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un l, ., m!rm!nmmKmvr0!mmimimnmffmimr,r''
oj i them will be presented In the
M onat Theater next week by Klaw
1J oie who have delighted In Booth
T - tlngton's Penrod stories will be
H-et sed to know that a play made
ad Erlaneer and George C Trier.
KZlf it the amusing characters In the
stones are Important figures In the
plS, Including of ' course. Penrod,
Gcofgle Bassett, Maurice Levy, and
thaSs famous gentlemen of color.
Herman and his tongue-tied brother.
Wflnan. The -engagement will ex-
tang over Sunday night. June 2.
Cojralty," the newest play by
OeoJxe V. I
isejj sequel of his famous play, "Kx
jeAfcnce," comes to the Belasco Thea
terlteext Sunday night for week's
rnngement, under the management
of fft'llliam Elliott. F. Ray Comstock
anJMorrls Gest. Ihe same firm which
nccfttd such a success with "Bxperl
enaej." There Is drama, comedy, pa
th ajt and stirring patriotic appeal In
ai :the scenes. In one act two great
-r.lM5 are shown. Jn course of construe
tioal a. scene vivid In Its realism
There are nine trig' scenes and a com-
t of eighty-six people, among them
Fhoebe Foster as lxve. cniries
keen as Youth; Miss Haxda
as Destiny. John Nicholson as
and many others. There will be
matinees. Including1 one on
(ration Say (Thursday).
fyn'""t- CWih Tmre J
Could the Poor Girl Dor the new
farce comedy -which will be the.at
tractlon at Polls Theater the week
beginning Sunday night- It is a
farce of the most hilarious character,
according to reports from 'Wilming
ton, where It is being plaed this
week. The cast selected by Mr.
Broadhurst Is full of names of Im
portance In the theatrical world, the
list being headed by Ernest Truex
and including the eteran, W J
Ethel Strickland. Gerald Pring,
George Le goir. and John P. Wilson.
n. f. KEiTirs.
Xcxt week's blir at the B. F.
Keith will be topped by Mme.
KrlUl Scheft". the operatic comtdle.nn,
who has not been heard in the
varieties for many month". The ex-
comedian. Ida May Chadwlck, the
"Hee-haw Girl." Helen Gieason and
company In "The Submarine Attack."
IJefsie ClifTord, Mack and Vincent,
and the Australian Crelghtons.
"Maids of America" Is the title
borne by the burlesque organization
tra added attraction will be furnish-'which will furnish the amusement at
forge Broadhurst is the producer! Ferguson. Alphonse Ethier, 7lobert Dancing Violin Girls." Others on the
UftEK 0ViLIl, H1C auillUl Ut . vusi . . w. ., w.b i a , . I 0, Jiu,iaill niv ,w iitnuait. u ittt.,..... w
Re cor
1)13. 1
gj LAZARO fjf
Appearing at
Liberty Hut
Union Station
Saturday, May 25
Benefit of the
Red Cross
Hipolito Lazaro, the Spanish tenor, is probably the most
talked of among the younger generation of artists, and his
appearance at the Metropolitan promises to be the event
ot the operatic season in JMew York.
The possessor of a' glorious voice, he com-
iines with it the true art of singing. There is never a
striving after effect, always the supreme lyric power
that thrills and delights.
Lazaro sings exclusively for Columbia. Listen to his voice as
it is mirrored by the matchless Columbiz recording process
and you will understand why his acquisition by the Metro
politan is heralded as. an achievement. You will appreciate,
too, the beauty and fidelity of Columbia reproduction.
New Colombia Accords on Sale the 20th of Every Month
CohnnUa Cimfoaola
Plica SZ1S
the waters of the bay. Orchestral
concerts and dancing both are frse.
ed bj Herman Timberg. from the I me uayeiy ineater next week. The
Winter Garden. and his "Five entertainment presented is said to af
rord a well-written libretto which
contains manv l&uchs. and vhih In
supplemented by a number of clever'
specialties Interpolated by various
members of the cast. The roster of
principals Is headed by AI K. Halt
and Hobby Earrj, with Florence
Rothcr and Mae Stanley crowding
One of the 1oellest clrl acts out cf
the West, "The Revue de Vogue." Is
scheduled for the Cosmos next week.
