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- - "" No. 46
I BUSINESS took me to
j Scranton, Pa., during the
week of May 12-17, and
while there I was fortunate
in meeting forty-seven men who
represent the IRON DIVISION
of iWilson and Company man
agers f branches and sales
men. It was, during this week
that the people $f the Keystone
State bubbled over with en
thusiasm and a wonderful wel
come to the men of the IRON
VANIA who had returned from
France, after haying performed
inw magnificent fashion at a
rreat sacrifice of life, but show
ing that indomitable courage
and will power which are at
tributes of the men of rugged
character and physique that the
hills of Northern Pennsylvania
raise. '. . -
I wouldn't have missed this unex
pected meeting ot these forty-seven
men for anything. Heretofore my
knowledge 'of the "Wilson and Com
pany organization, has been con
fined largely to-- personal contact
with the rankand file of workers in
the Chicago and'fnyw Tork plants.
It had not been my pleasure to meet
sales representatives in a convention
of their own. This" convention of
the managers of branches and salea-
men of Wilson and -Company in the
Northeastern ItoWcSLof Pennsyl
Tania, had. beecilainrfta to discuss
ways and Tneanjr tojKiifter promote
the sale of the'ffiB-CeVtifted food
products suchJthyanoked meats,
boiled hams, s3uaage and canned
fruits, vegetables and "meats.
It was my privilege to sit in their
meeting and I am very glad I had
the opportunity,, .hecause these men
have got it In Ibeif souls to pro
mote the interests of their Chief,
Thomas E. Wilson, who has put in
telligence and-integrity into food
products, somethings jthat has given
his name and his products a reputa
tion which permits his sales organ
.tetions in all sections of the country
-to sell Wilson Certified Brands un
der their good, name an quality,
without necessitating salesmen to
tarry sampled s&
I heard a new phqise used by one
' of the branchtoaaagers that I think
is A "corker arid i am passing It
t along to you because you will ap
- predate what it -means for an or
"ganization to -e backed up by men
'who are as proud of his achieve
"ments in food-productions as ifjthey
1 owned the business" "themselves.
This is what he said:
Isn't it 'great, boysr to be associ
ated with an organization In which
to -as great an 'extentjH? the Certified
products which we have" the pleasure
of selling? You can't beat that, boys,
fart you?"
Did. you ever hear before the expres
sion "Certified Confidence?" Do you
appreciate what 'it means? How
many friends have you got on your
list in whom you have "certified
Answering that question for your
selves, you know what it means then,
when I tell you that this Northeast
ern Division of Pennsylvania branch
workers and salesmen, as well as the
other divisions of salesmen in all
sections of the country a&vm "cer
tified Confidence" In Thomas E. Wil
son, and his .food products.
The Chairman -ot the meeting made
these remarks:
"With the splendid backing that our
sales people are getting from Mr.
Wilson and his family of executives
and his associate workers In the
various plants, we must pull together
and see to It that Wilson products
may be found on sale on the shelves
of every food merchant in our ter
ritory Vyjlson products must be
liberally distributed among dealers
so that the consumer will have no
difficulty in buying them. We must
develop and cultivate the trade of
the small dealer. We must not over
look the fact that the small dealer
is the large dealer of next year.
Banded together as we are no power
on earth -can hold us back from
making & "place for our Company and
ourselves in the business world. We
know that the policy of the busi
ness Is sound to the core and the
fact that our motto "The Wilson
Label Protects Your Table" Insures
a Bquare deal for all, there is no
reason why dealers everywhere
should not carry a full line of Wil
son and Company products, thus
enabling us to establish a wonder
'ul chain of dealers handling Certi
fied foods from one end of the coun
try to the other, and through these
dealers establishing a splendid rela
jonship between the consumers and
our organization. We have confidence
, in our Company and in its methods
we have confidence In ourselves and
with these three fundamentals we
cannot fail to build a business that
will endure in honor and service
The general consensus of opinion
among the forty-seven representing
the IRON DIVISION of Wilson and
Company in Northeastern Pennsyl
vania, is that it is an honor to be
on the Wilson and Company payroll,
and that it gives them an oppor
tunity to satisfy their own ambition
in life. They say they like to be
identified with an organization which
stands for Idealism and CERTIFIED
PRACTICE in business.
One man, in speaking- of Wilson and
Company's Certified Boiled Hams,
"Boys, if we have any difficulty In
persuading: any dealer to buy Wilson
and Company's Certified Boiled Hams
from u. it's our own fault. Why,
do" you know that we made a recent
test of how this ham cuts up and we
discovered that there was only one
ounce of waste In the whole bam. We
not; only certify as to the quality, but
we certify to economy in use."
