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Sixteen additional books hive been
tigged to the Hit which Secretary
Bajcer has ruled are unfit for Amer
ican soldiers to read. They Include
wfp-ks by David Starr Jordan, Huso
Muensterburg, Edward Lyell .Fox, J
Q. Bennett. Lawrence Jlott, Made
leine Z. Doty, and-, Bernhard Dern
bag. In the UsK&ilso Is the book.
"Two Thousand Questions and An
swers About the War," which has
&aan withdrawn by the publishers.
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Tests of the blood of thirty-one per-i
sons who yesterday offered their bloodl
for transfusion to save the life of'
Emory Wilson, principal of Central
High Schorl, who Is seriously 111 In
Emergency Hospital, will be made to
day by Dr. Lester Newman.
Following- an appeal In The Times
Tuesday evening for volunteers forty
two persons. Including men, women,
girls and boys, appeared at the lab
oratory on the eighth floor of the
hospital at 0 o'clock last night.
Of this number thirty-one gave
samples of their blood to Dr. New
man. The remaining eleven were
vounc- rlrls and women. Dr. New.
man told them there were not enough
tubes to tal.e a sample of their blood
and thev left.
The process of sampling blood of the
volunteers took only a short time. A
little prick with a needle in the ear
and right arm. and the transferring of
a drop of blood to a glass piaie, mr
nlshed the samples.
One Glrl'a Blood Tratrd.
Ten of those whose blood was sam
pled, nine boys and one girl, are en
lolled at the Central High School, and
were acquainted with Mr. Wilson.
having studied under him last year.
Of these the one girl. Catherine
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Gayle, of Fort Mer, who graduated
from Central High School this year,
is the only representative of her sex
whose blood will be tested today. Dr.
Newman, before taking the volun
teers Into his office, told the girls
they would come last. He had sam
pled the blood of about twenty men
when Miss Gayle pushed through the
crowd and succeeded in getting Into
the office ahead of the men waiting
In line.
Of the thirty-one volunteers three
are sailors who are In Washington on
furlough. One of them, Erroll Dun
bar, who graduated from Central last
year. Is in this city for a short time
only. He is In the naval aviation
sen Ice. With Dunbar was his sister.
Miss Olga Dunbar, a junior at tho
Central High. Both are friends ot
the principal. They appeared at the
hospital esterday In the hope that
either of them could make the sacri
fice to save the life of Prof. Wilson.
The blood of Miss Dunbar was not
sampled. They live at 1S32 BIHmore
street northwest.
Slatera Offer to Help.
Two sisters. Miss Esther C and F.
Bessie Baker, of 131 E street north
west, were present. They are from
Chicago, and are doing war work In
this city. They are not acquainted
with Mr. Wilson, but were anxious
to help him. They have been In
Washington only a short time.
Lieut. Lamar L. CTarer, of 1126
Twenty-fifth street northwest, sta
tioned in Washington, was among the
men to offer their blood. He .is from
Denver, and gate a sample of his
blood. Lieutenant Flaver Is a stranger
In Washington and is not acquainted
with the principal.
Miss Ida Boss Chamberlln, of Blue
mo nt, Va., showed keen disappoint
ment when she found she could not
offer her blood.
"AH of my brothers went to school
under Mr. Wilson," Miss Chamberlln
told The Times yesterday, "and all
of them have gone to war. I came
here representing my family, and I
had hoped to have a chance to sacri
fice my blood."
Edward B. Mason, a sailor, who
lives at Newark. N. X. and Is here
on furlough, had his blood sampled.
He did not know Mr. Wilson.
Sailer Wants Aid.
Myrtland La Varre, a sailor, who
lives at 201 E street southeast, was
at the hospital. His sister, .he said,
attended Central High School, and
she urred him to offer his blood. He
will be In Washington onl ya short
time, but hopes to be able to make
the sacrifice.
