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THE WASiliM.K) , Tnil-. TlirUSDAV, .SCM'l.MiirJ. 15). 101S.
White Silk Skirts
Worth to $16.75, at $5.98
Of while crepe de chine. In street nd
sport styles, also a number of plaited plaid
silk skirt of various dark colorings Fri
day only at SOS Third Floor.
To 15c Crochet Cotton
Friday at 7c Ball
Celebrated "STAU" and "It. M I
brands are Included In this asnrtmeii In
white, ecru and color Fridaj onlv at "c
ball Art llrpl.
Men's Genuine President
Suspenders, 59c
Toe grades limit 2 pairs to a customer.
Friday only at 50c.
street Floor.
$6.00 Men's Blanket
Bathrobes, $4.95
Warn and comfortable with high col
lar and girdle to match. Friday only
ai .yo.
Street Kljor,
fj VIM
Drapery Materials,
69c Yard
Regularly 89c and $1.00 Yd.
.6 and 45-inch Sunfast and
Tubfa&t Drapery Materials for
doors and window;!. Shown in all
the wanted shades and in a choice
range of plain or neat figured cen
ter effects. Special for Friday
only at G9c yard S9c and $1
values. Second Floor.
Wonderful Collection Sample
Trimmed Velvet Hats, $5
Models Made to Retail at $5.98 to $7.50
Onl about flftv of these hats, but each one is the "last word' In
stle for autumn and winter wear Many arc quite larce. with soft
and stiff brims, also htnaller hats of rich velvet in black, pnrple. navv.
brown and other autumn shades. Id OS to ST.SO values, special for
Friday only, at $3 I'alals Royal Second Floor.
Special Lot of Infants'
Short Dresses, 75c
Made of line nainsook, with neat
yokeb, lace and embroidery trim
nied, some have embroidery on
skirt. Size C months to 2 ears.
Friday only. 75c
Third Floor.
A Remarkqhle Lot of
Middy Blouses
All Sizes $1.59
Made of white jean in regu
lation stles with navy collar.
Exceptionally good values. Fri
day only at $1 59
Third Floor.
Batiste Bloomers
-Friday, Oply 69c
Made In full-cut. roomy utiles
with elastic at waist and Knee Fri
day only. Cllc Third Floor.
75c Silk Ribbons,
Friday, Only 55c yd.
Itemnants of moire, satin, taffetas,
Dresden, IVisian and plaid ribbons
in ti to u men wtutns. atany long
lengths. In all colors and comblna
tions. Special for Friday only at 33c
vard. Street Floor.
Remnants of Ribbons
Special at 28c yd.(
Many long length of Dresden
moire ribbon remnants, all colors
in the assortment. 5 Inches wide
Special for i'riJa onlv t 2V yard.
Street Floor.
Children's 39c Hair
Ribbons, at 32c Yd.
Di rstlen, Mohe and Plaid Kibbons,
r. -j incite wide, in all color cum
bmation5 for children's hair 2?pe
c al fur Frday only at i!2c yard
hirer! FIor.
Ribbon Remnants.
Friday, at 7c yd.
dih Ribbons in pink, blue white,
lavender and maize; 3 to - inrh
u idt , many lonfi" lengths included.
Special for Friday only at 7c sard
Mrret riovr.
Clark's O. X. T. Darninjc Cot
ton, in black or white. Special.
3 spools. 7c.
tIired Shoe Tree with su el
rod Sic-
Colored Sweater Hangers . I3c
Wooden "at Hangc is. 3 for 12c
Colored Fancy Kdginp. 3 and
4 ds to piece 10c
KleiniTt I'ln on Iioe up
ports. In u hilt pink, blut
end, black Pair 23c
Sai-J2r Napkins absorbent,
bterllizcd 1 dozn to box. ZMc
Sanitary Delts, all mzmh, of
mteen . . . 2c
Superior Qualitv Pin Shitt
300 count 1 site. Ik ..
lb Dr"?sinakerV I'ln . I3c
I'alalK Itojnl Mrrrt floor.
