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to iJEiatJikE: discounts:
Contractors who hao granted dls-
rants to tha public for prompt pay-
ent of bills wfll be required to do
js same hereafter -when dealing with
l army. The general staff has notl
ed all supplr bureaus to require such
t' i gcounts.
NEW YOR.K, Sept. 10 Acceptance
of the Federal contract for the opera
tion of railroads during the war and
for twenty-two months thereafter
has been authorized by the directors
of the New York Central railroad
Kiddies' Week
A Pre-School Event
In anticipation of the School
Days just around the corner
we've made uncommon prepa
rations this week in our juve
nile department to the end that
mothers could select 'the chil
dren's outfits from one of the
most attractive stocks in the
city. Included are
Wash Suits
Kiddie's Week is a REAL
EVENT. Mothers have been
quick to appreciate the re
markable values offered.
The smartest of girlish, models
in sizes 6 to 14 years of novelty JK
cloths in shades of brown, navy, t
Burgundy and wine. PrrWly i
trimmed with belts, pockets and
novelty buttons.
IVafka S Young Folks
10th and F Si. "
President and Mrs. Wilson Have Guests at the White House -Activities
of the Diplomats and Official Society. '
and Miss Bertha Boiling,
mother and sister of Mrs
Woodrow Wilson, are guests
of the President and Mrs Wilson at
the White House, having arrived yes
terday from Orange. Va., where they
have been most of the summer. They
will spend a week at the White
House and will then return to their
apartment at the Powhatan for the
season. .
This morning the President and
Mrs. Wilson plajed golf Last even
ing they attended the performance at
the National Theater, having as
guests Mrs. Boiling. Miss Boiling.
John Bandolph Boiling, and Miss
Helen Woodrow Bones.
The selection of John W Davis. So
licitor General, to fill the important
post of ambassador to Great Britain
has made the happiest Impression in
Washington, where Mr Davl Is rec
ognized as the type of man who can
fill the role with distinction.
Mrs. Davis Is as popular and as highly
regarded as her husband anil is well
qualified to be chatelaine of the Ameri
can embassy at London. Mr and Mrs.
Davis are close friends of the Secrcta-y
of State and Mrs Lansing, and -.re slso
on the friendliest of terms with the
British Ambassador and Lady Beading
Since Mr. Davis' departure for Swit
zerland, where he Is to serve on a com
mission to discuss the exchange of pris
oners. Mrs. Davis has been in and out
of Washington. She accompanied her
daughter. Miss Julia McDonald Davis,
to Wellesley College, where the latter
will resume her studies.
Return to Embassy.
The Brazilian Ambassador and
lime. , da (Jama have returned to the
embassy from their summer home.
Heron Hall, at Long Branch, where
Mine, da Gama has been all the sum
mer and where the ambassador joined
her frequently.
Mrs. William Glbb McAdoo. wife
of the Secretary of the Treasury,
who returned to town with Mr. Mc
Adoo the first of this week. Is de
voting her time to the work of the
Women's National Liberty Loan
Committee, of which she Is chairman
It was at her Instance that Miss
Kathleen Burke, representative In
America of the Scottish Women's Hos
pital, spoke last evening to the
women of the Treasury Department
at Poll's Theater. The meeting was
largely attended, even the galleries
being packed, and the speaker, who
was Introduced by Mrs. McAdoo. was
given an enthusiastic welcome.
Mrs. McAdoo has appointed Mrs.
Blaine Beale, chairman of the Na
tional Women's Liberty loan commit
tee for the District of Columbia.
Miss Sallie McAdoo is with Secre-
I LLLLLWBbSne :HPsMB:BHBnslUikllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHl
i:iajs vfy s sLHtliHe1iLLLLLLLLLLLLI
Swift A Company's sales of freih bef In
Waahlnrton D C for the week eodlnc
Saturday. September II. 1911, aTeraged
21.lt cents per pound Adrt.
Wife of Congressman Rogers of Massachusetts, who was hostess at
dinner last evening.
tary and Mrs. McAdoo at their home
in Sixteenth street, but little Miss
Ellen Wilson McAdoo and the Secre
tary's small granddaughter. Miss
Nona Martin, are still at White Sul
phur Springs. Secretary and Mrs. Mc
Adoo will return shortly to their
summer home to close It up and
bring the children back to Washington.
spending yesterday In Philadelphia.
In the afternoon she sang for the j their guests.
L-onicrfnce ot r ooa jiamiaisirauon
officials, being held there, and In the
evening she gave a recital for mem
bers of the Woman's Commltee. Coun
cil of National Defense, also In con
ference In Philadelphia.
