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A. couple of Hyatt men, one ere
&Bff recently, were encased In a
nlt same of billiards at the club,
when one of them remarked to the
other: "Did you ever know the origin
of Hyatt Roller Bearings" Recelv-lng-
an answer In the negative, he
. "John Hyatt was more or less of a (
j"" piayer, nimseir. iMsiurauy.
ne knew the Talue of an Ivory ball,
for its elasticity, good balance, ett,
and one day, while enraged In a
Came, the thoueht occur, ed to him
Jhy was It necessary for a billiard
ball to be made of an elephant's tusk I
to be flexible.
"The result of this Idea was his In
vention of celluloid, on which subject
he spent much thoueht, so much In
fact that he measured most every
thing in terms of elasticity. While
he was turning the problem over In
his mind, he happened to be down
South when they were cuttinT sugar
cane. They were trying; out a new
type of macerator for grinding up the
cane before they put it In the press
es, and they had trouble with the
bearings on the machine. .
"Hyatt said the bearings were too
rigid that was all that was wrong
with them and, the old Idea of
elasticity coming into his head, he
r.nplied it as a bearing principle,
with success, and thereby gave him
self the Idea of making a bearing
with hollow helically wound flexible
rollers, from which the present Hyatt
quiet bearings weie evolved."
ssMMHKT9. -3s3
isSsMs. flBS&
yTg-JS ISSSI s- v
?J&9-m& A
Eagle 6
Q. Ths carburetor of ray Bulck la leaking
ras, especially when the car Is stopped. New
needle valve and Coat baa been metalled but
the leak continues and we are unable to de
tect tbe cause though the servlo station and
myself have looked It over carefully. Tbe
leak seems to be In the air Intake as the
Boat shuts oft when I stop. It Is a Marvel
carburetor. Pleas rlv me any surttstlons
whlch may occur to you. A. L.
A. The leakage Is caused by too
high a float level, condensation In
manifold or a bad needle. I Imagine
it is condensation, especially so it
the leaking stops after the car has
been standing some time. Lower the
float level slightly and probably the
trouble will stop. Are you sure the
float actually floats and does not
drop to the bottom due to heaviness I
Q- I have a atx-cyllnder ear son ysars old
and am having trouble with the ell pump.
I have cleaned out the pump and put in new
oil ret it stop working In a minute or two.
I can disconnect the oil pipe which the motor
is running ana draw on it wnen it wui Degin
to pump, but It will not continue. Please
give me soma Idea as to the causes and
remedy, a. A. B.
A. If the gears of the gear pump
are badly worn you won't get a very
good feed. Also the level In the
rcrankease must be high enough so
that the feeding line gets a full sup
ply and never Is uncovered. I as
sums you are certain there la no ob
structlon In the oil Una to the pump.
LookThis Car Over NOW
Constructed of Standard Parts
' Continental Red Seal Motor, 3VzxSlA,
Delivering 60 Horse Power
Weight, 2,900 Pounds
Warner Transmission Hotchkiss Drive
Leather-faced Cone Clutch,
Salisbury Rear Construction,
Ames Body
Woodruff Motor Company
1333 14th Street N. W.
Phone Franklin 6544.
Q. What causes the unit coll to become so
sticky that tne viorator points cannot worm
My engine falls to start after running In Up
top order and X found tbe vibrator points so
sticky with a gum-tlke substance that they
would not work. Doe tola destroy the colli
wcat can i aoi sua. u. b.
A. Sticking usually Is caused by
dirt. If it is a gummy substance It
might be from oil, but there Is no
need for oil on the vibrators. Keep
the points free from dirt and they
will not gum. It does not destroy
the colls. You can get new points,
which la cheaper than getting new
colls. Let me advise you to keep the
vibrator points even and clean by
requent Inspection and occasional fl
ing with a fine file. Keep the cover
down tightly.
