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Will Be Written Entirely By Washing
tonians-YOU Can Write the
Last Chapter
For the Final Chapter of This
Great Serial
mt adtfrmtint
This the speediest
serial ever written,
because while yon are
rea&ng today's chap
ter, tomorrow's is
being writteit. That
makes the author
AsaHsY VaVssm 9HH IBb HbbHB bLbi sBbbb BbmbbS JbHHbVboHBsbbbVbS sHHbw bbbsbbbV Hbb afHafH HbVbIbbBbbVbbVHB SbUbIibbVbH
The Times' Great $250 Reward Serial. You Can Win the Prize If You Write the Best Final Chapter
TKs story has cm
pcasliarity. The char
acters disappear, at
they navar die. Erary
euracter that wu m
the first chapter rfi
be in tie hit, at mo
ttmthor will be dknred
to kill ooe or add om
What Has Happened Up to Date
Major Know!e reelve ft Utter trora
Deaver bank advWns him to bctn
tor Mid.llne Lucille Connor, who bad left
Colorado tor WaaWnrton. e" ?J":
tails or a aecrat proc3 for tho J0"':
Uoa of baser metali Into sold. Knowles i
btld op tor torn Chinamen, who ecweth.
letter. H t rectd by Cap H"1njjfr:
bob. who bad Jat ben robbed of a letter
raeeired from Mies Connor. "" njd
Bardtr plan to ret the cbartfrom Made
Una. Mr. Tbayer U alao trylaj to sain
tht. confidence of the Colorado Ctrl, wblle
Wo Taanc, the Cblneee diplomat. ! work
tog wder a cloak of myttery. fJ9utenn
KlmbaU baa been kidnaped and Madeline
XAtcllle Connor, who baa been trapped in
the office of Fuller, makes aenaaUonal es
cepe out of alerenlh-etory window, reachee
adjoining office, falU Into meahee of con
epfrstor acaln. 1 taken to bouae of We
Twrc. wbo locks her In myaterlooa cabl
BeL She maaea eacape la secret ehnte.
discovers Kimball, both rescued by
Knowlea and Henderson, lira, Thayer
trap Kimball In auto emaah; txlcei him
to Wo temple. Knowlea dlaplaya chart
to cocsptratora In cellar after flndlnr
Madeline and Kimball. Falter thrown
lighted match Into mysterious powder.
there la an explosion, conspirators escape.
Madeline taken to cottage on an island
In the Potomac discovered by Kimball
taken back In hydroplane, pursued and
pursuers almost meet In Raleigh. Wu and
partners make wild daeh. In auto, followed
by Madeline and her friends: both ma
chines plunge over sea wall. Wu and Mrs.
Thayer taken to Ft. Myer. Fuller and
Snyder leap overboard from rescuing
motorboat and return to Raleigh. Trl
angle cut from ehart at Ft. Myer. Wu
and Mrs. Thayer released. Snyder forces
Madeline Into deserted bouse where he
exhibits missing triangle, it flutters Into
farpaie, out the smokestack and lands a
Intake at the Capitol, where It is found br
Chinamen. They are arrested, triangle
recovered by Kimball. Chinamen sent to
OcccKTuaa. Madeline vlsita Capitol, natsed
by Orientals and thrown into vault. She
lapses Into aphasia, found and taken to
hospital, later falls Into clutchqs of con
spirators, speeding machine halted. Made
line takes to Raleigh, where she regains
mentality. Again decoyed by forged note
to Wtfi yacht, escapes by leaping over
board, picked up by Kimball in hydro
plane, taken to Virginia cottage, where
Kimball discovers bouae is surrounded at
midnight by strange weird flrurea .
ambling camouflaged trees, which provt
to be hungry hounds searching woods.
Mrs. Fuller reaches Washington. Fuller In
serts ad In personal column calling meet
ing of conspirators: all cured except Wu
Tseng, who has been arrested In gambling
, 5etat: Kimball by means of pocket wire
less telephone overhears plotters scheming
to again -get Madeline in their possession.
He goes to rescue and upon reaching house
discovers Knowles has left with chart
mad then bears a pistM shot. Madeline
returns to Raleigh with three officer
frteada. Sayfler takes to Camp Humphrey
treeaded ia lee. Fuller remains with him.
