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v "3"; "' "p"
Men's 20c and 25c
Hose, 9c
"With Thin Coupon Only.
Men's Half Hose, good quality
maco cotton, olain colors only:
seconds of regular 20c and 2ac
grades. (T)
Limit six to a barer.
$7.00 Matting Rugs,
Wlth'ThU Coupon Only.
Large room size 9x12 ft. Matting
Rugs, light grounds with key band
and fan effect borders. In blue,
green and brown. A rug that will
give lasting service. (T)
$12.95 Crex de Luxe
Rugs, $8.65
With This Coupon Only.
Crex de Luxe Rugs, each rug
bearing the original mill ticket
proving it to be the genuine; size
0x9 ft. in blue, brown, green and
blue. (T)
75c Congoleum Rugs,
"With This Coupon Only.
r.x3 ft. Congoleum Rugs, light
and dark grounds, many with bor
ders on sides, others with borders
on ends: many art; alike and can
be matched to make a good size
rug. fNone delivered.) (T)
$4.50 Comforts,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Good heavy weight Comforts,
covered with soft finish cretonnes,
scroll stitched quilting; cotton fill
ed; light and dark ground all-over
effects. , (T)
$4.50 Blankets, $2.95
"With Thin Coupon Only.
Heavy Felted Nap Blankets,
white or gray, with blue or pink
borders, large double bed size; with
the appearance and warmth of all
wool blankets. (T)
$7.50 Part Wool
Blankets, $5.85
"With ThU Coupon Only.
Fine grade heavy weight Part
Wool Blankets, size 66x80 Inches;
In white and plaids; soft finish,
with boupd or whipped ends. (T)
Men's and Young
Men's Suits, Worth
$20.00 to $25.00, at
Wltk This Coupon Only.
Men's and Young Men's Suits,
good quality materials, in neat and
fancy patterns, dark and mixtures;
novelty and conservative models.
Sizes in the lot from 34 to 42. (T)
Men's and Young
Men's Suits, Worth
$30.00 to $38.50,
at $21.75
"With This Coupon Only.
Men's and Toung Men's High
Grade Suits, of fine materials; in a
large variety of neat and fancy
patterns; sizes in the lot from t4
to 42. (T)
39c Shopping Bags,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Twine Shopping Bags, large
size: strongly made; riveted
handles. (T)
Leather Hoods Dept.
10c "Rit," 7c
With ThU Coupon Only.
"Rit." the instantaneous soap
dye: all shades. (T)
Xotlon Dept.'
Peroxide, 7c Bottle
"With ThU Coupon Only.
Peroxide of Hydrogen, standard
make and full strength: quarter
pound bottle. (T)
19c Tooth Brushes,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Goldenberg's "Special" Tooth
Brushes, made by the manufac
turers of the well-known
Prophylactic tooth brushes. (T)
18c Talcum Powder,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Armour's Sylvan Series Talcum
Powder fragrantly scented high
grade talcum. T)
$1.25 Fountain
Syringes, 79c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Goldenberg's Insured Fountain
Syringes, two-quart size: superior
grade red rubber, with rapid flow
tubing and hard rubber screw fit
tings. (T)
Perfume, ounce,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Ben Hur," the season's favorite
perfume: sold regularly at J 1.00
otrnce; half ounce bottles- tomor
row at 35a (T)
Aluminum Saucepan
Sets, $1.09
With ThU Coupon Only.
Seamless Aluminum Lipped
Saucepan Sets, three assorted size
saucepans. with long handles.
Each guaranteed. (T)
98c Brooms, 69c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Extra quality Five Citrine
Brooms, well made of selected
stock. (T)
$3.98 Ready-to-Wear
Hats, $2.67
"With ThU Coupon Only.
