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Cuticura Produces
Skin and Scalp Health
The daily use of Cuticura Soap,
assisted by occasional touches of Cu
ticura Ointment does much to Veep
the skin dear and soft and the hair
live and flossy
SKIttL?S?.!S5. -iJjm?-
ft-rr-r: .d "."v.'r cy.n "rirwurrm
- . Knui
nt X and Me. Talcum Sc.
AMSTERDAM. Sept 26. German
papers have printed warnings to the
Netherlands government against re
suming trade relations with the en
tente. The Teutons say that Holland's
ships will be seized by the entente.
rteferrins to the seizure of Dutch
vessels, the Cologne Gazette says:
"The Netherlands e-overnment will
not yield unless it obtains guarantees
that Its ships, if sent out, will not be
seized in America as were those taken
there last March."
What Theaters Offer Next Week
Advocates 'of the Kolan minimum
wage bill in the Senate will endeav
or to have it considered at an early
date by the Committee on Education
and Labor. The bill will be handled
by this committee, of which Senator
Hoke Smith of Georgia is chairman.
It is Important, in the opinion of
supporters of the bill, to have it
brought up in the Senate ahead of
the revenue bill. Otherwise, there
will be long delay.
Nora Bayes, who appears as the
star of the new musical play, "Look
Who's Here!" at the Belaaco Theater
next week, beginning Sunday night,
is so well known to local theater
patrons as to scarcely need any fur
ther introduction. Miss Bayes Is un
doubtedly the most popular and tal
ented singing comedienne before the
H. H. Frazee evidenly has another
world beater in Miss Bayes and her
new play, as she has drawn capacity
houses since the opening of the sea
son three weeks ago, and the advance
sale for every performance next week
indicates that Washington wUl be no
exception to the. rule.
Here He I$-People!
The Enemy
of Decayed and
Aching Teeth
If you are bothered with decayed and aching teeth I am the
man yon want to see. I make a specialty of putting teeth in
good shape and keeping them that way for a very moderate price.
mmm up m
EXAMINATION G'd crown. Q m
FREE nd Hk 7
.- Bridrework YfyrjE ?r
CHARGE J $5.00 I V(
NW- Hill fill I
Silver, Gold.
Velati Bid?. 9th and G Sts.
Phone Main 1711
Hours: 9 A. M to 6 P. M.
John Cort, producer of "Fiddlers
Three" and "Glorianna," la bringing
"Flo-Flo." his musical comedy suc
cess of last season, to the National
next week, opening with a Sunday
night performance. It Is credited
with sparkling lines, catchy lyrics, a
"perfect 36" chorus, and the most
striking array of fashions ever seen
on a New York stage.
The plot concerns Angelina Stokes,
who loves a boy from Oshkosh, but Is
being forced into a marriage with a
fake count by a worldly mother.
Included in the cast are Ren.
Parker. Andrew Tombes, James B.
Carson, Thomas Handers. Arthur MII
Ils, Leon Leonard, Edna Morn, Louise
Beaudet, Armand Robi. Marjorie Mc
Clintock. William Hugh Mack, and
Annie Hlnkel.
and Alexander Carr have scored the
emphatic bit of their careers.
"Bon Bons," described as "the
sweetest little musical comedy in
vaudeville." will head the bill at the
Cosmos- Theater next week. Occupy
ing the stellar position with it will
be the Scully Players In "The Na
tion's Peril."
Other acts will include the Pleolo
Midgets, a trio of lillputian acrobats;
Lane and Plant, in a cabaret offering:
Tyler and Crollus. In the eccen
tricities of the "nut" comedian, and
Freddy Weber and company with
something new in ventrlloauism, with
Cecil B. De Mille's latest star photo
play. "Till I Come Back to You." as
the added matinee feature. A Para
mount Sennet comedy and the Hearst
Pathe new, with war pictures, also
win De snown.
Joseph E. Howard, the musical
comedy star and composer, with
Ethlyn Clark and a company of forty
players, in "The Song Bird Revue."
will be the stellar feature at B. F.