Madeline In triangle of love with Klm
beH, Henderson and Knowles, visits pope
tar resorts, followed by Kimball who is In
troduced to lira. Thayer, by French officer
he falls to reeognlxe her Madeline re
turns to Raleigh, discovers Wu Tsang slip
ping from beneath her bed. Police rescue
Madeline and arrest Wu Tsang. Fuller
and Snyder recognised by Adjutant at Ft
Myer and detained at Camp Humphreys
Madeline receives delayed bouquet from
Kimball, who secures marriage license and
wedding is in progress when strange vole
exclaims. "I forbid it," and Madeline faints
Henderson recognizes voice as that of Wu
Tsang and chases Oriental from church,
through Washington, finally overtaking
him in store, where Wu by superior
strength overpowers naval officer and se
cures chart and triangle and makes his
escape. Aided by detectives. Henderson
and Kimball make search of Wu's temple:
they are later joined by Madeline and
Kimball, and when safe la discovered
Madeline produces key which she bad
found in bouse on her first visit. Opening
safe, discovery is made that papers hare
again disappeared. Fuller and 8nyder tell
Wu ther have chart and triangle In safe
at hotel. On way to recover papers, Wu
is drugged and taken to raiiroaa rannei,
where he Is bound to rails directly in path
of onrushlng train. Henderson makes
daring rescue of Wu, Oriental swears
friendship for his deliverer. Madeline and
Kimball go to Zoo and Madeline again
disappears. Fuller and Snyder drug Hen
derson and klmball and throw them Into
sewer They are found by what ther
think is an old colored man. It was Wu.
He leads men to safety. Then ensnares
Madeline to Temple of Mystery, demands
secret while walla of undergrbund cham
ber are closing In. Madeline discovers se
cret trap, escapes, rents house in suburbs,
gets present from Fuller and Snyder, in
shape of goat, which later swallows the
triangle. Local police chase conspirators
up Washington Monument where entire
party disappears. Wu had worked dema
terlallxatlon and spirited his captives to a
vault In Georgetown, where the oriental
declared he was fatally wounded and would
die as would also his captives. The Ooat
is watching the strange scene. A Genii
with seven pans of charcoal, dispels Wu
power, and the captives are released bat
the Ooat, having no soul, dies. Henderson
meets Wu at Chinee restaurant, invites
him to lunch but Wu is fearful of strange
Hindu who by occult power secures Little
Brown Mouse Kimball Is thrown Into un
derground passage, Madeline again In
power of Wu, who crystallses her attention
br brilliant charm falls on floor of Tem
ple. Henderson and Knowles with aid if
U S. Marines effect thrilling rescue; Wu
declares the transmutation process had
been stolen from Buddha and later given
to her father Wu demands secret missing
link in chart, Madeline refuses, she is an
notated with oil and the oriental is about
to apply the flaming torch, when Wu
Tsang spoke. The chair had been faced
to the west, which in Orientalism spells
disaster. Henderson picks up sailors. Ont
eight of Pullman, surround house, launch
has bomb attached explosion Is beard,
while sailors are fighting with Orientals.
Our heroes In chamber with Wu. the
waters rush in, and
Tliree men In a Buddha Furnace
aad a mlnlsterlnc angel! "Thia -woman
can s&re you," said Wn.
Hare you read In the Good Book
bow three men were thrown into a
fiery furnace, how they walked in the
fire, and when the call came "Come
forth, they came and not even the
smell of fire was upon them? Tsanc
was caught In his own trap. Rase
erereame him. He cursed the day
he was born. He Invoked the furies
on the white race. This unexpected
predicament left him without any of
his charra-worklnu elements. He was
like other men. A Samson shorn of
his locks!
Tou have sought our harm, kind
sir, but be patient; we shall all be
saved.' ventured Madeline. "Real
Americans will come to our rescue.
They will play square. They love
liberty and hate frlBhtfuIness."
The Jarring crash and the quiver
Ins of the earth which rocked the
chambers of the Great God Buddha
were caused by the breaking of the
tremendous bulkheads built by Wu
to resist any underground, uninvited
entrance through the tunnel. The on
rushing torrent of water, due to the
explosion, forced them. The water
rose gradually, up and up It went,
first rising above the floor, then
creeping farther and farther on its
upward course until the furnace bed
of the fire was Invaded.
The fiery tongues 60on began to
suiside and shortly there remained
only a bed of black embers. The
fire was stayed and Buddha cheated
of the human sacrifices.
The explosion created turmoil In
the gas house district. An alarm
was sent out. The police went into
action. Chief Wagner started the
fire department busy. Thorough
search showed that there was prop
erty damage, but no life lost or in
danger. Even Major- Pullman, who
had not been heard from for some
time, was on the Job. The excitement
being over, most of the Are-fighters
ad the "cops" had departed. In the
distance were seen coming a num
ber of almond-eyed men, wildly wav
ing their hands in the air exclaim
ing. "Master in Buddha! Master In
After some questioning it was
learned that Wu Tsang was in the
iiuaaaa cnamoer. An - errort was
made to enter. The heavy" door was
easily forced, the lock being dam
aged by the crash. In the room were
several feet of water and the air was
full of gas. It was Impossible to
enter without a gas mask. None
were available. A company of fully
equipped soldier was approaching.
