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Secretary Daniel*' "big: * est navy",
program has arouifd hostility in th<
S?Mt?. Within a short time the
attack now brewing will be deliv- !
ered publicly. Notice wil be Riven i
that the $0)0.000,000 thr^-j-jear naval
building progrim murt lw revised bo
fore It passes the Senate.
Criticism of Daniels* program is
based on the charge that it is ?*xtvav-'
agant; that it casts doubt upon the
rood faith of our allies in the great
war, and that It constitutes a grtat
Injustice to the American taxpayer
Called laeeaalnteat.
Much emphasis is to be laid on the
second point. Opponents of the "big
gest navy" plan will argue that, the
position of the United States is singu
larly Inconsistent with the idealism
which President Wilson is preaching
la Europe. This Gove- ment 'will
throw itself open to sue- in if it on
one hand contends for iatlen of
an International Ieagu< prevent
war, and at the same ti e embarks
on a naval program which, the hos- j
tile Senators say, is likely to be war
provoking. ~
England. France, and Japan, these
Senators aay, are the only powers
that can seriously dispute America's
naval power. They wil ask whether
the United States cannot in peace
time trust-t nations with which 4
It was allied . ar time. . _.V.V ' 3
The InjOsti^^ to the American" tax
payer. It will be declared, lies in the
fact that after being called on to pay
a huge war bilf, they must continue
to contribute huge sums for war
preparations in peace times.
To Aaawer Critltksk
Immediate and pointed answer Is to
bo made to the criticism. America's
unpreparedneas when the great war,
overtook it; the nation's great mer
chant marine, which must be project
ed; the country's new and ^largc4~
position in world affairs?these and
other considerations WiU be cited im
prove that the navy nuM ~a?
last to tho extent of-J. he three-year
program outlined by Daniels.
In addition it will be pointed out
. that If the peace conferees agree upon
a general disarmament plan, the
United States will at once abandon
ita neval expansion plans.
The Navy Department announced
yesterday that thirty-one destroyers
and seven submarine* are on their
way to United Statfes ports. The de
atroyera should arrive at their home
porta within the next ten days or
two weeks, but the submarines are
not expected to reach this country
for about three weeks.
Bight destroyers will stop in Bos
ton. aix in Norfolk, ten at New York,
four at Charleston, S. C- and three
at Philadelphia. All of the sub
marines are coming to Philadelphia.
A total of twenty-six destroyers
have "already reached this country,
from foreign waters.
CUMBERLAND, Md? Jaa. &?Ja/nee
McGuire. aged stxty-five, was burned
to death at Midland, near here, when
liia home was destroyed by fire. He
had gone into the burning building to
rescue hia wife, who in the meantime
had jumped from a second story win
McGuire's escape was cut off, and
when his body was taken from the
ashes, at noon, yesterday, it was a
charred marv The other members of
the family escaped in their night
clothes. The temperature was near
aero. ?
The dead man was the father of
James McGaire. Jr., well-known base
ball promoter of this county.
k Lithuania has appealed to Denmark
^ for recognition of Lithuanian inde
pendence. according to a Copenhagen
dispatch received here through diplo
matic channels. Switzerland and
Sweden already have recognized
It may take more than two year*
tm |m*MUse ear Mahtlng forrea, and
aatll that time the Oaverameat will
need ear autaey. Keep year W. S. 8.
>lrl?r aad bar mere W. S. S.
Make Your /V __ -M flf
?sr Out!
- 1 .4 , ... . **- jr
Entire Year 1918.
Invaluable to all traders
and investors in these se
curities. The demand laat
year was enormous for this
book. No investor should
be without one.
James W. Ball & Co.
Birds Too Lazy to Fly;
Travel South Via the
Railroads, He Asserts
road* hare -been relieved of hobo
traveling, but now face the problem
of "bird bamming," says John E.
Sexton, president of the Eureka
Nevada Railroad Company.