The pride that Wilson and Company
workers feel In their organization
hasn't a chance on earth of ever hav
ing a fall because It Is too genuine
and too deep rooted and so entirely
justified. Sincerely yours, "William C Freeman.
BALTIMORE. June 6. Trapped In
a secluded spot with another man's
wife near Windsor Hills yesterday
afternoon, William H. Smith, forty
eight years old, who gave his address
as Tobln. Baltimore county, was At
tacked and almost beaten to death
by the. enraged husband of the wom
an, who fled after she, too, had been
struck by her husband.
The . woman was Mrs. Blanche
Crockett, thirty-two yars old, and
tha husband who caught her with
Smith was Edgar Crockett, thirty
four years old, of Hampden. The most
Temarkable feature about the attaeK
was the fact, as explained by Crockett,
that after he had overpowered .he
companion of his wife be was about
to crush the man's skull with a stone,
when he suddenly abhorred the
thought of murder and for several
minutes watched" Smith's. prostrate
form on the ground.
"Smith got up."- said Crockett,
"and I said to him: 'You come go
with trie or one of, us will die now.'
Smith said he would go with me and
asked ma where I was going to take
Half an hour later, Crockett, who
is a powerful man weighing cli5o
to 225 pounds, guided Smith up the
steps of the Central Police Station.
A formal charge of disorderly con
duct was entered against Smith and
.a short time later he was arraigned
before Justice Dawkins, holding to
the rail for support.
"I was suspicious of my wife's be
havior yesterday." said Crockett,
"and when she told me that she was
going downtown to pay a gas bill I
told her I would make the trip for
her. She refused, and her preoccu
pied attitude indicated to me that
something was wrong. When she
left the house I decided to trail her.
She. boarded a car and alighted at
Franklin and Howard streets. I ar
rived at the corner on the next car
Just as she boarded another car.
"I 'followed on the next jar and at
Walbrook junction I received infor
mation that a woman answering the
description of my wife had boarded
the jerkwater car. I followed. A
short distance from the- car line I
heard two people talking faintly, but'
I couldfnot see them "because of a
hedge. I heard niy wife's voice. I
crept around until I found an open
ing in the hedge and jumped through
"There I found them, arid as my
wife saw me she screamedand jump
ed up. I slapped her aside, and as
the man got to -his feet? I knocked
him down."
The fiftieth annual commencement
of Howard University, for the higher
education of colored students, began
Wednesday -afternoon at 4:30 o'cldck.
The exercises were held on the Uni
versity campus. The attendance was
large. Dr. J. Stanley Durkec. presi
dent of the university, presided and
presented diplomas to 116 graduates.
Secretary Franklin K. Lane of the
Interior and the Right Rev. Alfred
Harding, Protestant Episcopal Bishop
of Washington, spoke. The Invoca
tion was delivered by the Rev. Walter
H. Brooks and the benediction was
pronounced by Rev. A. C. Garner
Music was furnished by a section
of the regimental band of the 368th
Infantry, which escorted the faculty
and graduates and alumni in the pro
cession from Carnegie Library to the
platform and played patriotic airs at
intervals throughout the program.
Besides the presentation of diplo
mas to the 116 graduates, the fol
lowing were awarded prizes:
Miss Jennie Mustapha, Kelly Mil
ler, jr., George Arthur Parker. Jona
than Richard Contee Cook. Edward
M. Johnson, Miss Sarah Marie, Kinner,
Jonathan Richard Contee Cook,
Archie Royal Fleming, Herbert Owen
Matthews, Harold Counsellor Strat
ton. Lawrence Waters Jackson, Ralph
Johnson Young. Stansbury Murray
Carter, Eugene Herrlott Dibble, jr.,
Henry James Austin, John Benjamin
Walker, and Charles Henry Boyd.
The Alumni Association of the Uni
versity held its annual renion in
the forenoon.
The board of trustees announced the
election of the following members of
the faclty and official staff: Secre-tary-Treasrer,
Eramett J. Scott; Dean
the School of Liberal Arts, Carter G
Woodson; Registrar and Professor in
Education, Dwight O. W. Holmes;
Instructor in Physical Education for
Women and Acting Dean of Women.
Miss Helen Tuck; Dean of Men and
Professor of Economics, Edward L.
Parks; Dean of School of Commerce
nd Finance and Professor of Com
mercial and International Law.
George W. Cook: Dean of Junior
College and Professor of Sociology
Kelly Miller.
Thomas H. Ince Offers
$50,000 In Prizes For
U. S.-Australia Flight
VE?nCE. Cal., June 6. An
offer of $50,000 as prize -money for
aviators who will attempt a flight
from this city to Australia has
been made by Thomas H. Ince,
motion picture producer.
