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Deatt let earelesa fcxpeadlrere aake
1 aleve f year ! Bar vrisety,
aa lacrease res' aseaey aoldlaaa by
iavestlat; la W. S. S.
aaaf aMfSITH I L J!
Wi a w j.I ;1 a gc
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American Soldiers May Be
Among Wounded In
Neuwied Disaster.
LONDON, Sept. 11. A news agency
dispatch from Cologne today reported
that more than 200 persons were In
jured and an unknown number killed
in a munitions explosion at Neuwied,
near Coblenz. Many buildings were
said to have been demolished.
Neuwied is on the east bank of the
Rhine, seven miles northwest of Cob
lenz, In the American zone of occupa
tion. The dispatch failed to state
whether the killed and injured in
cluded American soldiers, or when
the explosion occurred.
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(Continued from First Page.)
over the period necessary to restore
European industry to productiveness.
This private credit cannot and will
not be furnished as long as the peace
settlement Is in doubt. Since the
armistice was signed, our Govern
ment has advanced to European gov
ernments nearly ?2,500.000.000, which
was almost enouerh to cover tne Dai
ance of trade during the eight months
"Our Government, however, has
about reached the end of Its authority
given by Congress, and will advance
but little more. From now on, if we
are to keep up our commerce with
Europe private enterprise must fur
nish the credit. Peace settlement de
lays paralyze the revival. If uncer
tainty continues, depression la inevlt
The minority ridiculed the claim of
the majority that trading with Ger
many has been resumed, and, while
admitting that over $11,000,000 worth
of roods has been exported to Ger
many since the armistice, pointed out
that this Is about 2 cents per month
for each person.
"Two cents per month per capita Is
hardly trading with Germany," said
the report.
Oppose Any Change.
Taking up the majority amend
ments, the report continued:
"We unite in opposing and con
demning the recommendations both
as to textual amendments and as to
proposed reservations. As far as the
proposed textual amendments are con
cerned, they have no merit,
but whether they be good, bad or in
different, their adoption by the Sen
ate can have no possible effect except
to defeat the participation of the
United States in the treaty. None of
them could by any possibility be ac
cepted even by the great nations as
sociated with the United States in the
war, and none of them would by any
possibility be dictated to Germany.
To adopt any one of them, therefore,
is equivalent to rejecting the treaty!"
The suggestion that amendment
would not necessitate reassembling
the peace conference, because It Is
still In session, has no force, the
minority said, because the conference
has acted finally on the treaty. Nor
Could German delegates be recalled
to Paris and forced to accept the
amendments. If the amended treaty
Is not signed by Germany, "then It
is in none of its parts binding on
her," said the report.
Benefits to Be Sacrificed.
The United States must sacrifice
all the benefits to be derived from
the treaty If it Is amended or reject
ed, the report declared. Among the
benefits to be so sacrificed, the re
port listed:
"Germany's acknowledgement of
responsibility for the war, and her
promise to make restitution for
damages resulting from it.
"Second Germany's promise to us
In the treaty that she will not Im
pose higher or other customs duties
or charges on our goods than those
charged to the most favored nation,
and will not prohibit or restrict or
discriminate agalnstf Imports directly
or indirectly from our country.
"Third -Germany's promise that
she will' make no discrimination in
German ports on shipping bearing
our flag.
"Jfo Duties For Six Month."
"Fourth That for six months after
the treaty goes into effect no customs
duty will be levied against imports
from the United States except the
lowest duties in effect for the first
sixth months of 1914.
"Fifth Germany's agreement that
the United States shall have the
right of reviving such of the treaties
with Germany as were in existence
prior to the war as we may alone desire.
"Sixth Germany's promise to re
store the property of our citizens
seized in Germany, or to compensate
the owners.
"Seventh Germany's very important
The Bureau of Schools and
Che uDastnmjton Tunes
Can help you select that schcol best
equipped for the training you desire
to give that boy or girl of yours.
This department is in charge of
at rnnceton
Have to Read Book Six
Inches Thick to Know
What's in That Treaty
Senators who want to know all
about the peace treaty now be
fore them may glean a little in
formation by reading through
the six inches of printed matter
they found on their desks.
The six Inches are composed of
two copies of the treaty, each an
Inch and a half thick, "one copy
with maps, the other copy with
amendments; a copy of the hear
ings before the committee, two
and three-quarters inches thick,
and a couple of pamphlets of data,
making up the other quarter inch.
and other
specially fits
him for this
Readers of
The Times
are invited to
call at the
Office of
Washington Times' Bureau of
Schools and Colleges
Please give, without obligation, full information con
cerning schools checked below (check class desired) :
Clvfl Servica
For any classifica
tion not listed here fill
in blank line below
marked "Special Classi
fication, not listed."