J Mr. Carry at the Shoreham. After
visiting her home In Chicago, Hi.
Carry has been staying with her
daughter. Mrs. W. C. F. Nicholson
wife of Major Nicholson. In Atlanta.
Miss Carry spent the greater part
of the summer In Chicago.
Miss Lota Robinson, who was " t
Santa Barbara, Cat.. Is at present the
guest of Mrs. George Cameron at
' Burllngame. CaL
Mrs. McDonald Back.
Mrs. James McDonald has returned
to her residence In Massachusetts ave
nue after making a series of visits on
Long Island. She was away about
two weeks, and during her absence
her son. Lieut. Arthur Bradley Camp
bell, Quartermaster Corps, U. S. A.,
kept the house open and had several
of his brother officers staying with
Mr and Mrs. George T. Marys have
completed a visit at White Sulphur
Springs. W. Va.. and are at their resi
dence in N street for tha winter.
Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander
Lieber, of "Buttonwood Hill." Bryn
Mawr, Pa., will entertain at dinner
on Saturday night in honor of Brig.
Gen. G. Norman Lieber. of Washing
ten, and Judge Charles F. Stearns, of
Providence. It. L. who are the house
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lieber during
the Bryn Mawr hora show.
The Misses Frances and Louisa
Hoar, daughters of Mrs. Frederick H.
Gillett and granddaughters of the lata
Senator Hoar, have completed a
series of visits on the North Shore
and again are in Washington.
The Siamese minister. Phya Prabha
Karavonsse. and the members of the
legation staff returned yesterday to the
legation here after spendlnr the summer
at Bass Rocks, Gloucester, Mass.
Congressman and Mrs. John Jacob
Rogers were hosts at dinner at the Pur
ple Iris Teahouse last evening. Vice
Admiral and Lady Grant were among
Ambassador Stlmson Here.
Frederic J Stlmson. United States
ambassador to Argentina, and Mrs.
The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs.
n.nl.l. ratitpniul lnf tn(nfr frnm
,, . ... , ,. , Stlmson are spending a few days at the
Annapolis where they went for the . . "f. . . .
... . . ,. ,.- , . ii'ownaian. -iney wiu leave toaay prep-uie acting nosiess ai me weexiy uinper
graduation exercises at the IJva' , oratory to returning to Mr. Stlmson's tonight at the Arts Club. Some of the
Miss Mabel Boardman will return to
Washington tomorrow from Polnte-a-PIc,
Province of Quebec, where she has
spent a part of the summer with her
mother. Mrs. William T. Boardman.
who will Join her here before the end of
the month.
Mrs. Boardman Is with Mrs. Murray
Crane at Dal ton. 'Mass.
Miss Amelia Dorothy Defrles will be
the acting hostess at the weekly dinper
Academy, when the Secretary made
the address to the graduating class.
Mrs. Baker, wife of the Secretary
of War. returned to town today, after
Purity Paramount!
Every bit of Medicine or merchandise has
to "make good" with a before it goes onto
the shelf! We make it PROVE ITS PUR.
ITY its merit, and then we offer it to you
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Before Yon Buy Smokes
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Keen Judge a mild do
mestic 5c; 6 for 25c; $2.00
box of 50.
Win. the Fourth (Dwarfs),
25c box of 10.
"La Linda" Genuine Ma
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box of 100, 2.75.
"Rey-Oma" (Senators),
9c; 3 for 25c; box of 50,
"Girard" (Brokers). 9c;
3 for 25e; box of 50. $3.75.
M. Bustillo's. "Larapa
Blend," now 5c straight;
$2.15 box of 50.
Chancellor (invincibles),
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Keller's Boquet (Admir
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Every-Day Toilet Necessities
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Naboth; pints,
21c; quarts, 42c
Household Am
monia, nearly
quart bottles, 10c
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Hazel, pint, 23c
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pkgs., 15c
A Pledge"!
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tatter the VkBrJl
Mum, 21c
Ever-Sweet, 25c size,
De-o-dora, an A. D.
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perspiration, 25c
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Family Remedies
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Snce nnd Sntphur
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drurf. AOv.
renalnra Hnlr Tonic will put
the scalp In Rood condition nnd
make the hair soft and fluffy
The formula is on the label Price
SI. OO bottle
rierplrlde ITnlr Tonic, 43c nnd
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hair, two sizes, 50c and Jl.00.
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Timely Tooth Preparations
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post of duty.
