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THE ,WASmyQtOJy:TfMES. SATDKDlyyEBlfer isis.'.
President and Mrs.. Wttsoii to Attend Wedding of Cabinet Officers'
DaughterBishop Harding Entertains for the-Lord Bishop of-Oxford
: t j
l The elimination of non-essential re
ylew work jta hltorr. ffabgrsphy.
arithmetic, "and English, for thli
.School term ir the new methdd'of In
tensification of study adopted by the
public schools to. begin -on the reopen
ing of schools Monday morning;..
More time, will be devoted to the
studies of the present term than ever
before. Heretofore two and- some
times three weeks have been devoted
to the. reviewing of- the work of the
past term. No essential part of the
evlew work will be .overlooked.
"We ate trying to get the work of
his semcster'flnlshcd b'y February 1.
ne elimination of non-essentials In
view worky:uttln(r down of holiday.
vnuaa, ana co-operation Detween tne
Pftudent andsteacher In. their work
lylll probably be a means ot making
Ip the time lost," 'said Ernest L.
Xhurston. superintendent of schools.
Bay "War Saviacs Stimsa tadoy and
e for yenr tntnre.
akkly itelp to strengths.
fl$e digestion, stimnktfl tte
5r. regulate io& povyeis
1 improve the health
wonrfng with native.
at Sal.f A IbifaiM h 4. WaM-
jeHai-nln-ia.- 1 Boxaa, lOfc. 2Sc
QjJjjV JflP
1 133
"We're KOt the heads
and "parts to success
fully repair all dolls.
Also the finest stock of
" imported and domestic
rtolla nn dlxnlar.
fitnruc idt cTnnc
to; n it. ir. e.
rgf V'TyE
Who uses a spray
sjrrmge, sncrald read
oar letter, circular.
J. S. XyreSnChemtst, Inc..
JBy J. W.T. HA30K,
.Pram War Eisiil'
NEW TOHIw f Nor. 2. General
Pershing new .advance oward tne
Luxemburg- "fronti'erjbrlngs the Amer
icans within eight miles of the great
communldatlon center of Stenajrr-I
The. -direction of the American- at
tack Is, nodtoward the" Metz-Longu-yon
supply railway, which has recent
ly been sunder' long-distance bombard
ment by 'General .'Pershing's- artillery.
The movement Is headed -straight for
Stenay. whore the main Luxemburg
highway crosses the Meuse. Jt Is ap
parently General Pershing's purpose
not to' concentrate his efforts on the
secondary, work of Kamperrng the
movement oftsupplles tor the German
armies In France, but to continue
his attempt to cut off the German re
treat from Trance by-.way -df Luxem
The sudden lurch forward- ot the
Amerlcansttoward StenayMs. the- most
successful manenver General Persh
ing has conducted slnde- his Brat of
fensive north oT yerrfunfoveVk month
ago. -SUnay is nQw directly' menaced.
Only two -more advances -similar to
the .one -made. by. the , Americans In
the past twenty-four hours, will be
necessary lo close the .Stenay gap en
tirely.." The enemy will have to file
throue-h the difficulty nasaes of the
Ardennes, except' for sonic 'fortunate
units which- may be ahlevto squeeze
into the western , tip-,0? .Luxemburg
by way of .the twelve-mile stretch
be t ween ..Stenay and, the Ardennes. -The
strong resumption of the
American effort at this rime, to reach
the "Luxemburg border means that
Marshal Poch Is bringing: to bear on
the German's the only argument about
the allies armistice terms' they , can
understand. " When, the terms, are pre
sented to the- Kaiser, the. fact that
the Americans, are still going1 ahead
to Luxemburg -must exert a profound
impression onth decision otv the
German generaPstaff. It Is strictly
In accord -with the case that the -enemy
shall be given no rest while un
conditional surrender la' being de
manded of him.
THE President and Mrs. Wilson
will attend the marriage of
Miss Lucy Kyi- Burleson,
daughter ot the Postmaster
General and Mrs. Albert Sidney Burle
ron. and Ensign Charles Green
Grimes. U. S. N which will be sol
emnised this afternoon at IMS o'clock
In St. John's Church.
The only other guests' at the cere
mony, which will he performed by the
rector of the church, the Rev. Dr. Ro
land Cotton Smlthrwlll be the men)
bers of the families of the 'bride and
bridegroom. Mr. Burleson's associates
In the Cabinet, with the ladies of
their families, -and A very few close
friends of the young couple. A'.re;
ceptlon. to which a number of p'tjier
guests from official, 'diplomatic,', and
lesldent society have been asked, will
follow the ceremony and will be "held I
In the historic .old home of the Post
master General and Mrs. Burleson in
F street.'
Miss 'Burleson, who will bevirlYen
In marriage by' h'er""father. Will "her.
