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UWGenninforcnment has threat
ened to make reprisals against
Aperierns unless this Government re
awes) Capt. tieut. Frans Rlntelen,
German spy serving sentence In this
Bocntrr now.
Answerlnc this threat, the State
Department has informed Germany
that any reprisals will Inevitably in
vito "similar reciprocal action" upon
great numbers of German subjects in
this country.
In a note verbal from the German
government, submitted by the Swiss
minister, April 20, Germany asked
that Rlntelen be exchanged for an al
leged American, Siegfried Paul Ion
don, convicted of crime at Warsaw.
Threat of nrprlsals.
"In order to lend greater emphasis
to the protests which have been
lodged with the American Govern
ment" (about Rlntelen). the German
note said, "the German government
contemplates some appropriate meas
ures of reprisal.
"It would however prefer to avoid
the contingency that persons be
taken and made to suffer because
the Government of the United States
was apparently not sufficiently cog
nizant of its international obligations
toward a German subject."
Then followed tho suggestion for
an exchange.
Under date of June 4 Secretary
Lansing answered Germany through
the Swiss minister in which he said
In part "the German government
threatens measures of reprisal If Rln
telen is not released or exchanged
for London.
Answer To Threat.
"In reply I havo the honor to ad
vise you that this Government can
not consider the exchange of Rlnte
len for London nor can It consider
the release of Rlntelen nor any In
terference with the due process of
law in his case.
"The threat of the German govern
ment to retaliate by making Ameri
cans In Germany suffer clearly Im
plies that the Government proposes to
adopt the principle that reprisals oc
casioning physical suffering aro legit
imate and necessary in order to en-i
force demands Irom one belligerent
to another.
"The Government of the United
States acknowledges no such prin
ciple and would suggest that It would
be wise for the German government
to consider that if it acts upon that
nrlncinle It wll be 'inevitably
understood to Invite similar recip
rocal action on the part of me
United States with respect to the
great numbers of German subjects In
this country. It IS assumed tbat.the
German government, before acting,
will give due reflection and duo
weight to this consideration."
, Highly Connected.
Rtatelcn had a large part in the
TVillard (anal conspiracy, passport
frauds, and In other -pro-German
activities. He has high connections
In Berlin.
The man. London, designated as an
American citizen, apparently has
questionable claim to citizenship, ac
cording to State Department authorities.
DT BLOOHIXGDAXE, an excellent C-room and bath home,
with all modem conveniences, near 2 car lines and closo to
school. Price, J-J.350.
OTT COIXMBIA HEIGHTS, one of the recently built homes
rn this section, containing 6 rooms and bath, hot water heat,
electric light, and oak floors. A tplendid value. Price foo0.
KEAR 16TO PARK ROAD, a well built 2-story brick
house in an Ideal section, contains 6 rooms and bath. Is heated
by hot water and lighted by electricity. Large yard to paved
alley. Garage. Price $5,850.
OK PARK ROAD. Wo are offering a splendid value in a
S-story, bay window brick of 11 rooms and 2 baths: situated
within half square of 14th st and near Arcade Market. Hot
water heat, electric lights. i:arly possession. Price $S.5O0.
EC WOOULET PARK. A magnificent home in an exclusive
residential section. Contains 10 rooms, 2 baths, and has hot
water heat, electric lights, oak floors, and many special feat
ores. You should see this before buying. Price $8,500.
OX COLUMBIA HEIGHTS. .One of the most prominent
thoroughfares in this section, we can show you a proposition
which is ldjal for a home or rooming house. The house con
tains ten rooms and bath, has hot water heat and electris
lights; large yard to paved alley. Price JO.000.
1ST SAUL'S ADDITION. Here's an opportunity to buy a
pretty attractive and well designed bungalow with plenty of -yard.
Contains 7 rooms, bath and extra lavatory, hot water
heat, electric light, oak floors, etc Immediate possession. Price
IX CUKVr CHASE, south of the Circle, large detached
corner house containing 10 rooms and having hot water heat,
electric lights, etc. Pebble dashed exterior, large yard, garage.
Immediate possession. Price $1X500.
IX ltrm ST. HIGHLANDS. Beautiful detached home of 10
rooms and 2 bathrooms. Every modern convenience. Most de
sirably situated, only a few feet from 16th Street. Hollow tile
construction, large lot to paved alley. This home is ideal for
all tho year. Price $16,000.