Ready-to-wear Hats, large, small
and close-fitting shapes, in black,
brown, sand, navy blue and red:
trimmed with ribbon and bows and
ribbon novelties. (T)
Ivory Soap
With This
Coupon and
Full size cakes of
Ivory Soap, tomorrow
at 5c each, with Cou
pon. Limit two to a
Sonp Department First
Floor. T
- $1.25 Wash Tubs,
With This Coupon Only.
Galvanized Iron Wash Tubs
20-inch size drop handles. hi
- Tea Kettles, 79c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Gray Enameled Tea Kettles:
about five-quart sjze; first Quality.
Foot Tubs, 69c
-with This Conpon Only.
White Japanned Tin Foot Tubs
good size; weu maae.
10c Gas Mantles,
With This Coupon Only.
First quality Inverted Gas Man
tles, good weave; Rives brilliant
light. tT)
Glass Wash Boards,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Glass Wash Boards, in strong
wooden frames; will not corrode
nor tear the clothes, (T)
25c Steel Wool, 16c
With ThU Conpon Only.
American Steel Wool. cleans
and polishes; sold reularlv at
25c package. Banement. (T)
Dish Pans, 66c
With ThU Conpon Only.
Large size Gray Enameled Dish
Pans, rolled rim style. (T)
Tea Spoons, 39c Set
With ThU Conpon Only.
TtogerB Kfckel Silver Tea
Spoons, fancy design ;set of oix.
$2.00 French Serge,
With ThU Conpon" Only.
40-inch All Wool French Serge,
a fine double twilled quality, in
naw blue and leading: colors.
$2.50 All Wool
Suiting, $1.09
With ThU Coupon Only.
52-inch All Wool Black Suiting,
for spring- suits, etc. (T)
Men's and Young
Men's Overcoats,
Worth $25.00 to
$32.50, at $15.75
With This Conpon Only.
Men's and Young Men's Over
coats, made in ulsterette and waist
models; good colorings; sizes 3" to
40. (T)
Men's and Young
Men's Overcoats,
Worth $32.50 to
$45.00 Values, at
With ThU Coupon Only.
Men s and Young Men's High
Grade Overcoats, one to three of a
kind. Conservative and fancy mod
els; some quarter silk lined; sizes
in the lot from 34 to 42. (T)
Boys' $1.98 and
$2.49 Pants, $1.29
With ThU Coiipon Onlj.
Boys' Fancy Casimere full lined
Knickerbocker Pants: light and
dark patterns; siz-s, 7 to 17 years.
First Floor Bargain Booth. T)
Boys' $14.00 Serge
Suits, $9.50
With ThU Coupon Only.
Boys' Navy Blue Pure Worsted
Serge Norfolk Suits, with full lined
and taped knickerbocker pants;
sizes 7 to 17 years. - (T)
Boys' 50c Caps, 16c
With TbU Coupon Only.
Boys' Military Caps, cotton khaki
cloth with leatherette visor. (T)
First Floor Bargain Booth.
Boys' Novelty Suits,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Boys" Blue Serge Sailor and Jun
ior Novelty Suits, pure worsted
serge, all with straight knee pantr;
sizes 3 to 8 years. (T)
Boys' $1.00 Golf
Caps, 59c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Boys' Fancy Worsted and Cassi
mcre Golf Caps, full shape: taned
teams and non-breakable visor. (T)
18c Cans Van
Camp's Pork
and Beans
With ThU
Coupon and
Regular 18c cans of Van
Camp's Pork and Beans,
(1 lb. 2 oz. size), tomor
row at 9&c can. Limit
2cans to a customer. Not
delivered. (T)
Bigger and Better Grow the Values in This Wonderful Once-a-Month
Bargain Event. Clip the Coupons and Let Them Bring
You Dividends in Generous Savings on Reliable Merchandise.
