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CAMP MEADE. MJ Ans. 28. The
thtmplon cooties killer of the army Is
here. He Is Frank Dowd, of Washing'
ton. -who as chemist for a large raanu
factoring concern has worked out
formulae for preparations that hare
made army camps, forts, trenches, and
dugouts unsafe places for all kinds of
insects. Rats, mice, and other "rar
mints" that show such great zeal In
Joining the armed forces are also dis
posed of by Dowd'a solutions.
In the area around Washington
Alone fifty barrels of the drugs are
being used. Three of his solutions
ore widely used in homes and hospi
tals under trade names. Before his
number was called Dowd was in the
Health Department of the District of
Columbia. He is for the present in
the depot brigade, subject to call to
any place where a cootie is seen or
No household, hospital, or hotel
could be more particular than the
army in ilghting all pests, especially
those likely to bring disease. In spite
or every precaution, unwelcome visi
tors do appear in kitchens and In bar'
racks. What Is known as spring
cleaning in towns takes place in camp
once a week. Beds and everything
movable are placed In the sun for
four or five hours, in winter as well
as in summer.
NEW YORK, Aug. 28. A remark
able demonstration Is reported to
have taken place In Berlin when a
report was spread that the military
authorities Intended to raise the mili
tary age limit, says a copyright Am
sterdam report to the New Tork
This started trouble in the poorer
quarters, and particularly in the Boa
bit district, for in this district, which
might be called the tower hamlets, or
Bermondsey, of Berlin, had been cir
culated a report that the older classes
would be released from service.
Reports of the contrary decision
were reeclted with anger and dismay.
Crowds, mostly of women and old
men. assembled in the streets and
noisily discussed the matter. Under
the eyea of the police, however, the
crowds melted away and the people
returned to their homes or went to
the cafes. But at the latter place
pictures of the Kaiser, the crown
prince, Hlndenburg, and Ludendorff
were taken from the walls and
thrown Intq the streets.
For some minutes there was a rain
of pictures of Germany's military
Kreat ones pouring from Berlin's
private and public house Out of
doors the people gave vent to their
feelings ty trampling- the pictures
underfoot. Some who had lingered
rather too long at this business were
Arrested. For an hour street clean
ers were busy sweeping up the tat
ters of thousands of the gaudy litho
graphs, a spectacle which was en
Joyed by onlookers from many a
window in Berlin.
FLORENCE, Italy. Aug. 2a Au
thorities have seized the villa of the
German baroness. Cla KemarowskL
It will be transformed into a home
for children.
Girls! Make bleaching lotion
if skin is sunburned,
tanned or freckled
Men of Means Scrub
Decks at $1 Per Day
In Merchant Marine
War is serving to make all men
literally equal. Nowhere is this
more strikingly demonstrated
than in the merchant marine,
where men of means are scrub
bing decks at $1 a day.
A bank president, Lansing Wil
cox, of Great Harrington, Mass.,
in an assistant paymaster; Harry
Rulten, known as Harry Murray,
a $500-a-week vaudeville per
former, Is swabbing decks and
chipping paint; R. C. Watson,
Richardson, Tex., farmer and
wealthy man, is a mess waiter;
Albert L. Bannister, son of a
Massachusetts mill oner, is in
the steward's department.
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons
into a Dotue containing three
ounces of Orchard White, shake
well, and you have a quarter pint
of the best' freckle, sunburn, and
tan lotion, and ccmplexion beautl-
fler. at very, very small cost.
Tour grocer na the lemons and
any arug store or toilet counter
will supply three ounces of Orchard
White for a few cents. Massape
this sweetly fragrant lotion Into
the face, neck, arms, and hands
each day and see how freckles.
sunburn, windburn. and tan disap
pear ana now clear, sort ana white
the skin becomes. Tes! It is
No longer will it be necessary to oper
ate on the throat of the poor army
mule, as the French veterinarians
are eaid to do, to prevent the resound
ing he-haws by which the beast
wakes the echoes, arousing the
Humphreys engineers from their toil
weary slumbers. After many experi
ments with gas masks, feed bags, and
the like. Stable Serst. Dave Traugott.
of Company F, Fourth Regiment, who
back In Pennsylvania had great op
portunities for studying the char
acteristics of the mule, has discovered
a much simpler method.
