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. AT
TVIth the American troops landed
at Archangel to bark up allied ma
tIa.cs and United States sailors al
JJfdy In that region, it was held here
toaay that the proposed KolsheWkl
thrust in the north will be futile.
Germany has done her utmost to
tlr tho Bolshevik! to make a drive
in. northern Russia, even netting a
trftfty. provldiiiK for sueh an effort.
JB-4.hc other hand, there have been
Indications that the allies experted to
forestall such a movement by taking
tie Initiative and moving southward.
The number or nature of the new
troops is not revealed, but it Is as
sumed that they came from English
or French camps and are well sea
soned. Tress dispatches indicate that
they are. from the northern tier of
States, and that many of them can
apeak Russian, thus combining the
military with the propaganda offen
sive. Unofficial reports that the Bol
ahevlkl had seized Consul Poole, of
Moscow, came as no surprise here.
Poole has been staying bravely on
at Moscow as moral support for his
detained allied colleagues.
Looting Itoiala.
'fcermany has Jaunchcd a well
Vlanned campaign to strip Russia of
ajf obtainable loot before she is com
pelled to retreat to ner own frontiers
by the entente military pressure on
the west front and in the east, diplo
mats here declare.
The German scheme in Russia has
aifddenly changed with the unexpect
ed reversal of Teuton military for
tunes. It Is asserted, and -.henceforth
her policy to the east will be marked
qtly by the speed and facility with
which everything of 'value Is pried
loose from the various Russlan fac
tions and nationalities and carted off
ti' Berlin.
f The German Aim.
The Initial payment of the Russian
wfif- Indemnity in the face of strong
opposition among Germans who stead
fastly contended that the outrageous
Indemnity would wreck all hopes of
permanent relations between Russia
and Germany, is held to point strik
ingly to tho evident German aim.
The recently negotiated supple
ments to the Brest-Lltovsk peace and
Ue readjustment of the German ad
ministration of Poland, the Baltic and
athcr invaded Russian provinces, the
Jatter step announced in neutral
cables to entente embassies today, are
heW to be strictly in line with the
proposed robbery.
ormaI request for recognition of
the southern Slavs now "under Austro
Hungarlan rule Is soon to be madu
to the United States, it was learned
today. Secretary of State Lansing re
cently sounded informally on the pro
posal, has asked Jugo-SIav represen
tatives here to state their case in de
tail They will ask recognition of the
Juo-Slav committee in London as the
de facto government of over 6.000,000
Slavs in Austria-Hungary, it was
learned authoritatively. They will
asfeo ask diplomatic status for the
Jugo-SIav goernment as the legel
representative of these people In the
Tfnlted States with the right to ap
point ministers and consular agents.
,, AS the first step In granting thl
recognition, if Is expected that those
rf the 750,000 Fouthem Slavs In the
United states who register for the
new draft today will not be requlr 1
XOt designate themselves as subjet of
Austria-Hungary on their j.i-stio.n-jpalrcs.
The clergy of all Bohemian dio
ceses have recognized the Czecho
slovak national aspirations, according
to advices from Berne.
The Neue Kreie Prcsse has received
dispatch from Prague to the effect
that tho Bohemia clcrg;.- has joined
in the solemn declaration of the
.Czech deputies and writers in favor
of an independent Czccho-Slotak
,Mte. It is stated that Vienna news-r-npers
arc aroused bv the stand and
.aro demanding action against the
churchmen. Entente diplomats see
great significance In the step as
remonstrating the inrreaslng strength
of the Bohemian national feeling.
STOCKHOLM, Sept. 12. Massacres
In revenge for the murder of Moses
frltskl. Pctrograd police chief, ar.d
the attack on Premier Lenine, were
tdc.mandcd bv the Bolshevik news
tjaper, Krasnaa Gazette, according
Ir a dlspateh recelvd here today.
