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That lack of reward in a material
sense that so often shackles, the com
poser of the greater things in music
is discussed by Henry 1 Mencken,
critic in his recent book, whose start
ling title is "Damn!" Says Vr. Menck
en of the composer:
A man labors and fumes for i
whole year to -write a sj mphony In '.5
rnjnor. He puts enormous diligence
into It, and much talent, and maybe
not little downright genius. It draws
his blood and v rings his soul. He
dies in It that he may live ngafn
Nevertheless, its final value. In the
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7 11,
: "If There Were More Music
ln the World There Would
3 Be Less Strife.
Music is the great
expressing every mood
understandable manner.
The Autopiano
Gives You a Fine
; Upright Piano
)anda Perfect
'. Player-Piano
In the One
The indorsements of the Autopiano come from
all over the world with its chiefest indorsement
from the fact that there are from one to four Auto-
pianos on the majority of Battleships, Cruisers, and
! Transports of our Navy traveling the seven seas,
and they are giving satisfactory service under all
climatic conditions.
Honesty of construction is guaranteed by the fact
that the Autopiano family of Craftsmen is the pick
of the Piano-Playcr building business and absolutely
harmonious and contented.
1 The Autopiano Sells for $600
On Convenient Terms
Exclusive Distributers
E. F. Droop & Sons Co.
f Oafs' I "" Ct
lOUU U Jl.
lit the Home
open market of the world, is a great
deal less than that of a fur over
coat, hair a ItollsRovce automobile,
or a handful of authentic hair from
the whiskers of Henry Wadsvvorth
Later on, Mr. Mencken presents his
compliments to the Interpreting artist,
as thus:
"The artist Is a sort of Impassioned
proofreader, blue penciling the lapsus
calami of God The worst flute
is never as bad as the worst soprano.
Setting aside hair a dozen per
haps a dozen great masters of a
moribund craft (piano playing), who
will say that the average mechanical
piano is not as competent as the aver
age pianist?"
! Ik not the United States army o
the United Staten navy that la at im
with fiermany. It la the United State
of America. This mean you. What
part are yon playing In the ivarf Yon
ran help by buying War Savlaga
vTjT TB" exkoss s.cmti
3 O O
in easy payments
"safety valve" of the Passions
and feeling, every thought in an
Steinway Pianos
-n bibbs . issnier i i
V L .Lr
Hy J. Maen.
The "service men" and "the peo
ple" are the two elements in the
make-up of the population of the
Capital of the United States today.
The welfare of "the people" who
are the stay-at-home war workers of
the nation, is becoming more and
more the care of the Government
Community events In the city
with music as a vital feature have
received an astonishing impetus in
the last month. These events, that
have been largely outdoor affairs, an
receiving the serious attention of the
War Department commissions on
training camp activities, under Peter
W. Djkema, with the co-operation of
Henry T. Ashe, of the War Camp
Community Service, as to how best a
winter program can be handled.
To care for the groups of from
4.000 to 10.000 people who assemble
three times a week at the Sylvan
Theater Is but one of the problems
that present themselves.
A Frenchman, in his native land,
was heard to exclaim- "Oh, I love this
American anthem "Hall, Hall, the
Gang's All Here, We're Goin' to Git
the Kaiser!'" Thero may not be
elegance In the incident, but this
much it docs show, that the cheer and
courage that "our boys" carry with
them In their camp songy. over there,
is winning the hearts of tl.eir allies
So the "sings" here at home arj
having a far-reaching effect that ex
tends even to the battle fields of
victory! And this the way they are
being extended, so that every neigh
borhood in the city may find occasion
to get some of this victory spirit.
Innovations that work, are the so
called "block singing," which has'as
Its Ideal, as Mr. Ahhc says, the crea
ting of a civic miracle for, "It will be
m that ou can find tinging 'all
around the town' anywhere, anv
Then there are sings at the
churches at clubs, for the railroad
men at Union Station, fn the depart
ment stores, in the United States
Government departments, in hospital.
community centers, and with the
"Four-minute men" In the movies.