Richard; Van Wyck-Negley. 6f. Aus
tin.. Tex.; as ' matron' of 'honor, .and
will have, ' tw" 'bridesmaids, her
younger 'sister, illss "Sidney Burleson,
and, Miss Mary, qrlrnes. sister of tbe
bridegroom.' Ehsfgn'E. J. It Gor
man. V.. SAN., jwlll be.best man for
Mr.iGrlmes.-' The' -lishers will bo
Commander. J Ji. -Hancock. Lieutan'
ant, .Commander Donald .Riley,, Lieut,.
iiicJiftrq uaviion, hj.o. a aoa w.
S."VCarr.s - ? ' ' "t.
Jtr.'(ahd; Mrs. ILH.. Grimes, of.Day-
Miss Grimes reached fown on Thur
day; and are staying at the Arlington.
Othruests. frortt-out-of-towhlierefor
inc weaaing-are-iirig, ien. ana .jura.
William IVJ Judon. ; who, are stay Ins;
with Mrs.. Charles S. Bromwell; illss
Emiha McDonald, 'a'nloce; M. Burle
son., and the Misses JIartorlev and
Ka-talle Arnold, of Haverhill," llass;
MJas McDonald, whose"- home'-ls In
Texas. hd the Misses Arnold:- are
stayfng at the-Burleson borne. ,'
After, a.. week's, honeymoon, Mr.
Grimes and his bride win etujn.to
.Washington.' where' .he - It- at pVesent
onduty. They wlllimakethelrnoroia
here and nave an apartment lnivlew.
Waitf, D. C tl
Declaring that a recent order of
Secretary Daniels regarding- the; ac
ceptance ofresignations from thfe
Natry Department is an attempt'at
labolf conscrintlon bv Inlimlrtatlnn'
jj the National Federation of Federal
I I Employes hasJiled a protest againsi
the order and Is seeking- to, enlist the!
aid of organlzedtlabor in Its jjght.
The protest cites the-specific rase
of S. W. Savage, a typist In the navy
yard at Portsmouth. Va.. who re-
mtlUHHirH ' signed from tbe Navy Department? to
tacccpt a better position.-. His resig
nation was accepted, but with a
statement -ovr-8cretary, Daniels' "slrr
nature tnatii notation has been
made of your unpatriotic action for
imure -reference.'" '
Union Savings Bank
"jTAsHiivGToar" s-
Wadett- Cosr: .rresMnit- -no
rsVrrteCBtli ttwi.'Vrf''t
: rz
tW&rEt Kcv,i!,'tBBBBBfw $xkt &3MKKf
' V-asBBBBBBfe M3 tMllWrfV'-t I
SllBBBBB-" IWW&Jiroi -iW&iitA 1 '
lrlf i vft !$BBBH3fHsBBB3i n HU5arGSMI I
IB . . -.'. s?BBBBBfceaJ-3e'islA-SBBBBBB8B.Si sfli 2T5 SJTV . 3!fV&f&' .1 I
i-t.y r. zttawwnm&J7p&xkL i n&xiwj&wx&ss&mx- i i
u.r-- -wmmrk3 .mamgssfrrt
l.K f . SsBBBBBenr!L7 " f " Wtj". ; " " - ""- " , -m I
' x. 'x:-ff-JjjeiwiBBff.stta4xv.M
VvsfS1ss?mSgsof ..
7sMsMf&yf v
ter. returning to New Tork in the
early spring.
Dr.and Mrs. Al L. Surety have re
turned to 'Washington- after an ex
tended absence.
Halloween rarty.
, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bnrfelgh Mil
ton entertained a company ot young
people1 in honor of Mrs. Milton's son.
Chalmers Sfymoar McConnell, at their
home In Eighteenth street. It was a
Halloween dance, and the decora
tions were Imkeeplng with the spirit
of the occasion.
Among those present were Miss
Clara La Follette, Miss Frances Wash
ington. Miss Marie UcCulre, Miss
Mary Webb, granddaughter of Sena
tor and Mrs. Sterling- of South Da
kota: Miss Row, of Minneapolis;
Miss Elisabeth Burke .and Miss Mar
lon Burke. Miss Elizabeth Mulhofer,
Miss Marie Daviason. Airs, ntisut
Bush Asher: Captain BIrabsn and
'Capt. Robert logout, of the French
-uriiltarv Mission: Lieutenant wis
Vtt. H. M. S. Warrior: Lieutenant
I Ingrain, on admiral's staff. IL M. 8.
TVarrlor; , Edward Kiageiey ukmh,
of New Tork; Captain Worth, CapL
Clarence waurwrigni aorpor. jir.
Irvine. Charles Taylor. Df- F. T.
Evans, and' Lieutenant Frassetto, of.
the ItsJUn' embassy.