The article was headed "Blood for
Blood. ' and f-ald:
"We will turn our hearts to steel
and without mercy we will kill our
enemies by the scores and by the hun
dreds Let them be killed by the
thousands for the blood of Lenine and
l rltskf
." TOCKHOUf. Sept i; -Dispatches
"from Kief report that tho peasants
D revolt have wiped out the German
garrison in the village of Hrucilovka.
A dispatch to the Moscow Krasnaja
-Oaseta from Orsha, government of
Vhller, says that 8.000 revolting
tffisanls were driven by the Germans
Xrom the ncighbornood of Swenlge
rodsk. but had assembled near Menl-
' fsTibll, where they engaged In a san-
Rufnary fight with the Germans, and
f great losses were sustained by both
. COPENHAGEN, Sept. 12. A warn
ing to the. German government that
.excitement is Increasing among .he
--people owing to tho critical food sit
uation Is printed by the sociallst-1
- .newspaper Vorwaerts, said a dispatch
-Itom Berlin today.
Both the German sorlalists and the
trade unionists joined in an appeal to
ii'ount von Hertllng, the German chan
cellor for relief
It was pointed out that the food
hortagc Is causing physical exhaus-
at 48c each
Lot of Manufacturer's Seconds
Because of slight defects In the material these shades are termed Imperfect
but the little faults do not impair the usefulness.
Opaque cloth window shades, 3 ft. wide, 5 ft. and B& ft. lo r. mounted on
strong spring rollers. The majority are in greens. Each shade complete with
crochet ring and all fixtures.
Goldenberjc' Fourth Floor.
Closed All Day Afonday, Sept. 16, on Account of Holiday
39c, 45c and 49c Domestic Remnants
at 29c yard
A bargain table In the domestic department contains a splendid lot of rem
nants or staple cotton materials, suitable for making women's and children's Kail
wearables. The group Includes:
-iJf.6'5eh.J,eISaIea- 'Uncfi Cotton Crepe. 38-Inch Fleecedown Flannels, 32-inch
Kiddie Kloth. 32-Inch Dress Ginghams, 32-Inch Tan Cotton Suitings, etc
Good assortment of colors and useful lengths.
Goldenbers First Floor.
Friday's Remnant Sale Brings a Multitude of Sailings
The Regular Weekly Disposal of Short Lots, Broken Lines and Incomplete Assortments at Greatly
Reduced Prices for Immediate Clearance. All Departments Contribute Unusual Economies.
School Preparedness Sale
of Boys9 Clothing
From our worth' stock of boys' clothing you may select
the boys' school clothes with the assurance that you are
getting aepcnaarjie quality suits uuut iur service
and wear at the lowest possible prices. Note
these excellent values arranged for tomorrow's
Boys' Corduroy Suits, $6.75
Boys' winter weight corduroy Norfolk Suits; Jark
mode shade: narrow ribbed corduroy; trench model;
slash pocket and two top military pockets and belt:
full-cut Knickerbocker pants; the correct suit for school
wear; sires 7 to 17 years.
Boys' Navy Blue Suits, $11.98
Boys' navy blue, pure -worsted serge Norfolk Suits,
with full lined Knickerbocker pants; slash pocket, loose
belted coats; sizes 7 to 17 years.
Boys' School Suits, $7.98
Boys' School Suits, of mixed casslmere, dark pat
terns. In fall or winter weight. Mado In the military
form fitting and plain Norfolk models, with slash pock
ets and loose belts; full-cut knlckerbocker pants, lined
throughout with silesia; in grav tan, and olive mixtures;
sizes 7 to 17 years.
Boys' Dress Suits,
Boys' Dress Suits, dark, smooth
finished casslmere In broken and
overlaid plaids, two-tone and -om-blnatlon
patterns. In brown, olive,
light and Oxford grays and other
mixtures: fall and winter weight;
full-cut garments, with best rade
inner linings and findings; sizes 7
to 18 years.
Boys' Shirts, 85c
Boys' Madras and Chambray
laundered Shirts, neckband style,
in sizes 12 to 14: plain white only.