Three men, none of whom ever
lived in this city, gave samples of
their blood to Dr. Newman. They are
Ralph Dudrow. of Hyattavllle, Md.:
Winston Churchill, living at 1408 New
Hampshire avenue, and a native of
Pittsburgh: and Wallace Mendenhall,
of the Ebbitt Hotel, who comes from
Among the others who either hsd
their blood sampled or offered to do
so were Misses Myra B. Dungan, 78
"W street northwest, native of Charl
ton, Iowa; Leslie M. Thompson, Ban
croft. Vu, senior at Central High;
Arnold McNItt, Berwyn, Md.. student
at Central: Reea Partello. 4227 Eighth
street northwest, student at McKln
ley Manual Training School; William
Hlpklns, 1106 Columbia road north
west. Central High student: Lewis J.
Grant, 1458 Fairmont street north
west: Stewart Smith, 421 G street
northeast, student at Central: Carl
Cullen, 17SS Kllbourne street north
west; student at Central: cferl F.
Stein, 623 Fifth street northeast, stu
dent at Central: Bryan H. Stickney,
bookkeeper at Washington'Asylum;
and William A. Hoffman, 4009 Illinois
Results of the blood tests probably
will be announced today. One person
will be picked and the transfusion
will be made this week. Several
volunteers will be held In reserve.
TARIS. Sept. 2i5 When the Germsn
workers wipe out the present German
government, then the workers of
America will believe the Germans are
ready to talk peace. This. In effect.
was tho stand taken here today by
Samuel Gompers. president of the
American Federation of Labor, accord
ing to Humanlte.
In the courso of an Interview the
American labor leader was asked If, In
case the Germsn workers accepted the
declarations of the London conference,
American labor delegates would meet
"Yes, If the German workers wipe
out the German government," Gomp
ers replied. "It would be Insufficient
for them to accept the London decla
ration with words. They must prove
by their acts. Otherwise American
workers are determined to go on with
the war. Militarism must be crushed.'
Gompers said that he believed In.
ternatlonal brotherhoods would be the
best guarantee against the reappear
ance of militarism. He was unwill
ing to say that the American Govern
ment would give labor a place at the
peace table, but he pointed to Presi
dent Wilson's sympathy for American
BOSTON. Sept. 28. Roger W. Bab
son, director of Information and edu
cation of the Department of Labdr.
who has been 111 of appendicitis, is
fully recovered after a two weeks'
rest at Wellesley Hills. Mass, and
will return to Washlncton immedi
ately. Mr. Babson was taken 111 In
Boston while on covernment work.
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Trlvate V. Raymond Craley, twenty
seven years old, of 48 W street north
west, member of an American ambu
lance corps In France, was wounded
by a piece of shell June B and was
treated In a French hospital for nine
days. In writing of his experiences
he says:
"I am on poste now, writing by the
light of a candle and listening to the
French artillery. I received a slight
wound above the left knee from a
bursting high explosive shell which
landed nine paces directly in line with
ten' of us. Fortunately the soft earth
In our camp caught the greater part
of the fragments of the shell and
saved our lives. I was in a French
hospital for nine days, returning to
my section on August 14. I became
poisoned from an infected sore, but
am fast regaining vay lost strength."
Nights Very Dark.'
Telling of collecting wounded at
night, he says:
"Sometimes the nights are eo dark
that we cannot even see a man beside
us on the seat, and, in fact, one night
was so black that I actually could not
tell whether my machine wss going
backward or forward. It was raining
in torrents, and I was soaked to the
skin. The roads were In terrible
shape, pitted with shell holes, and I
was continually out of one and Into
another. On that particular night at
three different points trees were down
and lying entirely across the roam I
reached the evacuating station with
ray wounded after two hours, covering
a distance of ten kilometers. I was
a wreck myself from the experience.
and could not moe again until day
light, as my nerves were all gone.
"The French soldier has wonderful
courage, and no matter how long we
are en route, although we sometimes
remain in vie spot for an hour at s
time on account of the camions, am
munition trains, troops, droves of
trarros, artillery, tanks, and every
conceivable war device going and
coming, they never groan unless very,
very severely Injured, or unless we
give them an awfully hard bump.
Under Heavy Strain.
"I broke two front springs in one
week. The nervous strain Is terrible.
as the driving Is so hard at night."