A little bag of sand attached at
night to the tail of the mule. Sergeant
Traugott discovered, worked the trick.
Accordingly each night the bags are
attached to the tails of all the mules
In the stable and Traugott and his
comrades get their sleep undisturbed
by the blatant brays of their charges.
The doughty sergeant's knowledge is
the result of deep study and much re
search, gleaned from close association
with the animal. According to Trau
gott, in order to bray successfully snd
with wonted harmony, a mule must
stretch his neck and elevate its caudal
appendage to a horizontal position at
right angles to the vertebrae. Denied
this privilege by the weight of a
small rock or sack of sand, the beast
id absolutely unable to bray.
CAMP MEADE. Md Aug. 35 Na
than Kaufman, of the Twenty-second
company, depot- brigade, is jtrobafely tne
rnly soldier In Cmg jMc&de ho has
come all the way.xron Geruianyo take
part In thevjon-pffainst German. He
was a Russian student In a technical
school, and atterthe Russian ambassa
dor told him. Tie had to stay in Germany
ue mrnea ro nis own wils ana ro&nagea
to get to Denmark. In Copenhagen he
was arrested as a Russian spy and was
put to work as a war prisoner. He
worked his way on a Danish steamer to
Stockholm and then got back to his
home In Russia.
Getting In the Russian army, he was
about to get a taste of real war when he
was weighed In the scales and found
wanting Weighing only 100 pounds, he
was picked to be a bugler and sent to
a school to learn music In the school
he was Anally rejected on account of
his frail health.
His sister then gave him money for
a trip to Japan, and fxom Japan he
worked his way to the United States
Here he tried to enlist in the Jewish
Legion of the British army, but wal
rejected. He wi turned down by the
United States army and United States
navy, but was finally drafted in
Philadelphia. After many tests here
Kaufman has been ordered on full
duty. Indicating that he has all
strength necessary for drilling and
fighting. He is anxious to fight his
way back to Germany and thus com
plete his tour of the globe.
Strands of Gray Hair
May Be Removed
Strands of gray hair are unattrac
tive and very unnecessary and accel
erate the appearance of approaching
age. Why not remove all traces of
gray In the hair and possess an even
shade of beautiful dark hair in boun
teous quantities by tbe use of "La
Creole" Hair Dressing' Used by thou
sands of people every day every
where with perfect satisfaction No
one need be annoyed with gray hair
hair streaked with gray, diseased
scalp or dandruff when offered such a
S reparation as "La Creole" Hair
iressing. Apply It freely to scalp
and hair, rubbing It in well, and after
a few applications you will be de
llghtfully surprised with the results.
for gray or faded hair and retain the
appearance of jouth. Used by gentle
men In every walk of life to restore
rM even dark color to their gray hair,
beard, or mustache For sale by
O'Donnell's Drug Stores. People'
Drug Stores, and all good drug stores
BALTTMORE, Aug. 26. The city
postmortem physician will perform
an autopsy today on the body of
George H. Ruth, forty-two years old.
father of "Babe" Ruth, all-around
star of the Boston Red Sox, who was
killed late Saturday night during a
fist fight with Benjamin Sines, thirty
years old. a city fireman and brother-in-law
of the elder Ruth
Pending the result of the autopsy
the action of the coroner's Jury, Slpes
is held at the western district police
station charged with the killing of
Ruth. Slper claims self-defense,
averring that Ruth struck him twice
without provocation. The trouble oc
curred outside of a saloon owned by
the dead man. Ruth, when struck.
was standing on the curb, and the
blow caused him to lose his balance,
crashing violently on his head In the
street. He never regained conscious
ness. Nothing had been heard from "Babe'
Ruth, early today, but It Is expected
he will be here to attend his father's
funeral and this may Interfere with
Ruth finishing out the season with
the Red Sox Ills father' j death may
also prevent Ruth playing In the
world's series, should the Red Sox
win tbe American League pennant.
LONDON, Aug 28. A Russian
prince who recently arrived In Eng
land states that shortly after the
Czar was killed by the Bolshevlkl they
assassinated his son, age thirteen
years When the murderers of the
Czar went to the Czarevitch they said
We killed nur father. It was a
dog's death for a doe."
