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-" - ' " 'F'" r'
At the End of This Chapter
YOU Begin.
(Continued from Page Thirteen 1
which drenched the few pedestrians
hurrying home from the ail-night sos.
sion of Congress. With the rain had.
come a high -wind, and one pedes
trian, an elderly man, had his um
brella almost jerked fr.om his hand
as lie ana- ns wijjihu" ,..--
Cathedral avenue.
Its. antics brought him in violent
collision with a figure on his left. His
hasty apology was met with an ex
clamation, half lost in the next S'ist
of wind, which tore the umbrella out
of his grasp and landed it. inside out,
far up the street The younser man
put out. a steadying hand and helpei
him to the sidewalk. At the curb the
elderly man stopped abruptly
"Harold. -he demanded, his voice
raised- above the storm as he braced
himself against the lamp post. "Aw
that female what she meant by ad
dressing me in German."'
His son looked hastily about. Tho
"female" who had kept pace with
them in their walk across the Con
necticut avenue bridge and for se
eral blocks beyond it. was nowhere
, in sight.
"You are dreaming, father. ' he
shouted. "Come home." ,
Tm not" The elderly man was
noted for his obstinancy and his ex
cellent hearing. "Washington is a
barred zone fer enemy aliens. Wh?t
was she doing out aloqe at this ho'j-,
and where is she?"
r The. latter question was unanswer
able; savje- for themselves both Coi
nectleut avenue and its intersecting
streets appeared deserted.
Turning, the two men 'scanned the
large gray-stoned, ivy-covered ho'ise
on their left There was nothing to
indicate that it had been the setting
for many tragic happenings follow
ing the arrival in the National 'Capi
tal of beautiful Madeline Conner
Waring the mysterious triangle and
chart Not a light showed in the
The man called Harold took his
Catner by the elbow and. exerting
rac" little force, propelled him up
Connecticut avenue extended.
"Let's get home before we come
.In... OT.i.1 vtv.Ai.mrkmi.1 ' lift cfairl V..11
can talk to the police after "break-
Tltey were far up the street, the
etderly nan still protesting, as shown
by his gesticulations, when a shadow
detached itself from the high box
hedge surrounding the lawn of 'the
House of Mystery." and crept on all
6urs toward a manhole. The cover
tipped slightly as he tested it with
his hand.
"Have a care," cautioned the shad
ow by his side
"Care!" The man's faint ohuckle
was brief "I'll have a care, don't
worry- Was the woman's descent
iB.tjo this manhole involuntary or has
'"She shown us a secret entrance to
Wu's residence"
His companion hesitated before
answering. "She stepped on the man
hxle when that little .fellow bumped
fnto her," he said, finally. His statc
ment" Was considered in silence; then
the first shadow tipped down the
cover and dangled his legs inside the
exposed hole.
"Keep guard as before." he dircct
"If anything occurs remember the
"For God's sake!" The exclamation
rnded as the first man released his
hold and shot downward out of sight
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c jSL a 7-Br-
Without noise the covet to the man-
l.ole fewung backward into place.
The crouching shadow on the pave
ment remained motionless for one
brief minute then once again became
a part of the box hedge skirling Wu
Tsang's lawn.
His vigil had lasted some fifteen
minutes when his attention was
caught by a flaring light in a small
oval window in the house he was
watching, which, from its position,
was evidently on a stair landing. In
the illumination the watcher caught
a full view of "Wu's face; the China-
j m'an's expression of concentrated evil
as Hie glanced this way and that up
the de5erted avenue, caused the
watcher to :atch his breath and cross
himself. The light went out as sud
denly as it had sprung into exist
ence. From up the Avenue came the soft
purr of a powerful motor and a sec
ond later the limousine .stopped at
the entrance to Wu's house to per
mit a man to "descend, then sped
away. The newcomer glided rather
than walked up the approach to the
house; his ring at the bell was -answered
instantly and from the light
which streamed through the opened
front door, the concealed watcher
caught a full view of the Mand?rin's
costume and Wu. smiling and bland,
stepped across the threshold of his
house, and the door was closed be
hind him by the obsequious Oriental
The watcher's forehead was damp
with perspiration. Could he doubt
the evidence of his senses? Wu had
I Koon lArttrlticv rkiif ff tfio Avnl -u-lnrtrnir
of his house just a second before
Wu had arrived in a limousine. Was
it some uncanny occultism which had
projected his countenance on the
window pane before hi3 bodily ar
rival? The- watcher again crossed
1 f v ? a1 "Xlto- f0 f roncntttnn inaMA
the house? Had his companion ef-5
. . -
leciea an entrance Dy means oi a
tunnel opening into the manhole or
was the mafiholc simply an opening
to a city main? A sound smote his
car, and like a hound straining at
the leash he leap forward to give
the prearranged 'signal
On emerging from the tunnel, lead
ing - Into Wu's house. Mrs. Thayer
groped herway across the pitch dark
cellar. Tho- air was stale, but she
was grateful for the warm 'atmo
sphere which prevailed as she was
chilled to the bone. Her wet cloak
encumbered her movements and she
paused to cast it aside just before she
reached the spiral staircase leading to
the turreted rooms
She mounted the stairs until she
judged she had reached the second
ledroom floor, and paused to take
breadth before making the turn to
the next platform; the stairway vas
treacherously steep, and she had to
move with caution.
