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The Times will print each day one of the thousands ,f Liberty Loan Slogans submitted by its readers. Today's is by J. A. HAWKEN, Hagersfown, Mel.
A Man Scared to Death.
100 Miles of Fighting.
How Near Are Americans?
Buy Explosions in Germany.
Do not imagine, rfhen vou have
a slight cold, that the Spanish in
fluenza has got you.
It is easy to frighten yourself
into real illness.
As a practical joke, a man was
,Jnce strapped into a chair and
told 'that he was to be bled to
death. His feet were put in a
Sail of reddened warm water, lha
ack of a razor was drawn across
the soles of his feet without tut
tinir them. The man saw the red
water, thought he was Weeding to
death, and died of fear, although
he had not lost a drop of blood.
There will be millions of ordi
nary 'colds as usual this autumn,
and comparatively few cases of
real Spanish influenza.
Take unusual care of -very cold,
but let no cold frighten you. All
the European countries have had
this influenza. They have not let
it interfere with their activities.
It hasn't been so very serious, and
it won't be worse here than it nas
been there.
Yon read about the war on the
western front.
To SEE that great chain of war,
you would have to stand at the
center of a battle line, one hun
dred miles long.
Fifty miles to the left and fifty
miles to the right, you would see
a continuous battlefront, millions
of men fighting and killing in the
front line, millions in reserve in
the rear.
You -would see nine allied arm
ies attacking the Kaiser all at
once, all directed and controlled by
the brain and will of the magnifi
cent Frenchman, Foch.
There is the secret of the good
news that you are reading. Nine
armies are fighting under one
brain, and defeat of Germany ;j
as certain as that justice rules this
How near are the Americans to
the Germans?
Near enough for American sol
diers to make the enemy hear1 this
piece of news shouted over the
trench tops: "Your friend Bul
garia has surrendered and we will
get you soon."
How far forward do American
fighters go?
Three hundred of them far in
advance of the main line, sur
rounded on all sides by Germans,
using tnly-weapons and ammuni
tion that thev earripfl -nrith ...
held their ground for days, and', I
"'" ! Kuiea, are again with
their own army.
Your children missed the fire
works last July 4th am. perhaps
you did. Explain to them that the
bond you are buying for them is
n? for fireworks where fireworks
will do the most good.
One hundred dollars that you
pay for one bond will buy one very
blB,'T.N.T."ihell. And that shell,
well aimed, will send 100 Prus
sians to a land hotter than the
western front
A hundred dollar shell can make
Prussians cease from troubling at
One Dollar a Head a bargain cer
tainly. Begin celebrating next
Fourth of July now. with fire
works paid for by you and ex
ploded in Germany. BUY BONDS.
It is suggested that Foch. as a
graceful tribute.' be made a citi
zen of the United States A polite
Frenchman, he will accept grace
fully any tribute well meant And
a proud Frenchman, he will tell
you that to be a citizen of France,
and do your duty toward human
ity, supplies all necessary glory in
this world.
Every little French bor rings-
"Mourir pour la patrie, t'est le
eort le plt.3 beau, le plus diqne
Every boy In France sings it,
every Frenchman means it, "'To die
for France Is the most noble fate,
the most to be envied "
The Danish newspapers say that
Germany is crushed, and the Amer
ican dollar in Denmark Is worth
Denmark apparently has not
read Colonel Roosevelt's laest
Liberty bond speech In which he
said- "This country Is paying the
price of unpreparedness."
Denmark apparently thinks as
do many Americans, that THE
KAISER is the one jn?t now pay
ing the price of Mr Roosevelt's
"American unpreparedness.'" which
heems to be a very special kind of
Wall Street is willing to bet real
substantial money that the war
will end by January 1 Wall Street
is showing better judgment now
than when it bet ! to 1 that Presi
dent Wilson was defeated, two days
after he had actually been elected
There comes the rtatement that
a German Socialist is to be made
Secretary for Foreign Affairs
That was little dreamed of four
ears ago by the Kaiher. when
fear of the Socialist growing
power was one of the things that
decided him to Indulge bis stupid
vanity and start the war
Courage pays. Belgium's re
sistance to Germany seemed at
nrst as hopeless as would the ef
fort of a child to stop a locomo
tive Belgium has fought for four j
rears and the Belgian King has
Kept his courage
And now Germany is withdraw
ing from Belgium and Prussia will
soon have to-sign a scrap of paper
that will STAND
Fair and continued
cool ton lent i Saturday
cloudy and warmer.