Q. I have had a Bomber ef troubles with
my Maxwell racer. After several garages
had failed to do It any good, I put en a new
cylinder bead, new pistons and carburetor,
but It continues to miss lire, sputter and gen
erally give unsatisfactory service. I had my
magneto overhauled, putting In new brushes,
platinum points, etc. I have recently or
dered a Schebler special model carburetor.
What do yoa think of It? I have an Idea
that a shortened Intake manifold wui help
matter. Please advlae me. Dr. F. H. L.
A. If you are using a simple grav
ity feed your trouble might be caused
by too high a float level, which can
easily be remedied by adjustment.
If you are using pressure on the gas,
stop It. because there Is head enough
to get proper flow. I do not think
that the cutting down of the mani
fold would atop the misfiring unless
the misfiring occurs only at slow mo
tor speeds, and then the long mini-
Famous For Its Marvelous Motor
fold might have something to do
with It. You do not say when this
misfiring occurs and whether or not
It ever stops and under what condi
tions. You see, if it Is continuous.
I might suspect that the cams are
badly worn and the timing thrown
out a little; but I do not want to say
that without knowing Just how the
motor acts all the time. "Bear In
mind that you can not expect the
motor to flro evenly If you run with
excessive oil feed. You can tell Just
what is happening to the plugs by
noticing If the points are oiled up
after a few minutes running. Try
these things:
1. Get the float level a trifle lower
and make sure there is a free flow
of gas to the front bowl. Don't have
any bad bends In the fuel line.
.2. Cut down the oil level If it Is
too high.
3. Check over the three systems
causing misfiring carburetlon. Igni
tion, valvlng and also make sure
there Is no carbon or manifold or cyl
inder air leaks.
a I have a Ford and have Just Installed a
Bosch magneto. What spark plugs should X
see? Can you tall me anything about tbe
magneto and do you think It will Improve
the Ford? V. H. 8.
A. There are so many good makes
of plugs on the market that I Just do
not know of any one make I can se
lect as the best. Champion plugs
give good results, Splitdorf green
Jacket plugs are fine, so Is the Herx
Pro-Mo-Tor a special Ford type. I
wish you would tell me exactly what
you want to know about the Bosch
magneto, whether something about its
construction, operation or care. I
think you will get better results from
It than the regular Ignition system.
AiniirnnflAinP mr
find hotel accommodations and a fine,
large plunge supplied by a nearby
spring of natural hot water.
From Jtobinson bar, you will Toiiow
the river to Chains, an old mining
town of the early sixties. Beyond
Challls you pass through a gorgeously
tinted canyon stretching ten roues to
Mackay. .
On you speed to Lost river, where
there are as 'many trout to the cubic
foot as you will find anywhere.
You will want to know how to reach
No Woman's Land where to start
from: which roads are best. For the
thousand things you will want to
know you will come finally to the
Automobile Blue Book. After that
everything Is easy. The only touring
Information it doesn't contain la
dally weather forecast.
Unusual Economy
WitKout Sacrifice
THE CrranoTrT Six hasal war been famous f ear its euuuuuij ot opetmftotk """7
without the sacrifice of itauTU power, without the sacrifice of roadaMHtjr, without
the sacrifice of beauty of design.
Thousands of Chandler owners all over America tell of flasortne rrrfTrwge of fifteen ts
seventeen miles per gallon.
Tire mileage of seven thousand to nine thousand miles per set of tires Is common
place among ChnnriUr owners.
Chandler uwueis and Chandler dealers say that the service upkeep of the Chandler
car Is much less than that of any other good cars which they hare owned or sold.
The owner of a Chandler Six possesses a really great antomobflo great not merely
from the standpoint of economy of operation and maintenance, but, even more Impor
tant, from the standpoint of mechanical excellence and dally performance.
The sTmthTW motor, designed and built in our own factory, dlsflngirlefacs the
Chandler chassis, marked throughout by Its simplicity and srnrdfajese. The life, pick
up, get-away and endurance of this motor will astonish you quite as much as it pluses
Bodies of most attractive design and of unusual comfort are mounted on the Chand
ler chassis.
