i V"- Jf
r j. --
- i
Don't Forget Your Best Friend
Mothers ' Day
Tomorrow, May 12, send mother Roses,
are main inexpensive varieties to choose from
those who wish to spend a little more, u c surest the
queen of all flowers
American Beauties with Ion-; stems.
Spring; Flowers in Baskets or Growing Plants arc ideal
for brightening mother's favorite room.
Wear flowers yourself on Mothers' Day.
White Flpwcr in memon of mother.
Colored Flower in honor or mother.
rortu . . .... ... lt, .,..: M
1II1W1 I i , ,JC1, VIJC VtMMM..MII 0fCl
aid prfanization t
Lorpurbi j ij. varuia, or i.au
fornla, of the Sixth I'ield Artillery
the "red headed" American soldier.
who fired the first shot in I'rance for
America, admitted that h'd rather
face the Germans than a crowd like
that lie managed to tell the neople
hon- glad he wis to do bis bit. and
how essential It was to defeat the
nche. but seemed considerably wor
ried over the tremendous applause he
was accorded
"Wake up. vie are at war
That was the reed of the whole
flftr. Thev all insisted it whs a rtght
to the finish, and that America would
stay in to the lima lint it is abso
lutely necessary, they Impressed upon
their hearers that thoe at home back
up the boys in the trenches to the ut
Sacrifice, sacrifhe. sacrifice that's
what vjll win the war, they urgd.
and implored ever) American on tint
side to give and In Ip to the limit of
Inr abllltv
While the speal. ing lnide was
ing tn. ttiOe outside became impa
dent Hundreds, ircluding inaev
numen climbed no on the roof of the
tabernacle to get a look at "Pervh-
,ings Kiftj through tho many win
dow . I'inallj. several of the sold if s
'vtcie sent outxi te to address thf
ttouds there wlule their ctxnrutlr
fiere epeaking In-irie The itillitMi
atiin outeide wad Just as great as
thai hi. hln.
lien the meeting ended, the I-
diers were .tlmnst mobbed bv tie
rovvd Thousands of men anil wnm-
l en rrowdeil around the American he-
e- to graMi their hands, to slap
thci- lucks affectionately, to wish I
them "ill Many suiight to get on
venirs The roies with which ea h
soldier had been presented earln i In
tie evening were snaicheil from them I
i bv biuivt-nir hunter Many were
forced to beg for relief before the
..rowd Aould release tlicm
1 The rm-jage tbe b-s will lake i
bad. to the trenches from Wu-'liiu':-mi
iinit be that the Capital will
bai 1; lli-iii ! Cue limit '
' 'Are vuti going to do vour utnit st
lo bark a- up" one ut the -uldier '
-I i jkers al.ed
iits' lame the ansuering -lion'
from the great audience, and this an
utter the boys will carry back lo their
hundreds of thousands of fellow o
tilers on the firing line of l'ranre I
1 On the platform, besides the sol
dicrs. and the Port Mver band, whtih'
furnished miieii throughout the hhi-
mg. v.crc the member of tin rxnn
live committee ,,f iitr. ed Cioss irir
fund of 101 and the following p-
i.l guets. Mr I'iiarles Meuoli r
ife of Maior Oneral Mntdiei m
mund' r f the itainbuw iliv tsin o i
le e. Mi I" Minunerall, wif vf
!. .gadier tleucr-il Sinntue.'all. h f
f artiller of the itrtinhow division
and Mrs I: l IrfiUiriiige. i. ife of
Major Oneisl Ian. bridge, of i n-'ral
i 'u siting's slatf.
'tore inir l'heu ian llecomniends
nvalid Chairs
For Rent For Sale
P-I nrjorti t
1 tiatr-t una ttak9
nei in a' id
The Gibson Co., Inc., 917 G St.
nnnnnnMnnnnnnnT HnnnnnlnnnnnWI HnnnnH nnnnnni nnnVGH BnnnnV nnnnn anaani lannnnnK
"Heavy, heavy hanss over
your head."
ljjj "0, 1 know what if is, daddy! II
Hill Vou hel(i jt t0 close and ' II
1 smell it irs WRlGLEVSr II
j "Righto, sonny give your I
Bl appetite and digestion a
(PrfJfc treat, while you tickle
VvffPH. yur sweet tbotb,
' l&Jk 1E&B& After Every MeaI
ttV Nnnnnni nRnnnl sfl W Mr . nw
te VkVWfl xs neriavorLasiss
nEannnMaBkjVV Btft H&9 W . X- fill .Jift
m BT f i r IIkSMb A
ML IsBBm VnU., J9 &M
900 14th St. N. W.
Phone Main 2416
1214 F St. N. W.
Phone Main 4278

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