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Don't Let Soap
Spoil Your Hair
"When you wash jourlialr, be
Careful what you use Host soaps and
prepared shampoos contain too much
alkali, "which Is very injurious, as it
Trips tht Sfaln and maWcs (ho hnir i
FPH' Tlat- fhlnir 4 1IDA ie llcf nl'jin
?,r.."J' "--.. 1" ., ,J,..Jir,"
Tniiimiinn .'iii-iii. run nil inr T n i e i
pare and entirely prreaseless. It's
very cheap and beats the most ex
pensive soaps or anythiner else all
to pieces. You can sret this at any
drujr store, and a few ounces will
last the -whole family for months.
Simplv moisten the hair with water
And rub it in, about a teaspoonful
if all' that is required.- It makes an
abundance of rich, creamy lather.
.H-....VH , .... . -. w w.c? ..?
cleanses thorouKhly, and rinses outicii to COnfer with the Uerma
easily. xaa iitur ones quicKiy ana
svenly. and is soft, fresh lookinsr.
bright, fluffy, wavy, and easy to
handle. Besides it loosens and takes
out every particle of dust, dirt, and
dandruff. '
A Smooth, Hairless
Skm for Every Woman
(The Modern Beautj)
With the aid of a plain delatone
paste It is an easy matter to rid the
skin of unsightly hairy growths. The
paste Is made by mixing some water
with powdered delatone. This is ap
plied to the' hairs -not 'wanted and
after 2 or ?, minutes rubbed eff and
the skin washed, when "every trace of
hbji- win nave, vanisnea. wnen you
go to your druggist for delatone, be
sura you get the genuine article.
nRir wiu nave, vanisnea. When you
Tacfflnal $250 prfxe chapter ?t111 be I
yablbsbea next Sunday. sec rule for '
eatetaBt ca Page 13.
Trust Prices
High Prices
I - i $1.00 Size, J 1
To Secure a Satin Skin:
"Apply Satin Skin Cream,
Then Satin Skin Powder."
35c Size, 29c
jfiy .
Lyon's Tooth .
Po der or.
3?ASti .
- .
Colorite, aH'shadeST choicelc
Hind's Honey and Altaond
Cream, S9c and,., ,......,.nnc
Capillaris Hair. romade..'.42c
Lion Castile ' Soap, 1-lb.
6-oz. bar. ..... ..oc
Sago, Sage and -Sulphur. .. .33c
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur.
1 73c and.......... .j...
Mary Garden Cold Cream.
50c size .....--,...-.
Family Remedies
Lapactic Pills,
bottle ..........
Calomel and Soda
,.. ITcr
Tablets, 100 in bottle.
Bromo Seltzer, SOc
Phenolax Wafers. SO
In package
Sloan's Liniment,
small size
Swift's Specific, $1.33
Pure Cod Liver Oil,
Wampole's Cod Liver
Hill's Cascara Quin- "IQ
ine Tablets JLtC
Antikamnia, plain or "IQp
with Codcin.e. doz.-.j. J.JC
Salve .......
Tablets .....
Diapcpsin ...
Requa's Charcoal Loz- 1 0
iges, 25c' sizc.. lot
Scott's Emulsion.
J1.07 and ..........
Father John s 7tte
Fellow's Hpophoa
phites, 1.19 and
California Fig
Syrup . . . .r
Castoria, the original
Fletcher make..
Phillips' Milk Mag
nesia. 39c and
Eskay's .Food. Hos
pital size
Doan's Kidney
Red Cross Kidney
AloDhen Pills. 100
ro in 49c
Baumc, Analgcsiquc
Xujol Mineral Oil, 73c QQp
PInkham's Vegetable
Compound .
Sal Hapatica. small
:m.': 23c
Horlick's Maltctl
hot-pital bize. SSOOe
and r t
Mellen Food. "5c
size .- -tv
- Hob
PAT. IS. March 4 -How the Ger
man peace envoys w HI be received
next month at Versailles when they
' ..... ... II !..
I are cauea in 10 tign uic prcniuiua.j-
I .
. . .. . ... Dft
peace treaty
at Ult5 ftCIlC HI "J
marck's triumph over France in 1871,
is already being: informally discussed
by the chiefs of the various peace
delegations now in Paris.
