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vwi-wxvmitMwim-ii! wji"ywyf wyiffAlfflBPBliiPBP
.1 i i r--r -n- rx k -or -y &v ' purg -. tt tt "H-'aft A -sra fcvTT . a -a. trj'w-fr ttt jtt -, & la a n
OH . OiiJlCO. lj iOKolioW vol LlWooUJaIjMCTO ,!i
Xatherlne Sllnson. Ihc aviatrlx. who
left Chicago ycsterda mornlnc to flyj
to New Hr. oJrolns Government!
mll. danusrd her airplane while at i
tempting a landing two ml lea north
of Uil city at G: laat evenlns- The.
maeh.nc ocrtumed jut a It retched j
ttit Riound. amaahins the propeller,
and .tUmavlns one or the wings. Miss'
bunion naa unlnjuicd. ' I
Hiwnir covered tne TS8 miles from'
t'bliagu to till clfy In ten Loura. ,
Miaa tfll.isun beitereJ o bdoui ninn
milt the distance made by Ruth Law
In fcrr reiuid aleukia,; fliBlit in the
fair of 191G.
Although Wnly disappointed be-(
rauae or her failure to rea h tl.e me
tropolis, lls Min.cn T.aa elated at
hav nc broken two Amrrlcan records.
tno fur j4lbttti. tA nnntllCr. held OJ I
herself, for endurance The preUoui!
distance recorJ. Hls Stinson rtatcd.
was held by Bounds, an American
aviator. Thia was for 760 miles with j
out a slop. ffic bettered tills terord,
by eighty three miles todaj. Tne
endurance record, established by Miss
Sllaaen In her flight from San Dtesro
to San Francisco. December 11. or
laat year, was bettered by her per
formance yesterdiy bj one hour ajid
0e mlnuics. Uuth lart flight over
the same route two years aso. Miss
Stinson pointed out, was not a non
stop flight.
A man and a boy today are suffer
Inc from belnff bitten by doss In the
streets of Washington.
Charles Schall. ,ut 1230 Columbia
road northwest, was bitten in the
rlsht hand by a dog believed to hive
been mad. Schall was crossing at
North Capitol and V streets north
west when bitten. He did not see the
doc until artcr the animal had snap
ped his hand.
Fchall chased the flop. An autoist
offered his aid and the chase was ,
continued In the machine. The do?
was cornered -finally and shot by Po
liceman Brenn. ' In the chase the do '
tried to "bile a womkn and a child
in its path but both escaped. Schall
refused treatment, until the dos as
shot and then went to Sibley Haj
pitaL - ,
Jessie Nprton. tight years old. who .
lives at 2S00 Evart strertCTngdon. '
waa bitten by a, dog while playing
in afleld. The dos--was jiot provoke'V
the boy says, andblt tre lad. In bovh
arms. A physician who cauterized
the wounds saya they are not aerlsus.
Red Croe workers heve thrown
themse'vej" Into the SIOO.OOO.OOO drle
with increased zeal, inspired by the
recital by Tat" . O'Brien, fearless
American fl'er. of' the horrors they
are workln? Jo relieve
Lieutenant Tfii" told at the Na
tional Theater yesterday afternoon of
Ms experiences In the Koyal l'lylng
Corps and th later experiences or
his capture by the Huns when he
fel behind their lines, his escape, snd
wanderings for sctenty-two days In
the enemy's country.
Escaping tn Hplland, O'Brien was
received In England by King George
In an hour's audience at Buckingham
O'Brien told how he was In San
Francisco when the I.ufltsnla was
torpedoed -and how "I declared war
on C'rraanv that moment "
Te ling of tne wounds Inflicted
upon him by the Huns, O'Brien made
a strong plea fur the Red Cross
Tile aer capita ureklr ronNtiinp ,
lion f patatorn In Ctrmanr Is 18 i
quarts) In AuMrfii-llnajrnr--. R quart.
Tthlle la the United States It la only
SJ3 quart.. I
"See fiefe-lf Peel
Off This Corn."
Leaves the Toes As Smooth As the i
Felm of i our Hard.
The com neer grew that "Oets-It"
f II not ret T nr rrltates ihe
flesh, never mik, your t. e sore Jubt
two drops of letylt n-l presto'
Ih corn-nain vn-e- ho-H on
can p " th your
It'a Utnii ..-II" Peel
Oil i orn!
finger and there you r pain free
and happ- ml1! the toe as sm mh
and com free as your palm. -Get It"
I the only afe viu in the World to
treat a corn or callus. Its 'he sure
way tn wiy Ilia never fa'Ia. It Is
fled and tr. used by mlll.ons .-wry
year It alv. rv u rks. "l.ets-It
rrake cutting and d.'f-g'ng at a corn
and funsinp wit'i ba'idages. saHes or
anth'r.g- el' cntlrelv uunecefs iry
Get-ll,' "ic gtiHranlred. nuney
back co' n -""if e- the nl jiiire vay
ests bill a ni'le a1 any drug ito,-e
V Td by li. lAWirnce & Co, ihlcag-j.