In various patterns. The cele
brated "Mother's Friend" brand.
Boys' Golf 'Caps, 50c
Bns' heavy weight dark Fancy
Casslmere and Tweed Golf Caps,
full shape and strap scams; &izes
6i to 7 head measure,
Goldenberc'a Third Floor.
Boys' $3.00 Corduroy
Pants, $2.25
Boys' heavy weight, narrow rib
bed corduroy Knickerbocker Pants;
dark mole shade; all seams taped
to prevent ripping; sizes 7 to 17
Boys' Collars, 2 for
Boys' Laundered Collars, all
turn-down shapes. In the well
known Country brand; sizes 12 to
14 neck measure.
i Boys'
Boys' gray and tan Pepper-and-Salt
Suits, with two pairs of knlck
erbocker pants; good, heavy weight
materials, full of service for school,
rough and outdoor wear; both
pairs of pants full lined and
taped: sizes 7 to 17 years.
Women's and Misses9
. Fall Coats
In a Special Sale That Offers Values Not to Be Found Later
Increased costs of materials, due to the shortage of woolens and the needs of the
government, has made thrifty women realize the advantages of buying their fall and
winter coats in this sale. If you would share in its benefits, prompt action on your part
is urged. No such values will be available after the season advances.
Sale Price, $29.75
Next Winter's Price, $37.50.
From present Indications wool velour will be the most popular coating material
for the coming neason. For durability, for warmth and for style. It Is difficult to
equal. Choice of several very pretty models In new belted, tailored, and shirred ef
fects. Some with collars of seal plush or 'beaver plush1, others with velvet trimmings.
Colors of navy blue, green, brown. Burgundy, taupe, and black.
All sizes for misses and women.
Seal Plush Coata
Sale Price, $23.50
I Xext Winter's Price, Z9Z0.
Lustrous pile quality, 47 Inches long, deep
border, large collar and deep cuffs of fash
ionable mole plush. All around belt, finished
with plush buckles. Lined throughout.
All sizes from in to 44.
SIHertone and Bolivia Coats, two of the
season's most favored materials; fully guar
anteed; smart belted models. 4S Inches
long, new style collars and pockets. Lin
ing guaranteed for one year's wear. Col
ors of Amethyst, Brown, Burgundy, and
Green. Sizes 1G to -10. Next winter's
p:-.?....?.1! S42.50
Salt's Peeo Plash Coats, superior quality,
very full shirred model, 4S Inches long,
large sailor shawl collar and deep cuffs.
Sol satin lined. All sizes for misses and
women. Next winter's price, CQC ((
42.no. Sale price 3Oa.UU
SaM'a Plu.li Coats, beautiful tailored
models, new novelty collars and pockets,
smart belted effects; extra full model; lin
ing guaranteed. Sizes 18 to 4G. .
Next winter's, price, $33.00. Sale (MK (1(1
Geldeabers's Second Floor. !"
Heavy Cloth Coats
Sale Price, $24.95
ext Winter's Price, S29.75.
A very special offering of SO of these
smart coata for vuimen and misses- f.ahlnn.
cd or good quality military coating, in Ox
ford and brown. 48 inches long, full belted
model with new style pockets and large
cape effect seal plush collar.
All sizes from IS to 46.
Broadcloth Kersey Coata. a new coating
for this fall, a chirron broadcloth kersey,
very warm, yet fairly lltht weight. Ch'c
48-Inch models with shawl collar of beaver
plush: slashed pockets, button trimmed.
motors oi mavy due, .ueersKin, Green, Bur
buuu;( aim I1CCI XIUOU
sizes jo io -to. Next 1
?rVceer.!..??..!5-.00:...s.a.I.e.... $45.00
Trimmed Cloth Coata, high-class gar-
ments of American Velour. rhimnl, v.
iuur, uoianjr jversey. wun eitner rur or
seal and beaver plush trimmings. Strik
ingly smart models, excellently tailored.