" -. ..- W -!- 1 t..j1
This Store Closed All Day
Saturday and Monday
It some one can explain the
how and why of NICKNAMES,
we would like to hear from
There is "Skinny," who
weighs a ton; "Fatty," thin as
a rail; "Happy," who never
smiles unless some one gets
hurt, etc
Only thing we have been able
to figure out is that nicknames
just happen. Sometimes they
reflect a human trait; other
times they show a lack of
something or other.
For almost a year we've been
trying to figure out a name for
our boys over there. First it
was "Sammies," but THEY
didnt like it, so we dropped
that one. Now it's YANKS
a typical American name and
one which we believe will stick, t
It's short, easy to say and
forceful. What more could be
Millinery of the Better Kind
$10 to $45
Perchance you'll like a chic little turban or one of -the
new "tarn" effects; possibly you had rather have one of the
wider-brimmed affairs daintily embroidered whatever your
desire, you are sure to find it here because, our early fall dis
' plays include trie newest modes approved by fashion and
feature the latest "effects in shape, in trimming, and in color.
' Twpuld bejpnpossible to describe enough models to give
you 'an acleguate idea "of our exhibits.
A visit will prove hnore pleasurable.
Prices, $10 to $45
Second Floor Xannburgh A Bro.
Great Enthusiasm In the Buying
Of These Rich, -NeW Fall Coats
Women are coming to realize that these"ganftents cannot be duplicated at -prices as Jow as
ours when we reorder. ""
We might say for your information that wholesale prices are io to
20 per cent higher NOW than they were when we bought several 'months
Pom Pom Silvertone
' ' ' I
- k -
A Corner of Our Sun
Porch for Employees
A loggia or sun-parlor on the sixth floor.-where comfortaljlti-:
chairs await our salespeople during the noon hour or anyilnie
they desire a quiet rest in tHe open air. ;
A Grafonola furnishes music for those who wish-fe-daacet---
Then immediately back of this is an Indoor rest room also
filled with rockers, chairs, tables, etc, for our employees-. ,,' '
, Just one of many things we do for our business associates, '.
If .you would like ta join our force see Mr. Hart
Regular $3.00 40-Inch
All Silk Crepe Meteor;. Yd.
Beautiful and lustrous" and "Very soft sad rich in texture, .
Its colors are as follows: Porcelain, Yale blue. Delft blue, x
silver ray, smoke gray, taupe, mole, trench brown, Ssyrtle,
wisteria, phnn.'egg plant, peacock, white, black, sapphire,
navy, and midnight-
Coats that are trimmed with fur or self trimmed. Beautiful coats'' de
picting the most authoritative styles for the coming season.
Hundreds of Coats, $19.95 to $195.00
The models art so. "varied that women of every taste can find what
they want, priced according to what they can afford to pay
36-in. New Fall Plaid
Beautiful .multi-colored safer plaida
in rich colorings and.aH new and'ex-
elusive designs. For new fall dresses,
Ictrts, etc , ,
Third Floor, nsborgh Kr
40-in. Figured Pussy
Willow, Yard, $400
.We are sbowiBfctfee new fill Jx.
anesquer pusy wflknra 'ta rich tsefe-
en stripes, jlaija
floral dwiigngr
We Are Exclusive Agents For
Lady Duff Gordon, Inc.
Costumes and Dresses
Distinctive Styles
Second Floor Lansburgh i Bro
9x12 Fine Worsted Wilton Rugs
Made For One of New York's Leading Stores
by one of America's largest mills. The New York store
couldn't take care of these rugs in their warehouse, so we were
able to purchase the entire shipment at a great reduction from
the real marked price. At today's value, these, rugs are worth
$125.00. Our regular price will be $100.00. All are finished
with linen fringe. The designs are true reproductions handmade Oriental rugs woven
of fine worsted yarns in an assortment of pleasing color combinations.
Wilton Velvet and Axminster
9x12 Seamless Brussels Rugs.
Today's Value $40, at $29.75
The land of rujt that is especially suitable for a room
in which it pets a lot of usage, such as offices, living
rooms, etc In blue and tan or creen and tan all-over
effects. A closely woven rug.
