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Ty Cobb Won't Play Any More
After Season Ends Labor Day
Tmaa Ohmx Hera 0WhV
Tfa-ee Weeks of Towf Ats
The Height of Generosity
Ooprrt-At, aa. by mnatlaa rerws Snkt
He'll Find Sympathy in the Dictionary
ANoHoWjn , y: i - ART Teew . i
fJSUo -Ml rwsr" --$ fe gonm fi
When the curtain falls on baseball Labor Say at Detroit, it will esd
Ty Cobb's diamond activities for the duration of the war.
"I wouldn't play a game of ball after tie season ends for a million
dollars," says tie leading batsman in basebalL "As soon as I can ar
range my personal affairs, I expect to enter some branch of the service.
I dont know which yet, but ni not loaf long.
-I dont think ther will be
world's series this year. The players
are mostly or the same mind with me.
that their baseball ends when the
season ends. It wouldn't be much of
a world's series, anyway, as even the
pennant winners have been shot to
to pieces by the draft and .volun
tary enlistments of many of their
best men."
Ternary, tner Tuf KleV
Tommy Connolly, the tango kid,
that's the latest m this waning base
ball season. Tommy qualified on his
nrst appearance in the series with the
Tigers. Furthermore. Tommy dis
played a backbone made of Bessemer
steel, along with his nimble toes. As
for the contest well. It went along
all O. K. till the ninth, when X Grunt
line Shan- lost his wind, couldn't
grunt: hard neough, and the Tigers
romped away with the victory. 0 to
3. by poling ' five hits. Including- a
aouoie ana' a triple, for four runs.
Tommy Connolly broke In as- the
tango kid In the-fifth frame, shortly
alter exnioiung his ramous backbone.
Foster had singled when Judge tried
to bunt. Bis effort was a pop fly
that Bobby Jones tried to snare, but
didn't. The ball, deflected by Jones'
glare, rolled foul. Joe arriving- safely
at first and Foster scooting around
to the uncovered third corner.
-How those Tigers tore around!
Donie Bush led the excited chorus
around "Tango" Tommy Connolly,
aided and abetted by Oscar Stanage.
Bernle Boland, Bugbey Jennings, and
Bobby Jones. They claimed the ball
was foul and demanded the return of
JulTe to the batting box.
..othlng doing. "Tango" Tommy
held his own. ordered the ferocious
man-eaters back to their positions
and the game went on. So much for
Tommy's backbone.
ITow for the Tango.
Shortly after, with Milan up, a foul
tip eludendorffed Mr. Stanage and
chased Umpire Connolly's tootsies.
And then he did It
,wlth Mr. Stanage reaching and
clawing for the rolling onion. Tommy
lifted up his heels. Ue skipped. He
danced. He hopped. He stepped the
light fantastic with all the fans roar
ing and laughing. And then Mr. Stan
age managed to seize the ball, ab
ruptly ending the truly marvelous
exhibition of Thomas Connolly, of Na-
tlck, Mass- Ban Johnson's oldest um
plre, chief citizen of Boston's great
suburb, and a more or less Indifferent
poker player.
Now we knowwhat Tommy will do
next year. What does he care wbeth
er they play ball anywhere? Tommy
will be signed up at once by F. Zleg
feld, who specializes In the latest
dance wonders. Indeed, Tommy may
receive a stunning offer by nightfall,
.for when Mr. Zlegfeld reads this
(and. of course, he will, being a wise
mm), hell waste no time In grabbing
oS "Tango" Tommy Connolly.
Griffs Kail Behind.
With the Red Sox and Indians win
ning, the Griffs carelessly blew a
game, just as if there were days and
days to spare in the mad hunt for
the pennant honors. Jim Shaw pitch
ed fine ball for eight innings, and the
victory seemed all In, with the Griffs
In front. 3 to 1. Then it happened.
"Old Dr. Cox" had been Umbering
tip In the bullpen for a couple of
frames, but was never summoned un
til the damage was done. Bobby
Jones opened with a double to right.
Cobb nearly beat out his sacrifice to
Foster. Veach singled, and so did
W-UPet, W.ITPet.
Boston.- 4.m CWcra... ltd .411
Cleveland 47.811 St. Louis.. 4JII.4S7
Waaalata 10 41 .It Detroit..... 4113.44
New fork. HJl.lltlpJUla. 41l4.i
Yesterdays Oases.