The officer In charge was Inform
ed of the difficulty, and he Immedi
ately asked a number of men to vol
unteer. They approached the en
trance, adjusted their masks, passed
Into the chamber, made a search and
found no one. The Chinamen, how
ever, insisted that Wu was in there
a short time before. Another search
was made with the same result, ex
cept that they had heard a noise in
side the image. Buddha. The Orientals
said there was an opening at a cer
tain place. Investigation proved the
correctnuess of the statement. The
soldiers were provided with extra
gas masks and proceeded to enter
the image.
Inside the idol was found, not
only Wu but a lady and two men.
They were removed and after some
questioning all were released. Made
line asked that some one. either or
der a taxi or take her to the hotel.
She arrived without any further an
noyance. $ Sr !ft ?Jr
Madeline's Daddy was devoted to his
home. He had every material com
fort, but lived a simple life. Early
in his home making the chief bright
spot in the scientific man's life passed
to her reward. All that was left to
him was a beloved little baby girl.
On her he lavished the family love.
She was his all. For her and the bet
terment of mankind he lived.
The educational facilities in the
lonely mountains were meager. It
devolved upon the surviving parent
to nerve as father, mother. Instructor,
and doctor. He directed every step
lr her development. She wan his
constant companion. The child had
watched thousands of chemistry experi
ments. The home wan the meeea of
many learned men who manifested
great Interest in their work.
The great experimenter enlightened
the child as rapidly as her mind
could comprehend. At first she took
only a ohild's Interest, but as time
went on and she was abia to drink
deeper and realised the aetimi
proach of the wonderful dlnvr
of making pure gold frem the baser
metals, her heart beat as ene, with
her father's.
The professor was a lever of nature.
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Chief of Drag Division, Bureau of Chemistry, Department
of Agriculture, writer of today's chapter.
The mountain wilds lured him. One
could often see him and his daughter
on horseback after a hard day's
labor. He was extremely fond of
verdure and conducted numerous ex
periments looking to its Improve
ment. Among these auspicious surround
ings, the child developed into beauti
ful womanhood, of excellent health,
robust In body and blest with a vig
orous mind. Never knew a day's ill
ness. She was beautiful in face and
form; gracious in manner and most
lovable at heart Beauty and grace
radiated from evory feature. Even
her own sex marveled at her beauty
and many accomplishments.
Special Notice to All Contestants
Who Will Write the Thirtieth
Chapter of "Camouflaged''
Chapter Twenty-nine of "CAMOUFLAGED," written
by Miss Natalie Sumner Lincoln, will appear in The Wash
ington Times shortly before noon, Tuesday, March 4.
All contestants for The Washington Times prize of
logical and interesting conclusion of this remarkable serial
will have from noon next Tuesday until nine o'clock next
Friday morning in which to write their story and have it
delivered in the office of The Washington Times.
Write on one side of the paper only.
Have your story typewritten if possible. .
The final chapter should contain not less than twenty
five hundred words and not more than four thousand words.
Between nine o'clock next Friday morning and six
o'clock next Saturday evening, the awarding jury will care
fully examine manuscripts submitted and determine the
winner of the contest.
The jury who will pass upon the merit of these manu
scripts have all written a chapter of "CAMOUFLAGED"
and are all well known to you. Here they are:
Hon. Louis Brownlow, Commissioner of the District
of Columbia, and writer of Chapter Two.
Mrs. Albert S. Burleson, wife of the Postmaster
General, and writer of Chapter She,
Mr. Roe Fulkerson, business man and well-known
writer, and author of Chapter Seven.
Prof. DeWitt C Croissant, of GeoVgo Washington
University, and writer of Chapter Nineteen.
MIm Natalie Sumner Lincoln, editor of D. A. R.
Magazine, well-known author d writer of Chapter
George Harris Donohuo, director of "CAMOU
FLAGED" and writer of Prologue and Chapter One
Get ready ta start en Chapter Thirty at naen Tuesday.
We are all hero worshipers, either
past or present and well that we are.
Madeline Idolised, yea, worshiped
her father. It Is but natural that her
mind should go back to this hero In
times of stress. The terrible experi
ence she had passed through would
tend to unnerve the strongest.
Harassed beyond description; shot
into subterranean chambers; thrust
Into the splrltus frumenti cistern of
the Capital; oiled preparatory for a
burnt offering to Buddha; Incarcer
ated In an Inquisition prison cell with
approaching walls; thrown into a
fiery furnace; attacked by a. timber
wolf, and even the spiteful little
brown mouse were all experiences
that called to mind the parting, words
of her father, "Good God, girl, my
heart almost fails me, when X con
template, the pitfalls you may have to
face." SL Elisabeth flashed through
her mind.
