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ii, ijijili j'miijmgi'ui.
u .iinvss sssgjjoioon
Memcry of mother-will be enshrined
In every .human htvU especially to-
morrow. Jn the Mjentl Capital rpe
clal ervies andtheyjvearlnc of car
nations vdlleVIfTjJtrtlie'love and
mouor vrhJcji'VfasllJtigsOnlaris feel for
. .Pershing; ,finBlreSus to;v!cJory."
From overseas will come letters to
"Mother." or to other loved ones at
home, from the American men who
aave (rone forward toddle. If neces
ary. for the country. General I'er
fshinp has requested that every officer
and epllsted man with the American
expeditionary force write home on
this Sunday.
Mother's Day. set apart by Con
gress as the' one special day In the
year when homaee is paid mothers.
1 living and dead, will 'be demonstra-
ted solemnly and reverently in Wash-
i - Jled. white. And blue Immortelles,
5 Oed with, green ribbons, were roId on
the streets' In TYashfnjrton today for
,Jhe benefit oTthe' destitute mothers of
. ureal .Britain, e ranee, ana iraiy. ray
ers were asked to remember their
wn mothers when they purchased
the flowers to aid the mothers across '
he sea. The red, white, blue and i
green combine the colors of the al-
': lies.
TJaasIa nai(-a lha flntrAro f
icuv ua ic), av a-.j ., s w . -. , i
J which came from Southern France.
. were at 1400 H. street northwest. -
Girl Scouts Bold the poem. "Moth-
' er of Mine," in the streets and hotels,
'fur the benefit of the Red Cross. The
Idea of this sale was originated and
"Promoted by Mrs. Leland Stanford
Conness, of this clt. a Red Cross
worker The poem, was written by
John Joy Daly, -former -newspaper
man of Wajfitbgj&C JicCIs. searing
in the array?- " - -
Table dTIote Dinner, a ta 8 JHnsle
M n ii
Be Patriotic and Comfortable
., Save txal and wood by using a New Perfection Ofl
t Cook Stove and kerosene oil always available and
inexpensive. Escape the work and dirt of coal, wood
and ashes and soot Have a cool kitchen and do
perfect cooking of all kinds for the clean, intense
W IB Washington. D. C Richmond. Va. Charleston. W. Va. I igSj2
JtoH laisisW MMT If r Tl V r !... fU
IBHr am rxonwix. va. vuwmig, ,-. v.
fc -g si ii, - - '
It's Better to Have The Times
Delivered at Home
More Convenient More Regular And Cheaper
The TIMES will be delivered to you at your homej
Daily and Sunday, for 45 Cents a Month a cent and a
hajf a day.
There's a TIMES route right past your door, and
one of your neighborhood boys is building a business for
himself by dependable service.
Tell the boy you want The TIMES, or phone or
write to The TIMES' Circulation Department.
P'Aone Main 5260, or ,
Write The Washington Times,
Munsey Bldg., Washington
Congressman Haskell ha lntro-
ducod a till In the House to Testrict
transfers oCsealfestateeccupied by
Government employes.
The puzpose"oC.'(the..blll Is to pre
vent sales of dwelling houses in
which the tenants are Government
employes or are In the military serv
ice, unless .such' sales are In (rood
I faith.
The measure Is limited to dwelling:
houses and lots assessed in J917 at
not over $12,000, or to newly built
houses of a value not exceeding that
amount and halng for tenants
"officers or employes, civil or mili
tary, of the United States, or of any
instrumentality thereof, or of the
UlHtrict of Columbia."
No transfer of such property Is al
lowed for the next three years, except
by written instrument and upon de
termination and certification by a Jus
tice of the District Supreme Court that
the sale is bona fide and not for the
i purpose of coercion. The bill contains
n ntviwf. in .vhii.li cinm .vtriinnc
pendmB consideration by the court of
uch transfer!).
urns sir tit l T nrnrtT7rnn
Wll V AN WAK Wll KM.K.
sv a asm s s
Twelve thousand women employes
of the War Department in 'Washing
ton are eligible today for member
ship In the "Women War 'Workers of
America. There are at present 700
members In the society.