Our 'Monthly Coupon Day is the biggest money-saving event in the city so known and appreciated by a great
army of value-wise shoppers. It's the time when the purchasing power of your money is greatly increased. Thrifty
women wait for our Monthly Coupon Day because they know from past experience that the values are bona-fide
and the savings real. Tomorrow is our 47th Coupon Sale, and we have no hesitancy in assuring you that the feast
of bargains have not been equaled since our Coupon Day was first inaugurated.
Coupons Must Be Presented. No Phone, Mail or C. CD. Orders Filled.
$2.48 Untrimmed
Hats, $1.79
With ThU Coupon Only.
Untrimmed Hats, small, medium
and large shapes; rolled poke and
mushroom shapes, in black, blue,
brown and sand. (T)
$2.98 Billie Burke
Pajamas, $2.19
With This Coupon Only.
Pink Crepe Billie Burke Pa
jamas, with blue figures: with
and without sleeves; full cut
sizes. (T)
Women's $1.25
Nightgowns, 79c
With This Coupo'n Only.
Women's Extra Size Muslin
Nightgowns with yokes of tucks;
long sleeves; full cut sizes. (T)
Women's $1.00 and
$1.25 Petticoats, 79c
With TbU Conpon Oniy.
Women's Gingham Petticoats
assorted blue and gray stripes:
made with deep flounces: all
lengths. (T)
Children's Dresses,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Children's Gingham Dresses,
new assorted plaids and stripes:
made with loose belts and full
skirts: sizes 6 to 12 years. (T)
Children's Drawers,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Children's Muslin Drawers, with
hemstitched tucks and hems; neat
buttonhole bands; sizes 2 to 12
years. (T)
Little Tots' 69c
Dresses, 54c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Little Tots' Mother Hubbifrd
'Dresses, of good quality percale, in
various patterns: trimmed yokes
sizes 1 to Z years. (T)
$1.75 Satin
Messaline, $1.29
With This Coupon Only.
So-inch Black Satin Messaline. a
pure silL qualitv, rich jet black.
$2.00 Foulard Silks,
With ThU Coupon Only.
36-inch New Spring Foulard
Silks, a fine clinging pure silk
quality, naw blue and Copen
hagen grounds with beautiful new
designs. (T)
$2.50 Black Taffeta
Silk, $1.79
With ThU Coupon Only.
S5-inch Black Taffeta Silk. :in
all silk pine dye non-crushable,
wear guaranteed quality. (T)
$1.25 Silk Poplins,
With This Coupon Only.
H6-inch Silk- Faille Poplins, in
ell wanted street and evening
shades. (T)
$35.00 and $37.50
Winter Coats, $12.88
With ThU Coupon Only.
Fine quality Women's Winter
Coats, of bolivia. wool velour.
cheviot and broadcloth: some are
fur trimmed, broken sizes. T)
Children's 50c Hose,
V. Ith ThU Coupon Only. '
Children's Black Ribbed Hose,
good serviceable quality, reinforced
reel and toe. Irregular weaves. (T)
Women's Union Suits,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's Pink Union Suits, me
dium weight; low, neck and sleeve
less: ribbon straps and loose knee;
sizes 34. 3G and 38. (T)
Store Hours: Open 9:15 A. M.; Close 6 P. M.
Conditions of Our Monthly Coupon Sale.
Coupons MUST be presented at time o f purchase. Items Advertised for
Day not sold at these prices without Coupon.
$1.00 Tub Silks, 69c
"With TbU Coupon Only.
32-inch Tub Silks. ' white
grounds with handsome colored
satin stripes and woven jacquard
effects. A ellk mixed .quality:
guaranteed to wash. (T)
Women's Hose, 17c
With This Conpon Only.
Women's Lisle and Cotton Hose,
heavy and gauze weights; white,
black and assorted shades. Regu
lar and extra sizes. Slight Imper
fections. (T)
Women's Burson
Hose, 25c
With This Conpon Only.
Women's Burson Hose, In black,
white, balbriggan and split sole.