Detrelt. I: Washtnstou. .
Bostsn, I; Chicago. 1.
Cleveland. T: New Tort. I.
St. Louis, I; Philadelphia, L
(11 Innings)
Wkere They FIy Today.
Detroit at Washington.
Chicago at Boston
St. Louis at FhOadtrpMa.
Cleveland at New Terk.
Chlearo... ii.ISBroekrm. 4KI.4T1
Wow TortC CI 4I.M4 Phlla..... 47 41. Ml
PUUbunh i( tl. illl Boston.... 4 11 .431
CtnetauU. (0 St. 4711st. Lotus... 44 C7 .11
Penny Ante ,
BegUtvrei V. S. PHtxt Oflc
& By Jean Knott
Yesterdays Game.
Chicago. 1; PitUaorrh. 0.
Brooklyn. 4; Philadelphia, X.
Cincinnati, i; St. Letna, 1.
Where Tkey Flay Today.
New Terk at Cincinnati.
i Boston at St. LcnjJa
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
.. -? - T-B-
Austin, Browns....... S t 4 1.408
Barbr. Indians ....... til 1.000
Savereld. Browns Ill 1.000
Grimes, Robin J 1 1 1.M4
Hirmmol. Tanka ..... Ill l.oto
Jamleson, Athletics ..1 1 1 1.000
Turner. Indians (41 .101
Scott. Bod 8ox 4 3 ( .710
Ollhooley, Tanks ..... 4 11 .710
Chapmen. Indiana... its .710
Art Griggs, who must have grand
children In Pershing's army. Har
per shoved his team ahead with a
hearty triple out toward the arrer
Using horror In right field, and
Toung beat out a slow one In front
of the plate, bringing Harper across.
Then came Avert whA 1!ervaAe. nf
the next two when It was too late. CDJCINNATT, Aug. 15. Hal Chase-
So today th Griffs are four and crack first baseman or the Cincinnati
otynHTSi u. a. x-k- ujjk m
Sol SAVS M6IM J f jy ti I'll ) , ''"A EOPiE W
SiCikWrt AT C laf Ih vv4 L toMHfi
O'MIMt M0 t WJ0W bV- L-:l Ml VttSft J
UfcU 6ET A m J S N. i-Ts gt ( ?
i dbST LXiif THAT- Otli RI6HTTB0 I nfv CU
,. I - OF COURSE U C , -. jji
v V 00 kMow how J . . 4zZrnk
1 r- 0 all nwr Y lUMPy
VZ& 7 & & - I STOFP HA5 I YF VoU kuy, L -tF '
s41 ef W eT Tut IT mfm a nnp. mmT1rmvn,m ft T 1 W nilATTTfl nrtfH f f It stX tf a V fir
HA UAVT H-NH-V &yJ aljaik muwmjwi u ma m MAV UAWL
I M I I I 111 ' ASV. AO iu (,UO 1UUUCJ V T4S4, ,u U4S .,-- . ,...- M. . - .-. I I II I I I M I II eM V
llnL UllnUL ULMILU from the club nearly J900 If I can't SHAWNEE-ON-DELAWARB, Aug. U HUlUU lllfi I I lit I L
get that without going to court. Til 15. Miss Alexa Stirling and Perry
niTTIlin fll n I Um Probably go Into court, though I don't Adair defeated Miss Elaine Rosenthal III T1TI P It 1 TTI Pii
in lUAiin riii in ii i
From now rmtn Boid-Sentember "WasHwrtoa will be lttenlT iW n am
teasis. Matciea wm come so thick sad fast thai even" ajtoiiif drivea
cironldci: will have tiiffjcnlty in keepiag paea wish. tho,jHHstiin,' oa the
cotuta sad la the nntrhfa. The -peak o tfcs carve Mss 'Ti i Sr fntcbed.
The climax of te season is at naad. ' ,.-
Daisfr-the remainder olthis week the'seai-fiaal aad-feMjWa&ds ia
the Josior asd boys' singles tosraaaaeBt at Coteafeia will'be slfyed. Th
doslbles play win Attract emsMerable sttenfa'an, jsdgiBg festk the ts
ereasin gallery daily at Columbia Country Clan.
Today at ColUEoJjIa the semi-final
round' In the Junior singles will find
Tnad Benton, the Racquet Club young'
ster, opposing James Keliher, Tech's
tennis' captain, who was runner-up to.