On reaching the platform she was
startled to sec a .man's figure out
lined against the oval window, stand
ing with his back to her keeping soli
tary wVtch over the outside world.
Had he lizard her approach? Her-foot
vas on the next' flight of steps when
a handiwas laid on her shoulder, and
Snyder's hateful voice whispered in
her ear-
"So you thought to double-cross
us? Give me the triangle."
"1 haven't it."
"Don't lie'" was the ttern warning,
and Snyder's fingers closed around
her throat with no gentle touch. "The
right triangle "
"I haven't " Her denial was choked
off; slowly, relentlessly his strong fin
gers tightened their hold until the
blood pounded in her temples. Her
long nails clawed his flesh, but the
pressure on her throat grew worse
jtier neaa aroppea ,iorwara ana sne
lo&t consciousness.
Snyder forced some fiery whiskey
down her throat until she revived.
"That's a sample of what's coming
to you," he whispered, touching her
bruised throat. "Fuller's waiting his
chance." He smiled as she shrank
from his supporting arm. "We want
that triangle."
"Air!" Mrs. Thayer waved him
J away ai she played for time For an
' swer he again thrust the flask in
front of her. With every sense alert
to her danger.- Mrs. Thayer sipped
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.en(l' Iree, 14
the stimulant; suddenly she grew con-
sclous of a stealthy tread on the
rtairs behind them. Had Snydrr also
heard it? Apparently his absorption
in her blunted .him to all elBe. or wa's
It Fuller coming to his assistance?
Mrs. Thayer shivered, then straight
ened up.
"Come." she said. "I'll get the tri
angle you want. It's concealed in
the Dutch Room."
Snydor eyed her thoughtfully. "No
treachery," he snarled. "Keep
straight ahead."
Upward Mrs. Thayer led him, paus
ing every little while to listen for
the following footsteps. Were they
gaining had they stopped altogeth
er? Her norves were cracking under
the strain, but the scream she felt
coming was stifled as, turning a lastf
corner in the spiral staircase, their
progress was blocked by a Dutch
door, the lower half only of which
was closed. Inside the lighted room
Mrs. Thayer made out Madeline Con
nor stretched on a sofa, apparently
asleep, and on a chair by her night
light reposed the fateful red triangle.
Mrs. Thayer heard Snyder's sud
den intake of breadth, then she was
thrust to. one side and, slipping his
hand over the Dutch door, he unbolt
ed the lower half and stole forward.
Nearer and nearer he approached the
sleeping girl and Mrs. Thayer
watched his eery movement in
breathless fascination. He had al
most reached his goal when a door
in the further end of the room opened
and Wu glided in. It required all
Snyder's dexterity to slip unseen un
der the rolling back of the sofa be
fore the. Chinaman reached the cen
ter of the room. There he paused on
perceiving, that the girl he took to
be asleep was quietly regarding him
"So you have come
back," Made- i
line's low voice held no quiver of
fear as she sat up on the sofa. How
many hours had passed since her last
violent scene with Wu he did not
more i
too utterly exhausted to do
more than throw herself fully dressed
on the sofa when finally rid of his
obnoxious presence, she had slept
heavily. Upon awaking she had lain
still trying to piece out the events
which had transpired before she again
became his captive. She recalled en
tering a taxicab the rest was blank.