These" facts were brought out last
night at a meeting of the workers
by Mrs. C. A. McQuIgg, president of
the organization. Major Z. I. Potter,
the principal speaker, said he is in
favor of the adoption by women of
a uniform style or dress. Miss Flor
ence M. Christmas and other mem
bers discussed details of the campaign
to enroll a, larger, membership lor
the society.
Silent pro-German appetites are
hostile to the allied rnusr an disloyal
utterance. D. C. Food Administrator.
name of the New Perfection can be instantly and ac
curately adjusted like gas and it stays put.
3,000,000 New Perfections are keeping kitchens com
fortable and saving coal, money and labor for other
American women.
Why not for you ?
Made m 1-2-3-4 burner sizes, with or without cabinet top
and oyen.
Askyonr dealer about the New Perfection Kerosene Water
Use Aladdin Security Ofl Always available, inexpensive.
Baltimore, Mi
Japanese Ambassador and Viscountess Ishii Luncheon Guests Miss Wilson
Visiting in Atlanta Mr. and Mrs. Stettinius Entertain
HE Japanes e Ambasssdor and
Viscountess Ishii lunched in
formally with the Secretary of
Stato and Mrs. Lansing today,
The Rrltlsh Ambassador. Viscount
Reading, and members of the British
embassy staff, wilt be guests of the
National Press Club this evening.
Lord Reading will make an address.
Miss Margaret 'Wilson, daughter of
President Wilson, who Is making- a
concert tour of the camps and can
tonments in the South and West, is
at present In Atlanta, where she Is
the guest of Mrs. Edward T. Brown.
Miss Wilson Is Accompanied on her
tour by Mcl llle A. Clark, harpist, and
Mrs. Ross David, who Is her accom
panist. Admiral Grant, naval attache of the
Rrltlsh embassy, and Lady Grant are
the guests In whose honor Assistant
Secretary of War and Mrs. Edward
R. Stettinius will entertain at dinner
Mr. and Mrs. Stettinius, who have
taken a cottage at White Sulphur
Springs for the summer, wll take
possession some time In June.
Transferred To Denmark.
Malcolm Arriold Robertson, first
secretary of the British embassy, has
been transferred to the British lega
t on In Denmark and will leave this
country in Juno for his new post.
Mrs. Robertson, who mu formerly
Miss Gladys Ingalls, expects to go to
Hot Springs. Va, for the summer
months, joining her husband in the
autumn. Her mother, Mrs. Melville
K. Ingalls, will spend the summer
with her.
Mme. Luz Mendez has gone to New
York for a short visit.
Mrs. Margaret Blalno Saulabury Is
in Washington as the guest of her
son. CapL Walker Saulsbury. Cap
tain Saulxbury and several of his
brother offtcer are occupying Com
mander and Mrs. John W. Timmons'
residence In New Hampshire avenue.
Mrs Walker Saulsbury, wh was re
cently here with her hunbsnd. la now
In New York for a short visit.
The marriage of Mrv I.uisa Duval
Dawson, widow of Thomas Cleveland
Dawson, first American ambassador to
Brazil, nd ai'hlllrpe Charles Soyez, of the
French high commission.w as solemnized
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston. S. C.
AnS': --"cv3Wbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbs.
bsbbbbbbbbbbW" JkV4bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbSi.
jmmmW" SmmmW
mmmmmmm& "'68lHttj- tsjj
Photo by Back.
Mr. and Mrs. Ansberry will entertain at dinner at the Chevy Chase
Club tonight.
this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home
of the bride. In Nineteenth street. Mon
aiirnor James F. Mackln offlclatine. The
ceremony, -was marked by ereat sim
plicity and was attended only by M.
Soyez's brother. Gullbert So ei, members
of the bride's family, and the witnesses.
Senator Albert Ii. Cummins and ISHg
On. L-iR-you Fuller served as witnesses
Xor Airs. Dawson, and the "bridegroom
a ici)racntel b M. Jacques llar
' sueritte and M. Rrnard. Mrs. James
Hitchcock, of Kteubcnvllle. Ohio, w.is
matron of honor, and the only attendant.
The bride wore a charming after
j noon gown of French blue taffeta and
chilTon to harmonize lth M. Sojez's
horizon blue uniform, and a larce
blue straw hat trimmed with corn
flowers. Mrs. Hitchcock's eoun was
of be Ice ceorsetla crepe, and IU it
she Tiorc a picture hat of beige straw.