Jade Dudley last year. In the lower
bracket Ben Price, another Racquet
Club crack, will oppose Pete Knapp,
01 the Princeton Club.
Immediately after the singles
matches, which start at 4:30, barring
the customary showers which have
halted play for three days now, Price
and Benton will finish their match
with Knapp and Paul Conltllng, start
ed yesterday afternoon. " "2
Play in the semi-final round of the
boys' section .will be continued and
the doubles matches will be run oft
as quickly as possible by Lou Doyle,
in charge of the tournament.
This should be enough for one day,
Vtt Ahaew attvantf Ana , & 4 .1
tviwk f th. TO-i- nnu.mm -.. .'. tnt I Considerable speculation on the
courts Lieut. William Horrell. former c?ncea'of, Pr,ca. na Be"hton as prob-
raclflc coast doubles title holder, will I """ """ "". tenner ana
be paired with Connie Doyle against-Knapp mnst be disposed of today.
Umore-WashlBgtoa teass? match wtS
bo played on 'the JMenbartos-' CIbH
courts. y ' "p
"Just before Ixamo-Voat ssy-m6th
called mo up at the "bailk:and told me
ot- lob." said one vounrster. "I did.
butlt didn't do any good: I got licked
Just the same."
Hal Fowler, the only southpaw
singles player in the tourney, upset
the dope In defeating Spotts White.
Fowler got In a 0. e2 victory
over WhIU, ho. practically beat him
self with" outs and nets.
Dick UePhllomey held up the tear-
nament yesterday and was defaulted
to Steve Manning. Manning and
"Red Morgan were fighting It out
when darkness fell.
a half games behind the Red Sox.
Todays game Is booked for
rrroit. ab H o A B
BuHtl. 4 t I S
KJ-ee.lt) 4
Cobb.cf 1
Vach.lt 4
alrss.Ib 4
H-perj'f 4
T-unr.tb 2
Snaxe,c 2
Sncer,e 2
B'end.p I
CJ'neap I
Ccnstn 1
1 1
1 2
1 0
2 11
2 1
1 1
0 2
0 1
a e
Tte.U ts
Detroit ,
2 2711 0,
Wash. AB H O A S
B-ttosJI 2 2 2 0 0
rterJb 2
Jodce,lb I
uiun.er I
L'van.e 4
8-snkarf 4
M'can.2b 4
A-mlth.e 2
Sbaw.p.. 4
2 0
2 2
2 0
2 2
2 2
e i
Ttele 21 14 2T 11
000 104 2
Washington 100 010 1101
Kane R. Jones. Cobb. Veaeh. Orlrrs.
Harper. Sbetton, Foster and Shanks. Left
on tasee Detroit. 4: Waaolnrton. I. Piret
base on balls OS Boland. 2. Innlncs pitched
BrBoland. 7; by Jones, 2. by Sbaw, 1 1-1.
nr ayers. z. wis miat-uj uouna. ii.
off Jones. 2; off Shmw. 2 Struck oat By
Boland. 2. by Jones. 1: by Shaw, t. by
Ayers. 1. Three-base alts Cobb. Hsrner.
Two-base hit R. Jones. Sacrlnc bits
Cobb, Alumlth. Sacrifice fly Milan
Ston base Sbotton. ronbla play Boah
to GDrsa Umolrea Connellr and Nauln.
Tim ot tame 1:22.
Camp Meigs players and the RezJ
Athletic Club meet today at Union
League Park at 6:45 p. m. In a "rub
ber" game. Meigs won the first en
gsgement and lost the second. To
day's contest is expected to draw well.
as the teams have many followers
in service and independent ranks.
Sergt. L. K. Flynn, Coast Artillery
Corps, will represent his team Friday
night at the District Baseball Asso
ciation meeting. He expects'to enter
his team In the title series to start
next month. The Artillery team, as
well as that representing Camp Hum
phreys, are th new teams expecting
entrance in the senai.
Reds, suspended on charges of fre
quenting poolrooms and making bets,
denied he had made any wagers on
ball games. However, he admitted
visiting poolrooms and betting on
horse races. Chase said the only
time he had ever bet on baseball
games was last fall during the Cleve
land-Cincinnati series. when he
wagered money on his home team
because he had faith It would win.