Temperature at 8 a. m.,
SO drier rea. Normal tem
perature for October 4
for last thirty years, 62
NUMBER 10.070.
The Spanish influenza
epidemic can halt Liberty
Loan parades and meetings,
bet it cannot cut down
Washington's subscription to
the Fourth Liberty Loan if
you do YOUR part. Buy
YOUR bonds today; b,uy all
yo", can; and show the
Kaiser and his agents, the
Spanish influenza germs,
That the people of Washing
ton can run their best race
when they are handicapped.
The slowing up of Liberty loan
subscriptions, due probably to the
encouraging news from abroad, has
put the country 60 per cent behind
on the fourth loan, the Treasury De
partment announced today.
The total amount of subscription
reported by eleven of the twelve
Federal Reserve districts today was
$727583,930, the Treasury rejiorted
This means that 3 15,000,000 in bond
purchases must be made throughout
the country daily during the mnaiiV
der of the campaign if the SG.OOO,
000,000 total Is to be reached
'Vide Distribution.
All Federal reerve banks hae re
ported their totals of subscription ex
cept the Kansas City bank, which ha
not yet opened Its selling campaign.
One encouraging feature of the re
ports In hand Is that the bond-, of the
fourth loan are being more widely dis
tributed than thoie of any preious is
sue In the Cleveland district the sals
of S3) and $130 bonds will xieed the
sale-, of small bonds In the third loan
by W per cent.
Oregon l the second State to go orer
the top with an over-subscription of
its loan quota. Edward Cookinimam.
State chairman for Oregon, reported to
day that his State had exceeded Its
quota b nearly 30 pr cent, with the
city of Portland leading In the over
subscription Iowa was the fir- State
to exceed Its loan quota.
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fte mstaM on
Publish! every evenlnr (Includlnff Sunday
Entered a second elm matter at th post
office at Waihlnrton, D. C.
The Commissioners today closed all churches and play
grounds iu the District in the fight against the Spanish
influenza epidemic.
The Commissioners issued an order that "all church
services be 'omitted until further action by the Commission
ers," because "indoor assemblages constitute a public
Here is the official text of the Commissioners' order:
"Whereas the epidemic of influenza in the District of
Columbia by its rapid spread threatens to impair the effec
tiveness of the machinery of the Federal Government, and,
whereas, the Surgeon General
175,000 CASES OF
fftll. I II mi A I HI 1 1 I
NEW TOBt Oct 4. Spanish Influ-
enza, sweeping through big c;tle of
the country as well as army ramps,
has brought suffering to more than
175,000 soldiers and civilians, reports
from all sections showed today.
Death is occurring at the rate of ons
in each twenty-seven cases, according
to unofficial estimates.
Here are unofficial reports show
ing total cases and deaths among
civilians up to last night.
City Cases. Deaths.
.Veff oVrk 4.85.1
Boston 30,000
Burlington. Vt. 47
Springfield. Mass 690
Ilrockton. Mass 6,800
Bridgeport 20.1
Fltchburg. Mass 2.000
Tlndlay. Ohio 600
Cleveland 60
Wllkesbarre. Pa 60
Allentown. Pa 50
Scranton. Pa DO
Syracuse. N. Y 7.1B
Newark, Is" J 1.434
Schenectady 64
Westfleld. Mass 129
New Haven 42
Philadelphia (past 21
hours) 711
Elizaheth, N. J 1.20O
Baltimore 2.500
St. Paul 07
Milwaukee 33h
Ilaclne. Wis 200
Oklahoma City 6.000
Dallas 14:t
Grand Hapids 6
Nashville. Tenn .1.000
Memphis 2.000
nichmond. Va 1.029
Pcnsacolo, Kla 1000
New Orleans IOO
Birmingham, Ala 7.11
Durham. N. C 200
Lancaster. Pa COO
Kansas City COO
Chicago 1.349
Dayton. Ohio 27
Montreal. Can 150
Wilmington. Del 12,000
..i - .. a. (rgpyrirttt;,,!:!. Chicc rriaa). 111
of the United States Public
Health Service and the Health Officer
of the
Dljtrict of Columbia hare ad-
vised the Commissioners of the District
of Columbia that Indoor assemblages
constitute a public menace at this time
therefore, be It ordered hv the Commls-
isioner or ure District of Columbia that
,. -. . .' . -W7 ' .
ail church services b omitted' until
further action by the Commissioners.