It is nraclicallv certain that a
... ,.. .... ......
subcommittee of three membeis will
be appointed by the supreme conn-,
;rmans when
.!... !.. rpi.- nnKnnnnAl nrnh.
ablv -will comprise one delegate each
.. -. ii.ii.i- .i. it.ii.j ci.i..
irom ureal oriiaiu. uic umwu """
. ..
ana x rante.
Th names of President "Wilson, anangeu as an ovenuie iu "- "'.iiuuiima .-jncai vi, . ,......... w, ..-
-Tu na.mes. r,." s,"ni D:'T.:!,mnn? ti,, hOSu bftln? the Third As- Mr. and Mrs. .T. VanVechten Olcott,
x-xcmici ;u v.e.f,'- ......t
Clemenceau arc being mentioned as
the possible members of this sub
committee. For a week the Germans will listen
to a recital of the terms the allies
intend to impose upon them. Then
they will return to Germany to ac
quaint their government with the
terms which, the peace commission
ers here believe, they will hae no
alternative but to accept.
Ambassador Sharp and French
.,,,,, ict.Tifi reeentlv address-'
-baseador Juss era nd re tentlj atmr e.s
ed an industrial and trade fair at
Lyons. I-ranee, accorawig m oiaic
Department advices The Aalue of
the exhibit was placed at JO.000.000
franos, there being 500 exhibits by
American manufacturers at the fair.
PeopIe,s Not in the Trust
Savers for Shavers
. .GolgateV -Snaring. Stick, Powder or.
Cream -v; 30c and
Resinol Shaving Stick
Mennen's Shaving Cream
J. & J. Shaving Cream
Williams' Shaving Stick, Powder, or
Cream ....,
Palmolive Shaving Cream
Barnard's Razor-Aid Shaving Cream;
.nakes the razor cut easy; tube
'Tootli Powder
Paste .
Moll'e Shaving Cream . .
Cocoabutter. l-l'-lb. ..
Danderine' Half 'Tonic
4jc and. ............ .
Cuticura Soap
' Cuticura Ointment. 83c.
and, ...
Rose Water. Glycerine an3
Benzoin. 8-oz. " b'oltleHT. '. . -. .T2e
7dVry Garden Talc... ..40c
u u. Ac it. ioia vrcam. .
size' ................''c
I pmis))
STORCKai.-TaM6biie m
. M.C.CIBB5 f JF
Cm n. KhfCpC2fTC7v iiiiffi 8
Your Food Must Contain
Enough Vitamines
Ji fu should attempt to lue on foods contain
ins: no
ill. ncrhau-j bej-ond iecover.
vitamines, ou nouiu tuun uctuiiic d...----
fccicnttflc fact.
' Potatoes cooled without the jaclvei
unite flour, highly-milled cornmeal. and
many .other ordinary articles ot food con
tain no vitamines.
, The man hoe daily orli tires him
to'a point of exhaustion, the woman whose
norves aie all a-jingie. and who awalens
in the morning unrefreslied by sleep, the
child who docs not seem to grow strong
, and the aged who feel their infirmities
. kienU. can likely find the cauo in the
failure of their systems to absoib enough
' itamines.
To supply vitamines in tonic form there
lia.s Deen produced the food tonic Bio
mine This ' contains Vltamine.-. non
), calcium, malt and
j mi'.k all of them
. body and tissue
i builders of th nigh
MeJt valii".
g JGtoSliiV ' " '
Get a Bottle Today, $1.00
Rubber Goods We Guarantee
Rival not-Water Bottle, about
lzet maroon rubber
Fountain Syringe; 2-quart
oompieter red rubber
ilotnry Ladies' Spra j ; the most effec
tive kind
Bulb Syringe, for household
Ear aad Ulcer
Congress Combination Fountain Syrlnee
lfot-Wnter Bottle, guaranteed one
Mardi Gras Ball for Free Milk for
Spanish Ambassador and
Tirr.r? h X;Tt firas ball lor
....... v... ....-
thi hnneflt of the free milK I
for France fund is undoubt
edly the most brilliant event on tMs
evening's program and the one or tne
' . .
t ,,. ,! interest to society, nu-
..... n .. -
merous dinner parties will also do
their bit toward making this the gata
evening of the season.