Hugs, 9x12 Foot, $49.75
Stephen Sanford Seamless Axminster Rues Un new
oriental designs and colorings. A closely woven rug
with deep rich pile. Also closely woven Wilton Velvet
Bugs in- neat all-over or medallion effects.
FaU 4Dress Jjbbds
Already our Shelves axe Veil
stocked wth the first shipments
of woolen dressgoods. This,
is possible only because' we
placed our orders months ago.
Salt's Black
Plush, $5.98
Silk face Salfs black '"plush, 60'
inches wide. For mtrffs; .stoles,',
capes, throws, and coats. tC '06
Special at :.. O.VO
Black Broadcloth,
Twilled back silky face black
broadcloth; splendid for
tailored suits and capes. 9 QQ
Spedal at QCimVO
$1.00 54-inch
Shepherd Checks,
An entire skirt length of this
extra wide shepherd check. 2M
yarcV will cost you only $1.98.
Full ti niches wide. A suit, dress,
or coat at small cost.
Third Floor Lanaburgh & Bro.
vv -Ki
i IT Tt-
V unc
Youre Been
Looking For
Envelope chemises of fin
Tiainsookr voile or flesh batiste
with dainty colored stiteEinj as
trimming. Finished with lace
and ribbon, Spe- ifl AA '
dal at 9JUUU
Combinations of flesh, voile,
in drawer models with hand
embroidered yokes with ribbon
stripes over shonl- tf" Qt
der. Special at... $1JD
Combinations made of good
cjuality nainsook in skirt and
drawer models embroidery and
lace trimmed. At fT Qg
$1.25, $L50, and.... i?lV0
Corset covers made of gcd
Duality nainsook, embroidery
and lace trimmed. Spe- CQn
cial at DuC
Night robes of fine voile or
crepe in flesh or white trim
med with dainty colored stitch
ing. Some in floral
effects. At $1.50, (OOP
$L95and $9
Third floor LansburRh & Bro.
A Sale of Regular 50c
White Imported Batiste, Yd.
A very special fine grade with permanent silk fin
ish for waists, dresses and lingerie garments. Only a
limited quantity. Comes 40 inches wide.
New Lace Curtains, Pair
According to Today's Value, Worth $4 Pair
Fine Scotch laces- in reproductions of the real handmade laces, A choice of white, cream or
2J4 to 3 yards long mercerized marquisette curtams linlslied wllh Unenlzed Hencel lace edge
A serviceable and attractive curtain for any room.
ecru. 2y2 to
and insertion.
Mercerized Armnre Portieres, $5.95 Pair
In blue and sreen color only. Made of jjood quality
mercerized armure. in neat all-over designs and fin
ished with braid -edRe. 2 yards long and 47 Inches
Fiber Silk Portieres at $10.49 Fair
Odd lots in brown, green, blue or cold and finished
with braided ede. Made of fiber silk and cotton warp.
The most attractive portiere made.
I'ourth Floor. I-ansburch i. Uro.
New Kapock Snnfast Draperies, $2.98 Yard
45 to 50-inch wide In blue, rose, preen er red color
ings, made of fiber silk in neat self-woven designs. For
draperies in reception or living rooms.
New Fall Cretonnes at 49c Yard
Our finest selection of lower priced cretonnes.
A good heavy quality in novelty, floral and tap
estry effects. ToJay's value is 75c.
A Sale of Flannels
A special sale of white flannels suitable for all uses for he
coming cold weather. White cotton shaker flannel 28 inches
wide in a nice, &ie, soft quality. Four different weight cspeciai-y
adapted for Infants garments and women's night robe . etc
At 30c, 35c, 40c and 50c
Inf ants' White
Flannel, 50c, 60c,
65c to $1.50 Yard
A superior flna grade with Just
enough cotton to mako it wash
perfectly. yard wide.
First Floor, Lansbursh & Bro.
Best Outing
At 40c Yard
A full line ef the M wi'hjr
flannel for skirts, shim, i ajamaa
etc. Special, at 40c
Store Hours: Open 9:15 A. M.; Close 6 P. 31.
ffa , WEsm
420-430 Seventh St'. Throash io Eighth St.
SSSS HSSl he VurstTn'to

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