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JiV -r. 5-f7jjJ.-'vs.-fw-
Every pound of sugar held by re
finers, beet or cane sugar producer,
either In stock or In transit, on a cer
tain date to be announced later, will
be bought by the United States Gov
ernment and then sold back' to its
original holders at the price of the
new crop. The price to the original
holders will be higher, so as to
equalize the sugar market and pre
vent two prices, such as existed last
The consumer, however, will have
to pay an additional cent a pound,
perhaps a little more, but the profits
of the transaction. Instead of coins to
the refiners, will -be absorbed by the
Government. The United states
equalization board will control the
The food administration has not
decided the exact date at which the
new price will become effective. The
present margin of J1.30 a hundred
pounds will be Increased to $1.45.
retroactive to August 1. The In
creased margin of profit allowed the
refiners is based on an increased
cost per unit due to a shorter sup
ply of raw sugars.
For the last half of 191R no manu
facturer of passenger automobiles Is
to produce more than 25 per cent of
the- output of such cars made by him
la the entire year 191".
Concerning the production of pas
senger cars after December 31. 1918.
no decision has been reached, but the
Government has warned the manufac
turers, representing an Investment of
roundly $1,000,000,000, that they may
expect to be placed on a 100 per cent
war basis after that date.
The decision to cut manufacture for
the last half of 1918 to 25 per cent of
the 1917 production was reached when
Bernard 1L Baruch, as chairman of
the War Industries Board, and repre
sentatives of its various divisions
reached a satisfactory conclusion of
their negotiations with representa
tives of the automobile industry con
cerning the curtailment to be effected
In production of passenger cars.
MADRID, Aug. 26. Negotiations
are under way looking to a commer
cial loan of approximately 500,000,000
pesetas between Spain and the Unltel
States, according to announcement in
the newspaper HI Liberal. The signa
tures of American firms exporting
cotton to Spain will be given u J.
With this credit, the United Statu
will be able to purchase in Spain
some of the supplies needed for tne
army in France without the necessity
of changing dollars into pesetas. The
rate of Interest proposed at 5 per
cent, has been rejected by the Uni
ted States.
NEW YORK. Aug. 28. Suits ag
gregating J4.000.000 and growing out
of the sinking of the Lusitanla by a
German torpedo have been dismissed
by Federal Judge Julius M. Mayer
who holds that the cause of the sink
ing vu the illegal act of the Im
perial German government. Ger
many is responsible both In the legal
as well as the moral sense, he said.
Th Cunard line, owners of the
Lusitanla and defendants In the suits.'
was held by Judge Mayer to be
blameless. He ruled that the cao-
taln and crew of the ship took every
precaution justified by the then
known facts both before and after
the vessel was torpedoed. The mas
ter was fully Justified in sailing, the
court held, even though warning
bad been published In the press.
AMSTERDAM. Aug. 26. Jews have
been rounded up by the government
In parts of Hungary, according to a
Budapest report to the Jewish corre
spondence bureau. Streets were bar
ricaded and Jews dragged to prison.
These measures especially were di
rected against Jews In Gallcla. from
whom large sums of money were
taken by the police as a special tax.
after which the Jews were escorted
to the frontier.
In a recent debate In the Hunrarlan
parliament. Premier Wekerle attempt
ed tO JUSUiy lia uieaauita uj ucviw-
Itib- he had given orders for the Im-
portfolio of a special tax on Gallclan
Jews ana ineir wpuibiuh um uia
country because they were undesir
able foreigners.
ROTTERDAM, Aug. 20. Sixty per
sons are reported dead and 134 in
jured as a renult of the latest airraid
on Cologne Bombs fell on a large
public building, causing sixty, detths.
When a big hotel was struck 134 per
sons were Injured.
Coming as It did on the heels of
bad news from the front, the raid has
caused great depression among the
people of Cologne, who declare that
Germany has no hope of winning the
war. because they did not keep
America out of it.
General .March, chief of staff, said
today that he had never heard of any
.such case as that reported by Dr. P.
H. Howard to the effect that Sergt.
A. B. Cole, of East Liverpool, Ohio,
-..a fimffl4 In the Marnc flchtlnir.
He added that General Pershing would I
have made a special report of that J
drt of a case, J
Mill Lengths of Fine Quality
Washable Cretonnes
S.O00 yards of mill and trial lengths of Fine Quality Washable Cretonnes,
Art Tickings, and Mercerized Reps. In lengths from 1 to 10 yards, but many
pieces are alike Just what you have been looking for, for curtains, draperies
scarfs: shoe, sewing and laundry bags; furniture slipcovers and cushions.