The Spanish Ambassador and Mme
De Riano will be hosts to a brilliant
fnmnnnv of tiveiitv-six. and Senator
"I -- '. , .-. . .... lit ..!-.
! and airs. William m. .aiuer m wau
entertain at a largo awuiei. ..i-
irom doiji panics win iin ...-..-
T11A -ljrril lifiS UiVll ill hm "-
. .t ... r 1,
I Park Hotel, for which elaborate
nrpnnr.il nn( haVffl been tnUllC. a'V-
-,,.-. - ....
oral nthur dinner nartios nac
bee l
. . . ,,,. i,.,-,
-------- - , -,,.. , Mt.
cto.onf K.rnrv rtf state and airy.
Breckinridge Long, Mr. and Mrs. Ar-
thur Graham Glasgow. Mrs. Marshi 1
Field and Capt. and Mrs. Walter DIl-
The Netherlands Minister and Mine.
Cremer. who will be among the
guests at uie ainner , .
dinner Civen d.v me
their box: and others who have
boxes are Mrs. Ttichard Townsend,'
M. and Mme. Navier Audibert, of the
French High Commission. Miss May
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Billings
Ruddock: the former Imperial Rus-
.Ian Ambassador ana Jime. ueorgo
Bakhmeteff and Mrs. Charles ougn
ton Wood.
The guests, most of whom wlil.be
luc o-v, - ,.-.
in fancy costume, will ne receivca oy
Prices Are
Low Prices
Cough Starts With
a Tickling
then, hoarseness, hacking,
that severe cough or Dron- '
cbitis. and will make, vour
lungs pain in less than a day.
, Hall's Cherry
will give you quick relief in
all forms of throat trouble that
cause coughing. It has real
medicinal properties that rem
edy the cause. We recommend
it because we know it's the
best for young or old. Two
sizes, 25c and SOc. ,
Ayer'ii Cherry Pretornlj
three lzes 9Sc. ZZe, 29c
Bosckee' Cough Syrup 68c, 23c
Bell's Fine Tar Honey.
83c, 43c and 23c,
Bull' Conga Syrup 49c, 25c
Cedar Balam ............ .25c
Creo-Ternln Compound
(Wampole's). Pint. 9Sc
Chamberlain Cougb Rem
edy - 55c, 20c
Drake's Congh Remedy. .. .42c
Cclcmm'i Alterative.
$19 and 69c
Foley's Honey and Tar,
79e, 15c, 23c
J a rue' Expectorant.
SOc, 45c, 23c
IMio'x Cough Remedy 21c
King's Sew Dlcovery twn
Mixes S5c and 45r
Sxrnp of White Pine, plain
or with tar; a old-time form
nla still popular for coughi,
colds and all forms of throat
Jllst three-ounce 1 TJp
bottle Xlf
TonUllne give relief to wore
t brants; three sixes; 83c, OQp
49cind it
Vapo Cresolinc, complete
wltli lamp and medicine; every
home with children C1 9
should have one t0JLOO
Vapo Cresollne; three alrea;
L35, 49c, 25c
is a proved
mcAmar ftJU-.-ya,-:
i-W- Wifxzs-
i. f Bayer's 1
' Aspirin 1 1
f -J " TM.M. I 1
I 1 100 in Bottle, J
I 85c I
Li i;
m Colorite. X
i I All Shades
I in Stock, I
Choice, 1
! ,
Uic memoers or ine oau commmer.
Breckinridge Long, Mrs. Joseph;
Leiter. Mrs. George Draper. Mrs. I
Walter. Dillingham and Mrs. Ar
thur Graham Glasgow, who willj
stand beneath an apple tree in full
bloom. The ball room will be dec
orated to represent an orchard in I
apple blossom time, and the supper,
i room will be transrormea into a re
. production of the famous Pre Catalan
restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne.
A good many notables will come
from other cities to attend the ball.
Among those who are expected ure
the Governor of Maryland and Mrs.