Sold In 'Aah'ncton and lecommjid
ed as the world's best corn icmdy,
bv O'Pnnnell h Drug Ptorea, People's
fruc stores. P. G. Affleck. I
Si -
Give to the Red
Cross Tomorrow
The more you Rive the
higher will be your self
respect, nemember the Red
Crofs is the mother of our
boys over there. The only
mother that can ro into the
trenches and over the top
with the boys.
Your dollars help this Red
Cross mother to carry aid
and comfort to the soldiers
wherever they may be.
Give! Give!! Givel!!
7eVe been asked several
times why the pirls in the
store arc so happy asd wear
ing such unusually broad
grins all the time.
We're Roinjr to let the cat
out of the bajr right here in
public even if some of us
do get scratched for 05c for
so doing.
Two hundred of our gir's
have formed a Patriots
league and are sewing and
knitting to beat the batd for
soldiers and sailors through
the Red Cross.
But, they decided that
wasn't enough, so Saturday
night, June 1st, they're go
ing to give an entertain
ment and datce in'I. 0. 0. F.
hall, 419 7th St. N. W to
raise money for the starting
of a fund to send a fully
equipped Red Cross ambu
lance to France this fall." A
big time is promised. More
news later if wc can find out
more details.
White Hats for Summer Wear
Attended To in
Our Beauty Parlor
You can safely entrust your
beauty to the care of expert
hands. Our skilled operators,
sanitary appliances, and mod
ern methods are winning for us
most exclusive patronage.
Facial Masse ge.
Children's Haircutting.
Scalp Treatment.
Eyebrow Arching, etc., etc.
Third Floor. Lansburch & Bro.
White Petticoats for White Dresses
and Colored Ones for Others
A goodly supply of the light-weight Petticoats to wear with the
cool summer frocks.
v U .RN. Petticoats of tine quality sateen in
h .'& Cy?
"f Tl
A i . l
L yaJ
for Summer .
A woman smiled happily as one
of the new Frolasct Corsets was
fitted to her. "Now," said she, "I
can buy my summer clothes and
be sure they'll fit correctly."
Wc wish that every woman
would realize Hie importance of
buying her corset first.
Today's jrowns and suits reveal
the linesof the figurc-and the
lines of the figure depend upon
the corset. It follows, then, that
a corset should never be bought
carelessly. A woman shouldstudv
her figure and ask a corseticrc'E
advice, making sure of the mo'del
she chooses. '
Frolaset Corsets, $2.00 to
Third Floor, Liinsburgh & Ero.
Special Lot
Regular $1.00
Large-size Georgette Crepe Collars, rnadc with tucks, folds and
hemstitching. Regular $1.00 value, 79c
Other New Keck Fixings
Organdy collars and" collar and cuff $ets. In dainty ruff Ifd effects, in plain
hemstitched or lace-trimmed styles. 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00. ,
B'ff line of filet lace collars and' collar and cuff sets, in the newest shapes,
suitable for silk, voile, and organdy dresses, as well as coat suits. $1.50
Fichu material and rafflimr so -much used for summer dresses. This is
made of organdy, net, and georgette crepe. 25c, 50c $1.00, $10, $2.00, $250.
Auto caps and veils in a big variety of styles, in pretty color combina
tions. 50c, $1.00, $1.30. $2.00, $2.75.
The sailor hat, which is in vogue for the tailor maid, requires a veil.
Mesh veiling is much used as drapi veils. 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Ready-mad" veils, 59e to $3.50. rim Floor, Lansburch & Bro.
Made of Many Different Materials
Amew, different , and varied. assortmenWof White Hats? so ',
pleasing for hot weathers- Hatsmade-of - . ' .:, .'
White Milan, White Hemp,
White Georgette Grepe
The trimmings arc varied, consisting of flowers, ribbons, feather
bands and fancies.
It is hardly necessary td say 'that there arc all sizes, from the small
turban to the large s.ailor. .
Second Floor, Lansbursh.& Bro.
Big Sale of White Hosiery .
Continuing the sale so that many women may take advantage of this, extraordinary event. Rein
forcements have been added for tomorrow.
Women's Mercerized JJsIe Hose, in
white, Seamless, reinforced feet;
sheer gauze weij'ht. Each, 35c; 3 fir
Women's White Thread Silk Hose,
full fashioned, with reinforced sole,
toe. heels, and garter tops. Very spe
cial at $1.50.