Guaranteed linings of satin or Sol satin.
Colors -of Taupe. Navy Blue. Reindeer.
Brown, Green. Pekln and Black. Sizes 16
to 48. Next winter's price, &AH rn
$30.50. Sale price &.DU
CiS llinJlBr
J ' I fin
Hats that Embody the Newest Style Trend in
This New Showing of
A utumn Millinery
$8 to $15
Scores of beautiful new models have
been received during the past few days to
augrnent this admirable collection of Trim
med Hats. Such attractive styles in such
great numbers are rarely found -in one store
and it is this tremendous variety, linked
with fine qualitjrand moderate prices, that 4
make our Millinery section the center of
attraction among Washington women who
seek the best.
Lovely new materials are shown in hats
of long nap beaver, duvetyn, exquisite hats
of feathers, so soft and becoming; other
styles in all the rich colorings of autumn.
Indeed, it is difficult to enumerate in detail
any particular style, in a display so exten
sive and complete.
r. tir
Specials From Our Ready -to-Wear
Hat Department for Friday
Ready-to-wear Hats for Women and Young Girls; in pretty
styles of velvets, in solid colors and commnations, including ribbon
trimmed Hats, Sailors, Mushrooms, Soft Crown Hats and tfJO 4C
numerous other styles. Spedal at... $t.&U
Misses' and Children's Overseas Hats of Black Velvet; Tarn
o'Shantcrs and Mushroom Hats of Velvetta, with streamers; in all
the leading colors; unusually charming styles for school (M Q
Misses' and Children's Hats, for school or dress tvear; in a large
assortment of becoming styles sure to please the school miss; black,
all colors and popular combinations. Priced at $3.00 tf'r Pf
Goldenberx'a Second Floor.
Women's Union Suits,
Values Worth 89c,
Lot of Women's Union Suits, low
neck and sleeveless; crochet and
French band neck and arms. Pants
loose o: tight knee style. Full
cut garments that will give com
fort as well as service. Sizes 36
and 3$ only.
Womcn'n Union Salti, with glove
silk .loos: crochet neck and arms;
pants Knee length: flesh or white:
sizes 36 to SS: slight im- C1 flf
perfections. Worth Jl.fi?.. dA.tllJ
Women' Blue Star Union Sults
only a limited quantity: V neck and
sleeveless style, with lace trimmed,
loose or tight knee pants; sizes
56 to 40. alues worth S9c Crn
each Ot)C
Children's Cotton Fleeced Union
Snlts. hi;rh neck and long sleeves;
pants ankle length; sizes 2 QQ
to 12 years. OOC
ColdenberE'x First Floor.
89c Silk Camisoles
at 79c
Odd lot of Silk Camisole, trim
med with laces and Insertions In
back and front, lace shoulder
straps; mostly all sizes.
Goldenberc'ii Tblrd Floor.
Mussed Undermuslins
orset Coven, of good qualitv
nainsook, trimmed with embroidery
edgings and ribbon, nlsn some with
lace trimming. Regularly 4f
.Uomni'i Mnsltn lghfgovrn,
high neck and long sleeves. ckcs
of tucks, full cut and well H(n
mad". Worth 9Sc Ic7l
Women' Muslin I'rttlroafs, neat
tucks and hemstitched hems; ,4Qp
short lengths only fllC
Envelope Chemise, of soft finish
nainsook: neat cmbroiderv edg
ings and lace trimmed rTQf
stjles luK,
t;oldenbergs Third Floor.
The Final Clearaway of Odds and Ends of
Men's and Young Men's
$20 and $22.50 Suits
Friday at
$13. 75
There are just 80 suits in the lot, comprising the short lots and few-of-a-kind
garments remaining from the season's selling a clearance sale
that spells opportunity for So men who act promptly.
Small lots, but all sizes, in one style or another, from 33 to 42.