$1.25 Hand Bags and
Strap Purses, at $1
A large Aarietv of j.iles and 1 '
erF silk liutd and !Ht d ith pin e
and mirror Includt-d ere a frn
anlt strap pur- . ith pure and
mirror and two perfume bottit-j, hp
cial for I'rldaj oul .it SI i am
.Street Floor.
$5.50 Chiffon Velvet
Bags. Special. $5
In blark, tiay uml taupr i. IK.
linrd and flttt1 with chano purse.
drop front mirror, badd pant-i
etle Friday only at $u
Mrrrt Floor.
Boys' Norfolk School Suits,
at $5.95
Suit north $iU." t.i svti.-i of
durable cheviot and lassirut res.
some hae Itned knickers tizes for
bovs 6 to 1h ears. Special lot Fri
da only at JS'Ja
'third Floor.
Boys' Corduroy Norfolk Suits,
at S6.45
Worth to ?HJ)."i Made of I'lomp
ton corduroy in drab bhaiie. coals in
trench model, tfth poiktt w uh
buckle bel' " T t 17 v ars
Special foi 1 . .nl at i .r,
Third Floor.
Boys' Cutduicv or Cloth
Worth J
and casln '
dark and . a
made with
bottoms. S i . " i
I'riday onl .
rable cheviots
poud nualtt
rab corduroy,
ps and button
T Special fur
TUIrd Floor.
Boys' 7
to $1 Value
Bliuv j.
Of pood .
also second
Sizes 6 to i
Friday only t !
A 59c
ed percale.
"IJell" nuki
a special for
Third Floor.
100 Specially Selected Lots of Fall Merchandise that in every case is Clean, New and Desirable, and that covers the
practical needs of the entire family.
At Special Prices For Friday Only
This is our way of emphazing Palais Royal Superior Values. t
Read This Advertisement Carefully. Many Wonderful Values Described in Very Small Type. fyJo Phone Orders on Adver
tised Items.
y is. -
Dainty Tea Aprons,
Friday 2 for $1.00
Of dotted Swiss or India Linen,
some embroidery trimmed. Friday
only at - for SI Third Floor.
Sateen and Heather
bloom Petticoats
In a Special Offering
Friday at $1 Each
In floral effects on light and
dark grounds and colored flowers.
Friday only at SI Third Floor.
Special Sale of
Linoleum for Friday
Short rolls, including qualities
worth $1.40.
Rolls containing to 4 square
yards. 79c square yard.
Rolls containing to 1G square
yards, OSc square yard.
Second Floor.
Blouses Worth to $3.50
Special at $2.45
Voile and Orirandv BIou.si-s in tail
red and fancy trimmed models, some)
xith pirated frills trimmed with all
lace. alues to J3.S0 Special at
12 45 Third Floor.
50c Turkish Bath Towels,
Special 35c
ISxSS IIeay Close weae Turkish
Bath Towels with hfmmpd ndft .iml
blue borders, tery absorbent. Friday
my at ac eacn Set-ond Moor.
39c Yard Pillow Case Muslin
at 30c Yard
tj inches tIUe. fine blea. li-I rjual
t . itilhout dressing: Special for
Friday onlj at 30c ard.
.Second Floor.
50c Huck Towels,
Friday Only 39c
lxICinch extrA fine ir,f..ive
bl..ariud Huck Towelu. htrinstltchfd
enu-. in plain white -with fancy bor
dei fcpitial for Friday onlv at 3Uc
Second Floor.
59c Bleached Huck Towels,
Soectal 39c
lnx.lClncli heavy bleached Huct "c
Twels. wiih wide dama&k borderi,. I
hemstitched mils. ery absorbent. !
Special for Friday onl at .Tic
rroniI Floor.
18c Bleached Kitchen Crash,
Friday 15c Yard
llejiv l:ieachid Kitchen r"rah,
lyerj ab.rbcnt. with blup border
rpeciai ror frlday onlv nt 15- yard
Srrond I'leor.