Large assortments of beautiful and effective floral, striped, figured and
tapestry designs, in light and dark colorings.
Values worth to 39c yard, at 24c
Values worth to 79c yard, at 39c
Frist Floor Bargain Table
Summer Store Hours: 9:15 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Purchase of Turkish Towels
35c to 39c
Values, at
A fortunate purchase of 5oa dozen provides unusual, $ufyu.2
opportunities for those who are In need of towels; The Iorjihciudes
Plain and Fancy Turkish Towels, suitable for face of bath use. The
quick drying kind. All good sizes. . '-?-
Goldenbera's First Floor 8th Street Sid
i h ill' lD
k m s
A Wonderful Opportunity Exceptional Values Every Popular Style
Over $30,000 Worth of Women's and Misses' Winter Coats at Savings Up to 33Vz From Winter Prices
V5S Nothin? succeeds like success our first summer fur sale iust ennrlnrterl twrteApA nur fringe .yiwts.
tions. So many requests have come from our customers for an early sale of Winter Coats, that we Inaugu
rate tomorrow an offering of Women's and Misses' Coats, for fall and winter 1918 and 1919 that will sur
pass any similar event ever held in Washington. Greatest in number of styles best in assortment of mate-,
Mile e,iiTama in iroltiA rriirinrr
II4IJ-OUpWIH. Ill IBIUl. .T.11.
The prices quoted are for this sale only note the
savings on next winter prices.
Every coat is guaranteed to give satisfactory wear, a
point worth emphasizing.
The models are authentic Fall and Winter 1918 and
1919 styles.
These coats were purchased ntonths ago, before the
enormous advance in woolen and pile fabrics- and linings,
so we are able to quote prices that are 20 to 33 1-3 per,
cent lower today than these same garments can be pur
chased for later on.
Seal Plush Coats
August Sale Price, $23.50
Next Winter's Price, $29.50
100 Beautiful Seal Plush Coats In tomorrow's sale no
more at this price. 4T Inches long, with 15-Inch border,
large novelty collar and deep culls of mole plush. All around
belt, finished with plush buckles. Lined throughout.
All sizes from 10 to 44.
Upon payment of a deposit
we. will lay aside any coat un
til November 1.
Women's Flush Coats, a very chic tailored model full t
menes long, wun new style snawi couar; all-around doiis
nicely nnea. AJl sizes. next winters price
xjs.ou. .sale price. . . ............ ........... . . .
Salt's Peeo Plash Coats, superior quality, very full shirred
model. 48 Inches long, large sailor shawl collar and deep cuffs.
Sol satin lined. All sizes for misses and women. -.(POST AA
Next winter's price. $-12.50. Sale price wOOAJU
Salt's Plash Coats, very smart model with extra large col
lar of Chase's beaver, full belted model with shirred back,
sport pockets, and deep cuffs. Guaranteed lining. (?QQ rjS
Sizes 18 to 40. Next winter's price. J47.50. Sale price BOV. I O
Salt's Plash Coats, beautiful tailored models, new novelty"
collars and pockets, smart belted effects; extra full model: lin
ing guaranteed. Sizes 18 to 46. Next winter's &AC fC
price. $53.00. Sale price iD'xJ.UU
Trimmed Cloth Coats, high-class garments of American
Velour. Chamois Velrur, Botany Kersey, with either fur or
seal and beaver plush trimmings Strikingly smart models,
excellently tailored. Guaranteed linings of satin or Sol satin.
Color' of Taupe, Navy Blue, Reindeer. Brown, Green, Pckin,
and Black. Sizes 16 to 46. Next winter's price, &Arj Cft
159.50 Sale price Stl.DXJ
Far Trimmed Bolivia Coats with large collars of skunk
dyed opossum; 48-Inch belted model of excellent quality Bo
livia cloth, with patch pockets; wide sweep shirred back;
lined with Sol satin. Colors of Burgundy. Green and Brown.
Sizes 16 to 46. Next winter's price. 1S7.50. Sale QCP AA
Wool Velour
August Sale Price
Next Winter's Price, $37.50
From present indications wool
velour will be the most popular coat
ing material for the coming season,
for durability, for warmth anJ for
style. It is difficult to equal. Choice
of several very pretty models In new
belted, tailored and shirred effects.
Some with collars of seal plush or
beaver plush, others with velvet
trimmings. Colors of navy blue,
green, brown. Burgundy, taupe and
All sizes for misses' and womin.