Immediately after t'he ceremony M.
and Mme. Sovez arc leaving for a
1 short motor trip, and on their return
' they will make their home at the
i latter' s Nineteenth street home.
I Attend Xtw York Wedding.
I Mrs. Gibson Fahnestock and her
daughter, Mrs. Sylvanus Stokes. Jr,
I have gone to New York to attepd the
marriage of Mrs Stokes' cgusln. Ml?
Helen Cordon Campbell, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. Clarenre Gordon Camp
bell, to Capt Clarence G. Mlchalls.
104th Held artillery, which will take
place today in the Church of the
Heavenly Ilest. reception will be
held at the home of Dr. Clarence
Fahnestock. uncle of the bride. Miss
Campbell Is a granddaughter of the
late Harris Fahnestock.
Mr. and Mrs. Kdson Bradley have
closed their Washington residence
and opened their home In Tuxedo
Park for the spring months.
Mrs. Mark Bristol, wife of Captain
Bristol. V. S. N.. who has been mak
ing a short visit to Mrs. Guy Nor
man at her horn In Massachusetts
avenue, will leave town khortly for
Old Point Comfort. Va.. where she has
been spending the spring months.
At 5oIdlen Home.
MaJ. Gen. W. W. Wotherspoon, U. S.
A., retired, and Mrs. Wotherspoon,
who have been spending several weeks
in Old Toint Comfort. Va, arrived in
I the Soldiers' Home.
t Mrs. Pitt Scott will go to New Tork
on Thursday to be with her mother.
Mrs. T. DeWItt Talmage, for a few
Mrs. TIarry Treat, of .Seattle. Wash,
who has been In Washington the
greater part of the winter. Is now the
guest of her brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Campbell Graef.
Mrs Charles Bromwell will be
hostess at dinner at the riievy Chase
Club, entertaining, in addition to a
rumber of her own fn ntN. a group
rp Magic"
rlirilrian barn Nuiated Iron
tluirkly l-nt AMoni.lilnic
arenith and Knrrs)' Into the
Vein of Men and Urine HoeM
ui sue cuerkN o Arrius, uuo
Ilosn Uomrn.
Ask the Orst hundred itronp.
neaiinr peopi. you meet to what
they owe their strength and fee
row manr reply "Nuiated Iron."
fr James Kranrl Sullivan, fur
rnerly rhyslclan of Iletlevtie Hospt
tat (Outrtoor I.pt New York, and
the Wftrhest-r County lloitnluil.
"Tlinujand of propln'auf
fer from iron deficient y. but Jo
not know what to take Them
1b nothing tike orsanlc ir-m
Kuzatctl Iron to quickly enrich
tbo blood, make beautiful, healthy -men.
and rtronr, vigorous iron men To
make, absolutely ruro that m patients
get real organic Iron and not nm form
of the metallic variety. I alwas pre
scribe Nuiated Iron In its original pack
ages. Nuxated Iron will Increase the
strength and endurance of weak, nerv
ous run down folks ta two weeks time.
In many Instances "
Manufacturers' Note: Nuiated Iron
recommended aboe b Or Suitttan ran
be obtained front anv good druggist,
with or without a phisli-ians pi e. up
tlon on an absolute manufacturers guar
antee of success or muney refunded
r if
5k d2U
of young people who will have a table
of their own. The young people are
asked to meet Miss Hallle Davis and
her fiance, George A. Percy, U. S.
M. &
Mrs. Nicholas Griffin will entertain
at dinner at the Shoreham tonight In
compliment to ber guest. Miss Mar
garet Griffith, of Chicago sfie will
take her guest later to the hop at
Washington Barracks.
The hop. which will be preceded
by a number of Interesting dinner
parties, is given under the auspices
of the women's committee for engi
neer soldiers to raise funds to buy
wool to be knitted Into comforts for
the engineers in active service. It
promises to be one of the most enjoy
able- festivities of the ueek.
Col. and rMs. Clarence Itldley will
have n. party of guests. Including Col.
and Baroness Reille and Miss Gene-
vievc IteIHe, with them for the dance.