$4.50 Piece English
Longcloth at $3.50 Piece
' 11 pieces J4 30 Impe-Ial IJntlish .
j l."n( lolh with i-oft thamois llnih;
i. vara" i ine piece, so inches
i.1 pe lal for Friday onlv at I
! ."io piece
Seronil Floor.
Cap Nets. Friday at $1.00 Doz.
1I ilmrlir ..n.l .mnp.1 . .. . 1 I
I. -! nun un u(i- Mtil'l-lllrv
, Itiriilar at J ... j j. jtet i.il for
iuu otiM , at si iio. n i
Ilalcony I'arlur Mrrrt floor.
Women's and Misses'
Fall Coats, $17.98
Kxtraordinarj Value.
Tlai tti ll n n I'-ill r.,.-il, ..f al!
,! i h- ! t I'urHIa . ..i Z'he
line Melr.-n Ci. Mi mid l-jpllan
s. HI .11(1 t. k- l- t lr..in uith
Mia.u.1 or large si,imrc cull irs of
cloth plijMh or K,t I'on.v lllr
homi are half lined, -marl ml li
tarv effects imliided in the l..i
Sizes for uom-n and nii-b-.
Frida only al JIT'JS
Plush Coats, $24.75
Knit I'eoo 1'luvh CnaUs in
plain all black stl. or brndri
"Ml" trimmed uith Kcraml or
Chase'f beaver fur f'out aii
full 4 iiuhcH lonir. s7 Inch
s-Aeep around hotmn and linul
iliroiixliou) with rlli in unal
il "r;,e lining Si, 1 11, tu 41,
Frldi unly at J2I "
Coats at $3.98
Medium weight 0ats -S
in dm antfortinent Made of
hrpherd Ik cUh with 1 inx
Mar and nil around belt.
P- ially pi if o for npul
IlinK Tridaj onl al?3y
Ilarsnln nanrnirm.
For Our Big Week-End Bargain Day
Women's Serge Dresses
Worth to $19.50-Special
For One Day, Friday Only, at $15.75 A Remarkable
Offering, as These Are All New Styles
Dresses of all wool serge, in sizes 36 to, i
42, including navy blues, browns and Bur-1
gundy. A splendid variety of styles to choose
from; both clain and braid trimmed and a
number of panel and tunic effects among them: all new, wanted
styles of unusually good materials. For One Day, Friday, only
$15.75. PalaU Itojal Third Floor.
Women's Silk Hose,
SI and $1.25 Values
Kxcellent trrades In silk hose,
in black, white and a few colors;
Jl and J 1.1:5 qualities, slishtly
Irregular In weave, Special for
Friday only at 70c
Street Floor.
Women's 39c and 50c Lisle
Hose at 35c
Or .: p&iru for $1. Onyx make
I.ile Hose in black, perfect gradra.
also Ihtrson Koso with white feet.
In rccular and extra sizes, slightly
Irregular In weave. I'riday only at
35c pair, or 3 pairs 1.
Street Floor.
Women's $2.00 Hose,
Special at $1.79
Women .1 Lace Effect Italian Silk
Hose in pray, navy. p-mH, cocoa
brown, white, and autumn brown
2 alucs Special for I'riday only
-t SI.T0. Ktrret Floor.
Wqmen's Boot Silk
Hose, 65c
85c and 93c Values
A tplendld assortment of Worn
en' Root Silk Hoi-, ilihtl lr
regular in Heave Shown 111
black, white, and a f- shad-s
of bronz- aiul champagne, hp,.
cial for 1'rlrtuy onb at .3c pair.
street Floor.
Boys' 50c Hose,
Friday Only 39c
ISo.m' Illack Hose in Rood weight
and eacellunt wearing er.id Sizes
ft to II Slishtly Irregular In weave.
Special for Friday only at 30o pair
Mrrrl Floor.
Children's 35c Acorn Waists,
A-orn Waists Willi bullions, for
hos and Klrlj. All m-i I to 13
vnars xpeclal for hriday nmy ut
lrrrt Floor.
Women's Vests,
Special for Friday 25c
Low neck. cloev le-oi Vln in V
and round neck In regular antf ex
tra sizes. 1'rid.i) onlv at "5c
Mrret Floor.
