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ought not obther me much. I guess,"
he told the gathered throng.
And so he started off. But he was
stopped and told that one elevator
was hauling sixteen persons at & time
up the fifty-eight stories. And "Bill"
An emergency shift succeeded la
rettlnr four ear one hi eaek
what! mejud?
of the Jatldisgrgr fen at
power gave out and three t
had to be stopped.
A Handy Man Around the House
Copyright. 1919.
New York Tribune. Inc.
By Briggs
It te ynr latere yi
rttnr Xjthtrtr d4 tntrrrmr hy.t.i.
And So Girls in Fifty-eight
Story Building Go on
' - -l----;-w -
BUFFALO. N. T.. Sept. 11. An at
tempted blackmail hold-up Is the the
ory advanced- now for the murder of
Normaa "V. Shear. Buffalo garage
man, and his fiancee, Miss Mary Eliz
abeth Messmer. on Ensmlngcr road.
The road -where the double crime
was committed Is known as "Lovers'
Lane." It runs off the river road, the
main highway between this city and
T&nawsada,' and is frequently used
by motorists, especially those living
In the Black' Rock section of Buffalo.
Sheriff -Bradley and his deputies
ate of the ppinion that Shear and
)Mlss Messmer were killed after an
attempt had been made to blackmail
the couple, 'who were found seated In
the automobile at a late hour. The
sheriff bases his opinion on the num
ber of reports received by him of
late. telling" of bogus officers who
flashed badges and demanded money
of motorists under threats of arrest.
' Believe He Resisted.
-Shear and his companion, it Is be
lieved, were the victims of a bogus
officer. The dead- raan, it is held
may nave been approached by a
p&eudo officer, -who threatened arrest.
Shear and the girl were engaged
and were soon to be married. Shear
ra!ay have resisted the attempted
blackmail, possibly recognizing the
GJjnman, and was then shot down, the
authorities believe. The fact that the
-woman -was iouna aeaa on tne roaa
sune distance from the automobile
t$nds to show that she got out of the
so&chlne during the argument and
4as trying to escape.
JTo CIhcs tJaco'Tered.
-Although more than two days have
passed since the deuble murder, not
. a, real clue has been unearthed that
"would tend to run down the slayer
of the young couple. Sheriff Bradley
is working on the blackmail theory
and expects to get more definite in
fermatton from motorists who re
ported the attempted hold-ups on thei
JSnsmmger road last week.
Keiatives and friends of the mur
dered couple refuse to accept any
other, theory than that they were
lulled by a thug. Shear was unarm
ed when he took Miss Messmer for
the automobile ride on Sunday night.
In fact it Is said he never owned a
gun. The dead girl. It is said, never
bad any other admirers, and it is de
clared a Jealousy motive for the dou
ble slaying is unfounded.
- ' I j ' : rT r. : "
FRiGwD -h PlTZHUH- n ' ' ... -J. I
WIFE (vvont You go O R II Pi " i
- -Arvu Empty ThE ,j JJf JHM-HA1- ",.."'
TMe ice-box- ia tva jtjza
it5 so full' Tva TV- Gee.! I
x- v V ' - Should m rzt.
UH-hum) 7 i-v r J FULL-,, I s- J$k2?
; ... . , i ffWV r
slgian Waif, adjfof Craps,
Arrives In Nero York
for Fourth Time.
WXEW TTOKJ .Sept. 11. If anybody
3 "ants to adopt a Belgian by the name
; Mike Gflhoole-. the same Is at Ellis
Island, clothed ia slop-chest garments
afsd a recepfci mood.
,'Mike. though a Jittle unconventional,
nhght prove an asset to some family,
for he has swatted the high cost of
living and travel. ..
.In fact, thiss the fpurth time the
lid has been "acres." "-j
"He came first just after the armis
tice, picked 'up a collection of $150
w!lth his sad tale of an orphan's lonl
ness and was sent back to France.
Mike came right back, got another
collection and wafted a second good-by
kiss to Miss Liberty of Bedloe's Island.