Women's White Mercerized Gauze
Lisle Hose, full fashioned and correct
ly reinforced for service, 75c.
Women's Thread Silk Hose, -with
flare silk lisle tops. Full fashioned
and correctly reinforced. Thesi are
cxprrtly mended seconds of $1.50 and
$1.75 qualities, at $1.25.
Women's Sheer Slercerized Gauze
Uste White Hose, full fashioned and
properly reinforcid. Expertlv mend
ed seconds of 75c quality at 59c.
Women's White Ingrain Silk Hose,
finished with mercerized lis'e tops.
Full frshioncd an.l troperly rein
forced for service, $1.25.
whlte on'y. "with deep flounce fih-
isnca . " ,nc tucks- Regular and
cxira sizes ai i.yt.
Petticoats of Heatherbloom in
colors ordy. Tailored flounces, fin
ished with pleating and ruffles. Reg
ular and extra sizes at $1.95.
. Petticoats of fine quality chiffon
taffeta in a large variety of colors,
with plain or fancy flounces. Special,
Third Floor, Lansburch & Bro.
Large' Size ' :
Crepe Collars ",
Values 79c
Still Continuing the
Women's White Fiber Boot Hose, of
exceptional quality. High fiber boot,
with gauze lisle tops, finished with
garter hems. 33c
Children's $1.00 to $5.00
Sample Dresses, 69c to $3.95
Sizes 6 Months to 6 Years
Traveling men's Sample Dresses for little girls. As you'll
note above, the prices are exceptionally low.
Children's Sample Dresss of
ifne voiles or India linon. All pret
tily trimmed with fine laces, and
embroidery' Some hand embroid
ered. Sizes, 6 months to G years.
Children's Dresses, made of
voile or figured lawn. Hijih waist
line models, with fancy pockets.
Some finished w.'th smocking, at
$3.95 to $6.95.
Third Floor, I-ansburgh A Hro.
for the Girl
Frocks Designed With Gracefulness of Style
Demanded by, High School and College .
I ' - Girls Ideals
.' ., The girls just about, .'to graduate from Washington' various,
. educational institutions arc no doubt worrying- about the rBJjlcm'
Of dresses for the many different occasions. ' .
' , A 'visit to our Dress Salon may help, a lot in the solution "of-'ttie
diffieultv. We have assembled frocks suitable for everv occasfon
fronr thegraduation exercises to the dance or gardenjjjarty. . Caje,
fully made; beautifully designed garments that are not expensive. ,
vV -j- ..r ...:i.,- h.1p -iA ..til. AM-MAi4 'M-.-.dr m '
.Trimmed with satin anyelyet ribbon, ribbons as sash; tucks,
' ruffles and riclr laces. One model has a seven-inch cuff on sleeves
of Shantung lace, and thc.same is used in the bodice of the (Jrcss.
All sizes from 16 to 42. -,
Second Floor.'LanaburEh & Bro. v
More New
Footwear Styles
This season has witnessed' un
usual style developments and
there is an immense range of
models. Today wc feature an
other new one.
The Oxford illustrated below
k made, of renuine white buck
skin over a new-model last
White leather soles and heels..
Widths AAJto D- -
Per pair, $9.00. .
Women's , White Canvas,
Reignskin or Kidskin Lace
Boots at $6.00 to $1T.00 pair.
Misses' and children's -Ankle-strap
Slippers of assorted lea
thers at $1.40 to $4.50 pair.
' "Big Misses' " Footwear,
$3.25 to $4.50 pair.
Bo'ys' Footwear, $2.50 to
$6.00 pair.
Second Floor, Lansburch & Bro.
Four Wayne Knit .
Hosiery Specials
Women's Sheer Mercerized Gauze
Lisle Hose, full fashioned and proper
ly reinforced. Blacks and colors,
Women's Mercerized Gauze Lisle
Hose, in white and' the best shades,
full fashioned and correctly rein
forced, 8Dc
Women's Wayne Boot Silk Hose, in
bla.'k, white- cordova. chestnut, tan,
brown, field jrray, smoke, pearl, nickel,
and other popular shades, 89c
Pony nose for Children, a special
in b'ack styles sizes 6 to 11. 33c.
Othc crades at 55c to 55c, accord
ing to size.
I'irst Floor. I-anJbuf;!i i. Cro.
Jack Tar Dresses, made of fine
chambray, in white, pink. Copen
hajren, or Belgian blue; trimmed
with Jpre collars and cuff3, fancy
PQckcLi and belts. SiTes, 8 to 11
years, at ,$3.95 to $4.95.
Misses' Skirts of gabardine,
shirred at the waist, with fancy
pockets and belt: trimmed with
buttons, at $2.95, $3.95, $4.95.