, Harrington, the Mayor of Baltimore
and Mrs. Preston, Walter de Courcey
I Poullnfey, "William F. Lucas, jr.. Major
and Mr.-. Bruce Cotton and Dr.
ml c?u .......... r.t nniiimAra arn
. Mr. and Mrs. George Marsnaii .neii
j and Louis Keller, of New York,
Renting In Sicily,
Thomas Nelson Page, who" lias ic-
centiy resigned the post of American
Anibaosador to Italy, and Mrs. Page
MorA , ,ii. in Sicllv and exDect
Page has bought u farm within ntt
miles of Washington and plans to
spcnd th0 greater part or his time
n tbe C0Untry.
. jjorval Richardson, first secretary
0f tne American embassy .at Rome,
i,.,, been transferred to cnue ana
will leave shortly for his new post.
ti.a Hi-at- nrf4en(jttirn in litis COUI1-
v ... ,.. ....- ... ,..
try of Maeterlinck's great war piay.
4'The Burmomaster 01 jaeigiuin,
... ... ., !... ..a..- rnmrlav
evening at the Belasco, will be an
event of social as well as dramatic
Importance. The British Ambassador
and Lady Reading will be guests in
Mr. and Mrs. A'rthur Graham Glas-
"The Burgomaster or Jeigium.
Mr. de Cartier de Matchlcnne, will
occupy a box, and Captain and Mrs.
Perry Belmont will nave a ais
tinguished party of guests with them.
The Assistant Secretary of State and
Mrs. William Phillips and Mrs. Benry
K. Rea are among those who have
also taken boxes Tor the event.
The play is sponsored by the Inter
Allied Art Association and the various
embassies and legations of the allies
are Interested in its success. Members
of the French and British embassies
and of the French high commission have
taken boxes or seats, and the Belgian
legation has engaged a box for the en
tire week of the play's Washington en
gagement. During the absence of Thomas Watt
I Gregory, who today resigned the port-
folio of the Department of Justice, and
j will accompany the President to Europe,
I Mrs. Gregory and her daughters. Miss
Jane Gregory and Miss Cornelia Greg
ory. "Will remain at their Washington
home. Mr. Gregory expects to be away
about Bix weeks.
Mr. Gregory's plans for the future
are not definitely made, but it is not
unlikely that after his return to this
country he will engage In the practice
of law in Washington. Mr. and Mrs.
Gregory have no present intention of
returning to their home in Texas.
.MUr McDonald Hosteaa.
Mrs. James McDonald will be ho8t -
ess at a tea this afternoon, entertain
ing from 4:30 to 7 o'clock at her
residence. 2234 Massachusetts avenue.
Miss Marie Louise Howaer, daugh
ter of Mr. atjI Mrs. Harry Howser.
was hostess at a luncheon, followed
bv bridge, today, her guests being
I asked to meet- Mrs. Arthur Friedlunch
wife of Lieutenant Friendlunu, u. &.
X.. of Montana, who is now station
ed here.
The company included Mme. Urue
ta, wife of the minister of Colombia:
Mme. Rojo, wife of the counselor of
the Mexican embassy: Senorita Ma
ria Bonillas. daughter of the Mexi
can ambassador; Mrs. Morris Shep
pard. Mrs. Horace Eppes. Mrs.
Charles Oehm Parks. Mrs. Robert
Hinckley. Mrs. William F. Grant. Mrs.
Harvey Delano, Miss Martha Poole,
Miss Elizabeth King. Miss Marie
Adams. Miss Mabel Reeves. Miis Ma-
I rie Tunstall. Miss Helen Claxton. Mrs.
I Matthew Reasoner. Miss Gravida
Riverira and Miss Elizabeth Howser, I
sister of the hostess.
! Mr. Frlerson'a l.nuebeon.
Mrs. William L. Frierson, wite o'
the Assistant Attorney General, was
hostess at a delightful luncheon to
day. Her guests wer Mrs. Thomas
Watt Gregory, Mrs. Alexander Camp
bell King, Mrs. George Carroll Todd.
Mrs. Samuel Jordan Graham, Mrs.
Noble and Mrs. Tandy, of Paducali,
Ky.: Mrs. Frank Lander, Mrs. Hu
bert Fisher, Mrs. C. C. Williams, Mrs.
