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captain CHARGES
Til gladly overlook the part."
In these -word Ca.pt. Waldo Emer-
soa. Palmer, Sanitary Corps, national
anny, todar took the first step to
ward & reconciliation with his pret
ty young- wife, Mrs. Una Belle Ray
Palmer, whose lore, he says, was
stolen by a soldier a cay. young
private named "Phil."
I love my wife and I am willing
to, do most anything within reason
tOtJnduce her to come hack to me,'
said Captain Palmer. "She is a dear,
sweet girl, and I love her dearly but
she has fallen In with undesirable
Married Four Tears.
"Una and I have been married four
years- and In those four years I have
teen giving, giving, giving and re
ceiving nothing in return. There
naturally tnuat be an end to that
sort of thing. But after all Is said
and done I love my wife, and I want
her to come back, I have a comfort
able hom.e here, 'and it Is open to
Mrs. Palmer." I
The army officer was in his home
at 1745 Church street northwest when
he,made ills offer of reconciliation In
a statement to The Times today. His
statement gave a new angle to the
sensational divorce case brought to a
cllfnax yesterday when Captain Palm
ar filed la the District Supreme Court
his answer to tin charges of cruelty
preferred against him by Mrs. Palmer
in her suit for limited divorce and ali
mony. "
In. his answer Captain Palmer re
vealed the story of the alleged love
that has grown between Mrs. Palmer
and the soldier known as "Phil," and
filed a number of letters alleged to
have been exchanged between the wife
and the soldier.
Captain Palmer,' who Js represented
by Attorney H. Wlnshlp-Wheatlsy, al
leges that "on the bight of April 10.
1018, after the defendant had retired,
he had occasion to go down stairs.
He then unexpectedly ran across the
phtfntltC (Mrs. Palmer), who hurried
ly hid something that she ii been
reading In her lap. The defendant
.(Captain Palmer), thought nothing of
the Incident at that moment, but the
next, morning determined to find what
it was she apnarentlr did not want
am 10 read, lie arose before plain
tat and went on a search. He found
the plaintiffs socketbook tinder the
pillows far the baby carriage. It con
tained a card of (the soldier) with
bis address and telephone number
open, 11 ana a number of letters from
him .from which he- copied excerpts
s follows:
"It Last 3xt."
"ftr fleareet flarllng; Una: Now
" w csaersxana eacn other . . .
1 &v dreamed of yon and of that
Mstilrht we spent together, darling.
efcThat last sight was the
a last, of all I have ever spent. I
Wife and Captain in Marital Tangle
mSmmmmB JmmWmWmmWmmTF-
WmmWmW'''-imW - HbbHIHssksbIsssssssssssssE -
WmmwmmitJmW -mmmmWelmmWmW
H&j&tn jjngWfi 1flHsssBBsssssssssssssssssk JIf
sSryjA Jr && $ sssssssssssH&?? JS2l!ait: i-i
sssssssssK i lassssH
BssssssssKVkf " .sssssl
bsssssssssssHbW SflsVPI
E.llllllMfev mKm
i,PrZZ2Q- 2T -aU3L '
Wife of army captain, who sues him for divorce. In renly, Captain
Palmer charges her love -was Btolen by a private.
The Only Soap
for men of the
For sale at best
will remember It forever and over
there, I will think of you always
darling. What are you going to do
with my Utters? Better get a safe
deposit box and keep them there,
dear he might get them. Lots of
love and kisses.
tttttt (number of crosses).
Tour devoted PHIL.
Another letter read:
"My dearest darling: Days have
been long and dreary since I left you.
dear and I miss you so much. "Wash
ington Is a beautiful city, all build
ings were so beautiful, bnt the ones
I went with you dear were the sweet
est hours of alL So write me dear,
you know how much I want to hear
from you and see you again. Lots of
love. Tour devoted PHIL.
True To DarUa?."
Still another letter reads:
"My Darling I haven't been out
with any one. I am true to my
darling dear. 1 am so blue today. If
I could only see you and talk with
you. dearest. I would be all right
again. What are you going to do
with my letters? Better get a safe
deposit box so that you can keep
them there. Better keep them there
so he won't get them and use them
against you. Lots of love and kisses,
Captain Palmer also alleges that
he found a code by which the soldier
might Inform her of his whereabouts
when sent abroad without disclosing
to the censor that he Is giving away
that Information."
He alleged he also discovered In his
wife's bureau an Identification disk
of the soldier which she Is alleged
to have said she was to send to
Kelly's mother. Pictures and photo
graphs or the soldier whose name Is
mentioned were found in his wife's
pocketbook and in her clothes closet.
Wife Starts Illot.