After a conference with President
Garry Herrmann, of the Cincinnati
team, when the player was told his
case would go before the National
League authorities. Chase made the
following statement:
"Perhaps It Is hardly best for me
to agitate the affair, or to talk too
freely right now, but I can't help
saying a few things Just t the same.
I've tried to play ball the best I could
at all tiroes I've bad my off days;
I've bad some awful off days, m ad
mit, and there have been times when,
after I'd fallen down at a critical
time, I felt ashamed to go Into the
street and face my friends. But,
even when I fell down, I was trying
and I'd like to see some of the so
called evidence that seems to have
been sent In against me.
"Let's not dodge around the bush
or mince words. I'm accused of fre
quenting poolrooms and making base
ball bets, rve gone into poolrooms.
yes: rve made bets on horses, yes. I
say, right here, that I have made no
baseball bets, and have never thrown
the team down as a result. Rumors
have It that I -was betting hundreds
at a crack. Who'd either take or
offer a baseball bet running up Into
the hundreds? As a sample of the
wild talk which has made me the
mark: I was accused In New York,
not of betting against the Reds, but
of offering a certain Giant pitcher
MOO to let us beat him. Can you
Imagine where I'd have got a taker
for an IS00 bet against the (Hants in
New York?
"Ifs baseless and badly twisted
the result of exaggerations and wild
rumors, and I hope Mr. Herrmann
The Tigers are here again
and tomorrow.
Saturday's game, beginning at 3:30,
will be with St. Louis.
The Giants have a mathematical
chance at the pennant, but that is all.
Clark Griffith counts on the In
dians falling down badly on this last
Invasion of the East.
Bobby Roth, the Indians outfielder,
may now find himself an "essential"
Job before the curtain falls. He has
been suspended.
Now the Clark Griffith bat and
ball fund Is to provide material for
the Jewish legion In Palestine. Ap
plication has been rrcelved and will
be acted upon favorably.
St. Louis fans are being asked to
contribute 200.000 "to keep the Cardi
nals through the winter." Nothing Is
said about keeping the Cardinals
through the summer of 1019.
Zeb Terry, whose foghorn voice was
once heard In the White Sox Infield,
Is playing good ball for Stalllngs Bos
ton Braves. Terry was with the Pa
clflc Coast League till It blew up.
Battered and beaten as they have
been all season, the Brooklyn Dodgers
will not finish In last place. Indeed,
they have a good chance of finishing
In the first division in the National
Ernie Shore's examination marks
at the Harvard ensigns' school were
so high that he Is one of the five
students to be entered at the Naval
Academy at Annapolis for specisl
Most peculiar Is the New York-
Boston series In the National League.
Fourteen games have been played this
season, and Boston has not won one
from the Giants. Two double-headers
w,r. tk,n hv the Tkfrnraw elan
. will believe my statement to that af-from the .Braves.
15. Miss Alexa Stirling and Perry
Adair defeated Miss Elaine Rosenthal
and Bobby Jones in an exhibition golf
match for the benefit of the Red Cross
at the Shawnee Country Club yester
day by six points. The attendance
was all that could be expected, and
more than 2700 was collected from the
spectators. The weather was clesr
and warm when the match started,
but when the players reached the
fourteenth tee a thunderstorm broke
over the course, much to the discom
fiture of the players and spectators
As was the case In the exhibition
matches In Philadelphia, Adair played
ine Deal gou or the four and he was
the only contestant to break 80. This
he did by a margin of two strokes,
and It was a fine performance.
Inasmuch as he had not played the
course until yesterday. He took 41
strokes for the first nine holes, but
coming In he played wonderful golf,
requiring only 37 strokes for the re
turn trip.
Jack Dudley, District Junior cham
pion, and Burton Green. Doyle and
Dudley will probably play an exhibi
tion singles match, as Connie la point
ing the youngster for a trial for the
National singles event at Forest
Hills, L. L, which starts August 20.
More yet. Today on the Princeton
Club courts Interstate and Commerce.
of the Departmental League will play
their regular match beginning at 5:30
p. m.
Still mora. On Saturday the regu-
and both, lads may prove tartars.
That guy Keliher la some chopper,
said Henry Bryan, the. chatterbox of
the boys' secUon at Columbia Country
Club, as he watched the Tech lad liter
ally carve his way through Paul Conk
ling. Ta going to be up front when
Keliher plays Thad Benton tomorrow.
