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(Continued from First Paee.)
across the Sensee canal, south of DouaJ,
end expect to reach the outskirts of that
city by tomorrow.
" French Cross Itetonrne.
5A1US, Oct. 15. The French are
across the Retourne river In creat
,force and pursuing the fleeing; Ger
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t-SSSSgV r 729-31 7th
mans toward Bethel, the important
enemy base on the Alsne.
Cavalry and fast automobiles car
rying machino suns are harrying; the
Germans, who are not expected to
show much resistance until they are
on the opposite side of the Alsne
The French have passed Qulily
(midway between Pauvres and
Vouziers), In the face of the steady
advance, the crown prince has hastily
moved his headquarters from llcs
qulrcs to a safer location.
Foe's Reserve Dwindle.
Owing; to the success of General
roch's continuous poundings of the
German positions the enemy's re
serve strength, on the whole front,
has been reduced to ten or fifteen
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St N. W.
divisions (100,000 to 15CTO0O men).
The Germans are rushing; up scant
reserves from Alsace In a frantic
effort to check the triumphant prog
ress of the French, who advanced
from three to four miles along' the
Champagne front.
Tho Germans ore fighting; despe
rately from Laon to La Fere to save
the line of communication between
the Champagne region and the north.
Meanwhile the British forces are
knocking at the gates of Doual and
the general retirement or the Ger
mans from there to the Chemln-des-
Dames and the Champagne continues.
Overcomlnc; violent counter attacks,
the French .and Americans continue to
advance on both sides of the Heme,
General Pershlns reported to the War
Department last nlcht, in his com
munique of October 11. The First
American army has captured more
than 8,000 prisoners since October 8,
the communique adds.
"On both sides of the Meuse violent
counter attacks and desperate resist
ance, have failed to stem the advance
of the French and American divisions.
"We have taken Molleville Farm,
north of the Bois de Consenvoye. Our
troops have passed through the Bols
de Foret and are before the villages
of Landres-et-St. George and St. Juvin,
which Is in flames.
"An American army corps, operat
ing with the British, has fought its
way more than ten miles through the
enemy's defensive system and has
captured more than 1,900 prisoners
since October S. Today this corps
took the villages of Escaufourt, St.
Benin, and St. Souplet.
"Of the 8,000 prisoners captured by
the First American army since Octo-
lta fi frannk unita Ttar Intran A wasp
i arm
Oct. 13. British troops,
their steady progress
northwest of Solesmes. have advanced I
to Within nine miles of Valenciennes,!
it was indicated in Field Marshall
Halg's official report last night. I
The British also advanced on the I
front south of Doual and made prog
ress east of Lens.
"Northwest of Solesmes, we made
steady probress toward the Selle val
ley." the statement said
"The enemy's rear guards were
driVen from the villages of Stvaaat.
St. Aubert. Villers-En-Cauchles, and
Avesnes-le-Sec (nine miles southwest
of Valenciennes).
"The west bank of the Sensee river
between Arleux and Corbehem (a mile
and three-quarters south of Doual)
was cleared anu both vllages were
captured. We are closely approaching
the line of the canal west or DouaL
"East of Lens, we captured Mon
tlgny, Harnes, and Annay."
French troops have continued their
progress over a forty mile front In
the Champagne district, capturing
the great German railway strong
hold at Vourlers. They are now
driving northward from that town
In the direction of Sennuy.
British forces have again advanced
along the Plcardy and Flanders front,
capturing the ground only a mlledls
tant from the German base at DouaL
Americans have beaten off German
counter-attacks, improving their po
sitions on both sides of the Meuse
river, north of Verdun.
The Germans nave evacuated all
of the Cbemln-des Dames and have
A. E. F. Becomes New
Separate Army Group,
Pershing Commanding
The American second army began
Its function as a distinct military
nnit yesterday.
MaJ. Gen. Robert Lee Bullard
was named as commander.
Gen. John J. Pershing becomes
commander-in-chief of tho army
group, composed of the first and
second armies, while llaj. Gen.
Hunter Liggett succeeds Pershing
at the head of the first army.
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NEW YORK, Oct. 13. Von linden
burg has veen compelled, as the result
of last week's lighting by thajJLmerl
cans, to abandon his hold on the
Argonne forest, south of the Grand
pre pass, and to begin preparations
for a retreat from the Champagne
hrough Luxemburg before General
Fershlng closes the main Luxemburg
highway leading into Germany from
Simultaneously with their advance
toward the Luxemurg road at Stcnay,
the American developed a. new threat
last week against a German re
tirement from the Champagne by way
of Belgium.
This movement, which contains pes
sibilitles of great Importance, Is di
rect from the west, towiird the forest
town of Hirson. If Hirson falls to the
Americans, it will not be possible for
the Germans In the Champagne to
move around the western tip of the
Ardennes massif and conduct their
retreat by way of Liege.
Defends Wooded nelshta.
Hirson Is theVwestrrnmost defense
of the Ardennes forest and hllsl.
Stenay is the protecting point which
guards the southeastern approaches
to the Ardennes. The distance be
tween the two Is about sixty miles.