Slight Irregular weaves. (T)
Women's Fibre Hose,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Women's Fiber Hose, lisle garter
tops: double sole, heel and toe; in
black and a good assortment of
shades. Slight imperfections. (T)
Women's Silk Hose,
With ThU Conpon OnIy.
Women's Pure Silk Hose, in black
ind white; seml-fashlonea. irregu
lar weaves. (T)
Women's Silk Hose,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's Pure Silk Hose, semi
fashioned; double sole, heel and
toe: in black, white, African brown,
navy blue, bronze and smoke. (T)
Infants' Bands and
Shirts, 25c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Infants' "Babies' Comfort" Bands
and Shirts, "Forest Mills'" make;
cotton and merino. All sizes. (T.)
Misses' Combination
Suits, 95c
With This Coupon Only.
Misses' Combination Waists and
Pants: reinforced seams and garter
attachments. Ankle length. (T)
Women's Union Suits,
"Willi TbU Coupon Only.
Women's Gauze Lisle Union
Kuits, low neck and sleeveless;
French band top, loose and tight
knee. (T)
59c Stamped Goods,
With ThU Coupon Only.
6. X. T. Stamped Art Piece-, in
packages, including floss to cmbroi
der. In the lot will be found baby
pillows of rep and nainsook; wom
en's camisoles, pin cushions, of
linene. etc. T) f
75c Drawnwork
Scarfs, 48c j
With ThU Coupon Only. j
.In panose Drawnwork Scarfs, sizs
17x50 Inches. One beautiful de
sign. (Limit four to a buyer.) (T)
12Jc Crochet Cotton,
With TbU Coupon Only.
Dealer's and O. X. T. Mercerized
Crochet Cotton, in a good assort
ment of numbers and colors. (Limit
six spools to a buyer.) (T)
$1.00 Lace Scarfs,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Filet Lace Scarfs and Center
pieces; facarfs sizes 18x-l."i and 1S30
inches, centers 30 inches round.
$3.25 Diaper Cloth,
With ThU Coupon Only.
7 inch Cenuinc lied Star Diaper
Cloth, in sealed sanitary cartons,
containing full ten yards. (T)
O. N. T. Cotton, 6
Spools, 23c
With TbU Coupon Only.
Clark's O. N. T. Spool Cotton,
black and white: all number..
(Limit six spools to a buyer.) (T)
Up td $1.25 Earrings,
48c Pair
With ThU Coupon Only.
Importer's sample line of Ear
rings. In many stylish and novel
effects, in pendant, drop and-button
styles, including many high
grade oriental pearls. (T)
69c Table Damask,
With ThU Coupon Only. ,
5S-inch Yarn Mercerized Table'
Damask, a splendid wearing grade.:
for home or cafe use. Choice of
five neat patterns. (T)
25c Huck Towels,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Hemmed Huck Towels, soft fin
ish abso'rbcnt grade, for hand or
tea towels; all white; size 18x35
inches. (T)
20c Toweling, 5
Yards, 69c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Bleached Linen Finish. Crash
Toweling, neat red border; suitable
for roller or tea towels. (Limit
ten yards to a buyer.) (T)
j39c Turkish Towels,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Bleached Turkish Towels, firm
woven absorbent grade, for the
bath, neatly hemmed. (Limit sir
to a buyer.) (T)
Up to 50c Sanitary
Aprons, 25c
With ThU Conpon Only.
Women's Sanitary Aprons, cor
rectly made: standard qualities;
manufacturer's samples. (T)
TVotlon Dept.
Up to $1.00
Handbags, 50c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's Handbags and Purses,
well made practical styles and
shapes. (T)
$1.50 Gold Lavalliers,
"With TbU Coupon Only.
Solid Gold Lavalliers. substan- '
tially made; soldered link chains
and dainty jeweled pendants. (T)
Silver Thimbles, lie
With ThU Coupon Only.
Sterling Silver Thimbles, for
women and misses. Strongly made.