William R. Williams, Mrs. Huston
Thompson and Mrs. Albert Ragsdale.
Mrs. Thomas If. Carter has cards
out for a luncheon n Thursday,
March I "5.
To Open Beach Cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rayner,
of "Ml Connecticut avenue, will'open
their cottage in Atlantic City for the
Easter holidays and will have with
them their sons, A. C. Rayner and
Jack Rayner. who have recently been
released from the navy.
Mr. and Mrs. Rayner's daughter.
Mips Jean Rayner, is with her grand
mothe", Mrs. Isldor Ravner, in Boyn-
l ton. Fia.. where they will spend the
month of March with friends.
j Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wells le
I gone to Florida to remain for several
, weeks.
' TIi Mlaaes Luc.lle and Harriet
1 flail., daughters of Congressman and
Mrs. Frank Clark, entertained at an
Informal dance laat eveninc. They
had among their guesta Rear Ad
miral and Mrs. Walter McLean, Col.
and Mrs W. C. Harlleo. Mias Augusta
Glasi. Miss Gertrude Virginia Drain,
Misi Anita Kite. Miss aara Latimer,
Miss Rutli Walklni. Miss Louiae
Owen. Miss Burroughs, &C California,
who U visiting Congressman nnd Mrs.
John E. Raker; Lieutenant Sveshnl-
koff. of the Russian army: Don
Emilin del Solar, reeretary of the
Peruvian legation: Mr. Torres. Major
Robb. Capt. U W. Qlaxebrook. Jt..
Capt. R. L. McAndrews, Capt. R. F
Hughe. Captain Bruaslyn. Dr. A. G
The French Lace Shop.
T1H ISth st, k, w.
Jnt Above Q Street.
Importers of ftladerla, Italian cut
work, fllet and real Incea. We In
vite yonr Innprrtlnn nt nur flr
line of lt, kinmnok. and llk
uiiilcrnenr. flnreinl prices for thl
France Fund to
Mine. Riano Give
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanton
Norman, who has returned to town
from Annapolis after attend
ing the last hop at the
Xaval Academy.
Wenzcli, U. S. X.: Ensign Harn. En
sign Stanley, William Sutherland, and
Mac Aswell.
Major Roger Harrison, .tank corps,
U. S. A., has reached Washington and
poined Mrs. Harrison, at 1870 Wyo
mingavenue, where she and Mrs. Lewis
Hayes Watkins have an apartment
together. Major Harrison was in
command of the 301st Tank Battalion,
which web actively engaged with the
British for weeks before the signing
of the armistice. He will probably
be on duty In 'Washington.
General Mitchell Here.
Brig.. Gen. William Mitchell, air
service, U. S. A., has arrived in Wash
ington, after having been on service
abroad for two years. He is accom
panied by Mrs. Mitchell, who -went to
New York to meet him. and they
have taken the residence 1309 Twen
tieth street.
General Mitchell's chief of staff.
C.J- T'JeTV!tt Mm.,nS'' and two other
aides. Cantain Haalrtet .-itu! Cant ai
len winsiow, the first American to
down a, German plane, came with
him. They are staying at the Army
and Navy Club. Colonel Milling was
on duty in Washington beforo going
Col. and
have gone
their home
Mrs. George F. Downey
to Philadelphia to make
for the present. s
Mian .WHHey Weil.
The marriage of Miss Margaret
Esther Wilfley. daughter of Rev. Dr.
and Mrs. Earle Wilfley, and Lieut.
Ralph Honn, U. S. A., of Cleveland,
Ohio., will take place tonight at the
Vermont Avenue Christian Church at
S o'clock.
ur. Wilfley. who will nerform tho
ceremony, will also give his dausrh-
.ter -Jiarrlage.
me orjuo win wear an embroid
ered gown of white satin, made over
silver cloth and draped in Chantiliy
lace. Her tulle veil will be arranged
in cap fashion and held with a
wreath of orange blossoms.
She will
carry a shower bouquet of bride
roses, white- sweet peas, and orchids.
Miss Katharine Wilfley, who will
be maid of honor for ner sister, will
be gowned In rose tulle over silver
cloth, simply draped, and will carry
an arm bouquet of pink roses.