1. Block singing i now In operation
in three groups, and four others are
ready to start. At Maryland avenue
Music in the Home Will
Help Win the War
If You Have a
Player Piano
Or a Victrola or Co
lumbia Talking Ma
rhine. the whole
family will feel more
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Pianos at 11UP
A delay of "0 days
will mean a very sub
stantial incrca.--c in
the cost of all musi
cal instruments.
Van Wickle
Piano Co.
Successor to the
1217 FSt.
. Hendley-Kaspar School
IS38 Kalornma Itond.
Tt lephnnr JVorth 3511.
Oprn for b Scnon WIS-1
Upn examination, lhf school will
ro-npcrat liberally with talented
'iHipila of limited nins.
i "j la Input
I Mit on rrqiifst lo wrretarv
t.tirln Morkenrlr- llrndlr.-, PHnrlpat.
II en IT R. Iuapart Mualrnt DIrrrtor.
and T street northeast there have been
tno slugs In die Triangle 1'ark The
true community worth of this singing
I du to Miss Sue Gardner, a public
school teacher, who worked up this
group, finding "block" musicians to
supply the accompaniment of the sing
ers. The leader of the slngais sent by
the W. C C, S.
This group uses brass instruments for
its accompaniment, and Miss Gardner
has been the organizer, or the discov
erer or the talent of the "block " The
sings will continue as long as they can
be held out-of-doors. They should start
a neighborhood rivalry that would EC
wholesome to the entire cit !
Al Otis pace and Eleventh stievt.
there have been sings fo- six or seven
weeks. The leader and the accom
panist, who has a piano dnw.i out on
a porch, direct the group who assemble
and sing on th" terrace oiUtdl.
2. The Telephone Company, to pro
vide for its Urge additional staff, has
a lot of cmplovcs living in "centers. '
These centers have five recreational
places of their own For these groups
the W C. C S. gives Community
Sings" In connection with their parties,
numbering about three a weck-
Anolher Interestlnc development in
connection with tills work Is the fact
that private schools are being used for
these recreational centers, i'- oners a
further opportunity for -o- iwratlon of
all the facilities the city at present
possesses. The school now In this list
are the Mrlstol School, the Colonial
School, and the Washington College:
3. The churches undoubtedly feel the
benefit of this movement. Four of our
prominent congregations are going to
gether for a combination Sunday even
ing "sing." to be given for tlio men in
service, and to be held every Sunday
evening. These are the New York Ave
nue rrcsbyterlan Church, the F
Congregational Church, the ML 1 leas
ant Congregational, ami the Calvary
Baptist churches.
Columbia HciBhts Church, at four
teenth and Park road, held a sing
last Sunday for tho first time. They
made a formal request for another
one in four weeks.
The Ninth Street Christian Church
began with one "sing" a month. In
connection with Its Sunday evening
service. Now It has the "sing" every
Sunday evening, with large congre
gations. At the Upiphany and the New lotK
Avenue churches, "sings" wcro pro
vided twice this week. In connection
with social events.
Clubs and organizations are "com
ing Into the rold" too.
1. The Railroad V. M. C. A., at
Union Station, hold an hour "sing"
at Its regular weekly meeting of the
employes, in the third floor audi
torium at Union Station, east. These
are on Tuesday evenings.
At the Y. M. C. A., on G street,
there are three, "sings." of an hour,
held In the lobby each week, from 7
to S on Mondays. Wednesdays and
I-"rldays. The Y. M. C. A. keep open
house. A reouest camo In from the
neighborhood that these events in
clude women Now mere are aiwnys
people of the n-ighborhood, with
women among them, who form a part
of the capacity audiences In these
trt weekly affairs
IS. The Food Administration Club
.-tarts next Tuesday evening with a
-lnr" from 7:30 to SiSO. In conncc
lion with the Interesting talks they
have been featuring.
