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BALTIMORE, June 24. "The final
phase of the war will come when
the Franco-Brltlsh-Amerlcan effort
reaches Its maximum, and the allied
effort Is well under way at the
present time," declared Lieut Clif
ford Rellly, of the French high com
mission in the United Stales, before
3,000 members of the Ordnance De
partment of the United States army
from Edgewood, Md., at a. war worK
ers' meeting at the Maryland Thea
ter yesterday afternoon. It was held
under the direction of It. Neale Smith,
of the committee on public informa
tion. Lieutenant Rellly, who was former
ly an officer In the royal highland
era of Canada and who has fought
1 Flanders and France, was Injured
In the battle of the Somme and In
valided to the United States. Short
ly after arriving- In this country he
was appointed to the French high
commission in the United States. He
was In the thick of the fighting when
the Germans first started to use gas
and described the terrors that beset
the men when they got their first taste
of it. He said the allies have become
even better at using It than the Ger-
Iteglments Killed By Gas.
"Back In the campaign of 1914 the
Germans first used that terrible
agency of modern warfare gas. The
men on the fighting front at the time
were surprised to see what they
thought were dense clouds of smoke
coming In their direction irom mo
German trenches. They realized too
late what the smoke really was. now
ever, and whole regiments were kill
ed at once. Some of the wiser ones
vntiMil sweaters and mufflers
around their mouths and made their
wav back to the rest billets, auu
others ran back as fast as they
could to the billets and spread the
"Here It was not believed, and
many of the. men stationed behind
the lines, thinking that a successful
drive had Just been launched by the
Qermans and wishing to strengthen
their lines, rot their eaulpment to
gather as quickly as possible and
started for the front-line trenches.
These also were caught In the fumes
and suffered the same fat as the
"Even after the GermansTiad been
using gas for some time," he con
tinued, "the British generals found
It hard to convince their soldiers
and themselves that they should use
gas la retaliation, for they thought
this was even too barbarous to use
en the Germans. They finally made
up their minds that they must use
it, and now the allies have become
more proficient in Its use than the
German Supply Ituns Low.
"And w are better equipped to
Bake the gaa than Germany. The
Germans are finding It more diffi
cult to keep up the manufacture of
gaa on as large a scale as they use
It, while we can make more than
We need. We are more than giving
the Germans a taste of their own
medicine now.
"I don't' want you men who are
making this poison gas to think that
you are not serving your country
to the fullest of your ability and
to think that you would do much
better if you were over In France in
the trenches," he warned, "because
you are doing the best thing possible
right now. The Germans started to
use gas and we propose to finish the
filthy work."
The audience was composed almost
entirely of men engaged in the man
ufacture of gaa.
"No bombing of hospitals, no mis
treatment of women and children
will be perpetrated by men of the
United States army." This was the
assertion of Congressman Burton L
French, of Idaho, an expert on in
ternational law, to an audience of
200 men of the quartermaster corps
last night at the T. M. C A. hut at
Camp Meigs.
"Not over 6 per cent of the goods
Intended for France or England have
been sunk by submarines since the
beginning of the war," he said. "This
In the allies' answer to the effective
ness of the submarine blockade."
One of the high lights In Congress
man French's talk was his statement
regarding retaliations. "We will
bomb German cities and carry the
war Into Germany. Now we are pre
paring a gas far worse than any
ever before used," he said. "But we
will not bomb hospitals or mistreat
women and children. The helpless
Inhabitants of Germany will not be
harmed by American soldiers.
Have Pretty Dark Hair
"La Creole" Hair Dressing is the
original hair color restorer, and not
a. dye. Applying it to your hair and
scalp revives the color glands of na
ture, and restores your hair to a beau
tiful dark shade or to Its natural
color It Is the only hair color re
storer that will gradually darken all
your gray or faded hair in this way.