Trof. and Mrs. Stlmson J. Brown
have as their guest Mrs. Brown's sis
ter, Mrs. John D. Bennett, of New
Mrs. Samuel Spencer will entertain
atbrldgp .this-afternoon in honor of
Mrtv John U", Price, St Louisville.
Ky.. who Is tho guest of Mrs. Henry
Mrs. W. Ii Flournoy. a niece of
Mrs. Spenrer. who ha been her guest
for the past two weeks, will return
this afternoon to her home In Ports
mouth, Va.
Mrs. Claiborne Bryan and small
daughter. Miss Sarah Bryan, who has
been the guest for two week of ber
sister. Mr. Horace Lurton. Jr., vflll
return tomorrow to her home in
Nashville. Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs R. H. Blpley. -who have
been staying at the Washington Ho
tel for a week, will return tomorrow
to their home In Chicago.
Mr. and Mr. Ripley were exten
sively entertained while here. Among
those giving dinners for them during
the neek are Col. and Mrs. Robert T.
Lamont, of Chicago, and their daugh
ter. Miss Dorothy Lamont, who en
tertained them on another occasion;
Mr. and Mrs. Ross GraVener, who
gavo a dinner at the Chevy Chase
Club; Miss Cornelia Scott and George
Katon Scott, and Warren Lynch, of
New York, who had fourteen guests
to meet them at the Washington Ho
tel, where he Is stopping.
Mrs. Davil F. Kalme and her daugh
ter. Miss Gladys Kalme, left yesterday
for Cape May. N. J., for the week-end.
Mrs. Kalme and her daughter expect
to go there later In the summer to
spend come time
Mrs. Robert T. Lamont and her
daughter. Miss Dorothy Lamont, of
Chicago. 111., who have been spending
several weeks with CoL Lamont, U. S.
A., at the Highlands, will leave to
morrow for their home. Colonel La
mont Is stationed here with the Ord
nance eDpartraenU
The c.ialry branch or the army
emergency committee Is arranging a
motion picture show to be given at
the Knickerbocker Theater on Friday
afternoon for the benefit of its free
wool fund. Tickets may be obtained
from Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson, chairman
i.f the committee, at her seridencc,
IsJO Wjonung avenue,
Mrs. -Albert L. Mills, who was called
to Tort Oglethorpe. Ga.. by the Illness
of her daughter. Mrs Kinil I I-iurson.
will remain for some time. Mrs. Laur
son Is now much better.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Mayer and Pttle
Miss Adrlrnne C. Mayer have nut
to New York, where they are the
guests of relatives.
To lie Married Slay 23.
At tho wedding of Miss E.itelle
Reeve and Joseph Barnett Kalbfus.
which will take place Thursday after
noon. May 23, at 4 o'clock at the
homo of Mj- and Mrs. Reeve in
Georgetown. Miss Reeve will have as
her attendants her school girl sister.
Miss Theln.a Reeve, and hor two little
god-children. Catherine Harper Reeve
and Frank. Vincent At Lee. Jr.. son
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank V At l.ce, of
Baltimore. Lieut. Georgn Randall
Kalbfu. I' S V. expects to reach
Washington m tune for the wedding
and will act as best man for his
Rev Dr. Charles Wood, pastor of
the Church of the Covenant, will be
the officiating clergyman.
Mr. Kalbfus Is the eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel T. Kalbfus. or this
city. He and his- bride will live in
Gordon. Ga.. after a short wedding
trip in tho North.
necltal at Hospital.
The Rubinstein Club, Mrs. A. M.
Blair, director, gave a recital at the
Walter Reed Hospital on Thursday
evening for several hundred conval
escnt soldiers. The program given
at the recent concert of the Rubin
stein Club was repeated, and 'was
greeted with enthusiastic applause.
The soloslsts were Mrs. William T.
Reed. Mrs. Morgan Bradford. Miss
Budd. Miss Sheehy. and Jan Tarber.
violinist. Under Mrs. Blair's spirited
leadership the boys In the audience
Joined in singing some of the more
familiar numbers.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Alles. of
Washington, have arrived in Atlanta
from Ashevllle. N. C and are staying
with Mr. and iir. Berry Collins.
The Misses Helen and Mono Blod
gett entertained at a young- people's
luncheon today, taking their guests
later to the matinee.
Mrs. Frederick Hodges, of Kalama
zoo. Mich., who has been visiting Mrs.