That the ambulance corps is fully
occupied, bis next paragraph testi
"We did not have our clothes off
for two months except at times to tr
and sponge off In a bucket of cold
water. We have msny French war
crosses In ouc section and recommen
dations for many more."
Craley enlisted in Vay, 1017. He Is
a graduate of Business High School
and before his enlistment w,orkcd for
Hceht . Co.
Four representatives of S. Kann
Sons & Co will tonight tour Wash
ington in the interests of some Ameri
can heroes now recuperating from
wounds in Walter Reed Hospital.
A high powered automobile, a talk
ing machine and some high-powcreu
speeches is the equipment these four
patriots are using to obtain cigars,
cigarettea and tobacco for the sol
diers. In three days, their pleas have net
ted $500 toward a "Liberty smoke
fund." The campaign ends Saturday
night, when It is hoped to have $1,000.
J. D. Furlong, J MacFarquhar, T
Kinnin and D. V. Smythe are the
crusaders. After a vIMt to the hos
pital recently they decided to provide
"smokes" for the bovs at any cost,
hence the automobile tour idea.
The second instructive lecture of
the series being given by Mrs. Her
bert S. Owen, director general of the
Radio Corps, will be given at S
q'clock tonight in the National Radio
School. 1403 U street northwest.
Following her lecture. Mrs. Owen
who is much interested in welfare
work for young women and In train
ing women to take the places of
men. will answer questions regarding
the Radio Corps for women.
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DIordrl Stomarh, DMIouer.j. Indi
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monor rerunnen rnn i iu rr
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la mark
Six persons are today at their
homes suffering from Injuries re
ceived in traffic accidents yesterday.
While crossing the street at Eight
eenth and J streets northwest last
night. Miss Louise Carr. twenty-five
years old, of Camp Columbia, was
knocked down by an automobile
operated by Roy W. Terry, of 334 Oak
dale street northwest. She was re
moved to the Emergency Hospital
with several cuts on the head.
A collision between the automdbiles
of Capt. H. Tobias, of 1106 Connecti
cut avenue northwest, and Lieut. C
Capernot, of tho French commission,
yesterday at New Cut and Conduit
roads, resulted In the cuts to the face
of both officers. Both officers were
coming In opposite direction, and be
fore either could get control of the
machine they crashed together at the
F. A. Seallse of 7 Sixty-first street
northwest, while riding a motorcycle
at Ninth and Pennsylvania avenue
northwest, collided with Mrs. R. Hen
sey, of 603 Second street northeast.
She was only slightly Injured.
James Marshall, eight years old, of
SIS F street southwest, while crossing
the street at 'Sixth and K streets
northwest, was knocked down by an
automobile operated by Lewis Cross,
of 112 South Capitol street. Tho boy
was removed to Casualty Hospital
with several cuts" near his eye.
The thfld person to be injured
when struck by a motor vehicle while
attempting to cross the streets Is
Elizabeth ,Hol!ey. eight years old, ot
1344 E street northeast, who was
knocked down by an automobile driv
en by W. M. Taylor, at 14S3 A street
northeast. The accident occurred at
Fourteenth and E streets northeast.
She was taken to Casualty Hospital.
Crashing into a telegraph pole when
their motorcycle skidded, Lieut. R. S.
Jett and Private T. C Rogers, Troop
It, Eleventh Cavalry, stationed at Fort
Myer, Va narrowly. escaped death to
day and were seriously Injured.
Both men are suffering Internal In
juries. Rogers was driving the ma.
chine and Lieutenant Jett was In the
passenger's 'side car. In turning a
sharp curve on the military road from
Aqueduct bridge to the fort, the ma
chine skidded and hit the telegraph
STOCKHOLM. Sept. 20. The Bret
Lltovsk treaty Is riot given full ac
knowledgment In Russia, according to
an Interview with IS. Vorovsky, a
Bolshevik representative, published
here. 'He declared the treaty Is not
considered definite, because it is a
treaty exacted' by force. A note to
this effect, he declared, has been sent
to Germany.
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