It comes with a comnany of eleven
people, ten of them girls, costumed
with the most bizarre effects. Five
other acts of selected audevllle will
Include Ned Kevins and Grace Gor
don. In "Just You and Me," a bright
llltfe song comedietta: Roland West
featured In "Our Boys," a playlet
with a record; the Three Rosellas in
music and mirth; Eli Dawson and
Jules Bennett. In a blackface laugh
maker, and the Standard Duo, hori
zontal bar acrobats. The photoplay
for the matinees will picture Mary
Pickford In "Rebecca of Sunnybrook
Farm," and there will be shown also
a pretty Billy Rhodes comedy and the
Hearst-Pathe news.
Marguerite Clark In "Prunella" will
be seen at Loew's Colurasia Sunday
and for the first half of next week.
This was Miss Clark's great stage
success Quaint, charming "Love in
a Dutch Garden" story of a Pierrot
who falls In love with Prunella.
elopes with her from the strict home
where she lives, deserts her finds he
cannot live without her. an I returns
to her old home, whither, after a few
ears, she also comes. The current
event pictures and comedies will com
plete the program Thursday and
for the last half of the week Wallace
Reid will be seen In "Believe Me,
The remainder of the current week
at Moore's Strand Theater will be de
voted to further projections of "Tar-
zan of the Apes," the record photo
play of Washington's seas6n. pre
ceded by the elaborate jungle pro
logue featuring Charles the Great and
tils sister, two famous educated apes
Next week will bring another super-
production to the Strand in "Lest We
Forget." Rita Jollvet'a tiemendous
indictment of the Hun This film Hill
be shown the entire week, and Miss
Jollvet will appear In person on
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Today and tomorrow the photoplay
attraction of primary Importance at
Moore's Garden Theater will be "The
Two-Soul Woman." staring PrlscUla
Dean, the first Bluebird special. Next
week. Sunday through Tuesday. Earle
Williams will be screened as star of
-The Seal of Silence." On Wednes
day and Thursday the feature will be
The Life Mask." In connection with
which the star. Mme. Tctrova. will
appear In person on Wednesday. For
the last two days of the week Bryant
Washburn in "Twenty-one" Is an
Grafonolas and Records
420-420 Seventh St. Throuzh to Eizhth St.
JL Mm 5 M M Ls L' M & w w J?
Seventh Street between E and F
1 -mT. T 1 f P 1
ne -riome or me jraronoia an
Edison Phonographs
Back Cov PaoBocrspk Sasp lecead Flaer.
If you want a brand new sensa
tion make a trip to Glen Echo Park
and take a turn on "The Whip," the
novel ride which made such a "hit
at Coney last summer, and which has
Just been installed at the resort It's
Just one of the new feature's that
added to the older ones make the
hours speed away for Glen Echo
patrons Down in the midnay is the
"Barrel of Fun," the figure eight
"Firefly." the giant slides and oth-r
devices to drive away dull care and
scattered oer the grounds are he
gravity railway and derby with their
inrills and numerous fun providers
week nights .here Is dancing to
music by a ten-piece orchestra, and
for Sunday there will be a return
engagement pf the Soldiers' Home
Band in four popular roncrrts. There
is never any charge for admission
Chevy Chase Lake w ill open for the
season on Saturday night To ac
commodate the crowds that flock to
Chevy Chase for ' the dancing, the
management this year will put In op
eration two pavilions one with the
usual orchestra, the other with a real
Jazz band. Both musical organiza
tions are under skilled direction and
the Jazz band Is said to be one of the
most "peppery" in the country. Aside
from the dancing and other regular
attractions, the ride to the lake is a
pleasant one.
On Saturday the twentieth season
will open at Chesapeake Beach, the
Capital's only salt water resort, lo
cated on the shores of Chesapeake
Ray a short ride from the heart or
the city All of the boardwalk
amusements will be In operation when
the popular resort welcomes Its first
summer crowd, and the derby racer
will, as formerly, carry those who
enjoy a thrill on a swift rlde over
Steamer Charles Maealester.
