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lresldent "Wilson will meet Roy D
Chapln. chairman, and the eleven re
Clonal chairmen of the highways trans
port committee of the Council of Xa
tjonal Defense this evening In recogni
tion of the committee's work for and
Connection with the other governmental
Czndes for the prosecution of the war.
Today's conference Is on the co-opera-
tlon of the committee with the Fuel Ad
ministration, through the haullnff of
fuel from mines to mills v' the blgh
Vays and the distribution of it In the
cities, and through the more economical
operation of all motored vehicles Mark
L. Requa, oil administrator, and Cyrus
Gamtey, Jr., assistant fuel administra
tor, and Joseph P. Baker, of the War
Industries Administration, spoke.
"If American motorists and truck
drivers would stop the waste of gasolene
and oil there wouldn't be any need of
casless Sundays," said Chairman Cha
pin. "Well push a campaign to end the
wastes caused by faulty carburetor td
Justment. motor idling and leaks "
Last night the committee went out to
the source of one of America's success,
tuj rural expresses, the farming com
munity of Olney. lid. There, at a. farm
dinner, which the host. J N. Barnsley,
told his guests was entirely home grown,
with the exception of the tea, sugar and
coffee served, they heard at first hand
the ralue of rural expresses to farmers
Mr. Barnsley showed them a. field
TJhlch he had rescued from pasture and
turned Into corn and wheat when the
rjiral express replaced five of his work
animals. Another, W. B. Chichester,
pointed to the Increased herd of dairy
cattle that he Is able to maintain by
reason of the quick marketing facilities
afforded by the rural express
Latest Casualty List From
Oversea Forces
,Tbe executive committee of the Na
tional Federation of Postal Emnlovea.
which is holding a three-day session
at me national headquarters In the
A. K or L building here, announced
today a "mall early" campaign In
ue interests of the postofflce work
The executive committee of th
Federation also decided to ask Con
Cress to make permanent the clasclfl
cation law Dassed Julv 2. which nrn
vldea for entrance salaries' of 71,000
for all postal employes, with auto
matic increases to J 1.500. during; the
current year. In addition, the com
mittee will ask Congress for a 25 per
cent war bonus, because of the in
creased cost of living- during the war
Another Important measure which
the committee will endeavor to have
adopted Is a time differential In favor
of JHe night workers. At present the
men and women working- on the night
rhlfts are paid at the same rato as
the day workers
Box toes In shoes, felt heel pads
fend Innersolcs are doomed unless
felt manufacturers have on hand
necessary raw materials for these
purposes, the War Industries Board
ruled today. Xo more raw materials
Will be allowed to be used for making-
felt shoe findings beyond what
th factories have on handtodiy
Urn- Srotta. Lewis W. MIHIman.
X. Jl.. Ttonvrell. Wlllard T. LuaU.
N. Y-, 2Vev lork, Joseph A, Skratt.
Tens, Colombia, Leellne O. Crane.
Iown, Waterloo. Eben A. Smith.
Mich., Yuma. Thomas K. I.nmonl.
X. Y.. m York, Joseph IT. l.eoy.
Pa., Urove City. John Hilltop.
III.. Chlcaco, Ray c. Batten.
111., Harrtsbunr. George Hart.
Iowa. Aorlh English. Hrneat K. Dirk.
Mas.. Boston, Georsr It. Stannon.
Mich., Holland, Henry Walter.
Mo Knnaaa City. Sloart Carkener.
X. T., Woodhaven. John Rnon.
Okla- Stillwater, Herbert W. Wlllman.
Pa- Denvlek. Jamra T. Valentine.
Tna, Morrison. Wlllard M. CampbelL
Wis., Sawyer, Joseph Jnndra.
Mich- Gladwin. Ralph W. W right.
Ala, Cullman. FTltx V. O'alla.
Ark.. Bentonvllle, Clarence E. Hot-
r.a, Ramhnrat. Charlie H. Rramblett.
Idaho, St. Anthony. Lester Wells.
Iowa. Elliott. Robert H. Williams.
Ivy, Greenville, Att Mlddleton.
Ivy., Privett. John Smith.
Mian- St. Paul, Fred Carl Schrelber.
Minn., Erhard Carl F. Bredehaft.
Minn- Montevideo, Emll It. Johnson.
Mont- Avondalr. 1"red 1'olmer.
N. J- Bayonne, Martin W. Sllber.
3. J- RlTermlde, Eusthathlo Kefalos.
X. Y- New York, Anton Jerabek.
V Y- Yonkera. Clinton E. Boabey.