A Remarkable Special for Friday Only
Women's 75c Union Suits
Perfect Qualities in Regular and Extra Sizes
iich valmi will reate enthii-'lnstic bujintr here so' af
tomorrow Main uomen ulll pun base a onerous Cl
supply and li not the saving ar- rxlraordln.irv Ms
W'timn's knit nm . i mi- in low ri I. U-i !- tiKhi J QJ y
Knee and umlurlll lvlev yhell llii li Ml p. rfi t
Kirfe in MKulai and txLra Mej TV atn- oial for Friday
at Tt'Jr Mrrrt I'luur.
- - 4f
At Special Prices Friday.
! 5,000 Yds. Ribbons
! Thf tinker- mill t-ndH Ifticthn
j of Ipsa than U) vard llibbon for
r puiiiiMf, in uidtliH '2 ti 7 1
I mt he '
15c to li)c Ribbons. 10c Yd.
2Tic liihhonh at 19r Yd. '
' :i9c Kihhons nt 2iic Yd.
; Children'? Stockings.
, 25c Grade, at 17c ,
. :l.i.K uinl Wl.it.- l:ibbd Sim k
VIZI'S li !o M- .-.I fondH of I
"7n Find Kr.d.iv .it 17' ;.i I r
' Women's Hcse, 17c I
1 Why p, "."i ' i'l of hlai k '
ami uMie Stotklnrs. tlzi-1 r': to
10. r nfori-d h-t 1h t-s xnil p.-ir
1 li r tups SkuihIh i-r L'."i Kladt. ut
$2.25 Umbrellas, $1.98
I Of Aim man lafi.tii ultli paia
' con fraiiic. trimmi-d hinnlli-H and I
I ellh nrd loon lleKular at fi 15
I Friday t 1 01
Corset Covers, Special
For Friday, 2 for $1
I Ijit of .VJc and niii lots, of soil I
. naiii.-ook trimmiiip;'! --f la-' and
embroiilerv. Willi elaxlii nt hot
torn -i for l on
' $1.00 Chemise, 79c
Of (In- n liiisoiik Ihi - Iriminiil.
II mi I'll .unniit l.i juur nrt
I --it be tn the liarnnui Ilaneiuent
i table
Two Items of Unusual Importance in
Fancy Silks
$1.35 Yard
Included are Yalues to $1.85
The assortment Includes taffefas.
in multi-color stripes, broken
cheeks and plaids of satin and taf
feta, also white and flesh color
uasli satin. vU to 36 Inches wide.
I'riday only, at S1.35 yard
Big Third Floor Bargain
Table of Envelope Chemise
Qualities and Styles Unusual at the Price ff-fl
Made of pink and white llatlste and N'alnsook daint.lv $ I
trimmed with laces and embroidery some with ribbon Btraps 1
l.xcrptlonal alues al this :-ri- r I'riday at SI
Palais Hoyal TKIrii Floor.
Extraordinary Values
Ready-to-wear Hats, $3.98
Smart Styles Worth $5.00 to $6.95 in Small Shapes
Tli'se are from a milliner Jobber who sold us this special lut of
small littH at a urj luw price Nearly a hundred in the assortment
Included arc velvet, and velvit and rhentllo hati In principally 'tailored
effxts, -impb trtmmtd. cencrallv with a chejillle ornament, others with
ribbon bond and bow Sew hupes in the new autumn shade Friday
only, at ST.VS.
Remarkable Savings for Friday Only
Fall Curtain Specials
Excellent Qualities, Worth to $3.00 Pair Q- QCT
V Friday bargain oppotunltl of extraordinary iutrrest r I 1
e4ptiiall to h mm ht hae )et to buy soh1 iulity cm L J J
tuln.- foi fall At thl prite nc rnav chuo&e frxim
Scrim Curtains with l.-cc insertions. Scrim Curtains with
lace edf;ea Marquinrtle Curtains with Ucc edife. Filet Weae
Nrt Curtains. Colored Voile Curtain Nottingham Laee Cur
tains and Scrim Curtaiiw with valance.
