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Two hundred battle-scarred eterans,
many of them Just recovered from
wounds, hae arrived at Humphrejs
to speed up the training of the fight
ing engineer units here
These men, 110 of whom are com
missioned and the rest high-ranking
non-coms, hae alread been assigned
to commands at this camp, each regl
ment drawing a large quota
All of them were members of the
American expeditionary force, and
come to Humphreys direct from the
western front. Nearly all of the men
near two gold stripes. Indicating a
lia Kn T(mfrif1ri nnit h,nr t!ii
wound stripes in recognition of their
sacrifices for America i
Tjje fort) -two non-commissioned
officers arc attached to the bixth
r.eglment, the X. C.0. School Ilegi
ment. for quarters and rations. They
wilt all in turn be granted furloughs
of rvarying length ' to visit their
homes, and then will return to
Humphreys as Instrutcors for the
Sixth Regiment.
TeU of Fighting.
Tbty bring hack to the mess halls
and barracks of Humphrejs iId
descriptions of the scenes on the battle-Swept
fields of France Some or
them were in the midst of the second
battle of the Marnc. Their regiments
wer In the fight sedily from July IS
to July 25. and drove the Germans
back a little oer twelve miles, at
which stage of the game other en
gineer divisions and engineer troops
came In and took their places and
kept the Germans moving In the gen
eral direction of Berlin, while the
troops that were relieved followed,
ready to Jump in again , when the
other outfits got tired.
ight and day the) fought at one
moment cordurojlng the muddy road-.
which led through the -woods, and
thenext grabbing their rifles to beat
orttan enemy counter attack.
Practically all of the territory oer
whfch the engineers fought at the
second battle of the Marne has been
rained by shell-craters and trenches
Pof.dajs after .the fighting the coun
trjy hereabouts was strewn with dead
ana. mangled bodies, and bodies of
horjees, wrecks of wagons, cannon and
equipment of every kind The beau
tiful landscape and forests have been
swtpl by artillery and machine gim
flrrfj until nothing Is left but stumps
and wreckage, -grain fields trampled
Into dust, the earth pitted with huge
feheil holes, some forty feet across
ana; twenty feet deep.
rl Dead t Burled
Often the dead are not buried for
fevyral dajs. When the engineers
w'cfe not busy on road vork as ln
farjlry, they were kept bus) burjl"S
the dead men and animals. One bat
talion buried thirty horses) of which
nine lay within seventy-five vards of
cih other. None of these men who
haro been through this hell will be
norry when the war Is over, but they
have the spirit or true soldiers and
hajje no desire to remain In this coirn
trjs even temporarily, until it Is all
over and Germany well licked.
Engineer units, and in fact, the
wijple army, needs more troops. Thej
liaje been hoping to be able to push
the Germans over the Rhine this win
tefj but are afraid they won't have
enough men to do that until spring.
ANNAPOLIS, lid, Sept. S Dragged
or; kicked by a, vicious horse. Miss
Sophie S. Sellman, daughter of the
lata John Henry Sellman, collector
of internal revenue for Maryland, met
he death j esterday evening on her
nojne piace near .uaviusonwue. mis
Driving in a buggy with her sister,
litis Lucinda bellman, she had just
returned to her home The two un
hitched the horse, and Miss Sophie
Sell man started to take him to the
pasture. It was noticed that she wrap
ped the halter around her forearm
toas to hold the horse better. Her
ristr entered the house, and became
alarmed when Miss Sophie did not
Going to the pasture, she found
her. her neck being broken and her
he4 crusnee.
G. A. Tomhnson today was named
director of the division of Inland wa
teSnravs of the United States Railroad
Administration The new division
will be on an equal plane with the
othir principal divisions of the Iiall
nii Administration
jTomlinson Is now Federal manager
oft the New ork and New Jerse)
cabals. His sucrescor in that capac
ity .will be named next week
Simultaneously Mr McAdoo thank
ed' the members of the Inland water
ways committee, appointed in Febru
ary and dUsolv cd the body
IPresIdent Wilson was urged at the
TVblte House yesterday by a delega
tion of Georgia men to give his sup
port to the projected barge canal
froip St. Marks, on the gulf coast of
Florida, to St Marys. Ga. Movement
of-doa) from the Illinois and Alabama
t (Kids t'o- tidewater would be greatly
expedited If such a canal were con
structed, the President was told.