-i j-"rT'i n i, ' i -ilLJLzz:
Warm Weather
We"are splendidly prepared' with enormous stocks; bought' months
ago at far below present market prices. Scan these few iterrist. ."
Men's Neglige Shirts $1.10
Score upon score of smart pat
terns in a grand assortment of ex
cellent quality shirtinzs, made np
in soft cuff models. Sizes 14 to IT.
'Jfeglige Shirts $1.50 and $2.00
-rRepresented are qualities you'll
v 'admit you had 'expected to pay
more for. All are full cut, perfect
fitt'njr. and carefully made and fin
ished. Crepe Faflle Foor-tn-Hands 55c
Wide, open-end shapes, in score
of smart, conservative, and bold'
vari-colored patterns.
White Shirts Two Specials
White Oxford or basket weave; -
soft cuffs. $1.65.
White Cambric, linen finish; stiff
cuffs, 51.50.
Night Robes
In V neck style, ilahv -whit. or with -j
braid trimming, $1.00 and $1.23.
Pajamas $1.75
Plain colors plain white, or
striped effects.
Direct Street Entrance to
Toilet Needs
4of Summer
-at Special Prices
Whenever an opportunity of
this kind presents itself, buy a
good supply.
Colgate's Coleo Soap, cake 10c.
Menren's Talc, 17c
Pebrco Tooth Paste, tube 39c.
-Cuticura Soap, cake 20c
Fine' Bristle Tooth Brushes 10c.
.Rubber Dressing Combs,- 19c .-.
Sanitol Tooth Powder 'or Paste,
Wash Cloths. 5c; 6 for 25c
Kirs i Floor, ijinsbjrgh Sr Dro.
$2.00 to $5.98
Sample Necklaces
' at $l'59Eacn: , -
Samples of Bead and Metal
Combination Necklaces. Coral
and jet, jade and Iopez, amber
and crystal, old ivory and lapez
finished with Oriental orna
ments. Unusual valu;s from
S2.00 to S5.98 to close out at
I'.ist Floor, Lancbureh & Ero.
Store Hoars: Open 9:15
420-430 Seventh St.
-Is a Shining 'Light .
v of Economy .-
The great number -"of gar
ments being bought indicate
that 'Women realize the unusu
alness of these garments.
Corset COTtrs of fine nainsook,
daintily trimmed with fine lace,
at $1.00, SlJa and 91.50.'
Camisoles of wash satin sad
crepe de chine, with lace yokes
and lace or ribbon streps. Colors
arc white and flesh, $1.00.
Gowns of nalncok, in.-slipover
models,, with sleeves anct Jieck em
broidery trimmed. - -" -
Extra aires, SI 50.
White Petticoat of "muslin or
nainsook, with deep flounces of
lace and embroidery.
41.30, 31.95 and $123.
White Petticoats of fine quality
nainsook, with flounce prettily
trimmed with fine lace Insertion,
edges, and embroidery, at $25,
$3.95 and $4.95.
Combinations of fine 'nainsook
in cover and drawers model, with
yokes of fine lace.
Prices $25 to $&95.
Thlrd Floor. Lansburch & Bro. i
Furnishing Needs
Neglise Sklrb.$1.29
Wonderful valdes'-at this pries.
Choke of woven stripe and plain
color" crepes and panted, madras, In
soft -cuff usodels. ' j'
SW'SIShtgfek. $10
Thc richesUof siikyd smartest
of patterns aia fafoqbgi make th
selection 'we are'offcnng the grand
est in Washington i
Wash Fourii-Haads
Tnbulars at' f25j.l8c and 35c.
Wash- Silk, each, 50c
- Athletic Union Suits
Pajaraa. Cheek Muslin, in 3-special
grades, 65c,. 85e and $1.00- I
Rockingchair Suits, $1.15J: and
. $1.50. . . - r--'
Carter's Union Suits .
All styles, in regular and stout
sizes. In ecru on'.y. Sl.50.;
Porosknit Union Smts;$1.25
Knee or ankle IcngthjS
Separate Garments, 75c.
Men's Shop.
Silk Waists,
(Of Extra Quality.)
at $5.98 Each
"What have you at '$5.98?
asked a woman yesterday in
our waist section. We showed
her these and she bought two
. Georgette Crepe Waists, in
the much-wasted shade of navy
blue, with new' fonlardports
collars-the iatten-having dots
and conventional -" figures Tn
light effects.
Georgette Crepe Waists,
cither hand embroidered or
heavily beaded. Come in white,
flesh, mauve, peach, gray, etc
Also in comb:nation df two pas
tel shades.
Few Crepe de Chine Blouses;
in white, with wash satin, col
ored candy stripes.
Sizei, 36 to 44.
Second Floor. Lanaburgh & Bro.
A. M.; Close 6 P. M.
Through to Eighth St.
T: t.i

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