The Business Women's Council of
the Y. W C A are holding "sings"
at Wesley Chapel
C. Walter need Hospital has a
"sing" sent out to It every week. It
alwavs has a capacity audience, a
crowded hall "My. but they do sing!"
said Mr. Ashe. "It Is one of the nicest
thing we have."
7. Of the department stores, the
number of "sings" at Lansburgh's has
increased from one to three a week.
Woodward & Lothrop started with
one a week for the clerks as they as
semble in the morning, and now It
holds two. Mr. Kahn. of Kann's store,
where one-"sing" Is held every week,
says- "They work better on Thurs
day "
S. The "Tour Minute Men" are now
holding four minute "sings" in thirty
movies In the cltv The assigning of
this schedule is in the hands of the
Government, as the activities of the
Tour-Minute Men" are under the dl
reetion of the Committee on Public
Information, who have Just taken
over music.
Song leaders are sent to thes
movie houses Their slogan Is "Four
Songs In Four Minutes" Words are
shown upon tho screen, of patriot!.,
popular songs. Surely, song Is In
the air'
9 In co-opcratlon with the Com
munity Centers there now arc "sings"
The dances at Central High School.
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in Phonographs
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what make, are
played at their best
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cause of the new Bruns
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ideas of phonographic
tone will change.
Come hear your favorite
selections today.
Let your own car decide.
Warerooms, Inc.,
WAI.TEIt V SMITH. Director.
March, "I fleclment de Sambre
rl Mens" Raiukt
Overture, "The-LAnd of the Moun
tain and the Flood" Maecunn
Monalr, "It Happened In Nordland"
Son;. "None but the Weary Heart"
Obllirnto by
Musician Arthur P Wltcomb.
Entr' Act. Simplicity' le
ml "Smiles" .Roberts
tb) Two-step. "You're in Style
Wben You're Weirlnc a Smile"
Van AItrno
Fantasia. "Woodland" . .Luflers
"I.a Marseillaise."
(Official arrangement approved by th
French Minister of War.)
"Tho Star-Spangled Banner."
each Friday and Saturday evening.
tv nne.hnlf hour. In the middla o:
the dance, every one stops and Joins
in the singing.
The Tyler School, In the south
east, and Wcit School, Farragut and
Fourteenth streets, hold community
"sings" of a half-hour on Tuesday
Chevy Chase School Is the icn
of a "sing," In connection with the
rnmmunitv vcsDCrs on Sunday after
noons at 0 for which a leader Is sent
from the W. C. C. S. This takes tho
endeavor Into the suburbs, where It
is proving full of possibilities ror a
future development.
Aa an Incidental event this week,
a "sing" was given at the John Dixon
Home on Tuesday evening.
10. The Government departments.
aa has already been told, contribute
a large enthusiasm to the extension
of the spirit of song Into tho work
day of the nation.
11. The Sylvan Theater project Is.
nerhans. the most alluring. If a sub
stitute Is found for these vast out
door audiences, when they have to
go Indoors, it will offer the largest
recreational feature the Government
has ever been prompted to "father."
The band co-operation here seems
significant. In their turn, these
evenings have the enthusiastic sup
port of the leaders and the men
of the Marino Band, and that of
Camp Meigs. Fort Myer, the Bar
racks, and the navy yard.
Where can we accommodate. In
doors, the 4,000. the 10,000, or even
hair that number? Does it mean the
realization of our dream of a Na
tional Opera House? Of a beautiful
National Opera House, of which the
nation would be proud claiming Its
artistic place with those of European
and South American cities?
It is surely significant that for all
of the events cited above, the Gov
ernment handles the schedules, pro
viding the executives, the leaders
and the accompanists.
There aro to be no arid spots In
Washington's social system, in her
"win the war" program! Does it real
ly mean a National Opera House a
National Auditorium with the sup
port of the Government?