"Your mission in useless," she add
ed, as the Chinaman vouchsafed no
remark. "I will not give you the se
cret of the triangle."
The oblique black eyes stared at
her steadfastly; there was no change
in the parchment-like face, but as
they regarded each other Madeline
became conscious of a nameless ter
ror. Would the man never speak? Ey
a violent "effort of her will Madeline
dropped her eyes before his hypnotic
jraze and in so. doing caught sight of
.the triangle lying on the chair under
her night light A cry escaped her
She had left her triangle locked in
the safe of .the Bureau of Standards!
To think was to act with Madeline.
Before the Chinaman grasped her in
tention she held the triangle over the
flame of the nfght light. The parch
ment was tough would it never ig
nite? Wu .was moving towardj&her;
she dared not look at him. her eyas
were focussed on the triangle. As the
heat from the candle reached the
parchment there appeared on its sur
face a message in sympathetic ink.
Madeline read but the words. "Von
Bern " when her hands were .seized
in a vice-like grip. In her struggle
to free herself she failed to see two
figures creeping toward them
A whistle, brill, sibilant eat the
silence. It had hardly died away
rfaen n abrirk, carry ins uneh frenzied
fenr a to make the voice unrecognis
able, filled the room.
An inntant Inter the triangle w
wrenched from Madeline, and a shout
of triumph broke front her ad
versary. Mndrllne, clinging; to hla
ilk-clad arm, gascd dnmbly at the
hand holding the triangle. The voice
iran the voire of Wu, but the hand
vrna the hnnd of
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What the Police Say They
Would Do.
(Continued from Page Thirteen.)
story began, many inquiries as to
why we have not called in the Po
lice Department
Supposing that Wu Tsang whe
lms received this chart from the
mouth of Buddha were a real per
son, and supposing ihat all these
characters and incidents were true,
how would you, Major Pullman,
treat the case? Would the Police
Department arrest Wu Tsang? The
girl Madeline has had to leap out
of a window, eleven stories high.
and has had to do other things be
. cause of Wu Tsang's persecutions.
Would you come out and arrest this
Chinese, or would you wait until
you had something tangible?
Would you wait until you really
had something big, or would you
go after him right away.
would depend on how valuable the
thing he was after was. We would
talk It over with Madeline first and.
find out the value of the chart
, which he had stolen from her. So
far as taking any action is con
cerned, we could not do anything
until we were advised by Madeline
as to just exactly what the China
man's crlmewas.
Why ha not the girl reported the
theft to the Police Department up
to this time?
DONOHUE: Because the parties In
terested did not want to Inject the
Police Department in the story.
MAJOR PULLMAN: We would try to
find out. one way or another, juit
exactly the best way to go after the
Chinaman. Sometimes making an
arrest Is the least desirable way.
There are other ways of getting
what we want. We must look for
connections, for the motive, etc.
DONOHUE: Then you wouldn't come
in and make an arrest right away?
In other words, you would have to
KNOW what you were arresting
him for. You would wait long
enough to get a line on the thing
and see if there was anything
REALLY to it? Inspector Bur
lingame, you have had experience
with Chinese crime recently. How
would you handle Wu Tsang?
whole thing goes right back to your
heart-to-heart talk with Madeline
as to Just what has happened, what
has taken place. Start your in
vestigation with her. Find out why
they are trying to steal this paper
from her, what the object is and
what complaint, if any, she has to
make. The information you get
from her would govern police action
toward the Chinamen.
DONOHUE: But would you hare the
Chinaman under surveillance all ihc
time? '
GRANT : Yes.
BURLINGAME: No man could come
into this city and persecute a girl,
as this girl has been persecuted, and
get away with it.
As to just how he would trap
him. in the event that he was perse
cuting this girl, would depend on
the manner of Chinaman he was.
We would have to learn definitely
just what he did before we could
"pinch" him. Everything would de
pend on Madeline's complaint.
BURLINGAME: (In answer to Dono
hue's question) :
Well, if she made no complaint we
would have to protect her anyhow
if we knew that she wa being
(Comment from Major Pullman)
It we knew that any girl had been
persecuted to the extent that Made
line has been persecuted in these
twenty-eight chapters of ''Camou
flage" and didn't report it to the
Police Department, we would turn
her over to Dr. White.