NASHVniE, Ind, Nor- 2- "Him
self, his, wife, and their four ,cmn
children all seriously 111 with, tn-
fluenia. Paul Ringer,- whoso hom
Is one mils off the public road and
who baa .no neighbor nearer"thana
mile and a.half. crawled on hue hands
and knees to the highway today. Ha
thep waited for more than aa hour
for a passer-by to whom he explain
ed the situation.
Atphyslelan was summoned at once
and Uitreatlng the members of the
family. There was no .telephone In
fh.Jiona. and. am ar.snlt th fats
lly had been unable to do anything
In the way of summonlnr aid until
tbe heia of the family waa able to
crawl to ten . road.
,odW,s"bri'de"' and 'Tier 'sister,. Who, will, be, amonffiiher attendants,
vlsltltig her parents fin .Detroit, will
re torn t6 "A'inhlnrfnn Wh tflrt . of
next .week. - .--. ..
Bwlfi &. CamBan-rs salrs of hef
Wuhlnrton. D. a. fer th week eadlnc
SaUrdav Octsbu- .11. Hll. .v...-.. ..
XoUows-rDonvtiUa-Wt,4IJl ci$KX&-rc:
i m . "wi.M u- v.;.
- UM .. V MW
Vtrited'the Vatican."
m.. "Why Did Napoleon
Divorce Josephine?"
" ilBBBBBBBct-
' bbbbbbbbbbbbH
f ' ArV '? -
DB. GutOXJM Will' SimA. -rtrf
Snndiy, oa the ab&reJiiWects,
In thtk .- ' '
First Congregational Crnrrch
Tenth and G Strtxim narthweat
100 coofes of thA nntM- tt TV
-Gordon's sermon on "Number 606."
or rTbe Kaiser In Prophecy' will
. dlstrlbnted at the mnrnlnr Ken.
'rice. Grea '"Endeavor meetlnv.
f at 6-30 .p. tn.
Baptist . -
E,.n". Strrm UIU "om .trmiimrtod
Rapplmss," s p. m.. Comfortable chairs
(free, men like thn) : SVem's aoncs.
-n-. "The Commander?.-' Centennial
Bspt. Ch, 7th and Ere N. J5' V"n"
.' "
President Wilson received, the
FrencfvArhbassador.'Jt. Juieruid,, at
the 'White House this at jerpocn. ''
The PresHeiit;oviil..rec!lVs?the; Rti
Rev. CharlesdoreJ'Jp. fjD. (C. lly
Lord Bishop of' Oxford, atjtlte 'White
House on Monday afternoon. The blshoD
accompanied by his chaplain, the RerC
E. Edward R. Broklebank, reached
town this morning "and an -week-end
guests of the- RL' Rev.' Alfred .Olard
lng. BlshoD of Washington, nt the
Cathedral Clpt'e, Mount Sa'ot .Vltafiri.
give an Informal, reception at .ivhlefcv
the clergy of tlu dlocesa will meet
tne Lora liianop of oxforg.
. t .
Mrs. Robert Lansing: .opened her. honor.
Diran to. .
In the
munlty Service, asking as many of
Her friends aa she- could gather at
short notice to meet Charles White.
-1 clalre, iT.ILC .V. worker, who told,
most Interestingly ,(of the service 'In
Palestine, where he. had been on duty
"Justiack oTthe fro.nCSTiaBd.enteeecl
Jernsalem with .General AUenby"s vic
tonous troops.
- -At Torktown.
jLieuL Thopss V.iCoopar,. U..S., N
and his bride- who 'Was' Miss Bessie
Baker. .-of-,'BaltIm'orer' have gone.lo
Yo'rktown, Va, forthe.-winter.- They
spent.tneir honeyrhponat lot Springs
-Va, , antt'nave- slndebeen vlslUhg
.ieuienaniuoopr s'iarenis, 'xr.uiu
Mrs. Fre'derlck foebier. at" Media."' Pa:.'
"kndrM'r. and-ilrs. I'aulrBaker, parents
oi inejDriae,.in uaitimore. t
THe marrlarre of Mlas- Dorothy
Evtlr-) Graves. 'daughterpfBrig. Gen.
WilllaroVs. Graves.1.!., SLA:. now. in
Slberti, and Mrs. .Graves, to 'Major
WillUm R." Orton.-TTS.iV, will take
place" 'Monday, November"' at 4:30
o'clock, at'St.,Mar;arel's.!hurch. The
bride Xvill be given; 14 marriage hy her.
iuncle.t Cyrus Merrlant, of' New York,
andr her sister-in-law, 3lrs. Sidney
GraVes, wife of Major Graves, U.,'S.'A.,
aIo-1n Siberia, will be the matron of
Mrs.. 'Dougherty la chairman of 'the
salvage"- division df thre 3led "Cross,
whlclvhaaee'n a treat '.success. Mrs.