To the first man to land on
Australian soil $35,000 will be paid,
the announcement said. To the
first aviator attempting the flight
who, although failing to reach
Australia, "reaches the Hawaiian
islands $10,000 will be paid. In
the event none of those attempt
ing the flight reaches the Ha
waiian islands $5,000 will be paid
to the one making the best showing.
NEWARK, N. J., June 6. It was a
very, very hot night.
But a Jury decided that even at
that Marie Cavellne, twenty-four
years old, Hawaiian dancer from New
York, should not have discarced the
straw dress she wore at the beginning
of her "hula-hula" dance in a local
auditorium. She was convicted of
dancing nude and is liable to a fine of
$1,000. and a jail term.
Early tomorrow morning more than
sixty women, under the direction of
Mrs. Josephine Jacobs, president of
the Aid Association for the Blind, will
start on their attempt to tag 12,000
Waahlntrtonians. The Home for tho
Blind, at 3050 R street northwest, has
been hard hit by the cost of living,
and an effort will be made to raise
$1,500 by the tag day tomorrow.
Headquarters for the workers will be
at 1330 G street northwest. In the
store of L. M. Minnlx Co.
Among those who will sell the tags
are Mrs. G. U. Rose, Jr., Mrs. Mary
Ghcen. Mrs. W. B. Spransy, Miss M.
C. Metzerett, Mrs. John Metzerett,
Mrs. P. P. Mullett, Mrs. A. HInes.Mrs.
William White, Mrs. G. G. Dennison,
Mrs. W. Smith, Miss Sarah Hannay,
Mrs. Thomas Caiver, Mrs. David Skin
ner. Mrs. John King, Mrs. Roger
Shale. Mrs. John Y. Gaynor. Mrs. C.
E. Henry, Mrs. Annie Bell, Mrs. N. C.
Harper, Mrs. Philip Muth. Mrs. Rob
ert Sutphen. Mrs. James H. W. Blake,
Mrs.' Beverly Evans. Mrs. Sidney
Bursley, Mrs. A. C. Tingley, Mrs. D.
P. Bush, Mrs. J. M. Baker, Miss Es-,,-
-Pav.rPT.ri Mrs. Andrew Stewart.
Mrs. W. H. Callahan, Mrs. Ruck, Miss
Levy, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Newbold,
Miss Scott, Mrs. swaveiy, j.
O'Keefe, Mrs. Huston, and Mrs. Fet-tis.
NEW YORK. June 6. Dr. W. K.
Wilkins, charged with wife murder,
sued Coney Island museum for $25,
000. The museum had a wax works
of the alleged murder.
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Creation of a commission to super
vise the erection of memorials and
the burial of bodies of distinguished
men in service in the Arlington Me
morial Amphitheater, in Arlington
National Cemetery, is provided in a
bill introduced in the Senate by Sen
ator Williams of Mississippi.
The commission would be composed
of the Secretary of War and tho Sec
retary of the Navy, who would tran.--mit
recommendations to the Congrehb
by the first Monday in December. No
action would be taken, however, with
out proper authority from Congress.
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Administration forces 'yesterday
blocked discussion of the Irish ques
tion in the Senate.
Senator Williams, Mississippi, ob
jected to consideration of Senator
Borah's resolution urging the Ameri
can peace delegation to obtain a hear
ing at the Paris conference for Ed
ward De Valera, Arthur Griffith, and
Count Plunkett, Irish peace delegates.
The resolution was acted on favor
ably by the Foreign Relations Committee.
Hake your money "work or fight."
If It Is not fighting for you la the
Industrial field, pat It to work Ian
War Savings Stamps.
President Voices Hope
For World in Message
On King's Birtbday
PARIS, June 6. The following
message of birthday congratula
tion was sent by President Wil
son to King George V of Eng
land: "May I extend to your majesty
my warm congratulations on
your birthday and express the
hope not only that you may see
many (more birthdays, but that
each one may reveal a world
growing steadier and more res
olute in the pursuit of justice and
of the true prosperity which proj
ceeds from justice and that the
great empire over which you pre
side may always continue to play
a great part in the process. Mrs.
Wilson joins me in warmest per
sonal regard."
PHILADELPHIA, June . Adopted
by two American doughboys, whomi
they call their "big brothers," two lit
tle stowayays, one French and tho
other Belgian, arrived In Philadel
phia when the transport Shoshone
docked recently.
All of their folk killed In the army
or slaughtered In their homes by Ger
man, artillery, the small boys have
now)come to America, with their "big
brothers," and are going to grow up
on the sunny fields of American farms.
Having been kept In the brig
throughout the entire voyage, when
the vessel steamed up the river yes
terday the children could stand It no
longer. They wanted to come oat and
hear the band, see the crowds on
the welcome-home boats, and look,
over their new country.
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