She was feeling and showing the
strain she must have the advice,
counsel, and support of a trust
worthy, strong hearted, sympathetic
physician, but where can such a
friend be found In a strange city?
The sons of her Daddy's friends had
proven their worth, but where are
they now? The very last words her
father as be passed to the great be
yond, "Get Archie Knowles he will
help you out," rang through her
mind. She flew to the phone, and,
while engaged in calling central, a
very unexpected voice broke In, so
common In Washington. From the
other end cane the question, "Who is
this woman on the phone?" She was
stunned. It was the voice of Archie.
"Hello," she said, "this Is Madeline."
At that moment the connection was
broken. The major became Infuri
ated. The voice of the girl he loved,
on the phone, could not be located
again. Where was she? The girl felt
dejected and threw herself on the
coach. After a bitter sob, she was
lost to the world In slumber.
A knock at her apartment aroused
her. The door was tremulously ap
proached and opened. Feelings of
surprise and happiness filled her
heart. There stood Archie.
"I am delighted to see you, come
in." said Madeline. "I am greatly in
need of your advice and assistance.'
The major said: "I have been un
der the surveillance of our arch ene
mies, but at an opportune time suc
ceeded In eluding them. I am now at
your command." With this assurance
on his part came composure.
Madeline repeated the last words
uttered "by her father. "Tou wiU"help
me out, Archie. I must have medical
advice and attention. Direct me to a
good physician."
"There are now only a few avail
able in Washintgon, Madeline; most
of the best ones hare enlisted In
either the army or navy; but I do
know of one whole-hearted, generous
and superbly capable doctor. If you
desire I shall take pleasure In arrang
ing for a consultation.'
A phone call elicited the Informa
tion that the doctor could be seen
in about an hour. "That Is very gra
cious of you, major."
"We are not likely to be disturbed.
The secret entrusted to me has caused
a tremendous stir. The poor bone
heads think that the secret of trans
muting the baser metals Into gold
can be extracted from the triangle
cut from the chart, and a part of It
can. I want to tell you a few of
father's instructions to me.
" 'Madeline,' said Daddy, Tou know
the equalisation of A, with the com
bative elements of X and T, and the
radio-activity of Z, You know the
chart, Madeline, the progression and
the repellant action of heat at 240
degrees, but the governing principle,
girl, the governing principle la not on
the chart! Tou alone. In all the
world, have the knowledge to create
the entire chemical formula to com
plete the chart I am leaving you.'
, M Tlay square, Madeline, as I know
you will. These boys are the sons
of regular red-blooded Americans,
and they will protect you and share
with you equally In the tremendous
fortune which wlU be jointly yours
when you complete the charted triangle.'
"My father was a rtry learned
man, a fine experimenter, and keen
observer. Our home was filled wita
the latest books on all branches of
chemistry, especially physical, colloi
dal, and radio-chemistry, Every term
of the latest refined and expensive
apparatus was in the laboratory. In
volved chemical formulas (chemical
words) and elaborate mathematleal
explanations were our daily diet. 2y
the way, major, have you ever stu
died chemistry, the science waiea
treats "of the properties of material
"Oh, yes; a little in the big's school,
but I have forgotten more than I
knew of the stuff."
"Stuff!" repeated Madeline, "that
amuses me. Well, the merest tyro
In chemistry can write a simple
equalization equation, like oxyge
plus hydrogen gives water. Who
does sot know that H20 stands for
water and not a breakfast food. It
is true that in making water from
its component elements there may bo
a slight detonation and cause a ner
vous reaction. These common evsrv
day occurrences have no more effset
on the tried, hardened chemist taaa
does water on a duck's back. There
is a case on record, however, of as
eminent chemist losing both eyes fey
such an explosion.
"Speaking of ducks reminds mo of
the frreat aoort of duck huatlajr la.
the mountains. No one was allowed
(Continued on Page Fifteen.)
SI aj jtJBBkSbsbsI s ' flaa sS gBjaasi mwtbfr b? twijk'' a p jilrj
i w
rmk I a
Of the United States Navy.
and she is not
either, even tho
the story is.
No wonder Kimball is willing to brave all the terrors
at Wu's command -Madeline is worth it, don't you
Speaking editorially we'd like to know the young
lady ourselves.
"A word to the wise"
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N. W.
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on the
Mystery Story
LOOKS like Wu is
going to get a bit of his
own medicine, doesn't
it? Pretty warm pre
dicament, anyhow.
Anyhow, it gives Dr.
Kebler an excellent
chance to ring in a
"chemical change" of
scene. Hope he's going
to use the right formula,
don't 3rou? i.
Turn back to Chapter
One perhaps you can
guess from it what's
coming next.
No guesswork about
Berberich's offer for
Today and Tomorrow
it's a WINNER.

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