Jewelry Ilept. (T)
Children's Umbrellas,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Children's School Umbrellas, good
quality rainproof American tatfeta
and gloria covers: -0. 22 and 21
inch &izes. Good assortment of han
dles, designed especially for the
little folks. T)
25c and 35c
Handkerchiefs, 16c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's! Handkerchiefs, of' silk
crepe de chine and fancy Japanese
silks; many beautiful and novel
patterns. (Limit four to a buyer.)
29c Printed Batiste,
With ThU Coupon Only.
J7-inch Printed Batiste, light
and dark grounds, with neat
printings. Only a limited quality.
25c Apron Ginghams,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Standard Apron Ginghams, in
.ill blue checks fast colors. T)
29c Percales, 18c
With ThU Coupon Only.
"(J int.li Standard Percales, beauti
ful styles and color combinations.
Fast colors. (T)
39c Shirting Madras,
With ThU Conpon Only.
36-inch Shirting Madras in a
beautiful assortment of colored
stripes; launders perfectly. (T)
s : TTTZ
Seconds. of 25c
and 35c
With This
Coupon and
Women's Gauze Lisle
and Cotton Stockings, in
black, "white and split
sole; seamless foot
Manufacturer's seconds
of usual 25c and 35c
qualities, at 12&C pair.
Limit 6 pairs to a cus
tomer. (T)
35c Outing Flannels,
With ThU Conpon Only.
27-inch Qutfng ' Flannels, a
double fleece Quality, in light
or dark grounds, in checks,
stripes, etc. (T.)
$1.89 Bleached
Sheets, $1.09
With ThU Conpon Only.
SlxOD Seamless Bleached Sheets,
made of sturdy .sheeting., cotton;
subject to mill imperfections, con
sisting of an occasiona.1 tear, pin
hole or oil snot, but such as will
uot affect the wearing qualities.
$1.50 Bleached
Sheets, "89c
With ThU Conpon Only.
72x90 Seamless Bleached Sheets,
three-quarter bed size: made of
good quality sheeting: slight
manufacturer's imperfections.
29c Pillow Cases, 18c
With ThU Coupon Only.
43x34 1-2 Bleached Pillow Cases
slightly Imperfect; good size.
$4.00 Bed Spreads,
"With ThU Conpon Only. s
80x99 White Ripplette Bed
Spreads, scalloped and cut-out
corners. The famous Bates aual
itv. Extra length. (T)
.Fruit of the Loom
Cotton, 23c
With ThU Conpon Only.
Genuine Fruit of the Loom
Bleached Cotton, full 36 inches
wide. (T)
Limit ten yards to a bnyer.
Men's $1.25
Underwear, 79c
With TbU Conpon Only.
Men's Springtex Ribbed Balbrig
gan Underwear, ecru color only.
Men's $1.25 and
$1.50 Nightrobes,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Men's Cambric and Muslin Night
, robes, extra full cut sizes; made
with V necks. (T)
"Men's $1.25 Work
Shirts, 85c
"With ThU Coupon Only.
Men's Blue Chambray Work
Shirts, heavy quality: collar at
tached; perfect quality. ( i
Men's Garters, 17c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Men's Paris, Boston and Brighton
Pad Garters, black, white and plain
colors. (T)
Men's 60c Hose, 35c
AVlth ThU Conpon Only.
Mens Thread Silk Half Hose,
blaei;. white and plain colors; sub
ject to slight imperfections. (T)
Men's $1.25
Underwear, 95c
With TbU Coupon Only.
Men's Genuine Otis Underwear,
balbriggan and white gauze cotton;
all sizes. (T)
39c and 50c
Cretonnes, 19c
With ThU Coupon Onl.
Mill lengths of Zira Cloth. Mar
quisettes and Cretonnes, in beauti
ful tloral and figured designs;
light or dark colorings; lengths
from 2 to 8 yards. (T)
First Floor Bargain Table. ,
95c Bed Pillows, 49c
With TbU Coupon Only.