X. Y- New York. Joseph Kohen.
N. Y- TJUea. Felix Knzbarskls.
N. Y, New York, Fred C. White.
N. Y- Buffalo, Castmir Wiesxeaecln-
X. Y New York. Enoch G. Margraf.
N. Y., Amatrrdam. Henry F. Schotte.
X. Y- New Yark, John Nelaon.
X. Y., New "lork. Blartlno Petttneo.
N. 1- New lork, John J. Wonlfe.
N". C- Leland, Eratas L. Nelaon.
X. C- notli. to-vllon, Joa'pli 1- Until
N. D Cannon Ball, Albert Grass.
Ohio, Pomeroy, Lewla 15. Daniel.
Pa- Mapleton Depot, Joseph Davis
Pn., Philadelphia, Stanley H. nerry.
Pa- Philadelphia, William J. Slemmer.
Iturala, Minsk, Poland, Adam Felter.
. D- Columbia. Roy A. Hall.
Utah. Tooele, Jamea 15 Howell.
Wash- Seattle, Domlniek Bartolero.
XVaah- Seattle, Erie J. Oslln.
Wla- Milwaukee, Joseph Jnraslnki.
Wla- Sheboyican, Henry Matrix.
Mass., Mew Bedford, Perley G. Sbarpe.
Masa- Fall River, Phllomon J. De-
Mass- Mattapan. Sanl Godlnakv.
.Mass- Weatfield. J-din Joseph Klely.
.Uau- Chelaea. Geora-e W. Kushner.
Masa- Ilorebeater, Joaeph L. Kenney.
jnaas- uoaron, Erneat L. Lander.
Masa., Maiden, John Ryan MacOon-
Mex- San Domlnno, Morrla Ltpahlts.
Mleb- Greenville. John Henry Wolff.
Mlrh- Grand Itnplda, John Zeldam.
Mleb- Grant. Benjamin Fink.
Mleh., Detroit, Henry Jomea Drake.
Mleh- Decker, Hairy A. Leslie.
Minn., Minneapolis, Georee Wlllette.
Minn- Wykorf, Howard S. Ploof.
Miss, Stonewell, Earl n WHIIford.
Misa- Pontotoc Jamea M. Folknrr.
Mo- Stockton, Grover C. Henderaon.
Mont- Anaconda, Edward A. Flyan.
Mont- Llbby, Albert R. Lovlek.
N. II- Keene, John M. O'Connor.
N. n- Lincoln, Eraeat Richard Lev
N. J- Jeraey City, Joaeph Charles
N Y, Brooklyn. Howard J. Light.
N. Y- New York, Carmelo Roneo.
N. Y- Jfew York, Louis J. Reisjer.
N'. Y- Jfew York, Geertre Front la
X C- Anxier, Leater F. VcGee.
N. D- Arthur, John H. Wagner.
Ohio, Cincinnati, Thomas L. Knott.
Ohio, Wellnton. Elmer Thompson.
Ores;- Eataeada. Conrad C. Coekerllne,
Pa- Lancnater, N'lckolaa Corradlno.
Pa., MeadvlIIe. Andrew G. Shiner,
Marines Have Three
Victors, One Victory,
No Retreat, on Rolls
A search through the muster
rolls of the Marine Corps recently
showed that the "Devil Dogs
arc lone; on strategy.
The rolls contain 24 Anthonys,
4 Washington, 3 Wellingtons, 71
Grants, 162 Lees, 70 Alexanders.
3 Lafayettes. 33 Sheridans, 191
Jacksons and 1 Bonaparte.
There also are 3 Victors. 1 Vic
tory but no Retreats, and Just to
make things pleasant, the Ma
rines have found they can take
Berlin anv time they desire.
There are five of them in the
Poland, Warsaw, Joe Koplre.
Poland Rnaala, Noworadomsk, Jacob
M. Herahman.
Rnasia, Izyaalovakl, Greeael, Wolly-
akl, John Vaxnnk,
S. D- Armour, John Stotx, Jr.
Tenn- Chattanooga, Thnrman Davis.
Tex- Del Rio, Gajce P. Day.
Va- Prlneeaa Anne, Rnaaell E. Wld-ireon.
Va- Edlnbara-. Leater Walvertna.
Waah., Seattle, Joaeph N. Basse.
Wash , Walla Walla. John Laufer.
Waah- Auburn, Orle E. Elfers.