This interview, "boiled down" as
it is, will give all contestants who
will write the thirtieth chapter of
"Camouflaged" a definite chapter of
attitude of the police departments
the world over, were they called upon
to take a hand in straightening out
anything, which on its face would not
stand the acid test of being open and
THEY WOULD WAIT until they
were sure they were right, and then
like Davy Crockett, they would go
full steam ahead, arrest the conspira
tors and if a crime had been com
mitted, arrest the guilty parties and
see to it that every tangible element
of mystery had been definitely eet
I This may be good material for our
i readers, but it is understood of
! course that the wrltera of the Thir
tieth Chapter need pay no heed to
this angle -it is ."imply presented for
our guidance, in the event you care
to make use of it.
'Jot bu3 now -and send your siorv
to The Washington Times and ma
the best fellow win.
For twenty-eight days we have all
followed the trail of "Camouflaged.''
and now wc will wait with almost
breathless interest the result of what
has been declared to be the most re
markable literary contest ever held
in tins city. As a collaborative se
rial. "Camouflaged" came along at a
. time when every one needed a redt
' . . . A . A
irom me grim war news or tne past
four year's, and the authors of the
twenty-eight chapters who contrib
uted their time and ability In perfect
Ing the story have all enjoyed he
novel experience of writing this novo),
biff-bang style of literature, and the
stories, taken all in all. would rep
resent the brain storm of any short
story writer, who would, as a general
rule, take half a dozen weeks in
which a chapter, which the authors t-t
"Camouflaged" required on an aver
age less than half a dozen hours. To
day we have the eventful twenty
ninth chapter, writen by Miss Natalie
Sumner Lincoln, editor of the D. A.
IL Magaizne and authoress of several
very well-known novels.
Miss Lincoln has rounded all the
blunt edges in "Camouflaged" ind
left a situation which will prove a
great groundwork for the army of
ahort-story writers who have algnl
flcd their intention of writing the lart
chapter, clearing the mystery, and
Bert C. Spurr. .twenty-ons year
old, of 439 Tenth trect northeast, is
today at the District jail awaiting tho
action of the grand jury; following
the action' of a coroner's jury, yester
day holding him-responsible for the
death of Abal Savage, colored, sixty
years, old, of 131d Hlggs street north
west, who was run down by, Spurr
automobile at Fourteenth and Q
streets northwest Saturday n'Bht.
A corftner's Jury also "returned a ver
dict of accidental death over the body
of, Maurice Roche, civil war veteran
and employe o f the Bureau of Engrav
ing, who was killed by a street car
of the Capital Traction Company a
Fourth street and Pennsylvania ave
nue southeast 'Saturday morning.
.Two persons were slightly Injured
.early today when a taxicab operated.
by James H. Moreland. twenty-one
years old, of Capitol Heights, Md.,
collided with an automobile truck at
Seventh street and Florida, avenue
The Injured are Wllber Clements,
1X57 Neal street northeast, driver of
the automobile truck, and James S.
Boutbrey, of Walter .Reed Hospital,
a passenger, of ' the taxicab. Both
were removed to Freedman's Hos
pital for treatment. Moreland, the
driver of the taxicab, escaped unin
jured. An automobile operated by Frank
Essex, 3420 M street northwest, ran
Into an excavation on Massachusetts
avenue, near Ninth street northwest,
last night. G. E. Ward and his wife,
of 3127 P street northwest, passen
gers in the automobile, were' cut by
flying glass and taken to the Emerg
ency Hospital.
Slight damage resulted when an auto
mobile operated by Kenneth Andrews, of
3113 Eleventh street northwest, collided
at Florida avenue and V streets north
west, with an automobile operated, by
Otis Gramar. of 2400 Sixteenth street
A street car of the Washington
Railway and Electric Company col
lided with an automobile operated
by L. B. Bailey, of 1408 Ninth street
northwest, at Ninth and O streets
northwest, last night.
The automobile of Roland smith.
of Walter Reed Hospital, was slight
ly damaged last night when it -vrafl
struck by a stree car at Ninth and
F streets northwest.