Sexton says birds, especially spar
rows and linnets, are extremely lazy
this year, and Instead of flying to .
warmer climes are riding brake
boams. He says that more than
800 were frightened from a dining
car by trainmen at a station on his
T"* r J '? -
The magnificent pledge by the peo
ple of the United States of all the
nation's resources turned the tide in
' the wat ? Samuel Gompers, president
of tbe A.nerican Federation of La
bor, told the Senate Committee on
Education and Labor yesterday.
K "It was not only our 2,000,000 men
In FHrtice and our unlimited produc
tion of munitions and supplies that
dia it," be said, "it was the pledge
of all opr men, all our wealth, to be i
given without stint that brought the
turning point in the conflict."
Mr. Gompers added that If the
United States had gone into the war
"in picayunish fashion" the allies
could not have won.
"But throwing in everything we
'had. every ounce of power, and every
unit at strength, constituted a great
and. crushing blow to the German
military machine. I have always
bee|i proud*of my own country be
cause from the time of our entrance
-IMtb the war we began to think of It
and or onr part In it in big terms."
Mr. Gompers went on to say that
ho ' re.er been able to understand
the bitterness of the peoples of Eng
lauu and of continental Europe, be-J
cause they have "all been guilty of
thi 5a re things, have all done
wrong3, have all taken their turns as
'free-booters." He said that one rea
son why the American flag Is uni
versally respected among the nations
of Europe is that it is recognized
that the United States has had no
part in these things.
"No people could fight, under the
institutions of monarchies and auto
cratic forms with the vaior, the
bravery, the abandon, displayed by a
people fighting under a flag that all
knew stood for the things that the
flag of the United States Implies."
he added.
The War Department disapproves
^he'pro posed W.OOO.OOO Government
grant't'd-pay half the expense of con
structing a tunnel under the Hudson
?River, ? joining the States of New
Yotit and New Jersey, because "the
advantages therefrom would seem to
accrue. In a lafge part, to purely
local interests," says a letter to the
House Committee on Rivers and Har
bors signed by Benedict Crowell, As
sistant Secretary of War.
The proposal was contained in a
bill by Representative Eagan of New
Jersey, which the Rivers and Harbors
Com.nittee referred to the War De
partment for approval.
Half the expense of the project was
to have been paid equally by New
York and New Jersey, with the Fed
eral Government paying the other
half, $3,000,000.
BOSTON. Jan. 5.?Brig. Gen. John
W. Ruckman, who commanded the
Department of the South during the
race riots in Texas, for which a num
I ber of negro troopers were hanged,
I yesterday branded as "absolutely
j false" the charges of George T. Page,
president of the American Bar Asso
ciation, that the justice of the United
States army is questionable.
1 In answer to Page's charges that
| Justice in the army is meted out un
der ancient laws. Ruckman declared
that the laws under which army jus
tice is now dispensed were enacted in
Col. George M. Dunn, judge advo
1 cate in the department of the South
j at the time of the Texas riots, joined
I Ruckman in denying all Page's
William X?. Colver, chairman of the
Federal Trade Commission. told
House Interstate Commerce Commit
teemen yesterday that the railroads
of the country had cowered before
the traffic "clubs" wielded by the
"Big Five" meat packers and w?>re
discriminating against the smaller
packing houses.
He had evidence to show that the
big packers had threatened to quit
patronizing certain railroads if they
wouldn't "assure the packers perfect
service," f'olver said.
As a result, he added, the aver
age mileage that a small packer
cr.nl " get for hfc> refrigerator cars
vj.< Ufty-four miles per day. while
the ..ars of the "Big Five" aver'aged
eighty miles a day.
Flowers far Serial Functions
<Vt Soda's estimate and sucgealtons for
flowors and floral, decorations 1214 K.? j
All Winter Merchandise Is Being Offered
at Surprisingly Low Prices, Beginning Tomorrow' 420-430 Seventh St. Through to Eighth St.
This sale is for the sole purpose of closing out all Winter Stocks as
soon as possible. But it also embraces quantities of merchan
dise bought fram overstocked manufacturers and passed along
to you at a very low price.