Waah- Chetlo Harbor. Wendell W.
W. la- Haywood. "William Shamblln.
W, Va- S. Charleaton. Frank Mldklff.
S. C- Wllllamaton, Robert R. ParnelL Wla- Wankraha, Stanley B. Grover.
S. D., laabel, Emerson E. Smith.
S. D- Bowdle, David F. Me lie.
5. D- AtheL Lewis M. Roar.
Tenn- Moaa, Frank P. Janes.
Tex- Glenwood. Albert H, Porter.
Tex- Blanket, William G. Porter.
Utah. Altonab, William M. Heath.
Vt, East Arlington, Thomaa J. Mc
Carthy. Vt- Rlebford, Albert E. Leplant.
Va- Waverly. William M. Saylor.
Va- Norton. William SI. Anderaon.
Waah, North Yakima, Victor Moreao.
Waan- Taeoma. Emerr W. Jlbble.
"O. Vn., Fort Springs, Verney Rnt- Pa, Greentown, Harold Boehtrr,
ledse. I 1-iiiVATB.
Wt Va- Byrnalde. Brook C. Bowlra. 1 "- I- W'oonaoekei, Joseph neml Hetu.
r ib uninninK, nilHUI tl, uailon.
Mis- Milwaukee, Cheater Kath.
Wis- Neenab, Deforrekt Irvine; Kevlll.
Wis Kaukanana, William AVeyen-
Wis- Kenoahn, tValter Larson.
Wis., Neenab, Charles Nielsen.
Wla., Lancaster, Frank Udelhovea.
Wis- Kaukanana, Martin van den
Wis- Speoner. Engwald Ttelahart
Wyo- Gray BnIL Clyde n. neas.
Masa- Cambridge, Crawford J. Fer-gnaon.
Hattle Jackson, colored, twenty
four years old. 1101 Pierce street
northwest. Is at her home suffering
from a bullet wound in her right leg.
Bertram Jackson, her husband, is
locked up at Sixth precinct charged
with shooting her
BaeaeaeaeaeaNt'VS JsnaaaW
HBaHFVsnt "aw ammsav
"" 7UvJssw
aaar? ' X
N. T, Brooklyn, Heath E. Noble.
Ind- IndlanniMilla. David C. Brenton,
N. 1, New lork. Edward Grant Coxei.1
N. C. Spray. Jacob O. Boone.
Pa, Jeanette, Jamea E. Shuster.
Ill- Chicago. George Hnry Horn
Ark- Wynne, Carl K. Allmond.
Ark- Newport, Henry Davis.
Canada, St. Joseph, Quebec Arthur
Conn New London, Wladyslaw
Conn, Waterbnry, Arthur D, Rich
Iowa, Ida Grove, Alfred G. Shaffer.
Mass, Cambridge, Frederick J. Mnr-
Minn., Bertha, Frank Greenwoldt.
Mont Terry, Jamea A. 1 arno.
Nev- Reno, Donald C. Knarr.
N. M, Dedman, Wealey Elwood
Pa- Old Forge. Frank Baelaake.
Pa, Mlahaw, John Laird.
Tex., San Antonio, Traeey Moore.
Urbana. Ohio, Abraham D. Evana.
Nellie J.
-Fyramld Pile Treatment gles quick
relief, stops itching, bleeding- or pro
rriirflnr nllra h.mnrrhnlri. nnri uii
rectal troubles, in the privacy of your Ore- Portland. Sidney S. Etter.
ovn nome wc a Dox at all arugglsls. UKia- lljnra, willla o. inaey.
Pa- teat
Ufa, Brloit, Floyd Allen Rnmaay.
Iowa, Drain. Isador J. Chopp.
Kaa- Roaavtllc. Roderick J. Shipley.
Pau, Pittsburgh William Rodlbaugh.
Ga- Carlton, Joe Mevevia.
Md- Baltimore. John I- Mllholland.
I Mlaa, Grenada, Tillman Ingram.
Mlaa, Paacagoula, Georjre nobln-
oh, Jr.
Mlaa- Electric Mills. Frank P. Wlm-
Mont- Mandlin. Arthur D. Pattersan.
. M- Tuenmearl. Lee Rhoada.