Tlalf-mile dry zones enforced
msnlclpal authorities will be required
fat the present by the War Depart
ment for the protection of educational
Institutions with army -training units.
A jf central plan for keeping saloons
rnd. disorderly houses from the neigh
borhood of the schools Is being work
ed! but. but so far the order acainst
'caTjons withjn five miles of an army I
The Government Asks Everybody to
Save Peach Stones
As They Are Urgently Needed inthe Making of Gas Masks
Housekeepers, restaurants, hotels, canneries and all who use peaches are
asked by the Government to Pave Peach Stones, dry them and. bring them to this
store, which has been directly requested by the Gas Defense Division, Chemical
Warfare Service, U. S. Army, to become a "Peach Pit Depository."
Don't throw ANY peach stones away each one counts save them all.
"Peach rit Depository" Just Inalde 3Inln Seventh Street Entrance.
Summer Store Hours : 9:15 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Women's $6.00 and $7.00 Low
Shoes Reduced to $4.69 pair
Sharply reduced prices now rule on the balance of our regular stock of
women's summer footwear, ttt S4.60 choice of Oxfords and Pumps, In a.11 this
season's smartest shapes, comprising gray, brown, patent colt, tan calf and
black kid leathers.
Welted and turn soles, high or low heels. All sizes In the assortment, from
24 to 7. -
Autumn Apparel Needs Featured Tomorrow-'fnZZnfofHom
The New Fall Merchandise to the Front Tomorrow Extensive Displays of Women's Suits, Coats, Millinery, Footwear, Children's School Clothes,
Men's and Boys' Suits, Men's Hats and Furnishings, Dress Accessories, Etc., Offered at Attractively Low Prices
A Brilliant Showing of
at $7.50, $10 & $12
Featuring for Tomorrow New Arrival in Beautiful
Trimmed Hats for Street and Dress Wear
Old customers need no introduction to Goldenberg millinery,
and newcomers among the Nation's war workers have only to
come and view the new Autumn modes now on display to learn of
the style supremacy enjoyed by this store in all millinery mat-
A splendid collection of charming styles in Trimmed Hats
has been assembled with the usual Goldenberg care and dis
crimination modes that, launch the season's favored shapes and
materials, in a wide variety of ne colorings to match the new
suits and frocks.
Hundreds of high-class Trimmed Hats are here for your
choosing from New York's foremost designers and clever
adaptations from our own artist-milliners. There are lovely
stvles for young girls and women large hats with graceful soft
lines, and smart small hats in shapes that arc chic and different.
Carefully selected assortments priced at $7.50, $10.00 and $12.00.
"Wonder Values' in Trimmed Hats
at $5.00 and $5.98
A special section is devoted to the display of these popular
, lines of Trimmed Hats, which are shown in an immense variety
of styles, colors and shapes, including large and small hats, in
black and the leading colors and combinations. Until you learn
the prices you would not believe it possible to buy such hats
for such little money.
Goldenbers;' Second Floor,
Special Offerings in
Toilet Needs
Pond'ff Vanishing; Cream, Hf.
or cold cream, tube It
Java nix Face Ponder, all OQn
tints, box OiC
Babeock'a 3ew Butterfly Talcum
Powder, finest quality; with fra
grant and refreshing scent, OC
Kirk's' "illy " if" "the "va'uey Toilet
Soap, three cakes "1 Op
Yini'lams' Talents Powder, ir
all odors, can J tit
Madam Cavalier Vanishing 1Cf
Cream. Jar Jul
Prbeo Tooth Paste,. ?Qf
tube . Ot1
Ttlek'n Day Hum, alrge rlass
stoppered ttfe
bottle . . tJll
Cnndo Silver PolUb, Tip
Goldenberg- First Floor.
Clever Conceits in
New Fall Neckwear
Bengnllne Collars, in flat or Tux
edo shapes, plain or new fringe
trimmed effects, to be worn with
the new fall dresses or suits. Priced
50c, $1,00 and Up to $1.75
Georgette Crepe Collar. In square
back, round and surplice shape;
dainty embroidered stvles, also
some trimmed with fine laces.
Priced at
59c, $1.00, and Up to $1.75
nt Satin Stripe Poplin Collars,
In Tuxedo or surplice ibape. In
white, tan, gray and new blue.