Miss Julie Henn and Miss Viola
Henn, sisters of the bridegroom, will
be bridesmaids and will be dressed
j alike in orchid tulle o'er silver cloth
and also carry arm bouquets of pink
Richard Henn. brother of Lieuten
ant Henn. will be best man, and the
ushers will be Carl Henn and Edwin
Hei.n, cousins of the bridegroom.
Saslia Racovitch. a Russian opera
-inger, will sing "Because" and "O
Smart Style Shoes
For Misses and
Growing Girls
The shoe illustrated possesses features
in fitting" that are not to be found in
other lasts." Growing Girls' Shoes are
in All Mahogany Russia Calf, Gun
Metal Calf, Patent Colt, and Plump
Black Kid with Buck Tops.
Sizes 2i2 to 7. AAA to D.
-:' "'
Jos. Stra,burger Co. 310-312SeVCnthSt. N. W.
be Brilliant Event.
Promise Me" just before the cere
White roses, palms, and maidenhair
forn will be the decorations used in
the church and church. parlor. where
a reception will be held immediate
ly after the ceremony.
Among the out-of-town guests at
the wedding will be Mr. and Mrs. E.
C. Henn. of Cleveland, parents of the
bridegroom: Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Henn. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Henn, 2d,
Mrs. H. B. Haines, and Mrs. D. C.
Meed, all of Cleveland.
After a short wedding trip. Lieu
tenant Henn and his bride will make
their home in Cleveland.
Mm. Walsh to Speak.
Mis. Thomas F. Walsh will speak
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at
the war service meeting of tho An
thony League at 2007 Columbia road.
Her subject will be the work of
reconstruction of worn garments for
the refugees of Belgium and France
which is being done in her nome.
Mrs. Anna Jenness Miller, who has
heen the truest of Mrs. Nanette B.
Paul. president of the Anthony
League, has gone to New Tork, but
win rnturn to Washington about
March 15.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomao TJvaus Greene
srnve. a dance last cvnluz at the Wil
lard. Mr. and Mrs. CroVn-J spent lar.t
week in New York. Koln.7 over to at
tend the opera. With Mr:. John Mc
Cormack, they weregun: of Mr.
Wagner to hear Mme. Ca'U-Curei In
"Fedora" and "Travlata."
Class of 1921 Dinner.
Tiic classical scientific class of 1921
of the Catholic University gave its
annual banquet at the Hotel Conti
nental last evening. It was a great
success. Future plans of the class
were discussed. Short talks were
given by each member of the class.
About forty attended.
Florldaas to Meet.
The Florida-Spclety of Washington
will hPld a meeting tonight in the
auditorium of the American Institute
of Banking. Mrs. Ross E. Pollock- is
chairman of the entertainment com-
mittee. The entertainment has been
dubbed "Stunt Night" and the, pro-
i gram is as follows:
Fletcher, president of the Florida So
',.... ? j... ... ir- -r. .u.
( Address oy senator uuncan u.
ciety: piano duet by Mrs. Dorothy
Butler and Mrs. George B. Selden;
regrets of absentees by Mrs. Ross E.
Pollock: income tax jokes by Alfred
H. Marsh; song by R. E. Pollock;
reading by Lewis Moneyway: song
obligato. cello and piano, by Mr. and
.Mrs. C. F. Hillycr; song by Mrs. T. J.
Kemp, and Southern songs by the
.Florida Society of Washington.
Refreshments will be served and
the evening will come to a close with
a social hour and dancing.
Engagement Announced.
The engagement of Major F. H.
La Guardia, air service, IT. S. A., Con
gressman from Xew York, to Miss
"Thea Almerlgottl was formally an
nounced on Sunday night at a ban-
4 quet given In his honor at Delmon-
Ico's. .