Within an hour of the time he had
copied the letters. Captain Palmer
averred, his wife "discovered that he
had the letters, and the two Instances
caused a small sized riot." Captain
Palmer, also alleged that he found
torn sheets of paper In his
wife's handwriting which he put to
gether and found that they constitut
ed a letter In her handwriting, be
ginning "Dear Soldier." From the
letter the following Is quoted:
"Things have come to the point
where I have been forbidden to write
to you or any other one of the boys.
I have even been told that I must
choose between (name of woman
friend), and him. which I absolutely
refused to do. So the mattes rests,
but for how long I do not know. I
am trusting in God, for I know He
wilt see me through, but if I can keep
this out of court for the time being
I shalL Not that I fear so much for
myself, but because of those who will
be dragged into It"
It Is charged by Captain Palmer
U. S. Food Administration License No. G-04638.
tht his wife obtained employment In
'he War Department as clerk without
consulting him, and he says he be
lieves that another clerk in the same
division encouraged his wife to defy
his wishes respecting her entertain
ment of other men.
Wife With Soldiers.
Captain Palmer In detail describes
the scene that presented itself to his
startled vision "on the nght of May
IT" last when his wife did not return
home, but when he discovered her in
her friend's apartment and watched
her as she was lavishing much atten
tion on two soldiers.
Captain Palmer says "that so long
as the wife refuses to accompany htm
to the home he has made for her and
to change her manner of living with
respect to the entertainment of other
men. that he should not be compelled
to contribute to her support."
The captain's description' of this
scene is told In his answer as fol
lows: "On the nlghet of May 17 Mrs. Pal
mer did not return home after her
working day. I desired to know
where she had gone, and, thinking
she probably was In the apartment
of Miss , I went there. The
weather was warm and the window
looking onto the alley was open. I
did not enter the apartment, but
stood Just outside the window and
watched everything going on. I saw
in the apartment, with Miss , Mrs.
, my wife, and two men, and I
watched them until, nearly 1 a. m.
and took note of the entire doings.
I repeatedly heard my wife address
one of the men with endearing terms,
calling him "dear and 'darling.' On
one occasion I saw my wife put her
self In the arms of one of the men,
and, although It took a considerable
lot of self-restrain on my part. 'I de
termined to wait and see what the
developments would be. I saw noth
ing further to lead me to believe that
there was any Immorality, and I be
lieve If I had seen it I would not
have been able to restrain myself."
In charging Captain Palmer with
cruelty In her suit for limited divorce
and alimony, Mrs. Palmer said:
"Because of the violence of the
temper of my husband and his treat
ment of me and his often-repeated
threats to do me violence, I am afraid
of my husband and afraid to live with
him. Because of his continued abuse
and Ill-treatment my health has be
come Impaired, and for some time I
have been suffering from nervousness
occasioned by my husband's treat
ment of me. On July 6 last I was
unable to longer stand this ill treat
ment, and my nervous condition be
came such that I was compelled to
ask my husband to leave the house of
my mother, where my husband and I
had been living.'
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VEWTORK. July 18. Arthur Roth
Norwegian seaman, made two mis
takes in a letter he wrnf a r.iAM
in Philadelphia on Jun 13, last. He
said the American censor would noi
get hold of the letter and even If he
did the wrlter'a punishment would b
only two years in Jail.
When rtnth -urmm al..J .--
- -nMfaucu ycsicr-
-- .. m uimSo 01 violating the es
pionage act, Joseph A. Burdeau. as
sistant United States attorney, showed
him his letter. He immediately plead
ed guilty. Then Judge Manton re
vealed to-him that he was in error as
to the punishment he might receive by
sentencing him to five years in the
Federal orison it Atlni- ...
In the letter Roth declared ho didn't
"ul iu work in ammunition factories
or shipyards here because he "had
German hlonrl in hi. v.in.H uA .in
expressed the opinion that the Gov-
crmncni wouia -go crazy some day
and call everybody to the colors,
whether thtv'r-A rnritMiap. ..
He added:
"If the censor should get this let
ter I would Drobafalv bn nut In fall
for two years. But he Is not going
to get It."
Then Roth fell Into what he called
"Liberty bell, we hear thy crazy
call. Liberty bell, it probably goes
n. . milieu. un we near tne
Germans marching up Broadway, and
In their middle Pershing?"
A plan whereby the Government
of the United States will gradually
but surely come Into the ownership
of the vast water power projects of
the country. Involving, billions of
dollars' worth of property, will soon
be submitted to the House by Chair
man Sims, of the House Committee
on Interstate Commerce.
Judge Sims will press the plan as
a proposed amendment to the water
power bllL This bill, which Involves
the treatment of no less than 000,
000,000 horsepower. Is attracting
singularly little notice at the hands
either of men In Congress or the
public when one considers the eco
nomic and Industrial Import of it.