I Thi prue for Frida only It would be a lo to u to sell the-.,- Fall
I ciiriains rcBularlj at so low a price. There Is an excellent variety of at
Jtiartlvo stUK frim which to nilt-tt liny jour Fall curtains tuinorrou and
sal" Worth to 3 pair. src ial fur Friday onlj at $1 05 pair
PalaU noyal Seeoad Floor.
Unrivaled Values in this Splendid Assortment of
New Autumn Dresses
. unmlcrful collection, displaying the newcM tjlo
and tlio popular colors for fall 'M-ar. Values jou il!
liud difGcull to du))lirao.
Mlk lrce uf fnncy tnfTetn.
and 5lIK poplinn aln other want
ed materials in I and 1! of a
kind im li lirol.in lots of br t
t'-r Krail and idain
tailored and trimin
Hllr incliiileil
Cirttlrni uluo in lrrarw of fatin taflila. crepe de chine and
with pun I rn.nt am! Iml. nrm:il mid hiU uaUt V I ( 7f
linttj) In bl i. k. nav biouii tuupt and .uttn t U1TUU
ItnrKnln llimrnirnt.
Autumn Millinery, $1.10 and $1.98
Kntire sample Iln- just from New York. Scorns of styles of Rood
uuallty Velvet Hats, trimmed mid untrlmmed l'lent of naj purple,
other wantiii colors and black alues to Jl Krldey at ?I.lli and SI Us
llnra:nln llninient.
Women's 35c Hose
Friday Special, 23c
I ..00 pnlrH I.thli and Mcneiu1!
Ilorti, Nixon s to HI, in white
black. i;ra and brown lie u
'. ura ami brown lie . u !
1 f.et. carl, r lolis Sccnds
Bradc at "". I
of ;:5i
Friday Bargains
Two Wonderful Values in
Medium and Light Coats
(J-J p Garments very desirable for fall &Of PTA
P I JT wear. Values from $29.50 to $63 VH.iTltl
-" included in the two lots. TAJtvr
Another wonderful offering that well deserves iti foremost posi
tion in this advertisement The splendid earraents offered include
many coats that could be Interlined coats and worn all winter They
arc of the new and wanted materials; Wool Poplins, Serges, Trl
cntines. Wool Velours. Hilvertones. etc., and In the lot Is a very fine
satin coat Choice of the lot Friday at $15 and $211.50.
Palais noral Third Floor.
$t.59 Yard
Included are Values to 150
An unusually attractive offerinr
A variety of style to select from in
printed radium. atln and foulard
silks. 3(1 to 40 Inrhes uide. Spe
cially priced for Friday only at
M 03 vard.
Palais rteyal second Floor.
for a Big Day Friday
PalaU lloyal .Second Flour.
Manufacturer's Sample Blouses
Including Qualities Worth to $2.50 (j- QT
"i handsome collection of smart Voile mouses- r I i
ome are manufacturers' samples, other are broken -- V-iJ'
lots from our resular stock I!louse cxcclkntly
made of Rood quality voile some with orf-amly collar and cuffs
and trimmed with lace and embroider In a broken ranee of
sizes Value to J- 5H rpeitally priced ai M -
Third Floor.
Kn 11 lrr)fiiN of rrrpr il rblnr.
Katin, talTuta and mlk implm in
bwautlful m Iill models some
h.ie jiiir Ktte fdeevp-i and l
larrt and trimmed with Mclfiot
red button MI
the now Autumn
jihad in tin lot
$5 Umbrellas, $4.29
or tITetu
-Ills in iuii ind lain
uf ni y bine. nnrnU
prtM-l yhd
n and bla I. I.ich 1 1 nu i
;n( irTon fittiiiun with n sltir.tl uihmI
hmtl.-s nml I ri' lm.. i.. I
mali ll color of om Krldat al 1
JI2U !
$5.00 Chiffon Bags,
Friday Only $3.95
Black, navy and brown bass,
lined with taffeta silk, with cen-
.a. rttm na 4 ..na.. . mmt ml.... M..! I.