IX CHKV 1' CHASE. One of the handsomest houses in this
section. Colonial design, possessing every requirement of a high
class property. Located near the Circle in the heart f old
Chevy Chase. Shade and shrubbery In abundance. Contains !
rooms. 2 baths, hot water heat, electric lights. Occupied by
owner and early possession can be given. Price $16,500.
N. L. Sansbury Co., Inc.
721 13th St N. W. Phone M. 5904-5
R.rHTBrrM.-B-.i.B.rB-'K'H ,:H.BiW.B
mrmumtm in w-btiti;
r" SSS! - - T- : l id
'mr til JMMcmLViiMr jMBBBBBBT :g. . m
E miuaMJimmmaaumm , . ''"ujwnMMmca
Downtown Residences
$5,250 "O" St., west of 12th St. N. W, 8 rooms and
' bath, brick dwelling; hot water heat. Near Iowa
$7,500 "K,"'near 13th St. N. W. 14 rooms and bath;
steam heat. Convenient to new Masonic Temple.
$8,000 12th. near "R" Sti N. W.- Frame dwelling with
1 1 rooms and bath. Lot 25 ft by 90 ft Make
$10,000 6th St between "E" & "F" N. W. Large room
ing house, close- to Knights of Columbus Hall.
$10,000 MasfcJW&, near 10th St N. W. 12 rooms and
bath. Side lights. Lot' 25 ft front Just around
the corner from Carroll Institute.
$15,000 11th St'., near Mass. Ave. N. W. 12 rooms and
bath. Hot water heat Lot 43 ft wide. A few
steps from.Y. W. C. A. BJdg.
$15000 Corner on "K." west of-lOth St. N. W. 16
rooms, 3 baths. Hot water heat Electric
lighting. Rent 1,200 year. Convenient to
Carnegie Library and American Federation of
Labor Bldg.
$50,000 Business property, 14th, near "K" St N. W.
Brick bldg. Hot water heat Prominent auto
sales rooms.
Our Prices Are Reasonable for the Excellent Values in
These Properties.
WM. P. NORMOYLE, 810 "F' St. N.w.
Dr. Francis S. Nash, medical dlrec
tor, U. S. K. and his wife, Mrs. Caro
line It. Nash, well known In 'Washing
ton socleyX who face charges of
hoarding food In their home .here, will
be arraigned next Saturday before
Justice Stafford.
An agreement to this effect was
reached today after a conference bo-
. . . - . - - - r -
tween Disllrct Kood Administrator
Wilson, who prefered the, charges of
boarding against the couple, and At
torney H. Prescott Gatley, counsel
for the medical officer and his wife.
Gatley said Dr. and Mrs. Nash are
eager for tarly disposition of their
It Is expected that the cases will
be disposed of before summer recess
of court.
SEW TORK, June 8. An indict
ment charging Jeremiah A. OXeary,
former editor of "Truth, with -conspiracy
to commit treason, has been
returned by a Federal rand jury here.
The Baroness Mario -de Victories, said
to bo related to the German Kaiser,
has been indicted on a charge of be
ing a German' spy.
On the same count with OXeary,
Indictments have been returned
against John T. Ryan, a Buffalo law
yer, and Wlllard Robinson, 0Learys
chauffeur. Lieut. Commander Karl
Rodriger, of the German nary. Is
charged with being a spy, and Albert
Claude Frlcke. former auditor of the
Hamburg-American line, and Emlle
Klliper are charged with conspiracy
In X plot.
"When tho Baroness Vlctorlca heard
fhe indictment against her read In
court here yesterday, she asked that
Dudley Field Malone be assigned as
her counsel. Her request was granted.
The persons named In the Indict
ments are said to have been Involved
in a plot to blow up ships carrying
supplies to the allies
Long Beach is named as the meeting-
place for the baroness and
OXeary. Since he jumped ball here
recently, OXeary has remained a
fugltlvo from Justice and his where
abouts, officials said today, are un
known. .
Congress today win stag Its an
nual outdoor farce, a baseball game,
today at American Leaguo Park with
the nations leaders in the grand
stand and bleachers. The game be
gins at 4 o'clock.
The proceeds of the spectacle will
be devoted to the Red Cross.