Heavy Cloth Coats
August Sale Price, $24.95
Next Winter's Price, $29.75
A very special offering--of 50 of these smart coats for
women and misses; fashioned of good quality military coat
ing, in Oxford and brown-- 48 Inches long, full belted
model with new style pockets and large cape effect seal
plush collar. All sizes from 18 to 48.
Goldenberg's Second Floor.
Cktfc Coats, of American Woolen Co.'s Wool Velour. Ox
ford Coating. .Burella Cloth. Ural iJimh, etc Fur trimmed,
plush trimmed or beaver trimmed models; choice of tailored,
sport or dreas coats. Colors of Navy Blue. Black, Brown.
Green, Burgundy and Taupe. All slzea for misses (JQfT Al
and women. .Next winter's price. J;.50. Sale price. wOD.UU
Sllverton and Bolivia Coats, two of the season's most fa
vored materials, fully guaranteed; smart belted models, 43
Inches long, new style collars and pockets. Lining guaran
teed for one year's wear Colors cf Amethyst. Brown. Bur
gundy and Green. Sizes 18 to 4C -Next winter's CMO Eft
price. $52.50. Sale price &i.OJ
Broadcloth Kersey Coats, a new coating for' this fall, a
chiffon broadcloth kersey, very warm yet fairly light weight.
Chic 48-lnch model with shawl cellar of beaver Plush: slashed
pockets,' button trimmed. Colors of Navy Blue.1 Deerskin,
Green, Burgundy and Beet Root. Sizes 34 to 40. CMC AA
Next winter's price, S35.00. Sale price &U,Jt
Far Trimmed Plash Coats, very handsome models of
Salt's guaranteed plush, extra full sweep, with large cape cel
lars of Kit Coney, wide novelty belt, shirred back and smart
pockets. Guaranteed linings. Sizes IS to 4S. err AA
Next winter's price. J65.00. Sale price tfltliMJU
Far Trimmed Plash Coats, with S-lnch border, large con
vertible collar and deep cuffs of fashionable Kit Coney. Guar
anteed .Inlngs; very full model with buckle front and back.
48 Inches long. Next winter's price. S72.50. Sale gtg CQ
An Important Sale of
36 to 40 Inches Wide, Regular
50c and 59c Values
A purchase comprisinfr the entire surplus stock of Novelty White Goods from a leading mill enables us to offer
6uch beautiful styles -aiid effects at less than the prevailing prices. These beautiful Novelty White Goods possess a charm
that will appeal to every woman seeking dainty waists and dresses.
The styles include such favorites as:
Striped, Checked and Plaid Voiles, Gabardine Stripe Voiles, Novelty Striped Flaion, Fancy Dotted
Swiss, Neat Figured Voiles, and many other new and beautiful effects.
Extra fine two-ply quality.
$1.00 White Mercerized Satin, 79c
36-Inch White Mercerized Wash Satin, one of the hlehest class white cotton fabrics, with a rich yarn mercerized finish,
giving it the appearance of the handsome all-silk satin. On account of slight defects In the weave, which will not affect the
wear nor appearance, we offer tomorrow this exclusive white fabric at a decided saving.
69c White Novelty Skirting, 49c
36-inch White Novelty Sklrtintr. a handsome basket
weave, with yarn mercerized satin stripes. Very popular
for skirtSSo,
75c White Organdy, 59c
45-Inch White Organdy, a tine sheer quality, for beauti
ful white waists and dresses.
69c White Pique, 48c
3C-lnch White Pique, a heavy raised woven welt qual
ity, for suits and skirts.
Goldenbers's First Floor.
50c White Chiffon Voile, 35c
44-Inch White Chiffon Voile, made of selected combed
yarn, rirm perfect weave and fine texture two-Dly quality,
that will stand any amount of washing.
59c White Gabardine, 48c
36-inch White Gabardine, a Cne yarn mercerized double
twill quality.
$1.00 White Chiffon Voile, 69c
40-inch White Chiffon Voile, extra One sheer quality,
for waists and beautiful evening frocks.
This store will be closed ATI Say
Labor Day, Monday, September 2d.
Also All Day Saturday, September
7th, on account of Holiday.
64-inch Mercerized
Table Damask
$1.00 Value, Yard at
Tomorrow we offer this high-grade
64-inch Mercerized Table Damask at a
decided saving. Extra heavy weight
grade, in a variety of pretty and new
designs. For those in need of table
linen this announcement should prove
of great interest.
Goldenberx'a First Floor Eighth St.
A Great Sale of Rugs
Purchased Months Ago, Before the Advance in Price
At Savings of 4 to V3
True to our polcv of looking after the interests of customers, we secured
from Alexander Smit.f& Sons Carpet Company a large quantity of these de
sirable rugs on advantageous terms that will mean substantial savings. These
rugs have been store, in our warehouse and have just been unpacked and
made ready for tomorrow's sale.