No matter how gray, prematurely
gray, faded or lusterless your hair
might be, "La Creole" Hair Dressing
will make it beautifully dark, soft
and lustrous. "La Creole" Hair
Dressing will not stain the scalp,
wash or rub off. and Is easily applied
by simply combing or brushing
through the hair. Don't be misled
Into buying some cheap preparation.
"la cnoELE" hair nnessixG
for gray or faded hair and retain the
.appearance of youth. Also used by
Vntleroen to impart an even dark
color to their gray hair, beard or
mustache. For sale by O'Donnell's
Drt'g Stores, People's Drug Stores,
Washington, D C. and all good drug
rtores everywhere. "I.a Creole"
Hair Dressing is sold on m money back
In Keeping With the Request of the
Economy Board
of the Council of National Defense
we respectfully invite attention to the following
All merchandise retnrned for rtftrnd; credit or
exchange, must be presented not later than three
(3) days from date of purchase.
This rule does not apply to merchandise that is
sold on a strictly non-returnable basis for sanitary
or other reasons.
XKHoobwarb & Xotbrop
Store Opens 9:15 A. M. New York WASHINGTON Paris Store Closes 6 P. M.
Items of Timely Interest to Men
Our Annual Sale Boudoir-Slippers
80c the pair
In Pretty Pink and Blue Floral Cretonnes: with
medium weight canvas covered sole and cotton inner
lining. Made on a very comfortable last, .trimmed
with silk pompom and neatly bound with tape binding.
Cool and comfortable and just the thing for sum
mer home use, or to take along on one' vacation to
rest tired feet In the privacy of one's room..
There are many days when these restful slippers
wwlbe greatly welcomed by every woman.
The very large purchase enables us to offer them at
this exceptional price. ,
80c the pair.
Third floor, Tsnth street.
Light-Weight Wool Suits for Men
It's really economy for men to buy suits of this kind
because a man knows he is really getting the most for his
expenditure. It's the kind of a suit that every man must
have in his summer wardrobe for the many cool days
we are sure to have.
A man looking for a suit of this kind will be sure to
find what he wants here. Military effects for the younger
fellows; more conservative models for the men holding
more to the conventionalities. Half and full lined coats.
Smart grays, browns, blues, greens; plain and fancy
The quality of the material, the precise and exact
ing hand tailoring, mean shapeliness and becomingness
that give them character.
Prices range, $25.00 to $45.00
Main floor. Tenth street entrance.
Os--iisstXUrt BcbtSaa- a Urn
Tan Oxfords
Always Popular with Yomig Men for Summer Wear
We call attention to two particular smart styles in the
Dark Tan Leather. One model has rather pointed, up-to-date
English last which appeals strongly to the younger men.
The other style, of the same stock, has a trifle broader toe
and is an especially serviceable shoe.
Quality considered, they are very moderately priced.
$6.00 the Pair
Main floor. Tenth street entrance.
Cut Glass in Beautiful Shapes and Designs
Fr June Wedding Gifts
Our selection of Cut Glass is most distinctive. Every piece is of the old
potash glass that is so scarce now, is a beautiful clear crystal and the cuttings are
wonderfully done. One of the newest patterns is the "Persntag," which is extremely
rich in its combination cuttings. The ''Diamond Poinsettia" is another favorite and
there is the "White Rose" and "Fuschia" patterns and the Floral and Miter and combi-
A large variety of useful pieces are included in our stock:
Fruit Bowls. Cofft
Punch Bowls. SeryI,Tray'
Pitchers. Cke PlaUfc i.
Vases. Bon Bon Dishes. ,
We have an unusually good assortment of Water Sets, that always make such ac
ceptable gifts, in the Floral, Floral and Miter, and also Diamond Poinsetta and Fuschia
patterns, $7.75 to $17.50 a set
Fifth floor, F street.