Xnr Danchter Arrlres.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Grosvenor are
receiving congratulations on the birth
of a daughter at IVlldacres, their
country home on the Rockville pike.
several -,ys Rro. The little girl Is
J their flftu oUuKhtsr and ssventh child.
.Their son, Melvllls Bell Grosvenor.
'has Just returned from vMtlng- his
grandparents, Dr and Mrs Alexsnder
Graham Bell. In Badeck, Nova Scotia.
and has entered the Army and Navy
Preparatory School. He has been ap
pointed by Congressman Zihlman to
the United States Naval Academy as
a member of the class Thlch enters
next June.
Mrs Alexander Graham Bell will
return to Washington In a few days
to see her youngest grandchild, but
It is unlikely that she and Dr Bell
will be here much daring the fall and
winter, as Dr. Bell is engaged upon
some Important work for the United
States and Canadian governments.
Major and Mrs. Neville Monroa
Hopkins will move into their resi
dence, 212S Bancroft place, on Octo
ber 1. and will have with tham for
tho winter their son-in-law and
daughter, Capt and Mrs. John Greg
ory llopo Since their marriage In
tho spring Captain and Mrs. Hope
hae had a cottage In Chevy Chase.
MMs Prances Hopkins, younger
daughter of Major and Mr Hopkins,
ulll he a debutante this season, and
will be presented to society at a tea
on Thanksgiving Day. the day select
ed by her sister. Mils Anne Hopkins,
now Mrs. Hope, for her debut two
jears ago
Major and Mr nopkln' residence
in IWtoy place wa rented last win
ter to Dr. and Mrs George Howard
Warrington, of Boston, and they have
been for a year at the home of Major
Hopkins' mother. Mrs P A M. Hop
kins, at Ddgcmoor. Md. Mrs Hop
kins expect"! to rent her house In
Hdgemoor and come to town for the
McLeans at Friendship.
Mr Hdward Beale McLean and her
two small boys have returned to town
from White Sulphur Springs, W Vt,
and have Joined Mr. McLrfan at Friend
ship, where they will spend the early
autumn. t
Major and Mrs T. Johnson Ward,
of Philadelphia, will close their houie
at Merlon on October 1 and will come
to Washington for the winter. Mrs
Ward, who mi Mis Pansle Bloomer
1 a Washington girl She is the
daughter of Mrs Laurence Heap
rdmore. Pa. are roming to Wash
Ington for an extend'd visit, and are
due to arrive about October 15
speakers will be ths Princess Ghuca of
Roumanla: Dr. Ami, of the British em
bassy, and George Julian Zolnay, ot
Lieut. T. Q. Donaldson, Jr U. S. A.,
arrived la Washington Tuesday to
spend fifteen days' leave with his
mother, Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson, wifa
of Brigadier General Donaldson. U.
S. A, now In France. Lieutenant Don
aldson, who was graduated from West
Point in June, has been attending
the school at Fort Sill, Okla., and
will return after his leave to be aa
Instructor. Midshipman Augustus
Hoke Donaldson, who has been spend
ing his vacation with his mother, will
return tomorrow to the Naval Acad
emy, where ha is a student.
If you have Catarrhal Deafness
or are even Just a little, hard ot
hearing or have head noises go to
your druggist and get 1 ounce of
Parrntnt (doable strength), and
add to it Vt pint of hot water and
a little granulated sugar. Take 1
tablespoonful four times a day.
This will often bring quick re
lief from the distressing head
noises. Clogged nostrils should
open, breathing become easy and
the mucus stop dropping Into the
throat. It Is easy to prepare, costs
little and Is pleasant to take.
Anyone losing hearing or who
has Catarrhal Deafness or head
noises should give this prescrip
tion a trial.
Hair Often Ruined
By Washing With Soap
Soap should be used very carefully,
If you want to Jcecp your hair looking
Its best. Most soaps and prepared
hampoos contain too much alkali.
This dries the scalp, makes the hair
brittle, and ruins It
The best thing for steady use Is
Just ordinary mulslned cocoannt oil
(which Is pure and greaseless), and la
better than the most expensive sosp or
anything else you can use.
One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse
the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply
moisten the hair with water and rub
It In It makes an abundance of rich,
creamy lather, which rinses out essily,
removing every particle of dust. dirt.
AmnAvtttt RtlH .TPAMlvil Oil Tll6 hair
Major and Mrs Warren Walker of i dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves
the scalp soft, and tho hair nne ana
llky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy
to manage.