Priced at
$1.00 and $1.50
Goldenberr'a First Floor.
Advance Showing of
New Fall Dresses
Moderately Priced for Early
$16.50 to $45.00
Nowhere in Washington will you find a more com
plete stock, a better assortment, prettier styles or finer
materials than we are prepared to show tomorrow in
New Fall Drejses and Frocks. From the less expen
sive garments to the higher priced models you will find
the same careful workmanship, the same attention to
details, of trimmings and styles, as you would expect
in dresses costing twice as much. Pay our dress sec
tion a visit tomorrow and acquaint yourself with the
authentic styles .for fall and winter, 1918-1919, and
at prices much lower than elsewhere. Featured for
tomorrow are charming dresses of
Charmeuse French Serge
Chiffon Twills Chiffon Taffeta
Satin Georgette Crepe
Wool Jersey Men's Wear Serge
Colors of Navy, Black, Burgundy, Taupe, Brown,
Green, and Khaki.
In 50 New J?
Fall &'
b -'
f A ItsiH
11 ( CJHA
nim r Tlirft iaiiiiiiiMMiim Sf
m WJ
Women's Pure Silk
. Hosiery
Very Special at
Because of very slight irregularities in the weave, we
were abje to obtain this lot of silk stockings to sell underprice
the perfect quality Sells regularly at SI. 75 a pair today.
Full fashioned, pure-thread silk hosiery, in regular and extra
sizes, cf good heavy, serviceable quality, in black and white.
Get a supply tomorrow at this special price $1.25 a pair.
Women's Thread Silk and Fiber Hose, full fashioned and seam
less foot, double sole and toe, high spliced heel; in black
white, tap, gray, navy and cordovan; slight irregular QC,
weaves '' C
Women's Cotton Hose, correct weight for fall wear, in black
and white; full fashioned foot, good clastic quality; all CQ
Boys' and Girls' School Stockings
With the price of Stockings steadily advancing it will be a
wise plan for mothers to buy now from our complete stocks.
Bojs School Stockings the well-known "Honor-Knit" brand, the
kind especially knit to give lasting service; made with reinforced
knee; heavy ribbed quality.
Sizes G to 8, at ."Oc.
Sizes 8Vz to 11, at 60c.
Misses' and Children's Stockings, of lisle and cotton; double
sole, heel and toe; in black, white, dark tan and tan; specially
priced according to sizes.
Small sizes up to IVz, at 35c and 39c
Larger sizes, at 45c
Coldrnlirrg'i First Floor.
Advance Sale of Women's and
Misses' Fall-Winter Coats
at Substantial Savings From Prices That Will Prevail Later
August Sale Price, $29.75
Next Winter's Price, $37.30
From present Indications wool velour will be the most popular coating material
for the coming ea-on For durability, for warmth and for "tlc. It Is difficult to
equal. Choice of scleral verr pretty models in nw beltd, tailnred, and shirred ef
fects. Some with collars of seal pluxh or beavr plush, others viltu velvet trimmings.
Colors of navy blue, green, brown, llurgund), taupe and black.
All sizes for misses and women.
Seal Plush Coats
August Sale Price, $23.50
Tint Winter's rrlcc. 80.
Lutroui pile qualit, -17 inches long
deep border, large collar and deep cuff' of
fashionable mole plush. All arojnd belt, nn
ishod with plush buckles Lined t'irousiiuut.
All alrei from 10 to 44
SlUrrtone and Bolivia Coats, two of
the reason's most favored materials, fully
guaxanteed, smart belted models. 48 Inches
long, new itle collars and pockets. Lining
guaranteed for ono ear's w ear. Colors of
Amethyst, Ilrown. Burgundy and !reen.
Sizes 10 to 40. Next winter's price, Ol O Kfl
$52 50. Sale price Ofi.OJ
5alt'a 1'rro Plaab Coat, superior qual
ity, verv full shirred model, 4S Inches long,
large sailor shawl collar and deep curf
Sol satin lined All ilzrs for mlHe and
women. N'cvt winter's price, (POST Art
$42.50 S.ile price OaO.Ul?
Salt'M riuxh t"oat, beautiful tailored
models, new novelty collars and pockets,
smart belted effects; extra full model; lin
ing guaranteed. Sizes 18 to 4C
Next winter's price, $52 00. Sale (flff flft
price Or&U.XJiJ
Goldenberg Srrond Floor.