It Is the way America Is to be
come a musical nation.
"Discussion has been rampant of
late as to what kind of musie the men
of our new army and navy prefer,"
says Josef Stransky. leader of the
New York Philharmonic Society.
"Much sage advice has been given
as to the exact tunes which might
safely be used as bait to draw our
fighters into an unconscious apprecia
tion of tho finer feelings of art It
may be imagined, therefore, that It
was with something akin to trepida
tion that the Philharmonic Society
recently invaded the training camps
of Dix and Upton, armed only with
the traditional orchestral instruments
and a serious, dignified program of
the best music. The outcome of this
experiment was a surprise and a de
light to everyone concerned. The men
were not compelled to attend the
concerts, yet they turned out In such
numbers that the hall could not ac
commodate them all. They were not
forced to stay through the entire pro
gram, but the only ones who left be
fore the close were those actually or
dered out on guard duty.
.AAAi A.'
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Investigation among classes of
children during the first six years of
their school life and from tner. on.
shows conclusively that children who
have the opportunity of Joining In
musical activities In the firt few
years of their school life never lose
their interest in and enjoyment o'
music later.
The results, therefore, of surround
ing the youngest children In our pub
lic schools with a musical atmosphere
are simply beyond estimation.
Music In the schools also brings to
light those with unusual talent. Here
Is a boy whose parents would not al
low him to stay up at night to study
music. So he hid his music-study
books and a candle under the mat
tress of his bed, and after tho house
hold were asleep, he stole out. lit his
candle and simply devoured musical
Fanlt of System.
Is it any credit to an educational
system that such talent should be
hindered by lack of opportunity in
the school studies, while othors were
being given a start, and a good start,
too. In manual training and domestic
One cannot help feeling that there
are scores of such children with
marked musical capabilities who go
through life undiscovered, perhaps
even to themselves, because through
lack of music study In the schools.
There is plenty of talent In every
school If It is only encouraged to put
its head above ground. It is errone
ous to think that musical talent is
confined to people in foreign lands.
It Is equally wrong to think that mu
sicians are born Into the world ready
made, as It were; that Is. they arc
born with a matured genius, or be
come musical prodigies all at once.
On the contrary, wo And the great
musicians Were Just ordinary chil
dren, as the children of today, but In
their earliest years they were encour
aged In music, the channel along
which their talents ran.
, Unlike Their Fathers.
Haydn's father was a wagon mak
er; Arne's was an unholsterer; God
owsky's, Handel's, and Berlioz's were
aoctors; Rubinsteins was a pencil
maker; Schumann s a book seller:
Chopin's and Schubert's were school
teachers: Donizetti's a weaver; Men
delssohn's and Meyerbeer's were
bankers; Bach's, Beethoven's, Mo
zart's, and Brahm's were musicians;
and Rossini's, an inspector of slaugh
ter houses.
Surely these were quite a typical
lot of boys. Many of them might be
unknown today had no encourage
ment been given them In their early
years, l es, our schools have quite the
opportunity in music that they have
in) manual training, domestic science,!
msineraaiics, and me otner Drancnea
of education, but the opportunity
needs to be seized upon.
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in many a long moon. As everybody
knows, these versatile vaudeville
headline are at their tip-top best
in character stuff and here is char
acter singing of the highest order,
a la Van and Schenck. One side is
-My Marie" a bit of sunny Italy as I
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bouritza OrcHcstra. tho players w
havo swept New York off Its musical
feet and who" are engaged for the
summr to play nightly n the Wal
dorf rp f. Hero is milr.Hv with the
wild, free awing of the.'llalkara In
It: the strain of melancholy that
abides In every Serh'tn'.i heart, and
the most graceful. mol -flowing of
waltz tempo. Ilea- It nce. .you'll
never rest until you've ilancid aaln
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to what
see how
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