Mr Edward F Carry and her
daughter. Miss Margaret Carry, have
returned to Washington and Joined
You can get mulslned cocoanut oil
at any pharmacy, it's ery cheap, and
a fdv minces will nunolv every mem
Iber of the family for montns
To the Ladies and Men of Washington
This Is an Invitation to Meet
Bledhman's Fashion Shop
Cor. 7th and H Sb. N. E.
At our Opening, Friday and Saturday, Sept 20th
and 2 1st, where you will find a large assortment
of the newest and best up-to-date line of Ladies.
Men's, and Children's Wearing Apparel to be had
in the city. Your inspection is solicited whether
you buy now or later.
Come in and Receive a Souvenir.
Blechman's Fashion Shop,
Cor. 7th and H St. N. E.
Open Daily, InclucBng Saturday, From 9:15 a. in
to 6:00 p. m.
Have You Seen Our
Trimmed Hats at
$5.00 and $7.50
We think when you do you will acknowledge thenv to
be the be$t quality for the prices to be found in the city.
They .are wen maae,
well finished, and, though
simply trimmed, each has
;a distinctive air about it
that shows careful con
struction and tasteful
They are black velvet
hats chiefly, though, of
course, colors are very
popular, too.
The trimmings are of
ostrich feathers, fancy ef
fects, flowers, or self
trimming, and some are
trimmed with narrow
grosgrain ribbons.
A number of these vel
vet hats have facings of
light contrasting colors.
Kann's Second Floor.
i Save Peach and Other Fruit Stones Over Here and:;
VC u s-, "' w
Uncle Sam wants yon to give him your peach stones instead :
I of throwinjr them away. About 200 peach stones rill provide ; ;
; enough Carbon for a Gas Mask the orJy thinz that stands
! ; between Germany's poisonous jrases and the death of our sol-;
! ; diers.
Dry the peach stones and brine them to this store.
Form a club in your neighborhood and let this store be your ',
! ; depository.
Save Apricot, Cherry. Plum. Prnne and Olive Pits, Date
Seeds, Walnuts, Hickory Nuts. Butter Nuts
and Shells of These Nuts.
Jjjfjjufrrrrrrrrrrr -"'
Friday! Important Sale Women's Boots
Newest Fall Styles
Samples and Regular Lines
Choice $5.95 Pair
Boots worth a great deal more,
but we own them at a special pries
and give you the benefit.
The quantity is not large (800
pairs) and as they are the popular
high cut lace styles, we would sug
gest early attendance to the sale if
you would own these splendid boots
at this special sale price.
Included are Russian calf, gray
kid, field mouse -kid, dark tan kid
and several combination effects.
Plain vamps, some with novelty
tips: all-leather and cloth tops,
Cuban, military and French heels.
Good range of sizes.
Kann's Fourth Floor.
I : ii
I : f
v r 1
hi J
Cl JPhL. I B .T
y .Hals' III
I M i I '
z morrow a
Worth much more, bnt to-2
Buttons in dark colors and ; '
' : black for the new coats, suits ! ;
and dresses; all this season's;,
: ! styles: from 9 to S on a card, ;
; i according to size.
Street Flsor.
' 90t
1 7A
C.r.ln T rY Z i r,insrnam sinrl Ppi.
i tjcuiiMic; xjt- v ,. um -w
Buttons ,
cales for School
In remnant lengths, but
1 1 remnants that can be em
; ; ployed in making up chil
; dren's dresses for fall school
I wear.
Also other wash goods in 2
! ; the lot; worth up to 50c a 2
' ', yard.
; Choice of the lot, Friday, a J
Kann's Street Floor.
Final Clearance
i Of the Short Lengths Remaining From Our Recent j
Sale of Remnants of a Well-Known
Silk Manufacturer j
i Hundreds and hundreds of lengths ot 1 J3 to 6 yards, of;
: iimnt everv kind of weave vou could ask for. in clain I
nrf fan silks. Silks sellin? reeularlv from the full boH!
M..M -..J - w W .- . .,
J at much more thaa tomorrow's special price. aiiKs you;
want for use in maicing up ran aresses, waisis, aji i ir ;
nr as l ninrs. Choice friaav. to ciose, vara y v v
Extra Special Satin Stripe Chiffon
1 2So vards of this most 'desirable silk for afternoon;
; and evening wear. 40 inches wide, all in white grounds,
twith different width satin stripes in colors, such as pink,
lavender, turquoise, orchid, French blue, reseda, navy.;
black and white, and white ThH lot special M I Q
lmifl. a ard vpi.17
I Ka-ui - Mreet Floor
7lh fc K N. W.
?fo. 3
14th & U N.
No. 4
7th & M N. W.
JVo. 5
8th &H N.
7th & E N. W.

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