If General Pershing's armies can
occupy both strategic centers almost
simultaneously, the German troops
In the Champagne must take refuge
In the difficult highlands of, the
Ardennes, where adequate, supplies
cannot reach them and where., their
losses in guns and munitions wlf be
Von Hindenburg clearly sees this
trap. Because of It he has started
an extensive retreat along the whole
of his Champagne front. He has
started to blow us ammunition
dumps north of Lille. Indicating that
treat on u,, Franco-Belgian frontier,
FRANCE. Oct 12. American troops,
cooperating with the British, today met
n nvat hlaat of artlllfrv Are &CTOU the
selle rirer from the German battery
positions on the ridge to the eastward.
The Americans and British are now
facing the enemy across the river, be
tween La Cateau and Solesmes.
Other Americans, to the southward,
are mixed up with both British and
French In the fighting for possession
of Andlgny forest, east of Bohaln.
The allied troops found Bohaln practl
cally Intact, the Germans having no
time to destroy and plunder It to the
extent which marked their leave-taking
from other French towns.
In the last fire days the "Wild Cat"
division has taken 3,000 prisoners, be
tween SO and 60 cannon, and several hun
dred machine guns. Since September
20 It has recovered 150,000 square yards
of French territory.
LONDON, Oct. 13. The Serbian army
has advanced to within six miles of
Nlsh, In the face of heavy Austro
German resistance, according to ad
vices received here.
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doubtless already besrun to move
some of his reserve supplies back into
Germany by way of Luxemburg. He
cannot return S very large quantity,
however, because of the possibility
that If this Is done Marshal Foch win
make a sudden assault and break
through the Inadequately protected
Champagne line.
German Plight Critical.
The present situation in the Cham
pagne Is the most critical the Ger
mans have bad to face since their re
treat began along the west front
last July, i Owing to British pres
sure on th northern part of the
battle front; however, it Is Impossible
for Von Hindenburg to devote his at
tention exclusively to the extrication
of his Champagne armies before the
eastern and western exits are dosed.
The British progress this week
south of Oambrai and about Doual Is
pushing the Germans back to tho
Valenclennes-Maubeuge line, near
the Belgian border. This Is the last
position the Germans have before
they must enter Belgium.
If Valenciennes and Maubeuge fall
without a serere struggle, definite
notice will have been served by Von
L Hindenburg that he Intends to evacu
ate western Belgium. With these
two concentration points wrested
from the enemy, there remains no
natural line of defense south of
Brussels Itself is not fortified. If
.the Germans seek to retain posses
sion of Brussels for trading purposes
at the peace conference, their last
positions tmust be established at
Waterloo. The relinquishment of
Waterloo would mean the evacua
tion of Brussels.
It la toward Waterloo. ' therefore.
that Field Marshal Halg is now push
ing Von Hindenburg from the Doual
and Cambrai sectors.
BERLEf, via London, Oct IS.
Defeat of an "immensely
superior force" of French and
Americans in the Champagne fn
a two neels' battle has enabled
"smooth execution" of the Ger
man retirement fn the Alsne
bend, the German war office an
nounced yesterday.
A retirement west of Bona!
was also reported.
"West of Doual we withdrew
ur lines," the statement said.
'The enemy, slowly following,
occupied the line of Vendln-le-Tiell,
Harnes, and Hanin-LIc-tard.
"In the Champagne, General
von Ernems victory over im
mensely superior Franco-American
forces in a fortnight's strug.
gle and exhaustion of the enemy
has rendered possible the smooth
execution of our retirement In
tho Alsne bend.
0n both sides of Bohafn, Brit
ish, French and American at
tacks were repulsed."
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LONDON. Oct. 13. The entire Ger
man defense system has been -broken
up by the terrific blows of the allied
armies, snd especially the British,
durinr thV past week. If the breach
beyond Cambrai Is extended much
farther by British and American
troops, a debacle of the armies of
Crown Prince Rupprecht is a pos-
Six week of the best fighting
weawcr is apsoiuteiy essential to
develop to the fullest extent the re
sults of the allied operations during
we two montns.
The hammerlike blows of the al
lies in the region of La Cateau now.
Imperil the retreat of German forces
from the salients both to the nortn
ward and 'southward.
The most competent military au
thorities say that If the present
situation nad prevailed a month ago
the war certainly would h,ave ended
during the present year.
uiven suitable weather, they as
sert that General Foch still has a
wonderful chance to have "his bat
tle," thereby so crippling the German
armies that the Kaiser's peace cry
win change to a devout supplication.
The German line Is crumbling, be-
(cause the enemy has Insufficient guns
and because HIndenburg's attempt to
conserve nis divisions by shortening
tne cattle line has failed.
The startling fact remains that the
German line from the North sea to
Rhelms now is 100 miles, the same
distance it waa'bn August 8. At the
same time the battle line from
the North sea to the UoseDe river Is
318, miles, or only thirty-tight, miles
less than It was on August 8, In
spite of the fact that the Germans
have been forced to evacuate the
Argonne and St. Mlhlel salients.
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