Delos Blodgett. has been called away,
and In eonsequenc Mrs. Blodgett and
her sister. Mrs. Charles Graves Mat
thews, have canceled the luncheon
and tea they were to have given in
her. honor.
Justice and Mrs. Ashley M. Gould
anounce the marriage of their daugh
ter. Miss Helen Gould, to Lieut. Mar
ian Thomas Anderson, 130th Infantry,
IX. S. N. A., son of Mrs. Franklin Lara
son Scrlbner, or this city. The cere
mony was performed in the Hotel As
tor. New York, on Thursday evening
at 9 o'clock by the Rt. Rev. Nathan
A. Seagle. of St. Stephen's Church.
The wedding was small owing to
the anticipated departure of the
bridegroom for service abroad. The
only guests were a number of officers
of the army and navy, friends of the
bride and bridegroom, and the mem
bers of the family. Mrs. Creed Bouch
er wasXhe matron of honor and Lieu
tenant Boucher waa the, best man.
Mrs. Boucher was formerly Miss Dor
othy Qulntard. of this city.
Mrs. Baker To Retnrm.
Mrs. Newton D. Baker, wife of the
Secretary of War, will return Monday
from a trip to Hot Springs, Ark.
The Third Assistant Secretary of
State and Mrs. Breckenrldge Long
jwlll be hosts at dinner Monday eve
S. X Constantinldl. of the Greek
legation, has gone to the Hot Springs,
Va., on a stay of several weeks.
Benefit Tea and Sale.
A tea and sale for the benefit of
the House Of the Good Shepherd will
be held at the convent. Thirty-sixth
and Reservoir streets, next Tuesday
afternoon -from 3 to-0 o'olock. Mrs.
Kdward Douglas White, Mrs. Joseph
H. McKenna. Mme. Zaldlvar. Mrs.
Terry Brewster Thompson, Miss
Elizabeth Hamilton, and Miss Anna
Montgomery wilt preside at tables.
each with a corps of assistants.
Dr. Abram Simon will leave the
city this evening for Cleveland, where
he Is to deliver the baccalaureate ser
mon at a normal school graduation,
and be the guest of honor at a ban
quet. A benefit concert and dance for the
Overseas Rest Home for furloughed
American soldiers will be given Sat
urday evening. May 25, at 0 o'clock,
under auspices of the Nu Phi Epsllon
National Sorority.
Mrs. J. Biddle Porter and Hiss
Elizabeth Porter, who have been. In
Philadelphia for some weeks, have
gone to Atlantic City, and are at the
Brighton. Next month" they will go
to their summer home at Bar Harbor
for the season.
Gven ta rhlladelpkta.
Mrs. William J. Nolan, who was
formerly Miss Alice M. Sheridan, Is
spending the week end at Philadel
phia, visiting her husband. Chief Yeo
man William J. Nolan. U. S. N, of
the U. S. S. Mayflower, who Is now
stationed at the Philadelphia navy
Count Goran Rosen, of the Swedish
legation staff, has returned to Wash
ington from White Sulphur Springs,
W. Va.
Dr. and Mrs. Davenport Whits en
tertained at luncheon yesterday at the
Chevy Chase Club In honor or Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver Wells, of New York city,
who are the bouse guests or Mrs. Wil
liam Kerney Carr in K. street.
Congressman and Mrs. Charles Ben
nett Smith, who have made their home
at Congress Hall for some years,
have taken an apartment In Pelham
Obtain Nbw Ufa by Taalat
Howell. LYMPHINE Tablets
Rasters lost nsnrs fares, matin- nsw Ufa.
unprovamsnt cornea ta star. sTuanauod rra
(roaa Chloral. Cocaist. Morphias er autar
aaraua antra. Writs for booklaU Kaaa
cackas contains M days' traatmsnt. by mall
ll C. R. Rowsits Co., U Chorea St. Now
Torlc 8old by Jaaoo O'Doansll as4 ata
Uaalnr Jniasfsta.
roll sstssan Cahr anal
. aa tajM r im .
Seerstary of tb Socialist rarty.
a Iscturo on
will deliver
At Perpetual BulMlnr AjrocUtlon 1111, Ul
U fit. N. W.