Good size Bed Pillows, covered
with heavy art ticking, tilled with
sterilized curled feathers. (T)
Firm Floor nargnln Tnhle.
$1.00 Crib Blankets,
With ThU Coupon Only.
30x40 Crib Blankets, heavy nap
finish, in blue and pink; a good as
sortment of designs. (T)
No. 47
15c Cans of
With ThU
Coupon and
Regular 15c cans of
Mixed Vegetables, for
making soup. 7c each.
Limit 2 cans to a cus
tomer. Not delivered. (T)
Women's $1.98
Nightgowns, $1.66
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's Genuine Windsor
Crepe Nightgowns, pink with
blue stitching around neck and
sleeves. (T)
Women's 69c
Gingham Aprons, 44c
With. ThU Conpon Only.
Women's Gingham Waist
Aprons, assorted blue and brown
checks; made with pockets. (T)
First Floor Bargain Table.
Women's 79c
Drawers, 55c
'With ThU Conpon Only.
Women's Muslin IJrawers,- trim
med with ruffles of embroidery,
in assorted patterns. Well xaade
and finished. All sizes. (T)
$1.25 Corsets, 88c
With This Coapon Only.
Corsets of good 'quality coutil.
medium low bust with long hips;
well boned: all sizes. (T).
First Floor Bargain Table.
50c Pink Bandeaux,
38c -
With This Coapon Only.
Pink Bandeaux, . good Quality
materials, open front and back
models; with elastic Insert; all
sizes. (T)-
$1.19 Storm Serge,
With ThU Conpon Only.
42-lnch Black Storm Serge, a
firm woven doable twilled qual
ity. . (T)
59c Check Suitings,
With ThU Conpon Only.
50-Inch Black and White Shep
herd Check Suitings, various sty
lish effects. (T)
$2.50 Black
Broadcloth, $1.79
With ThU Conpon Only.
50-inch All Wool Black Broad
cloth, a fine twill back quality,
with velour finish. (T)
39c White Voile, 22a
With ThU Conpon Only.
40-inch White Mercerized Chif
fon Voile, a fine two-ply quality,
for waists and. dresses. (T)
29c Cannon Cloth,
AVlth ThU Coupon Only.
36-inch White Cannon Cloth,
for making middy blouses, boys'
suits and women's wear. (T)
50c and 59c White ,
Waistings, 33c
With ThU Conpon Only.
36 and 40-Inch White Novelty
Waistings in a vast assortr-ent
of beautiful styles for waists .nd
dresses (T
$3.00 Longcloth,
With ThU Coupon. Only.
Longcloth. soft chamois finish
srrade, 36 inches wide; full 12
yards in each piece. (T)
29c White Dimity,
With ThU Coupon Only.
27-inch White Check Dimity, in
various size plain and broken
checks. (T)
59c White Poplin,
With ThU Coupon Only.
U6-inch White Mercerized Pop
lin a yarn mercerized auality.
with a rich permanent finish.
29c White Madras,
AVlth This Coupon Only.
27-inch Yarn Mercerized White
Madras, with neat white satin
mercerized designs. Launders
beautifully. (T)
50c Crepe de Chine,
With ThU Coupon Only.
35-inch Silk and Cotton Crepe
do Chine, a in ill's surplus stock.
The assortment includes all want
ed street ajid evening shades.
Up to $5.00 Women's
Low Shoes, $1.69
With Thin Conpon Only.
Women's Low Shoes, of patent
colt, srun metal and black kid
leathers; high or low heel;
sizes in the lot from 2 1-2 to 7.
Xo Kxclinncen Xo Refund.
$2.50 and $3.00
Evening Slippers,
With TWs Coatma Only.
Women's Satin Evening Slip
pers In black and white: high
r low heels; sizes la the lot
from 2 1-2 to 6. (T)
No Exchanges No nefnatU.