N. l.t Ogdenaburs;. George Aahwood.
single box often cures. Take no
substitute Free sample for trlnl with
booklet mailed free in plain wrapper,
if ou send us coupon below
553 Pjramld Bldg. Marshall, Mich.
Kindly send me a Free sample
jt Pyramid Pile Treatment, in plain
. . State
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Carbon Paper
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DAUM Stationery Co
QnK 7U c. Opposite Goldenkert'a
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I On Diamond, YV&tche,
1 and Jewelry
(Sooth of Highway Bridge)
Take ears at Uth sL and Fennaylva-
s ave. tor seam ssa 01 uirawsy
Mce. Dm ear Ucktt aaea way.
Okla Semlnola, Denver Collum.
. C, Govan, Peter tarter.
Cal, Loa Ansrlea, C. L. Kohlmejer.
Ill, Prairie dn Rocher, John W. La
! rose.
HI, Chleaa-o, Harry T. niller.
N. 1. New lork, Geors;e W. Hammer.
Mo, Wentnlllr. JorQh D. Patch.
(.a- Maeon. William Patteaon Wel-
alser, Jr.
Mich, Greenville, Harriaoa II. Caswell.
Pa- Cluunbrrsbury, Roy ltltner
Del- Wilmington, Mark Drvlne.
Idaho, Gardena, Frederic M. Themp-
Mlch, Cheboycjan, Leo Moaee Dros-
N. Y, Hempatead, Calvin Vnlentlae.
Pa- Wltmlnarion, George . SIcAn-
Ill- Annapolis, Roy Tyburat.
Mich., VlckeryvIIle, Fay Wolverton.
N". Y, Cambridge, Thomas W. Shlland.
Pa, Readlnc, nenry Gaaa.
Wla., Blanehardvllle, William P.
E. II. Grpinlan, 1363 L STREET.
Cal, San Franrlaeo, Frank Kelly. ..
Cat, San Dlea;o, Latney Y Montacne.
"nl- Simla. Anthony A. Prill.
I Conn. Hartford, Daniel Fernlmo.
'.a, Grajatllle Fred S. tauahaa.
tla- Point Peter, Cland T. Looney.
Ill, Bement, Henry Wllaon Jhlpmnn.
till, llalvln. Iven fiedelman.
Ind, Hammond, Thomaa B. Glllam.
ilowa. Avela, Jtaa H. Jenaen.
lid, Annapolis, Francis E. fhaaaon.
Pa. Glen Rock, Hnrold Disc Moody.
Masa., Tannton. Louis M. David.
Pa- Duqueane. Samuel Klein.
HI, Cheaterlleld, Elmer Banks.
Konataaty Papuata.
N. 1- Brooklyn, Hush Aloyslus Me-
Okla, Oktaha. George I. Myers.
Wash, St. John, Roy J. noli.
N. T- Irvincton, Lonla B. Kinder
vatter. BUGLER.
Mich- Flint, Junior Smith.
Ky- Louisville, Medard William
Ala, Clayton. Clarence L. Triplett.
Aria, Chandler, Arthur naught.
Cal, San Franciaeo, Sylvaln nourele.
Canada, Swan River, Manitoba, War
ren W. Garland.
Col- Avondalr, Albert T. Klana.
CoL, Poeblo, Martin Kraarvleh.
Ga, Eaatman. Charlea J. Jonee.
Idaho, Goodlns. David Folaom.
Idaho, Troy, Alvin G. Kellborx.
Idaho, Gooding;. Howard B. Folsom.
Ill, Fiatt, Glenn D. Bybre.
Ill, Aurora, Warren A. Freaboor.
Ill- Chlcaco .Andrew A. nudnny.
Ill- Chlcaco, Joaeph Garlk.
Ill, Chlcasjo, Peter P. Zelntek.
Ill- ChJeaaro, Edward C. Klrst.
Ind- Oaktown, Jack E. Rrlnhart.
Iowa. Malvrrn, Fred S. Hlmebansh.
Ky- Pactolna, Bertla Thomaaon.
Md- Frederick, Frank E. Grove.
Maaa., Easthampton, Alfred W. Pace.
Mich- Honor. Eurna F. MrClaln.
Mich- Bay City. Harvey Ray Nelsoa.
Mleb- Detroit, Stanlalaw tvubkn.
Mich- Delrny. Henry D. nerkarz.
Mlaa- Pleaynne, Houaton E. Stock
still. Mo- St. Loola, Charlea J. Qulneen.
Mo- St. Iinla, Rlrhnrd RoehrlaT.
Ment- Bntte, IVllllam O. Gilbert.
Neb- Papllllnn, Erneat G. Lutz.