Heavy Goth Coats
"August Sale Price, $24.93
Xcxt Yt Inter's Price, S29.75.
A very special offering of 50 of those
smart coits for women and misses; fashion
ed of good quallt) military oating. In Ox
ford and brown 4S Inches long, full belteJ
model with nov stjle packets and large
cape effect seal plush collar.
All sizes from 1G to 40.
nroadclolh Kersey Coat, a new coating
for this fall, a chiffon broadcloth kersey,
very warm. et fairly light weight. Chl5
4S-lnch models with shawl collar of ocavtr
plush; slashed pockets, button trimmed. Col
ors of Navy Clue, Deerskin. Green, ilur-
gundy. and llect Root. Sizes 30 to 4d Nt-vt
winters price, ,'53 011 Sale
price ,
Trimmed Cloth ContK, high-rlas gar
ments of American Velour. Chamois Wloiir,
Botany Kersey, with either fur or seal and
beaver plush trimmings. Strikingly smart
models, excellently tailored. Guaranteed
linings of satin or Sol satin. Colors of
Taupe, Navy Blue, Reindeer, Brown, Jrecn,
iVKIn and UlacK sizes lli to 4G. Next
winter a price, $59 50. Sale
Men's and Young Men's $25 and $27.50
Suits in a Remarkable Clearing Sale
Tomorrow at ). o0
Despite war conditions, risinsr prices, and scarcity of woolens,
ve shall follow our usual rule of clearing out all garments at the
end of the season a store policy that means extraordinary savings
for the man wise enough to look into the future and provide for
next season's clothing needs now. Such values should make a
strong appeal, particularly when garments of our high standard of
quality arc offered at far below their regular price. Many of the
suits are suitable in weight for year-around wear.
Practically every good style for men and oung men repre
sented comprising fine quality, serviceable fabrics that will give
splendid wear, in numerous patterns and colorings, including dark
mixtures, stripes, gray checks, and novelties.
Announcing the Arrival of Our New Fall Lines of
'Sincerity" Brand Clothes for Men
and Young Men
Wc are Washington agents for this famed brand of clothing,
recognized as the highest standard in quality, tailoring and style. Your
inspection invited to the new Fall-Winttr styles in "Sincerity" Brand
Suits and Overcoats; particularly designed for men and yonng men of
critical taste in dress. Prices, $27.50 to $45.00.
Mens $2.98 Trousers, $2.19
Men's Separate Trousers, in splendid patterns; good quality cloths;
pin striped effects; v.cll tailored; sizes 32 to 42.
Men's $2.79 Khaki Pants, $1.95
Men's Khaki Pants, made of the better grade material, with double
stitched seams, wide belt loops and cuffed bottoms; sizes 32 to 42.
Goldenbrrg'a I'lrst rioor.
Girls' School
Up to the Minute in Style, Dependable in
Quality and Moderate in Price
Here is a specially prepared list of wearables which will
aid you in outfitting the girls for school a presentation of
brand new fall styles in dresses and other apparel at prices,
sure to appeal to thrifty parents:
Girls' fw VniT niue "Serge
llrrun, Failur model, trimmed with
wlilto or red braid. Ilnished with
black r r.d tu-s Pull pl.-it A
skirts, with loose Dclt
bizes 0 to 14 j cars.
. S5.98
Jirtr Sense Middy Sklrtx good
quality navy blue serge, lull
plaited and with deep hems.
White waists attached, QQ fJC
fcizes C to 12 j ears OOiU'l
Girl's .rw Middle, of white
I.onsdale Jpan, blue flannel collar,
white brail trimmed, will made
and finished; t-izes G
to IS years
Girls Veir Khaki Middles, rood
quality material, whl'e braid trim
med, finished with later und iwo
pockets: sizes 10 to lb QO QQ
jears OiiTO
I.lttle Girls' rveir 1'rorka, beau
tiful material, with pink, blue or
white rnllar, pockets and niffs.
full skirts and high w tints,
sizes 2 to C (JO 4Q
ears Ou,-a
-Third Floor
Mlsaes All-itoul aty niue Serge
Vllddr .skirl,., full plaitid .stl.-.
with loose b'ltsi siz. a 14 j(r QQ
and 10 learn Ou.tJ
I.lttle Girls' rw Gingham
Dreatcs pntt plaids and strloi-s,
full skirts with pockets; shurt
walstcd models, sizes 2 to (J-f Cf
C years DJL VU
Girl' Fan Sweater, pkiln oae.