The third time he stowed away a
fjvnpathctic woman, touched-by the
plight of a boy whose. Irish Tather had
dfed years ago and whose Belgian
mother had been killed in the war.
adopted him. Mike lost his foster
mother, however, when he was caught
Ja a craps game and was again sent
back across the sea.
Yesterday he arrived as a stowaway
on the Kroonland and was taken once
more to Ellis Island, which is begin
ning to seem like home to him.
On one trip over he picked, up a
sympathy fund of $S09.
BERLIN", Sept. 11. The camel try
ing a squeeze through the eye of a
needle had an easy assignment com
pared to the German who would get
by the passport officials and allied
authorities to spend a holiday abroad.
The camel and needle trick might
be possible, provided the camel were
small enough and the needle big
-enough. But the. German: traveler
ty.'S" -Hf-Jjrwho would zeroes the frontier throws
nis nanus up. sacspair anq mutters:
"It can't be dgic "' " ' " "
During the war, while Germany
was still a monarchy. It was difficult
to obtain a passport. The republican
government has made it impossible.
Passport regulations that in their
severity surpass anything ever
known in darkest Russia, have been
prescribed as a link in the one great
idea that today engrosses official
Germany to catch the tax dodger.
Good Conduct Eentlal.
The first step of the passport ap
plicant is to obtain a certificate of
good conduct from his local police
station. If he is unknown to the po
lice that is a comparatively easy mat
ter. If the cops know him too well ,
BOSTON", Sept. 11. After being en
reutc from Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.. to
Boston for thirteen years, a postal
card has been received by B. H. Macy,
of 370 Atlantic avenue.
The card was mailed at the fort
July 31. 1006. by Macy's sister. Hazel
and it was addressed to her father
who died a few years ago.
his task ends at the police station.
He'll get a bad certificate and no
From the police station he is sent
to the tax collector. That gentleman
will take a week or two to look into
the applicant's record. Perhaps he
will make a secret investigation of
his income, and If the tax return
filed is too low no passport will be
granted. Nor will any passport be
Issued unless the taxes are paid in
If, however, the applicant succeeds
In getting the pdlice certificate of
good conduct and the tax collector's
permission to go abroad, he may ap
ply to the registrar of dwellings for'
a statement officially certifying that
the address given the polico and tax
collector is correct. Thus equipped
he proceeds to the passport office at
kpol'ce "heaquarters,. '.
it theyould-be traveler has no ur
gent reason for going abroad his ap
plication is rejected on the spot. Ill
health is not considered a good rea
son. It must be urgent business.
Furthermore, after he ultimately
has obtained his German passport he
must proceed to the legation of the
country he intends to visit and ap
ply for permission to enter, an under
taking that requires additional exam
inations, telegraphing and other in
conveniences. Some German newspapers have late
ly protested against the passport ob
stacles thrown into the path of Ger
man business men by their own gov
ernment, but all appeals have been in
Housewives of the United States
could pay off. the war. debt in two
years with their earnings, according
to figures presentedto Secretary Red
field by Mrs. Raymond Robins, presi
dent of the National Women's Ira Jo
Union League, in a letter requesting
that both wage-earning and house
keeping women-, tie", included In' the
next canape. , " 4j V-
Mrs. Robins states that "current
estimates put the number of women
doing their own housework at 19.
000,000, and the value of their out
put, computed at the rate of $45 a
month, would reach an aggregate
yearly Income of $10,000,000,000. She
declares that many wage earning
women support dependents.
ST. LOUIS, Sept 11 A co-operative
department store organized, managed.
and for negroes was being planned
here today.
A meeting Is expected to provide
funds for the enterprise. Stock
amounting to $25,000 has been sub
scribed, and the balance of $100,000
Is expected to be raised tomorrow.
Dr. B. G. Shaw, pastor of the Metro
politan A. M. E. Zlon .Church and pres
ident of the Co-operative Association
of Liberty, is founder of the idea,
"We are going to separate ourselves,"
he said today. "I think it is well for
vs, to. build up a whole section com
mercially and otherwise."
If yon want good dentistry, come
io us. .satisfaction or bo pay.
f Largest and best, equipped of.
nccs aouui oi actv zoric '
NEW TORJC, Sept 11. "Walk up
fifty-eight flights? Not me, honey!