The Commissioners today arranged
for the closing to the public of the
Congressional and Public libraries and
the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Persons
!in the employ of the Government en-
gaged In war work will be admitted to
tnese buildings.
All Theaters Closed.
The closing of churches and play
grounds followed close on the order
of the Commissioners shutting the
doors of all theaters, motion-picture
houses, and dance halls. With the
schools already closed, the Commis
sioners virtually have eliminated all
public assemblages in the District.
Although no official statement has
been made, it is understood that tem
porarily open-air meetings In the in
terest of the fourth Liberty Iqan are
to be permitted.
The number of cases of influenza
reported to the District Health De
partment today wis far in excess of
the number reported on any previous
day since the epidemic got a foothold,
but this Increase probably wan due
laregly to the fact that more physi
cians are responding to the appeal
of Commlsuloner IJrownlow to make
prompt report of all cases to the
Health Officer
An order was Issued today by the
District Health Department compel
ling all nurses to repi.rt the name, ago,
ex. and color of persons having the
disease. The nurses are required to
sign their names to the i-port
Only Hv more deaths amonir the
o' civil population In the District nrrc
I I n-ported today They are: George
I Davis, colored, twenty-seven years
4Jold. Freedman's Hoxpltal: Hoy It
4 1 Painter, 235 11 street northeast, elgh
jjteen years old, Catherine M-mlattnc
twenty-sevn years old, of 415
Twelfth street northeast: Edward J.
Brown, of 827 I'ourth street north
east, and Joseph Gnrvev, twent)-four
years old, of 63117 Itlalr road.
Commissioner Rrowtilow toljy re
quested that all daniM in hornet and
private establishment be (topped
(Continued on Page 2. Column 1 )
A total of 1540.000 American
troops have been sent overseas U
date, members of the House Military
Committee said they were told at a'
War Department conference today.
Cojnmittex.Tien also quoted War
Department officials for the state-
rnetrt that 234 de Haviland planes
had been produced last week, bring-
in total production to 1.694.
Liberty, motor production . now..
totals 8,216, committeemen said they
were told.
The Frasch, a e.OM-ton freighter, has
been sunk In collision with the U. S. S.
George C. Henry, a 10,000-ton tanker,
the Navy Department announced today.
The crash ocenrred some miles off the
New Tork coast.
Forty-one survivors of the Frasch
have been picked up. the announcement
stated, but the number of missing was
not given.
The Frasch carried a crew of thlr
teen officers and seventr-lx men, a
total of eighty nine, the Navy Depart
ment announced thin afternoon.
Forty-eight of these are still una
counted for
BUFFALO. N Y.. Oct 4 Under
police protection a few cars were oper
ated here today on the lines of the In-
Flfirnn f fnnfil 7?fltrni Pnmiwntf tin. am
tloyes of which are striking.
President Connette announced that the
fervlce would be Increased as fast ax
new eniiiu)ra (011111 uv ouiaineu mere
linn bevn no ioIence totla.
Ilullcl Ships.
1,840,000 O.S.
IP 01
nnnda Ilullcl Ships. Iluy
OCTOBER 4, 1918.
ROME, Oct. 4. Two enemy
submarines were destroyed by
American submarine chasers in
the naval raid on the Austrian
naval base of Durazzo.
Developments in the Balkans, com-
J kaleidoscopic rapidity,
-""K--r7r- " "fa u '
I nn.taw.M4 w-wwa-jtf debacle of the
Central Power- federation, and
bring nearer the ultimate victory of
the allies.
Here are the news reports of the
Austrian troops ordered to evacu
ate Albania as result of net.' allied
Austrian naval base at Durazzo
and warships there destroyed by
Italian, British and American forces.
Austrian radicals openly demand
peace in accordance with President
Wilson's terms.
Turkey withdraws troops from the
Navy Department officials were
highly pleased today over the part
which the American destroyers are
reported to have taken in the attack
on Wednesday, in which the Austrian
naval base at Durazzo, on the Al
banian coast In the Adriatic, was de
stroyed. Italian. British, and Ameri
can destroyers and tdrpedo craft are
reported to have defied the mine fle'ds
(Continued on Page 3, Column 1.)