Paul Conk-ins and Pete Knun
starting off well against Benton- asd
.race wneu ram put a stop to proceed
ings. Price and Benton are picked
by wise. ones to win the tournament.
larly scheduled Suburban League but Conkllnir and Knarm m ,! .n
matches will be played. Racquet Club, the dope today after the semi-final
BOSTON, Aug. 15. Even if they
win the pennant in the American
League, there Is no assurance that
the Red Sox will engage In any so
called world's series. They have been
notified today that Babe Ruth. Sam
Agnew. and Amos Strunk will not be
available for any baseball after La
bor Day. Carl Mays expects to leave
the team before next week Is gone.
Ruth, Strunk. and Agnew have re
ceived orders from their draft boards
to "take up some essential work after
September 1 or suffer Immediate loss
of their deferred classifications."
The Cardinals won another game
yesterday, taking the Tigers Into
camp by a 4-to-0 score. Paul Oar
ber was the winning hurler.
DETROIT. Aug. 15.The annual
Central A. A. TJ. championship meet
will be staged here on September 14.
The District Bareball Association
meets tomorrow night at the Star
Club rooms at 8 p. m.
CHICAGO, Aug. 15. There Is a
chance that every one of the world's
series games will be played In Chi
cago this year; that Is, If the Cubs are
the winners In the National and the
Boston Red Sox In the American. This
word came from Cincinnati today,
where It was announced that the first
game would be scheduled on Septero
ber 4. The usual plan of playing two
games In one city and two In the
other will be abandoned to save rail
road Jumps and the high cost of
The series will as usual consist of
the best four games out of seven, and
will be over as soon as either team
has won four games.
If Cleveland should win out In the
American League a different plan may
be followed, but If It Is between Bos
ton and Chicago the schedule will be
played as outlined above.
players working for the Emergency
Fleet Corporation, under an order Is
sued today by Vice Presldert Howard
Coonley, are placed on the same foot
ing with other workmen and will b
given the same salaries. Shipyards
offering high salaries for players will
not be reimbursed by the corporation
Some major league players have
signed up with shipyard teams, and
have been receiving as high as 11.000
a month. It Is charged.
Managers of Independent baseball
teams In the city are scrambling for
the best players to represent their
teams In the city title series, start
ing September 3.
and Euclid are due for an engage
ment: Home Club and the Bureau of
Standards are down for a match.
while Holmead and Argyle are to-1
take the courts.
Tennis Association
ment for the benefit of the Red Cross
Fund will be held on the Columbia
road courts.
singles .round Is played.
Connie Doyle and Lieut. William
Horrell tuned up in a Binaries match
In the Womena for the" edification of the youngsters,
a singles tourna-'"Who is that birdr said a youngster.
as uoyie smasnea one which boundeu
over the backstop. "He certainly can
craclc 'em, can't her
Next week a regular orgy will be
offered for the tennis players. Mon
day the big Treasury-Interior match
will be played off on the Princeton
Club courts. Six singles and three
doubles engagements will be staged.
Tuesday, the Interstate and Smith
sonian match will be run oft Wed
nesday the winner of the Treasury
Interior match will play the Prince
ton Club for the right to meet Dum
barton Club players In the final of
the city tram championship, which la
due for next Saturday. August 24.
The Dudley family may produce)
another champion in Donald Dudley,
who Is in the semi-final, of the boys
section. Brother Jack took the title
last year In the Junior play. One of the
most Interested spectators is Mrs.
Dudley, who Is closely following her
son's play.
.Saturday, Aug 31, Is the date set
for starting the annual District
championship tennis tournament at
the Dumbarton Club Play will be
continued all week. Including an all
day session for Labor Day. Regu
larly scheduled Suburban League
matches may be called off on this day.
The tournament is expected to be
brought to a cloie by Saturday, Sep
tember 7, at which time the big Bal-
Raln today will give the weather
man a batting average of 1.000. It has
rained or sprinkled for three straight
days .Several racquets popped strings
Clarendon Athletic Club will visit
Alexandria to play the Cardinal Ath
letic Club Sunday In the first of a
series of three games for the cham
pionship of Northern Virginia. The
teams have met every year for the
tltlo, and this searon promise to fur
nish Interesting competition.
In three years Stanley Coveleskle
has won twelve games from the
Yankees and lost but five for an aver
age ot .70S.
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