Dougherty -.bas vbeen vIsftins.MrsJ.t
Llreftt. for'iseveral -.weeks.,- She'lsF
.. v-..-t.w.;-. ,.,
'CapL... Count,' Enrico Luserna-. dl
Camprglibne,vasalndnt . military.- at
tache6fthevHallfcn embassy, enter-
lainea'at aviiaiioween oiffner and
rivrA . wrawml il. j li Via'' ' - - .
STftstswere Jirige'-and'Jfritwifllam
Ham. Col and-ilrs. Louis' Chappeleaiv
airs, junarits "Iiairdy- Mrs.- Chkrlea
Keene..'Orra:-''joh'n 'Reynolds, Miss
Marguerite .Ames, Lieutenant- JJot-
taro. and XIutenant.-D'Ainlco. ot-thoj
iianaa military mission anaur. Ai-fani-
v A
: -its .
' At -Pimlico rrtaeea.r t '
Many IltUe""partle'of sodietyvneo-
ple went overto the .openlng-'of the
hImIi.. "- .-. -.
. ..i.ij nces yesieraay. Among
those who have.boxes 'for' the 'meet
are the former1 Russian Ambassador
ana Atme. Hakhmeteff. Brlir. Gen.
-------i- - r .-J"- -jiionor. Jumo. lujuimeiui, ting, uen
la. Elghteotth tree,t yesterday! lWL Julian Orton. Twenty-second James A. Buchanan, and.'sute Sen
Don at 5-Wpck fora menin,tafantryu.s.A.wm.Dehub7Sthej.ll . MrS Rieha!? yntZ.n
i?l?l)?..?L"l:0ali be.tman. CoL John Alexander. U. & &lM? m'."?
Christian Science
First Congregational Caere!:
Jots' swa a Streets s. yv.
Sssflay Aftemoeri
Serreeher S, iOIS--4 P. ST.
Hie Lord Bishop or Oxford
iltKer. Car!e Gore, D.D. D.C.L.
-Will Speak
the anspiees -of .the National
jttee. on. the Qmrches and the
Aims of the' War.
invited, essecialfr the Minis-
of all Ejligions Bodies.
First Chtrrch al Christ, .SdentistJ
. nuuniu, voiumoia.ra. ano-Eocua n.
Second Chtrrch' of Cbbt, Scientist
"f Waliton. N. K. Mon!oTeBlpI,
Third Orarch of Christ, Scientist
w "MiuniToE. Mssame Trapl
, Uth and N. T. Ave. N. W.
"Everlasting Pnnishment"
SCBVICfcSi Sunaav, U A, IL and IP. M.
Mflradofelif Xth and-C mtm Wm t m
fWrnte 30 to C, iBa-SCn.. 133 toi30). 1TTJ
Aoans JOB rL K. IT. Hiawia tn s .I
W-sd. t Sopdays and noliaan). la-Ssst
PtS- ?" " T xt- Sunys
ana helMarsl. f.j
A.,- a classmate ot the bridegroom at
WestPolnt: Major Douglas Glllett, U.
S."A., and Major E. A. Davidson, U.S.
v.t .stationed at Camp-Humphreys, and
lajor Joseph 3L swing, u. S. A- win
!be 'ushers. Ther( will be 'no reception.-,
, Reformed"
GRACE Mtb "S s- w.
rT. SJ- "ea, O. D, pastor.
II a. nu.--Th Plasue.".
p. m.. "Abraham as OeneraL"
The First SpiritnaUsm 'Church
"is The Devi! Dead?"
Lactcr. by th pastor. Jtzi iK. Terry.
sates-at PythUr Tap!a, mtlthu. v7w
SIT. C. Z.TAT AETHAN.reted niaor
!rt Is Socia
ust S!Ba; t!:s this Scsdav av.t
tV T5tl!a HillA(A nl vr
Democstrattsr lanLort&Mtv1 s- Bni-,
mtatarea ha , wl'l anawer qctttiosa Doors
open at 7:J p. m. Sarvtcaar start t t.
FrlTst raaSJsxs daily Jn his studios la the
i . ute jam z srs. i.
nvjusi) ux oGui;. ji. a
J .gonT.ii-.'os.
Ettv lfi!;flAL
1st CUaoy, sarsosi; asd holy era.
I Evaamr prayer and aannoa.
iaa7t hocr.)
f-j(nJareHloa at sooa., J,
Bethlehem Chapel
ai r v v r "r ..
aits, aib w "t Jpxr iv 79iC7 'oo.
jLXtZ, zztwzczs xs5yun
. jt7TW3oer
rt,... .. ...
i -, jy . - . . V
i-rxTtr I2C uiurrs .zotqo: - -
cfCPsfcSv-", . .
S3 rV iassffi k-.
iCanuncftlaa ....-......Tuft a, ok
erwirirM cmtret, nd Ainerl
-.g.t Cxr.
Y. w.-'ctjvi
rr. ir.-fl.ij'
SJgB SJJ!irVICE?AT-aif?-.C
Wesleyan Pentecostal
Sarrlees tomorrow KnnAm. fl-nA a.c-
Pnarnlnr li:eo o'o!ak &a t.iii aim.v".