I.v. . V,tl.l ,l.l,. )!. ,1,,,,UI, tit ASCII-
ed at bottom with larfre tassel.
Special for Friday onlv at tX?.;
I Street Ftor.
Exceptional Lot of
Neckwear, 50c
Pieces Worth 1
A very larsre and attrauive
assortment of desirable neck
wear. Including collars, collar
and cuff sets, vestees and stocks.
Fefbhins; styles in white and
colors. Worth SI each, special
for Friday only, at 50c each.
Street Floor.
Neckwear Worth to 50c at 19c
A remarkable lot of extraordinary
values. Choice of ve-tees. collars
and collar and cuff sets in white
and colors. Valuesno 50?. sneclallv
I priced for Friday onlv, at 1B' each.
airetc tnoor.
50c Embroidery Floss,
i Friday 2.0c Dozen
I Fiber embroidery floss, all colors
(sold in dozen Ion only resulartr
,50c dozen Fridav 20c dozen
1 Art Dept.
Children's Rompers
and Dresses, 59c
Regularly 75c Each
A wonderfulv special lo" of
charmlnir little ttarraents in
size - to 4 vears. In desiznx
for French work, with scalloped
buttonholes romper in blue
bird designs: made up ready to
embroider Friday onlv. 59c
Art UcBt.
Hair Switches and
Transformations, $1.98 I
All shades excepting crav. In both I
Switches and Transformation-!. Val
ues un to $.'!. Friday at Jt !).
Ilalronr I'orUr Street Floor.
$3.00 Standard Grades of
Corsets, $1.98
Low and medium bu-c yUle.
with lone hips. double boned
throiichout Made of coutll and
batiste In white and fleh Friday
only, at St 93. Sizes 19 to 30.
llargnln nasoDteat
I 50c Boys' Stockings,
Friday, 29c
I 1....,. tw m,Li
-.tuikinsa- best uearintr. heaily I
rlbh-il At L'!H- lnt--ad of 5ilc pair I
, because of .sllclu IrrcRiilarities.
j whiili will not aiTect the weai
. fjuan'itv limited not more than
i I pi,lrs Hllou.-il each purchase!
i Outing Flannel at 37c
! The new season - production.
pood weight and reliable uuallty
In attraitiie plalde. llpes and
tlpiires standard at 10c ard.
Friday at -!7c
Marquisette, Yard 7c
I ruriiin .Maruulsette In lengths
i front 1 to : arils suitable for sah
i runiln etc llecillar at IS1;!" to
I l'5i Mitil Kriil.n at 7c il
Turkish Towels, 49c
I II, st toils. pioisture absorb
i Ins and wear roistuiK J!l . --
j VI Inches- and neatlv liemnied.
Door Panels, Etc., 19c
I T .... n n.l SiTiill Dili
Iice and Scrim Uoor raneis ana
I "fc, """ "... ".a -I.
Ilsi-'h LurtnmM. omy mem.
ICftirular at Bi fitch Friday at
! VJc
$1.50 Corsets, Friday
Special, at $1.09
i u i II 1 ii in ll i i ann i -.
lili'di l iilil itlidiutn huet 1 1M i
Clini of lHll.te nr i mi.ii
Mm l.mlted .iiiantitx ..t front N. . .
Corsuts. None stall lard it Uh I
than $1 ." I'rldaj al l ll'i '
Friday Special of Unusual Importance
Women's Pure Silk Hose
Perfect and Irregular Weaves, Worth $1.50 and $1.25
In face of pressnt day hoilsry
are rcmarnaQie. uecause tnesi
"fTP w can quote this excer
silk hose la plain and fancy
rotors inciurcu are perfect ft
(trade hose, slightly IrreEular
for Friday only, at 08c pair
To 25c Coronation Braid,
Friday at 9c BaIi
For embroidery work, crocheting,
etc. In white, ecru and colors. Fri
day only-at 9c bolt Art IJept
Japanese Centers
and Squares, 23c
A Recent Great Purchase of
500 pieces, including 35c quali
ties. Very desirable Japaneso Blue
Print Pieces of various designs
and 24 inch Hemstitched Hem
Square Very special offerinsr
for Friday only at 23c each.