Seven-Passenger Touring Car. 1795 Foor-Passenger Roadster, 41798
Four-Passenger Dispatch Car, $1878
Convertible Sedan, S249S Convertible Coupe. S239S Limousine. 93098
JIB srlats f.o.b. Osurmnf
Warrington Motor Car Co.
1800 14th Street Phone North 1332
m VL 1
Tou have heard of No Man's Land,
that strip of battered, churned terri
tory between the battle lines, stretch
lng from the Channel to the Adriatic,
In which so many brave fellows have
gone to their last great adventure.
But have you heard of No Woman's
No Woman's Land ts right here In
America so called, not because it Is
forbidden territory to woman, but be
cause the wild and primitive nature
of the country has proved a for
bidding obstacle to her.
Finest Fishing In America.
In the unpoetlc language of maps
it Is the Sawtooth range of Idaho, but
long before you reach It you realise
you are approaching something new,
different, and exhilarating. The route
to the Sawtooth range leads through
stretches of desert and prairie, until
you finally reach the beautiful
groves and willows along fie Wood
river, one of the finest trout streams
In America.
Passing through Halley, you glide
over excellent roads to Ketchum.
where you plunge into the wilderness,
still following Wood river. And when
your speedometer registers an even
thirty miles from Ketchum, you will
find yourself on Gallna Sumlt, at an
elevation or 8,795 feet. You look
across the head of a beautiful valley,
bordered by dense spruce and lodge
pole pines, and at the magnificent
peaks towering above them.
That range of peaks, resembling the
edge of an Inverted crosscut saw In
the Jagged outline of Its pinnacles. Is
the Sawtooth. It extends practically
thirty miles down the Salmon river. In
places reaching an altitude of 11.000
You start down the long descent to
Altnras Lake. Reaching this point,
you pull up near the Inlet of the lake,
on a beautiful white sandy beach.
Fish are Scarlet.
As like as not, while you are pre
paring camp for the night, you will
encounter a party filing by from the
Inlet. They are equipped with long
poles and some of them have sacks
over their ihoulders. These they pro
ceed to dump on the sandy beach, and
yon see such a shimmering display of
iisu as you nave pictured only m
dreams. The fish are scarier.
Besides the red fish, the waters of
mese lower lakes are richly stocked
with bull, Dolly Varden. and native
speciciea trout.
The district abounds In mountain
sheep, goats, deer, bear, elk, with
plenty of birds such as Ui foal hen.
Franklrn grouse, and the big blue or
siaie grouse.
Now you nurlc In ahnn TIl(rw
Belly lake, so called on account of
tne markings of the fish caught here.
Camping; On Taxi way Lake.
At evening you find a good camp
ing place at the head of the stream
on the shores of beautiful Taxiway
lake, where you hare a magnificent
view of a miniature set of Tetons as
you look, toward the head of Petit
creek, and at the Jagged points of
uiu anowyslde mountain, with its
group of three pinnacles. Then, as
the evenlncr shadows hepfn ten rtlnv
about the lake and the water settles
to stillness, the blue exnanse of Taxi-
way makes a weird and fascinating
picture, every sound coming back to
you repeatedly from the echo halls of
Old Bnowyslde and the surrounding
After a trrinsr climb the next morn
ing you find yourself on the very
tiptop of Old Snowyslde's topmost
pinnacle. Here you get a view of
primitive and picturesque landscape.
Ana the lakes! Before you lie
twenty-four gems In a gigantic set
tlnr There are emeralds of different
shades of green and of all sizes, set
beside blue sapphires of similar lus
ter, while others, ahlmmerinr In the
sunlight, look like sparkling dia
monds or pools of silver.
Homeward bound, you have your
choice of retracing your steps by way
of the Salmon river to Gallna and on
down Wood river. Or you may glide
down Stanley river past Stanley post
orriee. the Shotgun rapids. Sunbeam
dam and rtobinson Bar. Here you will
"Save a freleht car for Uncle Sam'
ts the slogan which has been, adopted
by the 4.000 owners snd drivers in
tbe $3,000 Packard national truck ef
ficiency teat which Is now In prog
ress. That hundreds of cars will be
saved for tbe war needs of the Gov
ernment and that Important econo
mies will be effected by the trucks In
the test seems assured from what the
enthusiastic owners and drivers say.