Stransars tnntad. D st. between 3rd and
ia ats. K. w. j.j
The Secretary of .the .Interior-arid I
iara,, ihc enicr(jjnca,aL a- small, ID-,
formal dinner- Iasfevenlrigriln compli
ment' to Mrs., .John. W.-JJaVls, "wife of
.,. Mbn niu,IVM4i JUUUHHUUr .U
Great Hrltaln. . , , .?
I- - . 5. " '
The .Secretarv nf,f'Commerc-i and
Mrs. 'Itedneld have -gone toJs'ew-York
for a brief visit, and are stavintr at
tne xieimont hotel. Taey,wlll return
10 town' on xuesaay.
Senator Fbelon Away.
Senator James D. Phelan has. gone
to New Hampshire to take- part in the
campaign,- and Is making a series of
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Fremont Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry- Barton,- of
Media, Pa who. were in Washington
for'several days, have .returned home.
They made the trip, by motor.
-Their cousin Mrs. E. TCronln, re
turned with them to- Media and Is
staying with Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Lieut. George Cooper, .Jr., who Is
on sick leave. Is visiting- his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. George'Coop'er. In Wash
ington. He' was in Franee'for a year,
and was then stationed at Norfolk
where he contracte'd, a-serious case of
Influenza from which, he Is now re
cuperating. He expects" to return
shortly to overseas duty.
Miss Katherlne Wheeler, 'daughter
of Mrs. Peter Wheeler, of California,
Is visiting- Mr and Mrs. Hughes OH
Z..3 ZfJPfSZJrXS1. Pt. for" few days. MlssVhee.er
leased to Mr. and Mrs. GeorKa How
ard, will spend the.wlnter 'in Boston.
They are'stlll at their summer -home
In Bar Harbor. -
Sir Henry BablturtonSm)th,. acting
British; High' 'Commissioner, and
Geoffrey Butler, 'witnessed" the' per
fo nuance of "Freedom at the Cen
tury Theater, New York, last evening.
Mrs. John A. Johnston, wife of
Brigadier General Johnston, U. S. A
expects to spehd the winter in Wash
ington, and will bo at her residence,
2111 Massachusetts avenue.
, w. -- ---". , ..-
.. . Entertained Hera.-
Mr.ssdrsTvAyry Cooaley. of Chi
cago, wfcc(.arelilrj&r-st RosedaleJfrs':
Louisa Ky'Nc1rtciSs 'havely old hocte
In Clevajastf Pari,-"hive fcj as thalr
trc's'MC.'C5oae'?s br6ther ad
slattrilsi'a.MaJoVSd Vrs. Dexter
M.'Ferrv. o. 'Detroit., "Major Ferry.
whos'lri the'citt'aj'termiiter corps. TJ.
expects to spend the wjnter In Wash
ington doing war work.
Lloat. John E. Isernah. ,U.' S. N., who
wasfstatiosdtln(Was!blpgtOp.a year
or -two agb. has. bean 'agalh' ordered to
duty here after several months at
Miss Anna Taylor.'of -Detroit, will
arrive In Washington on Monday to
stay with Congressman and Mrs.
Frank Scott.
Mrs. Tracy Lyon, .'of - New Tork, Is
vlslttag her .daughte,r, Mrs. Sherman
Haight. at her residence, 1731 Twenty
first street. v .
M!ts Al'.ca Hutch'.nsJ Drake, win re
stuse her ,'sras ot fllittle Talks or.
Large Topics" next Tuesday evening
at 8 o'clock at the aiartttr.t of Miss
M." Proelorv 1757 1C street. After
the. usual current history' discussion
there will be given a 'program of
All Souls Ghurch
Ccr. 14th and L Sis.
Ulysses G. B. Pierce, D. D.
9:45 a. ja, Sciulay School: Class
for the Comparative, -Study" of Be-
ugion, ana .ianerson, biaay, Class,
li -A-''Monaa'jr 'Service, Ser
mon, by the Minister:
There Is also Jrindergartep dnr-
iag- ae. noiif, joi njonunj worahjp.-Home-eqmiae'
.Day. to which nit
asabers af riesds are soedalfv
' SalnttfonAmr
lor Wsv 1 sw. aw, auriiagi; turn-
!M"ir Ti., T 4-B. TVoaa
Uaf a ur
dBa4 rat N. a.
S. jfc.fcks,be,eaoreeTed!tc take charge i poems dsveloplr.? the, topic. "France
or ma- 4notor trans&orr arvision'or rne
Signal 'Corpsfor the.Northwest, with
haadiiuartars' In Chicago.