N. M- Salt Lake, Reniaroln W. Kemp.
N. J- Bayonne. Sam Rnhlnateln.
N. Y- Fort Washington, Walter C
Event nar.
V, Y- New York, John O'Shra.
V. V, Brooklyn, Louis R. Heaa.
N". Y, Stuyveaant Talla, Herman 1VII1
aon. N. C, Troy, Chnrlle C. MeAuley, Jr.
Pn- Marianne, Edward V. ArmatrontT.
Pn, Srranton, Joaeph A. McManamon.
Pa, Shenandoah. Frank J. Slovleb.
Pn, Kntztown, Vernle Srhneker.
Pn.. Foreat Ctiy. James Hnrriaon.
Pa- I.awaonham, Clyde G. Walla,
Cambral, Manual Coosa, Jr.
HI- Burphyaboro, Pan Stent.
Pa, State Collcce, Thomaa J. Bandls.
Ga- Lafayette, Roas t. Graham.
Ga- Atlanta. Fund B. Glenn,
III- Peoria, Glenn Frantz.
N. Y- New York, Joseph V. Crelfhtaa.
Walea. Penffordd Wen, Llanrhaladr,
Oswestry, Gwyn I. Owens.
Mich- Detroit, Perry L. Sink.
Mrs. S A Worley. 713 Nineteenth
street northwest, today is aufferlne from
bruises and shock Incurred when she
was struck by a car of the Capital Trac
tion Company at Fifteenth street and
New York avenue northwest last night.
Mrs Worley was taJten to her home in
a passing automobile.
While crolnc Pennsylvania avenue
at Third street northwest last nirht.
Washington Hunter, sixty-eight years
old. of the Dunmore House, was knock
ed down by a. car of the Capital Trac
tion Company and bruised and cut about
the body. He refused hospital treat
ment and was taken to his room nearby
One person v. as hurt and several
others were shaken up when a car of
the Capital Traction Company was de
railed at First and B street southeast
last nirht and struck an automobile
operateii by Charlei G Tolson. 911 I
street southeast, and o cupled by Mrs.
Acnes Tolson. .Mrs Tolson was slightly
hurt on the right hand She refused
hospital treatmmt and was taken to
her home In tho automobile, which was
only slightly damaged.
Rallwajs Director McAdoo today or
dered o!Ticr of all steamship lines
owned by railroad now under Federal
control to report the operating revenues
nd gross Incomes of their lines for
three years endlne Janu.irv t itt vrnAn
thew reports will be based the amount
Pa. Philadelphia, Jamea Peter 111c-j of compensation to be given the owners
una. 1 oy me government
Nerves Need Phosphorus
Like Muscles Need Food
Saya Doctor Who Preaerlbea Phoaphoratrd Malt to Stcariv the Nenea. Clear
the Brain and Ilulld Up Weak, Nenoua. Ilundonn People. -"
work I adijscd him to take two Aw-
??(''? .'."y11" f PnoPhorated malt
aft.r each .meal In less than ten
Boston Man "Your nrvc need
phosphorou like vour muscl's need
food." says Dr Held, and the trouble
with most, men and uom n if that
they have exhaucled their natural
supply of phosplioruu and find them
elves run down, weak and nervoua.
Often they look stronir as if they
could do a full day's work, but whila
they have a certain kind of strength!
they lack endurance. Thev alio lack!
decision ana una it aitncult to con
centrate on one thins and finish it,
and they are nervous, irritable and
easily startled
"But generally a lack of phosphor
ous shOUS Itself in a lack nf creneral
interest and people arc often thought
??m" ahnHWv,,K4d 'MO my'Soca full o
Win ana ieor hi. , i,.i.i.. V.
mS , r . nd. "i" ""inner that of a
weTi p'aVluty flV' 'hUeh he W"
aiiThiai,Uie of m?u !s Rc" known to
fot,fh.y.cl?rs 'L a remarkable
tonic and tissue builder Combined
Z.ii ?nVspnor-u a 'n phosphorated
"if- it Increases mental activity, bal
ances the blood and aids the system
The old liquid forms of malt are un
pieaiant to take, and. beside, most!
10 De
nerve siarveo ror montns or years, ","" ''"" l"o nauc ouuaing- prop
they go on using a little more phos-!,,'0.', mult without the eils of
phorous than the sstem produces till ifjlconollc stimulation After a few
ineir siore is exuausieu ana a com ""'" ;" " " m up in tne morn
plete nervous breakdown I closo atl ,K vigorous and refreshed ready to
hand. Both mind and body are af-5 "e and begin the day's work with
fected and nothing impresses them 5OUDle confidence, optimism and en-
or inwrcsis tnem as it once did. It 1 """"&
nnl v
Intr thn minrfthmnt Ik. h.... I.