BOSTON, March 4. Returns re
ceived today from town meetings
held throughout Massachusetts yes
terday show a trend toward license
in hitherto strong no-license com
munities. Bedford, Cohasset, Gardner, Hop
kinton, Natick, and Orange all
changed to the "wet" column. In
Norwell license, lost by two votes. In
many other places the "no" majority
was considerably reduced.
winning the prize of $280 which The
Washington Times will pay for tno
most Interesting and logical conclu
sion to this story. As the story
stands today, there are at least a
dozen angles from which can ne
taken the cue to literally solve evey
unexplained tangle, centralize the
conflicting elements and bring tne
grand flnale to the point which will
meet with the approval of the award
ing1 Jury who will i5ass upon the ex
cellence of the manuscripts submit
ted. Elsewhere Iry The Washington
Times today you will And the result
of an interview I had yesterday aft
ernoon with Major Pullman. Inspec
tor Grant and Detectives Kelly and
Burlingame it may give you an
extra angle for writing the final
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thing. He was weak had no energy
or life and felt miserable and looked
ft' continued this lady, who like thou
sands of others with people lck n
the house, were almost driven dis
tracted during the recent epidemic.
TellJi What She Did.
"I finally saw Hypo-Cod advertised
and just about half a bottle stopped
his cough. Since, then it has restored
hm built him up and given him new
atrenarth His appetite is fine and we
all thfnk Hypo-Cod is wonderful. We
have bought all told about eight bo
ties of this wonderful tonic. I took
some my daughters have taken some
and everyone of us has been benefited
and built up. It certainly Is fine and
I am willing to go out of my way any
tlm To recommend it. Friends who
hA-o taken my advice tell me they,
too are BeUlng splendid results from
u,?nc your Hypofcod." declared Mrs.
"cfskphenl: P513 B St. N. E.. Wash-
'"Hypo-Cod is just a grand medicine
to ward off and fortify the system
against wintry troubles. It is a won
derful spring tonic for the whole
family to take You need not be sick,
i.. ',.; ,... I... nLoun tnstp. Rend
what st..." others "say-about Hypo-Cod j
then tret a bottle at the nearest Peo
ples Drug Store here in Washington. I
i Be sure to get ine Kiiumc . ;
Co ? Wheeling. W.'Va. "We gladly,
prepav iiypoi ou unywiicio ""j -ceipt
of 1 20." People's Drug Store,
Washington. D C.
Just Getting Over "Flu." Weak,
Thin. Awful Cough. Pains.
Couldn't Sleep.
I had a terrible cough following
the 'Flu and was weak and thin and
had no appetite. My cough was so
severe I couldn't sleep at night. Had
pains all through my chest. My hus
band camo home to Washington from
Newport News where he'd been doing
Government work and found me that
way Tho first thing he said was:
'Get some Hypo-Cod everybody down
In Newport News uses it and I took
some myself.' Well. I -nt and got
a bottle at the People's Drug Store
here in Washington and It die just
what my husband said it would. It
stopped my cough and has given me
strength and a good appetite. 1 feel
fetter than I have In several months,
sleep good, tco, now and am not
nervous like I was. it's a good medi
cine," declared Mrs. ChaB. E. Gates. 240
10th St. N. E., Washington, D. C. Read
what others say on this page. Then
'get a buttle of genuine Earle'a Hypo
Cod t rr-rt People's Drug Store.
H KflN lll!
tfter thieves have been there.
mvsterv was explained when ut.
farmer found a chicken under one of
the roosts which he took for dead. He.
fosVcd.lt la the barnyard and Jn a fcr
minutes the chicken recovered and
walked away. .Farmers say the ;ras
puts the chickens to sleep, they fall
oft the roosting: places and are easy
prey for the ihle.ves.
Fo.r Sick People. ,
Tor those already stricken. Hypo
Cod proved a grand tonic. Tho "Flu"
and .Pneumonia weakened the patient.
Weakened their lunga terribly as a
rule and the authorities have been
alarmed over the awful number going
Into lung trouble, la fact the -Flu"
so weakened the patient that they
were susceptible, to Pneumonia and
often caught it aa records show. To
build up the "Flu" patient quickly
before they contracted Pneumonia was
the object. To show how Weak the
lungs and axtaizing powers pecame
one need only talk to "Flu" patients.
Almost invariably they had hacking,
chronic coughs, chest soreness, short
ness of breath and bad catarrhal and
bronchial symptoms. As a rule they
were so weak they could hardly get
up and doWfi stairs for weeks and
even months- after the attacks:
While in such a debilitated condi
tion the slightest Indiscreet effort
exertion, exposure or strain might
throw them into complications of the
worst kind.