- - J ' '
CoL axrd Mr. William-Carv Bagrar.
of 'Sang'erfiel4,"'arV n SiiuthborougH,
Mass, with their. youngest-son who
has been seriously 11L On their return
to Washington they will be at 1S33
Massachusetts- avenue. Their daugh
ter, 'Miss Mary Sanger, IS at the training-
eehool for nurses at the Walter
Heed Hospital! Lieut. WiJ!ljs Cary
Sasgsr.'Jr, is Is France.
VSIrs, Craaaa jEoldss. who has- bees.
as a Thsme of Modern Verse."
Bsrrae Meetings.
The November mestinr of the Pet
worth League Club will be held Mon
day evening, November. 4, In the
school house at Eighth and Shepherd
streets. The hour of meeting Is 8
o'clock. After the business transac
tions the club will be 'entertained by
the home .committee,
. J , .
Mrs. Joh Allan Dougherty has .re
turned to Washingteii to open' the
salvage headquarters or Motday.
d'aiBDecr ot tbemsejvea -They irrow -preparatlos
.- ti - . - ... f Tt
Ktdeyed' bladder troubles 'don't ed .a -special charter authoririne' It
ui: sc ss.
rood hciusawlfe of Holland
would afmott is'coon be- without, food
fiMt. itlt.Vrtii fall siHerlrA ft n 1rttF- ftnaintiv -ii nnr.n urnr
abla djaeaseL, '" ; , ' Haarlem Oil Capsufes; Their use rs-
ppoiyaej.'Mwly but'Jtteadilj'. usdei
sslnlsr; yc4x hslth wTth' deadly' c4
tlaoe. :
coma bis; aches. -Don't trifle 'with d!s- btist health of the Hollanders:
A-a itmvjr nrttit nTTinRi, h.vi. T-w. maw. imc it n .m..w m... t.,
treatment 1th COLD jmOAU Tlaa- ob-1 .rslst on hw ft'inplrln?'yoM 'tft
mT tJ. - T2L.'3JIUsl 'TIsrllBl" JftJXsm I17VW as
stores strength end is responsible is.' beth Harper., to Jiaymond H. Klsnear,
laureu sir. and airs Walter Brooks.
Jr tha latter formerly -Miss Louise
Cromwellof thlaclty-entertalneda
party In their box' yesterday. Brig.
-n. i-n-nes ieecniet 'or the aviation
.'vji,u. ius xiriusa urar mission
here. ahL-.Mrs.,Le.e. .weKi' the. honor
suests i Bif-lunoJieoTlJtireoedlntT th
races. Kens.ett-Brown was.thelr host.
His otherfkuestswcre Irland ilra.
v-nauncey.oicott and Captain TllUe, of,
ine iinusnarmy.
Miss Hdp" Butler wllrdeliver an
address on1 the war' workof -.American
women In'1 France' 'at. the resi
dence of Mrs. Franke'B.c Noyes, 1139
Vermont avenue, this afternoon. Fol
lowing her address' Arthur -Hunger-ford,
who.. as a-'V.'M C. Aj secretary:
has been seven months in France and
who, in the course'of his work In the
front-line -itrsnches. was.'J wounded'
tvlce, wilL-recount some "of 'his ex
periences, i
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Todd Mailery,
whose marriage took place October
21. are spending their honeymoon at
Yama Farms, N.' T. Mrs. Mailery
was formerly Miss Louise Marshall,
daughter of Mr.- and Mrs. George K,
Marshall, of Chicago. Mr. Mailery Is"
connected with JJia war policies board
In Washington, and they will be at
home at.7 Newlands street. Chevy
Chase. -3rhlei, they hav .-takes - for
the season. "
Captain Doraa 1st Fraaee.
' Word has been received of the safe
arrival of CapL William B. Do ran
overseas. Mrs. Doran will make her
home with her father at 1102 P street
until Captain Doran returns, when
they will go to California.
Mrs. Doran was formerly -Ml s Dial
Tillman, al this city, and la 'a niece
of the late Senator Benjamin R. Till
man of South Carolina. Her marriage
took place at the' Hotel VfcAlpln in
New York city in the early falL
The marraige of Miss Ire M.
Godron, daughter of Mr. and. Mrs.
George Godron, of, 40S Georffia. -ave
nue, and Howard Noack took place
in the presents' of only relatives end
intimate friends on Wednesday, even
ing at 6 o'clock.
Miss Helen Parsons was the bride's
maid of honor, .and J. B.- Godron.
brother of the brlde was ' the best
The ceremony was performed In the
living room of the new home of 'the
young couple, which was appropriate
ly decorated In autumn leaves, and
ferns, the Rav. J. B. Rupley, of,. St I
cartes Esgiisn " i.uuieran ucurca.
part orrsiag-' the ceremony. Alter An
ntoral reoeption.Mr. and Mrs. Noack
left for. a short wedding trip., '
Annpunce-nient Is stade of the mar
riage of Miss Ruth Gundry and En
slgn Frederick- S. Snyder,. TJ. S. N.
The ceremony, which took place to
day, was performed by cGapIaln A.