Tb position on the war of Ih Social. tj of
the allied countries wilt bo explained as pre
nented In the "Memorandum on War Alms"
adopted br the rerent London Conference nf
Allied Social lit and Labor partlea for trans
miuloa to the worklor people or the Central
XVweni and neutral countries.
Th imrulcar wtwi th Ravl-illst Part
delegate from the DUtrlct cf Columbia o J
the Social Ut iMrtr Kmerren-y oonfnilt.n
Iwld tit St LouU In April, 19K m amrus
the fctand tlie American Socialists hojM
take on the war in the light of Tc
terns Imposed on 2.uIa by the Cnnan
GoiexfAent U
Official dispatches report the safe
arrival In Stockholm of a party of
Americans- from Petrograd, Including!
Captain Crosley, naval attache at
Petrograd, and a Mr. Tyler. The party
suffered privations and insults due to
the activities of the Finns under Ger
man domination, and they were fired
upon on three occasions, narrowly
escaping injury.
The heroine or the flight was Miss
Ranta, a twenty-two-year-old girl.
When the party was held up by the
Finnish red guards, she mounted the
ramparts and helped Captain Crosley
and Tyler wave the Stars and Stripes
and a flag of truce to persuade them
to stop firing. She also acted as in
terpreter. Being a Finn, Miss Ranta
was taken prisoner.
courts which have repeatedly held
wine to be "a necessity of life." may
now be resorted to by the war profit
eering office In Berlin to aid In re
ducing the prices charged by dealers.
Wines have Increased In price four
four and five fold. The courts are
expected to fix new prices.
The Battle of Arras In films was
shown at the United Service Club of
Gburcb Hnnouncements
EtPLast Week of Dr. S. D. Gordon's "Quiet Talks"
Jesus Does Return?9'
Moa. 13th "la the Personal Return f Jesoa a wsrkisr Profcakllltyr
Tatea. lstk "Vaat Ilafpeas to God's BeUevlne People When He Does
ST iJSTSl? J!' KZ1" mt MsoT. "What Ilasseu f HlmT
Thar. IStb "The World-Crowds, and the New Order of Thlnra."
FrL 17IB "The Slap of ta Werld Warn He- Docs Return."
Noon, 12:15-1:00
"God on a Wooing Errand"
Men. 13th -The Wooing Erraad .
Tnes. 14th "A Portrait la Colors of the Wooing God."
Wed. ISth Te Wooer's Xearait Friend."
Thnr. IStb "Coming to His Own Ilsnc."
Sri. 17ti The Family Heritage."
First Congregational Church, 10th and G N. W.
(Courtesy of Trusters I
JSPCome in When You raa"!
..r-.-PaJj-Unt When YonJ
mothes DAY
Sunday, May 12
11 A.M. " Your Moth- i
er aria Mine."-'
B P.M. "Lord Byron
and His Eccentric
tTThr Famous Flake Jnbllee Singer
will sine at the evenlne service
plantation melodic.
First Congregational Church,
Corner of Tenth and G Streets Jf. W.
Methodist Episcopal
James Shera Montgomery,
-3-Biblo Kcbool. Dr. Fran A. Homartar.
8nprla tend eat.
11 Pnbllo worsatp wtth sermon br tnn
:S Bpworth Leasue.
HO lecture sermon br DR. MONTGOM-
ERT ea tho subWt
"Col. Robert G. Ingersoll The
Light That Failed"
nu rnlnr services are In recognition of
tho saventy-slx years service of tho Wasnlot
ton BtWo Soeierj- Freo seats to tbo people.
Church doors open for tho enlK service
at 1-JD-
Lecture by the pastor. Airred II. Terry.
Rundsv ttlD m . followed br spirit snes
salts at Pythian Temple. 101! Ith st. N. Vt.
AT Fl.TNN'S HALL. Sth and K sta. N. W .
RV. . L.yai Annan, noiea lesi meoium.
will demonstrate Immortality; dvo splrll
meMtra. ajiswer questions .-muiy evenini:
at a o'clock. Doors open at t o'cloclc Prt
vata readlnj-s daily at hall. it
Salvation Army
TUB BALVATION ARMT Industrial noma
for Men. Ui Pa. avs. nw.. meetlncs: Sun..