Art IXpt.
Infants' SoftSole Shoes,
Fnday 75c
AUo slippc
ana moccasins in
white, and colors.
Fridav only at T5c.
Third Floor.
eluded, in black
Sizes I. 2, and X
Children's School Bloomers
at 75c Each
Of good quality black sateen.
Sizes G to 12 years. Friday only at
3c. Third Floor.
Special Lot of Pretty
White Dresses for
' In Sizes 6 to 14 Years
Friday at $2.98
Made of India Linen or Victoria
Lann, fancy or tailored stles.
lace or embroidery trimmed. Fri.
day only at S2.9S.
Third Floor
Babies' Coats at $3.59
Of white corduroy, warmly lined,
netted styles Sixes (I months to 2
ear Friday only at S3.SU.
Third Floor.
Women's Kid Gloves,
Specially Good, $225
Re fitted with a pair of these one--:
clasp Pique or cape Kid uioves .ah
sizes In tan, sray sand, putty, black,,
and white Street Floor.
$2.25 Chamois Gloves,
Friday Special $2.00.
Natural and White Chamois. e
leneil skins, made to fit like kid
gloves. All sizes. Sterrt Floor, i!
' 25c Violet Ammonia,
Friday Only 19c
ror toilet or bath Wood Violet.
'perfumed Ammonia In larc bottle
8iz. Toilet CooAi Street Floor.
I c
! 25c Jardin de Paris Bath i
Powder, Friday 19c
Hichlv perfumed, splendid for
, the toilet and bath Frida onlj.
! V0e -Street Floor.
! $1.25 Rigaud's Celebrated
Extracts, Friday 85c
Including; Vernon Castle, Carolina
' White. Trentinl. Illsh Jinks. CSer
aldlne Farrar Street Floor.
, Pinaud's Eau de Quinine Hair!
I!pcilarl t.Oc. SI 10 J.!, and 3 30.
Fndu .! U7t'. JIM), and J'.MIH.
I'ulal. Itoral Street Floor.
Exceptional Values in
Fall Suits, $17.98
In Sizes 1G to It
Wu- Kali Suits in plain tail
urwi -ind braid trimmed models
of ixiellent iiuahtv sergre. bt-lt
ed ntjlca in tuiked back and
'jelt. laree cloth collars inlaid
with velvet Coats are lined
throughout with pi tin or fancy
llnliiKS. gathered back skirts
with separate cirdle Colors
aro black and ntw Friday
onl at $17 US.
Suits at $21.90
0 Niwet models to select
from Made of wrst. poplins,
and gabardines, pi un tailored
styles, trlmiin-d uith braid and
buttons, many aro sample, all
silk lined ChoUe of black
tiav. hriiun and taupe Friduy
onl at J'.'l ut).
UurKaln llMenient.
Women's Coats, $10;
VhIqm toSls.a Inrlndrd in IhU lot
iuu '- j wn i a i i loan t ,
wool Kenres. nonlinx. and m.vrltv
Inth. tMi lnrKtk ollars und all )
.ir,.iiiul b. 1 with pockets Thfif ?
irp inediii Mhf Karmcnt nn
ii in b oi; ui t-t- lm priro J
r m" ' dli-no.-! V sin'h ma 4
imIh mi leris nxt yar fur los-t
inen ?::.1 None laid awa or J
netil 1 o l Ch.u. r for Krlda
nl at sill Itnrsnln llnnement. J
Glove Silk
Underwear, $1,95
92.50 Values
A broken assortment of Worn
men's Glove Silk. Underwear, com
prising vests, camisoles and enve
lope chemise, iVi white and pink.
Kayser and other makes, in plain
and lace trimmed styles. Fri
day only at f 1.35.
Street Floor.
conditions these valuta
Palais floral Street Floor.