N. Every. TJ; S.N- In the office of
Chaplain JohrCB. Frailer at the head
quarters of the Chaplains Corps, TJ.
S. Ni, 1n Corcoran Courts.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Harper, of Wash
ington, announce,' the -marriage of
their daughter, ' Miss. Gertrude Ellsa-
"Sllghtly .wounded. Don't worry."
This Is te- message received today
by,. Mrs.. J, B. Kelly,, of 2B2S. Myrtle
avenue northeast. In the form ..of a.
cablegram from her'son,-Lleut.'LI0yd
B. Kelly. 110th Machine' Gan Bat
talion, -in France.
Lieutenant Kelly enlisted several
years ago Jn the District National
OnardjLaatiThanksclvifhBr Day ho
received, a .commission lntheI63rd'
Infantry,;-National Army.-and left at
onc'elfoc-EnsIand. Arrivlng:.Jn Eng-land-.oa
Christmas Day he,-was trans
ferred'to!.a;ma'cllne gnn'battallon and
was sent to France, where he -has seen
service, ever since.
Lieutenant. Kelly attended the Dis
trict schools and was a member of
the 1016', class -at McKlnley Manual
Training School.
HAGERSTOWN, Mo Nor. 2. Gov
ernor Harrlngbon is expected to ap
point . a- successor to Judgo M. L.
Keedy, Republican, whpse term
associate Judge of the Fourth Judi
cial circuit will expire very soon.
Prominent Democrats are urging tho
appointment of Thomas A. Poffen
berger, of Hagerstown. for the in
terim of a year until the Judicial
election next falL Mr. Pottenberger.
it is stated, has tha backing of tho
Democratic 'organization and leading
Democrats of the bar.
r-JV -
f '' -j -Secretary
McAdoo today announced
that he had invited the following- to
serve on a committee to study-present
conditions -In the gold mining- Indus
try: Albert Strauss, vice governor.
Federal Reserve Board: R. T. Baker.
Director of .the Mint; Gov. Emmet D.
Boyle, of Nevada: ftlr. Edwin F. Gay,
of the War Trade Board, and Pope
Yeatman. War Industries Board.
These fifteen deaths were reported
to the District Health-Department
between noon yesterday; and noon to
day: - ' '.
Eighteen' deaths as a result of tha
Spanish taduenxa epidemic In' Wash
ington we r, reported to tha District
Health-Vcpartraeot between noon yes
terday ancUnoon today. This Is the
same numberrrtrported for tha preced
ing twenty-four-hour period.
Fifty-three cases of the influenza
were reported to the Health Depart
ment between poon yesterday and
noon today. This Is a decrease of
1S2 cases over the number reported
In the twenty-four hours ended at
noon yesterday.-' and Is the lowest
number reported' In any twenty-four-hour
period since October 1. when the
epidemic first reached elty-wide pro
portions in Washington.
pr.' William C. Fowler; District
health officer, stated today that "al
though the epidemic Is quickly re
ceding: it Is not entirely over In Wash
More than 200Q cases of Influenza
hava been reported to the Health De
partment during- the epidemic to date,
and records show that ovefLSOO ot
these.persons died.
, "iSin the epidemic on. "tha wane
ooszie. oc uiq pnysiciana -woo oa-u bch
SVfv..-:- M' r' ,.,.. :Nt "ar services' In' sfttlons '6t tha
lic Health Hospital No. 2. ; f
JennleB. House, 18,"2-i2S Ktreat
Margaret a Jenkins, 30,' 2004, Fout
t'eenth street southeast. '
Grace E.: CambeU, 63, 71" Gs tree t
Rose Bonner, 32, 1207-Orrin street
northeast. -
Mary J. Sugrue, 23. 28 a E'- street
Hbs'pitaL "
Bertie Reeder, SO,- United "States
Public Hospital.
Lydla. M. Dawyenbalcer. 4U 1939
Seventeenth street northwest.
Emma RadclifC. 47. FrorldencetHos.
Dorothy May Henson-wlS. 4ST
Ridge' street northwest.
George HaaaJrw 28, "'1332 I street
northwest. -s -' -.
Clarence S. Wilson. .30. -United
States Public Hospital., ''-
Robert T.rWood. 03.. St. iEUzabeth'a
Hospltar.- . f"t'.-j-
Nearlyhalf of thefcannedT tomatoes
In the United States,,or, from JSOO,
000, to 20,000,000 -cases of them, two
dozen cans to tha .case,aroI to be
literally "taken over" by-the army
and navy.
It is estimated that tt would
take a freight train sixty .miles
Jong to mere 8,500 carloads - of" -.a
thousand cases, each, or. 45 per. cent
or una country's production, .itoro
than, 73 per cent will be used try-the
-There is an incessant demand, for
canned tomatoes -from American sol
diers overseas, their primary nse
being in the making of soups. They
are. also found invaluable, as' a means
of quenching--, thirst, on the .firing
'country where the disease 'is not jet
under controL , .-.