The "return load" Idea, fostered by
the highways transport committee of
the Council of National verense.
promises to play a large part In the
bringing about of greater trucking
efficiency. The, Packard company Is
doing everything In Its power to
bring home to the owners of the 20,
000 Packard trucks. In this country
the vital importance of the "return
One of the developments along this
line Is the creation of "return load
bureaus" In the large cities of the
country. Packard truck sales man
agers have either been the prime
movers or aided in the establish
ments of such bureaus In many
places. The result Is that many
freight cars are belag saved to move
other freight and that a great deal
of time Is being saved from one ship
ping point to another. .
"One of the possibilities of this
year of gTeat promised crops." says
R. E. Chamberlain, the Packard fac
tory truck sales manager, "is the re
lief that trucks can afford to the
farmer. Hundreds of trucks are go
ing out from hundreds of cities with
loads and coming back empty. Steps
should be taken at once to send these
trucks back with loads from the
farms or farming communities. It
can be done and we hope that Pack
ard truck owners everywhere will
do their share toward this movement"
R. Vacallaro & Bros., of New
Raven, Conn., must suspend business
Monday until July 25 for doing a
wholesale snd retail business with
out proper authorization from the
Food Administration. It was an
nounced today. This firm does a
large business among the Italian res
idents of the southern part of Con
necticut. Flour and sugar viola
tions were found.' Tbe flrsr pleaded
that it had violated the rules be
cause It had never received printed
copies of them and Its employes
were not aware of their wronrdong.
Want start seasetatsst. Wen,
soxm war asrrtngs sfsiesst
wnl surely speed the war's sue-
ceasfnl subsidence.
they wl
To equalize the price of sugar to
the consumer In the face of prospect' ,
for an Increase due to a threatened
shortage sad to secure better distri
bution President Wilson has crsated
the sugar equalization board on rec
ommendation of Food Administrator
Hoover. The board will be incorpo
rated at 13.000,000. the- capital en o
furnished by the President from his
special war fund.
Is the last day you can buy your
- At the Present Prices
Prices of Vfflys-OverIand Motor Cars
will be advanced on July Sixteenth.
Yon who are contemplating the purchase
of an automobile will be disappointed if you
.delay your order, as we are approaching the
most stringent shortage of motoY cars ever'
seen. ,
a. i
Place your order today.
Immediate delivery.
j jk
Harper-Overland Co.
1128-3Q Conn. Ave. N; W. Phone F- 4307
Open Evenxngx. - ?.
I BsasasssiFiCr!1!
over-size cost
This special over-size tire has set 'a new standard of
service for all light passenger cars. with 30x3$ Tims.
It has the generous air space of a 31x4. which results
in a resiliency and ease of riding that is impossible
with 30x3 tires.
Contains more fabric is stronger and will stand up
Its broad tread gives better traction on the road, in-,
suring long tire life and car economy.
The largeness of this tire adds materially to the ap
pearance of your car.
Note the difference In size
between, an orrHnarv 30x3j
tire and a "Jamba
Yoa can almost slide a 30x3 tire Inside a "Jumbo" casing.
Every "Jmnbo" tire ta guaranteed for 5,000 miles and will
deliver many more miles.
and other light car drivers nsing
"Jumbo" tires know the economy of
this big tire. It has proven to be tho
ideal tire for all small commercial and
light delivery true Vs.
And with all its bigness and the' r
perior features the "Jumbo" tire costs
only three dollars more than the small
30x3 Ji size.
Boat In Ahrm by
k The General Tire & Rubber Co.
"tUmfnlmml tfjwmm'l
Jin Jam
Our boys are
giving their lives
will you lend
your quarters'?
.War Savings Stamps
A. EBERLY'S SONS, Inc., Distributors, 718 7th St, N. YVV

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