The assortment embraces neat and fancy patterns, dark mixtures,
plaids and stripe effects, of good sturdy woven fabrics, in plain and fancy
models. To clear them out immediately, the entire lot on sale tomorrow
at SI 3.75.
Men's and Young Men's Suits
Worth $25.00, $27.50, and $30.00
$19.50 -
Men's and Young Men's Suits, fine quality materials, in neat designs; well
tailored throughout; sizes SI to 40.
Men's $3.98 Trousers, $2.19
Men's Separate Trousers, good quality cloths, in neat striped effects; well
tailored and finished; sizes 32 to 40.
Young Men's $12.50 Suits, $8.75
Small lot of Young Men's Suits, of dark mixtures; odds and ends left from
stock selling regularly at $12.i0; sizes .01 to 07 only.
, Colilenberg's First Floor.
Percale Bungalow
Aprons at $1.19
Women's Percale Bungalow
Aprons, neat assorted, patterns;
made with belt and kimono sleeve;
full cut and well made.
OoMenbcnc Tblrd Floor.
$2.00 and $2.50 Lace
Curtains at $1.29 Pair
These are small lots of one to
five pairs nf a pattern whleh ac
counts, for the lowered price. Scotch
and Nottingham Lace Curtains. In
white and ecru; ZM and 3 yards
long. 40. to to Inches wide. In plain
and heavy worked centers with at
tractive border designs. Come ear
ly for first cbclce.
Coldenbersa FoTth Floor.
Tapestry Portieres,
Selllag Rcgalarlr In Pairs
Up to T.OO,
$1.69 Each
Half pairs or slnglo strips of
heavv weight Tapestry Portieres,
plain and fringed styles, in green,
red and brown, also mixtures to
he closed out tomorrow at this low
price. 40 to 50 inches wldes. 2 1-3 and
Z 5-5 yards long.
The practical housewife can use
these odd strips to good advantage
for couch covers and single doer
Coldrnberg's Frt Floor.
29c and 39c Cretonnes,
Silkolines and Drapery
Scrims, 19c Yard
A lot of several thousand yards
of mill lengths of dranery fabrics
obtained to sell at decided savings.
The let consists of Washable Cre
tonnes, ard wide Silkolines and
Scrims, In a largi- range of designs
and colorings suitable for curtains
draperies, ru Mon and comfort cov
erings. I.erl.h up to S yards, bat
many pifces alike.
Flnt Floor Murrain Tables.
Friday Specials in
Men 's Furnishing Needs
Interesting specials in underwear, shirts, hosiery and
neckwear, including some odd lots of furnishings that thrifty
men can use to good advantage and on which the savings are
Men's Nainsook Union Suits,
athletic style, sleeveless and knee
length, closed crotch. Odd C(r
sizes. Worth 85c OOl
Men's Blue Chambray Work
Shirts, collar attached: perfect
quality: also a few khaki shirts
In the lot. Pull cut sizes QJTrt
from 14 to 16. Worth J1.25 UJU
Odds and End of Men's Under
wear, all summer weight: mostly
shirts. Values worth to 89c QQt
each OJl
Goldenberc' First Floor.
Men's Hercp Half Hose? In
black, brown and gray. Mercer
ized lisle, with reinforced heel
and toe. Seconds of the QtTp
regular 40c values .... -.OC
Men's Silk Neckwear, full shape
flowing end four In hand tvle.
Worth from 35c to S5c OXn
each .t)t
Men's Otis Ribbed Union Suits,
medium weight; long sleeves, full
length legs; closed crotch; perfect
quality; sizes 38 to 46. e- or
Worth lz.50 OJ..OJ
A Special Sale in Which Are Featured
Girls Gingham and Serge Frocks For
School Wear.
Bright new styles in dresses for girls of school age are
shown in a variety of models and materials that leaves noth
ing to be desired. We've prepared for every need and
you'll find prices surprisingly low, considering rising costs.