Remarkable Lot of Standard
Gingham House Dresses,
Friday at $1.88
Kxceptlonal values In practical
garments In neat stripes and checks,
well tailored. In c;ood washing; col
ors, sizes to 41. For one da
ror one day-
Friday only at SI.SS.
Third Floor.
Envelope Chemise,
Friday at $1,98
Made of all silk crepe Je chine,
neatly trimmed with fine laces
Wonderful values for Friday at
Jl.UK Third Floor.
250 Bolts of New Cretonne
at 27c Yard
In light or medium weights for
comfort coverings or draparles; dos
ens of patterns. Friday only 27c
yard Second Floor.
100 Doz. Window Shades,
Friday 76c Each
In all the wanted colors: shades
of the better qualities. All perfect
coods. Friday only "6c each.
Seoood Floor.
Curtain and Drapery
Materials, 24c Yard
Consisting; of fine Filet Weave
!?ets. Figured Swisses. Scrims.
Voiles, Marquisettes. Flg-ured
Scrim-4n all shades. Friday only
at 24c ard.
Stend Floor
Hit-or-Miss Rag Rugs
Extra Special
18xS6-jnch size, Friday, 59c
25x36-inch size. Friday, 98c
27x54-inch size, Friday, $1.49
PalaU Royal Seeoad Floor.
Fine Axminster Rugs
Special for Friday
S3.50 27x54-inch kind, $2.95.
$o.50 56x63-mch kind. $4.25.
PalaU Royal
-Second Floor.
Men's Suits, $13.50
$20 to $22.50 Values
Suits of guod quality cheviots and
cassimerei. in medium and dark
colors All are with vests, coats
lined wltli Kootf crrade alpacic About
&o juIU in the lot. marked at less
4 than wholesale cost today .Sizes
to t:. special for riaay oniy ai
Men's khos Street Floor.
Men's Suits, $16.50
$25 to $27.50 Values
Mam are. of all-wool fabrics,
splendidly tailored of cheviots,
casslmerey. worsteds, and flan
nels. In a Rood assortment of de
sirable patterns. Models for
younc; and older men. sizes 33
to 12 Special for Friday only
at J Hi-"a I
llrn llinp Street Floor.
Men's and Young Men's
Overcoats, $16.50
t $25 to $30 Values
excellent all wool garments In
plain oxford and zray also Scotch
t mixture and some knitted materials
'Only about "0 coats in the lot Sizes
IS I to 41)
special lor iriasy only ai
lien'-. Shop Street Floor.
J $1.00 Value Silverware,
. Special at 50c
' Quadruple plate bonbon dihes and
jCard plates, also sterling silver de
i posit cake plates. andy jars, salt,
j pepper and mustard sets and many
'other pieces worth M set Special
' for Friday only at 50c
Mrret Flcor.
Closing Out Special Lot Silver,
ti. I7I.
arious patt.rns in siU Mint a.
ugrar shells butter knives orange nr
grapefruit spoons. oster forks ire
cream spiums. after dinner coffees
W-Wl I-,F..,'lt L'"-, ..IV MIIU
other desirable nieces Special ror
Friday only lie each Mreet Floor.
$2.25 SUver Article,
Friday at. $1.98
Cheese or cracker trsv. butter di
sirup pitchir and plaje Hindwuii
tra. bread plates olle dish, etc
Fnda ml at $1 OS
Mrret Floor.
$1.00 Baby Cups
Friday at 59c
Made of quadruple plate Spe. lal
for I'riday only at ZOr each.
Street Floor.
69c Bread Knives,
Friday at 50c
Christy liread Knives, specially
priced for Friday onlv at 5V each
Street I'lnor
Children's Vests and Pants,
Friday 59c
ChildrenV Kail s,echt I'leec e lind
!!lc;li neci. and I,o:u? sleeve esis and
ankle length pantu Slrrs j t,. 1"
vears .--pec al for Krtdav only t
Mv Street Floor.
c nose were purchased months V j-
itlonallr low Drlce. Women'i t t
effects In black, whlto and tyvJV
rades and a small lot of tilth
in weave. Worth SI.S3 and Jl.M. sDccial
1 2
v v. m a
' a

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