Keith's Theater next week, with a
spectacularly staged fourth Liberty
bond drive as the extra added attrac
tion, with eminent speakers, match
ing bees, and the Camp Meigs Mili
tary Band of sixty soldier musi
cians. Van and Schenck. "The Pennant
Winning Battery of Songland." are a
special inclusion; Kate Ellnore. "The
Goddess of Billlkln." and Sam Wil
liams, will offer "A Reel of Real
Fun;" Clarece Oliver and Georgie Olp
will present Hugh Herbert's comedy,
"Discontent." Others will be Leo
Beers, the distinctive entertainer;
Stan Stanley, "The Bouncing Fellow,"
and the Stanleys in amusing antics;
Betty Bond In "Going Up In Vaude
ville." Mitchell and King. "Imitators
Unique." and the Hearat-Pathe news
pictorial and actual war films.
Teuton royalty, stripped of Its pomp
and circumstance and shown in Its
sordid intrigues, court scandals and
disreputable private life, will be
strikingly exposed in "Kultur." in
which Gladys .Brockwell will be seen
all next week, beginning Sunday, at
the Criterion Theater.
"Kultur" is the romance of the
beautiful mistress of the late Em
peror Franz Josef the woman who, in
the play, prevailed upon the young
Serbian. Danllo. to assassinate the
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austrian
The Maids of America bring their
latest production, "Without Rhyme or
Reason," to the Gayety Theater next
An entirely new show has been ar
ranged, many decided novelties have
been proviaed.
Throughout the two act there are
lively 'musical numbers rendered by a
large chorus of pretty girls, with the
assistance of an octette of male
Several meritorioua specialties are
to be introduced. The principals In
clude AI K. Hall, funster extraordi
nary; Bobby Barry, George E. Snyder
and Jane May. Florence Rnih.r it..
oln). uus sievenaon, D. Mclvor,
Charles Smith and the Liberty Trio.
"Funnier than 'Potash and Peri
mutter,'" appears to be the consen
sus of opinion of Washington thea
tergoers, on "Business Before Pleas
ure." the third of the famous series
which will be held over next week
at Poll's Theater.
As "fllium" magnates "Abe" and
"Mawruss" again reveal their de
lightful eccentricities, their thor
oughly human traits and their
charming naivete at every turn
Critics and public have agreed that
In their new vehicle Barney Bernard
fc p
' ' "M"
"The Frolics of the Nite." which be
ginning with the matinee Sunday is
to be next week's attraction at the
New Lyceum Theater, Is leaving be-
nind it a reputation for capacity
Few burlesque attractions can boast
such an array of talent as will be
seen with the show during its stay
in the Capital. In the cast are Irving
Gear and Ben Holmes, rated as excep
tionally good comedians: Maude Rock-
wen, prima donna; Dot Barnett Ben
nie Freedman and Blanche Nadeau.
Many specialties are introduced.
I "Suicide by Inches"
THOUSANDS of people commit
suicide by inches!
If one should take minute daily
doses of some irritant or poisonous
drug, no particular effect might be
noticed until accumulation of the poi
son .made its action evident.
Yet how many realize that irritant
and poisonous substances are formed
constantly, even in health, during food
digestion and the preparation of its
waste for elimination?
If the bowels act regularly and thor
oughly, such dangerous matter is
xafely gotten rid of.
But if constipation exists, there
results stagnation of intestinal waste,
increased production of poisonous
substances, and their absorption in
to the blood, which carries them all
over the body.
The result is disease or disorder,
which, if neglected or allowed to
continue, cripples or kills.
The victim of such self-poisoning
commits suicide by inches.
Constipation is a bad habit. It u
a sin against the body.
But there is an erven worse habit,
a crime against Nature, the taking
of pills, castor oil, laxative mineral
waters, and salts to "force the bow
els to move." Because such drugs
do not cure constipation. They
make constipation a habit They
do not prevent suicide by inches."