Classification not listed
Name .
Social Inatmctloa
Domestic Arts
Civil Service
agreement validating al acta by the
United States and the alien property
custodian by which -we seized and pro
ceeded to liquidate $800,000,000 worth
ot property in the United States be
longing to German citizens.
"Eighth Germany's agreement that
tne proceeds ot the sale of these prop
erties may be used to compensate our
citizens in Germany if Germany fails
to do so, or to pay debts Germany or
German citizens owe American citi
zens, or to pay pre-war claims.
"Lose 600,000 Tons t Snipping."
"Ninth Germany's agrement that
she will compensate her own citizens
for property, -patents, and other things
belonging to them in the United
States seized during the war.
"Tenth Germany's agreement that
no claim can be made against the
United States for the use or sale of
rights in industrial, literary, or artis
tic property. Including patents.
'Eleventh Germany's agreement
that the United States retain over
500,000 tons of seized German ehlp
ping. "Twelfth We would lose our mem
bership on the reparations commis
sion, the most powerful international
body ever created, which will have
enormous control over the trade and
commerce of Germany for years to
come. In no way can the United
States assure Itself against discrim
ination in German imports and finan
cial policies unless we have a member
upon this commission."
Hold Germany Mast Assent.
In reply to the claim that the
amendments relating to the league
do not require German assent, the
minority took the view that though
Germany is not yet a league member,
she agreed to the league by agreeing
to the treaty, hence her assent would
be necessary even to amendment of
the covenant.
"The reservations," said the report,
"are of such a character as at once to
betray their authorship. They are
the work of Senators organized for the
purpose of destroying the league and if
possible defeating this treaty.
They are in no sense Interpretative
reservations to be used to make clear
language In the treaty that might be
considered doubtful.
"While masquerading In the guise
of reservations, they are in fact al
terations of the treaty. Presented as
parts of the resolution of ratification
they would in fact, if adopted, result
In its defeat. -
"AUof thm apply to the League of
Nations section of the treaty. Those
who oppose the league realize that It
is invincible in a square fight, and
they hope to destroy It by this in
direction. "Stood World's Criticism."
"The league -has stood the test of
world wide criticism and unlimited at
tack. It stands tqday as the only hope
for world peace. After all the as
saults of many months its purp-es
and provisions stand out clearly de
fined, unaffected by. criticism, and un
yielding to attack."
The report then sets forth at some
length the purposes of the League,
stating that it will save the world
from war. that it Is the first Inter
national arrangement ever made giv
ing small weak nations representa
tion. "It Is the only plan." the report
continued, "proposed to redeem the
world from war, famine and pesti
lence, the only one by which the
stricken world can be redeemed from
the disasters of the late war and the
dangers of impending international
chaos. Those who dally and delay as
they seek with microscopes to find
some petty flaw in Its structure have
nothing themselves to propose. They
have appealed to every prejudice and
resorted to every desperate method
of attack to destroy this great inter
national effort to establish peace, but
they suggest nothing In its place.
Destroy By Indirection.
"They denounce the public demand
for energetic action as clamor. They
rail at the President, and
finally, unable to stem the tide of pub
lic demand, they resort to so called
reservations In the hope that they can
destroy by Indirection what they have
found unassailable by direct attack.
"We renew our recommendation
that the work of the peace confer-
once be confirmed, the will of the peo
ple fulfilled, and the peace of the
world advanced by the ratification of
this treaty the best hope of the
world' even If like all human in
strumentalities It be not divinely per
fect in every detail."
Acceptance of the League of Na
tions covenant in its present form
would be a betrayal of America, Sen
ator Harding, Ohio, declared today In
his first speeah to the Senate on the
Harding's speech was In reply to
President Wilson's recent utterances
In the West. It reflected, be said,
the mature Judgment of one who has
favored a society of nations to make
war Impossible.
Referring to the President's tour
Harding said:
Finds No Fault With Toar.
"I am not finding fault with the
tour, even If It is not wholly purpos
ed to promote the league covenant.
One may not assume that It Involves
a feeling of the political pulse of
the country, but If it is to test popu
lar feeling about putting the Presi
dency permanently in the hands of
one equipped to direct the world
aright, and at the same time merge
this republic in a super-government
of the world, my partisan prejudices
would be rejoicing.