All new 1918 fail and winter patterns. .All seamless.
Rugs are advancing daily in price buy now and save.
1 f
Upon a Small Deposit, Rugs Purchased in This Sale Will Be Held for Future Delivery, If Desired.
Group No. 1
Brussels and Velvet Rugs, $22.50
Alexander Smith & Sons' Seamless Velvet and Brussels Rugs, in
large room size, 9x12 feet. In floral, medallion and conventional designs.
Light and dark colorings.
9x12 ft- Size, at $22.50
8 ft. 3x10 ft. 6, at $19.75.
7 ft. 6x9 ft., at $lb50
6x9 ft. Size, at $14.75
Group No. 2
Axminster and Wilton Velvet
Rugs, $34.75
Axminster and Wilton Velvet Rugs. rich, lustrous close pile grades. In
large rcom size, 9x12 feet, made in one piece, with no scams to mar their
beauty. Shown in a wide range of medallion, oriental and floral designs.
Colorings to blend with any color scheme.
9x12 ft. Size, at $34.75 7 ft. 6x9 ft. Size, at $24.75
8 ft. 3x10 ft. 6 Size, at $32.50 6x9 ft. Size, at $19.75
Group No. 3 .
Axminster and Wilton Velvet
Rugs, $42.50
Sxl2 ft Axminster and Wilton Velvet Rugs, Including the very best
fabrics cf Alexander Smith & Sons' Carpet Co.; deep closo pile Axminster
and extra close finish Wilton Velvet Itugs. In colorings usually found only
In the high-cost rugs: choice of floral, medallion and neat figured designs.
9x12 ft. Size, at $420 7 ft. 6x9 ft. Size, at $29.50
8 ft. 3x10 ft. 6 Size, at $39.75 6x9 ft. Size, at $24.75
Group No. 4
Heavy- Weight Brussels Rugs, $26. 75
9x12 ft. Heavy-weight Brussels Rugs, Alexander Smith & Sons, San
ford Carpet Co., and Harford Carpet Co. makes. Shown in 25 of the
prettiest oriental and medallion designs, in the most wanted colorings,
suited for dining room, bedroom and parlor use:
7 ft. 6x9 ft. Size, at $19.75
9x12 ft. Size, at $26.75
8 ft. 3x10 ft. Size, at $24.75v
6x9 ft. Size, at $16.75
35-Inch Colored Taffetas
Yard. . . .
Silks are advancing every day, which makes this special offering df
Colored Taffetas at $1.49 a yard all the more important 35 inches wide;
of heavy-weight and firm-woven texture, with beautiful lustrous finish; in
a complete assortment of wanted street and evening sha'des.
i rJ .
40-Inch Crepe de Chine
Beautifully finished, rich crepy quality, of heavy, fine weave; 40 inches
wide; in all the wanted, street and evening shades. The most sought after
silk for next season's wear. Offered tomorrow at much less than prevailing1
prices another example of this store's underselling.
Goldenbeisa First Floor,
mmalV-Women'sLow Shoes
Up to $5.00
Values at . .
This final markdown of Summer Footwear provides imusual opportuni
ties in desirable shoes our last effort to close out summer stocksseveral'
hundred pairs in tomorrow's sale. Shoes of standard quality, selling in
season as high as 5.00 pair.
The assortment Includes such desirable styles as Prarpa, Oxfords and Strap SllTpars,
with high or low heels. In gray, brown, patent colt and black kid leathers.
Also Included are Women's WhUe Canvas and White Nu-Buck Pumps asd Oxfcrda,
discontinued and broken
but not In every style.
lines. . High or low heels.
Sixes In the lot from 2U to
Gsldeabeia's First Floor
40-!nch Fine Quality '
Georgette Crepe at $1.79 Yard
Extra fine quality Georgette Crepe, a sturdy won grade, so much in
demand for waists, dresses, tie In all the- sought-after .street and evening
shades; also black, white and flesh ,colors. - -
Trlnonlas; tacts, Including Imitation Wet.
torchon, duny and fancy cotton effects; C
desirable widths and patterns.......... Ov
18-Inch SlBc CautiHT-Iace FlogsK-lngs, In
black and cream colors; In a variety of
pretty patterns. Regularly up to rjjr n
11.00 yard , IUC
Goldenac!.' I'Ust Floor.