On the other hand, the Nujol
Treatment not only overcomes con
stipation, but prevents stagnation and
makes self-poisoning- impossible.
Nujol is not a drug, does not act
like any drug ; it is absolutely harmless.
Nujol helps Nature re-establish easy,
daily, thorough, bowel evacuation.
Wnrninfi' NUJ0L " ,oU
rr Urning. only iniealed bot
tles bearing the Nujol Trade Mart. Iniiit
on Nujol. You may auTerfrom substitutes.
Nujol Laboratories
50 Broadway, New York
i T,
'Regular as
&?--. ,rVa--rii- Ml MftJC Miv'il.l
VlfeJfiii 1 Tf fe WW
1C3 3 vfr Hk.aaflLVF"aT'C?" ' " lHasVa
gVV'T?IWl m-
p" -
"Hobbs In a Hurry," the fastest,
most amusing and most agreeably
exciting photoplay vehicle William
Russell has ever had. will be .the
chief attraction at Moore's Strand
Theater the last three days of the
current week, beginning Thursdav
The Romance of Tarzan."n seauel
to "Tarzan of the Apes," in which are
visualized the closing chapters of
Edgar Rice Burroughs' remarkable
narrative of the little English boy
reared with the beasts In the Jungle,
will be the offering throughout next
week at the Strand.
The same cast supports Elmo K.
The feature will, as usual, be sup
ported by news and comedy subjects
and orchestral accompaniment.
On Friday and Saturday of this
week at the Garden the offering will
be Bluebird's outdoor classic. "That
Devil Bateese." with Monroe Sails-
bury pictured in the role of a French
Canadian woodsman of the great
Next week will brine to the Gar.
den Sunday through Tuesday, "Kil
dare of the Storms." a gripping film
play, starring Emily Steven". On
rext Wednesday and Thursday the
tenure will be "By the World For
got," in which Iledda Nova and J.
rrann cienaon arc pictured co-stars.
For the last two days of tbo week
Gladys Leslie will occupy the screen
as star of "The Nymph of the Foot
hills," a drama of many tcne mo
ments amid scenes of great natural
Each dally feature will be supple
mented by short reels and orchestral
Wlfliam S. Hart will be seen at
Loew'a Columbia Sunday and for the
first half of the week In his new
photoplay. "The Border Wireless."
Becoming a bandit by a desire for
revenge against a railroad that lias
taken his father's ranch, Mr. liar, as
Steve Ransom, finally reforms and
succeeds in defeating the plans of
German spies on the border to send
a wireless message to Berlin, telling
when General Pershing will sail for
Comedy and the Hearst-Pathe cur-J
rent event reels will also be shown
in addition to the feature.
Thursday and for Uie last half of
the week Dorothy Gish will be seen
in her new photoplay. "Battling
The Great Lakes Naval Station
Band, led by Lieut. John Philip Sousa,
will start on an Eastern tour in the
Interest of the Liberty loan tomorrow.
The Itinerary includes Peoria, III
September 27; Columbus, Ohio. Sep
tember Zi. Pittsburgh, September JJ,
Washington. D C. September 30; Bal
timore. October 1, and Philadelphia.
October 2.
If you have Catarrhal Deafness or
head and ear noises or are growing
hard of hearing go to your druggist
nnd ret I ounce of Parmini double
i-trength). and add to It U pint of hot
utter nnd a little granularel sugar.
Take 1 tablespoonful four times ada
This will often bring quirk relief
from the distressing l.eil noier.
Clogged nostril should upen, breath
ing become easy and the mucus stop
dropping Into the throat. It Is easy
to prepare, costs little and M pleanont
to take. Anyone who has Catarrhal
Deafness or head noises should give
this prescription a trial.
TKHoobwarb & Xotbrop
Store Opens 9:15 A. 31.
Store Closes 6 P. JH.
Victory Lockets and Chains
Or, as the French Call Them,
"La Victoire Lockets"
Pretty conceits of sentiment and vanity, artistically
made to simulate Tortoise Shell, Jade, Coral, and Onyx.