"I hac e-n phovpliorated malt and enabling the organr of ollni.tii
produce atonlhing results In a very Hon to throw out the poisons of uhith
ahort time. I:et.ently a patient carne the body needa to be rid The che.r
to me physlcnlly run dor. n and on the fulni! of a perfect health and fault
erge of a mental collapse His dally less nourishment Is so rare to most
work had become drudgery and he got people as to be remarkable and
neither rest nor recreation from his, strange. Phosphorated malt Is sold
sports or holidays. He could neither by all drua-gts and especially In the
sleep nor concentrate his ralnd on his O'Donnell, People's and Gllraan Stores.
la uuiKBruuJi miu urcuiess Itl run lnt.0 I Vnt Th tmmHr. -e -
such a condition, for If taken In Urn.,' ,iVLte J !." if e"n: of e.
the aunolv of DhosDhorous cn k. r I ".'"" 'T"11"'' "er '?w w
Dlenlshed. Tuo five grain tablet nf ."? c...Vi..P."?f p"orf.".a .mlt is not
Phosphorated malt aft-r each meal ' Jhat cornea r ,,erfeet h'm.""11?
rn, .n riv win t iu h. .11 ..,. tnat comes of perfect health wl
L"' ".""7 ' ' tne lire strenm flows freelt an
TKHoobwarb d ILotbrop
Store Opens 9:15 A. M.
Store Closes 6 P. M.
The War Industries Board Urges
That Christinas Shopping be done in the months of October, November and December.
That only useful gift be made (except for children)
That at all times you carry parcels with you.
In order to make the employment of additional help in December unnecessary, and the conservation of man
Tomorrow Is Our Usual Weekly Remnant Day;
The Genuine Economy of Which
Never Fails to Interest Our Patrons
A day that is well known to our patrons for the opportunities it affords to procure desirable merchandise at a '
considerable saving. Apparel is largely represented in tomorrow's "offerings, and the reductions in many cases!
are greater than usual, because of the lateness of the season and the limited assortments that remain to be closedu
N' C O. D.'s or approvals. No phone or mail orders. Remnant Day merchandise not returnable.
Friday Special in Chil
dren's Colored Cham
bray Dresses, $1.25 Each
A special lot of Children's Colored
Dresses, in pink, bine, tan and green
chambray; also rose, bine and tan.
cannon cloth; made with high waist
line; collar, cuffs, belt and pockets
of plaid; 2 to 6 years. Special at
51-25 each.
Fourth floor. Eleventh street.
Women's Hosiery.
24 pairs Women's Fancy Striped Js.eqns.rd
Silk Plslted Hose; sizes 8K. 9. OH. 10; fl.30
plr; were J2.00.
24 dozen pairs "Women's Black Fall fash
ioned Boot Silk Hose: Se pair: were (3c
17 pairs Women's White Wool Sport Hose,
in fancy stripes and clocks, slightly soiled; one
third to one-half orlcinal price.
0 pairs Women's Black Silk Lisle Hose, Ir
regular In weave; BOc pair; were 65c
Main floor, G street.
Friday Clearance Sale of
Two-pair Lots Lace
Curtains 1-3 Below
Regular Prices
This lot consists of about 25 Two
pair Lots of Splendid Quality Lace
Curtains, in Swiss, Voiles and Nets,
with beautiful border desiirns on Brus
sels Net; in white and ivory and in
2, 3 and 3-yard lengths. We are
placing very low prices on thera to
close out quickly, because the quan
tities have been sold down to two
pairs of a style, and it is impossible
for us to obtain more of them, the
most of them being imported ma
terials. Prices range from $2.30 to $13.50
pair; 1-3 below regular.
Fifth floor. O stret.
China and Pottery.
1 Plastic Art Ffrn Box. gliSi vra- ?2.25.
1 Handsome Imported China Tea Pot:
Si 00 1 wss $2.23
2 Dainty Decorated I.lmojrs China Choco
late Pots; SZJOQ each: were St 00.
1 Open Handled Imported Decorated Salad
Dish. S1.O0; was J2.23
1 Decorated Pottery Hanctnc Basket: 50i
was S1.23".