COPENHAGEN. Oct 4 Official an
nouncement was made In Berlin today
that Prince Max, of Itadsn. has been
named German chancellor, and that
two Socialists ,Herr Groeber and Herr
Kcheldemann have been appointed
secretaries (members of the ministry)
without portfolio.
The German foreign mlnl'ter will
address the Itelchstag tomorrow, ex
plaining the government's program
QosagfyH Street Prices.1
The allies are hammering home their victories in three
theaters of war today.
Continued successes are reported from the west front,
the Balkans, and Palestine, while allied naval forces have
destroyed the Austrian naval base of Durazzo, in Albania-,
sinking the enemy fleet
The -E-reach in the German defenses northeast of .St.'
Qnentin has agsi been tara"open, ind British' cavalry ha
entered Frenoy-Le-Grand, seven miles northeast of St.
Quentin. -"
A new franco-American attack northeast of tEheims
has resulted in an advance of three miles.
The evacuation of Belgium is gaining headway, Bel
gians, British, and French pressing forward on the heels of
the Germans, who are resisting vigorously between Dizmude
and Armentieres, falling back rapidly between that city
and Lens.
Complete evacuation of Albania by Austrian forces has;
been announced by Vienna. '
Yanks Surge on in Waves
Behind Rolling Barrage
By HK.tltY G. WALES.
International News Service Staff Cor
(night). Driving forward behind a
rolling barrage, American troops de
Ilvered a smashing attack In the
Champagne district today, storming
the formidable German defensive work
on Mont I! lac and capturing Mcdaah
Tho Americans advanced a consid
erable distance along the main Som-
mepy-Attlgny highway and at last re
ports were maintaining steady prog
ress. which has reached a depth of at
least three miles.
(Sommepy is twentl-three miles
east of Rheims. Attigny is six
teen miles north of Sommepy.
Medeah farm Is three miles north
of Sommepy and Mont Blanc is
The Americans co-operated with
General Gouraud's army west of the
Argonne forest, and their first big" at
tack in this zone was entirely sue
cessful. All of the objectives were at4
talned by the Americana in the flrsH
rush. .
Through Sparse "Woods.
The assault, which centered astride,
the highway running due north from.
Sommepy. was through sparse woods.
At the same time strong pressure
was, directed westward toward St.
Etlenne (three miles west of the).
Sommepy-Attlgny highway). near
which Mont Blanc Is located on tho'
top or a knoll, admldst heavy woods.
Krtipp guns were thickly emplaced
there, but many of them were knock
ed out by the American bombard
ment. The tremendous barrage fire which
preceded the American assault smash
ed all resistance Where machine
gunners were encountered the Amer
ican Infantry advanced on the wave,
going forward by means of Infiltra
tion. In Irresistible Waves.
The first line would move forward.
flanking German machine gun nests
and strong points, while the second
and third lines followed, "mopping
The woods hindered complete co
operation by the airplane.-, nut n
spite of these obstacles the airmen
made a new record in regulating the
artillery Are The gunm-rs kept a
constant wave of bursting shells In
front of the advancing ranks
German batteries wet of Sulppes
laid down an enfilading tire which
bothered the Americans until our
I long-range heavirs began to roar,
j Tho German gun positions ere poi-
' ,f..Afp ,lr.n,li.,1 u-lfPi d-
While the attack progiess-d it
swerved In a northwesterly direc
tion, menacing the bocbes' position
north of llhelras. Following the vio
lent drum lire which preceded the ln
, fantry advance, the merlcan put
out a thick smoke screen which
I cloaked their movements.
Number " prisoner were cap
tured, but thev had not been counted
at the time thi dispatch w.. written.
Several batteries of German Held gutu
and numerous maihine gun1 wet In
cluded among thp bout
Daonrl-. Clear Out Aeslft.
Some of the German iiiHfhine suti
ners put P tnut rr'iai e hn (.
Xiiierlcans v ith llxol l.iron',
virmtrd ov. r tb- ,eriian ina ne
uun nests. -weepinK l-r.) . V r f
boclie- wnli Tic CM l-cl
1 ! -. as ivnge'jj u - I
Mr' li. n. s - f.-ni.-i ., ?t
ti out'Cuvi o:i 'a(3 :
, Celiuaa i

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