For the younger set they come in a variety of colors,
such as Lapis Blue, Midnight Blue, Taupe, Natural Horn,
Peacock Green, etc.
A Spirit of the Times
When opened, these Lockets display a mirror on
one side, while on the other can be placed a picture of
a friend or relative "in the .service," making this a
$5.00, $6.00, and $9.00 each.
Cut-in monogram, with three letters, $1.00 addi
tional. Jewelry Store, Main floor, F street. '
Please Do Your Christmas -
Shopping Early
The U. S. War Industries Board Requests:
That Christmas shopping be done, in October, No
vember, and December.
That mail and express packages be shipped prior
to December 5.
That the stores shall not increase their norms! force
of help in December. "
That there be no last minute, eleventh hour rush
for Christmas gifts. -
That only useful and practical gifts be given (except
to children). '
That there must be a saving of paper and -twine.
That patriotic shoppers will carry parcels whenever
Tomorrow's Lowered Remnant Day Prices Enable You tq
Shop With Due Regard for Wartime Economy . I
It means that every item we offer in these announcements for tomorrow's selling may be pur
chased at a lessened price. It's pur mdnner of storekeeping by which we close out quickly the rem
nants, odd lots, discontinued patterns, soiled and mussed articles from an active selling.
Discontinued models of De
Bevoise Brassieres: embroidery or
lace trimmed, hook in front; sizes
36 to 44: special, BOe each.
6 Women's Neclljree Girdles.
made of Treco, lightly boned; sizes,.
20, 27, 28 and 20; $l.5d each; were
32-20. .
4 Treco Garter Supporters, 73e
each; were 1.S0. r
2 Lily at France Corsets, of
white brocade, low bust and lone
hips: size 23; $3.00 each; were
Third floor, F street.
Fiber Silk Sleeveless
In all the attractive colors and
very appropriate to wear under the
coat, as they fit exceptionally well.
2 Fiber Silk Slip-ons; 1 array
and 1 white; plain throueh the
waist line and fancy weave through
'he hips; size 44; $3.13 each; were
7 Sleeveless Slip-ons; very pretty
fancy weave in two shades of
green; size 33; $&30 each, were
22 Sleeveless Slip-ons. very at
tractive fancy weave In many beau
tiful shades; sizes 38 to 44; $4.75
each: were IS.75.
4 Turquoise Blue Fiber Silk Coat
Sweaters: Urge sailor collar with
band of white woven through, and
sashes finished at ends with silk
tassels: sizes two 44 and two 40;
M.7S each: were $10.00.
2 Turquoise Blue Fiber Silk Coat
Sn eaters: large collar trimmed
with buttons to match, belted
back with sash in front; size 40;
$7.73 each: were $10 00.
4 White Sleeveless Fiber Silk
Slip-ons; very attractive fancy
weave: largo sailor collar and
pearled waist line; sizes, one 40.
two 42. and one 44; $-50 each;
were $?.50.
Third floor. Center.
Friday Special Sale of
Men's New Soft Hats,
, Specially Priced $2.65 Each
AD are this season's shapes flat brims, sotae curl brims; in
medium and dark prays, brown, tan, and green. All sixes in the
lot. A grade of which we are usable to obtain an additional assortment-and
therefore offer these to close oat at once.
Special, $2.65 each.
Friday Special in
Men's Tan Cape Walking Gloves
v $2.15 Pair
Men's Tan Cape Walking Gloves; good shades, made with
heavy out-seams and spear point backs; one clasp fastener. Some
of them are subject to very slight irregularities in tanning, most
of which are scarcely noticeable and will not affect their ovear- -ing.
qualities. All- sizes both regular and cadets.
$2.15 Pafrl Regular $3.00 grade.
And the following:
27 pieces Men's Heavy Grey Merino Underwear; qualities we
are unable to secure more of; shirts sizes 34, 38, 42, 44 and 46;
drawers, sizes 40, 44 and 46, $1.25 each. Were $1.50 and $2.00.