Judge Sims' amendment, which he
is now drafting, and which he said
today he would push, provides for a
tax of not less than 1 per cent on the
gross sales of water power compan
ies. The tax might go to 2 or 3 per
cent. It would go Into a fund Inf the
Treasury and would be applied to
the amortization of the plant. Com
pulsory, automatic amortization of
the water power plants Is thus pro
vided for and at the end of a period
the Government would take over the
property. This period would be dif
ferent in different,, cases, depending
on the amount of -the tax on gross
sales. For Instance, a 1 per cent
tax would reaulre mueh lonirer for
amortization than a 2 per cent tax
or a j per cent tax.
What this looks to. In other words.
Is Government ownership and con
trol 01 an tne vast water power proj
ects of the United States which are
developed already, and are to be de
Powerful support among both
Democrats and Republicans will be
given to the plan proposed by Judge
All men of draft ac-e II. M. tnr mili
tary service In the near future are
Invited by CapL Charles T. Hendler to
drill at the new Central High School
every Thursday at 8 p m, -with the
N4'onJ Capital Volunteer Guards.
. vrsauiuuon is suoject to the
call of the Secretary of War and the
District Commissioners.
This, opportunity to enter the drill
with men who have been In training
for several month. ut . vil Jt "T
Who accept to be better equipped for
. . ttMU icweriQip.
An eleven year old bov is ArA tn.
J day, and six other persons are suf-
tms "on injuries received in auto
mobile and street accidents last night.
Harold Burdette. Jr.. 238 Fourteenth
street northeast, died early today at
Casualty Hospital from Injuries re
ceived when a wheel of a truck
operated by Benjamin Raura. 1214 B
street southeast, ran over his body
at Fourteenth and B streets.
With his younger brother and sev
eral other companions, young Bur
dette was roller skating on Four
teenth street when the truck came
along. He took hold of the truck, but
tripped and fell nnder the rirht frnnf
wheel. His body was badly crushed I
oy tne weight of the truck, and he
died at 1 o'clock this morning. Cor
oner Jfevitt will hold an Inquest at 3
o clock this afternoon to Investigate
the accident
Albert Mill nl... ..... .I
1367 Massachusetts avenue northeast.
uu oia ngni leg iractnred when
thrown from a hlrvM h. .. ,mu.
when It was struck iy an automobile
operated br B. C nHmnr virmt
and B streets northeast last night.!
He Is at the Casualty Hospital. I
Struck br A mntn.w.1. .44.. k.1
Thomas a Hoff. 1400 Sixth street
noruieast, aiiss Alary Dorsey, of the
Concord apartments, was Injured last
niani as 100 was alighting1 from a
street car at Seventh and L streets
northwest. She was taken to her
home In a nasslnr nnfnmnhn
George Jones, colored, flfty-two'
s .i , rcuwu Bircet normeast.
was cut and bruised about the body
when struck and knocked down by
an automobile operated by Benjamin
Dixon. 135 V atrt nnrh,.. a..
Third street near Maryland avenUe
While crossing the street tn front of
his home liut nlvht f.rvtll Tn
colored, nine years old, 2032 Eighth
street nortnwest. was struck hy an
automobile operated by Paul McLean,
1023 Thlrtv-thlrtf ! nAr4h,.
He was hurt about the head and treat-
ea at rreeaman's Hospital.
While riding a bicycle at Four-
fjmfh mrtA r ,t,.t. .At. 1...
night. William Dunnlngton. colored.
seventeen years 010, j.813 JJ street
southeast, was in collision with an
automobile, onerated hr Thunrfnra
Campbell. 358 L street southeast.
sunmngton was thrown to the
ground and hurt on the head.
Struck br a atreat rap nf im
Brightwood line at Ninth and X
streets northwest, Francis Rtdgely,
colored, thirteen years old, 1802 Third
street northwest, was cut and bruised.
Efforts to speed up construction of
destroyers are under way by the Navy
Department. Secretary Daniels today
called Into conference representatives
of all shipbuilders working on de
stroyers with a view to speeding up
work so that destroyers may be put
Into action at the earliest possible
Secretary Daniels said that de
stroyer building was proceeding wen
but not as rapidly as" ha believed pos
sible and efforts to reach; the maxi
mum speed are being attempted.
PARIS, Jnly 11 The North German
Gazette, enraged at the American suc
cess on the Marne, says: "The Ameri
cans' cannon fodder Is Incapable of bat
tling the war-hardened Germans," ac
cording to A dispatch from A Swiss
source today.
The newspaper declares mat America
la nowerless to Instruct s sufficient num
ber of men and to get them to the front
In time.
The Frankfurter Zeltunr was emoted
u urlnr that the -object of the offen-
- ,. M.H-n.1. Phttm1
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