Hair Removed
Tt method for remartaff
perftaoas hair la' fatally ereat
from n other hecaaae It attacks
hair aaotr the aid as well a
the sklai It does tklu fcy absorp
tion. Oaly genalae DeSlfrsele a as a
money-hack axraatee fa each
package. At toilet eaomters la
0c tt aa $3 ! r hy mail
from as fa plala -wraps cm re
ceipt of vrlec
PRFF book vrith testimonials (
fflUC kjeat Aattortttes, ex
plaias Trhat eaaxes hair am face
aeefc: and arms, -why It laereasca
and horr Delftraele devitalises it,
mailed "la plala sealed eavelope ea
reaaest. DeHtracIe, Park Ave. aad
129th St BTcw Tork.
n i'J
1 X
r Z iffli
iMisses' Patent Leather Shoes with
toppings of White Buck and Black
Kid. In Gun Metal, Tan Russia
Calf, and White Nubuck. Sizes
to 2, A to D,
& lfat)t)
A Maker's Surplus Lot of
Wash Satin Blouses:'
Another house for
whom these blouses -were
made up canceled their
order because of a delay
I in delivery, and the mak
ers found themselves
with too large a supply
of blouses of similar
style. They offered us
their surplus at a "big,
price concession and you
have the advantage to
morrow. The washable satins
are chiefly plain tailored
styles, with large pearl
buttons, and some are
finished with a FreDjiY
little black ribbon bow
at the neck.
Others ar$ combina
tions of washable satin
and TGeorgette, with the
fronts tucked to form
Tuxedo vest effect; there
are some crepe de chines
also, in this tacked style.
These are especially
fetching worn with the
new suits.
In the assortment also
are frilled front' crepe de
chine blouses.
Flesh color and white
blouses only in this spe
cial sale lot.
Good range of sizes to
.select from. CHOICE
Kann's Second Floor.
5,000 Towels in An
Extraordinary Sale Wednesday
J y
.;h always
V "" a nrifv
stock up
news :
Half linen Huck Towels, size
18x35 inches; striped borders
with neat hems. Durable qual
ity highly absorbent, therefore
quick drying. 45c value, tfln
special Wednesday wV
Half linen hemmed Huck
Towels, heavier quality with
striped borders. Size 18x36
inches. 59c value,
special Wednesday
Half linen Hemstitched Huck
Towels, size 18x36 inches, with
-wails o -Troy borders. 69c
value, special Wed
nesday ,
Kann's Street Floor.
Stenciled Gash Pieces in
Matched Sets
The very latest in sum
mer drapery ideas. A firm,
ronph. PTavish linen crash
stamned in fast oil sten- I
ciled designs in the most
attractive patterns, birds,
; 1 flowers, and conventional
!' effects. Pieces all made L
l ready for use.
Couch Covers, Table Cov
ers, Door and Window
Curtains, Card Table Cov-
ers, unair bocks, eic. au.
in matched patterns.
Special for Wednesday
Round Crash Table Covers
or Centerpieces, neatly edged.
Crash Table Scarfs or
Crash Pillow Slips, front
with back.
Ready With the Following-
. Soon to
l Frames rith fixtures
J-rScreen Doors
I Window Screens
J! Awning Materials
'I Porch Shades
Matting-covered Utility Boxes
ICann's Thiicl FI001
J3ot)$ Co:
A. M. TO 6K)a P. VL
1 ilM
ovv 1 nv fiJ iI F-- rl f "v
You Receive the Benefit of a Bisr Pur
chase of a Manufactorer's Sorphx Stock
At Savings of One-fourth
to Very Nearly One-hall
An event that should be received en-
thusiasticallv because it rives vou the op-
to secure the towels that are
running short about this time at
that makes it an nhiect for von to
liberally. Here is the good
Hemmed, bleached cotton Huck
Towels, size 16x32 inches; 2,400
of them in the sale. 10i
Special Wednesday 142C
Double Thread Turkish Bath
Towels; bleached; neatly hem
med. Size 21x42 Inches 45c
value, special Wed- 07 1
Full bleached ribbed;
corded border Athletic
Towels. 59c values,
special Wednesday ..
All linen Irish Huck Towels,
size 24x40 inches with hem
stitched borders. $1.25 values,
special Wednes- SSj
Be Needed
to make our own screens
Screen Wire
Slip Cover Materials
Couch Hammocks
Ready-made Awnings
- - v0
aBSgaSali) 6v
EK" n;''""
We Always Sell the Best
im xr

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