14 Short Lengths of Fine Madras, such as used in our custom
shirt department; lengths ranging from 1U to 2 yards. Suit
able for children's waists, dresses and aprons, 25c yard. Were
50c and 65c.
56 pairs Men's Fine SOk and Lisle Mixed Socks, white only;
sizes 9, 9, 10, 50c pair. Were 75c.
Main floor, F street.
China and Pottery
2 Handsomely Decorated Jardi
neres; SXS3 each: were $4.00. -.,
1 Limoges China Vegetable Dlshr
1S was $3.00.
1 Decorated' China Batter Dish:
SLOOi waj tZ23. '
1 Richly- Decorated French Chin
Cracker Jar; tzsst wu $4J0. ? .
1 Havlland China Flatter. 1
Inch size; neatly decorated: $Vt
was $7.50. '
1 Ten-inch Jardlnere, American
stoneware; ssjoi was $2.7,3.
. I PlasUc- Art Statue; TS -wii
$1.25. "m
2 Plastic Art Statues: BOe eaebT
were $1.00. .
1 pair Imitation English ilarbla
Book Ends: 940 pain were $4.0Q.
1 Imported Decorated China Te
and Toast Set; SOei was rt is
4S Gold and White American
Porcelain Dinner Plates: loner
feet: very special, 10c each. f
48 Gold and White American!
Porcelain Individual Platters; very
special. lOe each. 1
43 Qold and White American!
Porcelain Soup Plates; very spe-5
cial. 10c each.
Fifth floor. F street. jj
Baby Carriages and
Go-Carts j
1 White Reed Pullman Baby Cr4
riag-e; sllg-htly soiled: irreen lined1
hood: $SS40 was $35.00. 4
1 White Reed Pullman Baby Car-f
riag-e: white lined hood' ss&ooi!
was $33.00. T
1 Reed Go-cart, adjustable footi
' and head rest: $10.00 1 was $15.00.1
3 Whlrzer Cars, a-ood" exercisers
for the kiddies; M each; were'
$2.30. t '
Fourth floor. Eleventh atreet. j"
1 Galvanized Ash Can: dented;
2 1 was S3.B&.
i Bissell "Standard" Carpet
Sweeper: $Z3 was $3.50.
3 Brooms; 63e each; were $1.00.
1 Mirror; shopworn; $3.73 1 was
1 Galvanized Watering- Pot;
dented: son was $1.00.
1 Wtzsrd Dust Mop; soiled: 7Sej
was $1.30.
1 Wtxnrd Oil Mop: soiled. 73c i
was $1.50.
1 Round Tin Dish Pan; dented;
BOn was $1.43
1 lot Mice Traps; Se each; were
, 1 White Bath Stool; $1-50 was
1 Gas Heater; dented; $3.75 1 waa
J 5.25.
1 Clothes Basket: $1.00 was
3 Straw Satchels; 23e each; were
1 Scrap Basket: Sl.OOj waa $1.50.
1 Fancy Waste Basket; . 7S
was $1.25
Fifth Floor, F street.
Friday Special Sale of
White and Gold Japanese China
Dinnerware at Very Special Prices
An importation directly from Japan, placed so advanta
geously that the prices at which they are marked would not buy
the ordinary heavy porcelain today. A neat white and gold line
border on this Japanese china, and while the collection does not
include an entire dinner service, the items are very desirable. To
those seeking pieces to match in with their white and jcold set,
or whose dinnerware requirements need replenishing with these
particular items will find the opportunity worthy of consideration.
Tea Cups and Saucers, $3.00 dozen
Oatmeal Dishes, $2.00 dozen
Sauce or Side Dishes, $L80 dozen
Bread and Butter Plates, $10 dozen
Tea Plates, $2.25 dozen
Cream Pitchers, 16c each -
Fifth floor, F street.
Women's Waists
13 Georgette Crepe Waists, In
flesh and white, plain tucked and)
embroidery- trimmed styles: manu-
ficturers" samples. Jubject to1
slight Imperfections; 'sizes 33. 3S
40. 42 and 44: $4.30 each; regular-
ly $0.00 and $5.75.