Girls' $1.00 Dresses, 79c
Little Girls' Gingham Dresses,
pretty colored plaid effects; ilgh
walsted models, with full skirts.
Sizes 2 to 5 years.
Girls' $1.49 Dresses, $1.29
Girls' Gingham Dresses, assorted
striped and plaid effects; stylish
model with pockets; broken sizes
from C to 1- years.
Infants' Dresses, 85c
Infants Nainsook Dresses, long
or short ssorted yokes, finished
with deep hems.
Girls' Serge Dresses, $3.49
Lot of Girls' Navy Blue Serge
Dresses, with white collars and
red ties. Sizes 0 to 12 years.
Slightly mussed from handling.
Girls' Serge Dresses, $2.98
Girls' Navr Blue Serge Urejses,
trimmed with yellow collars an.1
brass buttons. Sizes S, 10 and 1
jears. Coldenherc's First Floor.
Fall Corsets
Tomorrow at $1.00
Popular mako Corsets, of coutil
and batiste; low and medium bust
models, well honed; gooif quality
ho?c upportors; mostly all sizes.
(ioldrnberg's third Floor.
Hair Bow Ribbons
at 21c a Yard
A lot of pretty ribbons, 4 to G
inches wide, in plain and fancy
effects; all good colorings in
moires, satins, taf'-tas, dresdens,
self fancies and moire satins. The
most desirable kinds for children's
hair bows.
fioldenkertr's First Floor.
39c Bleached Cottons
at 32c Yard
Lot of mill ends of yard-wide
Bleached Cotton, in lengths from
2 to 10 yards suitable for fall
nreds. Close woven, soft-finish
quality, free from injurious starch
or dressing.
Goldrnbrrg'a First Floor.
A Special Purchase of 500 Pairs of
Women's New Fall Shoes
Values Worth Up to $7.00 Pair O QyT
Classed As "Factory Checks" pOtD
We, secured thi3 lot of Women's High Shoes at a decided price
concession, because they are trrmpd by the maker "factory checks."
but as the slight faults arc hardly noticeable they arc not worth
consideration when you count the remarkable savings to be effected.
They arc in numerous desirable styles, and come in gray, brown,
black kid and combination leathers; high and low heels. All sizes
in the lot, 2 to 7.
Ouing to the low price named, we cannot accept these shoes for
exchange or refund.
fioldenberg's First Floor.
$32.50 and $35 Velvet and
Brussels Rugs,- $23.45
The balance of our recent special purchase of room-size Rugs re
priced for quick clearance tomorrow. These are sold at extreme re
ductions because of a very slight shading, which caused the manu
facturer to class them as imperfect, although the fault does not affect
the serviceability at all.
9x12 ft. and 8 ft. 3 by 10 ft. G Seamless Velvet and Close-woven
Brussels Rugs, in floral, medallion and small-figured designs; light
and dark colorings.
Special Offering from the
September Furniture Sale
That Points the Way to Economy
in Home Replenishment
Divided Payments May Be Arranged
White Enamel
At $3.98
Yhite Enamel Metal Bed.
strong continuous posts and
six fillers; 3-ft. size only.
Library Table
Special at
Fumed Oak Library
Tablr, 42x26-inch top:
large drawer with wood
pulls and lower shelf.
$25, $28 and $32
At $19.75
"2 Sample rio-f art.. Including
reed, liber and willow, mostly In
natural tlnl.h. but .1 fw colors
will be found In the lot
. At $29.00
Kroehler Dlvanctte. Tvnh di
vanette mattress; fumed oek
frame: romfnrtahle bed by night
and handsome divan by day.
Oak Chiffonier
Oak fhlffonier. with tle deep
drawers, plate cla.s mirror.
Built for la&tlnc; service.
Dining Room Chairs
Golden Oak Dinlnir Room
fhalr. with cobbler seat: strong
ly made.
Coldenherc! Furniture
Store "Arrow the Street.
jon and an Increase of mortality.

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