Many Men
Are Asking For
Bathing Suits
And Correct
Attire for Beach Wear
Our assortment was never so varied as
it is at -this time, and a man will have no
difficulty in making hjs selection here. Smart
new styles and new Shades. Well made and
excellent fitting garments.
Two-piece Suits, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00 and
One-piece Sleeveless Suits, $4.50, $5.00
and $7.50.
White Canvas Belb, 50c each.
Beach Handkerchiefs, $2.00 each.
Beach Gowns of Madras, $5.00 each. '
Beach Gowns of Silk Madras, $7.50,
$10.00 and $12.00.
Pongee Gowns, $15.00.
Terry Cloth Gowns, $5.00, $6.00 and
Main floor, 7 street
Sole Distributors for Washington.
"Gieve" Life-Saving Waistco.at
Through practical demonstration this waist
coat has proven worthy of the attention of
every American embarking for' the front
It is continuously worn while at sea in per
fect comfort
The life-saving belt can be inflated in a few
We particularly commend them to American
officers and troops of the Army and Navy.
On display and sale in the Men's Store,
main floor.
Price $35.00
Dark Tan Blucher Shoe
A Popular Model for
Army Officers' Summer Wear
This model is of a very rood quality Russia Calf
skin which makes a cooler shoe for summer wear
than the cordovan.
It is made with a heavy single sole; with round
toe for comfort; and is a splendid appearing model.
Designed especially for Army Officers' wear and
has proven its desirability by the ready approval
it has received by them. Main floor. Tenth street.
58.50 the pair
"Universal" Kitchen Helps That Will Lighten the House
keeper's Labors
Coffee Percolator Food Chopper Bread Mixer
The Coffee Percolator is made of the best grade of aluminum, and is easily cleaned,
makes excellent coffee at a considerable saving. They are shown in 4, 6, 9, and 14 cup
sizes. $4.50 to $6.00 each.
The Food Chopper offers great possibilities as a means of saving food, for left
overs may be made into appetizing dishes by its use. Three Biles of cutters, medianv
coarse and the pulverizer, are included. These cutters never get dull but sharpen with
use. $1.75" to $3.25 each.
The Bread Mixer will take away the dread of eating "War Bread" for the ingredi
ents are so perfectly blended that the best resc'ts are obtained, and excellentbread
can be made with a large part of wheat substitute. $3.00 to $4.00 each.
Fifth floor, center.
Rompers for Wee Folk
Pretty Enough for a Party
Made of 'Jap silk and crepe de chine they are the daintiest
things imaginable.
Plain white jap silk trimmed in pink or blue and fine lace
edge, $5.50 each.
White Jap silk smocked in front to yoke depth and trimmed
with lace, $5,50.
White crepe de chine makes a pretty pair, beautifully scal
loped and embroidered in pale blue, on collar, cuffs, pockets and
fronts, $12.00.
A neat and serviceable pair comes in natural pongee trim
med with dainty edge. It will tub beautifully.
Cunning Slippers to Match the Rompers
Of Linen-Canvas and Kid.
Pink, blue and white linen Strap Slippers, hand embroidered
in dainty design, $1.25 pair.
Pink, blue or white linen Slippers, finished with picot edge and
ribbon ties, $1.50 pair.
White Kid Slippers, with ankle strap, 75c pair.
Pink, blue or white linen Slippers, finished with picot edge and
Fourth floor, G street.
Vacation and Play Clothes
For Boys
Bcout Style Suits, for Boys,
from s.1.30 to S4LSO each.
Scout Style Suits, for Girls,
from S3.00 to S3 00 each.
Military Suits, for Boys, from
11.50 to f-t.OO each.
Officers Hats, 1.00 each.
Scout Hats. 75e and SL2S
Scout Lecdns 83c and 1S
Leather Puttees. $3 00 pair.
Knitted Legglns, $3X0 pasr.
Military Quns with bayonet,
harmless, $1.00 each.
and Camping Equipment
and Girls
Sam Browne Belt. 33c each.