18 Georgette Crepe Pxnier
Blouses, to be worn as slip-overs,
in Copen. Rose Gray, Black and
Bisque, embroidered and braided iai
contrasting shades; STP3 each:'
were $10.00.
3 Georg-ette Crepe Waists. In ,
black and dark brown; sizes, one.
34. two 34 and two 40; laM'each:1,
were $5.75.
5 Indian Silk Waists In Maize
and Rose, sizes, one 36. two 3$L
and two 40; IMS each-were $3.05, i
92 Lingerie Waists, manufacture
ers' samples; batiste and voiles. 1
plain tucked, embroidered and lace
trimmed: sues 36 to- 54; $L3
each; regularly $2:95. $2-33. and
13 Batiste Waists, trimmed with
narrow plalttno-s and ruffles, piped j
in rose: sizes 32 to 46; $3JS eachti
were $5.75. ?
10 Muslin Waists In Blue and-'
White stripes: sizes 38, 40. 44 and
46; SI.OOi were $1.50.
Third floor. Eleventh street.
Friday Special in
Fancy Bordered Voiles
We offer for Friday clearance a number of Bordered and All
over Figured Voiles, white, cream and ecru grounds, suitable for
draperies, etc Excellent qualities,
. i Special at 20c Yard,
Fifth floor, G street.
Friday Special in
Imitation Irish and Filet Laces,
15c Yard
Friday Special in
Voile Curtains, $1.95 Pair
40 pairs soft Voile Curtains with edee or edge and lace motif, ex
cellent qualities that would sell for $3.00 or more if sold at today s
prices. We offer these to close at $1.95 pair.
Fifth floor, G street
Imitation Filet Edges and Insertions and a few patterns of Imi
tation Irish Laces. The Insertions are from Vi to 2 inches wide, and
the edges are narrower. These are splendid values, some having,
sold as high as 76c yard. Reduced to 15c yard. I
Street floor, G street.
Friday Specials in
Pink Crepe Bloomers, $ 1 .00 Each
This lot consists of 10 dozen Pink Crepe Bloomers, of fine quality
material with hemstitched ruffle. An exceptional value.
Special, $1.00 Each.
Small lot Envelope t Chemise, trimmed with embroidery, beading
and ribbon. Special 78c each.
Small lot Marcella (closed) Combinations, made of Fine Nain
sook, trimmed with good lacir. or embroidery, beading and ribbon.
Special, $1.50 each.
Third floor. F street.
Friday Clearance
Lace Curtains at Greatly Reduced Prices
2 Pair Handsome Lacet Arabian Curtains, $9.00 pair, were $13-50.
2 Pair Fine Ecru Cluny Curtains, $8.00 pair, were $12.00.
2 Pair Ecru Voile Curtains, lace insertion and edge, $2J4 pair(J
were $350.
2 Pair Ivory Color Swiss Point Curtains, $6.75 pair, were $9.00.
2 Pair White Lacet Arabian Curtains, $6 67 pair, were $10.00.
G Pair Colored Figured Ruffled Muslin Curtains, $157 pair,
wens $2.50.
2 Fine Voile Panel Curtains with cluny and antique lace decora
tions, $9.00 each, were $13.50 pair.
2 Very Fine Voile Panel Curtains, with cluny and antique lace dec
orations, $16.67 each, were $25.00.
Fifth floor, G street.
Friday Reduction Sale
Boys' Shirts and Blouses
15 dozen Boys' Shirts and Blouses; white only, in so't and laun
dered styles; slightly soiled from stock and handling. Broken sizes.
Reduced from 75c and $1.00. 45c each.
Fourth floor. Tenth street corner.
Friday Special in
Linenized Cretonnes
About 500 yards of Cretonnes and several other grades, in srood
quality and colorings, several designs which we are disfontinulns. light
and dark colors, suitable for drapery and coverings, -13c yard. Regu
larly 75c.
Fifth floor, G street .
v u.

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