If you want to meet your Con
gressman from home face to face,
and .gaze upon his colleagues, the
standing room, only slngn will never
bo put up. wives of the solons will
sell tickets at reasonable' rates. All
members of the upper set whose
names loom large In social registers,
as well as official "Washington will
adorn the boxes and grandstand.
Both Houses will suspend business
at 3:30 o'clock. The delegations from
tho Senate and House will have spe
clal reservation. President Wilson
has ben asked to attend the perform
ance. The line-up is promising for
all younger members of the House
have agreed to fight out differences on
the sandlot for charity's sake.
Timely Times Talks
Published by The Washington Times in the Interest of the Buyer
No. 23
"Life, Liberty and
the Pursuit of
In Piney Branch Park (Formerly Saul's Addition)
First Floor: Reception Hall, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen.
Second Floor: Four Bedrooms and Bath; Large Attic
Serviceable Garage.
3,5UU a
713 14th St N. W. Main 2345 H
vwwm-m .' KrarBTrrn-rB m ?
Price, $3,750
$300 Cash $37.50 Monthly, Including Interest
1213 Orren St. N. E.
6 rooms bath hot-water heat, electric lights; parqnetry
Coon. 2 blocks north of 14th and H streets N. E.
Pleasant surroundings macadam street; convenient to car line.
1338 G St N. W.
p i it
HI slr " I tit HI Ills till
ai '$ ('( II il
H (rl!, 'fill iffifj
mM In
ttwi.rn ! i. h
M&m : - - -It&LMlF' MUSLA-.- 1
wSm iy
Life, liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS"
a heritage from' the fathers guaranteed in the CON
STITUTION! Could ANY man ask MORE and should any
man have LESS?
What IS "Life," anyway?
The BIGGEST thing about it is HOME, and its
After it's all been melted down in the crucible of .
experience, that's about the way life analyzes.
The things that get to mean the MOST to us are
the simple things!
The House, the Yard, the Flowers, the Shrubs.
Wife, Babies, Mother, Friends those are what linger
in the memory after all the rest is forgotten!
Life is ours by Divine Right but LIBERTY is
WHAT WE MAKE it! It's up to US to work out de
tails. Raising a family in a RENTED HOUSE isn't
LIBERTY nor anything LIKE it.
Liberjv to come. as you please, and go as you
please, without having to worry about making a noise
on the "stairs!"
Jbert to live your own lite, independent of
prigs and prudes!
Liberty to invite your friends, and dance
with your friends, on your own floors, to the
music of your own phonograph!
Liberty to romp with the kids, wrestle with
the pup, pitch a tent on the back lawn, or spade
it up for a war garden!
'Liberty to climb out on the roof of your
own domicile, shake out your sovereign flag, and
cry, "HOME!"
Life liberty happiness.1
They come in ONE bundle!
Do you WANT it?
Buy a home!
You may find your oppor
tunity on this page or on the
"Classified" pages of The Times
toda if not today, look every
day 'in the "Real Estate" col
umns sooner orlater you will
locate it!
I. J. Boles to build new brick rear
addition at 45Q K street, S120Q.
Anhauser Buscb Brewing Company
to .build roof and make repairs at
Dclawaro arcnue and E street
southwest: $2,000.
P. G. Affleck to build rear brick ad
dition and projection IW9-1011
Fourteenth street northwest; $100.
It. W. Howcjl to bnlld and cut open
In? in front wall at Johnson court;
W. G. WIrth to cut openlnc in rear
wall at 1116 H street northeast;
Georgo Urlngston to remore portion
of east and south wa,lls under
porch, build addition and make al
terations at Broad Branch road,
near Thirtieth; J23.000.
Lee Gills to build metal g-arac at
rear 2S04 N street northwest; $100.
Harrington Mills to install one 20
horsepower motor at Connecticut
avenue and De Sales street north
west; $150.
Shannon & Luchs to build one brick
private garage at rear 1500 Allison
street northwest; $500.
Mike WIsemuller to build wagon abed
at rear 318 Fifteenth street south
east; $200.
Thomas Grant to build one metal
private garage at rear 816 Eight
eenth street northwest; $150.
II. R. Eastwood to build one two
story frame dwelling at 1321 Ge
ranium 'street; $3,000.
Iceland S. Caskey to retrain back
porch -at 21 Fifteenth street north
east; $75.
IL T. Swan to repair existing rear
porch at 2021 Fourteenth street
northwest: $100.