Shoe leather and silk stockings are
too costly. Think of the-- wear and
tear on knees that means. Why, you'd
have to bend them a million times to
.get up that high.
Besides the supply of chewing gum
and nice novels, with handsome he
roes and heroines, was large.
And so some thousands of little
stenographers employed up in the flf-ly-elght-story
Mertopolitan Life
Building rested comfortably on the
stairs in the lower lobby, reading of
the good old days of love and ro
mance, after telephoning friend boss
that the elevators .-weren't running
this morning.
It was all because the coal heavers
way down in the third or fourth
subbasement refused . to work when
they were refused an increase of $5
a week. They were being paid $4 a
Some there were who walked up,
but they were mostly the male popu
lation of the building.
And some of the girls thought more
of work than of romance and chew
ing gum and giggled their way up.
But most of those were from the
floors that seem to be the basement
when compared to the top of the
Vitality and enthusiasm carried
some as high as the tenth floor or
so, but ambition waned as the height
progressed. And so the great lobby
of the building appeared as a mass
ive reading room, where the girls
reveled in the tales of lavender and
old lace.
"Bill" Sewall, formerly guide to
Col. Theodore Roosevelt, undaunted
by the wilds of many trails in the
Maine woods, looked somewhat aghast
at this array when he entered the
lobby on his way to a meeting of the
RooBevelt Memorial Association on
Ihe twenty-ninth floor. But "Bill"
he's seventy-four years old regained
composure and announced his inten
tion of climbing up those many
"I've often walked over forty miles
a day in the Maine woods, and this
Porcelain and Gold Inlays a
Call for Jfrn r.Tamtniitlnn
lUonrat 8s30 A. 31. y 8 P. M. Son-
any, iv a. m. to 1 I'. M.
Columbia Dentists
403 9thSt N. W.
Over Strand Theater.
ycror grocer giving you
the best, when ordering
Nut Butter.
is a wonderful food. product. It
is the
and costs so much less that its
use will help you to economize.
TROCO is handled by the best
grocers in Washington.
910 C Street N. W.
Phone BIAIV 203
Sole Distributor
Famous Restaurant
t . .....
' Originator of Steamed Oysters-arid aFoddf; A. i
The Opening of
''.-.. ... . . - .
Suppea: Dansante ;
Monda$eptember 15th
,..,.. . . . . ...
And -'Continuing Every Evening (Except Sundays) -- '
From, 10:30 P. M. to 1 A. M.
. . r
'npH5 third floor during these Ijoufs. will be given -
over to. dancing. - The.f inesL JazzCGrchestra.
in Washington has been engaged tofurriish the
music. J Those who danced to the music furnished
by this Orchestra last winter know what wemean
when we say it is the finest dance music fn Washing
ton. Service. a la-Qarte. ,
From 6 P. M. to 8P.M. - ,
" " On the Third door, ;
Table-de-Hote X.-f
ft'. Dinner ' " ': -
- . v 'B .1
"v'V:' $1.25
t V$p&
smKmiz -?c3n
." m.-
i Mr
Kb w
Rcand Ointment usually
relieves sunburn, heat ntsh.
chafing and summer -"
instantly. Aided by Resinot
Soap, k takes out smarting
ani itching and sewn restores
lb -skintohealth and comfort.
kcttoU Soap keeps com
ptejdons dear m spite of
Kimoier sun. wind and heat.
Jferian. ku teen pracri
Mr. J. Fischer, 3224 Eleventh Street,
clearly the reason for the reputation of Corby
Mothers Bread.
I have been selling 0orbyfs
Ifothers Bread long enough, to know that
it enjoys its wonderful reputation solely
on its merits. Stay after day it-is al
ways the same delioious quality. I
never hear a compliant about 06rbys "
ebthers Brea
j SiJioerely 3ur g,
t, n -w
We don't leave any room for complaint in Corby's Mothers
Bread. It is scientifically made bread in which is developed
22 per cent more of the tissue-building gluten than's to be found
in any other bread.
Eat Corby's Moth
ers Bread pure as
Mother made it.
Delivered hot to
your grocer three
times a day.

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