"But the President told the rever
ent people of Ohio that he had only
to report to them in a broad sense,
the people and It so happens that I,
too, as insignificant as my position
is, relatively, have to report to the
same people, and I want them to
have not only the truth, but all the
truth; not only fine generalities, but
illuminating details.
"Our present Involvement and our
further entanglement and most of the
world's restlessness and revolution
and threatened revolution are largely
traceable to pre-war utterances and
"wartime pronouncements.
"No Mild Reservations."
"Mild reservations," Harding said,
"will no more satisfy him than mild
Americanism would.
"If reservations are to send the
German treaty and league covenant
back, we ought to amend fully, we
ought to write into the text the things
which America is thinking.
"I do not believe that it is going to
break the heart of the world' to make
this covenant right, or at least free
from perils which would endanger
our own independence," he said.
Still more recently, a very eminent
authority -has proclaimed all oppon
ents of the covenant as "contemptible
quitters if they do not see the game
No Quitters Anywhere.
There were no quitters, either, in
Congress or among the people, once
the task of war had been assumed.
"Only the other day the President
called upon the opponents of this
league to "put up or shut up.' Among
opponents he classes reservationists
as well as those who would destroy
it all. A good many people have been
'putting up' In this country.
"But in modified terms the Presi
dent Is uttering that very familiar
demand 'if you won't have this, what
have you to offer?' It Is the well
known call for constructive proposals
in place of obstructive discussion.
There are times when obstruafllarf
Justifies the call for somethIng5sn
struetive. "Nobody Is going to 'shut up.' Dem
ocracy dos not demand such a sur
render. The dictatorship was for
Pronounced Opposition
(Staff Correspondent of The Wash
ington Times).
BILLINGS, Mont, Sept. 11.
President Wilson has Just passed
through an area In which the peo
ple are sharply divided by radical
ism varying from sane .Socialism
to downright Bolshevism and by
peculiar conservatism supported
and represented by American sol
diers. The two shades of thought
are both marked by the Nonparti
san League, rather unanimously
opposed to unreserved ratification,
on the one hand, and the Ameri
can Legion on the other, although
among the Socialistic element are
to be found "mild" reservatlon
lst. Riots between members of the L
W. W. and soldiers and clashes
between the "reds" and law of
ficers have occurred within the
past weeks, and I. W. W. have
been jailed. The spirit of unrest
Is abroad in North Dakota and
parts of Montana, the Insidious
doctrines of Bolshevism having
been implanted by the Russian
type of extreme radical, but be
neath the discontent, say those
competent to analyze the condi
tion, can be found no .trace of
pronounced opposition to the
Many of German Lineage.
The predominating part of the
population about Bismarck tak
ing the lead in the agitation Is
of Russian and German lineage,
and not all of them are latter day
Immigrants, but a substantial
number of them are pre-war peo
ple who fled Europe to escape
the tyranny of czartem and
Not many more than a thousand
people were able to crowd into
the small auditorium, but they,
were representative enough of
North Dakota to show the divis
ion of sentiment about war and
the treaty. It was the first time
that the President's speeches
were not punctuated by applause
when he expressed optimism
over the ultimate ratification of
the treaty. It was an assemblage
of sober people, serious, seem
ingly intent to learn something
about the subject. There was
only a ripple of applause as the
President pictured the scenes la
"pitiful Russia" and urged that
there should be no encourage
ment from America of Trotsky
tyranny. The greatest applause
came when the President declar
ed that "America was not found
ed to make money; it was found
ed to lead the world on the way
to liberty."
BUalleaat SHeaee, '
Significant silence marked his
grave warning that "If the rest
of the world goes bankrupt, the
business of the United States is
In a way to be ruined." Neither
was there any expressed approval
of bis assertion that "either this
treaty with this covenant or a dis
turbed world and certain war."
Radicalism as represented by
the. L W. W. type Is more wide
spread in the Northwestern States
yet to be traversed by the Presi
dent. The crest of the Non-partisan
League movement has been
reached in North Dakota and )s
sweeping toward the Pacific coast,
but it can be said that Senator
McCumber, as a mild reserva
tionlst, doubtless represents the
minority sentiment in his State,
where there is not much contro
" versy over the treaty, the people
apparently'belng more concerned
in. the fat of the Non-partisan
League than in that of the League
of Nations.
MEMPHIS, Tenn Sept. 1L Better
confine your demonstrations of affec
tion to the porch swing," City Jadge
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girl's two arms around his seek.
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