2 Decorated Pottery Hanrlngr Baskets:
Sl.00 each: were $2 00
2 Decorated Pottery Hanging; Baskets:
Si JO each: were f 2 05
1 Iirge Size Tottery Vase; Sl.OOi was
1 plr Decorated Book Ends. Sl.00 eachj
were $2.25
2 Plastic rt Fieurra 30r each: werp $1 00.
1 Art Pottery Decorated Vase, slightly
Imperfect: B0e was $1 00
1 Art Pottery Flower Basket; "5c was
$1 50
3 Handsomely Decorated Art Pottery Jar
dincre. 50c each: were $123
1 Japanese Pottery Wicker Covered Fruit
Bowls- SOe each; were "3c.
2 Jap-nes Pottery Wicker Coered Fruit
Bowl SO-i eaih weere "Be
1 Decorated Pottery Fern Diih. 35r( was
Fifth flooa, F street
The Sugar Situation
America, which made exports of 140,
000,000 bushels of wheat in the closing
crop year, where less than 20,000,000
bushels surplus appeared, is called upon
now to exercise like virtue with sugar.
The burden of maintaining Allied sup
plies falls on our resources.
No sugar comes from Central Europe,
none from Java; from Hawaii and West
Indies less than usual.
French sugar territory is overrun by
German armies; French sugar mills are
taken and destroyed.
Submarine sinkings and losses by bat
tle have cost us great stores; labor short
age makes inroads on production.
For England the allowance is two
pounds of sugar a month; for France, one
pound; for Italy, one pound. America
seeks to share equally with all who sit
at the common table, joined in the com
mon defense.
United States Food Administration
Friday Special in Lingerie
Waists, $1.65 Each
12 Dozen Manufacturers' Sample
Waists, in Voile and Organdie; lace
trimmed; plain and tucked styles; all
sizes in the combined lot, from 34 to
46.- Special at $1.65 each; were $225,
$2.50 and $2.95.
Also the following:
12 Georgette and Crepe de Chine
Waists, in flesh, black and dark
brown. $3.95 each; were $5.75.
21 Georgette Crepe Slip-over Pannier
Blouses, in copen, rose, navy, black,
grey and maize; braided in self-colored
braid and gold thread. $3.95 each;
were $10.00.
30 Georgette Crepe Waists; manu
facturers' samples; subject to .slight
imperfections; lace trimmed; braided
and plain tucked styles; in flesh, white,
maize, bisque and navy. $4.50 each;
were $5.75 and $5-00.
Third floor. Eleventh street
Friday Special in
Soft Sheer Voile Curtains
$1.50 Pair
A most extraordinary value. These
curtains are 2'4 yards long and have
2-inch hemstitched border; cream and
white. At the price they are worth
buying for future as well as present
For Friday Only, $1.50 Pair
Fifth floor. G street.
1 White Enamel Kitchen Stool; l.50j was
$3 00.
1 White Enamel Flour Tin; flJSOj was $2.33.
1 White Enamel Flour Tin. SlrlO; was
$2 25
1 White Enamel Wash Stand; SJ-OOi was
110 00
1 Eincll Carpet Sweeper. $ZS3i was $3 30
2 Sixteen inch Chair Seats, slightly dam
aged. 40c each: were 80c.
Metal Umbrella Stand; S1JSO: was $3 00
1 Nickel Frame Mirror; S-i.OOi was SGOO
1 Refrigerator Tan. dented; 30e waa 50c
1 Refrigerator Pan. dented; 60ei wa $1 10
I Galvanized Water Pall, dented. 3Sri nai
t Galvanued Watering Pail, dented. 60ei
was $1 00
1 Garbage Pail dented, Sttr; was $1 35
2 Japinese Sandwich Baskets. 50c each,
were $1 25
1 Toilet Basket: 50r mi $1 10
I Fancy Scrap Basket; "5ei was $100
12 buttles Machine Oil. lSe each; were 25c
1 Wizard Oil Mop; soiled; 73ei was $1.50
1 Wizard Dust Mop; soiled; 73c i was $1.30.
1 Wizard OH Mop; soiled: SOei was $1 00
1 Wizard Dust Mop. soiled: 50c was $1.00.
Fifth floor. Eleventh street.
Friday Special in
Wizard Cleaners,
$2.30 Value for $1.65
These excellent cleaners have no
better recommendation than the con
tinued purcha:e of them by regular
customers. No housekeeper should be
without them, for they greatly lessen
the work of cleaning.
$t,00 Wizard Polish -Mop.
SI 00 Ouart Can Wizard Polish.