Drill Guns, S3 each.
Cook Kits, $1.33 each.
Canteens, $13 and $1.50 each.
Knap Sacks, $1.33 each.
Compasses, $1.00 each.
Pedometers, $1.23 and $1.30
Scout Knives, $1.30 each.
Army Knives, $3.30 and $40
Hatchets with sheath,
Signal Flags, 33e each
Fourth floor, center
Dining Room Furniture of Individuality
High Grade
Reasonably Priced
"Klosfit" Petticoats of White Tub Silk
To Wear With Light Summer Dresses,
$5.00 Each
Tub Silk Petticoats, in white, made with double panel and
narrow plaited flounce, or deep tucked flounce, $5.00 each.
White Chiffon Taffeta Petticoats, and also white jersey top
petticoats with satin flounce, $5.00 each.
The same style white petticoats of tub silk, taffeta end jersey
with satin flounce in extra sizes $6.75 each.
A full line of taffeta, jersey and jersey with taffeta flounces
in the leading shades, $5.00 each.
Third floor, F street.
llsHlf' bJ
ill iHl1 1 sVscsasflnissvsWJS 3i ci I I rTcL Zf-T": 7T -, -f ,n
I igj 'liirfrcgsreM mSmSrMmM -
We are fortunate in having received a large shipment of high class Dining Room
Furniture in all the popular period designs. The woods are the best, the designs
and cabinet work are the creations of master workmen. We are fortunate in
having so large a stock on display from which to make selection. The prices range from
$200.00 to $600.00 Suite
Very handsome American Walnut Dining
Room Suite in William and Mary design. All
hand rubbed, beaded decorations on cabinet
panels and beaded edges and wood back. The
workmanship is most artistic and every piece
is well designed; the Suite is ideal for a
small home or apartment and consists of the
following pieces:
, Buffet China Cabinet
0-fL. 54-Inch Let Table 0 Sldf Chairs
Serving Table 1 Arm Chair
The Chairs are upholstered in blue and gold
rep with hand woven cane panel backs.
$275.00 for the suite.
Louis XV ten-piece Dining Room Suite of
American Walnut, hand rubbed, satin finish.
Buffet has mirror back, full length linen drawer,
large silver drawer, and 1 small drawer and 2
large cabinets, with ornamented panels and
beaded edge; consists of:
4S-lnch. 0-ft. Table Buffet
Serving Table B Side Charra
China Cabinet 1 Arm Chair
The chairs are upholstered in brown Spanish
leather. An unusual value at $260.00.
Louis XVI Dining Room Suite of antique
brown finish mahogany, designed on the most
graceful lines. 10-piece Suite consisting of:
fiO-lnch Buffet Serving Table
04-Inch. 8-ft Table - alA. r-fc-i..., .a
China Cabinet with fretted B &At Cha rs and
panel doors. 1 Arm Chair
The high back chairs are unusually com
fortable and have panels in the back of hand
woven cane. $383.00.
Sixth floor, G street.
Adam Dining Room Suite, antique brown
finished hand rubbed mahogany. This is one of
the most popular styles in Dining Room Fur
niture. It is simple in design and decorated
with the Urn design that is characteristic of this
period and is one of the handsomest Suites we
have had on display in a long time. The Buffet
has extra large linen drawer and silver drawer
and two cabinets. The Tabic is very handsome
with its ten square legs, and the China Cabinet
is closed with wooden doors decorated in large
urn designs. There is also a Serving Table and
5 Side Chairs and 1 Arm Chair, upholstered in
black Spanish leather. The cabinet construction
in this suite i3 of the highest class. $410.00.
Sola Mahogany Chinese Chippendale Dining
Room Suite, designed on straight lines and
uniquely decorated. This will make a most de
sirable suite for a home where elegance is de
sired. Bxtra size Buffet Buffet
54 Inch Table Serving Table
China Closet with Mirror 3 Side Chairs
Back 1 Arm Chair
The Chairs are upholstered in genuine black
Spanish leather. $300.00. Was $C00.00.