No .one. -unless absolutely strong,
robust and well should fail to take
such a tonic. Children should not be
permitted to linger around for weeks
after their sickness in a Uny weak
ened condition. Just a bottle or two Hypo-Cod is a strengthening, vt
of Hypo;od relieves the cough, oM.nundfnffr invigorating tenle that ay
restores, the appetite, weight, rich red
blood, complexion and robust color.
piexion ana roouai coior.iw..finr nin, nP .imin wnrrv. iuwr
By taking it you help tne nerves, in -
auce oeuer sieejr, qearuer aijucuia
and digestion and at the same time
fortify yourself against a recurrence
of wintry illar complications, etc.
revive your .disease resisting powers.
A Bottle .or two of Earle'a Hypo-Cod
puts you back to work days and weeks
sooner. J
Read Whit Vr Say On Thlm Page
Drives Away Colds, Coughs,
Wintry Troubles. Makes
You Stronger Quick.
When a person feels all rundown it
Is time to stop taking just-a pill or
dash of salts. It is- a, good sensible
tonic taken lay after day for a whole
week that does you,good. A Wash
ington lady tells what she did below.
"I had a bad cough and cold. My
nose ran and my eyes watered and my
headaches and nervous spells made
fine think sometimes I would 'Fly. I
coughed hour after hour and when I
would lay my weary self down to rest
nights I would just lay there, not ex
actly awake, but sort of dozing con
scious of every noise. Next morning
I would be just as tired as when I
went to bed. My cough gave me bad
Fains across my chest, too. and I often
elt feverish. My appetite was gone.
Lucky for me my husband got two
bottles of Earle's Hypo-Cod and it
certainly d0,.pll that they claltjj. fpr
it. It brought me relief for my cough
and cold in a hurry and built up my
appetite and it wasn't but a little
while until I was sleeping good nights.
I'm sure others will get the same -results
if they get Earle's Hypo-Codi"
Mrs. Abbif Posey, 911 2nd St, S. W.
Don't wait until you feel, feverish,
headachy, sore and catch cold. Get a
bottle of Hypo-Cod and ward off such
troubles and increase your disease re
sisting vitality Whole family, old
and young, need it at certain seasons
of the year just to Keep pnystcaiiy nt.
Read what others say below and then
get a bottle of Katie's Hypo-Cod. "We
gladly prepay Earle's Hypo-Cod" any
whore upon receipt of price, S1.20
large bottle People's Drug Store.
Washington, D. C
Terrible Pains In Lung. Coughed
Continually, Especially Nights.
Grew Weak. Lost Weight
Was Nervous.
'l thought 1 had lung trouble. I
had a fearful cough that was con
tinually bothering me all the time and
especially at night. I was falling off
in weight and growing so weak
could hardly crawl up a flight of
stairs without resting. My nerves
were a complete wreck and those aw
ful pains in my right lung worried
me and 1 Mirely was completely run
down when my husband threw down
a newspaper he was reading ono night
and hurried down to th Pcople'3
Drug Store and got a bottle of Hypo
Cod. Quickly Did the Work.
"The reason I praise Earle's Hypo
Cod so high is because it has cured
mv cough and I never cough any more.
All pain and soreness throush my
lungs have disappeared and I'm" so
much stronger I can run up and down
stairs as good as anybody you ever
saw My nerves are as good as they
ever were in my life again and I think
the wav it built up my appetite was
marvelous. It surely proved a bless
ing to me after taking so much other
medicine whlh' failed utterly to do
me any good." continued Mrs. E. J.
Harris. 459 Eye St. N W. Washing-
'Hiousands of neople Instead of.glv-1
Earle's Hypo-Cod. 4
Ing up should take a -oipl bott
la ...
Tlie.DRITlbuWmftini C III
LONbON, Starch f. Brttlsfc Juf.
ship, according to General Seetey, re
cently remained In the air for mrt
than. 100 hours.
una HE
Had "Flu" Himself. Felt Wtb
Nervous, and Lacked Esergy.
Says Hypo-Cod Is Fine.