Up to $2.50
Children's Shoes,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Children's Shoes, of patent colt,
gun metal and "black: kid. leathers:
slses in the lpt from 4 to 5 and
8 1-2- to 11. (T)
He-Exchange No Itefaaas.
Up to 39c Ribbons,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Moire Ribbons, in pfnk. blue.
Copenhagen, cardinal, white, okl
rtfse and other shades. Also
pretty Dresden effects, suitable
for hair bows or millinery. (T)
Up to $29.75 blisses'
Winter Coats, $12.95
With ThU Coapon Only.
Lot of Misses' and Junior Win
ter Coats, of wool veloqr, cheviot
and military coatings: some fur
tUmrdcd; stylish models; sizes 13
to 17 years. XT)
$1.25 and $1.50
Spring Waists, 85c
With ThU Coapon Only.
Spring- Waists, of white asd
colored voiles, batiste. lawns, etc
Round, high or Dutch neck
models tailored and trimmed ef
fects. (T)
First Floor Bargain Booth.
$27.50 and $29.75
Spring Suits, $25.00
With ThU Coapon Only.
Now Spring Suits, of serge and
popllrt; all the popular styles.
Choice of any suit sellUur at
$27.50 and $25.75. (T)
$1.29 Medicine
Cabinets, 95c
With ThU Connon Only.
White Enamel Medicine Cab-
inets. with mirror a handy
article for the bathroom. (T)
Fnrnltare Store "Across the
Sheet Music, 5c .Copy
With, ThU Coupon 'Only.
Lot of special numbers, "both In
strumental and vocal selections;
perfect condition. 5c each. Six for
23c (T.)
Mjwle Dptw Basement.
50c Foundation Silks,
' With ThU ConpOH Only.
, Genuine Foundation Silks, eae
yard wide: a silk and cotton fabric
used for lining purposes and un
derwear. In all colors, also black.
Unlng Dept. (T)
50c Sheets Wax
I Paper, 12c
With This Connon Only.
Fifty' sheets of good quality Wax
Paper, size 12x18 Inches, for wrap
ping lunches, etc. (T)
4 Pieces Shelf Paper,
With ThU Conpon Only.
Four pieces of Lace Embossed
Shelf Paper, In white only; five
yards in each piece. (T)
3 Composition Books,
With ThU Coapon: Only.
Three Arlington School Compo
sition Books, contain 40 pages
each: choice of six styles; good
quality ink paper. (T)
10c and 15c
Envelopes, 5c
With ThU Coupon Only.
Good quality Envelopes, 23 in
each package; choice of buff, blue,
pink, hello and white (T)
59c Vestees, 37c
With ThU Conpon Only.
Pique Vestees. roll and collarless
styles; white and fancy effects. (T)
Up to $1.25
Neckwear, 69c
With Thin Conpon Only.
Imitation Filet Lace Collars. In
flat or rolled styles; choice of a
good assortment of pretty effects.
59c Plaitings, 49c
With ThU Conpon Only.
New Plaitings, of chiffon or or
gandy and silk; in white and all
leading shades. (T)
$1.00 Silk Gloves,
With ThU Coupon Only.
Women's Silk Gloves, seconds of
the famous " brand: two
clasp style, with three-row stitched
backs. In white, black, also white
with black stitching. All sizes.
The injuries are so slight as to be
hardly noticeable. (T.)
Women's Silk Vests,
With ThU Cannon Only.
Women's Jersey Silk Vests, low
neck and sleeveless; bodice and
French band top. with ribbon
straps; plain and embroidered
fronts, (T)
5c Snap Fasteners, 2
Cards 5c
With ThU Coapon Only.
Snap Fasteners, one dozen on
card; white and black. (T)
29c Unbleached
Muslin, 15c
With ThU Conpon Only.
3S-inch Unbleached Muslin, a
grade of exceptional merit. (T)

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