The steamer Charles Macaletttr
will make another forty mile excur
sion trip to Indian Head and return
next Sunday, leaving the Seventh
street wharf at 2:30 p. ql. and re
turning to Washington shortly before
: dark. No stops are mads on route.
I but many of the most picturesque and
most Interesting points on the river
from an historical standpoint are
CAMP MEADE, MA, May 24. Two
Belgian babies figure as recipients of
allotments from Tom Nichols, of the
depot brigade. The United States
Government adds to this an allow
ance for the same babies.
Nichols, who Is a Greek, came bv
the babies upon his arrival In Eng
land after surviving tho sinking of
the Lusltania. He was a steward oa
the ship, and was one of the last ta
jump overboard when she went down.
Sad as the Incidents of the Lusltania
sinking were he said he found a stiU
sadder eight ahead of him when In
Liverpool he saw long Tines of Bel
gian babies, whose fathers had been
slaughtered by the Kaiser's men la
their snatch at Paris, and wnosa
mothers had In many cases suffered
even worse fate. He adopted two of
the children and since then has been
sending money for their snpport
Many other men. he said, no better
off than he was did the same, and all,
as far as he knew, have bee,n keeping
the pledge of support. When he en
tered the army by way of the selec
tive draft he feared he would havs
Utile for the orphans, but was Jubi
lant when he learned that Uncle San
would put $15 alongside of his $15
every month.
I I ' I i I M
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t. 'aimu'&&i
Mrs. Allen's Recipe Contest
$2,500.00 to be given in Prizes
For the best recipe from each State and
from Canada, calling for the use of
Borden's Evaporated Milk, submitted
before August 1, 1918, the Borden.
Company will award a cash prize of
$5.00. For the second and third best
recipes, prizes ofSlO.OO each will be
given. For every recipe accepted for
publication, $1.00. In the event of
ties for the first, second or third best
recipes the full amount of the prize will
be given to each tying contestant.
Remember there will be three prizes
for retry Slate in the Union and three
for Canada. The prizes will be awarded
by a committee of competent judges to
be announced later. Recipes will be
judged on three points :
1. economy; 2. excellence of finished
dish ; 6. form in which recipe is sub
mitted. Prize-winners will be published
as soon as possible after the prizes have
been awarded.
Address Borden's Condensed Milk
Company, 108 Hudson St., New York.
Your grocer has Borden's Evapo
rated Milk.
Eat Less Meat
Use More Milk
Meat is neither vital nor a balanced food.
Milk is both. It is the only food that,
by itself, will sustain life satisfactorily.
Reduce the amount of meat and pre
pare more dishes with milk in them
get more nourishment with less weight
burn up less energy to digest the food
increase your efficiency.
"I recommend Borden's Evaporated
Milk because I know it to be pure, rich,
full-cream milk. I know that it comes
from selected herds that are inspected
regularly. I know that the Borden
method of selecting and handling assures
the milk's purity and its full food value
from the dairy to you.
"I use Borden's Evaporated Milk my
selfhave been doing so for years. I
find it a most convenient and econom
ical form in which to use milk. You'll
agree with me if you'll try it.
"Here's a simple, highly nutritious
dish, wonderfully appetizing, that is easily
and economically made with Borden's
Evaporated Milk."
Specialist in Home Kennedies
Lecturer on Domotic Seleses
Corn and Potato Chowder
IX cupful Borden's Evaporated
Milk diluted with 2'X cupful
can corn
S cupfuls sliced raw potatoes
S "sliced onions
S tablespoonfuls butter substitute
4 teaspoonful pepper
I 'A teaspoonfuls potato flour or
cornstarch dissolved in 3 table
spoonfuls water
Cook the sliced onion in the
butter substituteuntil it is yel
low; add the potatoes and a
pint of boiling water and cook
for ten minutes: then add the
corn, cook till the potatoes are
soft, add the diluted milk and
seasonings, bring to boiling
point and thicken. If desired
a shredded green pepper may
lie added to the onion during
the preliminary cooking,
The Milk that Guts the Cost
of Cooking"
f fA-n llllllltlliL
tfjMJ-' III 11

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