One of those; to leave Is Dr. Evelyn
Mitchell, 13 Seventh street northeast,
who. has been- at Camp Columbia, "Lit
tle Falls and Conduit. road, ShVhos
.been ienf as si -actliir; surgeon by
tho vpublle'heajth "service to.flghf In
fluenza lErFennsyI4nla. Dr. MrUheU
has Selected HarrUbdrjr-as tho'cZntas
ofioperatlons. ,
Dr. -Mitchell "has. teen a-'praetletng
physician or 'lle"'years,wlth':offlcs
at-1631- Connectieuravenue northwest,
slty-lIodlcal'SchooL ' -
..Klflrpn hundred trees were added
to-'the streets of Washington during
past year, - according to tho report
to the Commissioners of Clifford Lan-
ham. District superintendent of trees
and parkings.
CAMP MEADE,! MaV-HoT.'-irhr
gemeral quarantine order whichha
been "in; effect, at 'Camp .Meade .stac
th'e'outbrealc'.of iho'lnflatnzx epldemlij
w.asli'ft'ifil ttoday.Jn,elodedra,theow
der- HfyngSthe-.quarantine ls,the'm-
structibn, that noisfelcor-wounded-eotw
ralecveits..Bhted a learoowtnar
todpsedanger- ofjspreadlng-ilnfluanxa
arnonV-men.whose-system lslinka re
cep.UvocondJUonito'contract'new aS
nionts. . ' , T
.flnlv5S-i.ant nf tTi Tnmn tit 1i
unit' will begl-vanleave"at.'any- one
time, and. th'e,oftJeerscof. each; company
are swamped' Wth'-rqnesta'or passes.
HAGERSTO,-V,-Md, Nov. 1. Hanr
ins"by agTapevIhe from. a tree In a
wooded )sect!qnnear Mount PleasanV
albody, believed to-be that of William
Porter was found' after three months
of fruitless .search.follow.lne; his mys
terious disappearance last JUiy. xn
clothing-and. papers' found In the pock
ets belonged to Jorter. Complaining
of the heSC'.Porter suddenly disap
peared from- his home late' last- July.
It Is 'thought' his mind became de
ranged. ., r
. The.names of Privates Axel H. Nel
son, of Marquette. Kana. and Wini
fred Ttudisetl,-.of AdystAn. 'Ohio, were
added"'br the War Denartment todav
Mr. Lanham, In his annual report, j to; the list of saved In the sinking- ot
states that shortage of labor srreatly
-curtailed the' work of planting and
trimming trees in wasmngton.
increase attention Is now being
given to tree surgery In the District,
according- to the report. During; the
year 4&5T3 trees wero sprayed.
the-transport Otranto on October C.
Private Arthur M. Culpepper, whose
emergency address appears In the
War Department records as Morgan,
Ga, was, reported among the addi
tional lost There is no such post,
office as Morgan' in Georgia.
- kov r.T ijir.u-w -:iri. v- 1 - ri-
ioiS. every 4iV- siuaet ifUXttx you Casulcr-. Ttke .then, .as ejected, ici
tre estirer ittt, Trosi pi4a:. . if yot are noc sax;rf.e; w.t.-. .-ctului
- nus- -i;-knewr. pMpctiv'.oe, its ymir'driS'sJ..t wi'.: gUd'.y refund yotir
heea oae'e;-theinaUoasi'-snied1es uf imwey. 'Look for the Aame GGXJ)
Hollr.d.'iereenturlesV;;tt 360$ the MIAL on the box and' accept no
jrbverneatortKe'teeriynds granV other. Insealed boxes, tiree .Izcai K
a.grei,t measure rer tre. sturdy. ro -.v .,t, ufm. Mini - -
liar h.nlfh ct Ou. -K-A"ajr..r- ' """- ":,' "!-? .t.-.-i wy-
tober 23.. -The brute ias nuuur friends'
In Washfarton. hzvig lVed.JieteTall
hr :.fi. 'Mr. X'nzuitr '. a resident
"of Nv York tad ix busess iitur-.
eatti .- CtSczso. St. Zau; s4d oter
c:ts of the west. "
Mr. and -Mrs. Xlnnear will make
their hoce-ln'SC'Louij for;,the win-
i Downstsits, upstairs wherevjsr, whenever needed Ifte 'S , , g
?B Perfection' Heater gives .generous glowing warmth makes !&?'
B bedroom, bathroom, living rqpm or den Tvsrn-uand cozy -.in -5
'" a few minutes. Inexpensive to buy and use .easy to .clean I
$: and. fill smokeless, odorless used in 3,000,000 homes. 111
h Aladdin Security Oil gives best results. H
j Ask to see the Perfection at your dealer's. " JE-Sf
. ? ,- - - I

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