Imitation Filet Traces, edgings and In
sertions; white and cream colors; neat
designs for trimming purposes. OQ
Widths up to 6 inches -5GC
Valenciennes Iaeea, edgings and Inser
tions: round and square meshes; vari
ous widths and patterns; 12 yards In KtZ
each piece eJcJl
Beantifnl Hain-Coloc
Chiffon Voiles 4Bc
44 Inches Wide, Regularly 69c Yard. -t.i.M. k .
44-inch Plain Color Chiffon Voiles; beatrtifully 'finished quality; made
of the finest selected combed -yams; handsome two-ply grades, in an as
sortment of exquisite evening shades, including delicate pastel tints, as
well as other leading evening and street shades.
36-Inch Pongee Silks, 59c
SS-lneh Pongee Silks, a rich silk and cotton weave, having the appearance of aH-mc
pon,ee. Shown In a complete range of all wanted street asd evening ahartes.
GeIdenbersa -Third Floor..
Men's $1.25 Athletic Union Suits
At 89c
They're the well known Luxedo Athletic Union Suits, a trade-mark
brand men like because of comfort and service-giving qualities. Made of
light-weight plaid madras and fine quality checked nainsook, with closed,
crotch. Extra good values at 89c
Men's Balbriggan Underwear, 39c
Men's 59c Underwear, 45c
Men's Luxedo make Athletic Underwear,
of plaid madras: sleeveless and knee length.
All regular sizes.
Men's $2 Otis Underwear, $1.00
Silk Luster and Mercerized Sea Island
Cotton. In white, pink and blue. Long and
short sleeve shirts, ankle-length drawers,
with reinforced seat.
Goldenberc's First Floor.
Men's Balbriggan Underwear, shirts with,
long or short sleeves, ankle-length drawers,
with reinforced seat. Seconds of the regu
lar Coe values.
Men's Half Hose, 15c
Men's Half Hose, of maco cotton, in black,
white, and plain colors. Seconds of the reg
ular 20c and 25c values.
Notions & Dressmakers' Findings
nook and Eye Tape, superior 19
quality; yard........................ -a-wl.
Dressmakers' Pins, quarter pound IQ.
boxes lt
Snap Fasteners, nickel or black; as- A
sorted sizes; one doz. on card for x'
Chinese Ironing Wax. muslin cov- A
ered. wooden handle; six pieces for..
Men's Collar Bands, cushion backs. (Tp
correct sizes; neatly made Ul
Women's Sanitary Belts, elastic; ip.
strongly made -I-S
Kimono Dress Shields, correctly OlZn
made; usual 00c kinds, pair ''
Wash Cloths, sanitary knitted kind: (Tp
full size; neatly made
Geldrnbeix's First Floor.
Scissors and Shears, assorted sizes and
styles: fine nickeled steel finish; QQ-
Bone Hairpins, imitation tortoise aheU
and amber finish; midget size; one F
dozen in box ...,UC
Ververlast Baby Pins, a convenient and
practical diaper fastening ana stock
ing supporter; set , ,
Children's Sock Garters, good qual- -f f
f silk elastic; neat designs; pair.... JUC
Brooks Machine Cotton, soft finish; (in.
black and whits; two spools for...... DC
Good ojnalltr Sewlag Sine, black and Kn-
.colors OK,
Shoe Trees, strongly made; hard
wood tips; pair
pS5 Muslin Underwear
We bought this ldt of Muslin Underwear under usruily tcratit
conditions and will share the advantage tomorrow with yc . ii ?ev styles,
good quality materials and trimmings are among the impk,r.i faro's of
this sale.
Nainsook IVIghticovrns, square, round and
empire styles, trimmed with dainty val laces.
In new designs. Sleeves also trimmed with
laces. Plain pink crepe nightgowns are
also In the lot offered tomorrow ff-J rn
at ............--..... OXtui
Nainsook Drawers. ruffles of em
broidery and val laces; well made; CQp
all sizes Ut7C
Silk Camisoles, of satin and crepe de
chine, beautiful lace trimmed and hem
stitched styles, with ribbon or lace
shoulder straps. Pink and white.
AH sizes - .
Ptnk Batiste Bloomers, fine quality, with
ruffles of val laces and Insertions. He
enforced and full cut sizes. Regu QQp
lar $13 values .- 70U
Nainsook Corset Covers, trimmed with,
val laces and Insertions in back and
front. Assorted new and neat KQn
styles .............- tl.
Envelope Chemise, cf nainsook and pink
batiste, handsome trimmed and plain tail
ored styles; some with satin bands
and val laces. Large assortment of Q- CQ
new styles ..-. vIXtOU
Goldenbergjs Third Floor.
$ u
- i

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