LeRoy Mark to build one metal pri
vate garage at rear 3111 Ashley ter
race northwest; $150.
Washington Tapham to build private
garage at -13 .U street northwest;
August Pflezer to build private gar
age at 732 Thirteenth street north
west; $300.
The potato
food valnr.
Is valne seelved In
In Chevy Chase
We Are Offering
Several Beautiful
Detached Homes
(Of S to 10 Its. & Bs.)
Kach Individually attractive in
design and most modern In eveiv
detail. . All priced exceptionally
low by owners wishing imme
diate Me. We urce you to n-
L spect these unusual opportunities
ultnout ueia.
AJI Locations Most Desirable
Colorado Bldg.
Phone M. 4637
Cor. 7th and Allison sts 8 rooms, tiled bath, large clos
ets, sleeping porch, electric light; $6,350.
.Decatur pi., between 22d and 23d st. nw., two-family
home; first floor, 5 rooms,. sleeping porch, bath; 2d floor, 6
rooms, sleeping porch, bath; $,500.
M st, near 10th, 10 roams, bath, hot-water heat; $6,600.
13th st, nearIass. ave-, 11 rooms, bath; $7,500.
12th st, near O, English basement house, 12 rooms, 2
baths; $7,600.
S st, near 18th, 11 rooms, 3 baths, hot-water heat; $8,080.
California st, near 19th, 11 rooms, 2 baths, hot-vaie
heat; $8,000.
North side of I st, near 17th, 9 rooms, bath; $9,000.
Biltmore st overlooking Rock Creek Park, 11 rooms, 2
baths, hot-water heat; $9,250.
Upton st, near 29th, 12 rooms, 2 baths, hot-water heat;
price, $12,000.
R st, near Conn, are., 12 rooms, 2 baths (additional
lavatory,); $15,000.
L st, near 14th; 13 rooms, 2 baths; $13,000.
Lamont st, near 17th, semidetached, 12 rooms, 2 baths,
garage for 2 cars, lot 3714x110 to alley.
N. H. ave, just north of Dupont circle, 15 rooms, 2
baths (3 servants' rooms and bath).
Mass. ave., at Sheridan circle, 16 rooms. 6 baths 11 bed
rooms); will sell .furnished if desired; $55,000.
Cleveland Park, 12 rooms, 2 baths, sleeping- porch, ga
rage 3 cars; $20,000. -
Chevy Chase
Fireproof residence, 11 rooms, 2 baths, on Primrose st,
near Conn, ave.; lot 125x125; garage 2 cars.
West Kirk st, 8 rooms and bath: metal weather strips,
screens and awnings; lot 65x125. $9,750.
Kanawha st, near Conn, ave, 10 rooms, 2 baths; lot
50x85f with garage ; $10,500.
Keokuk st, near 3Sth, 10 rooms, 2 baths; $12,600.
Keokuk st, near 42d, 12 rooms and bath; hot-water
heat; 14,000 square feet of ground; $12,500.
Keokuk st, corner; 10 rooms, 2 baths; 16 75x95; $15,000.
Lenox st, corner; 11 rooms, 2 baths, hot-water heat;
13,000 square feet of ground; Immediate possession; price,
815 i5th Street
Phone Main 6464.
$3,500 8 rooms and bath, furnace heat.
Ismedlate Pouesslan
$5,000 8 rooms and bath, hot "water heat.
Iaiiiiliate Possession
$2,100 4-room bungalow.
Immediate Poosesrion
$2,000 4-room bungalow.
Issmedlate Pouesslon
$4,250 7 rooms and bath.
Immediate 1'OMeuIon
$2,300 5 rooms and bath (in Northeast).
Immediate Poooemsloa
. Ml istv v( ' - i
W3fvJ xPWflHlHIHt JSHfef' It 3ai3 JffSSaaaaaLIIIIM
KlIaaaaaaaaaHnVaMalBHL "
This Beautiful
Home With 1
Acre Ground
In the District
of Columbia
Outside the
City Limitsj
Large rooms, high ceilings, ample closets, two pantries, concrete cellar, porch practi
cally surrounds entire house, 35 full bearing fruit trees, chicken house and run, beautiful
hedge and lawn, growing garden
Price, $10,000
906 New York Avenue N. W. Telephone Main 7821
"See Mahomey & Sullivan They KnoW Washington."
-- -"-
HA- k-5-- - -i.
j jDvrv !?-i

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