30c Carton Wizard Carpet Clean.
Special for $1.65.
$2.30 regularly.
Fifth floor. Eleventh street
Friday Special Sale,
Of Boys' White Repp
' Middy Suits, $2.95 Each
Made of heavy white repp; they art
suitable for fall and winter wear.
They are perfect in every respect;
made by one of our best makers;
collar and cuffs of dark Palmer lines,
braid trimmed and black middy tie;
sizes 3 to 8 years.
Very Specially Priced at $195 Eaetu
Fourth floor. Tenth street.
Sweater Department
3 Tsjrqnalae Fiber Silk Sweater, slits 40 mat
44. 17.73 each! were $10 00.
1 Emerald
was $10.00.
Fiber Sweater, tz 34. IT.7It
B TarqajabM Fiber SUk Sweaters, with 4
i sailor collar and deep turn back cjffs. fancy'
weave with white stripes, sizes 42. 44 and 43.
$8.73 each! were $10 00.
Third Flor Center.
2 pairs Modart Lace Front Corsets, mad of
white fancy cloth, medium low bust and lone
skirt; sizes 21 and 27: SXOO pair; wera $4 50.
3 pairs Modart Lace Front Corsets, flesh
color stripe, medium bust. lone; skirt; sizes 26.
30 and 34; 83.00 pair: were $7.50.
2 pairs Modart La.ce Front Corsets for full
fleures, low busts, made of brocade and heavily
boned; alzes 28 and 2S; $&so pair: were $10.00.
2 pairs Lily of France Corsets, made of
white brocade, low bust, medium lonjr skirt;
size 23; S8JO pair; werei$10.00.
7 pairs Param. medum bust and skirt,
made of white French email; sizes 22, 24, 25,
and 28: S3.0O pair, were $10 00.
6 Sanitary Aprons, larce size; BOe each;
were $1 00.
Third floor, F street.
Friday Special in
Dimity Bolster Roll
150 Dimity Bolster Roll Covers, for
single and double beds: plain white
and white and blue. Special at 65c'
Second floor. F street
Misses' Department.
A small lot of Girls Sweaters. 6 and S yuu
lies brushed wool In coat style, with sockfts
and belt, in rose, brown, trreen and copen. Se
duced for clearance to SSA3 cack. i,
3 Jersey, Sleeveleaa Sl!a-n Coata. in rose,
copen and irreen: alzes ltt and 18 yeara: taVM
each i were $12.05.
1 Yellow Voile Waist, size 18 years: slixhtly
mussed: SIJMi was $2 50
Fourth Floor. G blrret. T
Millinery Department
t avy nine Satin Hat. mushroom shspe.
trimmed in fringe. SttOOi was $10 00
I Xavr Bine Taffeta aad GrorcnM Crepe
Mat, medium size brim. 37.30 was $12.00.
t Xmrr Bine ftearcette Sailer, with velvet
crown. SOAOs'was $10 00
1 Larxe Mushroom Hat. of navy Satin aad
Mallne. S.OOi was $15 00
2 Black Satla Ilata. 1 small rolled shape,
and 1 medium le mushroom, trimmed with
fancy feather 87.00 eaehi were $12.00.
2 White Satin Mnahroom Sailers, 82.00 eaek
were $100.
2 White Satin Ilata. trimmed with ribbon
larl coral beads. S3Jx eacai were $6 00
Third Floor. F Street.
Muslin Underwear Department
A special lot of Women's Cloaed Drawers.
made of rood qualitv of material, trimmed
with fine lace or embroidery, special at S9e
2 SUk Petticoats, one jersev too of blue.
nd flounce of blue and cold chanreabl. the
other all taffeta in a delicate lavender shade.
I93i were 0 00 each
2 Silk Petticoat (Kloxflti one all satin In
UrIu tan the other uf all white. 88J5 a?fci
ere $5 00
IS Sateen IVItlcoala. white ground flowered
hum Dink roaes. plaited flounce. 82.43 aehi
Third Floor. F Street.
"A Few Peach Stones May
Save a Soldier's Life"
Leave Yours Here and Help Make
Gas Mask's.
Date Seeds
Brazil Nut Shells
Hickory Nut Shells
Walnut Shells
Butternut Shells
Peach Stones
Prune Pits
Plum Pits
Apricot Pits
Olive Pits
Cherry Pits
circumstances deposit anv other pits or
We are collecting the for te Army
at the recue-t of the UNI "ED STATES

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