Desirable and seasonable merchandise is now offered?in many In
stances?at less than the wholesale cost of today. Women who
are needing anything mentioned in our advertisements for this
. sale should not fail to profit by these marvelous savings.
Our Annual'January Sale
' Wash Suits
from the three foremost
Representing a most advantageous underprice purchase
makers of Boys' Wash Suits.
1,000 High-Grade Samples of Boys' Washable Suits
at Prices Way Below the Regular Value
Buy Liberally for Future Needs $1.95
Sizes 2V2 to 8 Years?Values Up to $4?at
The Styles
Every new style for the coming season is rep
resented. Choose from such as Junior Nor
folk, Tommy Tuckers, modified Russian,
middies, trench models, Dutch models and
combination effects.
Fifth Floor, Lansburgh & Bro.
The Materials
Highest grade of washable fabrics of the best
tailoring and makes include such as galatea,
rep, kiddy cloth, linene and madras in plain
white, tan, blue, gray, brown, green, khaki,
and combination effects.
January Clearance Sale of
All-Wool Navy
Blue Serge, Yd.
Navy Blue Storm Serge,
This serge is guaranteed all-wool, first
quality, is non-crushabfe. The pop- Vt
ular fabric for one-piece dresses,
suits, skirts and children's middy
blouses. Splendid firm weave and
a rich shade of dark navy blue. We will also include
300 yards 54-inch, all-wool navy blue panama. Both
are splendid values. For one day only. ,
54-In. $3.50 Navy Blue
French Serge,
Our regular $3.50 midnight
blue and navy blue extra
quality fine French serge is
to be sold 61c yard under
price?a great leader and
something over which to
enthuse. Only 100 yards to
be sold at this price.
Panama Poplar
Nearly wholesale cost of this
serge today, so you can well
marvel at this exceptionally
low price. This is the fam
ous white edge grade. One
shade only, a rich dark
navy blue. To go at 89r.
54-In. Bolivia Coating,
One shade only?a rich dark
burgundy 54 inches wide.
All wool. A $7.00 value.
| Colors are cream, navy and
black. Only ten pieces.
I For skirts or dresses.
Third Floor, Uansburgh & Bro.
January Clearance Sale of Women's
Coats, Suits and Dresses
No need of a lot of description. You know
the reputation for style, quality and
workmanship that all our wearables hold.
All these garments represent unusual value
even at regular prices, but tomorrow you
buy them at just Vi the^ marked price.
Not all sizes at any one price, but all sizes
in the lot. Advance Spring modeh and
two special coat lots excepted.
Second Floor, lAasburgh & Bro.
Odd Lot of Men's
Furnishing Needs
In the January Clearance Sale
About 50 Dozen Neglige Shirts
All Sizes?Valoes Worth $1.50
Some are mussed. Some are soil-1
ed. But all are perfect and a
trip to the laundry will make
them as new. Soft or stiff cuff
models. \
Men's Khaki Sc. Oxford
Slip-Over Sweaters
At Vi Price
$2.50 values $1.25
$4.00 values $2.00
$6.00 values $1.00
Odd Lots of Men's
Novelty Silk Hose, 65c
Sizes 9V*, 10 and 10% only.
Combination colored stripe
novelty effects. Worth $1.25.
Men's Silk Shirts
Those marked $5.00 now $3.65
Those marked $6.00 now $4.75
Those marked $7.00 now $5.75
Those marked $8.00 now $6.75
Broken Lots of Men's
Mostly in smaller sizes. $7.50
values with roll collar $5.06.
$5.00 values, V neck style,
Street Kntranoe to lf?W Wiop
Clearance Sale of
We liavtn't room here for com
plete descriptions, but here aro
the sizes and prices. They ars
most important, anyway:
81x90 inches $1.75
51x99 inches $1.63
72x99 inches $1.52
60x99 inches $1-4?
34x90 inches $1.33
12x36 Pillowcases 37c
!5xo<3 Pillowcases 42c
36-inch Cambric 23c
36-inch Muslin 25c
40-inch Nainsook 25c
First Floor, I.ansburg!i &. Bro.