In Hose. Cunenhagen and Khaki.
Boll cullars. cuffs belt and pack
ets, sized to JJ
j cars
Mls.se' Tnll Sweaters, jtyllsh
models, with sailor cqllars, cuffs,
1iimp bi Its and pockets. Assort
cd colors, nil Qr" QQ
sizes tSO.UO
l.ttllr Tot' Sirenler. ell wool. In
rtose and Turquoiso; j,tjlish trim
mings, snnor collars,
pucket and belt...
Infants' All-wool Suenter all
white, also pink and blue rim
med, large variety of desirable
stjles. 1'rlicd at SI OS
to til
Splendidly Ready to Meet the Demand
of Washington Parents for
Sturdy School Clothes
With the opening of school not far away,
mothers should bring- their boys here to be out
fitted from our complete stock of dependable
school clothing. Early buying has kept prices
down to as ncarv former levels as possible, and
you can count upon securing in our bos'
cfothing the best values obtainable.
Boys' Navy Blue Suits, $11.98
Boys' Navy BIuePurc Worsted Serge Norfolk
Suits, with full lined knickerbockcr pants; slash
pocket, loose belted coats. Sizes 7 to 17 years.
Boys' School Suits, $7.98
Boys' School Suits, of mixed cassimerc, dark
patterns, in fall or winter weight; made in the mili
tary form fitting and plain Norfolk models, with
slash pockets and loose belts; full cut knickerbocker
pants, lined throughout with silesia; in gray, tan,
and olive mixtures. Sizes 7 to 17 years.
Boys' Dress Suits, $12.75
. Boys' Dress Suits, dark
smooth finished cassimere, in
broken and overlaid plaids, two
tone arid combination patterns,
in brown, olive, light and Oxford
grays and other mixtures; fall
and winter weight; full-cut gar
ments, with best grade inner lin
ings and findings; sizes 7 to IS
Boys' Golf Caps, 50c
Boys' heavy weight dark Fan
cv Cassimere and Tweed Golf
Caps; full shape and strap
seams; sizes 6 to 7 head
Boys' Shirts, 85c
Boys' Madras and Chambray
Laundered Shirts, neckband style,
in sizes 12 to 14; plain white
only, in various patterns. The
celebrated "Mother's 'Friend"
Boys' Collars, 2 for 25c
Bovs' Laundered Collars, all
turndown shapes, in the well
known Century Brand. Sics 12
to 14 neck measure.
Boys' $3.00 Corduroy
Pants, $2.25
Boys' heavy weight narrow
ribbed Corduroy Knickerbocker
Tants, dark mode shades; all
beams taped to prevent ripping.
Sizes 7 to 17 years.
Boys' Norfolk Suits, $9.98
Boys' Gray and Tan Pepper
and Salt Suits, with two pairs of
knickerbocker pants; good heavy
weight materials, full of s5rvice
for school, rough and outdoor
wear; both pair of pants full
lined and taped; sizes 7 to 17
Goldenberg'a Third Floor.
Children's School Shoes
See that the joungsters are supplied with comfortable
long-wearing shoes for school das. Select from our large
assortment of shoes that fit growing feetT experiepced sales
people here to see that your boy and girl get the riglit size
and width. These are recommended for comfort and style.
Growing Girls Shoes, of patent colt, brown feathers; button
and lace styles; sizes 2"ri to 7. Priced at
$3.50 to $8.00
Misses Shoes, of patent colt, dull Russian calf and black kid
leathers; button and lace styles; sizes ll1; to 2. Priced at
$2.50 to $5.00
Children's Shoes, of patent colt, dull Russian calf and black kid
leathers. .
Sizes C to S, at S1.75 to $3 C9
Sizes 82 to 11, at $2.00 to 51.00
j Boys' Shoes, of tan and dull leathers; lace and button styles;
sizes 1 to 5. Priced at
$2.50 to $6.00
Little Boys Shoes of patent colt, tan and dull leathers; lace and
btitton stjles; sizes 10 to lSVs. Priced at
$2.25 to $4.00
Golilrnhrrg'i first rioor.

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