A friend recommended HjnMH?
so strongly tc- me that I took It ati
T had the "Flu." I Was troubled wto
nervousness, weakness and laeK, "
energy, but soon aa I took Hyp-Cd
I was restored to my former strenJftH
and vigor. It aeemed to atottser y
dormant ambition and Interest to
work and in life generally in sart
counteracted' and banished all the vil
effects of the Influeiuau Pro co
fldent it would act the same uotn
others- similarly affected." decUHd
Attorney H..K B. Atkiaspn. t'nwa
Trust Bldg.. Waahington. D. C.
man or woman may take wltX th
greatest confidence, either after ios
1 work or excesses of any kind. It
makes the blood richer, better aad re
stores appetite, .weight, energy and
'ppy i
Bead what still others in Washing
ton say about Hypo-Cod and then dr
In at the nearest People's Drug Staft
and get a bottle, tonight.
Father Say She toughed Lot.
Remained Weak, Nervow;
Couldn't Sleep.
"Mv 13 year old daughter had aa
attack of the "Flu." She had It very
bad. It left her with a bad cougk
Shc was terribly weak and nerrew
too, and nights ceuld not sleep. Her
appetite was completely gone and toe
poor child just had to have-something
to build her up or she would have
faded away to nothing. J didn't know
what to get or give her so I went
down to- the drug store- and the $erk
recommended Hypo-Cod. It is Jnat
wonderful how quiek it worked.' It
built her rfght up. I don't know how
much weight she has gained because
ah hasn't been weighed, but I know
Hypo-Cod made her look 100 better
sne can eat now an ngnc ana ner ap
petite is splendid. The ceugklns all
stopped long ago and her nervea an
as strong as anybody'5- X think Hypo
Cod Is on of those real remedies that
are worth recommending. My -wlfa
took some of it and it helped her and
I'm going to taka this bottle myvmt
and that shows what I think of It."
declared James M. Page, 1603 UJUt St.,
Washington. D. C.
Many hundreds, have returned to the
several People's Drug Stores- just to
express their gratification over what
Hypo-Cod did for them. Just ask ?t
clerk in the nearest People's Drujg
Store if he recommends it. He will tell
you' they sell more, hear more people
praising it and recommend" it thaft
anything he knows of for such. trpA
bles. Dojft let some big store try vp
substitute. If.necessary write and en
close ST.20 to Peoole's Drug Stor
Washington. D. C. You want the gea
ulna Rnrie'a Hvno-Cod. made in Wheel
ing, W.. Va.. by the nationally knowfx
Earle Chemical Co.
Man's Wife, Two Children Dow
With "Flu." Coughed Night t
And Day. 'Tells How J
H6 Relieved Them. 1
-When I got my first bottle of Hyp
Cod I had mv wife and two children
down with 'the 'Flu.' " declared 3i
Washington man whose name and ad
dress are given below.
They coughed nlpht and day ana
they vere completely worn out from
couching. None of them could slefp
at night on account of their cough arjd
my wife wan terribly ill h" had no
strength and could eat nothing at all.
She was nervous and the children dis
turbed her greatly. I knew they must
have relief soon so having seen Hypo
Cod advertised I went down and got
two bottles. Since then have bought
two more and I'm gettlnjr another to
day. It is wonderful medicine. :
It built my wife right up. She hajs
a splendid appetite and can sleep goo
every night. Her nerves are strong
and she Is feeling so well she- no
doe.- her housework again. The chil
dren were helped wonderfully, toft.
Their cough stopped in just a tfir
days and it has strengthened thetn
( and they now have a Rood appetite
and can eat anything without any bafl
effects. I think Earle's Hypo-Cod Is
wonderful medicine and recommfnM
It to everybody I meet. It helped nr
whole family, continued Henry ?.
Zackman. -1G18 Wisconsin Ave.
Hypo-Cod Formula. '.
Earle's Hvpo-Cod contains extrac
tives from fresh cod livers, malt ex
tract, cherry bark, extra select sherry
wine, iron and compound syrup hypo
phosphites, lime, potassium, mangan
ese, strychnine, quinine and podium.
Pleasant to take rnnaren like r
Agrees with most aeucatc ston
Made bv nationally known Earle- Ci
.-, -it?uAiin. i - v. Or !
nrenav larcre botllr ceriums swl
ucon rer-MP 51 2 ICD' TmV
Store. Wasing-n, r r

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