HM a. m.: Thurs.. "CD p. m.. Cllmbsrs'
Leasus: Tuca.. 7 p. m. Phono Mala WTO. 3
LsraCe hBVIIV II RANCK. D a.. Pastor.
9 0 S. S.. 11 and 3. wcrsalp and sermon
Ettbth and F Sis N K.
Blbls siw. 10 m lord's Day.
GbmatUMtoa srlcc X a. as.
America last night before a largs
number of offlcars. X saw picture
"French iDg Guns" wilt .bo jaqVn
at the club next Tuesday nlghii Jh
first showing In this city. " " "
Keep the stomach well,
the liver active, the bowelj
regular, and the breath
will be sweet and healthy.
But let poisons accumu
late in the digestive organs,
the system becomes clogged,
gases form, in the stomach
and affect the" breath. Zi ';
Correct 3j
these conditions with
Beecham's Pills. 1$ey
promptly regulate the bodily-functions
and are a quick
remedy for sour stomachand
Bad Breaffi
lartwt Sals of Aay MasScJa la tU WsrM,
asMaiasisiUn. Islras. lOcZSn.
The Washington '
Ethical Society
Sunday, May 12, 1918.
At 11
Clork A. JI. In
tK JlB.
r tie
Hotel Lafayette
Cor. let aad Ere. Streets
Address by Mr. Albert W. Harris.
I Y" l,rk anbjeett The Ethics
of America' Partielpatinn la tbo
War." raruldereil.
Second SapTis? Church,
th and Vb-aiala Avo. S. X.
"j - nt. Jaajor Rayooed W FaHman
will address tho Simpson Men's Clan ar-d
JLJ?,a a Invited. 11. oermon oa THIS
P. ra.. psopio' rooalar happy bour-oaptjCTs
and serraon on1 THE CROWS FRTNCK OF
hearty welcome awaits you. Qoaio. a
E. Ilea Swcra erplains: Ezeesatro aeifrecBS
denee." t p. m.. baptism. Freo chairs, a
A. it.' "Cnd Teots Good P-raona." Cortso
nlal Itapc Ch.. TOi ft Eye no. a
All Souls Church
Cor. Fourteenth and L Sts.
Uylsses G. B. Pierce, D J)., Minister
l:C a. m.. 6onday school; class for rso
rsmparatlro slody of rslltfaa and Ttssisoo
study class.
It a. m., raomlns- servlco. sermon br Tnf.
There la also ldndarxaztan dnrtas tbo boor
sf morulas worship.
f p m.. Liberal Relldcns Colon will bo at
$.mt i?.J'T,l?,-S;"la' SBWlWr, Hon. a B
MILLKRof iunnesoia. SobJstlL "Tho West
em BattloFront.it f isTssIsilViiil ATI
welcomo. -tfv t-i. ii
Chrisiian SeiericefXfr,
First Church of ChrbtlcitVrjrirt.
Of Washtrston. ColUmbU rd. acd Eocitd st
Second Church cf Christ, Scientist
u( aiuncton. s u. Jsasouc Teain4.
ith and F sta N E.
Third Church of Christ, Scientist
of Vasnln-$ti K Jrrkaoa pu?o.
Subject: "Adam. and Fallen Man"
si:k icks
Sunday. U
l .H. .and t P, M.
: aad .d. f ,h. ra-w. II
A. M. Jrrt Church, .ts A. it.
Olcralo lUr. lllh'aod Osts. Ilrs., I ta
i i . iu ... ja suw. xm tc :-). ISIS
Aoarai MU' rf. f. w. Hro.ua to.UuM.t
WVd V Wurutxys a4-hrMat -MJ Isi
Capitol st..uUFs. IJioS'Ie'jtctprfeiiliil an&
W. C. A
to ;
c. A.
10 P T
Cl nth at. Bulldlnrooon l
onc sertlres S-p-JST- 141
"the rojuiiw
i o jr OF tu n
SVITS." Lecture by
i William J. Kavan.
3 lllth- H( ThA...hl..l
I VSTvT' Haii. 1210 ti se. -,.
OiKi3X7 iiml&y. May 13. nl S
ssr p. ns. Publlr Invited
I enlt.vuuH. Free rlae for ibe
' Mu.fy of 'rueoopy and Library for
rradin and leorrotvins; books. .1
U puts
CS A.n a

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