In the Great January v Clearance Sale Tomorrow
800 Pairs of Women's Boots
Tomorrow?A Great
January Sale of Bed wear
Most unusual conditions forced us to overstock in our bedwear department, with tne result
that our department must now unload?st tomorrow we begin a great dispersal sale of
high-grade bedwear at prices which are in most instances less than today's wholesale
$3.00 Crochet Spreads, ! $4.00 Comforts, Ea.,
$7.50 Blankets,
$3.00 double
size cro'hct
SpreadK made of
fine yarn closely
woven in n?-at pat
terns. Special,
Pieced silkoline
Comforts tl 1 1 e d
with pood white
cotton. In light
or dark shadings.
A t *9.55 ? 1 %
$12.00 part wool
Wh i t e Blankets
properly wove n
and finely finished.
Durable and at
tractive. Special.
Fifth Floor, Lansburgh & I'ro.
At sn.s-j- j.voo
bi.rden d silk iline
Comforts in dainty
pink, blue o r
yellow d e s i g n s
i with plnin borders
to match. White cotton filling.
Heavy weight
I w o o I n'ip and
| Reacon Blankets
' in white, gray.
I tan or plaids.
; [>.iuble bed size.
I Special,
At $6.S8?$8.50
| part wool white
I I! 1 a n k e t s. size
OSxNO well loomed
I and finished with
i pink or blue bor
i ders; double bed size.
V Pair
Former prices from $5.50 to $10.
These Boots represented some
very unusual values, even at
the REGULAR prices above,
This sale represents a splendid investment for any woman who can use an extra paic of
x shoes at this time or in the future.
As this lot is made up of short lines, sample pairs, etc., all sizes are not m every style, j
but most every foot can be littcd.
Attend this sale early, ?.s siioji at this pricc and of this quality do not remain long oa our
All arranged tor easy choosing. Plenty of experienced salespeople in attendance.
Second Floor, I.ansb<:rrh & Bra.
January Clearance Sale
No. 2
Oatmeal and
Soap, 6c.
Guarsnt'-od " pipe
Syringes, 59c.
Pure Castile Soap. 10c.
Red Rubber Bath Sponges, 10c.
Black Dressing Tombs, 10c.
Small Vial Mary Garden, 3.">c.
Large can Talcum Povder, 10c.
Rose Water and Glycorinc, 23c.
F'rst Floor, I.ansburgh It Tiro.
Sale of Sample
Mendel's House Dresses
$4.00 Values $1 Qft
$5, $6 Values $2.95
This is a semi-annual sale of ours which has become well
known to Washington women. It represents the mer
chandise of one of the country's most reputable manu
facturers. These dresses are made of line ginghams in
assorted plaids, stripes or checks. A few plain colors.
Also a few of chambray or percale.
Kimonos and Negligcvs
Odd lots of kimonos and rcgl'ireo go ns of \\!?'te ^n'le or f;nry
figured lawn. $2.00 to $1.00 vnlue , r.t S1.00. ?1 "><> anl $1.93.
Tcird Floor, l.ansbuigh Bro.
All Furs Reduced % '
All fur prices must be cleared out in this January Sale. Hence
this radical reduction of 1 -3. All skins are represented.
Muffs That Were S3.08 to $69.50 Scarfs That Were * 16.50 to $110.00
Now $5.99 to $46.34 - Now $11.00 to $7334
Coats That were S200.00 to S500.00
Now $133.34 to $333.34
Second Floor, T.anrb'.irjrh & Bro.
Star and Fc~t to
iov( / ours: Open 9:15 \.M.: Close 6 P.M.
1 , . * ' ?, ffsrcftircr gmaisrsew/cr
each contain fel fjr+ ^ ...
f*! ft/it v :?'* >"5tAgi. ??!? v-1 "?* i|
of c de
tc X' . *_ ...A.I
?Mi % l?2
4i2i?tj0 Seventh Si. Throu^.i to Eighth 5L

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