A dainty yet substantial Breakfast Suite i3
finished in blue enamel decorated in rose and
gold and consists of 8 pieces:
Gate jce Table Ten Wagon
Serving Table Fern Box
Four Chairs, upholstered to match.
Other Breakfast Suites in artistic designs
and finishes.
avxiu-ijuiiiiiicr uriiigs a, vrunu
of Dainty Neckwear
Sleeveless Guimpes of organdie in buff, pink, white and brae,
with a bit of embroidery and tucks or tiny frill. $1.00 to $3.75.
With Buster Brown neck in the same shades, $1.75 up.
Roll Collars of organdie, tucked and trimmed with Irish cro
chet edge, $2.25; with val lace edge, $3.00; checked organdie or
tucked in checks and trimmed with lace or French knots, $L50 to
$3.00 each.
Organdie Sailor Collars embroidered in navy blue rings and
trimmed with two net ruffles, $2J0.
Sailor Collar and Cuffs to match, in buff, flesh and lavender,
with hemstitched borders of white on the sides of the collars, and
embroidered in dainty designs with just a touch of black. $2.50
Organdie Fichus, in lavender, grey, buff and blue, some with
sailor collar back and others round style. Some fasten in the
front and others cross in front and fasten in the back, and fin
ished with two picoted ruffles. $2J0 to $4.50 each.
Net Fichus, with lace ruffles or ruffles of net with picot 'edge.
$1.00 to $&00 each.
Street floor, center.
Pretty New Ribbons to fill many needs
Fancy Striped Ribbon in pretty, gay colorings, 6 inches wide,
65c yard.
Plaid Ribbons in the pretty shades that are so popular in the
dress ginghams, 5 inches wide. 55c yard.
Wide Satin Ribbon for sashes and hair bows, in pink, blue and
white, from 5 inches at 70c yard to 9 inches at $1.50 yard.
Roman Striped Ribbon, in rich colors, 6 inches, $1.00 yard.
All kinds and widths of ribbons suitable for
fancy work and making bags at different prices.
Street floor, center.
Pillows won't furnish a room or porch but they go a Ions way
toward making comfort. New Cretonne ones come, tilled with floss
In round shape, finished with tlrty frill, and are ever so soft and
comfortable. 31.00 Second floor. Eleventh street.
Music Hath Charms and there la no better way to be charmed
whenever you frel so disposed than with a Vlctrola and a good se
lection of records. We have Vlctrolas In many different styles and
can suit almost any taste In records.
Fourth floor. Eleventh street.
A Refrigerator Is a summer necessity but not every one needs a
large one. We have the best little Nursery Refrigerator that Is fine
for not only the nursery but for people doing light housekeeping and
girls who like to have part of their meals nt home.
Fifth floor. Eleventh street
These are real picnic days and we have everything for the pic
nicker's convenience and comfort. Stout Lunch Baskets In all sizes,
lunch basket for carrying Ice. Sterno canned heat, paper plates and
napkins, and Ilot-Kold Bottles. Fifth floor, center.
Not all of us can help to fight the "Bodies." but we all like to
keep up with the fighters and we have the latest books about the
war In the Book Department. Second floor, F street.
Iovers of Tennis can find the Racket they want and at a moat
reasonable price In the Sporting Goods Department.
Fourth floor. F street.
Grass Is growing almost as fast as Jack's famous bean stalk
and that means a Lawn Mower Is needed
Fifth floor. Eleventh street.
It Isn't possible to have too manv Handkerchiefr. especially
not when any and every colored froik can De maicneu vjt.n a dainty
one colored Doraers. colored centers
flics and flowers. S3c and SSe each.
one colored Doraers. colored centers ana coiorea sprays g' ouwer-
street floor, creier.

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